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  2. 2. A Word from the Welcome to the new academic year! The anticipation of cooler weather, new adventures, and renewed Associate Vice friendships is in the air. With the board of trustees approving “The University of Alabama’s Technology Directions for 2000 and Beyond” plan (which can be President found online at www.ua.edu/academic/ois/bot.pdf), The University of Alabama has even more to anticipate. The new funding will: • Provide a state-of-the-art network for the entire campus • Improve the performance and functionality of the business systems • Improve access to the enterprise data AR • Increase the services and educational opportunities provided via the Web • Enhance the libraries’ information systems In subsequent articles, I will elaborate on the benefits of this approved plan. Until then, may you have a wonderful start to the new academic year. Sincerely, Dr. Priscilla Hancock phancock@bama.ua.edu C C o n te n t s H Coming Soon… ........................................ 1 Campus Computer Labs ........................ 13 Internet2 Lets Professor be in Two Places Communication Tools for Travelers ...... 14 at the Same Time! .............................. 2 IV Getting a New PC? ................................ 14 What is Internet2? ................................... 3 Passwords: Out of Sight, Out of Mind .. 15 Your students may be talking about… Telecommunication ................................ 15 ResNet................................................. 3 Faculty Resource Center......................... 16 Take Charge of Your Schedule ................ 4 E Computer Training Opportunities .......... 17 Getting on the Net at Home .................... 5 Creating a Course Web Site .................. 18 For Computers, Flu Season Lasts All Year..................................................... 6 How Popular are Your Web Pages? ...... 19 Oh No, Where Did it Go? ....................... 8 Your.Name@ua.edu ............................... 20 Campus Microsoft News ....................... 10 Your bama Account Space .................... 21 Need Computer Hardware Repair? ........ 12 Do You Telnet into bama.ua.edu? ......... 21 Student E-Mail Accounts ....................... 13 Guide to the Office of Information Services .................................... back cover
  3. 3. Coming Soon… The Office ofplanned for the upcoming has upgrades and improvements Information Services semesters. Read on to see how we’re continuing to provide superior technology, services, and support to the University of Alabama community. Computers Networks The central academic computer, bama.ua.edu, has Last summer the University’s connection to the gotten faster processors, additional memory, and Internet was upgraded and its connection to more storage space this semester. The eight 250 MHz Internet2 was completed. Now the focus has moved processors were replaced by 400 MHz models. to upgrading the internal campus network to more Memory has been doubled to 2 GB, and an fully utilize the potential of these connections. additional 50 GB of storage brought the total space The campus backbone was recently upgraded to AR to approximately 200 GB. These upgrades will Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T). Currently most enable the machine to better support the number areas on campus have shared 10 Mbps Ethernet of applications currently running as well as meet (10Base-T) access. Over the next several years, all future application and storage needs. divisions will be upgraded, bringing switched 10/ The administrative system, UA2MVS, will also be 100 Mbps Ethernet connections to every desktop, getting an upgrade this semester. A new processor, classroom, and lab. This upgrade is complete in the the IBM 9672-R26, will more than double our pro- College of Community Health Sciences. Scheduled cessing capacity. An IBM F2105-F20 Enterprise to be started this fall are parts of the College of Storage Server (“Shark”) will replace our current Engineering; the Culverhouse College of Commerce C RAMAC Disk Storage, increasing our disk space and Business Administration; the College of Arts from 290 GB to 420 GB. We are also purchasing an and Sciences; the College of Communication and IBM 3494/3590 Magstar Tape Library to replace Information Sciences; and the College of Education. the IBM 3480 tape units. In addition to having a Some of the impetus for the network upgrade comes H greater storage capacity per tape (20 GB as com- from the Internet2 project, and those areas with re- pared to 200 MB), the new system will be robotic, search applications and funding grants for Internet2 speeding up our nightly backups and batch jobs. will be among the first to receive the new Ethernet After all three upgrades are in place, users should network connections. For more information about see faster processing, quicker turnaround for batch IV the Internet2 project, please see the article on the processing, and increased online availability. Users next page. will not need to make any procedural changes. Te l e p h o n e S y s t e m E The Telecommunication Department has announced two major changes being introduced this fall: a new voice mail system and caller ID. The new voice mail system is already being rolled out to some campus areas. New features include separate messages for on- and off-campus callers, a temporary (e.g. vacation) message that will automatically expire on a given date, and message distribution lists. In addition, you will now be able to control the “zero” transfer and pager notification options from the voice mail system without needing to call Telecommunication. Service representatives will be contacting departments soon to assist in the conversion process. Caller ID services were added in September 2000. Further details about caller ID and the new voice mail system are available on the new Telecommunication Web site, telecom.ua.edu. 1
  4. 4. has the potential to alleviate time and money Internet2 Lets Professor constraints. be in Two Places at the Scheduling problems often occur in astronomical re- search. Viewing at most of the large telescopes involves Same Time! travel and overnight stays, which takes time away from other professional and family concerns. Dr. William Keel has been an astronomy professor This summer, Dr. Keel arrived home from a meeting with The University of Alabama since 1987. As you in Germany to find that his wife had been in a car might imagine, he spends quite a bit of time using accident; she had a few broken ribs and couldn’t drive. telescopes. However, we aren’t talking about your av- He had scheduled observations at Kitt Peak the next erage backyard telescopes. While still professing a week. The reservations were made months in advance, fondness for the backyard type, for serious studies Dr. but he wasn’t going to leave his injured wife alone to AR Keel uses really big telescopes, like the NASA Infrared handle the children. Luckily, some of his collabora- Telescope Facility tors were going to be able to go to the observatory, so (IRTF) at Mauna he was able to participate in the viewing in close-to- Kea, Hawaii, and real time. During the viewing, he and his collabora- the ones at Kitt tors exchanged various versions of the data in 300 MB Peak National pieces—equivalent to almost 209 floppy disks. With Observatory in I2, these huge sets of data could be downloaded in Arizona. Unlike thirty minutes. Since it took twenty to thirty minutes the telescopes to actually take each “picture” of a section of the sky, C most of us have Dr. Keel had time to download the data before the William Keel (left) and collaborator used, these tele- next exposure was finished. Without Internet2, he Rogier Windhorst, a professor at scopes don’t just probably would have had to miss the viewing. Arizona State University, at the four- meter telescope at Kitt Peak National provide a view of Every academic researcher understands the importance the sky; they mea- H Observatory. of research funding. Internet2 technologies let Dr. Keel sure levels of elec- and other research- tromagnetic energy and record data—lots of data. This ers like him take data can then be used to generate images. control over where So just how much data do these telescopes actually their grant monies IV produce? Quite a bit: a simple test image can easily be are used. When 134 MB in size. For comparison, it would take 94 you factor in air- floppy disks to store that amount of data, and down- fare, housing, and loading it on most current modems would take at least other travel ex- nine and a half hours. Prior to the completion of the penses, the cost of University’s Internet2 (I2) connection, Dr. Keel’s col- going to Hawaii for E laborations were hampered by the amount of time it one night of tele- would take to transfer data between universities. scope viewing can The inner part of the Abell 2125 cluster of galaxies. Dr. Keel has been be prohibitive. Uti- able to use the Internet2 connection Since then, not only has it become much easier for lizing remote op- to get pictures like this without being Dr. Keel and his collaborators to exchange informa- eration of the at the telescopes. tion, but he has also been able to sit in his office on telescopes lets grant campus and participate in viewing sessions on some money go further. While it can’t completely replace of the large telescopes mentioned above. Remote use hands-on operation of the telescopes, it can allow of ground-based telescopes was one of the applica- better budgeting of travel funds. Dr. Keel believes that tions in the University’s original I2 proposal, and it 2
