News about nformation systems throughout M I T

w                                     or when memory and processor power         Bobby analyzes Web pages for their
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A Must-Have for Macintosh                      change Word, Excel, and PowerPoint            (which M...
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Windows NT Workstation 4                        What’s Not Included                      .   New Version of ADSM Backup
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News about nformation s ystems throughout M I T


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News about nformation s ystems throughout M I T

  1. 1. News about nformation systems throughout M I T . . . . . . . . Volume 14 • Number 2 and a Retrospective Robyn Fizz IS IS Meets IAP: A Clinic, A Series, November / December 1998 The clinic is split into Windows and Macintosh sessions: Windows 11am–noon Overview lecture . MIT Libraries Unveil WebBarton ....... 2 . . . . . I AP is around the corner with its wealth of constructive and offbeat Noon–2pm Macintosh 2:15–3:15pm Hands-on clinic Overview lecture Software Spotlight . activities. Many staff from IS are join- . 3–5pm Hands-on clinic A Must-Have for Macintosh . ing in, giving presentations on topics . Users: Microsoft Office 98 .................... 3 . ranging from Internet2 to free speech. For a checklist of what to bring to the . . This article highlights a laptop clinic, clinic and an online form for reserving Network Notes . . a series on computing options for people a spot, go to Feeling the Strain: E-Mail Can’t . Do It All .................................................. 4 . with disabilities, and an Athena retro- . . spective. Computer Corner ................................... 4 . For a complete list of IS-sponsored High-Tech and Low-Tech Strategies for . . offerings during IAP, see Individuals with Learning Disabilities MIT Computer Connection/ . . and Attention Deficit Disorder Bits and Bytes . . Jan. 26, 2–3:30pm, Room 3-133 Tips for Using the NECX Catalog ...... 5 . iap99/NSIS.html . Presenters Kathy Cahill of the MIT . IS Serves up Ultraseek Search . Hands-on Network Laptop Clinic ATIC Lab and Rich Goldhammer of . Engine for MIT Web Sites .................... 5 . Jan. 21, 11am–5pm, Room 10-105 the MIT Disabilities Services Office . . This clinic is for laptop owners who will show effective ways to improve Windows NT Workstation 4 . . want help connecting to MITnet for comprehension and stay organized. License Now Available on CD ............ 6 . . the first time or guidance on how to Low-tech aids include highlighters, . paper-based organizers, and Post-it New Version of ADSM Backup . connect to MITnet when traveling off . notes. Featured high-tech devices in- Program for Macintosh Users ............. 6 . campus. Come with your laptop and . . the “clinicians,” led by Ginny Williams clude the Palm organizer, Kurzweil Y2K Today . 3000 scanning and reading software, . of the IS Help Desk, will show you how Year 2000 Issues That Impact . AlphaSmart notetaker, and Inspiration . to get connected and stay that way. Desktop Computers .............................. 7 outlining software. Here’s a quick . . In addition to getting your laptop . configured for network connections, summary of what these products do. Memorial: . . you will also be able to Palm organizers from 3Com are Steven Wade Neiterman ...................... 8 . popular hand-held devices for storing . • Sign up for a Tether account . addresses, appointments, to-do lists, . • Register for the DHCP service . and memos. . . • Download MIT site-licensed soft- Kurzweil 3000 is PC-based software . that helps people with learning dis- . ware and free network software . abilities improve reading speed and . • Obtain MITnet Web certificates . v . continued on page 2
  2. 2. w or when memory and processor power Bobby analyzes Web pages for their IS MEETS IAP are limited. Dragon Naturally Speaking accessibility, based on the working draft continued from page 1 is based on continuous speech recogni- of the WAI Page Authoring Guidelines. tion. You can speak at your usual pace comprehension. It provides an auditory and your spoken words will be tran- Athena Retrospective Symposium and visual presentation of scanned text scribed on your computer screen. This Jan. 20, 9am–4:30pm, Room 10-250 and images on the screen. technology eliminates the need to in- This year marks the 15th anniversary AlphaSmart is a portable notetaker sert a pause between every word. of the start of work on the Athena