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Download John's Resume - Computation.Com Inc

  1. 1. John T. Nelson Software Designer and Engineer 8340 Greensboro Dr. #223 McLean VA 22102 (703) 356-6514 SUMMARY Over 26 years professional software design and development experience in defense, aerospace, telecom, financial and applied research environments. Full life-cycle software analysis, design and development expertise. Object oriented software design and development, enterprise, client/server applications design and development experience. Founder, President and Senior Consultant of Inc., a small IT firm headquartered in Northern Virginia. Currently developing Cocoa based application software for Mac OS X and iPhone platforms. Implementing a genetic algorithm study of lattice-based protein-folding developed under Eclipse and Java. Developing computer based trading and analysis systems based on technical analysis methods. CLEARANCES TS/SCI (inactive since 1991) TECHNICAL EXPERTISE LANGUAGES AND PLATFORMS ANALYSIS AND TOOLS  ANSI C / C++  Microsoft Excel / VBA  NeXTStep / Objective-C  Microsoft Access  XCode / Interface Builder  Crystal Reports / Dundas Charts  Mac OS X / Cocoa  SQA Basic/Rational Robot  iPhone SDK  Eclipse / Java WEB DEVELOPMENT  Visual Studio / Visual Basic  ASP.NET / C# / VB  HTML / CSS OPERATING SYSTEMS  PHP / Joomla  Mac OS Classic / Mac OS X  Cold Fusion  NeXTStep / OpenStep  Javascript  Unix / Linux  Able Commerce framework  Sun OS / Solaris  Windows XP TRADING PLATFORMS  AMIBroker / AFL DATABASE  Metatrader 4 / MQ4  Sybase / Transact-SQL  Quotes Plus 3  Oracle 7  Excel / Visual Basic  SQL Server  Enterprise Object Framework CONSULTING EXPERIENCE AEC Software, 3/2007 – 8/2007 Software Analyst/Developer Investigated commercial CRM, e-commerce and integration solutions and developed cost-benefit analysis for AEC management. Developed company web store using Able Commerce (an object oriented web application and framework), IIS, Visual Basic/ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005. Developed license key validation, serial number
  2. 2. registration and company custom business processes in HTML, CSS, Javascript and ASP.NET. Participated in product licensing database modeling. Extended the Able Commerce server side framework to notify users of validated license keys and downloadable digital products. Freddie Mac, 10/2006 – 1/2007 Software Analyst/Developer Developed automated testing software using Rational Robot/Test Manager and a proprietary Freddie Mac framework developed in SQA Basic. Robot scripts are used to regression test Project Enterprise loan and contract sell-side web applications. Appix, 11/2005 – 3/2006 Software Analyst/Developer Enhanced mortgage-backed securities consolidation and trading applications used by large financial houses. Developed under Sun Solaris, C++, X Windows/Motif and Sybase database backend. Integrated PAM authentication into application framework. Tested and performed a detailed code review/walk-through of an ASP.NET based web application used to create and track homebuilder liens. Web application was based on Visual Studio 2005, ASP.NET / C# and SQL Server database backend. Midnight Mage, 9/2005 - present Macintosh Software Developer Currently developing video capture software under Macintosh Cocoa framework. The software captures video and audio from Apple iSight devices, stores in QuickTime movie format and exports to various movie formats. Also started developing for the iPhone SDK. Developed applications under Xcode 2.0 and 3.1, Objective C 1.0 and 2.0, QTKit and QuickTime frameworks. Freddie Mac, 7/2005 – 8/2005 Software Engineer Enhanced and re-engineered Custodial Reconciliation System (CRS) reporting and payment adjustment front-end application. CRS application displays aggregated payment information, filters and summarizes payments, displays security detail, collects interest and principal adjustments through VB interface and submits adjustment requests to WebLogic backend accruals and calculation engine using HTTP object. Developed application using Visual Basic and Sybase database. Developed front-end business reports (payment exceptions, interest shortfall) using Crystal Reports and custom Excel object to control batching of tasks and collection of back-end data. Developed package installers to distribute the front-end on Freddie Mac LAN and deployed releases of the Java-based backend engine to WebLogic. Isoterix, 9/2004 – 3/2005 Software Engineer Enhanced and developed military logistics web application under the Defense Logistics Agency’s World Wide Industry Capabilities Assessment Procurement (WICAP) program. Implemented system forms, navigation infrastructure, database tables and stored procedures. Developed under ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, embedded Crystal Reports and UIP Application Block for forms navigation Developed VB/.NET/ ETL application to convert and import realty data into our database model as well as ASP.NET forms and subsystems for realty account tracking web application. Participated in development of Isoterix’s next generation military logistics web application. Created forms, custom user controls, database access code and stored procedures. Integrated MDX queries into the application. Developed web application under using ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Dundas embedded Charts and Microsoft Analysis Services / OLAP server. Fannie Mae, 9/2002 – 4/2004 Software Engineer Supported and enhanced two critical Fannie Mae systems (Delivery loan acquisition and ARDB business reporting system) and took the lead on various development and analysis tasks. Developed production tools in Unix shell and Perl. Enhanced back-end systems under Sun Solaris servers using Sun Workshop 6.1 / C++, Sybase database and Autosys job control system. Provided support to business users and maintained Visual Basic front-end application used to approve and process loans. Maintained and extended ARDB analyst reporting application, as well as ARDB server side processing system. Participated in various testing and migration projects requiring extensive use of SQL, stored procedures, front-end and backend database tools. ARDB front-end developed under Access 2000, Excel 2000 and VBA.
