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NOTES NOTES Document Transcript

  • QuickTimeª and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. With iMovie HD, you can bring your lessons to life through video, sound, and pictures. It is a powerful and highly engaging tool for students to share their knowledge and express themselves in the form of digital movies. Students can create high-quality video reports to demonstrate abstract concepts, or documentaries to increase the relevance of social issues. And you can easily share best classroom practices with your peers. Students can create compelling projects that combine digital video, photos, and music, and even their own voice narration. There’s no limit to what they can create. Presenter: Peter Mills Iramoo PS McGrath Road Werribee Curriculum Examples: 1. Re@ct Film Festival 2. Mars 3. Online Tutorial 4. Digital Portfolio 5. Rendered Kahootz Movie Stop Motion 1. Super Trucks 2. Legomation (Two Tribes) 3. Claymation (GreenLeaf) Equipment 1. Digital Camera (
  • 2. FireWire Cable 3. Any Macintosh with iMovie How is it Done? Training 1. Re@ct Film Festival 2. 3. Trial and error Planning 1. Get an idea 2. Get a Production Team • Select group and designate tasks • Storyboard – Scripts • Filming • Acting • Editing 3. Storyboard • Home grown (See Attached Page) • Storyboard Pro (Free) • The Filming. 1. Hopefully the team can take the camera and film. 2. Supervision 3. Consider using a tape per grade or specialist area • Avoid disasters • Backup solution Download 1. Must be downloaded onto local Hard Drive (not network drive) • Large files • Poor editing • Edit 1. Crop and split clips
  • 2. Use iMovie features • Transitions • Titles • Effects • Audio 3. Bring in Media • Photos (iPhoto) • Audio (iTunes) Share 1. Variety of Formats – including: • Email • Back to video recorder • QuickTime • iDVD • To a Bluetooth Device Workshop Participants use clips, sounds and pictures provided to edit their own movie. Limited opportunity may exist for some filming and importing of clips to enhance this process.
  • Resources: There are many examples of how teachers have used iMovie digital video editing software in their classrooms. These are just a starting point. Yarraville West Primary School (student – Computer Work– Claymation) (Heather Britton) Loudoun County Public Schools Monarch Butterfly iLife Examples Stop Frame Animation Storyboard Pro (Mac/Win) Training
  • Storyboard Participants – Roles: 1). 5). 2). 6. Production Title: __________________________ 3). 7). 4). 8). Graphic Settings Shot Shot type Narration Action/Comments Number