Com- that is Macintosh- and PC-compatible. puting Environment. It began in 1983 It lets you write and store notes elec- Web Accessibility and Universal Design as an eight-year project funded by IBM tronically. An optional infrared inter- Jan. 28, 2–3:30pm, Room 3-133 and Digital, and has continued as part face permits wireless transfer between The World Wide Web Consortium at of the MIT computing infrastructure AlphaSmart and a computer. MIT sponsors the Web Accessibility for the past seven years. Products de- Inspiration outlining software lets Initiative (WAI), with a site at veloped as part of Athena include the you capture ideas in text or as concept X Window system and Kerberos, along maps, with circles, arrows, and other with a wealth of courseware and tools symbols. This pictorial approach is The purpose of the WAI is to promote for communication and connectivity. very useful for those who learn best a high degree of usability for people To celebrate this anniversary, IS is through visual cues. with disabilities who access the Web. sponsoring a symposium that looks back In this session, WAI Director Judy to the past and forward to the future of Talk to Your PC: Voice Recognition Brewer will give an overview of Web academic computing and instructional Software for the PC accessibility issues. She will introduce technology at MIT. Panel discussions Jan. 6, Noon–1pm, Room 56-114 the WAI Page Authoring Guidelines and will focus on the impact of Athena on additional resources that the WAI is the technology marketplace and on Mary Ziegler and Kathleen Cahill of developing. the ATIC Lab will discuss the state of building applications for education. To get a head start on learning about Full details about this symposium voice recognition software today, in- these issues, see “Creating Attractive cluding products that are on the mar- are available at Accessible Web Sites” at ket and hardware requirements. athena-iap.html They will demonstrate two packages ~cccathy/ada/ supported by the ATIC Lab – Dragon A link off this page leads to a forum Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Another important resource is the where those who were involved in Dragon Dictate is best for programming validation service, Bobby, at Project Athena can leave anecdotes and working with Athena applications, about their experiences. ø MIT Libraries Unveil WebBarton hancements. For example, WebBarton has an e-mail option for exporting MIT Information Systems search results and a search history The MIT Libraries have launched a function that lets users review and Managing Editor Web version of their online catalog, combine past searches. Robyn Fizz Barton. Although WebBarton is up and The Web interface is also more Writer/Editor running, it is still under development. responsive than the Telnet version in Lee Ridgway An updated version from GEAC, other ways. You can limit searches by the system vendor, is expected in the i/s is published six times a year. MIT faculty and location or type of material before or staff receive copies through campus mail; i/s is coming months, though a firm date after initiating your query. Connecting also available in lobbies around campus. Indi- has not been set. and printing from the Web is simpler. viduals at MIT may subscribe by contacting the This first version has been made To see a chart outlining the differ- managing editor. available in response to user demand ences between the Telnet and Web Send comments or subscription requests to: and to provide improved access to Bar- interfaces, go to MIT Room N42-290b, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, ton. WebBarton is linked throughout Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 the Libraries site and can be found at Phone: (617) 253- 0540 barton/BartonTable.htm Electronic mail: <> User Feedback Sought i/s is also published online at Telnet access to Barton will continue to be offered at The Libraries would like to involve the MIT community in the development A companion Web site, i/s NewsLink, offers telnet:// frequent news updates. It’s located at of WebBarton. There is an e-mail link New Features and Improvements for user feedback on the login page; All product names are trademarks of their Users of Barton will notice that the comments and suggestions are wel- manufacturers. Web version maintains most of the come. As always, the Libraries refer- © 1998 Massachusetts Institute of Technology functionality of the Telnet version, ence staff is available to help you use while offering new features and en- WebBarton or any library resource. ø . . 2 . is .
