Major Strengths


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Major Strengths

  1. 1. 34 Aster Way, Dayton, NJ 08810 Anil Gurnani Email: Phone: (732) 355-0311 Cell: (732) 763-8762 Major Strengths • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Over 10 years of experience in financial software development, interacting with business users, and managing IT projects with virtual and physical teams using modern project management tools including WIKIs. Highly motivated. • Distributed applications architecture, design and development using Core Java (including JDK 1.5, generics, and concurrency utilities) and/or J2EE Application Servers, relational database systems, message brokers, and AJAX, with expertise in Core Java, C, C++, AJAX/TIBCO GI, Oracle/ Sybase RDBMS, TIBCO RV, TIBCO EMS, Oracle Application Server and BEA WebLogic. • Excellent communication and presentation skills. Good inter-personal and organizational skills. Good business knowledge in the area of Financial Services, specifically Equities and Fixed Income trading front office and middle office systems for global brokerage business. Working on Certificate in Finance from NYU-SCPS. • Have developed and deployed a number of financial systems at Bear Stearns, TheMuniCenter, Salomon Smith Barney, Wells Fargo, Digitrade Thompson Financial, ElephantX, and National Discount Brokers. • Object Oriented, client/server design and development using Core Java tools such including ant, jUnit, Cruise Controls, Eclipse, Java, C/C++ on various platforms. Excellent technical knowledge of TCP/IP networks and system integration in a heterogeneous environment. • Oracle and BEA installation/setup/configuration and development including Oracle Application Server, OC4J, Oracle Forms, Reports, Portal, Workflow, and Oracle Internet Directory. Thorough understanding of setting up Application Server clusters – Oracle and BEA WebLogic. • Socket based development using C/C++/Java on Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris. • Industry Certifications including Sun Certified Java Programmer, Sun Certified Solaris Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Sun Certified Network Administrator. • Teach Advanced Java, C++ and C#/.NET courses at NYU SCPS (School of Continuing and Professional Studies) as part time instructor. Curriculums include Core Java, Servlet/JSP, EJB, XML, XSL, Tomcat/jBoss, and Cocoon and C #.NET. • Have published many articles on topics including Artificial Intelligence, Multiprocessing Technology, Inside the IBM PC, Decision Support Systems, AJAX and TIBCO GI Technologies Core Java, J2EE, C++, C#, Apache, LDAP servers, Servlets, EJBs, JSPs, JMS, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, BEA WebLogic, BEA Portal, JSR 168, Tomcat, jBoss, Cocoon, IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS and RV, Oracle Database, Oracle Portal, Oracle Workflow, ant, cruise control Summary Have over 17 years of total experience in software development on Apple Macintoshes, Sun Workstations, and IBM PCs. Have a very broad set of skills and a solid foundation in Computer Science. As Consultant at Merrill Lynch, was involved in developing end to end architecture/design and roadmap for an Enterprise Portal platform to aggregate content from over 100 applications that serve their institutional clients. As Associate Director at Bear Stearns, was involved in several major software development initiatives during my stay. Among the responsibilities were: design and develop a Settlement Exceptions application using TIBCO GI and Core Java/J2EE, design and develop a feature rich messaging infrastructure using Core Java based on TIBCO EMS and Gemfire as the foundation of Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. implementing Service Oriented Architecture, maintain and update a high performance common data representation similar to XML with a much smaller memory footprint and much faster parsing, and a set of libraries in C++ and C#. I was responsible for managing, architecture, design and development of Core and B2B components of the Bond trading systems at TheMuniCenter. Core is the heart of TheMuniCenter trading system built using Core Java and J2EE technologies using BEA WebLogic server. B2B Server was developed using Core Java and supported various protocols including FIX and proprietary XML based messaging protocol over TIBCO RV, TIBCO EMS, IBM MQ and Sockets. As Technical Manager at Oracle, was part of the consulting group that supported Oracle Application Server and Portal clients on various assignments that included infrastructure troubleshooting as well as application development. Designed and developed the “Ticketing Service” at Salomon Smith Barney which was responsible for generating trade records to book appropriate trades based upon the Orders executed. The trades so generated were sent to the Main frame (using MQ Series) for accounting and book-keeping purposes. The project involved developing several Core Java components as well as Session, and Entity Bean components (EJB) to provide various middle office services to front office systems. Also ported a small part of the