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  • 1. SAS914 – SQL Anywhere 9 New Feature Briefing Mike Paola Sr. Group Product Manager [email_address] / 519-883-6311 August 5, 2003
  • 2. Agenda
    • iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • SQL Anywhere Overview
    • Version 9 Enhancements
      • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA)
      • UltraLite
      • MobiLink
  • 3. iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • Global Presence
      • HQ Dublin, CA
      • Offices in over 50 countries worldwide
    • History of Innovation
      • More than a decade of mobile industry experience
      • Defined always available computing
      • Fifteen year anniversary of SQL Anywhere database technology
    • Subsidiary of Sybase, Inc.
      • Consistent profitability year over year
      • Completed acquisition of AvantGo in February 2003
  • 4. Corporate Leadership
    • Market Leadership
      • Mobile database leader with 73% market share*
      • Leading embedded database vendor with over 800 OEM partners
    • Widespread Customer Adoption
      • More than 12,000 corporate customers and seven million deployed licenses
      • Customers include 78 of the Fortune 100
      • 10,000 member strong Developer Community
    • * “Mobile DBMS Software—In a short stall,” Colleen Graham, Gartner Group, Gartner Dataquest; December 16, 2002.
  • 5. Agenda
    • iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • SQL Anywhere Overview
    • Version 9 Enhancements
      • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA)
      • UltraLite
      • MobiLink
  • 6. SQL Anywhere Studio Target Markets
    • Mobile enterprise solutions
      • Providing anytime, anywhere access to enterprise data, information and applications
    • Embedded applications
      • Incorporating a full-featured, small footprint enterprise database in third party applications
    • Small to medium sized businesses
      • Offering the power of an enterprise database to smaller companies and organizations with remote offices
    • Web-based applications
      • Integrating database capabilities with Web-based applications
  • 7. SQL Anywhere Studio Components
    • Adaptive Server Anywhere
      • Small-footprint, self-managing relational database with high reliability, high performance out of the box, and a full range of SQL features across a variety of platforms.
    • UltraLite
      • Database system for small devices, including Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Java-based devices, providing full transaction-processing support, a choice of development models, and synchronization with enterprise data stores.
    • MobiLink
      • Synchronization technology for sharing information among relational databases while maintaining the integrity of transactions across the entire system.
  • 8. SQL Anywhere Studio Design Goals
    • Ease of use
    • Performance out-of-the-box
    • Embeddability
    • Interoperability/Open architecture
    • Cross platform support
    • Being responsive to our customers
  • 9. SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Enhancements
    • Expanded Platform and Standards Support
      • XML & Web services (SOAP, HTTP server)
      • .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework
      • New platform support (Mac OS X and 64-bit platforms)
    • Enhanced Performance and Scalability
      • Index Consultant
      • Query Optimizer
      • Query Execution
    • Advanced Developer Productivity
      • Administration tools
      • UltraLite Dynamic SQL
      • Expanded SQL functionality
      • New mobile synchronization options
  • 10. Agenda
    • iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • SQL Anywhere Overview
    • Version 9 Enhancements
      • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA)
      • UltraLite
      • MobiLink
  • 11. ASA New Features - XML
    • Customers can IMPORT and EXPORT XML data, allowing easier integration with other systems that use XML as a data transfer mechanism
      • XML Import: OPEN XML( handling of XPATH queries )
      • SQLX functionality: xmlelement(), xmlforest(), xmlgen(), xmlconcat(), and xmlagg()
  • 12. ASA New Features – XML
    • Benefit to Customers
      • OEM embedded partners can integrate with their customer’s existing system.
      • Developers save time because they don’t have to implement all the XML parsing and generation themselves
  • 13. ASA New Features – Web Services
    • ASA now has an embedded HTTP server, allowing users to connect to the database server from a variety of clients, including web browsers
      • HTTP/HTTPS Server
    • Customers can implement web services directly inside the ASA server using standard stored procedures
      • XML, HTML,RAW support
      • SOAP/WSDL support
  • 14. ASA New Features – Web Services
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Developers can easily create web services, with their existing database and SQL skills, and do not need to be retrained, or to install new complex server software.