  5. 5. researchers who don’t take advantage of these new For more information about the Internet2 project and capabilities will find themselves left behind as fund- The University of Alabama’s connection to the high- ing goes to those who can accomplish more with the speed network, see www.internet2.edu and same amount of money. internet2.ua.edu . Internet2 is also improving other areas of Dr. Keel’s work. In order to support a talk he gave at the previously-mentioned meeting in Germany, he down- Your students may be talking about… loaded two GB of data from the Hubble Space Telescope archive. It would take almost six days to ResNet download that much information on most home ResNet is The University of Alabama’s Residential modem connections! On I2, however, it could be Hall Network. It gives students living in some downloaded in under four hours. residence halls the opportunity to connect their personal computers to the campus Ethernet AR Despite all the benefits Dr. Keel is already seeing from network. A student participating in ResNet has a the Internet2 connection, there’s still more to come. high-speed Internet connection on demand The campus network is in the process of being up- without tying up the phone line. That Internet graded (see “Coming Soon” on page one), and when connection can be used to access University Gallalee Hall is completed, download times for his resources, like e-mail, the libraries, and course large data sets should decrease dramatically. information, as well as the other resources of the World Wide Web. What is Internet2? As of fall 2000, the following residence halls are C Internet2 (I2) is a not-for-profit consortium of 170 connected to ResNet: Blount, Burke West, Byrd, plus universities and over 60 companies dedicated to Friedman, New, Paty, Parham, Rose Towers, and developing the potential of the Internet. The consor- Tutwiler. Wiring in Parker Adams Hall is tium partners educational institutions, industry lead- scheduled for completion during the fall 2000 semester. By mid-September, over 1200 students H ers, and government agencies to foster research and application of advanced networking technologies. had already signed up for ResNet service. Together they will develop the next generation of the For more information about ResNet, visit its Web Internet. site at ResNet.ua.edu . IV A major component of Internet2 is the organizations Students living in residence halls not connected and networks that serve to provide high-speed con- to ResNet may obtain high-speed Internet access nections to their members. The University of Alabama from Comcast@Home’s cable modem service. is a founding member of the Gulf Central GigaPoP, Please visit the Comcast@Home Web site at an organization within The University of Alabama www.comcastonline.com for more information. System that provides connections from its members ResNet and cable modem service are much faster E to I2 and other high-speed networks. Internet2 traf- fic from the University also travels through the than dialup Internet access and do not tie up Southeastern Universities Research Association phone lines. Those living off-campus may be able (SURA) Southern Crossroads (SoX) in Atlanta. From to obtain high-speed Internet access through a SoX, traffic is routed to one of the two major Internet2 Comcast@Home cable modem or through DSL networks, Abilene or the vBNS. Which network to service, offered by BellSouth or dbTechnology. use is automatically determined according to the For more information about high-speed or dialup destination. Internet access, please see the article “Getting on the Net at Home” on page five. 3
  6. 6. Take Charge of Your Schedule Do you get tired of playing “phone tag” when need to have multiple designates, you can. While scheduling meetings? acting as your designates, anything they do will look like you did it. No one needs to know who is handling Do you keep a calendar for someone else? your schedule. You and your other designates can Do you maintain a calendar for a departmental always modify meetings or events created by a resource, like a conference room or a piece of designate. Creating a designate is unlike giving equipment? someone your account password, something the Office Do you need other people to be able to view part of Information Services strongly discourages. You can or all of your schedule? control how much access a designate has, and you can remove someone as a designate without affecting AR Do you want to keep track of scheduled vacations your other designates. and holidays for a group of people? If your department maintains a resource that gets If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you scheduled, such as a conference room or a piece of should look into The University of Alabama’s central equipment, you can set it up with a resource calendar calendar server. CorporateTime Server by CS&T/ account. Each resource has a designate or designates Lexacom is installed and running on bama.ua.edu. who can confirm or deny appointments. The An account on this server can be accessed with designates can control who can reserve the resource Netscape Calendar (part of the Communicator and who can view its schedule. There is no need to package), with the CorporateTime client, or from a C rely on a paper calendar or someone’s memory to keep Web page. track of important dates and meeting times. Since the Once you access your account, you could just use it calendar is available virtually all the time, no one has like a personal calendar, scheduling your tasks, events, to wait until the office is open to reserve the room or and appointments and letting it remind you. But that equipment. The CS&T calendar can help you manage H wouldn’t take full advantage of the capabilities of your your resources more efficiently. new calendar. If you would like to get accounts on the calendar server You can assign access rights to other users of the or would like more information, please see the calendar system and access levels to your meetings. “Calendar” section of the HelpDesk Web site at IV Then, when others use the “view agenda” feature to helpdesk.ua.edu/calendar, or call the HelpDesk at find out if you’re busy, they’ll be able to see for 348-2435. themselves, if you want them to. Remember, they only see what you want them to see. You can invite other calendar users to meetings and E let the calendar server tell you if they have anything else scheduled. If you have multiple people that you need to invite and you can’t seem to find a convenient time, you can have the calendar server automatically find a time slot when everyone is free. You can also have an automatic e-mail notification of the meeting sent to all attendees. If you need to let someone else maintain your calendar, you can set him or her up as your designate. If you 4
