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Orientation Power Point.
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Orientation Power Point.



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  • 1. Welcome To Otterbein April 28, 2004 Orientation Leader Training
  • 2. Most Frequently Asked Questions About Technology
  • 3.
    • How do I activate my account?
  • 4. Answer: Use the newuser account
    • Logon to any lab computer and type newuser in the logon box
    • No password, just hit enter
    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Delete the “home” in www.otterbein.edu/home and add newuser instead
    • Follow the screen instructions
  • 5. Answer: For off-campus, simply use the same address
    • Open your Internet browser
    • Type the following address
    • www.otterbein.edu/newuser
    • (not case sensitive)
  • 6.
    • Where do I find help with computer or account problems?
  • 7. Answer: Student Help Desk
    • Extension 1060
    • Staffed M-F 8:30am – 9:00pm
    • Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm
    • Answers questions to resident connections, off-campus connections, viruses, spyware, accounts, Blackboard, Web for Students, and recommendations with personal computer problems
    • Will NOT fix any non-Otterbein owned equipment
  • 8.
    • Are there Computer Labs Available?
  • 9. Answer: There are 4 Labs on Campus
    • http://www.otterbein.edu/itweb/labs/default.asp
    • Location with maps
    • Hours/Food
    • Specialty Labs
    • Software Locator
    • Hardware Locator
    • No installations
    • Lab Monitored
    • Lab Manager, Niraj Sharma, x1359
    • Curriculum software specific to class
    • Free printing services
    • CD-RW drives
    • Scanning
    • Roush 204 – class only access
  • 10.
    • Will I have my own personal folder?
  • 11. Answer: Each Student has a Home Folder and Web Folder
    • Always, Always use the home folder!
    • Generous size 150Mb
    • FTP off-campus to Home and Web folder
    • OTTERNET PAGE – How to use it!!!
    • http://www.otterbein.edu/itweb/default.asp
    • Web Folder is logon with consonants, not account username e.g. jhnasmth
  • 12.
    • Will I have my own email account?
  • 13. Answer: Every Student has a web-based email account
    • Available by the Intranet link
    • Or direct link at http:// webmail.otterbein.edu
    • Logon with same account as user account
    • Firstname.lastname@otterbein.edu is your email account
    • No email forwarding
    • Watch for spam, see help desk for help
  • 14.
    • Can I take care of Student Services on-line?
  • 15. Answer: All student services can be handled in Cardinal Web for Student
    • Login from home page or IT web page
    • www.otterbein.edu
    • Login is different than main user account (Network, Intranet, Webmail, Otternet)
    • SSN or LoginID with birthdate mmddyy
  • 16. Cardinal Web for Student Features
    • Class registration
    • Financial Aid information/Resources
    • Grades
    • Degree Audit
    • Current schedule/add and drop
    • Personal Information updates
    • No back page, no email forwarding
  • 17.
    • Will I have an Internet connection in my residence hall?
  • 18. Answer: All residence hall rooms have a 100Mbs connection. You will share a port with a roommate by using a splitter. You must provide your own computer and Ethernet card with network/cat5 patch cord. IT will provide the splitter. http:// www.otterbein.edu/itweb/residencehalls/default.asp
  • 19.
    • What computer recommendations do you require for software and hardware?
  • 20. Answer: See the ITWeb site, Resident Halls link for the requirements.
    • http://www.otterbein.edu/itweb/support/recommendations.asp
    • Laptops are equally recommended; lock-down encouraged
    • Virus protection from McAfee will be provided at no cost to all resident students upon computer registration. New this Fall, 2004. We will configure.
    • Bring all software and licenses with you for personal computer!!
  • 21.
    • How do get connected in the Residence Halls?
  • 22. Answer: See Resident Assistants, look for postings in the halls, see ITWeb, contact Student Help Desk, or ask a Helper during move-in weekend.
    • Procedure will be to plug in and logon to your computer
    • Open Internet browser
    • NetReg page will give you logon information required
    • Once registered, re-directed to resident hall network and connection to the Internet
  • 23.
    • Can I connect a Macintosh computer to the network?
  • 24. Answer: Not to the network, but with the correct configurations, you will get Internet service
    • Need to know how to set up TCP/IP connection for a DHCP connection
    • Will still have access to Home and Web folders via FTP and the Internet
    • Will still get WebMail
    • Works as if you were off-campus
  • 25.
    • Is there wireless on campus?
  • 26. Answer: Yes, we have wireless!!
    • Our wireless locations are the Campus Center up and downstairs, including the area outside in front of the center
    • The library – all public areas and the seating area outside the entrance.
    • Support 802.11b and 802.11g. Buy 802.11g adapter for 45Mbs versus 11Mbs speed
  • 27.
    • What is Blackboard and how do I use it?
  • 28. Answer: Blackboard is an e-learning tool for classroom or distance instruction utilized by certain Otterbein professors.
    • Your professor will let you know if you are to use it.
    • Logon is username and default password is SSN
    • Do not change your email address in this system
    • Direct link is http:// ocblackboard.otterbein.edu
  • 29. Blackboard Features
    • Editable personal information
    • Professor information
    • Class contacts
    • Announcements
    • Syllabus
    • Class documents
    • Communication via discussion board and email.
  • 30. Any Questions?