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  1. 1. UV I C S Y S T E M S S T A T U S U P D A T E J A N U A R Y 2 0 0 9 Overview l The Computer Help Desk had a busy month responding to 2879 inquiries resulting in 414 open trouble tickets. Inquiries at the Computer Help Desk are up 55% over January 2008. l Computer Store traffic has increased with the beginning of term and departments and researchers focused on grant requests. l The new Enterprise Data Centre (EDC2) is becoming a physical presence, and it looks better without snow. The Identity and Access Management team continues to reach new milestones with the auto provisioning of Exchange Email for new staff. l Beginning of term instructor workshops were well attended and went very smoothly. This month Learning Systems submitted and had reviewed project charters for iTunes U and the Online Teaching and Learning Showcase. Turnitin testing is now completed and reports have been made to the Senate Committee on Teaching and learning. Research was completed on a number of developments such as iClickers and Moodle integrations. 1
  2. 2. l Facilities Management has initiated modifications to Social Science & Math (SSM) building videoconference rooms to resolve accoustical mechanical and lighting issues as part of the Systems Videoconference Infrastructure Renewal project (PC0084). l Enterprise Collaboration Services (ECS): We have been migrating email users from the legacy email system to the new email system. However, new users have still been getting old email accounts and then must be migrated manually to the new system. We have changed this so that all new employee NetLink-ID applicants automatically get an Exchange account. This also includes employees who currently have NetLink-IDs but no email service such that when they apply for email service, they will get Exchange accounts. 2
  3. 3. Contents Overview.............................................................................................................1 .........................................................................................................................3 Client Technologies...............................................................................................4 Computer Help Desk.............................................................................................4 Computer Store....................................................................................................6 Departmental Computing Support Team..................................................................7 Development and Database Services.......................................................................8 Information Security............................................................................................11 Infrastructure Services........................................................................................12 Learning Systems...............................................................................................13 Media Services....................................................................................................14 Network Services................................................................................................15 Project Management Office...................................................................................17 Student Facility Services......................................................................................18 Systems Services................................................................................................19 Web Services Office.............................................................................................20 Active Chartered Projects.....................................................................................22 3
  4. 4. Client Technologies Leader: Lance Grant Accomplishments l Client Technologies is assisting in project planning to improve and redesign Faculty of Education classrooms/labs as well as implement two new mobile laptop labs. l Arie Epstein provided SharePoint consultation and assistance to PRES, VPRE, ACCT, and established Exchange training dates for COOP, ENGR, and LAWF. l Andrew Finlay continues to work with the Faculty of Law in rolling out their new desktop computers and the redesign of their central file storage structure. l Implemented changes to the Windows Unattended Install CD based on feedback from the Computer Help Desk and the Information Security Team. l Andrew Finlay is assisting MEDS with their new server infrastructure and Network design. Andrew Finlay is also working with Jason Ambeault and the Departmental Computing Support Team (DCST) to remedy ongoing issues with the MEDS administrative staff central file storage. l Jason Ambeault refreshed the Island Medical Program/UVic Computer Store base Windows image. l Jason Ambeault worked with the Unix Services Team to upgrade the Flash Media Interactive Server and related reporting software to the latest versions. l Jason Ambeault continued working on the PC0067, Systems Webcasting Project, with Phase 1 currently nearing completion. l Performed modifications to the Enterprise Collaboration Services (ECS) SharePoint training site to include direct access to SharePoint's built-in help and tutorial pages. Next Steps l Initiate uhire competition for a Senior Technical Analyst to replace Melvin Klassen. l Complete deliverables for the TIE Research Lab (PC0045) and Systems Webcasting (PC0067) projects to work towards project close-out(s). l Continue development and consultation with Daphne Donaldson on implementing SharePoint for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Computer Help Desk Leader: David Street Accomplishments l One of the Computer Help Desk consultants, Corey Gibbings, developed a new online tool to generate reports from the trouble ticketing system in use at the Computer Help Desk. This will make for more timely and accurate reporting of the Computer Help Desk stats. l Computer Help Desk consultants attended a training session on Information Security presented by Eric Van Wiltenburg from the UVic Information Security Office. l The Computer Help Desk presented a demo to Learning Systems staff of the new Remote Assistance tool used at the Help Desk. This tool would be an excellent tool for Learning Systems to utilize when providing support for Moodle and Blackboard to Faculty and Students on and off campus. 4
  5. 5. l The Computer Help Desk provided one week of Help Desk training for a new Departmental Computing Support Team staff member. This training will help to further integrate the Departmental Computing Support Team and the Computer Help Desk. l Computer Help Desk consultants have been putting significant effort into populating our support wiki with relevant information around the services provided at the Help Desk as well as documenting known issues and troubleshooting information for services supported by the Computer Help Desk. Next Steps l The Help Desk consultants will be attending a training session on UVic Systems Identity Management System. This training session will be facilitated by Corey Scholefield. l Staffing requirements for the Summer term will be identified and postings for student co-op positions will be posted. l The computer Help Desk will work with the Departmental Computing Support Team and the Information Security office to visit units that do not have their own IT support staff on campus during reading break to educate clients on safe computing and to do a security check-up on their workstations. l Completion