  7. 7. Getting on the Net you should investigate other dialup Internet Service Providers (ISPs). West Alabama has a few local ISPs, at Home and many of the national providers have local access numbers in Tuscaloosa as well. You can compare providers based on monthly cost, setup or connection If you have a computer at home, or are considering fees (if any), connection availability, access speeds, getting one, chances are you’ll be looking into some number of e-mail accounts, and whether they allow sort of Internet access. There are many different ways personal Web sites. Also, if you will need Internet by which you can connect to the Internet from the access while traveling, you may want a provider with Tuscaloosa area. You should be able to find one that local numbers in the places you will be going. Another fills your requirements for availability, speed, and cost. major comparison point is whether the ISP provides content as well. Some providers simply supply the The University offers free Internet access to its fac- connection to the Internet, allowing you to run the AR ulty, staff, and students through UA Dialup. This ser- browser (e.g. Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet vice allows full access to University online resources, Explorer) you wish. Others, such as America Online including library databases, bama account tools, and or MSN, supply their own content as well. When other material that is restricted to “on-campus use starting to compare ISPs, check the Web page only.” In order to use this service, a bama account helpdesk.ua.edu/internet/isp.shtml for names and name and password is required. For this reason the Web addresses of providers in the Tuscaloosa area. UA Dialup service is available only to faculty, staff, and students of the University, not to their families. New to the Tuscaloosa area is high-speed home Also, to ensure the availability of the service, each Internet access. Comcast@Home, BellSouth, and C connection to the UA Dialup service is limited to a dbTechnology have plans that provide high-speed maximum of 90 minutes. There are no limits on the Internet access on demand. Connections such as these number or frequency of connections each user can don’t tie up your phone line. While these services gen- make. UA Dialup lines support connection speeds up erally cost more than dialup Internet service, they are to 33.6 kbps. For instructions on getting connected an alternative for those families that need faster H to UA Dialup, go to the UA Dialup Web page at Internet access. For information about helpdesk.ua.edu/internet/dialup or call the HelpDesk Comcast@Home’s cable modem service, please see (348-2435). www.comcastonline.com. Further information about BellSouth’s and dbTechnology’s DSL plans can be If you need more service than UA dialup can provide, found on their Web sites, www.bellsouth.net and IV or if you are looking for Internet access for your family, www.dbtech.net, respectively. The Alabama Supercomputer Visualization Lab is located E in A-204 Gordon Palmer Hall. Accounts for the lab and the Cray SV1 supercomputer located in Huntsville are available to any faculty, staff, or student who needs to use these resources for research, instruction, or academic computing. For more information, please see the information site for local users (www.vislab.ua.edu) or contact Bob Klepfer, the local supercomputer analyst, at 348-3969 or bob@asc.edu . 5
  8. 8. For Computers, Flu Season Lasts All Year Reporting on computer “viruses” is a popular way to so similar, we will continue the popular practice of sell newspapers these days. Even people who aren’t calling all of these programs “viruses.” involved in the computer industry have heard of com- There is one type of program that causes “bad” results puter viruses and what they can do to computers and that is not a type of virus. This type of program is one networks. While much of this information is accu- that has a “bug” in it. Unlike a virus-type program, a rate, some is exaggerated, misleading, or just plain in- bug is almost always the result of simple programmer correct. Still, in order to protect your work, it is error. This might cause a program not to work at all, important to understand what viruses are, how they generate spurious answers, or conflict with other in- spread, what they do, and how to avoid them. stalled programs. Contrary to some news reports, the Many people would consider a computer virus to be Y2K problem was not a virus; it was actually a very AR any program that does something “bad” to the com- common bug. Since there is little you can do to avoid puter or network. As you can imagine, this isn’t tech- getting buggy software, and since fixing problems nically accurate. What the popular press may refer to caused by bugs is not an easy task, we will not include as a “virus” can be bugs in the term “viruses.” one of three things: an actual Possible virus effects virus, a Trojan Some viruses have visible symptoms, such as pop-up horse, or a worm. windows or altered displays, but some do not. In fact, Some recent “vi- some seem to exist only to spread themselves to other C rus” programs have computers. A few viruses will stay “dormant” (not do actually been com- anything) until a certain trigger date arrives or event binations of those occurs. Microsoft Office macro viruses will sometimes three types. make your Office programs behave erratically, such H True viruses infect other programs or files on the same as not allowing you to save a document except as a computer, but do not incorporate any methods of dis- template. tribution. They rely on human intervention to spread. Worms can have a severe impact on computer net- Most Microsoft Office macro viruses are true viruses. works. The major problem the Melissa and Loveletter IV Trojan horses, named after the mythical wooden horse viruses created was the volume of spurious e-mail they used in the Trojan War, are malicious programs dis- produced. They overloaded networks, which then guised as legitimate ones. These dangerous programs couldn’t handle the delivery of regular mail. Many may look like games or other harmless software, but companies that use e-mail systems to conduct busi- underneath the bland exteriors there are hidden in- ness lost an important avenue of communication, not structions that can do many different types of damage. to mention the number of person-hours required to E Once again, Trojan horses require human interven- clean up the mail systems. tion to spread. Long-term consequences of viruses can vary. Many Worms, on the other hand, are able to spread on their viruses leave no residual damage at all. However, there own by using networks. The recent Loveletter “virus” are also quite a few that can create serious problems. was actually a worm, and Melissa was both a worm Some macro viruses corrupt Office files. The chances and a virus. of recovery can range from complete to incomplete to not at all. More seriously, some viruses don’t limit Because there are now so many hybrid programs and themselves to just a few types of files. They can affect the methods used to protect against all three types are all of your information by deleting system files, ⇒ 6
  9. 9. programs, and documents or even re-formatting • Don’t open any e-mail attachment unless you were (completely erasing) your hard drive. Data recovery expecting it and know exactly what it is. Don’t from this type of virus can be extremely difficult or assume that it’s safe just because it came from a even impossible. This is one reason to make sure you friend; worms like Melissa and Loveletter send always have an up-to-date backup (see story “Oh No, themselves automatically. Your friend might not Where Did it Go?” on the next page). even know the message had been sent. There are some things that a computer virus can’t do. • When downloading from the Internet, download No known virus damages computer hardware. This only from reputable sites. means that a virus can’t make your monitor explode, • Be careful using floppy disks in other computers; ruin your sound card or speakers, or otherwise harm write-protect your disk if you are only using the your keyboard, mouse, or memory. And no, they can- other computer for viewing or printing. not spread to people. There are also some settings on your computer that AR will make it less susceptible to virus infection: How viruses spread and how to • Make sure that Microsoft Office’s macro virus pro- avoid them tection is enabled (see below). Fundamentally, viruses are spread by transferring files • If you use Microsoft Outlook (not Express) for between computers. Early viruses were spread on e-mail, make sure that the “automatic preview” fea- floppy disks, and that is still a common route to a ture is disabled. You can find this option under the viral infection. Any other method used to share files— “View” menu. like shared network drives, Internet downloads, and • Consider deinstalling Windows Scripting Host. You C e-mail attachments—can also spread viruses. There- can find more information and deinstallation in- fore, the first steps in avoiding virus infections are to structions for your platform at www.fsecure.com/ learn to recognize what actions increase the risk of virus-info/u-vbs . infection and to take steps to avoid them: (Continued on the next page) H Enabling Microsoft Office Macro Virus Warnings Office 97/98 Office 2000 IV In each Office 97/98 program that can use macros In Word and Excel: (Word, Excel, and Access): 1. Open the Tools menu. 1. Open the Tools menu. 2. Choose Macro. 2. Click Options (Office 97) or Preferences 3. Click Security. (Office 98). E 4. On the Security Level tab, make sure the secu- 3. Select the General tab. rity is either at High or Medium. (If you some- 4. Make sure the box next to Macro virus protec- times use macros, choose Medium. If you never tion has a check in it. use macros and you never receive documents with macros you need, choose High.) Access 2000 does not have the concept of security levels. You should avoid opening Access databases from unknown sources and make sure to keep your anti-virus software updated. 7
