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  • 1. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) COMPUTER APPLICATION Note: Step-by-step instructions for building your own Web APH9922 page and when you've completed it, you can post your site at Kaboom! Calabasas CA: Nova Development, [1994]. Includes class projects, templates, Note: Wild and wacky sounds. music, clip art and more. APM28416 CUH35240 Home page 3.0. Santa Clara CA: FileMaker Inc, [1997 1998]. Pfaffenberger, Bryan. Internet training CD-ROM tutorial. Note: Web authoring tool that can be used for creating Web Rockland, MA: Charles River Media, [1998]. pages. Note: Detailed tutorials and actual examples from the Internet will guide you through the process. No modem or APM9707 phone line required. Kiddesk (new version) Edmark. Note: Enables students to use computers independently - CUH35241 while limiting their access to the hard drive. Gives easy Tittel, Ed. World Wide Web encyclopedia CD. Rockland, access to programs pre-selected by teachers. MA: Charles River Media, Inc, [1996]. APM9749 Note: Information about the World Wide Web, from simple Font fun house. Wayzata. definitions to building Shockwave and VRML, your own Note: Contains hundreds of fonts for Macintosh and IBM web pages, to finding and downloading the latest JAVA compatible computer. Contains shareware and freeware fonts applets. Each topic includes definitions, links to Web sites in True Type or Type One Postscript (ATM) formats. with additional information, print references, and links to other related topics contained on the CD. APW30087 Type on call (version 4.1) Adobe, [1996]. CUH39305 Note: Included with PageMaker 6.5. Fast way to buy Adobe SiteCentral : websites you can make! Torrance CA: type. Knowledge Adventure, [2000]. Note: Teachers and students can learn the fundamentals of CUB45708 designing, assembling and posting their own web sites on the Internet coach : discover the web. Evanston IL: APTE Inc, Internet, while concentrating on content and communication [2001]. skills, rather than the technical details of HTML Note: Based on "Discovering the Web with the Internet programming. Coach" series on the Discovery Channel. Combines three video segments from the series with interactive questions and CUM28909 subject-related brainteasers. Planning for the learning through the use of technology. Oak Brook, IL: NCREL, [1996]. CUH30176 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Helps educators think Web workshop (Sunburst's school version) Sunburst carefully about their practice in the areas of engaged learning Communications, [1996]. and technology. Presents indicators of engaged learning and Note: Create Web pages using standard drawing tools for indicators of technology. backgrounds and pictures and a text tool for test. To add links, just point and click. CUM30121 Mission to Planet X: Internet coach. Apple, [1996]. CUH30971 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Brings cyberspace to Internet coach. APTE, [1996]. life. Players are challenged to reach the mysterious Planet X. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Internet tutorial and Only by using Internet skills can you solve the puzzles, reference for Netscape Navigator. Discover how to browse games and brainteasers that stand in your way. the Web, download multimedia, and unlock the mysteries of FTP, Java, and VRML. CUM30970 Lift off to Lizard Island. Apte, [1997]. CUH31140 Note: MEDIA CENTER USED ONLY. Master the Internet Lewis, Patrick. Information superhighway driver training without being on-line. Visit all seven continents as you learn course. Neal-Schuman, [1997]. to browse, search, e-mail and more. Note: Familiarizes students with the use of the Internet in an educationally sound environment. Students learn and CUM32363 experiment with the Internet while remaining offline. Search for the black rhino. APTE, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Sharpen Internet CUH31232 research skills as you trail the elusive Black Rhino. No need Exploring the Internet with NASA. BDM Interactive, [1997]. to be Web connected, but users with Internet service can Note: Learn what the Internet is, how to get connected and automatically go online for more Web adventures. how to explore the World Wide Web. Get hands-on experience navigating the Net and discover its many uses. CUM32364 Includes a fantasy voyage through the Universe. Internet coach for net safety. Apte, [1998]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Outsmart Web CUH31644 scoundrels. Learn all about scams, impostors, password theft, FUNDAMENTAL. KartoffelSoft Inc, [1997]. inappropriate content and more. Note: Programming language for young people. CUM32365 CUH35237 Internet coach for Netscape Navigator and Communicator. Sarah's page web builder. Ann Arbor, MI: Apte, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 1 August 2005
