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  1. 1. The LIMac F E B R U A R Y 19 9 9 NEWSLETTER OF THE LONG ISLAND MACINTOSH USERS GROUP LIMac has been serving Macintosh There was no January meeting, but heeeere’s February’s. users on Long Island since 1984, when the February’s meeting will feature a presentation effective back-up solution. LIMac Inc. Mac was introduced. by Tim Sprau of LaCie on their extensive line | January’s meeting was cancelled due to P.O. Box 518 Annual dues for of storage products. LaCie has announced bad weather. We will reschedule the file sharing Seaford, NY 11783 membership is $24. storage peripherals compatible with the network demonstration at a later date. President First meeting is free. FireWire interface that are standard on Apple’s | A note regarding future programs for our Bill Medlow For information, you new line of PowerMac G3s. Tim will be meeting: At the board’s request, I have volun- ArchBill@aol.com can contact any of Vice President discussing these devices as well as their line of teered to be the group’s Program Coordinator the following: Al Choy USB (Universal for 1999. If you achoy@villagenet.com Membership Serial Bus) have any sugges- Treasurer Donald Hennessy peripherals. tions regarding Max Rechtman (516) 541-3186 Apple is aggres- these programs or MaxLIMac@aol.com aboutlimac@aol.com sively incorporating contacts with Secretary Public Domain new I/O technolo- vendors, please let Bernie Flicker Software gies such as me know either by 516-398-9790 Helen and FireWire and USB e-mail or a tele- The LIMac FORUM Sheldon Gross Editors/Graphics that allow you to phone call. Besides (212) 799-5655 Mo Lebowitz shel9@earthlink.net attach devices demonstrations by Loretta Lebowitz directly to the vendors, the group MoLeb@aol.com Technical Advice Bradley Dichter System. You can both plug and unplug FireWire can also use demonstrations by a few members Distribution (516) 348-4772 and USB devices without restarting the System. on programs with which they have expertise. Wallace Lepkin bdichter@cdr.net The new G3s come with two FireWire and two Please let me know if you are interested. 0 Donald Hennessy Program USB ports. –Balan Nagraj Printing Coordinator Tim will also be demonstrating LaCie’s Willow Graphics Kirk Cronk DVD-RAM Drive. According to LaCie, the Friday, February 12, at 7P.M., Building 400, (516) 785-5360 cronk@etany.com rewritable 5.2GB DVD subsystem is a cost- The NY Institute of Technology. Imagesetting A&B Graphics Beginners SIG (516) 433-8228 Donald Hennessy Wally Lepkin Fruitful Stuff in February: The FORUM is wallace171@aol.com published monthly by DTP SIG All meetings formerly We are collecting $26 annual dues for 1999. LlMac. All contents, Balan Nagraj in Building 500 will Please pay at the door or send checks to: except where noted, (516) 427-0952 now meet in Room Donald Hennessy are copyright ©1999 balan448@aol.com 408 of Building 400. LIMac Inc. by LIMac. Opinions ED SIG P.O. Box 518 expressed are the Beginners SIG: Seaford, New York 11783 views of the authors Rick Matteson rickgm@earthlink.net Friday, February 19, and do not neces- at 7:00 P.M. LIMac Meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at the New sarily reflect those of Internet SIG York Institute of Technology (Building. 400), at Northern Al Choy Guest speaker Alan LIMac. Contents may Gordon discussing Boulevard, Old Westbury. To see if school is open in bad be reprinted for non- achoy@villagenet.com weather, call (516) 686-7789. beginner Internet. commercial use, with Internet Address due acknowledgment http://www.limac.org The next LIMac board meeting will be at the DTP SIG: Friday, February 12, at 9:00 P.M. to LIMac. Plainedge Library on Monday, February 15, To be decided. 1998 at 8:00 P.M. Internet SIG: Monday, Feb. 15, 7:30 P.M. Correction: The credits for the December Further exploration of the Internet in the meeting photographs were omitted in January’s auditorium of the Bethpage Public Library. issue of the FORUM. They should have read “All photos by Smile Photo.”