  10. 10. (Continued from the previous page) Oh No, Where Did it Go? Anti-Virus software There are lots of reasons why you might need a You don’t need to be concerned about viruses if your good backup of your computer system. A virus computer is completely isolated. Isolated means that could scramble your data. An electrical storm could the computer is not on the Internet at all, even for knock out your electricity and corrupt your hard e-mail; it’s not on any kind of local network; and you disk. You might install a program that was incom- don’t share files or floppy disks with any other com- patible with your system, forcing you to restore puter or user. If that’s not the case, you need to have the whole thing. Or your hard drive may suffer a current anti-virus software installed and running on simple mechanical failure and you have to replace your computer. The University of Alabama provides it. In any event, you’ll wish you had a backup. anti-virus software for both Windows and Macintosh computers. It is licensed for home and office use. AR Get in the habit now of regularly creating a backup any time you have a file that would be difficult or Windows users will notice a change this fall. The soft- impossible to recreate. If you could reinstall all your ware the University had been distributing, Dr. software if needed, then you may just need to back Solomon’s Anti-Virus Toolkit, is no longer being up your data. Decide how much information you marketed, so the University is now using McAfee need to back up first. VirusScan. Macintosh users will continue to use Virex. Either program can be downloaded from the Seebeck Next, determine how you want to store your Computer Center Software Library, located at backup. Almost every computer has a floppy disk computercenter.ua.edu/software . C drive, and floppy disks are pretty inexpensive, so that is an option for small amounts of data. How- No matter which anti-virus package you are using, ever, if you’ve got a lot of information to store, you must do two things in order to be protected. First, expect to use many floppy disks. Also, floppy disks you need to make sure that your software is scanning can be easily damaged. You should never keep your all files (not just executables) on both reads and writes. H only copy or your only backup of important ma- The software distributed by the University comes with terial on a floppy disk. At a minimum, use Disk this as the default setting. If you obtained anti-virus Copy to backup your backup. software through another source, you should consult its help files on how to make sure it does the same. Many new computers come with Zip, Jaz, or tape IV drives. These are ideal candidates for backups. Second, your anti-virus software won’t do any good if While the tapes or disks are more expensive than it is not kept current. New viruses come out all the floppy disks, they hold much more information. time, so if your software hasn’t been updated in six If one isn’t built into your computer, you can still months, you aren’t being fully protected. There are purchase an external drive from most computer two VirusScan downloads: one for campus comput- supply stores. ers and one for home computers. The campus com- E puter version is set up to automatically update its virus If you have an extremely large amount of data and definitions once a day, but it requires a permanent don’t want to handle the backups yourself, you can network connection. The home computer version also use a commercial backup service. must be updated manually. Virex users can choose Before you rest easy that your data is safe, make between eUpdate and manually downloading and in- sure that you test your backups. Try to restore a stalling the monthly updates. More information about few test files. If you simply copied files to a sepa- updating these two programs is available at the rate location, make sure you can still open them. Software Library. Make sure that you have a reliable backup system ⇒ in place and that you use it regularly. 8
  11. 11. Virus warnings No discussion of computer viruses is complete without discussing the virus warnings you get through e-mail. Almost all of those warnings are hoaxes! Messages that include instructions to “forward to everyone you know;” quotes attributed to people at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), America Online (AOL), or Microsoft; impossible virus symptoms (like sound card damage, see above); or vague dates (yesterday, today, this year, in three months) are almost always untrue. AR Contrary to many people’s initial reaction, it is not better to forward a warning “just in case” it turns out to be true. These letters act like a real virus, using valuable network resources when well-meaning people send them to “everyone they know.” Getting inno- cent bystanders to help flood the Internet with use- less messages can be just as effective as writing a program that does the same thing. Also, keep in mind that forwarding a chain letter like this is usually pro- C hibited by your network’s terms of service. Most of these virus warning letters can be deleted and ignored. However, if you do receive one that looks convincing, you might want to investigate it further. H There are numerous Web pages that provide infor- mation on real and fake virus warnings. Two such sites are www.kumite.com and urbanlegends.about.com . Patrick Crispen’s Urban Legends Combat Kit (www.netsquirrel.com/combatkit) provides cut-and- IV paste responses that you can use to reply to the per- son who sent you the virus warning. To Change Your E bama.ua.edu Password Seebeck Computer Center maintains the Keep your account secure by changing central computing equipment needed to your password on a regular basis. support academic and administrative University functions. Go to bamamail.ua.edu and click “Change password” under the “Tools” heading. 9
  12. 12. Campus Microsoft News Ne w Software Licensing To find out if you are covered by the Microsoft Campus Agreement, check the local campus agree- The Microsoft Campus Agreement is a software- ment site at helpdesk.ua.edu/software/microsoft , or licensing program for higher education that is renewed call the HelpDesk. If you are in a participating depart- on an annual basis. Some departments at The ment and need to install Microsoft software, contact University of Alabama have elected to participate in your network support personnel. this agreement. By participating in the agreement, those departments Office 2001: Coming Soon AR have already paid for certain Microsoft products for all their department-owned computers. Those prod- to a Macintosh Near You ucts include Office Standard and Professional editions and Office for Macintosh; upgrades to Windows; In October, Microsoft will release an upgrade to Office FrontPage; and BackOffice Server Clients. Upgrades 98 for Macintosh. Called Office 2001, it will allow released during the license period are also included. Macintosh users to take advantage of many of the new Please note that a computer must already be licensed features introduced in Office 2000 for Windows as for Windows before it can have Windows installed well as some brand-new Macintosh-only features. It under the campus agreement. also has a redesigned interface (to look and feel more C like a Macintosh program) and a special CD case—a Faculty and staff in participating departments may also reusable white plastic clamshell. install and use one copy of selected programs on a laptop or home computer for school-related activities. Some of the new features from Office 2000 include Windows upgrades are not included in the home-use the three-pane view in PowerPoint, which lets you view and edit the slide, notes, and outline on the same H provision. Employees must sign a copy of the Home Use Agreement before installing software on a personal window; Word’s “Click and Type” that lets you double- computer under the campus agreement. The Home click anywhere on the page and type, with the neces- Use