of the troubleshooting boot CD for Macintosh Systems. This bootable CD will contain many tools used by the Computer Help Desk consultants when troubleshooting Macintosh systems. The tools will be integrated into a single bootable CD. l One of the Computer Help Desk Co-op students developed auto configuration files to be used on iPhone/iPod Touch devices to automatically configure the UVic Default wireless network and the UVic VPN service. These auto configuration files will be posted on the Computer Help Desk website and will reduce the support required for setting up these popular devices. l Continue to work with Facilities Management on the Computer Help Desk redesign. l Continued work on the project charter to replace the Computer Help Desk’s public facing website. This project, if approved, will run between April and September 2009. Challenges l Higher call volume than normal due to the absence of IT staff in FMGT, ORES and ACCT. Performance Metrics Description Value Trouble tickets opened 417 Total active trouble tickets 17 Total unticketed calls to the CHD 2479 Total trouble ticket progress items 4023 Library Satellite client contacts 595 Trouble tickets closed 375 5
  6. 6. Computer Store Leader: Kevin Burns Accomplishments l Enhanced stock allocation processes introduced. l Resolved configuration issues on highly customized high end workstation for client. l Sourced Sony eBook readers for joint research project and secured additional discounts for the project. l Began distributing licenses for Maple to individual users. 6
  7. 7. l Met with Management team to discuss Power Save software option and explore rebates available. l Entered into discussions with NVivo about site license distribution of products to UVic. l Consulted with UVic Purchasing about valuation of software donation to UVic. l Continued Point-of-Sale (POS) testing on newly built server in EDC1 including POS functionality running on Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008. l Began training new temporary employee who is backfilling a parental leave. Next Steps l Complete NVivo market analysis and deliver product to university if appropriate. l Enhance reports available to staff to better manage stock and customer orders. l Continue outbound sales meetings with key university clients. l Begin development of e-mail notification system for customers. Challenges l High expected transaction volumes for Fiscal-Year-End (FYE) purchases. l Staff resources stretched with day-to-day operations, not allowing adequate time for server testing and web-site development. l Helping departments with budgets and grant writing during busy FYE period. l Seasonal time-sensitive demands from Finance and Auditors relating to Fiscal Year End. Performance Metrics Description Value ESABC Fees remitted, Printers 17 ESABC Fees remitted, Desktops 51 ESABC Fees remitted, Notebooks 100 ESABC Fees remitted, Displays 63 Departmental Computing Support Team Leader: David Street Accomplishments l The Departmental Computing Support team created 919 trouble tickets for the month of January. l A standard Windows desktop build has been completed and is being tested by Departmental Computing Support team members. This Windows desktop build will guarantee all DCST supported windows desktops are built and deployed in a standard way and will halve the amount of time required to build and deploy windows desktops. l A standard Macintosh OS 10 build has been completed and is ready for testing by the Departmental Computing Support team members. This build will standardize the build of all Macintosh desktops built and deployed by the DCST. l Completion of the competition for a new DCST staff member has resulted in the hiring of a new team member for the DCST. l In January there was a resignation on the Departmental Computing Support team. A competition has been initiated to fill this position. 7
  8. 8. Next Steps l The Departmental Computing Support team will work with the Computer Help Desk and the Information Security team to visit units on campus that do not have their own IT support staff during reading break, to educate clients on safe computing and to do a security check-up on their workstations. l Members of the Departmental Computing Support team will attend the annual Vancouver Island Higher Education IT conference held at Royal Roads University. l One member of the team will attend the annual Reboot Security Conference held in Victoria. Performance Metrics Description Value Tickets created 919 Tickets resolved 840 Outstanding tickets 189 Development and Database Services Leader: Jane Godfrey Accomplishments l SAS Reporting: Working closely with Institutional Planning and Analysis,we are in the process of deploying the SAS Business Intelligence Server and Web Reports Studio to meet the reporting needs of users who require complex or year-over-year analysis of data. Continued work on automated user account and group provisions within the SAS environment. l Mainframe Decommissioning: CHRIS(Legacy HR/Payroll system) has now been turned off. l UVic Directory: This project is to implement a new directory system (www.uvic.ca/directories), which will allow individuals to update their work-related contact information within uSource. Nearly completed development work on the administrative interface, and significant development activity is occurring on the web front end. We are targeting a rollout of the new system in March 2009. l Alumni Development Web Donations: This will allow the University to receive secured credit card donations via the web for Advancement Services. Creation of a mechanism for donors to give online via secure credit card payment, using a method which is fully integrated with Banner. Final steps in the project were completed, with the system going live in the first weeks of February. l Official Transcripts: Functional and technical members of the university have been working very closely with an external developer for several months to produce an Official Transcript from Banner. Installation of this challenging and time consuming piece of work is planned for Friday, January 30th, and is moving along as expected. Official Transcripts have proved to be a particularily difficult endevour, clearly identifying the structural and operational differences between the Legacy ISIS system and Banner. With the adaptation of this application by UVic staff and students, the reality of the shift in student administrative systems is solidified. l Mainframe Decommissioning: CHRIS Illusion: This project augments and combines existing data extracts from legacy CHRIS and Phantom Chris to include all tables and legacy year end backups (from 1997). The system is in production. l Number of production installs done in the last month by the DBAs: 48 8