  2. 2. FinderPop MACADDICT disks). by Scott Randell FinderPop extends the Contextual Menu power of Mac OS 8.x in many ways. For instance: I don’t know about you, but I | Click and hold, eliminating the need for the don’t find the Spring Loaded Folders in Mac OS Control key. 8.1 particularly helpful in navigating through | Process, a menu item, tells you every program Volumes and Folders, and I had a hard time that is running. controlling the pop-up timing until I found | Contents (my favorite), gives you a menu of the FinderPop, a control panel recently recommended contents of any Folder or Volume you control-click in MACADDICT (you’ll find it on quite a few of the (or click and hold). You can then (Continued P.3 top) 2 President’s Message Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White): Technical Corner Compatibility issues overview. LIMac is always looking for great presentations The new Power Mac G3s, officially called for our general meetings – something different, “Power Mac G3 (Blue and White),” represent a Bill Medlow interesting and timely. Now we see many significant leap forward for Apple. Overall, the President people purchasing iMacs and other computers machines look great to me, and I hope to get ArchBill@aol.com spurred by the Internet. Although we have our one soon. But for all of their cool features own regular Internet SIG (Special Interest (including FireWire, USB, a 400MHz G3, ATI Group), we wanted to reach out to the general Rage 128, and newly designed case), there are community and provide some information on some significant potential roadblocks to a the Internet, and at the same time, tell them smooth upgrade from older Power Macs. For who we are and how we can be of assistance example, legacy SCSI devices, external modems, to them. and memory upgrades all have problems with TIP! Based on this, LIMac, in addition to our the new G3s at the moment. Many of the prob- Ripped edges from regular general meeting on Friday, March 12th, lems are shared by the iMac, but they are more will have a special meeting on Friday, March serious for the power users that are the market scans in Photoshop: A tried and true 19th, at which we will present an Internet for the G3s. Most of the problems will be STUFF! method to get the torn how-to at the Borders bookstore from 7:30 to solved simply by the passage of time, as the paper look is simply 9:30 P.M. Borders is adjacent to the Fortunoff needed peripherals and adapters become scanning the actual Source Mall in Westbury on Old Country available. For now, let’s see where we are. edges of torn paper. Road. The new G3s: what’s not there That sounds terribly With a live feed from the Internet Amid all the hoopla of what they do have, it’s old fashioned doesn’t connected to the demonstration computers also worth noting what the new G3s don’t it? But by ripping your for this presentation, we will discuss the World have: similar to the iMac, these new machines own paper, you can control and get what Wide Web, including some search tips and do not have a floppy drive, do not have an SCSI New free e-zine from you want. tactics; views of popular search engines port and do not have any traditional serial a LIMac member. Any paper printed including Sherlock; and Internet sites about ports. They do have one ADB port. There is a Frank Feldmann is with a solid area of such topics as finance, art, music, literature, location for an internal modem, but the launching his new free black ink will work history, and more. We may even send an e-mail modem itself does not come included in any of monthly e-zine entitled well. Use black to Australia or some other equally distant land. the standard configurations. There are four The Net in a Nutshell because you can While utilizing our Powerbook G3 and internal drive bays: three for hard drives and which is primarily then colorize it or use InFocus projection system at the March 19th one for a Zip drive. concerned with it as a mask. You’ll demonstration, we are also making arrange- The new G3s come with four PCI slots, you Website promotion find that the 15-cent and Internet ments to show the latest Mac products available can really only use three of them. One of them black construction marketing. paper works very on the Internet. 0 is needed for the graphics card, to which you To subscribe, well. If you tear attach your monitor. The monitor connector is go to http:// slowly, you can now a standard VGA connector (although the netinanutshell. actually control the Mac comes with an adapter that allows you to listbot.com/. resulting edge – more connect older monitors). The first issue was or less ragged – or For still more technical details on these new distributed around contour around a G3s, check out the new Power Mac G3 devel- January 15. Hereafter, graphic, etc. If you oper note. Among other things, it points out past issues will be use a coated paper, that these new Macs use the same NewWorld archived at http:// printed black (ie, www.listbot.com/ ROM-in-RAM approach started with the iMac. magazines) you may archive/netinanut- SCSI even get that very shell. thin and delicate As just stated, the new G3s do not have a SCSI Good luck, Frank. white edge of the port. This presents a problem for users with actual paper. Back legacy external SCSI devices that they currently that up with black for use: can they somehow still be used with the scanning, and presto, new Macs? The answer is yes, but you will need instant male and an adapter card or cable to do so.(Go to Page 3) female paper edges. THE LIMAC FORUM/FEBRUARY 1999