      • ASA can be integrated with open web service environments, such as .NET
  • 15. Thirty Seconds to Create a Web Service
    • dbinit banff_test.db
    • dbeng9 -xs http banff_test.db
    • From dbisql:
      • CREATE SERVICE list_tables
      • TYPE ‘html’
      • USER dba
    • Access http://localhost/banff_test/list_tables from a web browser
  • 16. ASA New Features – ADO.NET Driver
    • ASA now enables native connection from .NET languages
    • Supports both .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Developers save time, and can access the full power of ASA, easily from their .NET application
  • 17. ASA - Enhanced Performance and Scalability
    • Index Consultant
      • Recommends indexes to improve query performance
      • Permits “what-if” analysis on existing query load
      • Can be used to find indexes that are unnecessary
    • Enhanced Query Optimizer
      • New cost-based optimization techniques
      • Histogram and selectivity estimation improvements
    • Query Execution Engine Improvements
      • Improved sequential and index scan performance
      • Redesigned cache management system improves scalability for large multi-user environments
      • Implementation of different sub-query execution methods
      • Improved hash join performance with better memory management
      • Adaptive query optimization techniques
  • 18. Benefits - Enhanced Performance and Scalability
    • Index Consultant
      • Provides administrators and developers with an easy-to-use way of optimizing performance by suggesting most appropriate indexes
      • Users save time with faster running applications
    • Enhanced Query Optimizer and Query Execution
      • Improved performance with larger databases and more complex queries and applications
      • Improved scalability for larger number of users and multi-processor environments
  • 19. Performance, performance, performance Pre-beta Banff– April 16, 2003
  • 20. ASA New Features – Enhanced Functionality
    • Support for Advanced SQL Functionality
      • SELECT over a stored procedure
      • Support for outer references in derived tables
      • ORDER BY, TOP N support in views and derived tables
      • Better display output of string, date histograms
    • OLAP support
      • VARIANCE, STD_DEV aggregate functions
      • ORDER BY clause for LIST aggregate function
      • Support for multiple DISTINCT aggregate functions in a single SELECT block
  • 21. ASA New Features – Enhanced Functionality
    • ALTER INDEX statement
      • can rename an index, or alter its clustering attribute
    • Better scalability – new lock-free cache manager
    • Support for clustered indexes (introduced in 8.0.2)
    • Ability to create an index on a function
      • Automatically adds a computed column “column-name” to the table
      • Creates an index on the computed column
      • Relies on the optimizer to replace any function occurrences with the computed column
    • Non-transactional temporary tables
      • Unaffected by COMMIT or ROLLBACK; no entries made to rollback log
  • 22. ASA New Features – Enhanced Functionality
    • Procedure, trigger, and view text can be hidden from other users by using SET HIDDEN (8.0.2)
    • LOAD TABLE can be used on local temporary tables (8.0.2)
    • UUIDs and GUIDs can be used as surrogate keys - see newid() function (8.0.2)
    • XML data type
    • Event handling improvements:
      • Two new parameters for event_parameter:
        • APPINFO
        • DisconnectReason: ‘from client’, ‘drop connection’, ‘liveness’, ‘inactive’, ‘connect failed’
  • 23. ASA New Features – Enhanced Functionality
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Developers can do more with their data, enabling richer applications solving the needs of a wider variety of businesses.
