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Mapping, Analysis and Design Fall 2006 Orientation
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Mapping, Analysis and Design Fall 2006 Orientation


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Published in: Technology

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  • - you should see many of these facilities during your tour??? or feel free to wander through the buildings and stop in to the various labs
  • - also a lost and found for things left in the computer labs
  • Planning students will use this lab in first year for ….. Use is restricted to those taking courses that are booked into the lab - which courses?
  • use the studio to photograph planning models, people, etc. Develop your own black and white film and prints $5 fee to cover chemicals? can borrow video cameras from helpdesk and edit footage in ES2 169 using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere… make a DVD of your field trip or research project.. there are scanners in various labs which you can use to scan pictures, drawings, etc
  • explain how to Login 750 MB of network storage for you to use…; can access from home? erased at the end of each term?? Backup your important work, e.g., USB keys or CDs all computers in the labs have CD burners, the computers in the main Windows lab and the video editing suite also have DVD burners
  • Colour and B&W laser printers in main computer lab - can print from lab computers or your personal computer/laptop printing fees range from ? c/pg (B&W) to $1.30 for tabloid size colour printing once you starting printing in the next couple of weeks, you can additional tips from our website - e.g., if you’re printing from a laptop or printing complex files
  • UW ACE is used for online portions of many courses. Some profs will post their course outlines there, others will use it for quizzes can access it from home or school using any web browser login using your UW userid and ?? password
  • If you have your own computer, you can access email, the web, and your network disk space from home, residence, labs, or in-between if you have a laptop with wireless access we get great discounts on many software packages because we’re a university. If you need software, you may want to check out the computer store in the CampusTechShop in the Student Life Centre or the CHIP (means?) in the Math building.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Fall 2006 Orientation Introduction to Mapping, Analysis and Design (MAD)
    • 2. What is MAD?
      • A group of 11 staff members led by an Associate Dean of Computing
      • Providing computing and multimedia services to students, professors, and staff in Environmental Studies
    • 3. Who works in MAD?
      • IT Services
        • Mary Burden, Don Duff-McCracken, Marko Dumancic, Bernie Rutter, and Reg Leland (IST)
      • GIS, Remote Sensing, and Cartography
        • Anne Grant, Scott MacFarlane, and Barry Levely
      • Multimedia and Web
        • Joe Bevan and Andrew Smith
      • Teaching support
        • Scott Anderson (LT3)
    • 4. MAD provides:
      • 24/7 access to Windows and Macintosh labs
      • Multimedia tools such as scanners, digital cameras, video cameras
      • Video and sound studios
      • Photography studio
      • Traditional B&W darkroom
      • Servers (web, email, print, and file)
      • Cartography/mapping
    • 5. Where can I get help?
      • Helpdesk:
        • Environmental Studies 2 (ES2), 163A
        • Call: 519-888-4567, ext. 33416
        • Email: (NOT
      • Website:
    • 6. General Use Computer Labs
      • Windows and Macintosh labs
        • ES2 163 (Windows) and ES1 136 (Mac)
      • Word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software, email, web access, scanners
    • 7. Spatial Informatics Labs
      • 2 labs for Geomatics (Geographic Information Systems - GIS and Remote Sensing - RS)
        • ES2 160 and ES2 172A
    • 8. Design Lab
      • Computer aided design (CAD)
        • ES2 277
        • coming soon!
    • 9. Multimedia
      • Photography Studio ES2 171
      • Darkroom ES2 169
      • Video Editing Suite ES2 170
      • Sound Studio ES2 171-B
      • Scanners in labs
    • 10. Security
      • Computers secured with fibre-optic alarms
      • Main computer lab also has video surveillance
    • 11. Our computers don’t need food!
      • To protect computer equipment, food and open drinks are not allowed in computer labs
      • Students may bring bottles of water into labs
    • 12. UW email accounts
      • Automatically assigned to all students
      • E-mail account is:
      • Quota is 150MB per user
    • 13. Using lab computers
      • First, login to a Windows lab computer to set your login password
      • Then you can use either Windows or Mac labs
      • Each user has 750 MB of network storage
      • Backup your work to USB keys, CD and DVD burners
    • 14. Printing
      • Colour and B&W printers
      • Students can add money to your printing account using WATCARD
      • Check our website for printing tips
    • 15. UW-ACE
      • What is UW-ACE?
      • Logging in
    • 16. Have your own computer?
      • Wireless access on campus
      • Access from home or residence
      • CHIP (Math and Computer room 1052) provides reasonably priced software, esp. anti-virus software
    • 17. Questions?