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Hardware Inventory Hardware Inventory Presentation Transcript

  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Hardware Inventory Last updated: July 5, 2002 (Note: “Connection type” refers to where on the computer you need to plug the device into. For many devices, (e.g. monitors, computers themselves, this field will not be relevant. It is useful, however, for figuring out what devices can easily coexist on a machine.) Machines Product Name Manufacturer Description PC or Mac Dell Dimension XPS R350 Dell 350 MHz Pentium. Monitor, speakers; PC “Aardvark” zip, hard, floppy, and CD-ROM drives. Power Macintosh G3 Apple G3, 266 MHz. PowerPC floppy, zip, Mac “Bear” CD-ROM. 17” monitor, speakers, HP694C printer. Power Mac G2 Apple G3, 450 MHz. No Floppy Mac “Cat” Dell Dimension V450 Dell 450 MHz, 17” monitor, floppy, zip, PC “Dog” CD-ROM Dell Dimension V450 Dell 450 MHz, 17” monitor, floppy, zip, PC “Elephant” CD-ROM Thinkpad #1 IBM In the black nylon case. External (PC- PC MCIA) floppy. NO CD ROM drive. Thinkpad #2 IBM In the carrying case. External (PC- PC MCIA) floppy. NO CD ROM drive. Dell laptop Dell PC Powerbook laptop Apple Mac 1
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Alternative access devices (mice, trackballs, etc) Name of device, Manufacturer Mac/PC Description Approx. Software used with it Connection Part number Price each (source, if other than manuf.) AlphaSmart AlphaSmart, Inc. Mac Portable keyboard. Stores and edits $230 N/A 2000 http://www.alphasmart. and PC text for computer transfer.. com/ AlphaSmart AlphaSmart, Inc. Mac Portable keyboard. Stores and edits $199 N/A 3000 with http://www.alphasmart. and PC text for computer transfer. CoWrite CoWriter (2) com/ allows word prediction capability. BAT Infogrip, Inc. Mac One-hand keyboard. Uses “chords” $199 1. Special keyboard Apple for each keyboard character. (single) driver. 2. desktop bus $349 ChordEasy. (ADB) (dual) Discover switch Don Johnston Windo Allows user to control computer $449 Special software that Keyboard ws with the use of a switch plus on- comes with the port (daisy- http://www.donjohnsto (availa screen keyboards and mouse switch. chains with n.com/ ble for controllers. Comes with “set-ups” kehyboard) Mac that are specialized scanning menus also) for various programs. Ergo 2000 PerfecTouch, Inc. PC Splittable (L/R) ergonomic N/A Regular keyboard keyboard port 2
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory F-16 Flight Radio Shack PC 4-button joystick $19.99 N/A 15-pin Joystick (joystick w/throttle port) Key Largo Don Johnston PC $295 Kenx Plugs into a (infogrip special http://www.donjohnsto or Don adaptor. n.com/ Johnston) Maxim Kinesis Corp PC Splittable (L/R) ergonomic $129 N/A Regular KB 200 PC keyboard direct keyboard from port Kinesis HeadMouse Origin Instruments PC Infra-red tracking of reflective dot ~$1800 N/A Serial port. OIC-201 on forehead. Used with Softype, an (infogrip) Device http://orin.com/index.h onscreen keyboard with word accepts an tm prediction, to send “keystrokes” to additional other programs. serial mouse. HeadMaster Plus Prentke Romich PC or HeadMaster Plus is a headpointing ~$995 N/A Accepts an Mac system that takes the place of a (prc) additional http://www.prentrom.c mouse. serial mouse. om/ Intellikeys Don Johnston PC or Large keyboard. Many overlays ~$400 N/A Regular Mac available, ranging in sophistication keyboard http://www.donjohnsto from arrows to qwerty. port n.com/ 3 View slide
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Jouse Prentke Romich PC Joystick/mouse. Mouth-controlled ~$2000 Need to use an on- Serial port. joystick mouse, with sip/puff click (infogrip) screen keyboard Accepts an control. (e.g. WiViK) with it additional if you want to type serial mouse, http://www.prentrom.c (and not just click). but also om/ seems to work fine alongside a PS/2 mouse. Macintosh Don Johnston Mac Lets you use switches with a mac, $135 N/A switch interface in several configurations. each (2) http://www.donjohnsto n.com/ Step on it! Bilbo Innovations, Inc. PC Set of three custom-programmable $139 N/A Computer pedals used to emulate or control pedals http://www.bilbo.com/ supplement mouse clicks, keyboard strokes, or macros. Switches Ablenet $42 N/A Big red (2: red and blue) http://www.ablenetinc. jelly bean (2: red and blue) $42 com/ Switches Adaptivation $14 each N/A Taction pads (2) Pal Pads (2: red and blue) ~$25 Switches Don Johnston Either $48 N/A Bass yellow (2) http://www.donjohnsto n.com/ ellipse (2) ~$70 light switch (2) 4 View slide