  3. 3. navigate to whatever File or Folder (Application, | You can also select the font and its size for the I have not as yet explored all its features but version) can be found on recent MACADDICt CDs or etc.) you are currently highlighting. (This is much FinderPop submenus, as well as generic or custom the Contents feature alone makes navigating pay a visit its creator’s (Turlough O’Connor) URL at easier than using Spring Loaded Folders. ) icons and their sizes The choices of preferences in Volumes and Folders much easier. The best part of http://www.finderpop.com where you can down- | Add Aliases of any Application, Folder or File to the tabbed Control Panel is a little on the overkill all is that FinderPop is freeware. That’s right, load the newest version with all of his changes the FinderPop Items folder, and you can instantly side, but as you use FinderPop, you’ll see why FinderPop costs you nothing. So if you are finding right there to read about as well as sign up for gain access to them no matter where you click. O’Conner included them. it difficult navigating with Spring Loaded Folders, future upgrade notices from him. 0 | There are many other features including Make | And, all of your other specialized Contextual drop a copy of FinderPop in your System Folder Alias and Move To Trash, active programs, access Menu items are included in the pop-up menu and make working on your Mac even easier and to you Mac’s viewing alternatives, Get Info, Open panel of FinderPop, either in the panel or as a more fun. and practically all you’ll ever need to work with. heirarchical submenu. Lots of choices! As I said before, FinderPop (1.7.6 is the current More Technical Corner For SCSI devices, I advise against an SCSI- end SCSI card (non-booting) and a $150.00 3 to-USB adapter, as this will considerably slow higher-end (bootable) card by the end of MORE down your performance. Instead, get an SCSI January. For the time being, I have my SCSI TECH Regarding our RAM PCI card (which can be had for around $50- devices connected to my old 7500 and have an Charger review: $75). However, (as explained below), you may Ethernet/AppleShare connection going – slow Q. What is meant by “Testing of RAM not be able to startup from your SCSI device, and cumbersome, but effective. The Keyspan the term bandwidth? Charger with Mac OS even though it otherwise mounts fine. The fol- USB/Serial adapter works flawlessly with my A. The term bandwidth refers to the amount 8.5, combined with lowing reader comments provide more details: GV Teleport modem, but it does not work with reports from our users, of data that can flow A recent issue of the MACINTOSH WEEKLY my Epson Photo 700 printer. I’m pretty sure over a network or, has revealed that RAM JOURNAL states: “Apple did not – and could the problem is with the Epson drivers not Charger does not between computers not – abandon SCSI completely. Too many being “Comm Toolbox savvy” and that the and peripheral devices operate fully under OS 8.5 or later versions. people have too many SCSI peripherals that problem is not with the Keyspan adapter. For in a fixed amount of In practice, most users need to play with any new 1999 Power about $40.00 I picked up the Epson parallel to time. The word has report they are able to Macintosh G3 systems they buy. Apple is USB adapter and that works just great with my been used more use RAM Charger and presenting a simple escape – a single-channel Photo 700. It comes with a USB driver on CD- frequently in recent More About This Mac Ultra Wide SCSI PCI card for $50 as a build-to- ROM which appears to be exactly the same years. as Internet under OS 8.5 (icon order option. Again, however, it’s more of a driver that is on the Epson FTP site. The Epson users, seeking faster connections for down- related problems usu- future thing – it won’t be available for a few adapter is readily available at your local ally being fixed by a loading files and weeks, and even when it is available some CompUSA store (at least mine anyway). Finally viewing Web, pages, disk fix utility and/or reports say you won’t be able to boot from any I purchased the Asante LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Desktop rebuild), but have been constantly devices attached to it. Other companies supply adapter and it works great with my laser printer, on the lookout for only some users report SCSI PCI cards that allow bootable devices, but and no software is required to make it work. more bandwidth. It is success with OS 8.5.1. “After pouring our they typically cost around twice as much as Anton Rang writes: Users may not be able a measure of capacity, hearts and souls (not Apple’s not-yet-here option, reportedly made to boot from some SCSI cards. The new not transmission to mention our wal- by Adaptec. Iomega told NEWSBYTES it will be machines require an Open Firmware SCSI speed. For digital lets) into this product providing a SCSI-to-FireWire cable to avoid driver (written in Forth) to read the MacOS devices like an for over seven years, releasing a FireWire version of the Jaz remov- ROM from the boot disk. Most cards don’t external hard drive, the bandwidth is we are very reluctant able media drive, another possibility for include this yet because it has never been to leave it at this. commonly calculated inexpensive transitions.” required before. Once the MacOS ROM has in bits per second However, at this time D. Tony Bulik writes: There seems to be a been loaded, the existing MacOS SCSI driver we are sorry to say (bps); in the case of definite incompatibility in SCSI cards. I have a can run…so if you boot from the ATA drive or networking, it is that we don’t have the SCSI-based Jaz, Zip and UMAX scanner. I had from CD, you can continue to use your existing measured in megabits resources to commit to 8.5 compatibility, the best shot at working (since two of the SCSI card, even though you can’t boot from it per second (mbps). due to the shrinking peripherals were made by Iomega). Also it’s