  3. 3. Software Spotlight A Must-Have for Macintosh change Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (which Microsoft calls the Unwanted Users: Microsoft Office 98 files with Office 97 users on PCs with- Data Issue) causes Word to include text out any translation or conversion. In from previously deleted files, say from Al Willis Excel, this goes a step further: PC and an e-mail message or a Word file. The L et’s get right to the point: if you have a Power Macintosh, you should be Macintosh users can share the same workbook over a network, making changes in different colors. extra text doesn’t show up in Word, but is visible when the file is viewed with a text editor like BBEdit. Microsoft has using Microsoft Office 98. Say goodbye The core functionality between Of- written a patch for this. to earlier versions of Word, Excel, or fice 97 for the PC and Office 98 for the Another bug can corrupt text when PowerPoint. Macintosh is the same. The interface a long document contains lots of float- Office 98 represents a major change (menus, toolbar buttons, commands, ing images. It is corrected by the Office for Microsoft in its approach to creat- and dialog box controls) is very similar 98 Updater for Mac OS 8.5. Microsoft ing Macintosh applications. Microsoft across platforms. The main difference recommends that all Office 98 users has created a suite of programs that is that Office 98 supports the Platinum apply this fix regardless of what ver- not only look and act like Macintosh appearance, the updated look of the sion of the Mac OS they are using. applications, but take advantage of Macintosh interface that was intro- You can download both fixes from Macintosh-specific technologies such duced in Mac OS 8. the Office 98 Known Issues page at as Drag and Drop and QuickTime. This article gives an overview of key Online Help The help sys- macoffice/users/issues.htm developments in Office 98. A follow-up article in the next i/s will take a closer tem is much System Requirements look at the programs in Office’s suite: improved. Office 98 does not run on Macintoshes Word 98, Excel 98, and PowerPoint 98. Besides the based on the 68000 family of processors. usual options Microsoft’s minimum requirements are: Installation and Self-Repair under the a Power Macintosh running at 120MHz One of Microsoft’s goals for Office Max, the Office Assistant, Help menu, or more, 16MB of RAM, and System 7.5; 98 was to better integrate it with the in one of his many poses. Office 98 System 7.5.5 or above is recommended. Macintosh operating system and make comes with If you plan to open more than one it easier to install and maintain. Instal- an Office Assistant. The standard one, Office application at a time, the mini- lation is a snap: when you drag the Max, looks like a Mac Plus with legs. Office 98 folder from the CD, it installs mum RAM requirement is 32MB. (The CD has several others.) Max does Your Macintosh must also have a most of what’s needed to run it. When a few things: he “watches” what you you run the Office applications, Office CD-ROM drive: Office 98 isn’t avail- are doing and alerts you when he has able on diskettes. Installation requires 98 automatically installs the remaining a tip about the task at hand by show- files. There’s also a more traditional between 50MB and 120MB of available ing a light bulb in his window. Max is hard drive space; about 90MB is needed installer for custom installations. also available for online help. Once you Installing Office also installs Micro- for the Easy Install. Although Office 98 click on his window, you can type natu- is big, it’s quite efficient, since over half soft’s useful set of fonts, including ral language queries such as “How do fonts created for viewing Web pages. of the code is shared between the three I change the default font?” Max then applications. This results in better us- Office 98 is self-repairing: if required displays options that usually take you age of memory and faster launches of files are missing when you run one of to the right place in Office’s help system. subsequent Office applications. the Office applications, the application Balloon help is well implemented. The CD includes a Value Pack folder can automatically copy the files from You can point to anything on a toolbar, with additional clip art, fonts, Office the installation CD. In past versions, window, or dialog box, and get a con- Assistants, file translators, and utilities. if you accidentally deleted certain cise description of what it is. This is The Value Pack has its own documen- files, you could render Word, Excel, or especially useful for the Preferences tation and installer; it requires up to PowerPoint unusable. Another bonus: you can now rename the volume that dialog box, which has several options 58MB of available hard drive space. Office 98 is installed on or move the with cryptic names. Support on Campus folder it is installed in without affect- Internet Awareness You can buy a single-user copy of ing the programs. In all of the Office 98 applications, Office 98 from NECX for about $150 For documentation on how to rollout URLs are live – you can click on a link (Item # 116195). Licenses are also avail- Office 98 for a group or department, see in any Office document and your Web able from NECX for volume purchases browser will launch and display the of 10 or more. For details, contact the macoffice/ page. All of the Office applications can MCC at <> or x3-7686. save their documents as HTML pages, The IS Help Desk supports the full File Formats though with varying degrees of success. suite of Office 98 programs. For related Although Office 98 is now a true Macintosh application, it uses the same Known Problems and Fixes courses and Quick Starts, check the IS file formats as Office 97 for Windows. Since the release of Office 98, one Computer Training Catalog or go to Office 98 users on Macintoshes can ex- serious privacy issue has arisen. A bug ø . . is . 3 .