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory mounting switch (2), $89 DJ switch kit? $226 Switches Tash $39 N/A Big Buddy Button Red http://www.tash.org/ Buddy buttons (3: red, blue, green) $39 Pillow $80 Plate $60 tip switch (mercury) $60 Touchwindow Edmark Corp. PC Touch-operated screen. ~$335 N/A Serial port Serial # 231177, lot # 0399 VersaPad Interlink Electronics PC Pointing device. Use finger or $69 VersaPad Driver Serial port Touchpad stylus to point, click and drag. AND PS/2 Version 1.2 http://www.interlinkele Navigate documents with pan and Mouseport c.com/linksplash.htm scroll bars. Capture graphics you write or draw. Win King Tash PC Extra-large keyboard and mouse $900 Microsoft mouse Serial port emulator. Large, high visibility driver must be AND http://www.tash.org/ keys with built-in keyguard. installed for mouse keyboard emulator to work. port Win Mini Tash PC Small keyboard w/ mouse emulator $750 Microsoft mouse Serial port function. High visibility membrane- driver must be AND http://www.tash.org/ surface keys. Low pressure to installed for mouse keyboard activate keys. No travel. Co-exists emulator to work. port. gracefully with regular keyboard. 5
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Environmental Control Product Name Manufacturer Description Approx. Price Use with: Adaptivation Programmable remote $364.00 Powerhouse appliance Freeswitch Max with lots of functions and modules & master lots of possible access methods. Infralink Relay Unit & Gewa (Distributed by Gewa Prog-III IR infrared transmitter (2 Infra-link) Transmitter: separate items that are Programmable IR remote used together.) control. Can control relay unit decsribed below Relay unit: plug your appliances in here, and use the remote to turn the electrical sockets on and off. Linkswitch Adaptivation interface device that $63.00 (includes one enables individuals to taction pad) activate battery operated assistive devices using Adaptivation's Taction Pads or any conventional adaptive switch. Mini Relax infrared Tash Portable scanning IR IR appliances transmitter; (Access 1st) transmitter. Can be Any appliance that http://www.tash.org/ accessed using a single already uses an IR remote switch. Learns codes or (many TVs, VCRs and signals from any infrared stereos already do). 6
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory remote that is used for TVs, VCRs, etc. It is capable of learning, and then transmitting, up to six different signals. Infrared remote control U-control II System Words+, Inc. $395.00 • transmitter with serial http://www.words- port cable (1) plus.com/products/input/u • Command Center (1) control.htm • Alarm module (1) • Appliance modules (2) 7
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Other hardware and equipment Category Product name Product manufacturer Approx. price Product description Playback equipment Classmate Panasonic Myna Corporation Catalog no. Black, measures 10½" x 5¾" x 2" Cassette Recorder TMM1007, Plays and records cassettes at 1 and $199 15/16 ips on 2 and 4 tracks. Cue and review, variable speed, tone index Mounting systems Ablenet $188 Slim Armstrong Mounting system http://www.ablenetinc.com/ Mounting systems Universal mounting system (3) Ablenet ~$200 http://www.ablenetinc.com/ Screen Magnifiers Opticlear American Computer Optics, $100-$150 Magnifiying anti-glare filter. Sits Inc. on top of a 17” monitor. Switch latches Switch latch model 4388 Tash Allows a momentary action switch to be used as direct, momentary, http://www.tash.org/ latched, or timed. Switch toys Dolphin jump Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Dolphins jump around on a track. Devices and Crestwood Drumming mambo elephant Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Pink elephant, loud drums and Devices and Crestwood cymbals. Use at your own risk. Pony Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Trots and bucks. Devices and Crestwood Roly-poly calf Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Walks and says “moo.” Devices and Crestwood Baby Elephant Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Flaps his ears and moves his trunk. Devices and Crestwood 8