  3. 3. Participated in performance enhancement of Java based ETL back-end system. Translated Java-based program into a pure Sybase SQL/BCP application. Washington Gas, 5/2002 – 6/2002 Software Engineer Developed enhancements to in-house reporting suite using Visual Studio/C++, Crystal Reports, SQL Server and third-party report / job control system. Lexonia Internet Services LLC, 1998 - 2002 Co-founder/Partner Participated in operational and technical management of Internet web hosting company. Maintained network/computer hardware and applications, provide customer relations and customer support. Coded support utilities in C, Perl, and Unix shell. Prototyped company web site using Cold Fusion, Postgres SQL, Javascript, HTML, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. MCI/Worldcom, 9/1994 – 6/2001 Software Designer and Developer Participated in team full-life cycle development of MCI’s next generation order entry and network provisioning applications using Objective C, Enterprise Object Framework (EOF) and Oracle database in NeXTStep and OpenStep environments. Developed backend servers in C++, Corba, Roguewave and Oracle under HP/UX. Developed business analysis, design and technical documentation, system deployment plans, and provided onsite installation and consulting to users at the provisioning centers. Participated in requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and performance analysis of Windows NT based Phase II order entry and provisioning system. Used Rational Objectory Process to design and document process flow and use cases. Developed GUI components using Visual Basic COM objects interfaced to Visual C++ 6.0 framework. Freddie Mac, 1/1994 – 9/1994 Programmer Analyst Designed and developed 3-tier dealer collateral load server which validated and loaded mortgage collateral into Fannie’s All Securities Database (ASDB) using Sybase DBLIB. Developed load server under Sun Solaris using C/C+ +, shell scripts, shared memory model and OEC/DCE. Also maintained and enhanced a client/server application using Visual Basic and Visual C++. Attended weekly dealer business training. EER, 8/1993 – 12/1993 Systems Engineer and Analyst Performed code and design review, system analysis and performance testing of Sun OS based telemetry analysis and launch control system and embedded expert system. Participated in vehicle stacking, countdown, launch and flight simulation at Goddard Space Flight Center. Developed testing and post-flight analysis software in MATLAB and Borland C++. McDonnell Douglas, 6/1992 – 7/1993 Software Engineer Developed user interfaces for maritime collision avoidance and Navy fusion display systems. Developed display drivers for Electroplasma "touch" display screen, custom keyboard interfaces and Macintosh-based APR-39 radar warning receiver simulation, interface and communication software. All development performed under Think C++ and MacApp/C++ and Mac OS 7. Envos, 1/1990 – 1/1991 Consultant Ported Xerox Medley LISP development environment/virtual machine from Xerox Star to Apple Macintosh for a subsidiary of Xerox PARC.
  4. 4. FULL-TIME EXPERIENCE Advanced Decision Systems, 1/1987 – 10/1991 Facility Manager, Software Engineer Translated LISP-based natural language parser research prototype to C++ on the Macintosh. Participated in team development of Bayesian probability based I&W system and deployment in European theatre. Conceptual graphs used to represent domain knowledge. Developed all code on Macintosh FX computers under C++ and Mac OS 7. Managed computer facility comprising network of several Sun workstations, Symbolics LISP machines and Macintosh workstations. TRW, 6/1984 – 12/1987 Facility Manager, System Engineer Managed research computer facility comprising a VAX 11/780 running BSD/Unix, Sun workstations, Symbolics LISP machine and Xerox Dandelions. Installed device drivers, applications, internal development tools and Unix kernels to support research efforts. Provided system engineering and software development support to Navy EMSP (Electromagnetic Signal Processing system) program. Scion Corporation, 2/1983 – 11/1983 Software Analyst Developed software, documentation, mechanical designs, artwork and provided customer support for Scion’s computer graphics and video hardware products. Fairchild Space & Electronics, 6/1981 – 7/1982 Software Engineer Developed flight software and documentation for the F16 Data Transfer Unit, a MIL-STD-1553 flight box now onboard the F16 Fighting Falcon. Authored the software's accompanying B and C specifications. Presented the detailed design to the Air Force at CDR. Developed embedded software for ground support equipment. ACADEMIC George Mason University, 1990 - present M.S. Computer Science Studied problems in computational biology, evolutionary computation, neural networks, traditional rule-based systems and parallel computing architectures. Thesis topic is a genetic algorithm study of lattice-based protein- folding. University of Maryland, 1976 - 1981 B.S. Computer Science Ported SIMPL-T compiler from Univac 1108 mainframe to research VAX 11/780 running 4.1BSD. Concentrations of study included formal language theory, compiler design and computation theory. PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Society Of Market Technicians Apple ADC member and World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) attendee Apple iPhone Developer Program Developer