  9. 9. l Direct Deposits for Employee Reimbursements: This project is to implement Banner Finance functionality to enable payment by direct deposit for employee travel and expense claims. The functionality has been implemented into production for Banner Finance and all employees who have payroll direct deposit will now have the benefit of receiving travel and professional development expense reimbursements via direct deposit. l Occupational Health & Safety training application: This application will address the legislative requirement to provide all new employees with Safety Training. In January Occupational Health Safety reviewed the latest version of the Safety Training Workflow and requested some minor modifications to the workflow process. To ensure a smooth transition to production, further feedback will be collected from various functional units on campus and an information session will be scheduled in the coming weeks. l Federal Contractors Program (FCP) - To address federal reporting requirements on employment equity, upgrade work is continuing on the Employee Equity Survey system. Completion of code development for the complex data extract process was accomplished in January and the Equity office has expressed satisfaction with the resulting reporting capability. Additional work is still required to integrate the revised code into the existing Employee Equity Survey system. l FAST upgrade: In order to implement new functionality and remain up-to-date with the current vendor product, the FAST system upgrade from version 2 to version 3 is underway in a development environment. User acceptance testing continues on FAST version 3. The UVIC systems met with the vendor this month to discuss details for production upgrade - scheduled for the end of February. l Student Reporting: T2202a: The project to produce these tax forms from Banner is underway. We have been involved in a data interpretation and cleanup, conversion of data from ISIS (Legacy Student system) for January-April 2008, and setting up a custom process to ensure these are not released to students with outstanding fees. Forms are due to be available via the web by the end of February. l Student Reporting: T4A: This project is for the production of Student T4As from Banner Student Accounts Receivable. Initial review and testing of the delivered functionality was completed in January. Production of T4As from Banner will be completed for February 2009. l Accounts Payable:T4A: This project is for the production of Accounts Payable T4As from Banner Finance using the baseline functionality within the Human Resources module. Previously T4A production for Finance was handled outside of Banner. Initial review of the delivered functionality was completed in January. Final testing and production of T4As from Banner will be completed for February. l Human Resources Reporting: T4: This project is for the delivery of employee T4 tax forms from Banner Human Resources. Extensive testing and review has been completed by the HRIS unit. Production of the printed T4s will be completed in February. l Employee Sick Leave and Termination account calculations: This projects is for the calculation of employee sick leave and termination account balances for specified union groups. Revisions were completed to the termination account transfer process in January. l Campus Security Traffic Fine data load application: This project is for the development of a system that loads student traffic fines from an external system into Banner. Application development is complete and installed in pre-production. User acceptance testing is underway. l Database Oracle 10g upgrades: To maintain technical currency, all Oracle databases (60 of them) need to be upgraded from v9 to v10: The Banner and Blackboard series have been completed. We are now working on the FAMIS series (Facilities 9
  10. 10. Management), the general Oracle database series (which is used by diverse systems throughout the University), the CLASS series (RecPlus Class booking system) and Luminis series (the Usource Portal). The development database has been upgraded in all these areas. l Courses with Abnormal Start/End dates: A process has been developed to accommodate courses with irregular start/end dates in an automated fashion, as baseline Banner functionality does not deal with this appropriately in the context of UVic business rules. Next Steps l Convocation System: The extract has been successfully run for November convocation and files produced for the convocation booklets. Worked on producing initial co-op degree parchment samples for review. Began planning for the convocation engine fixes and upgrades to allow it to continue functioning until a comprehensive upgrade project is approved (likely for the November 2010 or 2011 time frame). Fixes required include but are not limited to thesis handling. l Advancement: Custom form to load Continuing Studies students to Banner Advancement: Complete development on the extract process by working with Continuing Studies to acquire all of the necessary info that Alumni Relations requires. l Direct Deposits for Employee Reimbursements: Follow up on some minor production issues with respect to custom reports. l Occupational Health & Safety training application: Conduct testing with additional functional units. Work with Occupational Health and Safety on information sessions on the new Safety Training Workflow. l Student Reporting: T4A and T2202A: Production of student tax forms in February. l Accounts Payable: T4A - Production of Accounts Payable tax forms in February. l Human Resources Reporting: T4: Production of employee tax forms in February l Federal Contractors Program (FCP): Implement code changes to the Employee Equity Survey system. l FAST upgrade: The next steps for this project are to finalize user acceptance testing and prepare for the production upgrade. l Employee Sick Leave and Termination account calculations: Calculation and loading of sick leave balances will be completed in February. l Student Accounts Receivable - Grad Student Tuition Income Offset Plan: Minor application fixes have been requested for this application and additional enhancements including email notifications, changes to reconciliation reporting. l Campus Security Traffic Fine data load application: Complete user acceptance testing with Campus Security and Student Accounts Receivable. l Document Imaging: The Xtender imaging system that connects to Banner contained a number of documents that did not match the correct person records. In order to rectify this a re-matching process needed to be run. This re-matching process was successfully run on the development and pre-production databases. Upon completion of User Acceptance Testing, the re-matching process will be run on the production database. This is expected to be in Feb. l Mainframe Decommissioning: The mainframe will be switched off on 31 March 2008. ISIS update access will be turned off 20 Feb 2009. Remaining mainframe accounts will be locked on 28 Feb 2009. l Database Oracle 10g upgrades: To maintain technical currency, all Oracle databases (60 of them) need to be upgraded from v9 to v10: This is ongoing. l Student Data Conversions: We are in the final stages of converting student data from ISIS to Banner. There are currently 7 conversions in final validation, which are scheduled to be complete by the end of Feb 2009. 10