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Jumping Kangaroo Catalogs such as Enabling $29-$60 Makes sound, jumps, and moves Devices and Crestwood head. Telephones Infralink remote control Infra-link, Inc. Full-function telephone with remote telephone access through infrared transmission, accessible with a single switch. Most powerful access is with an infrared transmitter (a separate device). Compatible transmitters that we have: GEWA Prog III (distributed through Infra-Link, Inc.) Photo-dial speaker phone 9
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Software Product Name Manufacturer Approx. Description/purpose Category Platform Installed on price. Baby & Me (Sesame The Learning $30 Computer games for Ages 1-3: Early computer either Street) Company toddler and parent use http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp The Berenstain Bears Living Books $20 Read-along (interactive Children: reading Win/Mac Get in a Fight book) (CD) http://www.kidsclick.co m/living_books.htm Boardmaker Mayer- $399 Library of clip art and Mac Bear, Reg# for the Macintosh Johnson Co. drawing program to BM60435 make communication http://www.mayer- boards and device johnson.com/main/index overlays. Contains .html several languages. Boardmaker 5.0 Mayer- $299 Library of clip art and PC Elephant, Dog, Johnson Co. drawing program to Aardvark http://www.mayer- make communication johnson.com/main/index boards and device .html overlays. Contains several languages. 10
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Camp Frog Hollow Don Johnston $59 Cartoon/animated, with Children, reading & PC/Mac Aardvark recorded playback of writing story. Writing exercises http://www.donjohnston. along the way. Switch com/ accessible, interactive storybook. Click-art The Learning $40 40,000 clip-art images Kids or adults. Art. PC Company http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp Co-writer Don Johnston $290 Word prediction Language. PC & Elephant, Cat, extension for word Mac and Bear processing. For people http://www.donjohnston. with language com/ delay/disorder, learning disability or physical disability. Dazzling Decorations IBM Draw, color, paint with Kids to adults. either tools. “Edutainment.” Art. Also could introduce children to the use of computer software. Discover:Screen Don Johnston $199 Talking on-screen Easy-access writing keyboard http://www.donjohnston. com/ 11
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Dragon Dictate: Dragon $109 Discrete speech Alternative input: speech PC. Naturally Speaking – Systems, Inc. recognition (pause reco. Classic version between each word). Replace typing with http://www.scansoft.com speaking. Requires external microphone (included). Dragon Dictate: Dragon $199 Continous speech Alternative input: speech PC Aardvark Naturally Speaking – Systems, Inc. recognition (no need to reco. professional version pause between words). Requires external http://www.scansoft.com microphone (included). DynaVox Mac DynaVox Programming software Alternative input, speech Mac Serial # System Software Systems, Inc. for DynaVox dynamic 762312 display AAC devices http://www.dynavoxsys. com/ EZ Keys Words + EZkeys Offers different ways of Speech generating PC Aardvark voice computer access software. $1,395.00 including many ways to http://www.words- Words+ EZ scan, has speech output, plus.com/ Keys w/o word prediction, voice EZ abbreviation expansion. Keys $695.00 Eensy and Friends Don Johnston $45 Cause and effect. Children, cause and effect. Mac Cat Operation of switch http://www.donjohnston. causes fun animations. com/ Could be used for switch training. 12
