Instructions for Participating


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Instructions for Participating

  1. 1. INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE ELLUMINATE SESSION Get what is needed: Minimum System Requirements (Click here for more Information) • Computer with Windows Operating Systems o Windows 2000/XP/Vista o Pentium III 1 Ghz processor o 512 MB RAM • Macintosh o Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 o G4, G5 or Intel Processor o 521 MB RAM • Soundcard (tested) o Headphones  Will allow you to listen without disturbing those around you. o Speakers  Will allow multiple attendees to participate through one computer. • Consider using projector. To prepare for the session: • Go to prior to the conference time to verify that your computer has the necessary software needed to participate in the webinar. If not, you have time to contact your technology department. • Follow the instructions to configure your computer. A JAVA download is usually needed. This will only take a few seconds. • To make sure that you know how to use the site, please go to the following link to practice. Tutorial Link for Elluminate: • Information is available from Elluminate’s Training Web page at The day of the session: • Sign on to the session about 30 minutes before the session begins. • Make sure you have the ENTIRE URL placed in the address bar. • Check to see if you have a popup blocker strip that appears. If you do, right click on the popup blocker strip and choose file download. • Wait for the JAVA download to finish. • Set your connection speed. (Most schools have a network so choose LAN)
  2. 2. • Your logon name should be what you want the other participants to see, such as your name. • You should be in your session. • You will see a list of all participants. The word “me” may be seen for your name. Other participants will see your name. • Check your audio. At the top of the screen, go to Tools; Click on Audio; Click on Audio Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions to configure your audio. • • The microphone is located at the lower left side of the screen. To talk, click on the Talk button in the Audio window. When you are done speaking, click the Talk button again to release your microphone. Notice that, when your Talk button is on, the Talk button icon changes to yellow. • The microphone level indicator shows the volume levels when you are speaking and the speaker level indicator shows the volume levels when someone else is speaking.
  3. 3. • Use Chat box to send text messages to other participants and the moderator during the session. *Note – the moderator(s) can see ALL chats between the participants. • Participant’s Window: • Using the Emotion Indicators You can select any of the emotion indicators to provide feedback. When an indicator is selected, everyone in the room will see the icon flash next to your name for a short duration. The following emotion icons are available: • The Whiteboard: As a Participant, you will likely view slide presentations in the Whiteboard window. The Moderator controls the interactive presentation, so all you need to do is participate and learn. The Moderator may grant you permission to use the Whiteboard drawing tools. If you are granted this permission, you will be able to draw or write on the Whiteboard screen.
  4. 4. • After the session is over, you may close the Elluminate window.