  11. 11. l AIMS (Affiliate Identity Management System): Currently working with the Identity Management team to create a system which will allow for the proper management of 'affiliates' of the University within Banner, enabling them to gain the appropriate access to appropriate resources in a consistent fashion. Use cases have been finalized, and initial technical work has begun. l ORES Document Imaging (Xtender) projects: There are 3 projects: 1) Imaging of admissions/application documents: nothing further has been done on this. 2) Imaging all unofficial transcripts ? these are all in Banner. Issues with duplicates and a few error cases needs to be resolved 3) Imaging PADRE reports ? work has started on loading theses into production. l Duplicate Records in Banner: Thousands of duplicate person records exist in Banner for historical reasons and continue to be generated through data entry processes. These records need to be consolidated to improve data integrity. Some of these records are being dealt with on an as needed basis (15 this month), but a project will be initiated to deal with the majority of the record consolidation. l SAS Reporting: Work continues on automating the capture process and on moving the SAS Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) environment to our new Reporting database environment to improve performance. Run February 1st extract in two environments as a confirmation of the reporting stack conversion. For Advancement: a project charter will be written to set up SAS for pledge reporting. Challenges l Duplicate Records in Banner: More resources are needed to have the time to develop efficient process and tools, while keeping ahead of newly-identified cases. Performance Metrics Description Value Number of projects implemented in the last month 0 Number of RT tickets closed in the last month 523 Number of RT tickets that are unresolved 191 Number of RT tickets opened in the last month 490 Number of projects being worked on 0 Information Security Leader: Eric van Wiltenburg Accomplishments l A security training session was held for Help Desk consultants. This was a good opportunity for dialogue with the consultants and get feedback on what they are seeing and how IST can assist with security issues seen at the Help Desk. l Planning was started for an Information Security Campaign to be held during the first part of Reading Break. Staff from the Help Desk and DCST will be visiting selected departments and offering services to ensure computers have basic security in place (patches, antivirus, etc.) and to distribute safe computing educational materials to staff. l Selection of a new Information Security Team member is nearly complete. An announcement should be made soon. l Information Security Policy: The Security Principles document was presented to the Network Management Committee and had good feedback. The principles have now 11
  12. 12. been inserted into the policy document. Policy development continues slowly but steadily. Next Steps l Train new IST member l Execute Information Security Campaign l Hold security training session for Computer Store staff Performance Metrics Figure 1 - Hack Attacks for January 2009 Infrastructure Services Leader: Colin Leavett-Brown Accomplishments l Enterprise Data Centre 2 construction continues to remain on schedule and on Budget. Electrical components, (UPS,Generators, etc) are being received and installed. l Planning for the commissioning of the new Data Centre continues with Cable trays being installed. l Oracle Calendar has been shutdown following successful deployment of Exchange as part of the Enterprise Collaboration Services project. l Netlink self-service has been updated to permit degreed alumni to create netlink-ids. l The library's electronic card catalog system, the Voyager application, was upgraded to the latest version. l Implementation of auto-provisioning of Exchange mailboxes for employees (faculty, staff, contractors, and agency employees) who are newly eligible is complete. l LDAP routing information each Exchange list has been updated so email can be sent to list@uvic.ca. l Eligible users, who did not create a mailbox when they chose their Netlink ID, can now create an Exchange mailbox. l Security port lockdown on unused server ports continues, enhancing server security. 12
  13. 13. l Work continues to proepare for the migration of Facilities computing support to University Systems. l The Institute for Dispute Resolution has initiated a migration of their data to University Systems supported File shares. l Resource Centre for Students with a Disability data has been migrated to University Systems centralized file share. Next Steps l Continue towards decommissioning of Mainframe. l Continue to work with Facilities to prepare for operationalization of EDC2. l Continue to work with faculties and on campus groups to migrate data to centralized services as they identify need. l Continue to improve and expand the integration of Identity and Access Management (IDAM) with campus services. Challenges l EDC2 implementation will consume increasing amounts of staff resources as it gets closer to completion. l We continue to be victims of our success working with Faculties and Departments providing quality service resulting in an increasing number of requests by new clients to utlize our services. Learning Systems Leader: Erica Price-Edney Accomplishments l Turnitin: Completed testing of Blackboard and Moodle upgrade integration. Presented implementation update and statistics to the Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching. Conducted Turnitin overview to ITG group at LTC. l Moodle branding project: Consulted with Dean of Humanities regarding branding options. Completed 3 prototype themes and showed to Chair of French to discuss first implementation in Faculty. l iTunes U: Submitted and presented project charter to Project Review Committee (PRC). l Spring Online Teaching and Learning Showcase: Built initial web site shell, coordinated sponsorship and initial logistics. Submitted and presented charter to PRC. l iClickers: Investigation completed. Began adding content to the iclicker support site. Designed a prototype and skin; created and implemented a graphics for home page. Received confirmation from iClicker that they will provde 20 free iClickers for instructional support purposes. l Banner Integration with LMS: Initiated contact with support and development teams to discuss issues and find solutions and/or workarounds in order to provide more timely service to the teaching staff at UVic. l Single sign-on Moodle in uSource: Completed specs and initial planning with Systems. Submitted project lite to PMO. Work scheduled for mid-March. l ePortfolio Moodle integration project: created initial spec sheet, features list, and begin building plan with project sponsors (Faculty of Education). Project charter scheduled for late February. Completed project lite (investigation complete). 13
  14. 14. l Workshops: Completed full load of ‘early’ term introductory workshops, including customized instruction for Dept. of Anthropology, Dept of Political Science, ECDVU. l Learning Systems web site: Upgraded layout, navigation and graphics. Added content regarding software for educators. l Webboard 4: Drafting project lite for decommissioning of Webboard server for August 2009. l VIHET and Moodlemoot: Drafted and submitted multiple presentations for VIHET and Moodlemoot 2009. Coordinated with Computer Store and RR for door prize donations (completed). Next Steps l iClicker: Continue adding content, building profile and access to the project. l Online Teaching and Learning Showcase: Target presenters, themes, and panel participants. Continue building website (program) and attend to initial logistics. l Turnitin: launch Moodle/Blackboard plug-ins in production environment. Begin familiarization process, profile building, and support materials creation. l ePortfolio Moodle integration: continue planning and drafting charter for submission. l Audiorecorder Moodle Integration project: Close out lite project. Compile specs and planning. Attempt to upgrade the Moodle Audio Recorder from AS2 to AS3 and remove dependencies on ActiveX and IE for functionality. Begin building charter for summer project work. l iTunes U: Begin building plan, profile and explore in more detail podcasting capabilities. l FBusiness Moodle: Await word on May pilots. l Moodle branding project: Revise themes and meet again with Chair French. Begin profiling with other departments in the Humanities. l SharePoint for Learning & Teaching: start investigating use of SharePoint as a learning management system. l Banner Integration with LMS: continue discussions with support and development teams to discuss issues and find solutions and/or workarounds in order to provide more timely service to the teaching staff at UVic. Present overview of LS operations to EA. Performance Metrics Description Value Total Blackboard Courses 458 Total Moodle Courses 322 Media Services Leader: Lance Grant Accomplishments l In January Audio Visual performed over 150 rental deliveries and returns, 46 training demonstrations in classrooms, 45 emergency classroom callouts, replaced or repaired VDPs in DBS C118 and ECS 130, and organized AV equipment for three conferences/special events. l Media Services worked with the staff of the Farquhar Auditorium and the President's office to record a President's Distinguished Lecture that was delivered in the two large lecture theatres in the Sciences building using the new streaming media service infrastructure. 14