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Forgetful and Friends Don Johnston $45 Cause and effect. Children, cause and effect. Mac Cat Operation of switch http://www.donjohnston. causes fun animations. com/ Could be used for switch training. Green Eggs and Ham Living Books $49.95 Read-along (living book) Children 3-7 yrs. reading Either http://www.kidsclick.co m/living_books.htm Home Page Reader IBM $149 Web page reader Adults. Blind/low-vision PC Dog (synthetic speech) (2 http://www- copies) 3.ibm.com/able/hpr.html IntelliKeys Overlay Intellitools, $69.95 Create custom overlays Use with Intellikeys PC Aardvark Maker Inc. for use with IntelliTalk, keyboard. Children, (also IntelliPics, or ClickIt! To adults with special available http://www.intellitools.c facilitate access to cognitive or physical for Mac.) om/ curriculum content. needs. IntelliPics IntelliTools, $99.95 Multimedia program that Use alone or with PC Aardvark For Windows v.1.03 Inc. allows you to create and Intellikeys keyboard. (also use early learning Children, adults with available http://www.intellitools.c activities. special cognitive or for Mac.) om/ physical needs. IntelliTalk IntelliTools, 139.95 Talking word processor Use alone or with PC Aardvark Inc. IntelliKeys, and with http://www.intellitools.c OverLay Maker for om/ communication boards 13
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory IntelliTools Animal IntelliTools, Interactive lesson about Children. PC Habitats animal habitats, used IntelliKeys. Can create own story. Has om/ Just Me and my Dad GT Interactive storybook. Early childhood. Either Interactive (CD- Software ROM) Kid Pix The Learning $70 Draw, paint, animate Kids 3-12. Art. either Company http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp Kurzweil 3000 Kurzweil $1895 Scan and reads School-age/college, PC Dog Educational text/websites, can use to learning disabled, motor http://www.kurzweiledu. Systems take notes, write research impaired, and visual com/ papers, and take tests. impaired. Madeline: European The Learning Game. Problem solving. Kids 5 and up. PC Adventures. Company Reasoning, problem solving http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp Maisy’s Playhouse Sound Source Games/activities. Kids 3-6. Early learning PC Interactive “edutainment” My First Book and Disk: Golden Books Letters, activities, Kids age 3-6: early lit, Letters puzzles, games shapes. On a green bus Don Johnston $36 Make 4-page books by Children, early literacy Mac and Cat selecting words, switch PC http://www.donjohnston. access. com/
  • Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Cosmi Various PC Games for Windows Oregon Trail Classic The Learning $10. Pioneer trail game. 10-adult. Game PC Edition Company Cross country trek http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp PixWriter Slater $180 Talking picture-based All ages. PC Elephant Software word processor. available http://www.slatersoftwar for Mac e.com/new.html Playtime for Baby The Learning Computer play 9-24 months. either Company environment http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp Preschool fun & skills Encore 4 programs (Mr. Children: reading, PC pack Education Potatohead activity pack, creativity, problem- Crayola Magic 3D, solving, storytelling) http://www.encoresoftw Curious George Comes are.com/ Home, The Tortoise and the Hare) REACH Interface Applied $239 Assistive software for Children through adults PC Dog Author Human computer access. who need to increase their Factors, Inc. rate of typing, ease of http://www.ahf-net.com/ keyboard access. On- screen or regular keyboard. Sheila Rae, the Brave Living Books $49.95 Sing-along, reading Children http://www.kidsclick.co m/living_books.htm 15