  4. 4. . . Network Notes . Computer Corner . . . . . Feeling the Strain: E-Mail Can’t can read, store, and delete messages. . This column presents news and tips You only need to be connected to the . from the consultants who staff the Do It All . server when you want to download . Computing Help Desk. Check out Joanne Costello . or send messages. All management . their Web site at . F or many years, the MIT community of your e-mail – mailboxes, address books, and so on – is done on your . . . has relied on e-mail for educational, business, and personal needs. The computer. This configuration makes POP awkward for those who need to . . . . Q When I type an e-mail address into a Microsoft Word document, e-mail programs we all use are based move from computer to computer. In . . it automatically underlines it and cre- on two Internet standards, the Simple an attempt to make up for this, Eudora . ates a hyperlink. Word’s spellchecker . Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and lets you set an option to “leave mail . also automatically underlines words . Post Office Protocol (POP). on the server.” . that it doesn’t recognize. Is there a way . These protocols were designed The problem is that . to stop Word from doing these things? POP servers were . years ago, when e-mail consisted of . text messages sent from one individual to another or to a small group of indi- not designed to be used as an archive space for messages . . . . A Yes! Microsoft Word 97 (PC) and Word 98 (Macintosh) have automatic correction features turned viduals. The simplicity of these proto- . . cols has kept them robust, but has also but rather for a one- . on by default. While these features . allowed programmers to implement time pick up of mail. . may be helpful at times, they’re often The mechanism used to track which . a nuisance. To turn them off, start “features” that the original designers . of the protocols never intended. The messages have been downloaded is . . from the Tools menu. result has been undue strain on e-mail somewhat unreliable. Users who . • Select AutoCorrect. This brings up . systems everywhere. check the “leave mail on the server” . a dialog box with four tabs. Choose . option eventually get “locked mail- . AutoFormat As You Type. Under Broadcasting Messages drop” errors and cannot read their . . Replace as you type, uncheck the E-mail was not designed to be a messages once the e-mail stored on . broadcast mechanism, so you shouldn’t . box next to “Internet paths with the server accumulates beyond a . use it to send a general announcement . hyperlinks.” certain size. . . to some large subset of the MIT com- To solve the locked maildrop . • Select Options (Windows) or Prefer- munity. This is true whether you problem when it occurs, you need to . . ences (Macintosh). In the dialog box, include the recipient usernames indi- modify some Eudora settings to in- . select the Spelling & Grammar tab. . vidually or use a mailing list. When a crease the network timeout, uncheck . Uncheck one or both of the boxes by . user sends out an announcement to a the “leave mail on the server” option, . “Check spelling as you type” and huge list of recipients, the mail servers . and check mail again. For step-by- . “Check grammar as you type.” This get overloaded, disks fill up, and staff . stops Word from placing red or green step instructions, go to . intervention is required. The overall . . underlines under text it thinks is mis- result is a degradation of service for . spelled or grammatically awkward. eudora/ . all users. It is more appropriate to . . While in these dialog boxes, you send one copy of the announcement and, under the Help and Information . . may want to look over all the auto- to a news group or a discuss meeting section, click on the Frequently Asked . . correction features and decide which or to post the announcement on the Questions link. . ones make sense for you in your work. Web. To eliminate the locked maildrop . . If you are dyslexic or a poor typist, problem in the future, don’t store e- . keep the box next to “Replace text as File Transfer . mail on the server. For guidelines on . you type” (under AutoCorrect) checked. Nor was e-mail intended to be a . using Eudora from home or on the . This feature corrects common spelling file transfer mechanism. Unfortunately . road, see . errors and typos. e-mail clients such as Eudora make it . easy to send large files to multiple . . recipients. You should never send eudora/home-use.html . . Reminder for Windows 3.1 Users attachments larger than 1MB. They In the Future . . waste disk space and can prevent