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Published in: Technology

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  • IT services and programs for faculty, staff, and students are here.
  • Contact info in handout and listed at the end. A first stop or call when having computer issues.
  • iTunes U will provide a familiar, easy-to-use interface containing video and audio files of UM events such as classroom lectures, public seminars, and community events.
  • Whether your student brings a computer to campus or not, the student labs offer an excellent study and computing space.
  • Multimedia lab can be reserved for creating and rehearsing presentations. Recently had biology students using the equipment in there to create podcasts. Bluelight café can be used by anyone, including parents and other visitors for Web access and to check e-mail. Wireless access throughout building, including the outdoor areas that are very attractive to students.
  • NEED 2009 Values. 2007 or 2008 Values below: 92% of last year’s resident hall students and 89% of all students had their own computer 87% of last year’s computer-owning resident hall students and 75% of all computer-owning students had laptops Mention tablet PC as an alternative. 70% of faculty and staff are PC users while the remaining 30% are Mac users. Some departments use predominantly Mac or PC. (e.g., Art) The School of Pharmacy has a laptop requirement for P2 and P3 students. Mention why Mac or PC…graphics, etc. School or department may recommend one or the other. A concern is how much theft of laptop systems has been seen on campus? According to UPD, they have had few reports of such theft. Usually happens when a laptop is left unattended. IT has put together recommendations for a high end system that should last a student through the four or more years they are with us. THESE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE FOR NEW PURCHAES ONLY. If you already have a computer that you are planning to send to campus with your student it MAY be all they need to use in the beginning. Check with the Helpdesk (5222) if you have questions concerning a used or existing computer’s capability.
  • These websites can be accessed from this site The pricing on Apple systems is usually the best pricing at the UM site. Apple Store opened last year. (S Always, compare the pricing that is listed at the Dell or Gateway sites with their home sites. Often pricing is better from the home division than the pricing offered at University partnered sites.
  • Ultimate contains: Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Outlook 2007, Publisher 2007, Accounting Express 2007, Groove 2007, OneNote 2007, InfoPath 2007
  • Ultimate contains: Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Outlook 2007, Publisher 2007, Accounting Express 2007, Groove 2007, OneNote 2007, InfoPath 2007
  • This is through our Adobe CLP license which now allows UM students, faculty, and staff to purchase select Adobe products at greatly discounted prices.  The link above is to a page customized especially for UM.
  • Physical address is also known as hardware or adapter address – a unique identifier Spybot, Ad-aware, Windows Defender
  • Many administrative tasks that used to be on paper are now online. The university uses e-mail as its primary mode of communication with students. Can be forwarded, but must be checked. Address will reveal on its own Although, BB is a software there is nothing to purchase. BB is accessed from a web browser. Many instructors use Blackboard in their classes. BB—provides a storage space for instructors and students to exchange documents—in some cases this takes all the paper out of the classroom and transfer documentation to digital format, some instructors post lecture notes and presentation within BB, there is a section for instructors to post grades, BB contains communication tools in the form of email, discussion boards, and class chat rooms.
  • Have already agreed to this policy. Need to understand what is appropriate use of university IT resources. Stress the importance of having virus protection. Possible violations of the policy include: Spam Pornography Downloading & Sharing Movies and Songs
  • Mathematica site license Matlab site license
  • Transcript

    • 1. Getting Connected with Campus Computing Visit us on the Web at Jason Hale, Teresa McCarver Fall 2009
    • 2. Galtney Center for Academic Computing
      • Located in Weir Hall
      • Home of the IT Helpdesk, IT Labs, and FTDC
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 3. IT Helpdesk Visit us on the Web at
      • Password Resets
      • E-mail Support
      • Network Troubleshooting
      • Virus Removal
      • Operating System and Application Support
      • Much more!
    • 4. Helpdesk Store
      • Best available prices on Apple & Dell products
      • MacBooks, iMacs, iPods
      • Accessories and services
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 5. iTunes U Learn more at
    • 6. Galtney Center Student Lab
      • PCs, Macs, Printers, Copier
      • Open 24 hours on weekdays
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 7.