Agreement states, among other things, that the sary tabs and carriage returns inserted automatically; software will not be used by other family members or and the new clipboard that allows you to store mul- IV in conjunction with an outside business. Such use tiple objects for pasting. The Office Clipboard also would violate both the license agreement and state law. supports drag-and-drop. The campus agreement does not cover students. They There are many new features for the Macintosh. The can purchase academic versions of software through most notable will be the introduction of a new e-mail the University Supply Store. Departments that are not client and personal information manager, called Entourage. Some of the more innovative Entourage E participating in the agreement may still purchase Microsoft software from the Supply Store under the functions include the ability to flag incoming e-mail existing Microsoft Open License Program. Partici- messages with reminders to respond and/or associate pating departments can also use the Open License them with external files. Entourage’s calendar and Program to purchase products not covered by the cam- address book can be synchronized with a Palm PDA, pus agreement. If your department would like to join and you can easily export your calendar as an HTML the agreement, please contact Sherry Harvey at file for publication to a Web site. 348-9809. However, departments can be added or Another major enhancement is the integration of dropped only during the annual license renewal. The QuickTime technology into PowerPoint. PowerPoint license will be next renewed on April 30, 2001. ⇒ 10
  13. 13. slides can use QuickTime transitions, and QuickTime some of them major and many minor, but all within movies can be embedded on PowerPoint slides. You the Windows 9x family. So, if you are satisfied with can even embed multiple movies on the same slide Windows 95, 98, or 98SE, don’t bother upgrading, and have them play simultaneously. A PowerPoint but do make sure that you have installed the latest 2001 presentation can also be exported as a security patches available from www.microsoft.com. QuickTime movie. That movie can be played by any- However, if you are having trouble with Windows 95 one with QuickTime installed on his or her computer, or 98, or it isn’t meeting your needs, consider upgrad- but it can still be opened and edited in PowerPoint ing. The same is true for Windows NT. 2001. At present, there are three versions of Windows avail- Finally, to make the transition easier, Office 2001 files able from Microsoft: Windows 98SE, Windows can be opened in Office 98 for Macintosh as well as Millennium (Me), and Windows 2000. Windows Office 97 and 2000 for Windows. Office 2001 will 98SE is an improvement over 95. It is a more stable AR be covered under the Microsoft Campus Agreement system and provides some additional features. In many for participating departments. If you are in a depart- ways it is Windows 95 with additional security fea- ment that is not participating in the agreement, you tures, as well as support for some newer technology will be able to purchase Office 2001 from the (primarily universal serial bus or USB). Until Octo- University Supply Store through the Microsoft Open ber 2000, 98SE was the latest consumer version of License Program. Windows available. Based on previous releases, expect Microsoft to discontinue sales of Windows 98SE now Windows: Should You that Me is available. Windows Me has even more enhancements when Upgrade? C compared to 95, 98 and 98SE. In particular, Windows Me includes more features in Internet access, digital There are many different versions of Microsoft media, home networking, and PC health than are Windows being used on campus: Windows 3.11 (and found in 98SE. Currently, the most significant earlier), Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE H enhancement involves working with digital pictures, (second edition), Windows NT, Windows 2000, and movie clips, and audio files. If you need that ability, Windows Millennium (Me). With so many varieties you may want to upgrade. If not, we suggest that you of operating systems around, you might be wonder- wait and stay with one of the earlier Windows 95/98 ing if the one you have is right for you. operating systems. Some of the new features in Me IV If you are running Windows 3.11 or earlier one thing are not yet fully supported by other software and hard- is clear: It is time to upgrade. Those early versions of ware vendors. Windows are no longer supported by the Office of Don’t let the name fool you. Windows 2000 is not an Information Services and many other computer upgrade of the Windows 9x family of operating sys- services. In fact, the software running under those tems. It is based on the Windows NT architecture operating systems probably isn’t supported either. You E and is the most current version of that family of pro- need to change both your operating system and grams. If you are considering moving to Windows software programs to current, supported versions. 2000, we suggest that you discuss this with your net- Because each version of Windows has required more work or systems administrator, particularly if you are hardware resources than the previous one, you most upgrading from Windows 95, 98, or 98SE. likely will have to replace your computer as well. Before you can seriously consider upgrading, you have Windows 95 is a different story. It was a dramatic to be sure that your computer can handle the new improvement over the earlier versions of Windows. version of the operating system. The following are Newer versions of Windows (98, 98SE, and Me) are generally considered enhancements of Windows 95, (Continued on the next page) 11
  14. 14. (Continued from the previous page) ing over Windows usually produces an operating sys- Microsoft’s minimum system requirements for the tem that runs slower than one installed under a clean newer Windows versions. All upgrades also require a install. The updated registry (system information) is CD-ROM. likely to be somewhat messy and may be more likely to cause crashes. In addition, this won’t clear out old, • 98SE: 486/66 MHz processor, 24 MB of RAM, unused files or programs stored on your hard drive. If and between 205 and 260 MB of free disk space you make a backup of your current operating system • Me: 150 MHz processor, 32 MB of RAM, and be- (which is highly recommended) by selecting that op- tween 480 and 645 MB of free disk space tion while installing the new version, even more space • 2000: 133 MHz Pentium-compatible processor, 64 will be taken up on your hard drive. MB of RAM, and a 2 GB hard disk with at least With a clean install, you delete everything from your 650 MB of free space. hard drive by re-formatting it. Then you install the AR Take Microsoft’s minimum requirements with a grain new operating system and re-install any software and of salt. Those are the minimum requirements for the restore any data that you still need. You will have to operating system to run. If you want it to run more re-configure programs, networks, e-mail, printers, and than “just barely,” make sure you have a faster proces- any other peripherals you have connected to your sor, more RAM, and more available disk space than computer. Inexperienced users are advised not to take the minimums require. If your system doesn’t signifi- this approach without getting expert assistance. This cantly exceed the minimum, see if the hardware can method takes longer but you will end up with a faster, be upgraded, or consider purchasing a new computer. more stable operating system. In addition, this will Next, make sure that the software you want or need recover disk space lost to unused or orphan files and C to use will operate under the new versions of Windows. programs. Before starting this approach be sure to back There are always some programs that have to be modi- up your data. (See “Oh No, Where Did it Go?” on fied to work with the newer versions of operating page 8.) systems. The standard Microsoft Office programs If you have additional questions about upgrading H should be relatively safe, but you need to check with Windows, please call the HelpDesk at 348-2435. the manufacturer for all other software. You will also want to check with the manufacturers of any periph- eral hardware as well, such as printers or CD writers. Need Computer Hardware Repair? IV If your hardware exceeds Microsoft’s minimum rec- The University of Alabama has its own computer ommended standards and your software and hardware repair shop staffed with skilled technicians. If your are compatible, you are ready to upgrade. There are college or department has a service contract with two approaches you can take to the actual Windows Business Machine Services (BMS), hardware repairs upgrade. You can install the new operating system over on University-owned computers and peripherals are your current version, or you can perform what is called just a phone call away. (BMS does not perform any E a “clean install.” Each approach has its advantages and services on privately-owned computers.) disadvantages. To see if your department has a service contract or Installing over Windows is the easiest and quickest for information about setting up a contract, call way to upgrade. Generally, there will be no need to the BMS office at 348-7509. re-install other software, and your current configura- The professionals at Business Machine Services can tions for networks, e-mail, and printing will be car- also assist you in determining if your Dell, Hewlett ried over to the new system. For the inexperienced Packard, or Apple computer hardware or peripheral user, this is clearly the approach to take. There are is still under warranty. Please call for more several drawbacks to this approach, however. Install- information. 12