Information Systems is looking . IS urges Windows 3.1 users to migrate . someone’s pobox from opening cor- into new technologies and policies . to Windows NT by December 31, 1998. rectly because the mail software times . that can alleviate some of these e-mail . Users who can’t meet this target date out waiting for large messages. Also, . should notify <> problems. However, even with new . don’t send attachments of any size to systems in place, it will still be impor- . . as soon as possible. For details, go to large mailing lists. tant for members of the community to . . . Mail Storage be good e-mail citizens. To recap, you . win31phaseout.html should not send broadcast messages, . When you use POP, your e-mail . Also see the article on page 6 about is downloaded from the post office attach large files to outgoing mail, or . . the Windows NT Workstation 4 CD. server to your computer where you store e-mail on the post office server. ø . . . . 4 . is .
  5. 5. Making the Most of Product Lists MIT Computer Connection/Bits and Bytes For detailed product information – including features, specifications, price, and availability – click on the item’s Tips for Using the NECX Catalog the Power Search feature, the primary name in the product list. means of navigating the catalog, di- You can also compare up to 10 Kathleen Moriarty rectly from this page. Power Search items within a product list. To get a N ECX has been MIT’s vendor for computing products since 1997 – for lets you search the catalog by model name, manufacturer name, product category, manufacturer part number, side-by-side comparison, click in the boxes next to the products of interest and then select the Compare button. both departmental and personal pur- or NECX part number. Ribbon icons in product lists indi- chases. MIT’s gateway to the NECX Some software vendors offer aca- cate links to independent reviews. online catalog is at demic pricing, with significant discounts off retail prices. The best way to make Getting Help sure you are quoted academic prices For more information on recom- To connect to the catalog, you first need is to select the Manufacturer Name mended products or for a demonstra- to get Web certificates (see the instruc- option under Power Search and type tion of the NECX catalog, contact the tions on the gateway page). Once your MCC at <>. You should in the software vendor’s name (e.g., certificates are in place, the product also contact the MCC if you can’t locate Adobe). If the vendor offers academic prices displayed via the MIT gateway an item in the catalog. If possible, pro- pricing, Power Search will return two automatically reflect MIT’s negotiated vide the vendor’s name, model, and part price lists – academic and retail. discounts with NECX. number. A consultant will forward this You can also browse the catalog Searching the Catalog to see what is available in a particular information to NECX and they will cre- The NECX catalog offers over 30,000 category. A list of product categories ate a link to the product if it’s available. items from 1,100 vendors. Built-in navi- is available at the bottom of the Power You can send general comments to gation tools help you locate the items Search page (see the “Shop For” section). NECX at <>. For you want. A good place to start is the After clicking on a category, you can MIT-specific order status or product MIT Recommended Products page, refine your search by choosing an item returns, contact the NECX Customer which showcases items supported by from the index on the left side of the Care department at (800) 961-9246 or Information Systems. You can access page. This takes you to a product list. <>. ø IS Serves Up Ultraseek Search A Wide Reach Searching Engine for MIT Web Sites Ultraseek continually indexes For effective searching, world-readable MIT Web pages, not CWIS recommends that Robyn Fizz and Jag Patel you use Ultraseek’s Ad- just the pages on the “” I n November, IS put Ultraseek into full production as the search engine server. It’s a big job. MIT has more than 1,000 Web servers offering a total of more than one million pages. vanced Search option. This lets you limit a search to MIT content or target the entire Web. It also makes it easy for MIT Web pages. Ultraseek is a Given Ultraseek’s reach, MIT Web to set up complex queries. You can customized version of the well-known publishers need to be aware that their • Search on certain fields, such as Infoseek search engine. It offers full- pages – even those not meant for public title, URL, or hyperlink text intelligent searching, real-time view – may be displayed in search