until the ROM update is available. Apple’s Ethernet, a com- market for a product only $99.95 and it’s Ultra SCSI. The Jaz Jet Ultra-2 SCSI card does include an Open puter-network system like this in the ever- card is definitely not compatible. My G3 freezes Firmware driver, and you can boot from that used widely in offices, changing Macintosh immediately upon bootup before any card. I’d expect updates for many other cards can support data speeds of up to 10 community. We con- happy/sad Macs or the splash screen. I tried to be out soon. tinue to look for a new mbps. FireWire, a every possible combination of PCI slots and Bob Vayda writes: Using a 68-pin to SCSI-2 newer technology business strategy or termination combinations. I spoke to Iomega cable, I’ve had a Jaz drive running perfectly… partnership that will developed by Apple tech support (who were actually very courteous well…almost. I have to turn on but not insert a Computer, is much allow us to accommo- date the changes in and helpful) and they said I was about the Jaz disk, otherwise the Mac will not boot. faster; it, is supposed OS 8.5 and future tenth person reporting this problem. They The modem to support data updates.” predicted a 30-to 60-day wait for resolution, There is no direct way to attach an external speeds of up to 400 Robert Thornton, and recommended that I just return it. As far as modem to the new G3s. Even worse, Apple’s mbps. High band- President I can tell, the only SCSI card that currently internal modem is not yet available. Several widths are faster than Cris Mooney, works with the B&Ws is the Adaptec 2940 readers offer their reactions and potential low bandwidths because they have Lead Programmer series, but the low-end variation is about work-arounds: Scott Johnson, more room to move $300.00. I think this card, or a variation, is what Mark Yoshinaka writes: I should be data. Sales Coordinator, ships with the 400 MHz SCSI B&Ws. I’m receiving a Keyspan USB-to-Serial Adapter this Jump Development –J. D. Biersdorfer hearing that Adaptec will release a $50.00 low- week and when I do, (Go to Page 4) Group THE LIMAC FORUM/FEBRUARY 1999
  4. 4. Long Island Macintosh Users Group Post Office Box 518 Seaford, New York 11783 http://www.limac.org products. Friday, Feb orage . 12, of st 7P. line M . ve NY i ir extens IT Febru DO I LOOK the FUNNY? a ry’ n sm eo eetin g will fe fLaCi ature Tim Sprau o 4 More Technical Corner I’ll find out whether the adapter and/or my US User Group News I would like to bring to your attention an Robotics v.90 Faxmodem works. According to article published in the PHILADELPHIA the Keyspan Website, the adapter should work INQUIRER (December 27th, 1998) entitled with all modems. “User Groups Survive despite Internet and The mouse and keyboard Easier Computing” by Reid Goldsborough. Max Rechtman The new G3s come with the same mouse and Goldsborough points out that “computer user MaxLIMac@aol.com keyboard that comes with the iMac. People groups are as old as computers themselves but, used to Apple’s Extended Keyboard and ADB ironically, as computers in recent years have AWARD ANOTHER mouse will probably not find this an improve- become more popular and easier to use, user The FORUM is a User ment. Happily (unlike the iMac), the new G3s groups have hit hard times. Membership in Group Academy Award have an ADB port, so you can still use your many groups is down considerably from a peak winner for 1998: older board and mouse. Also, MacSense has in the late 1980s, and the number of groups has The FORUM has won its released iCatch. It’s a $10 plastic cover for the decreased. The Internet is responsible because second award of the mouse that gives it a more traditional shape. you can now obtain information and advice as year. On January 6, RAM/DIMMs easily as firing up your Web browser.” 1999, at the Regina As stated in an Apple TIL article (#58235), the Goldsborough outlines reasons (provided by Hotel in San new G3s can use 64 or (for the first time) various user group leaders) why many user Francisco, the 1998 higher density 128MBit DIMMs. groups continue to flourish: User Group Academy However, as found in the G3 Developers | Computer user groups help people cut Awards were hosted at The Apple User Group Note: “The DIMM modules used in any through the clutter. Breakfast, and the previous Power Macintosh or Power . | User groups provide trusted, digested FORUM won a Special Macintosh G3 computer model are not information. Judges Citation in the compatible with the Power Macintosh G3 | User group members have a history of Medium User Group described in this note. The SDRAM DIMM helping each other. category. Help us modules must be PC-100 compliant, 168-pin, | User groups often involve themselves in continue the good 3.3-volt, unbuffered, and rated at 125 MHz public-service activities. work by submitting a (8ns) or faster. Several readers claim that there | Ultimately, computer user groups put a review, letter, tip or is no current availability of this RAM. human face on all the bits and bytes. “It’s the article via e-mail to Miscellaneous other issues humanity that can’t be duplicated in an moleb@aol.com. Speech recognition. The new G3s do not electronic environment.” support speech recognition “at this time.” (TIL article #58201) The full text of the article can be found at http://www.phillynews.com/inquirer/98/Dec/27/ FOR Apple Studio Display 21. Due to the business/COMP27.htm. 0 SALE! requirement of on-board USB, the Apple AppleWorks 5 Studio Display 21 can be connected only to Complete USB based computers. An earlier Power $45.00 Macintosh with a USB card installed is not a Work supported configuration. (TIL article #58212) 0 212-331-4176 Harold –Rick LePage (rl@macintouch.com) hjs@abt.net THE LIMAC FORUM/FEBRUARY 1999