Order Services application to BEA’s WebLogic environment from Persistence PowerTier. Developed a Java SWING based GUI client to monitor the activities of the Ticketing Server application. I was also representing my group in the Global Architecture Committee involved in setting standards and best practices. Led the design, and development of a stock trading web application for Wells Fargo Bank and First Union with Digitrade/Thompson Financials. The web site was developed using iPlanet (Sun ONE) application servers using Servlets, JSPs, and EJBs. Deployed the system with redundancy including special setup and configuration of LDAP servers to support a highly secure network at Wells Fargo’s data center. I was also responsible for providing weekly status reports to the top management of Digitrade/Thomson Financial. As senior developer at National Discount Brokers, I led the design and development of their web based applications and the server side processes that supported the web based stock trading application. NDB’s web site ( was built using state of the art technologies including Core Java, C++, Netscape Application Server, Reuters C++ API and consistently received the number one ranking by several independent reviewers including Barron’s Magazine and Gomez Advisors ( Professional Experience Nov 2007 – now: Merrill Lynch (Consultant) • Responsible for building an end to end platform and roadmap for modernizing their institutional web platform - MLX – which includes over 100 applications that span across many business lines including fixed income, equity, research and others. The applications are built using various technologies including .NET and Java and provide trading and data services to the clients. Technologies: Core Java, J2EE, BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Portal, TIBCO Business Works, .NET Application Accelerator, WSRP, AquaLogic Entitlement Server May 2006 – October 2007: Bear Stearns (Associate Director) • Participated in several major software development initiatives including a web based application for Prime Brokerage built using TIBCO GI and Java/J2EE, a robust messaging architecture built using Core Java involving TIBCO EMS, TIBCO RV and IBM MQ for building services, a set of cross language and cross platform libraries for common data representation, and C# assemblies for use in software applications across the Firm. Major user groups were in Equities, Equity Derivatives, and Fixed Income. Most projects involved multiple languages (C#, C++ and Java) and multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris) Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Technologies: Core Java, J2EE,, BEA WebLogic Server, BEA WebLogic Portal, DB2, XML/XSL Web Services, TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO RV, IBM MQ, TIBCO EMS, TIBCO GI Mar 2005 – May 2006: TheMuniCenter (Senior Java Developer/Analyst) • As Senior Java/J2EE Developer/Analyst, I was responsible for maintaining and enhancing “core” and “b2b” components of their Securities trading system. “Core” is the heart of the trading system where offers and bids are maintained and trades are generated, and “b2b” is the component that communicates with partners. Various types of US Government Securities, Agencies, Municipal Bonds, and Corporate Bonds were supported. Was also responsible for managing day to day operations and system configurations and for analyzing user requirements and designing and developing solutions. Worked on designing FIX API for trading Municipal Bonds with Bloomberg and Citigroup. The entire system was built using Core Java and some J2EE components and runs on Sun Solaris and Linux servers. Technologies: Core Java, J2EE, Tomcat, BEA WebLogic Server, Sybase, XML/XSL Web Services, TIBCO RV, TIBCO EMS, IBM MQ Sep 2004 – Feb 2005: Oracle Corporation (Technical Manager) • At Oracle Corporation as Technical Manager. Have successfully completed several assignments involving Core Java/J2EE and Oracle Application Server 10g, and Portal. Assignments including troubleshooting and building applications using Oracle Application Server Portal. Technologies: Java, J2EE, Oracle Rational Rose, CVS, PL/SQL, Java Stored Procedures, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Portal, Oracle Application Server, Oracle 9i, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms April 2004 – Sep 2004: JP Morgan Chase (Consultant) • Was working in a team that was responsible for deploying a large number of Credit Risk related reports over Business Objects. Business Objects is a Java/J2EE based server application and I was involved in setting it up and integrating it with Single Sign On and making several enhancements to it. Technologies: Java, J2EE, Tomcat, Business Objects, Oracle database Feb 2004 – April 2004: Dow Jones - (Senior Java/LDAP Developer) • Worked on building a generic Java Connector to transfer data from Oracle Data warehouse over to LDAP. Completed the project successfully. Technologies: Java, iPlanet Directory Server, Oracle database Jan 2003 – Dec 2003: Global Net Services Inc. - (Java/J2EE Project Manager/Architect) • Led and managed the