  15. 15. l Media Services has developed an online survey to solicit feedback on Audio Visual equipment in classrooms to allow for better understanding of client requirements and to ensure that instructors’ needs are being met with our installations. l Andrew Finlay has started in-house development of Crestron programming necessary to implement both Listen Assist and Biamp digital sound processor technology in rich media classrooms. The first planend deployment will be in HHB 105 to further enhance the recently improved audio visual system. l Media services continues working with Facilities Management and First People's House stakeholders to gather requirements, design solutions for the buildings audio visual needs, and present a preliminary budgetary cost estimate. l Reviewed the floor plans and completed a site visit for Fraser Library upgrade project. l Andrew Finlay is working with Arie Epstein to design a solution to a number of persistent issues with the media control systems in the Engineering Computer Science Building and Fraser 158. l Cornett A317, B145, and HHB 128 AV classroom installations have been completed. Next Steps l Complete the first 100% UVic "in-house" classroom audio visual installation including the new digital sound processor and listen assist system and related Crestron programming into HHB 105. l Finish the requirements gathering and related site visit to allow for specifiying the AV systems in First Peoples House and forward the budget estimate to the Director of the Office of Indigenous Affairs for approval. l Place notices in classrooms advertising the SharePoint AV classroom technology client survey. l Prepare for Elliott 167 and 168 classroom installations during spring reading break. l Complete brochure for advertising new Webcasting services as part of the Systems Webcasting project (PC0067). l Complete the design work for some smaller classroom upgrades in the Clearihue, Fine Arts, MacLaurin building installations and create design drawings for proposed upgrades in the Phoenix Theatre. l Plan for AV staffing for the Together in Diversity event on Feb 12 and 13 and the Women's conference on Feb 18th. Performance Metrics Description Value Video conference calls 17 Video recording events 8 Network Services Leader: Ron Kozsan Accomplishments l Planning work for the new Enterprise Data Centre commissioning continues (PC0087) l Emergency Notification System - SMS message sending bug uncovered during November test has been corrected. The next full-scale test exercise is scheduled for February 10. l Strengthened the justification for upgrading the campus network backbone to 10G (PC0098). 15
  16. 16. Next Steps l Work is underway to phase-out all of the remaining Telus payphones on campus (PC0100). l Space Decanting involving large numbers of voice & data moves will continue for the next few months. l Evaluate responses to RFP 398 - Cabling Infrastructure Components Supply. l Continue planning work on the new Enterprise Data Centre commissioning project (PC0087). l Contribute to BCNet Saanich fibre build project. l Still attempting to get approval to implement new chargeback model for voice services. l Recruit for Senior Network Security Analyst position. l Work with Faculty of Engineering to establish virtual VPN service for Engineering & Computer Science. Challenges l Attempts to synchronize our new telephone system with our enterprise identity management continues to face many technical challenges. l Internet traffic shaping hardware - the manufacturer was acquired by another company in late 2008; this has lead to a number of service issues, including a failure to reimburse us for the trade-in of our old system (USD 8,000). l Still attempting to have contractors resolve deficiences regarding "over-length" cabling runs in the new Science building (Bob Wright Centre). l Unable to make progress on getting approval to implement new chargeback model for voice services. Performance Metrics Description Value Average number of in-progress client 229 service requests Average number of client requests 14 serviced per day 16
  17. 17. Project Management Office Leader: Navdeep Bassi Accomplishments l Continued developement and testing of PROMIS, our Project, Resource, and Organization Management Information System. The new version is in pre-production going through the initial round of testing. l Developed strategies for ongoing training support for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Services. We have shifted some basic training to our new Training and Communications Coordinator and are relying on on-demand courses as opposed to drop-in sessions. We are also developing online self-service training materials. l Began work on a document meant to explain how we must upgrade our infrastructure to meet the volume growth demands of the university and continue to support the university's mission. l Delivered three well-attended PMO Training sessions using the new templates that will be released as part of Project Management Methodology 4. l Project Review Committee meetings m PC0099, Technology-enhanced Teaching Space project, was granted approval to execute. This project will transform the Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Facility and surrounding computer labs to better meet the needs of instructors and students. m PC0108, iTunes U project, was escalated to the Information Systems Steering Council. iTunes U is a service from Apple that allows participating institutions to post podcasts of educational materials which can then be accessed for free by students via the iTunes Store. m PC0109, Online Teaching & Learning Showcase 2009 project, was granted approval to execute. This project will attempt to exceed the success of last year's showcase event which was organized by Learning Systems. m PC0103, SAS Community Roll-out project, was granted approval to execute. This is part of the larger project to implement the SAS reporting solution on campus. m PC0092, HSD Faculty Website Redesign project, was granted approval to execute. This project will redesign the Faculty of Human and Social Development's web site. 17