re- • Exclude specific terms indexing, and speed – often returning sults. Basically, Ultraseek will index • Search by modification date or results within one second. a page if another public MIT page has You can access MIT’s top-level within a date range a link to it, or if it has been submitted Ultraseek page at to the index through the Update URL • Sort results by relevance, date, or title function. Obsolete pages that have been • Search current results to further replaced may still turn up in Ultraseek refine a query Goodbye Harvest results if the old page URLs are refer- Ultraseek replaces the Harvest search For a guide to search techniques, see enced in other MIT pages. engine, which will be decommissioned Ultraseek does not index pages on on December 31, 1998. MIT publishers servers that are coded to be passed over Upcoming Information Session whose Web pages link to Harvest (e.g., the MIT-only “” CWIS will offer a free seminar, called should switch to Ultraseek as soon server), nor does it index individual Ultraseek 102, on January 21 from 2 to as possible. For instructions, see pages that use the robots meta tag. For 4pm in the N42 Demo Center. It will an overview article on using this and cover how to create a search interface You can also contact the CWIS team other meta tags, see for a site, how to use meta tags, and how at x3-0101 or <> to elevate your pages’ ranking in Ultra- for help in making the transition. v14/n01/140108.html seek results. ø . . is . 5 .
  6. 6. . Windows NT Workstation 4 What’s Not Included . New Version of ADSM Backup . License Now Available on CD Although Service Pack 4 has been . Program for Macintosh Users released, IS does not yet support it. . . Mary Ellen Bushnell Mary Ellen Bushnell When it is deemed reliable in the MIT . . I n a continuing effort to encourage members of the MIT community to run environment, IS will prepare another CD, replacing SP3 and the hotfixes with Service Pack 4. . . . . . F ollowing in the footsteps of its Windows counterpart, ADSM for . Windows NT on their PCs, IS is making How to Get the CD . the Macintosh has been upgraded . the license for Windows NT Work- The terms of the agreement are very . to Version 3 (, to be exact). . station 4 available on CD. The primary strict and for that reason distribution . ADSM is the backup program that . IS recommends. It lets you back up files audiences are those migrating from is being closely tracked. To receive a . Windows 3.x and those running NT license, register online at . . on your computer to a server over the Workstation 4 who need Service Pack 3 . campus network. (You need a network . and subsequent hotfixes. . connection to use it.) vsls/mitnt/ . Migrating from Windows 95 or 98 is . not straightforward. If your computer Choose the Institute or Student link, . . is running one of these operating sys- as appropriate, and read the license . . tems, see Microsoft’s general migration agreement. The restrictions are exten- . sive and explicit. . guidelines at . Then proceed to the registration . . While the ADSM software form, which you should fill out com- . is free, the backup service ntworkstation/deployment/ . pletely and submit. Employees will . costs $5/month per machine. migrationkit/migratew95.asp . receive an e-mail confirmation notice . If you are planning to get a new and a CD will be sent by campus mail. . . Getting and Installing ADSM PC, you are encouraged to buy it with Students will receive an e-mail con- . You can download the ADSM client . Windows NT already installed. firmation, but are required to sign a . . by going to the ADSM home page at Student End User License Agreement . License Agreement with Microsoft . and pick up a CD in person in N42. . Several months ago MIT made a . home.html If you don’t have Web access, call . large volume purchase of Windows x8-9519 to set up an appointment to . Find and click on the Macintosh link NT Workstation licenses comprising . register for the CD. . in the list of supported platforms. This 2500 licenses for Windows NT 4 and . . takes you to the directory on MIT’s 2500 Upgrade Advantage licenses. The Using the CD . . software server from which you can agreement includes maintenance and Before proceeding with the install, . . download a folder called adsm.mac. upgrades until January 28, 2000. These you should back up your hard drive. . licenses can be used for Institute pur- . In addition to the Installer, this folder When you insert the CD, a splash screen poses on MIT-owned machines, or for . contains an “MIT Read Me” file with displays. Click on Windows NT Setup . academic/personal