Generate more business with an identifiable
    collection of collateral materials
    by Renée Dustman

          AT A GL...
Start with a logo                               Design tips                                    Project management tips
level. As shown in Figure C,             Design tips
    C                               they don’t have to be fancy. The ...
• Increase the leading between lines          world, people respond to people. Ignore
  of text a bit to improve legibilit...
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Generate more business with an identifiable collection of ...


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Generate more business with an identifiable collection of ...

  1. 1. Generate more business with an identifiable collection of collateral materials by Renée Dustman AT A GLANCE If your business seems to go unnoticed in the marketplace or isn’t taken Application: seriously, perhaps it’s due to your marketing strategy—or lack thereof. To set Adobe InDesign 2/CS/CS2 yourself above the rest, you need to clearly identity your business. We’ll show Operating Systems: you how to develop a professional set of collateral materials that will help Macintosh, Microsoft Windows you do exactly that. To create a presence in the marketplace, we’ll show you how to: • Properly identify the company, product, or service you’re promoting. • Develop a business set of materials that reflects the brand. • Simplify the design process of creating business sets with InDesign templates. Every business needs a collection of notch print materials like those shown in When developing a brand, identify marketing communications, or collateral. Figure A (courtesy of Scott Design). the following points: This includes, but is not limited to, • The company name. business cards for self-promotion, Create an identity • The product or service. stationary for communication, brochures For any business, the first thing you for presentation, and packaging for want to do is establish an identity. This • The price point. fulfillment. To launch a successful is often called “branding,” and it’s an • The clientele. marketing campaign, however, there’s a essential part of any marketing strategy. • The benefit. progression of steps you must take. We’ll A business without an identifiable brand get you started on the right path in this and cohesive collateral materials has little • The goals of the company. article, so you can go on to design top- chance for success. When you develop an identity that reflects all of these factors, you’re able to create the sort of impression you or your client wants prospects and customers to have. A Case in point Take, for example, the Zahm Gem materials shown in Figure A. By listening and asking questions, Scott Design was able to assess that “Zahm Gems wanted to reach a larger audience while setting itself apart in the extremely competitive luxury jewelry industry. The company sought rebranding and marketing that would reflect its dedication to acquiring the B highest-quality colored gemstones in an industry often over-focused on diamonds.” 2 Call 1- 80 0 -223- 8720 to subscribe
  2. 2. Start with a logo Design tips Project management tips Once you have a strong grasp of what the When designing a logo, avoid trendy The product shots on the cover of this issue company does and the personality behind styles and popular colors. Most companies are courtesy of Threestory Studio. Their it, you’re ready to start designing or, shall require their logos to last more than a few company philosophy is admirable and their we say, brainstorming ideas. Typically, years. If you design something that’s too design process is filled with helpful project management tips. Here’s a condensed you begin with the cornerstone of any trendy, the logo will start to look outdated version: business: the logo. in just a short time. • Scope out the situation. Discover the The Scott Design solution: “Philip Zahm Speaking of color, the more colors you real need and develop a project to meet had attracted considerable attention by use, the more expensive the logo will be that need. recounting his travels around the world to print and reproduce. You can keep your • Create a proposal. Define the scope of the project and establish a budget. in pursuit of exotic gems. Our creative clients’ costs down by sticking to two or • Come up with a game plan. Create a professionals helped Zahm Gems devise a three colors. Using spot colors will also project map that includes objectives, campaign that would bring Philip Zahm’s make color matching more attainable. intended audience, key messages, and true tales of foreign gem-buying intrigue Also keep in mind how the logo will project constraints. to resellers and individual customers. be reproduced. Perhaps design different • Present your ideas. Initially, focus on Focused on portraying an adventurer who versions of the logo to accommodate the the concept and forget about the nitty- gritty details, like fonts and colors. would stop at nothing to acquire the best, various types of media in which it may • Be flexible. Expect revisions. This is the most exotic colored gems, Scott Design appear. For example, create a text-based time to settle on fine details, such as created a logo and overall advertising look black and white version for desktop fonts, colors, etc. highlighting Philip Zahm’s danger-tinged printing and faxing, a more graphic • Execute. Put all the pieces together travels to acquire stunning gems in exotic spot-color version for printing, and an and design quality materials that accomplish the goal set by the company places.” interactive RGB version for online. and clearly reflect its identity. When designing a logo, such as Zahm Lastly, design for scalability. A logo For their complete story, go to www Gem’s logo shown in Figure B, it helps to must look as good on a business card as it break down the process in the following does on a billboard. stages: Related articles • Ideas. Jot down different things that Communicate with style This article suggests you create a lot of stand out about the company you’re Once the logo is complete, you can use different materials, but doesn’t tell you how designing the logo for. Put together it