  15. 15. Student E-Mail Accounts Beginning this semester, every enrolled student at Faculty may use e-mail to communicate with the The University of Alabama has an e-mail account students in their classes. However, please keep the on bama.ua.edu. This gives University administra- following points in mind: tion and faculty another method of getting im- • Accounts on bama.ua.edu are completely sepa- portant information to students. rate from any other e-mail addresses students Students’ e-mail addresses are now an official part may have, including those on departmental serv- of their student directory information and are sub- ers (such as C&BA) or Internet service provid- ject to the same disclosure laws as other student ers (like AOL). information. Addresses for all students who have • Students will have access to their e-mail accounts not requested otherwise will be published in the as long as they remain enrolled at the Univer- AR printed directory as well as an on-line student di- sity, but their accounts will be deleted after they rectory. leave. Please do not leave important projects on Faculty and staff members with access to the SIS student accounts; contact the HelpDesk system can find a student’s e-mail address on screen (348-2435) for assistance with moving them to 10. The “business e-mail” field lists the another account. bama.ua.edu address, while the “personal e-mail” • Under no circumstance should students give out field may be a different address (if the student pro- their passwords, and you should not request vided that information). them to. Instruct students that have forgotten C their passwords to bring their ACTion cards to the HelpDesk (A-203 Gordon Palmer Hall). Campus Computer Labs H If you want to give your students an assignment that requires them to use a computer, go ahead! The University has IV over sixty computer labs across campus, so you should be able to find one that fulfills both your and your students’ requirements for software, equipment, location, and availability. E Students find the longer hours of operation of the Seebeck Computer Center lab convenient for For information about the computer labs working on important projects. Located in room 127 Gordon Palmer Hall, the lab is only closed on campus, visit our Web page at from midnight to 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays and pclabs.ua.edu, or call the HelpDesk at Sundays and on official University holidays. 348-2435. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you in finding a lab that suits your needs. 13
  16. 16. Communication Tools are those that allow Web access, such as accounts on bama.ua.edu. If you use bama for your e-mail, for Travelers go to bamamail.ua.edu and log in to check your mail. If you have plans to be out of the office, whether it's for University travel, vacation, or extended leave, there If you use another campus network, contact your lo- are some telephone and e-mail features that are cal network support for your remote mail options. If designed to make your absence easier for you and your you need more remote access to your mail than your coworkers. local network provides, bring your ACTion card to the HelpDesk at A-203 Gordon Palmer Hall to set Before you leave up a bama account, if you don’t already have one. Then talk to your network support personnel about forward- Set up a temporary voice mail greeting to let people ing mail sent to your departmental account to your AR know that you won’t be in the office. If possible, new bama account. tell them when you expect to be back. Once your department is on the new voice mail system, you’ll When you get back be able to set an expiration date on the temporary greeting. If you are still on the old system, simply If you didn’t set your voice mail greeting to auto- replace your current message with the temporary matically expire, or if your department is still on one. the older system, don’t forget to re-record your greeting. Set up a vacation response on your e-mail account. Just like your voice mail greeting, this lets people Turn off your vacation e-mail response. On most C know that you won’t be responding to your mes- networks, the procedure for removing the response sages right away. should be similar to setting it up. Account holders on bama go to the same site (bamamail.ua.edu , The auto-response feature for bama accounts was then click “Set up vacation response”) and click the designed to send only one vacation message to any- H check box to turn off the existing vacation message. one who e-mails you, no matter how many pieces of mail they send you while you’re away. If you are using a bama.ua.edu e-mail account, simply go to bamamail.ua.edu and click on “Set up vacation Getting a New PC? IV response” under “Tools.” This has to be done from the University’s network, so don’t forget to do it There are two current versions of Windows before you leave! available: Windows Millenium (Me) and Procedures for setting up vacation responses for Windows 2000. It sounds confusing, but it can departmental accounts vary, as do the configura- be easy to decide between the two. tions; contact your local computer support for in- E If you are purchasing a computer for your structions and more information. home, you should get Windows Me While you’re gone preinstalled. Windows Me is the continuation of the Windows 95/98 product line. If you need to stay connected to the office, check If you are getting a new computer for your your voice mail. The number for the new voice mail office, check with your system administrator. system is 348-3300; the old system is 348-9799. Your department may use Windows 2000, Many campus e-mail systems allow remote access which is the successor to Windows NT. to your e-mail, so that you can keep mail from piling up until you get back. The easiest systems to reach 14
  17. 17. Passwords: Out of Sight, Seebeck’s Network Support group, please call the HelpDesk at 348-2435 to report your problem. If you Out of Mind don’t know your support personnel or how to get in touch with them, contact the HelpDesk for assistance. It happens to all of us at one time or another. You go to check your e-mail, log into your local area network, UA2MVS (Secure System) or sign into the secure system, and you can’t remem- ber your password. If it’s been long enough since you For assistance with secure system logins, please con- used the system, sometimes you can’t even remember tact the HelpDesk at 348-2435 for referral to the your user name! If this happens to you, don’t worry proper personnel. If you attempt to log in too many and don’t be embarrassed. It’s easy to get back into times with an incorrect password, you will be locked the system. Just follow the instructions below for the out from the system (even if you then try to sign in University of Alabama system you are trying to use. with the correct password). You will need to call the AR HelpDesk to have your account unlocked. If you lose bama.ua.edu your SecureID card, contact the HelpDesk immediately. The Seebeck Computer Center HelpDesk in A-203 Gordon Palmer Hall handles password requests for accounts on bama.ua.edu. If you have forgotten your Telecommunication password, simply take your valid ACTion card to the HelpDesk and swipe it through the card reader on The Telecommunication Department is a fully the counter. You will receive a new account informa- functional telephone company owned, operated, C tion sheet including a