purposes by MIT . full installation instructions, including and follow the on-screen instructions. . students on student-owned machines. . how to configure the ADSM Preferences You do not have to reinstall the oper- . The CD provides an easy way to dis- . file. ating system if all you need are Service . tribute the licenses to authorized users. Pack 3 and the hotfixes. Instructions for . . Version 3 Enhancements installing them are in the jewel case . ADSM 3 has many new features, What’s on the CD . The CD contains the same version documentation and on the Web at . . including . of NT Workstation 4 that comes on a . • An improved graphical interface new machine and on the Microsoft CD ntcd.html . that is easier to use . packaged with it. In addition, IS has . . • A Find function that searches for included Service Pack 3 and all the Windows NT at MIT Web Site . For more information about . files stored locally or on the ADSM hotfixes since its release. Only seven . server of the hotfixes have been selected to Windows NT at MIT, go to . . be part of the standard installation. . • Online help based on Apple Guide . They are listed in the box below. winnt/ ø . For a complete description of en- . . hancements, see the “whatsnew.v3” . Hotfixes in the Standard MIT Installation . file in the ADSM Version 3 folder . . (the application folder that appears getadmin Corrects GETADMIN.exe utility . . after you run the Installer). . simptcp Corrects the chargen/telnet port issue . Support . teardrop2 Fix for newtear and bonk attacks . ADSM is available to individual . y2k Provides year 2000 compliance . users in the MIT community (including . . students) and network administrators. lsa2 Fix for lsahack.exe problem . . The Computing Help Desk handles pptp3 128-bit fix for PPTP performance . registration and provides support for . priv Fix for the Sechole.exe utility that lets a non-administrative . . Macintosh (x3-1101) and Windows user gain debug-level access on a system process . (x3-1102) users. For any other operat- . . ing system, call x3-1104. ø . . 6 . is .
  7. 7. Y2K Today Year 2000 Issues That Impact • Macintosh OS. The Apple Macintosh Desktop Computers has been Year 2000 compliant since its introduction. However the operating Gayle Willman system uses a two-digit year by de- I magine this scenario: You are try- ing to get your computer ready for fault. To change this setting: 1. Shut down the system (power off) and then restart. the Year 2000 and so you change the setting in the Date/Time Control Panel 2. Go to the Date & Time Control Panel to show four-digit years. Later, you and click on the Date Formats... Many CMOS chips support only discover that in an Excel file that con- button. a two-digit year. When the rollover tains birth dates of people born before to 2000 takes place, the “00” may be 3. Check the box next to “Show 1930, those dates have automatically interpreted as 1900 rather than 2000. century.” been switched into the next century The solution to this problem is to up- (e.g., 1926 has become 2026). Application Software Issues date the computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/ It may appear that your attempt to In general, software vendors do not Output System), the built-in instruc- disarm the Y2K problem has only cre- offer Year 2000 guarantees. Although tions for controlling system hardware. ated a new problem. But the change to software may be called “Year 2000 Some older PCs have a non-upgradable the Control Panel is not the culprit. The compliant,” vendors have no respon- BIOS, while others can be updated. problem is data entered with two-digit sibility for software-related problems Check the computer manufacturer’s years rather than four-digit years. related to Year 2000, and their defini- Web site for information and down- If a century is not entered as part tions of “Year 2000 compliant” vary. loadable fixes. of a date, Excel is designed to supply After the operating system has Most PC makers – including Dell, that information. It uses these rules been set to show four digits for the Hewlett-Packard, and IBM – are ship- when it encounters two-digit years: year, applications that take their date ping systems with a Y2K-ready BIOS. from the operating system will show 00 to 29 21st century (year 2000) However, it is prudent to check the the date as four digits rather than two. 30 to 99 20th century (year 1900) vendor’s Web site for information If an application shows a date as The bottom line is that you need to about any system shipped before “98” instead of “1998,” or won’t accept reenter any years before 1930 (or September 