  18. 18. Next Steps l Present at VIHET, the Vancouver Island Higher Education Technology Day at Royal Roads University. l Plan and deliver PMO Training Sessions for February. These are listed on the PMO SharePoint site: https://share.uvic.ca/pmo/training l Enterprise Collaboration Services (ECS): Finalize the processes necessary to ensure that students can be migrated to the new Microsoft Exchange email and calendar system. We must implement the privacy functionality requested by stakeholders for our Microsoft Exchange system and test it to ensure it is reliable and sustainable; this functionality is required before we can begin to migrate students to this new system. Our solution will be presented to the Information Systems Steering Council for approval. l Continue to work on fixes and enhancements for the Project, Resource, and Organization Management Information System (PROMIS), which we use for information gathering and status reporting. We will be going through detailed testing, documentation, and training. l Release Project Management Methodology 4. This has been approved by the Chief Information Officier and will be released concurrently with the new version of PROMIS. l Support the initiation and planning stages of a project focused around the upgrade of Banner to version 8 and the associated work required. Challenges l We are encountering periodic performance issues with our Exchange infrastructure. Though we are investigating, the peridic nature of these issues is making it difficult to find a solution. Our Infrastructure Services group has a three-pronged approach to deal with these issues. l We have a robust, standards-compliant project management methodology in place in University Systems. However, project management is a profession and requires discipline which isn't yet present in all areas of the university. This makes it challenging to support "project managers" outside of University Systems. Student Facility Services Leader: Janice Johnson Accomplishments l Started training of newly hired part-time staff members, to fulfill their role of providing support, and assistance to people in the facilities. l Hired new fulltime term employee Thanh Huynh to replace Nick Fuller in the Centre for Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Facility to maintain our service levels. l Drafted a plan for the replacement of computer equipment according to life cycles of 3, 4 & 5 years, in the student computing facilities, to ensure that we are able to meet educational and technical requirements, and expectations of the students and faculty. l Submitted order for flat panel monitors to replace the aging CRT displays in BEC 160 and CLE A012. l Met with Darryl Gorrie, the Advisor for the Resource Centre for Students with a Disability, to discuss possible upgrades to the facilities that would assist students with learning disabilities. 18
  19. 19. l Initiating the investigation into IT realignment options for Education's aging server. l Started a project lite to investigate options for the redesign of MacD282 computer lab to create a progressive collaborative learning environment. l Improved options to "request technical help" for Faculty of Education computer classrooms including: acquiring phones for each computer lab, new signage, online webform for RT requests. l Provided iMovie tutorials to Women’s Studies classes. Researched various methods of saving large iMovie projects, subsequently making a request for 1Tb of network storage space. This providess much-needed assistance to instructors in teaching their courses successfully. l Installed 60 new mice to replace problematic Mighty Mice on iMacs to restore users’ productivity and replaced old CAT3 Ethernet cables with CAT5 cables for better network reliability and speed. l Met with most fulltime staff to start their Professional Development process for 2009. l Completed several assigned tasks for the Technology Enhanced Teaching Space project. l Updates and upgrades to MacD282 computer station hardware and software. Next Steps l Approve and start work on implementing equipment renewal plan for the upcoming fiscal year. l Complete and submit project plan for implementing the software assistance support to faculty and staff. l Meet to discuss future enhancements to the EnCampus scheduling software. l Develop and update of online web resources for Faculty of Education. Performance Metrics Description Value Assistance requests 10255 Systems Services Leader: Trish Kearley Accomplishments l Budgets: Completed Systems annual anticipated actuals report from the Dec close to 31 Mar 2009; provided assistance to the management team with completing their anticipated actuals reports and compiled statistics within the monthly summary report for University Systems; completed surplus salary transfer requests from some individual operating budgets to the Systems budget; began preparing annual budget templates for 2009-2010 so managers may begin planning their adjustments to base funds; presented December budget summary reports that provide transaction details and balances of all one-time fund allotments, carryover and reserve accounts as well as fiscal year end forecasting on twenty-four departmental operating budgets. l Mainframe Decommissioning: Followed up with vendors regarding mainframe decommissioning, completed the cost analysis for extending decommissioning one more month to 30 Apr 2009, if required. l Contracts: Met with SunGard to negotiate one unified master agreement; began summarizing the history of Oracle agreements and payments. l Met with new Human Resources consultant for Systems and advised on General Office issues. 19
  20. 20. l Met with Facilities Management regarding space decanting as it relates to the General Office and the two new conference rooms. Now that they are aware of Systems priorities, Randy Carter will be in touch soon to discuss proceeding with the General Office renovations. The large conference room will not be available to us until late summer. The smaller conference room will be emptied out within the next few weeks so Randy Carter will be in contact when we can proceed with that room as well. l HOMER: Web Homer has been developed and tested by the computer help desk and the general office staff. It is now in production and the general office is using Web Homer for processing all technician work orders. l Chaired the Campus Users of SharePoint (CUSP) meeting and lead the group discussion regarding permissions. Next Steps l Budget Summaries and Anticipated Actuals reports for Jan 2009 l Complete unit annual budget submission templates for 2009-2010 l Prepare the Systems annual budget submission template for 2009-2010, assist managers with their unit submissions and compile all reports for University Systems l Complete review of Oracle agreements l Document historical summary of Millennium agreements/contracts l SharePoint training for Co-operative Education and Purchasing l Human Resources courses regarding recruiting and interviewing potential employees l Test inventory access database with Office 2007 using a thin client Performance Metrics Description Value Technical Approvals 23 Web Services Office Leader: David Wolowicz Accomplishments l uSource Project: Consultation with administrative units has continued. Results from the consultations, usability testing and survey are being compiled into reports. Planning activities and Development setup has continued. l Faculty of Engineering Website: The Engineering site build has started. Systems role is currently very minimal. Changes to architecture are being recorded and the Engineering developer is being supported in the site build out. l Faculty of Human and Social Development Website: No work was completed on this project in January. l uHire: The uHire application has been handed over from the consultant. A UVic run version of the application is currently being tested in pre-production. l Streaming Media Project: An echo provider has been selected to provide additional bandwidth. The media player and additional components is being rolled out to units with streaming video needs. l Pacific Institute of Climate Studies: The latest version of the Expertise database has been completed and tested. l School of Public Admin: Started a School of Public Admin site redesign based on a template, and fee for service model. 20