to add a professional look to all of to actually create them. For that, use the your day-to-day correspondence. This following links to go to related articles on a list of services or products that our website. the company provides. Focus on also helps to establish name and logo • For a tutorial on designing business the product or service and not the recognition. But don’t limit your thinking cards, read the November 2006 article company. to just traditional stationary and matching “Upgrade your business card with time- envelopes. Consider creating custom tested design techniques and reap the • Sketches. Sketch anything that rewards,” available online at www correspondence cards, address labels, comes to mind about what you’ve forms, invoices, sticky pads, and so on—all _archive.asp?vwJournalID read or seen about the company. of which you can produce in InDesign. =IND#200611. Say, for example, you’re designing a • For a tutorial on designing tri-fold logo for an orange juice company. brochures, read the August 2006 article Design tips Round shapes and the color orange “Easily create professional-quality As shown with the Zahm Gem materials, tri-fold marketing brochures,” available are obvious, but not the only things you don’t necessarily have to use the same online at that come to mind. Sunny skies, /premier/journal_archive.asp? colors to establish an identity. Once you’ve green leaves, red and white straws, vwJournalID=IND#20068. chosen a “look” for any one item in your clear drinking glasses, and orange • For a tutorial on designing postcards, business set, however, make sure that all read the November 2005 article “Target slices are other possibilities. other materials follow suit. your market better with postcard • Illustrations. Take your initial ideas promotions,” available online at www to the computer. Combine type Promote business _archive.asp?vwJournalID and imagery and experiment with Other materials you’ll need are the =IND#200511. all of the different ideas that you essential tools for promoting business. brainstormed. Then, select two or Business cards, for example, enable you three ideas that you think work the to get in touch with people on a personal best and focus on refining them. w w w. e l i j o u r n a l s . co m 3 D e ce m b e r 20 0 6
  3. 3. level. As shown in Figure C, Design tips C they don’t have to be fancy. The Here are a few tips to keep in mind when important thing is that they designing these sorts of promotional reflect the company identity materials: and include all the important • Write headlines that draw attention. contact information. Other essential print • Use boldface type only to emphasize materials you or your client will key points or headlines. need include brochures, like the • Format type with upper and lower one shown in Figure D, direct case rather than all caps, which gets mail pieces, presentation folders, a lower response. posters, sell sheets and, as shown in Figure E, advertising. E D G F Jumpstart the design process To access the InDesign templates: There’s no getting around the initial 1. Launch InDesign. stages required to establish a company’s 2. Choose File > Open. identity. You can, however, expedite 3. Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/ the production stage with the use of Application Support/Adobe/ templates. InDesign comes equipped Templates/InDesign/Business with a number of templates, including Sets (Program Files/Common several business sets with templates for Files/Adobe/Templates/InDesign/ stationary, envelopes, business cards, Business Sets in Windows). labels, and more. Figure F shows a few of the templates. 4. Select the INDT file you want and then click Open. Now, just swap the existing content for yours and print as usual. 4 Call 1- 80 0 -223- 8720 to subscribe
  4. 4. • Increase the leading between lines world, people respond to people. Ignore of text a bit to improve legibility. the humanity in your audience and Giving credit where it’s due In our search for real-world examples of • Avoid the use of reverse text, which your communications become cold and business collaterals, we stumbled across is often overlooked and hard to read. forgettable. Recognize their humanity, two design firms that we feel represent In closing, we’d like to quote Threestory and you have a chance at evoking an the epitome of our profession. We’d like to emotional response.” thank Scott Design and Threestory Studio Studio’s philosophy on humanity: “No for supplying us with the artwork and matter how technology changes our insight used to write this article and design the cover. Automate InDesign with scripts to simplify common production tasks by Renée Dustman AT A GLANCE A lot of the tasks we spend countless hours doing in InDesign can be done in Applications: seconds using a script. Unfortunately, not many of us have the time or know- Adobe InDesign 2/CS/CS2 how to write scripts. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem as there are tons of great Operating Systems: scripts to be found and we’ll take you to some of the best places on the web. Macintosh, Microsoft Windows To get you started with scripting in InDesign, we’ll: • Introduce you to the wonderful world of scripting. • Take you to where you can find the best scripts on the web. • Show you how easy it is to run scripts and optimize your productivity. Using scripts with InDesign adds InDesign understands three scripting Scripting 101 undeniable speed and accuracy to languages: AppleScript, Visual Basic (and A script works behind the scenes, projects, and may even add functionality Visual Basic Script), and JavaScript. On responding to events that the application that isn’t currently available in the the Mac, you have the choice of using or user generates. Scripts have the application. We’ll show you how to tap this AppleScript or JavaScript. In Windows, you added ability to seek information, make energy to release the power within. can use scripts written in Visual Basic (VB), decisions, and perform calculations. Visual Basic Script (VBScript), or JavaScript. Table A: Recommended sources for scripts online. Websites (these scripts are also on your installation disk /_javascript.php w w w. e l i j o u r n a l s . co m 5 D e ce m b e r 20 0 6