new, randomly-selected and maintained by The University of Alabama. password. Telecommunication provides a wide range of ser- vices to both administrative and student For security purposes, HelpDesk consultants cannot customers. Students in all residence halls have give out account information or change passwords over H local telephone service, voice mail, call waiting, the phone. Also, there is no way for them to find out Bama On-Call long distance, 3-Way calling, and what your current password is; it must be reset to a local last number redial. Caller ID has also been new random password. You can then change it to a added to the basic service package for fall 2000. password that will be easier to remember as long as In addition to these services, Telecommunication IV that password meets some basic security requirements. offers its administrative customers long distance If you have been using FTP or telnet with your service, travel cards, data service, call transfer, call bama.ua.edu account, you will need to change your forwarding, intercom, message-waiting shell after having your password reset. The procedure indicators, conference calling, telephone equip- used to reset your password also sets your account to ment, and much more. “remote” use, which allows you to send and receive E For more information about services offered by e-mail through BamaMail or a POP3 or IMAP mail Telecommunication or to place an order, please program. Please see a HelpDesk consultant if you need visit their new Web site at telecom.ua.edu or call help setting up FTP or telnet access to your account. their office at 348-4444 during the University’s normal business hours. Your Local Area Network Password resets are handled by each individual net- work support team. If you need a new password for your local network, please contact your computer sup- port personnel. If your network is one maintained by 15
  18. 18. Faculty Resource Center The Faculty Resource Center (FRC) provides infor- • In-studio and on-site photography mation and assistance to University of Alabama fac- • Passport, placement, and immigration photographs ulty members interested in incorporating or expanding the use of technology in their instructional, adminis- Imaging Services can produce imaged materials from trative, and research activities. The staff of the FRC is negatives, original materials, and digital images and available to assist faculty with the creation, produc- deliver them in whatever format is needed. tion, and utilization of traditional media, multimedia, and Web-based materials. They can demonstrate how Visual Communication Design technology and software applications can be used to Visual Communication Design offers graphic design enhance classroom instruction; provide training on AR assistance that can transform ideas from visions to the latest software; and produce or assist with the substance. Turn to the resources and expertise of Visual creation of media and Web-based materials. From Communication Design if you need: seminars and workshops to one-on-one consultation and assistance, the Faculty Resource Center is here to • A single image, like a logo or chart serve the needs of faculty regarding the use of instruc- • Original, custom illustrations tional technology. • Computer-generated images Instructional Development Web Development C If you need multimedia materials such as Microsoft The Web Development staff offers assistance in design, PowerPoint presentations, Macromedia Director pre- development, and implementation of Web-based sentations, or QuickTime videos, FRC’s Instructional applications. They offer Web site production, man- Developers can help you. In addition, they support agement, and upgrades for faculty members, depart- traditional media materials, including the duplication H ments, colleges, and other areas affiliated with The and production of audio and video tapes. They can University of Alabama. The FRC’s Web Development also assist you with converting existing materials to team can utilize the latest applications, including new technologies. Instructional Development coor- WebCT, to shift instruction from the chalkboard to dinates the resources of the FRC when projects in- the Internet. IV volve combinations of services. It is also responsible for the weekly Faculty Technology Seminars (see next page), Summer Faculty Technology Workshops, and Faculty Resource Lab campus cable television programming. Located in A-204 Gordon Palmer Hall, the Faculty Resource Lab is open to faculty during regular Imaging Services University business hours. The lab offers a variety of E computer-based resources for hands-on use by the Offering a wide range of photographic services from faculty. These resources include Macintosh and traditional photographic materials to state-of-the-art Windows computers, each with a wide range of digital imaging, Imaging Services provides: creative software applications, slide and flatbed • Black and white and color film processing and scanners, color and black and white printers, video printing and digital still cameras with copystand, video • 35mm slide production, duplication, and conver- dubbing/editing equipment, and CD-R recording. sion to/from digital images Assistants are available to provide instructional support. • Reproduction of archival materials (Continued on the next page) 16
  19. 19. Computer Training Oppor tunities Seebeck Computer Center provides a variety of Schedule” on page four); and a two-class series on Web computer training courses in conjunction with publishing. Prerequisites, if any, vary by class. Human Resource Development (formerly Staff Almost all computer classes are taught in the Office Training and Development). Whether you need of Information Services’ training lab, which is instruction in basic computer skills or more specialized equipped with 15 PCs (one of which is connected to computer applications, you should be able to find a a projector system) and two iMacs. Please note that class that fits your needs. while Macintosh products can be used for most of The typical learning track begins with training in PC the instructor-led courses, Macintosh users are still and file concepts, Web browsing, and e-mail. These asked to fulfill the Microsoft Windows e-Test prereq- AR classes are designed for computer beginners as well as uisites to ensure that they can understand Windows- intermediate-level users. Most people then go on to based instruction. take the Microsoft Windows and Office e-Courses, Human Resource Development publishes a calendar computer-based training programs that allow you to every semester listing the courses that will be offered. learn at your own pace. (A proctor is present to assist The current listing can also be found on their Web you.) After the completion of an e-Course, you will site at bama.ua.edu/~hr/st-dev . To register for a class take a computer-based e-Test to ensure that you are or request more information, please call Human ready for the intermediate level class. Resource Development at 348-7125 or e-mail Intermediate classes are offered in Microsoft Word, mkarrh@bama.ua.edu. C Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. These courses are instructor led and project based. E-Test certifications (Continued from the previous page) in both Windows and the program being taught are required to make sure that all students benefit from Weekly Faculty Technology H the course material. Seminars Specialized topics offered include desktop publishing in PageMaker; using the University’s central calendar Throughout the fall and spring, the FRC offers free system (see the calendar story “Take Charge of Your weekly technology seminars for faculty. Some of the many topics offered are WebCT, Macromedia IV Dreamweaver and Director, HTML editing, Adobe ImageReady, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Seminars are offered at different levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced. For More Information E Go to the Faculty Resource Center’s Web site at www.frc.ua.edu to learn more about the FRC’s ser- vices (including the weekly technology seminars and The Faculty Resource Lab contains a variety of the FRC Lab), to see tutorials and demonstrations of Macintosh and Windows computers for faculty use. software applications, and to access free resources, such as digitized photo images, PowerPoint templates, sound and video files, and backgrounds for Web pages. 17