  21. 21. l Fee for Service Web Development: A new service is being offered through Web Services where web project and operational work can be done on a fee for service model. A Jr. Web Developer has been hired to deal with the demand for web development. Additional processes and document templates have been created for the delivery of the new service. Next Steps l uSource Project: Continue information gathering with unit consultations. The project plan needs to be completed and taken to ISSC and the sponsors. Significant scheduling work needs to be done. l Faculty of Engineering Website: Components for searching and browsing programs and researchers need to be built out. Changes to the template will need to be made for engineering’s design. l Faculty of Human and Social Development Website: Once the Plan has been approved, information architecture will start. l UVic Directory: Build out the department search/browse functionality, and depoy the new directory into the UVic.ca framework. l Streaming Media Project: An additional phase to meet the demands for video on demand (VOD) will need to be chartered. The web developer community has been asked to provide usage ideas for their areas. l Pacific Institute of Climate Studies: Complete the bug fixes for the current version and oversee the public launch of the site. l School of Public Admin: Complete site map and scoping documents, then start the site build-out and migration. l Fee for Service Web Development: Continue to develop service documentation and procedures. Work on a resource prioritization and scheduling plan. Assess demand for service and resourcing requirements for the new fiscal year. l uHire: A new production version of uHire is required to complete the hand-over. This will be done once the pre-production testing has been completed. Performance Metrics Description Value Trouble tickets opened 32 Development tasks completed 9 Trouble tickets resolved 34 Development tasks created 9 21
  22. 22. Active Chartered Projects Project Code Name Description Project Manager Status % Complete Health Est. Completion Date Upgrade and modernization of the data network PC0002 ResNet Refresh Patricia Todd Monitoring 86 Green 31-DEC-08 infrastructure in the Student Residences. Enterprise The implementation of an Enterprise Collaboration PC0006 John MacDonald Monitoring 78 Green 29-DEC-08 Collaboration Services Services project Plan the replacement of systems peripheral to NOVA Nova Interfaces and that reside on the mainframe or use data that resides on PC0011 Legacy Systems the mainframe. The intent of this project is to only Jane Godfrey Monitoring 80 Green 31-DEC-08 Migration identify and prioritize what services will no longer be viable post-Nova. Convocation System Merging of two disparate systems currently used in the PC0018 John Foxgord Monitoring 99 Green 19-SEP-08 Upgrade Convocation process at UVic Upgrade of the WebVote system to integrate with PC0020 WebVote Michael Motek Monitoring 60 Green 31-DEC-08 Banner and add other requested features A project to generate an inventory of the University's PC0021 OP Copper Inventory Patricia Todd Monitoring 50 Green 31-DEC-08 Outside Plant Copper Cable infrastructure. ATRS Technology Technology renewal for ATRS including desktops and a PC0023 David Street Monitoring 95 Green 15-MAR-08 Renewal Recreational Management System USEC Web Site Redesign of the Office of the University Secretary web PC0028 Arie Epstein Monitoring 91 Yellow Redesign site A project to build an information system that will allow PC0031 Electronic CV faculty and research scholars to collect their CV related Mark Roman On Hold 0 Yellow information in one place UVIC Web Site Redesign the UVic central web presence and recruitment PC0032 Robin Sutherland Monitoring 90 Green 31-MAR-08 Redesign website TappDir The replacement of the personal information component PC0035 Scott Thompson Monitoring 69 Green 31-JAN-09 Decomissioning of the online Telephone Directory System with Banner Timely accurate institutional data is needed for accountability and institutional decision making on Research Information PC0042 quality control and research management; this project Darin Lee On Hold 0 Yellow Systems Renewal plans the implementation of a system to support these activities Creation of videoconferencing and mobile lab facilities in PC0045 TIE Research Lab Lance Grant Monitoring 93 Green 31-MAR-08 support of the TIE project To leverage our existing investment in SAS by adding SAS Reporting the SAS Business Intelligence Suite for custom PC0051 Solution for Project Michael Motek Closing 99 Green 04-APR-08 reporting, ad-hoc querying, point-in-time reporting, NOVA (Phase 1) time-series reporting and statistical analysis To explore the options available in updating the content/ PC0052 uSource Redesign organization and/or the underlying portal technology David Wolowicz Planning 5 Green and internal content technologies for uSource PC0053 Legacy Migration The purpose of this project is to request execute the Jane Godfrey Monitoring 90 Green 31-DEC-08 22
  23. 23. replacement of ISIS-related services and functions that will no longer be viable post-Nova and are not covered under project Nova. It is a followup to the identification that was performed under PC0011. Legacy Telephone A clean-up and consolidation of the legacy telephone PC0056 Patricia Todd Monitoring 72 Green 15-JUN-08 System Clean-up system. HFCS Software The selection of a vendor to provide housing software PC0057 Samuel Wallace Monitoring 45 Green 16-OCT-08 Replacement RFP for HFCS Banner 10g Oracle The upgrade of the Banner application servers from PC0058 Application Server Oracle 10gR1 ( to (10gR2 10.2.02) in Anne Welch Monitoring 100 Green 23-AUG-08 Upgrades development, pre-production and production. The upgrade of the Banner databases from Oracle Banner 10g Database PC0059 to in development, pre-production and Anne Welch Monitoring 95 Green 12-NOV-08 Upgrades production. Donors are asking to make donations to the University Alumni and using the web as the entry point. The web functionality PC0060 Development Web needs to be executed in a secure credit card Scott Thompson Monitoring 95 Green 15-SEP-08 Donations environment and donors should be able to give one-time payments. The decommissioning of the Payroll legacy system Decommission CHRIS (CHRIS). This will include creating a new reporting PC0063 Jill Stringer Monitoring 95 Green 31-DEC-08 Legacy System application in APEX to replace the MS access application Phantom CHRIS MEDS Desktop A new Desktop Support model pilot for the Division of PC0064 David Street Monitoring 40 Green 31-JAN-08 Support Pilot Medical Sciences (MEDS) at the University of Victoria. The purpose of this project is to implement Microsoft Windows Services System Centre Operations Manager to provide a PC0065 Monitoring and centralized management tool to proactively monitor Tim Smith Monitoring 70 Green 20-JAN-09 Management University Systems Infrastructure Microsoft Windows servers. PC0066 FAMIS XiR2 Upgrade The upgrade from FAMIS 8iR1 to FAMIS XiR2 Alison Byers On Hold 0 Green 31-OCT-08 The implementation of a Webcasting service by Client PC0067 Systems Webcasting Jason Ambeault Monitoring 95 Green 15-DEC-08 Technologies to clients internal and external to UVic The development of an Enterprise Guest Identity Guest Identity PC0068 Sponsorship system that will allow UVic Faculty and Corey Scholefield Monitoring 42 Green 30-NOV-08 Sponsorship System Staff to sponsor a guest to use online resources at UVic The purpose of this project is to manage the Provisioning: Social contribution that CASS (primarily Network Services and PC0075 Sciences and Math Client Technologies) will make to the major capital Patricia Todd Monitoring 99 Green 29-MAR-08 Building project (the Social Sciences & Mathematics Building) being managed by Facilities Management. The purpose of this project is to manage the contribution that Network Services (NETS) and Client Provisioning: Science PC0076 Technologies (CLTE) will make to the major capital Patricia Todd Monitoring 99 Green 29-MAR-08 Building project (the Science Building) being managed by Facilities Management. PC0077 Provisioning: First The purpose of this project is to manage the Patricia Todd Monitoring 12 Green 01-SEP-09 23