  • 2. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Discover how to browse and search the Web, download multimedia, send e-mail, ARH33011 unlock the mysteries of FTP, Java, ActiveX, Elements of art. Wilton, CT: Reading & O'Reilly, [1998]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Narrated lessons that CUM35382 introduce visual concepts that are reinforced with works of SimuWeb "it's just like being on the Web". San Ramon, CA: art, overlays and graphic illustrations. Includes 30-60 second Bridge Learning Systems : Distributed by Decision account of the artist, "In our World" unit that connects Development Corporation, [1996]. lessons with the world around us, and puzzles and games just Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Looks, acts and feels for fun. just like the WWW and teaches students how to set up a home page, use digital, audio and video files, use FTP, ARH33011 Telnet, Gopher and E-Mail. Does not require a modem or Art adventure. Wilton, CT: Reading & O'Reilly, [1998]. phone line. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Presents a sequential approach to learning art concepts and to provide compact, ART highly instructional, easy to access teaching units (Main ARH20164 Lessons, Artists' Stories, In Our World, Bright Ideas, and Leonardo the inventor. SoftKey, [1996] Puzzles and Games). Read-along narration in English or Note: Multimedia exploration of the life and work of Spanish. Leonardo the inventor. ARH33011 ARH2507 Color. Wilton, CT: Reading & O'Reilly, [1998]. Modern art. Grolier, [1994 ]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Presents a sequential Note: Marguerite and Aime Maeght Foundation art approach to learning art concepts and to provide compact, collection. View each piece of art, read about the artist and highly instructional, easy to access teaching units (Main learn what motivated the creation. Features the work of such Lessons, Artists' Stories, In Our World, Bright Ideas, and artists as: Chaqall, Miro, Matisse, Adami, Gonzalez, and Puzzles and Games). Read-along narration in English or Ubac. Spanish. ARH25388 ARH33011 With open eyes. New York, NY: Voyager, [1995]. Artists at work. Wilton, CT: Reading & O'Reilly, [1998]. Note: Images from the Art Institute of Chicago. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Presents a sequential approach to learning art concepts and to provide compact, ARH25789 highly instructional, easy to access teaching units (Main Passion for art. Bellevue, WA: Corbis, [1995]. Lessons, Artists' Stories, In Our World, Bright Ideas, and Note: Demo CD-ROM. Explore the history and beauty of Puzzles and Games). Read-along narration in English or collections of works by Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse and other Spanish. masters. ARH33763 ARH26929 Make a masterpiece. Redmond, WA: IBM, [1998]. Le Louvre. BMG Interactive. Note: Create dazzling pictures while learning about famous Note: Interactive visit to the museum. Explore over 300 artists, artwork style and techniques. images and over 200 pages of text. Provides biographies and portraits of artist. ARH35055 Print artist gold. Bellevue, WA: Sierra Home, [1998]. ARH27921 Note: Create greeting cards, signs, labels, business items, Drawing discoveries : demo CD-ROM. Irvine, CA: banners, stationery, calendars and crafts. Brainstorm : Interplay, [1996]. Note: Demo disk. Interactive drawing tutorial. Learn to draw ARH35443 in a fun, self-paced, step-by-step approach. Early American history through art. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. ARH30927 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Presents a Draw & paint plus. School Zone Interactive. comprehensive history of Colonial American and Native Note: Promotes creativity with a large selection of Americans through the art they produced. backgrounds, stamps, colors, and drawing tools. Includes workbook with suggested activities and easy-to-follow ARH35447 directions. History through art : The Middle ages. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. ARH32153 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Capture the spirit of Hart, Christopher. How to draw comic book heroes and this era, from the beginning of the decline of the great villains. DiAMAR, [1996]. classical civilizations to the heralding of the coming Note: Learn everything you need to know to create exciting, Renaissance. super-powered images, plus the inside scoop on the comic book biz. ARH35472 Flying colors 2. Inverness, CA: Magic Mouse Productions, ARH32154 [1997]. How to draw cartoons. DiAmar, [1996]. Note: Draw and paint program that features over 30 art tools, Note: Chris Hart presents 60 topics on how to create cool 250 colors and gradients, over 3,100 stamps, and over 100 cartoon characters.. Learn to draw heads and bodies, add the other backgrounds. individual details that make a character leap from the page, design creative layouts, and use color and special effects. ARH41773 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 2 August 2005
