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  • 1. Before you get started: This web site contains various forms of information including videos and downloadable documents. To make sure you can view all of the information, verify that you have the following software on your computer before getting started. If you do not have what you need, you will have the opportunity to download the proper software once you get started. Instructions for downloading needed software will be provided below. An iBook should already have the following software. It is highly recommended that you use your iBook for this training. Video Player Requirements Real One Player Real Player is an application that allows music and videos to be viewed on the Internet. It is preloaded on teacher iBooks. Important Note For Mac and PC users: If you have never used Real Player or if you are unsure, you will need to make sure it is configured properly: o Open the Real Player (Mac users from the “Applications” folder, PC users from the “Program Files). If Real Player opens, then it should be set up properly. If Real Player asks you to set it up for use on the Internet, follow the directions it gives to configure Real Player. On the final step, you do not have to give an email address and password, click “Later”. Once Real Player is configured, quit the program and proceed. Web Browser Requirement: o Macintosh computers must have OSX and use Safari o PC’s must have Internet Explorer 6.0 It is important that you use Safari if you are using an iBook or another Macintosh computer with OSX. The highest version of Internet Explorer for Macintosh is 5.3. If you use a browser other than Safari or Internet Exlporer 6.0 on a PC, you may experience difficulties with the site. PDF Viewer PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a “print ready” format that can be downloaded from web sites such as this one. PDF files can be read by: Adobe Acrobat (Mac and PC) Preview (Mac Only)
  • 2. The above programs can be located in the following places on your computer: Mac OSX: Applications folder Double click on your Macintosh HD and then open the Applications folder PC: Program Files Double click on the “My Computer” icon then the “C” drive then Program Files Reminder: Safari and Preview are Mac specific programs. In Safari (Mac) or Internet Explorer 6.0 (PC), go to the following address: If you are using Safari and get a message that says “Safari Beta Has Expired”, you will need to run Software Update to get the latest version of Safari. Read the Introduction and then click on “Proceed to Getting Started” Getting Started This page lists the computer requirements you must have in order to navigate through the web site. These requirements apply mainly to PC computers. The major specifications were outlined on the previous page. If you need to download Real Player or Internet Explorer 6.0 (PC users only) you may do so at this time by clicking on the link(s) that say(s) “Download” for the software that you need. Tips for Mac users in Safari: To make the text bigger, hold down on the Apple Key while clicking the + key. To make the text smaller, hold down on the Apple key while clicking the – key
  • 3. As you scroll through the “Getting Started” page, you will come to a section titled “How this Training Module is Structured”. This section contains information on the layout of the web site and tips for navigation. Read this information carefully and click on “Proceed to Introduction” at the bottom of the page when you are ready to proceed. This same information is printed out below so that you can refer back later if needed. Other Tips for Navigating Through This Site. Periodically, text other than section tiles will be colored blue. These are clickable links to additional information or related web sites. For example, on the Introduction Page, Virginia Department of Social Services is in blue and is a link to the VDSS web site. Some links open in a separate window while others open the current window. If your browser’s “Back” arrow is grayed out and not clickable, then you will have to close that window to return to the main window. When attempting to view a movie, there may be a delay before the video begins. When you open a PDF document, a blank window and a “Download Manager” window will open then the document will open in either Adobe Acrobat reader or Preview (Mac only). The document is actually downloaded to your computer and may appear on your desktop or in your “My Downloads” folder. Portions of the site are interactive. By scrolling over the text, additional information will appear. If the text does not appear, click the “Refresh” button on your browser and try again. If the text still does not appear and you are using one of the browsers listed above, Java may be disabled on your browser. To enable Java, do the following: o Safari: Click on Safari (next to the Blue Apple in the upper left hand corner) and then Preferences then the Security button. Make sure all of the boxed are checked. (see below) Refresh the current web page. Don’t See this tool bar? Click this button to reveal it. o Internet Explorer6.0: From the browser's Tools menu select “Internet Options...” Select the Security Tab. Under the Web content zone, select the “Internet” icon. Push the “Custom Level...” button. Scroll down the Settings list to the Scripting item. (You may need to double- click on icons to expand lists.) Under the “Active scripting” item, choose the “Enable” radio button. Push “OK” and “Yes” to confirm and close the Security Settings dialog box, then the “OK” button to close the Internet Options dialog box. Refresh the current web page.
  • 4. Examples of the Java Interactive features of this web site: Mouse over blue test for more detailed information. If the text box does not appear, move the mouse away from the blue text and try again. If the test box does not go away, click your browsers “Refresh” button. Interactive quiz to check for understanding. Important Information for Staff Development Points In order to receive a certificate from the Virginia Department of Education and five re- licensure points, you MUST complete the Online Evaluation found in the Summary section. Once completed you will print out the Certificate of Completion, which will be turned in to Staff Development for re-licensure points and proof that you completed this course. The survey is your pledge that you have completed the training. Once you complete the survey, you will be asked to enter you name as you want it to appear on the Certificate of Completion. After you submit your name, it will download the certificate to your desktop. Open and print the certificate. Your printed certificate is proof and a pledge that you completed the course. Keep a copy for your records and submit a copy with your SD2 Form.