  24. 24. contribution that CASS (primarily Network Services and Client Technologies) will make to the major capital People's House project (the First People's House) being managed by Facilities Management. The purpose of this project is to manage the contribution that Network Services and Client Provisioning: Support PC0079 Technologies will make to the major capital project (the Patricia Todd Monitoring 99 Green 15-OCT-08 Services Building Support Services Building) being managed by Facilities Management. Systems The renewal of the production videoconference facilities PC0084 Videoconference operated for the University community by University Lance Grant Monitoring 35 Green 15-AUG-08 Infrastructure Renewal Systems Client Technologies Media Services group. Faculty of Engineering A project to redesign the UVic Faculty of Engineering PC0085 Robin Sutherland Monitoring 25 Green 25-DEC-08 Website Redesign web presence Internet Traffic Renew the University's Internet traffic management PC0086 Management Dianne Lee Monitoring 90 Green 30-SEP-08 equipment. Equipment Upgrade The purpose of this project is to transform a brand new PC0087 EDC2 Commissioning empty building into a second operational data centre for Colin Leavett-Brown Initiating 0 Green 30-SEP-09 the University of Victoria. The building of a work flow application to provide the OHSO Training University of Victoria the ability to comply with the ? PC0088 Jill Stringer Monitoring 90 Green 19-NOV-08 Workflow Young and New Workers? Regulation 3.22 of the Work Safe BC Act Implement Direct Deposits for Employee Direct Deposit for reimbursement. Currently employee reimbursements PC0089 Employee Shannon Hayward Monitoring 98 Green 30-JAN-09 are processed by producing an actual cheque which is Reimbursements then mailed to the individual. Central hosting of Verde, a web/database application Library Electronic facilitating the Library's management of workflows PC0090 Resource Management John Durno Monitoring 42 Green 31-DEC-08 relating to the acquisition and management of its System electronic collections. This project will acquire and implement a new TSM TSM Backup Service server and tape library. This project will then split the PC0091 Kim Lewall Initiating 0 Green 15-MAY-09 Upgrade current data between the current TSM server and library and the new TSM server and library. HSD Faculty Website A project to redesign the UVic Faculty of Human and PC0092 Robin Sutherland Monitoring 7 Green 31-MAR-09 Redesign Social Development web presence The project entails creating Moodle templates, branding, and support materials; preparing and conducting 5?7 FBusiness Moodle pilot courses; and training administrative staff and PC0094 Scott Gerrity Monitoring 5 Green 30-SEP-09 Adoption faculty so that the Faculty of Business (FBusiness) can successfully pilot (may 2009) and convert to (Sept 2009) Moodle. The purpose of this project is to provide a standard Law Desktop IT platform for all members of the Faculty of Law. This PC0095 Andrew Finlay Monitoring 50 Green 05-DEC-08 Upgrade standardization is part of the strategic goal to take advantage of centrally provided services such as 24
  25. 25. Microsoft Exchange. Convocation System Replacement of the legacy convocation application PC0096 John Foxgord On Hold 0 Green 30-SEP-09 Upgrade Phase 1 ConvRoll (originally Phase 1 of PC0018). The upgrade of FAST to version 3.x. FAST version 3 FAST Upgrade to PC0097 provides increased functionality and addresses Shannon Hayward Monitoring 75 Green 01-MAR-09 Version 3 deficiencies in the current FAST version. Campus Backbone Upgrade the University's core network infrastructure PC0098 Dianne Lee Initiating 0 Green 01-MAR-10 10G Network Upgrade from current 1 Gigabit to10 Gigabit bandwidth. Technology-enhanced To re-purpose of CLE A051, CLE A012, CLE B005, and PC0099 Erik Fleischer Monitoring 20 Green 28-AUG-09 Teaching Space CLE B015 This project will replace the existing 40 on-campus Telus payphones with 'courtesy telephones' using the Campus Payphone PC0100 University's telephone system. Critical services such as Patricia Todd Monitoring 15 Green 31-MAR-09 Replacement Campus Security Direct Dial ('panic button') and TTY/TDD for the hearing impaired will be maintained. The Learning and Teaching Centre has asked Learning iclickers Support and Systems to provide training and technical support for PC0101 Kathreen Riel Monitoring 10 Green 30-JUN-09 Integration instructors to use and purposefully integrate iclickers with their teaching. Human Resources is purchasing "Performance Objects" Performance Objects PC0102 (Employee Performance Management system) and this Jill Stringer Monitoring 90 Green 22-DEC-08 Interface system requires certain information from HRIS Banner. The purpose of this project is to take the deliverables SAS Reporting produced in PC0051-- SAS Reporting Solution for Project PC0103 Cheryl Sivertson Monitoring 20 Green 31-MAR-09 Community Roll-out NOVA and make these deliverables available to the broader campus community. This project will add three new sections of backbone fibre-optic cable: 1. Clearihue D050 to McKinnon 0011 PC0104 Campus Fibre Build Patricia Todd Monitoring 9 Green 16-FEB-09 2. Library 017 to Clearihue D050 3. Saunders Annex 132 to Saunders 175b The purpose of this project is to manage the contribution that Network Services and Media Services Provisioning: Comm. PC0105 will make to the major capital project (the Priestly Law Patricia Todd Monitoring 2 Green 15-SEP-09 Services in Law Library Library Renovation) being managed by Facilities Management. UVCS Legacy This charter describes an Enterprise Data Access PC0106 Migration Data Access Protocol request, in conjunction with work proceeding in Corey Scholefield Monitoring 50 Green 11-DEC-08 Request JIRA LEG-26, part of PC0053. iTunes U is a free media casting service offered by Apple Inc., which will enable the University to manage and distribute audio, video and portable document format PC0108 iTunes U Pilot Brenda Gerth Planning 0 Green (PDF) content and make it available quickly and easily to students, instructors, staff, alumni and the general public. Online Teaching & Building on 2008's Moodle Project Showcase, we plan to PC0109 Learning Showcase host the 2nd annual Online Teaching & Learning Scott Gerrity Monitoring 0 Green 01-JUN-09 2009 Showcase, sponsored by UVic Learning Systems (LS), 25
  26. 26. Distance Education Services (DES), A/V Services and the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC). 26