      • Student Multimedia Lab
      • Bluelight Internet Café
      • Pleasant Porches
      Also… at Weir Hall Visit us on the Web at
    • 8. Faculty Technology Development Center Visit us on the Web at
      • Located in Weir 101
      • PCs and Macs
      • Scanners, laser printers
      • Video digitization stations
    • 9. Training Opportunities
      • Technology Enhancement Week & Quarterly IT Training
        • Open to faculty/staff, grad students
      • Research Computing Workshops
        • Unix/Math/Stats/Chemistry/Programming
        • Open to all employees & students
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 10.
      • Audiovisual equipment for classes and presentations
      • Free on-campus delivery and setup
      • Info and online reservations at
      IT Media Visit us on the Web at
    • 11. What Type of Computer Do You Need?
      • Most students use laptops
      • Windows PC or Macintosh?
      • School or Departmental Requirements
      • Recommended Specifications
      • Accessories: Printer, Jump Drive, External Hard Drive
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 12. UM Purchasing Partners
      • Apple
        • Helpdesk Store
      • Dell
        • Helpdesk Store
      • GovConnection
      • Microsoft Student Select Program
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 13. e-academy Visit us the Web at
    • 14. Microsoft Savings
      • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
        • Amazon price: $289.99
        • MS Student Select Program price: $72.46
      • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac
        • Amazon price: $320.49
        • MS Student Select Program price: $ 62.17
      Visit us the Web at
    • 15. Adobe Savings
      • Adobe Acrobat Pro
        • Amazon price: $339.99
        • Discount price: $69.95
      • Adobe Photoshop
        • Amazon price: $918.99
        • MS Student Select Program price: $ 189.95
      • Adobe CS4 Design Premium
        • Amazon price: $1715.99
        • MS Student Select Program price: $ 349.95
      Purchase online at
    • 16. “ The Ultimate Steal”
      • price: $543.99
      • Price from $59.95
      • Windows only
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 17. Protecting Your Computer
      • Always back up your data!
      • Select Free Antivirus Software from the SiteIndex dropdown menu @
      Visit us on the Web at
        • Record and keep the make, model, serial number, and physical address
    • 18. Protecting Your Computer continued…
      • Install operating system patch updates
      • Remove and prevent spyware
      • Install personal firewalls
      • Use physical security
      • Visit UPD for free engraving of owner ID
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 19. Connectivity on Campus
      • Wired access in all buildings
      • Wireless in many locations as well
      • Connected to national research networks
        • The Internet2 Network
        • National LambdaRail
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 20. Visit us on the Web at
    • 21. Things You’ll Do Online
      • myOleMiss
        • Course registration, financial aid, address/phone, grades, advisor assignment, bursar bill, etc.
        • TAs/Graders: class rolls, course materials…
      • E-mail
        • Primary communication tool…must check!
      • Blackboard
        • 75% of course enrollments last fall
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 22.
    • 23. A Must Read!
      • IT Appropriate Use Policy
      Visit us on the Web at
      • Inappropriate use exposes the University to risks, including virus attacks, the compromise of network systems and services, and legal issues.
    • 24. Visit us on the Web at [email_address]
    • 25. Supercomputers
      • 2 Supercomputers (352 CPUs)
      • 2 Linux Clusters (464 cores)
      • 1 Research Server
      • 1 Web Server
      • Free Accounts
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 26. Research Software
      • Programming
      • C/C++, FORTRAN, Java, Perl, PHP, MPI…
      • Science/Engineering
      • PV-Wave, IMSL, GSL, Math Libraries, Abaqus
      • Math/Statistics
      • SAS, SPSS, Matlab, Mathematica
      • Chemistry
      • Gaussian, Amber, NWChem, GAMESS, CPMD, MPQC, GROMACS
      Visit us on the Web at
    • 27. Stats Consultations
      • Dissertations
      • Review of methods
      • Assistance with analysis
      • Guidance using SAS or SPSS
      • Assistance formatting data sets
      • Up to three free consults per project
      Visit us on the Web at “ I passed my final defense yesterday. Thank you so much for your help. My committee members were pleased with my final draft.”
    • 28. Research Computing Workshops Visit us on the Web at
      • Free hands-on workshops & help sessions in Weir 107
      • Math/Stats/UNIX/Linux/Computational Chemistry topics
      • Mathematica, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, scripts, compiling, etc.
    • 29. Visit us on the Web at
    • 30. For More Information Visit us on the Web at Visit us on the Web at Jason Hale Interim Director, MCSR [email_address] Teresa McCarver Helpdesk Manager, OIT [email_address]