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Show Me Math Attainment $99 Addition/subtraction/ All ages -- Basic math Company multiplication/division. http://www.attainmentco Answers are illustrated mpany.com/ with animations. Show Me Spelling Attainment $129 Instruction or quiz mode. All ages – spelling. Company Custom or built-in http://www.attainmentco wordlists. mpany.com/ Soothsayer Applied $99 Word-prediction All ages PC Dog Human software http://www.ahf-net.com/ Factors, Inc. Speaking Dynamically Mayer- $349 Dynamic display All ages PC or Bear Pro Johnson software for AAC, use Mac Company with Boardmaker http://www.mayer- johnson.com/software/S peakdyn.html Stanley’s Sticker Stories Edmark $19.95 Create animated Kids 4-7. Writing, PC or storybooks spelling, creativity. Mac (CD) Switch-clicker plus Don Johnston $179 Talking, scanning Easy access writing. PC Dog keyboard. Letters, http://www.donjohnston. words, pictures. com/ SwitchIt! IntelliTools $49.95 Helps switch users Child switch users Win/Mac Cat Arcade Adventure develop ability to use switches through games http://www.intellitools.c om/ 16
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory SwitchIt! Suite IntelliTools $150 Patterns, Pictures: Child switch users Win/Mac Cat (Patterns, Scenes, Visual stimulation /skills Opposites, Pictures) Scenes, Opposites: language concepts, http://www.intellitools.c switch use om/ Switch Basics SoftTouch 9 activites to teach switch Child switch users Win/Mac Software use skills Talking Typing Tutor Cosmi Self explanatory PC Tonka Construction Hasbro Games with construction Kids 4 and up Win/Mac Interactive equipment. Sequential thinking, spatial skills, problem solving Treasure Mountain The Learning Game Reading, deductive either Company thinking, math, science. http://www.broderbund. com/welcome.asp Write:OutLoud Don Johnston $99 Talking word processor One for (2 copies) PC, one http://www.donjohnston. for either com/ ZoomText Xtra Level 1 Ai Squared $395 Screen magnification. Vision PC Aardvark, (Windows) Elephant (2 copies) 17
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Dedicated Communication Devices Name of device Manufacturer Approx. Price Description BigMack Ablenet, Inc. $85 Large push-button plays back your digitized message. http://www.ablenetinc.com/ Cheap-talk 4 direct select Enabling Devices and Toys $90 to $230, 4-key direct selection device. Caregiver for Special Children, Inc. depending on digitizes speech that is played for each features such as selection. Customizable pictures placed on http://www.enablingdevices. scanning vs each button. com/ direct access, jacks for using switches. Comboard Tash $240. Clock-shaped (circular scanning) visual communication aid for non-speaking individuals with physical limitations. http://www.tash.org Allows use to operate a rotating pointer, using one or two single switches or a dual switch. Pointer stops at the desired message. DynaVox3100 DynaVox Systems, Inc. $6495 Alternative input, speech. (upstate comm.) Dynamic display dedicated device. http://www.dynavoxsys.com/ index.html?http://www.dyna voxsys.com/products/dynavo x_3100.html Macaw II SC-XL Zygo $795 (half price) Digitized speech. Direct select or Serial # 8338 from the scanning. Lightweight, portable, rugged. manufacturer. In http://www.zygo- 6/00 this was usa.com/index.html called a limited 18
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory time offer. Step-by-step Ablenet $139 Stores sequence digitized utterances, which are then played back sequentially (one utterance per click on the ~3” round http://www.ablenetinc.com/ switch). 75 seconds of total recording time. 19
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Manufacturers of products in inventory Company name, address, phone numbers Web site, email Ablenet http://www.ablenetinc.com/ Access First Adaptivation, Inc. http://www.adaptivation.com/ 2225 W. 50th Street, Suite 100 info@adaptivation.com Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Phone: 605-335-4445 Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-723-2783 (1-800-7-ADAPT'D) Fax: 605-335-4446 Ai Squared www.aisquared.com P.O. Box 669 Manchester Center, VT 05255 (802) 362-3612 (voice) (802) 362-1670 (fax) American Computer Optics, Inc. http://aco.usnet.com 27111 Aliso Creek Rd, Suite 150 Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 Toll Free: 888-698-0003 ext. 20 Fax: 714-362-2887 Applied Human Factors, Inc. http://www.ahf-net.com/ P.O. Box 781076 sales@ahf-net.com San Antonio, TX 78278 (210) 408-0098 20