architecture, design and development of a large-scale web based application for FDA to register all food processing units into a registry database. The application uses Struts framework for its presentation layer, and J2EE in its business layer. Several external interfaces using Core Java, JMS and XML are provided to support integration with several other systems. • Was also responsible for setting up the production infrastructure involving firewalls, load balancers, SSL Accelerators, Oracle 9iAS clusters, and Oracle 9i RAC for this application. • Created class diagrams and sequence diagrams as part of technical specifications for the application and presented them to the management and the development teams. • Designed use cases for evaluation of J2EE application server Technologies: Java, J2EE, Oracle RAC, Rational Rose, XML/XSL, Messaging (Oracle AQ) June 2002 – Dec 2002: New York University - (J2EE/Workflow developer/architect) • Helped build web based applications using J2EE and Oracle Workflow products as consultant • Provide guidance and leadership in building web based applications using Java Server Pages and Oracle Workflow Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. • mentor other junior developers in Java, PL/SQL and web technologies. Prepared an architecture overview presentation, and conducted a Workflow Workshop. • Strong use of UML and Design Patterns and Rational Rose Technologies: Java, J2EE, Oracle Rational Rose, CVS, PL/SQL, Java Stored Procedures, Oracle Workflow, Oracle Portal, Oracle Application Server, Oracle 9i, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms Jun 2001 – Jun 2002: Salomon Smith Barney Technical Specialist (Java/J2EE developer/analyst) Worked on defining, designing and constructing services in the Distributed Middle Office Systems group as Technical Specialist. Specifically: - • I was part of the global securities architecture team where I helped establish standards and procedures for software development and documentation. • Coordinated with the team to put together a clear Use Cases document covering the requirements for the Ticketing application. • Led the architecture, design, and development of a Ticketing application. The “Ticketing Service” was responsible for generating Trades based on Orders and Allocation Instructions received from customers. • Developed Session, and Entity Bean components (EJB) as part of this Ticketing Service application to provide various middle office services to front office systems • Implemented the Service Activator pattern to receive messages on IBM MQ (using JMS) and launch business methods provided by the session bean components. Wrote several programs using JMS APIs including Publish/Subscribe to send and receive Java Objects using IBM MQ Series. • Coordinated the integrated testing and roll out into production of the Ticketing application • The project was done using J2EE application server – Persistence PowerTier. • Strong use of UML and Design Patterns and Rational Rose Technologies: Java, C++, EJB, J2EE, JMS, MQ Series, Rational Rose, CVS, Java SWING, LiveReport, Persistence PowerTier, Sun Solaris, Netscape LDAP Server, Sybase, XML, ANT Jan 97 – June 2001 – ONCR, Inc., USA – Managing Director (self employed) Managed multiple projects at Online Creation, Inc. Also actively consult on site as and when necessary. Played major roles in the following projects: • Web based stock trading application for elephantxonline including a backend FIX server with JMS to route Orders to various applications within the enterprise. • CFX_CYBERCASH and CFX_PROTOBASE custom tags for Cold Fusion using C++ on Windows NT, Solaris and Linux. Both these tags are DLLs (shared objects on Linux and Sun) that communicate with Cybercash and Protobase servers respectively over TCP/IP Sockets using a proprietary protocol. • Web based stock trading application for Wells Fargo bank and First Union bank on behalf of Digitrade, Thomson Financial. • National Discount Brokers’ online stock trading application based on Netscape Application Server • ElephantX Dot Com LLC’s online stock trading application based on iPlanet Application Server • Lion Button’s web site and web based Issues Tracking System based on Tomcat/jBoss with an Oracle backend – both Oracle and Tomcat were set up on Linux. • Set up and maintain several Sun Solaris, Windows NT, and Linux servers for web hosting solutions for clients. All services including DNS, email (qmail), CGI, Servlets, EJBs, JSPs, JDBC, Cold Fusion and more were set up in the infrastructure at Exodus from where ONCR offers web- hosting services. Also deployed multiple applications on Red Hat Linux Servers. Installed, configured and maintained Oracle, OpenLDAP, Tomcat, jBoss, and qmail on Linux. Technologies: Java, Oracle, Sun Workshop, C++, HTML, XML, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Cocoon, JDBC, EJB, J2EE, JMS, Rational Rose, CVS, Java SWING, iPlanet Web Server , iPlanet Application Server, BEA WebLogic 6.0, Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux 6.2, Red Hat Linux 7, Oracle on Linux, iPlanet LDAP Server, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Java