  • 24. ASA New Features – Improved Admin Tools
    • Faster startup time
    • Interface redesign
    • Stored Procedure debugger integration
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Developer Productivity – Faster access to the information that is needed
  • 25. ASA New Features – New Platform Support
    • Macintosh OS X
    • Windows 64-bit Itanium
    • Linux 64-bit Itanium
    • HP-UX 64-bit Itanium
  • 26. Agenda
    • iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • SQL Anywhere Overview
    • Version 9 Enhancements
      • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA)
      • UltraLite
      • MobiLink
  • 27. UltraLite New Features – Dynamic SQL
    • Queries & statements built at runtime instead of development time
    • Support for a subset of what ASA supports
      • CROSS and LEFT OUTER joins supported
      • No sub queries or UNION
    • Prepare a statement, set parameters, execute
      • GetPlan method available as development aid
  • 28. UltraLite New Features – Dynamic SQL
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Development more straightforward for SQL users
      • No need for analysis step during development
      • Data structures used to execute SQL statements can be built as required
        • For an application with MANY SQL statements (>100), a dynamic SQL app may be smaller
  • 29. UltraLite New Features – Component Additions
    • UltraLite.NET
      • Very similar to Native UltraLite for Java
      • Works with any .NET language (C# and VB.NET)
    • ActiveX
      • The eVB component has been tested in PocketIE
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Additional development options for developers
  • 30. UltraLite New Features – Enhanced Functionality
    • New C++ interface to facilitate 3rd party tools integration
    • Multi-Process Database Access
      • UltraLite runtime runs in its own process space (CE & Windows only)
      • More than one client application can access an UltraLite database at a time
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Developers have additional options, enabling the creation of more applications
  • 31. Agenda
    • iAnywhere Solutions At-a-Glance
    • SQL Anywhere Overview
    • Version 9 Enhancements
      • Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA)
      • UltraLite
      • MobiLink
  • 32. MobiLink New Features – Server Initiated Sync
    • Synchronization is currently client initiated
    • Server initiated Sync allows:
      • Download data that cannot wait for remote user
      • Upload data that cannot wait for remote user
    • Frequently requested feature
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Allows greater flexibility in the design of synchronization architectures
  • 33. Server Initiated Sync – How Does It Work?
  • 34. MobiLink New Features – File-Based Download
    • What is File-based download?
      • Ability to send a download as a file
        • File can be shared by many remotes
      • Does not replace normal synchronization
    • Benefit to Customer
      • Reduces load on server
      • Can take advantage of cheaper bulk transport
      • Allows download over any medium that support file transfer (including restartable file transfer)
  • 35. MobiLink New Features – Sync Flexibility
    • More synchronization options
      • Upload only
      • download only
    • TCP/IP liveness
    • Additional Scripts provide more control over synchronization process
    • Enhancements to scheduling
    • Performance and monitoring enhancements
    • Benefit to Customers
      • Greater flexibility in designing synchronization architectures
  • 36. Availability
    • Availability
      • Windows version shipping in Q3 2003
      • Mac OS X and Unix versions including Linux will become generally available in Q4 2003
  • 37. iAnywhere Solutions at TechWave2003
    • Keynote – Extending Information Anywhere
      • Wednesday, August 6 8:00 a.m - 9:30 a.m.
      • Part Two: Extending Information Anywhere
      • Learn how iAnywhere Solutions, the m-business subsidiary of Sybase, is addressing the mobile and wireless landscape and previews iAnywhere Solutions future technology plans including its popular, leading mobile portal, AvantGo.
    • Ask the iAnywhere Experts on the Technology Boardwalk
      • Drop in during exhibit hall hours and have all your questions answered by our technical experts!
      • Appointments outside of exhibit hall hours are also available to speak one-on-one with our Senior Engineers. Ask questions or get your yearly technical review – ask us for details
    • m-Business Pavilion
      • Visit the m-Business Pavilion in the exhibit hall to see how companies like Intermec have built m-Business solutions using iAnywhere Solutions technology
    Activities for iAnywhere Solutions
  • 38. iAnywhere Solutions at TechWave2003
    • Wi-Fi Hotspots – brought to you by Intel & iAnywhere Solutions
      • You can enjoy wireless internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot provided by Intel and iAnywhere Solutions. Using either a laptop or PDA that is Wi-Fi 802.11b wirelessly-enabled, visitors can access personal email, the internet ,and "TechWave To Go", a My AvantGo channel providing up-to-date information about TechWave classes, events and more.
    • Developer Community
      • A one-stop source for technical information!
      • Access to newsgroups,new betas and code samples
      • Monthly technical newsletters
      • Technical whitepapers,tips and online product documentation
      • Current webcast,class,conference and seminar listings
      • Excellent resources for commonly asked questions
      • All available express bug fixes and patches
      • Network with thousands of industry experts
    Activities for iAnywhere Solutions
  • 39. Conclusion
    • SQL Anywhere 9 will offer:
      • Support for XML / Web Services
      • Integration with .NET platform
      • Enhanced Performance & Scalability
      • Advanced Developer Productivity
  • 40. SAS914 – SQL Anywhere 9 New Feature Briefing Mike Paola Sr. Group Product Manager [email_address] / 519-883-6311 August 5, 2003