1998. a four-digit-year entry, this is a strong after 2029) in the four-digit form. The Macintosh has been Year 2000 indication that there may be a prob- The above scenario – a real one – ready since its introduction, although lem. Refer to the vendor’s Web site underscores the need for an organized some older Apple computers (e.g., the for information on upgrading the and informed approach to updating Apple II series) are not. If your Macin- software. desktop computer systems. The remain- tosh has a card installed to simulate The MIT Project Year 2000 site at der of this article gives an overview of PC computers, read the pertinent sec- the basic ways desktop computers can tion in the document “Mac OS: Year be affected by Y2K issues. 2000 Frequently Asked Questions” at maintains a page of software titles in common use at MIT. The current ver- Areas of Vulnerability sions on this list are Year 2000 compli- Desktop computers have three techinfo.nsf/artnum/n19843 ant, according to their vendors. The areas of vulnerability when it comes Operating System Issues list covers Macintosh and PC systems, to Y2K issues: • DOS and Windows. IBM-compatible as well as Sun and SGI systems where • The complementary metal oxide systems running DOS, Windows 3.1, applicable. semiconductor – known as the or Windows 95 may have to be re- CMOS chip – inside the computer configured after January 1, 2000, using Getting Prepared, Keeping Current the DOS Date command. It is very Before performing a Y2K update, it • The operating system important that you update the BIOS is critical that you • Application software before you reconfigure the system. • Back up your data (as in the scenario above) In addition, for all versions of Win- • Educate yourself so that you will Read on to find out how these dows, including Windows NT, change know what to expect problem areas affect Windows and the Date/Time settings: • Examine file content for dates Macintosh computers, and what steps 1. Shut down the system (power off) you should take to handle them. New information about Year 2000- and then restart. related issues becomes available daily. CMOS Issues 2. Go to the Regional Settings Control In the months to come, make it a habit Desktop computers contain a small Panel and click on the Date tab. to check both the MIT Project Year amount of battery-powered CMOS 2000 Web site and vendor sites for memory to hold the date, time, and 3. Set the short date to one of the YYYY choices. the latest news and fixes. ø system setup parameters. . . is . 7 .
  8. 8. Memorial Steven Wade Neiterman Wade is survived by his parents, Edward and Janice Neiterman. He 1959 – 1998 was the grandson of the late Morris and Anne Neiterman, and Harry and Minna Komins. O n November 5, 1998, Steven Wade Neiterman died at his home in Newton. If you were a friend of Wade’s and would like to honor his memory, his parents request that you send contri- He was 39. butions to the Steven Wade Neiterman Steve, or Wade as he preferred to Memorial Fund. These funds will be be called, came to Information Systems used by Information Systems to sup- in May 1984. He was a Senior Analyst port or recognize efforts consistent and worked on many highly visible with Wade’s legacy of quiet wisdom projects, including TechInfo, MIT’s and sound mentoring. predecessor to the Web; MITDIR, the Checks should be made payable to online campus directory; and Case- MIT with a note in the memo section Tracker, the online database used by or on an attached note indicating that the Computing Help Desk. Wade also they are for the Steven Wade Neiterman was very active in project management Memorial Fund. They should be mailed roles and acted as a consultant to to: Bonny Kellermann, Recording various projects around campus. Secretary, MIT Office of the Treasurer, More than a programmer and more 238 Main Street, Suite 200, Cambridge, than a project manager, Wade was also MA 02142-1012. an evangelist for his projects. He would “He had such joy seek people out and explain how he had a solution to problems they might and enthusiasm not even have known they had. His travels about the Institute marketing about his work, TechInfo and later CaseTracker brought him into many offices across campus running, and and made him a familiar and welcome face to many. especially baseball.” His death leaves a large gap in our midst. We will miss him as a colleague and friend who leaned in our doorways with lanky ease, a wry smile playing on his face. MIT Information Systems i/s is printed with soy inks on recycled paper, and can be recycled in MIT’s “white paper only” bins. . . 8 . is .