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Bilbo Innovations, Inc. http://www.bilbo.com 1290 Okamead Parkway, Suite 118 bilbo@bilbo.com Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 736-6086 Fax (408) 736-6083 Cosmi http://www.cosmi.com/ 2600 Homestead Place Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 Tel. (310) 886-3510 Fax. (310) 886-3517 Don Johnston http://www.donjohnston.com 1000 N Rand Bldg. 115 djde@aol.com Wauconda, IL 60084-0639 Tech supp: (800) 889-5242 (tel), (847) 526-4177 (fax) Sales/Customer svce: (800) 999-4660, (847) 526-4177 Dragon Systems, Inc. Info@dragonsys.com 320 Nevada St. http://www.naturallyspeaking.com Newton, MA 02460 USA Tel: (617) 965-5200 Fax: (617) 527-0372 DynaVox Systems Inc. http://www.dynavoxsys.com/ 2100 Wharton Street Suite 400 Pittsburgh, PA 15203 Tel: 800-344-1778 Fax: 412-381-5241 21
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Edmark Corp. http://www.edmark.com/ P.O. Box 97021 Redmond, WA 98073-9721 Customer service: (800) 362-2890 Tech support: (800) 528-7158 24-hr automated support: (425) 556-8480 Enabling Devices and Toys for Special Children, Inc. http://www.enablingdevices.com/index.html 385 Warburton Ave. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 (914) 478-0960 Encore Education http://www.encoresoftware.com Golden Books Publishing Co. http://www.goldenbooks.com/ ? New York, NY 10106 Tech. Support: 1-877-350-3686 GT Interactive Software http://www.gtinteractive.com 16 East 40th St. New York, NY 10016 Hasbro Interactive http://www.hasbro-interactive.com Infogrip, Inc. infogrip@infonet.com 1141 East Main St. http://www.onehandkeyboard.com Ventura, CA 93001 (800) 397-0921 (805) 652-0770 Fax: (805) 652-0880 22
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Infra-link, Inc. P.O. Box 1008 Portland, OR 97207-1008 (800) 395-3596 Fax (503) 598-7531 IntelliTools, Inc. http://www.intellitools.com 1720 Corporate Circle info@intellitools.com Petaluma, CA 94954 Main Phone: 707-773-2000 Tech support: (800) 899-6687 Main Fax (415) 773-2001 Interlink Electronics http://www.interlinkelec.com 546 Flynn Road Camarillo, CA 93012 Tel: 805-484-8855 Kinesis Corp. http://www.kinesis-ergo.com 22121 17th Ave. SE, Suite 112 sales@kinesis-ergo.com Bothell, WA 98021-7404 (800) 454-6374 (phone) (425) 402-8181 (fax) The Learning Company http://www.learningco.com One Athenaeum Street Cambridge, MA 02142 Living Books http://www.broderbund.com/education/programs/livingb P.O. Box 6144 ooks/home.html Novato, CA 94648-6144 (800) 776-4724 (415) 883-5889 23
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory Myna Corporation mynacorp@aol.com 239 Western Avenue Essex, MA 01929 (978) 768-9000 Origin Instruments Corp. http://www.orin.com 854 Greenview Drive Grand Prarie, TX 75050-2438 (972) 606-8740 (phone) (972) 606-8741 (fax) PerfecTouch, Inc n.a. 200 Desplaines St. Chicago, IL 60661 Tel. (312) 258-0888 Fax (312) 258-0090 Prentke Romich Company Home Page: www.prentrom.com 1022 Heyl Rd. Information: info@prentrom.com Wooster, OH 44691 Tech support: service@prentrom.com Sales: (800) 262-1933 General (330) 262-1984 Service: (800) 262-1990 Consultants: (800) 848-8008 FAX: (330) 263-4829 Radio Shack http://www.radioshack.com 24
  • Inventory Ithaca College Assistive Technology Laboratory SoftTouch Software 4182 Pinewood Lake Drive Bakersfield, CA 93309 Tel 805-396-8676 Fax 805-396-8760 Order Toll Free: 1-877-SOF TTOUCH Sound Source Interactive http://www.soundsourceinteractive.com 26115 Mureau Roa, Suite B Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 878-0505 Southpaw Enterprises, Inc. http://www.southpawenterprises.com/ P.O.Box 1047 therapy@southpawenterprises.com Dayton, OH 45401-1047 (800) 228-1698 TASH International, Inc. http://www.tashint.com Unit 1, 91 Station St. Ajax, Ontario L1S 3H2 Canada Words+, Inc. http://www.words-plus.com 1220 W. Avenue J Lancaster, CA 93534-2902 (800) 869-8521 Fax: (661) 723-2114 Zygo Industries, Inc http://www.zygo-usa.com Revision History: 10/01/00 klockwood 01/24/01 dbayer 02/05/01 dbayer 07/05/02 acompagni 25