Stored Procedures, Tomcat, jBoss, Windows NT, IIS, Visual C++, MFC, COM/DCOM, ActiveX, Linux, FIX – Silicon Summit engine. ANT February 94 - Dec 96: Leading Edge Systems, USA – Programmer/Analyst As a consultant with Leading Edge Systems, worked on several projects for prestigious clients in USA • Porting of a large financial application from SunOS 4.x to Solaris 2.5 for Sun Microsystems • Several web based applications for Physicians Online – including billing, and web based calendar system. • Sales Force Automation project with Macintosh Powerbook as front end, and an IBM Mainframe as the backend in a client/server architecture for Phillip Morris. • A Photo CD production system on the Macintosh using MacApp, MPW C++, and Thread Manager on the Macintosh Quadra for Eastman Kodak. • Computerize trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange in a three tier client/server architecture with Windows 3.x client, Windows NT as the intermediate server, and a Tandem as the server. Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Rational Rose, Windows, Macintosh MPW C++, HTML, CGI, Netscape Web Server, Sun Solaris, Sun Workshop, Sun C++, August 92 - January 94: Newtech, India – Programmer/Analyst Was involved with several activities as a consultant with Newtech, India, • Conducted seminars on electronic mail (cc:Mail) • Software Development in C++ for clients in Bombay • Setting up and maintaining Local Area Networks. • Technical consultant with Digital Equipment India Limited for marketing Macintoshes in India. Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Windows, Novell Network June 91 - July 92:cc:Mail - Lotus, USA – Member Technical Staff • Was part of the team that designed and developed the cc:Mail 2.0 product in C++ on Macintosh, and Windows platforms. • Led the design and development of a protocol engine in C on the Macintosh which uses the Mac Communication Toolbox to communicate with a cc:Mail Gateway (server) to exchange electronic mail messages using a proprietary protocol derived from Sliding Window Protocol. Technologies: Visual C++, MFC, Windows, MacApp, MPW C++, Macintosh February 91 - May 91: Apple Computer Inc, USA – Software Tester Developed some test programs and tested the Macintosh PPC Toolbox for the first release of System 7.0 Technologies: MPW C++, Macintosh May 90 - January 91: Tronix International, USA – Software Engineer • Independently developed several parts of the Macintosh OS including the Mac Toolbox, List Manager Package, Control Panel, and a preliminary Finder for a Macintosh clone. The software was developed using GNU cross compilers under UNIX. Some critical code was converted to 68000 assembly for performance improvements. Technologies: MPW C++, Macintosh October 88 - April 90: Sun Microsystems Inc, USA – Member Technical Staff Was involved with several projects including • Report Generator using XView libraries for Sun’s database. • Ported WingZ spreadsheet from the Macintosh to the Sun Workstation using SunView libraries. Technologies: Sun Solaris, Sun C, X Windows, Motif, SunView Openlook Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. October 84 - October 88: Madras Computer Labs, India – Software Engineer Was involved in many software export projects. The major projects are as follows - • Design and development of a Lotus 1-2-3 clone for Raima Corporation, USA. The software was developed using Microsoft C 5.0 on the IBM PCs for DOS and was developed in a highly modular fashion using top down design methodology. • Design and development of a software LAN for connecting IBM PCs using the serial port. Bus topology was adopted. CSMA/CD technique was implemented over the serial port by using a diode between R & T lines of the port. The software was structured after the ISO’s 7-layer model. The hardware included line drivers to drive the signal to greater distances than usually allowed by serial ports. The main features of the LAN were Disk and Printer sharing. Technologies: Microsoft C, Turbo C, MS DOS, dBase III, Clipper June 83 - October 84: ORG Systems, India – Software Engineer Trainee • Ported CP/M 80 to their PC by re-writing the BIOS. • Was also involved in the design and development of a MultiPlan compatible spreadsheet for their native Operating System. Technologies: Pascal, Z80 Assembly Education Industry Certifications: • Sun Certified Java Programmer; Working on Sun Certified Java Developer, Sun Certified Web Component Developer, and Sun Certified Enterprise Architect. • Certified Solaris Administrator • Sun Certified Network Administrator • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows NT) Degree and Certificates • Working towards Certificate in Finance at NYU. Have completed Finance courses – Intro to Markets and Fixed Income Securities. • MMS from BITS Pilani, India. Masters in Management Studies was a five year integrated program with first three years of science and engineering courses and the last two years of professional management courses. It is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. References can be provided upon request. Anil Gurnani - (732) 355-0311 Page 6 of 6