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  • 1. ENCODER Vortex Surround Encoder is a surround sound utility application that allows you to freely combine and encode several individual sound files into a single multichannel master file. It can handle input and output files in any common channel configuration and it is compatible with the most popular file formats used in surround sound, from binaural headphone encoding all the way to 7.1 and beyond. VSE’s clean and simple user interface allows drag-and-drop importing of files and in-place editing of the most essential sound parameters.
  • 2. Vortex Surround Encoder features 9 Economical all-in-one surround file manipulation utility 9 Assemble and encode up to 16-track files 9 Excellent multichannel file management tool for interleaving, de-interleaving, combining, and changing file types 9 Encodes multichannel files for binaural playback, enabling spatial audio on iPods, Web sites, and other venues where multichannel playback is not practical 9 Supports AIFF, WAV, SD2, Raw PCM, Binaural WAV, Ogg Vorbis, DTS 44.1 9 Quick playback of up to 8-channel multichannel files Surround sound your way Unlike most multichannel authoring software, VSE does not require your work by accepting multiple file types in an efficient mix-and- that you choose from a predetermined collection of channel formats match, drag-and-drop interface. Set up and balance your surround such as 5.1 or 7.1. You can assign the channels the way you need system with the built-in multichannel pink noise generator, assemble them, so whether you’re designing a kiosk in 2.1 or planetarium your tracks and assign their channels, export the composite file show in 14.4 you can set up the channels the way you want them. in whatever format you choose — all with one integrated user interface. Never get “lost in translation” In a world of competing media formats it’s reassuring to know that File sharing, surround-style your production tools can easily get you “from here to there.” VSE Using the latest in contemporary codecs, VSE ensures higher audio can read and write most popular sound file formats, including AIFF, quality than a stereo CD, whether your output file is in 5.1 discrete Wave, Raw PCM, Ogg Vorbis, and Windows Media 9, with whatever surround or immersive binaural format, while keeping the file size sampling rate or resolution your audio player can support. down to that of a stereo MP3 file. Now you can easily share your surround sound files over the Internet using playback formats Reducing the “drag” in your work flow native to Macintosh and PC users. Tired of production delays caused by format mismatches and tedious file conversions? VSE is designed to put the “flow” back in Immersive Media Research, LLC. 866.372.3688 © 2005 Immersive Media Research, LLC. All Rights Reserved.