  20. 20. Creating a Course Web Site Many faculty members are looking at ways to use new Providing class materials online often involves the technology to enhance their classes. An easy first step question of copyright. Sometimes faculty members is providing course materials such as lecture notes or use materials to which they have the copyright, while supplementary readings on a Web site. Your account other times they use materials under the “fair use” on bama.ua.edu can host your Web site, with room copyright exception or other agreements that may for personal and professional information (such as specify terms of use. Whenever you deal with copy- research interests and your vita) as well as material for righted material, you should take steps to ensure only your students to use. If you don’t have a bama account, authorized individuals have access to it. For example, bring your valid ACTion card to the HelpDesk in it is generally accepted that the fair use exception only A-203 Gordon Palmer Hall. You can get an account allows you to make a small portion of a work avail- in about 5-10 minutes. able to a limited number of people for a limited time. AR For course material that you are putting on your bama There are many resources available to help you create account, you may need to restrict access to only those your course site. If you want to learn how to create a people in that course at that time. More information site on your own, there are links and resources at about restricting access to a Web site (including a more helpdesk.ua.edu/bama/web. That section also con- detailed discussion of copyright and fair use) is avail- tains the instructions for publishing a site on your able at helpdesk.ua.edu/bama/web/protect.shtml . bama account. If you want more personal instruction, Also at that location is a link to a Web tool to assist you could attend one or more of the seminars offered you in protecting your Web pages. by the Faculty Resource Center (FRC) or the Web C Page Production classes provided through Human If you need more than static course material online, Resource Development. For a schedule of upcoming you may be interested in WebCT. With WebCT you FRC seminars please see their Web site at can create an entire learning environment, either to www.frc.ua.edu . Human Resource Development supplement an existing course or to create a separate publishes a training calendar every semester, or you online class. In addition to publishing course notes H can visit their Web site (bama.ua.edu/~hr/st-dev). In and syllabi, WebCT can also help you create online addition to the scheduled seminars, the Faculty tests and quizzes, which can be timed and automati- Resource Center offers individual assistance in plan- cally graded. Your class materials are restricted to the ning, developing, and deploying your course site; see user names and passwords of your students, enabling IV their site for more information. student and page tracking. Classes can have both live chats and threaded discussions (bulletin boards). It is Please remember that your personal bama account is also easy to insert audio or video into the learning for your use alone; you should never give your pass- environment. As the instructor, you choose what you word to anyone else. If you are developing course want in your class area; for example, if you don’t want materials for a site in collaboration with other faculty a chat area, you don’t have to have one. If you want members or graduate assistants, please contact the E more information about WebCT or are interested in HelpDesk about creating a special account for that creating a WebCT course, please see webct.ua.edu or class. contact Susan Lucas at 348-0216 or susan@frc.ua.edu. Do you maintain a departmental Unix machine? Contact the HelpDesk at 348-2435 about a FREE security scan! 18
  21. 21. How Popular are Your Web P ages? Do you want to track the number of times your Web 3. Insert the following as HTML code in your page site has been “hit” or visited? Do you want to show where you want the number to be displayed. (If your visitors how many others have been there be- you are using a Web page editor, consult its Help fore? If so, then you want to add a counter to your files for information about inserting HTML code.) Web site. There are many Web sites that offer “free” For cardinal numbers: counter programs. The problem is that most of them <!--#include virtual=”/cgi-bin/counter”--> require placing advertisements on your page along For ordinal numbers: with the counter. Since bama.ua.edu is a University- <!--#include virtual=”/cgi-bin/counter-ord”--> owned machine, advertisements on bama-hosted Web 4. Surround the tag with text for your counter. For pages are prohibited. (If you weren’t aware of this, you example you may want to display “You are visitor should check out the computer policies at AR number ” before the cardinal counter or “You are computercenter.ua.edu/policy in case there are other the ” before and “ visitor” after the ordinal counter. restrictions that you should know about.) 5. Publish your page to your bama.ua.edu Web site as If you want a counter on your page, use the ones you normally would. Until the page is published already provided for you on bama.ua.edu. Just follow to bama, you won’t be able to see your counter in a these simple steps: browser. 1. The names of any pages on which you want to dis- 6. Make sure that you are now viewing the page with play one of these counters must end with the ex- the .shtml extension. This means checking your C tension .shtml instead of .html or .htm. When you links and possibly deleting the copy with the .html rename a page, make sure that you correct any links or .htm extension. to it from other pages. If you have any problems, please call the HelpDesk at 2. Decide which form you want the number to be in. 348-2435. Choose between cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3…) and H ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…). IV HelpDesk consultants and students hard at work. The HelpDesk uses a problem tracking system (below) to make sure that everyone’s needs are addressed. E 19
  22. 22. Your.Name@ua.edu E-mail addresses can be kind of cryptic. Students’ mail to your firstname.lastname@ua.edu e-mail ad- accounts on campus systems usually have numbers at dress and receive it just like all of your other mail. the end, and it is hard to remember which e-mail systems use first initials and which just use last names, To get a bama.ua.edu account: or how much of the last names are included. The last 1. Bring your ACTion card to the HelpDesk in A-203 thing you want is to miss an important e-mail mes- Gordon Palmer Hall. sage because the sender was confused about your ad- dress. 2. Fill out a short form indicating your desired username and e-mail alias. A simple answer to this problem is to use an e-mail 3. Wait a few minutes for your account to be created alias. This address should be easy for your correspon- AR and an account information sheet to print. dents to remember, and they won’t have to know which department you’re in or how that network is To recover a forgotten bama.ua.edu account set up. All they’ll need to know is your first name, name or password: your last name, and that you’re with the University. (In case of duplicates, your alias may have to use your 1. Bring your ACTion card to the HelpDesk in A-203 middle initial or name as well.) Gordon Palmer Hall. 2. Swipe your ACTion card through the reader on the To get your e-mail alias, get an account on counter. bama.ua.edu. If you want, you can use this account C for all of your e-mail; it is very flexible and can be 3. Wait a minute for a new account sheet to print. accessed using a mail program like Netscape Messen- ger or Microsoft Outlook. You can also use BamaMail To forward your bama.ua.edu mail to your with your bama account to read and send e-mail from existing account: a Web page. No matter where you are, as long as you H 1. From a computer on the campus network, go to can find a computer connected to the Internet, you the Web site bamamail.ua.edu . can check your mail. This can be particularly useful if 2. Under “Tools,” choose “Set up automatic mail for- you travel a lot. warding.” However, if you don’t want to change mail systems 3. Follow the instructions, making sure to type your IV just to use your new e-mail alias, you don’t have to. forwarding address correctly and choosing not to Simply forward your bama.ua.edu mail to your exist- leave a copy of e-mail on bama. (Leaving a copy ing e-mail account. You can then tell people to send can cause your disk space to fill up and eventually block mail from being forwarded.) E Contact the HelpDesk if you need computer help: Call: 348-2435 E-mail: Help.Desk@ua.edu Come by: A-203 Gordon Palmer Hall You can also visit our Web site at helpdesk.ua.edu . 20