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OST 162-001 Intro in to Macs
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OST 162-001 Intro in to Macs



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  • 1. OST 162-001 Intro in to Macs
  • 2. History of Macintosh
    • On January 24, 1984 Apple Computer introduced the Apple Macintosh personal computer, with the Macintosh 128K model, which came bundled with the Mac OS operating system, then known as the System Software. The Macintosh is often credited with popularizing the graphical user interface. The Mac OS has been pre-installed on almost every Macintosh computer ever sold. The operating system is also sold separately from the computer.
  • 3. The First Mac Desktop
  • 4. Today’s Mac Desktop
  • 5. GUI vs. CLI
    • GUI – Graphical User Interface (like Mac or Windows)
    • CLI – Command Line Interface (like Dos or Unix)
  • 6. Terms
    • Icon – a small picture representing something
    • File – an item on your computer, could be data file or executable file.
    • Desktop – the background of your computer screen
    • Menu bar – the bar across the top of your screen
    • Finder Window – Where you can get to everything…more in Chapter 4.
    • Dock – the tool bar across the bottom of the screen
    • Home folder – private area for you to store your files. All users have a home folder.
    • Sidebar – in every window and stores links to other folders
    • Title Bar – tells you which folder you are in
  • 7. Home Folder
  • 8. The Keyboard
    • Shift Key – makes capital letters
    • Caps lock – its like holding down the shift key.
    • Command Key – similar to the PC Alt Key
    • Option Key – generates special characters and commands
    • Control Key – similar to the Ctrl key on a PC.
  • 9. The Mouse
    • One of the most important, yet basic tools on your computer.
    • Single-click
      • Selects icons, displays info
      • Do Ex.1-5 on pg. 13
    • Double-click
      • Opens documents, applications, and folders
      • Do Ex. 1&2 on pg. 17
    • Press (click and hold)
      • Shows menus
      • Do Ex. 1&2 on pg. 19
    • Press-and-drag
      • Moves things
      • Do Ex. 1-3 on pg.20
  • 10. Questions?
    • ?