  • 3. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) JumpStart artist. Glendale CA: Knowledge Adventure, CAH37289 [2000]. Career finder plus (demo) New Orleans : Itasca, IL: Note: Kids create their own masterpieces using design tools. Wintergreen/Orchard House :Riverside Publishing, [1999]. Games help children discover famous artists, artworks, and Note: Career interest assessment and exploration program. art styles while learning basic principles of art. Brings 1,109 narrated occupational descriptions to life with pictures, videos, and sounds. ARH4966 Kid pix studio deluxe. Novato, CA: Broderbund (Learning CAM32239 Company), [1998]. Getting a job in the real world. NetGuider, Inc, [1998]. Note: Computer assisted art and animation projects designed Note: Gives students hands-on experience using the Web to for children. research careers and develop job-seeking strategies. ARH50022 COLLEGE PREP GollyGee blocks. Reston VA: GollyGee Software, [2000]. CPH30316 Note: Children create their own 3D world using traditional Higher score guaranteed. Kaplan, [1997]. building block shapes and a library of pre-made objects. Note: Complete college entrance CD-ROMs. Includes: Editing tools let kids stack, stretch, rotate, translate, copy, complete SAT & PSAT personalized prep, complete ACT color and texture blocks to make 3D scenes. personalized prep, Newsweek's guide to over 1600 colleges, comprehensive financial aid & scholarship finder, interactive ARH9918 study skills improvement program. Dabbler 2. Fractal Design, [1995]. Note: Art tutor inside your computer. FINE ARTS FAH24606 ARM21524 Opening night. MECC, [1995]. American visions - case, document, CD-ROM. Creative Note: Students create plots, direct lifelike actors, and perform Labs, [1994]. their own multimedia mystery plays, making choices just like Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. 20th century art from real directors. the Roy R. Neuberger Collection. Journeys through this interactive museum. Watch the artists at work and learn from FOREIGN LANGUAGE them the events and history that influenced their art. FLH26604 Learn to speak Spanish. Learning Company, [1995]. ARW35060 Note: Build a strong foundation in speaking, understanding, Print artist gold. Bellevue, WA: Sierra Home, [1998]. reading, and writing Spanish. Describes the history and Note: Create greeting cards, signs, labels, business items, culture of Mexico. Record/playback technology improves banners, stationery, calendars and crafts. your pronunciation voice interviews, music, and color photographs to present career information as never seen before. Easy to use. Kids FLH30379 can guide themselves with little to no teacher instruction. Let's go level 6. DynEd (Edmark), [1997]. Multicultural and gender-bias free. Accessible to a wide Note: Designed for children who are learning English for the range of grade levels. first time. Using themes and situations common to children everywhere, providing the vocabulary and language CAREERS structures needed for everyday communication. CAH26984 Multimedia take this job & love it. Cambridge Educational. FLH30682 Note: Keys to surviving your new job. New dynamic English (level 1) DynEd (Edmark), [1998]. Note: Focuses on the key skill necessary to acquire any CAH29323 language. Contains listening practice with native speaker Encyclopedia of careers and vocational guidance. J.G. models, plus a variety of listening tasks and follow-up Ferguson Publishing, [1997]. exercises. Note: Includes: 68 industry profiles, 521 job articles with education requirements, photographs, opportunities for FLH30682 individuals with disabilities and resources on training Dynamic English: Spanish. DynEd, [1997]. programs, military careers. Note: Focuses on the key skill necessary to acquire any language: Contains listening practice with native speaker CAH32053 models, plus a variety of listening tasks and follow-up Potential : classes to careers. Cress Company, [1997]. exercises. Note: Interactive career planner. Shows children how to reach their full career potential. FLH32183 Easy language 17 language edition. IMSI, [1996]. CAH37287 Note: Choose from 17 languages (Spanish, French, German, Career o roma. New Orleans : Itasca, IL: English, Italian, reek, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Wintergreen/Orchard House : Riverside Publishing, [1995]. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Hebrew, and Note: Details 140 different careers based on the most current Arabic) and learn 25,000 words and 2,250 phrases at our own U.S. Department of Labor information. Combines animation, pace. voice interviews, music, and color photographs to present career information as never seen before. Easy to use. Kids FLH32369 can guide themselves with little to no teacher instruction. Les Bases du Francais. Queue, [1994]. Multicultural and gender-bias free. Accessible to a wide Note: Challenging word games to reinforce grammar, range of grade levels. spelling and listening comprehension. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 3 August 2005
  • 4. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) FLH32372 Note: WordAce! is a fast, easy-to-use language reference set Let's visit Mexico. Queue, [1997]. that quickly provides word translations and related words, as Note: History, economy, geography, culture and other well as verb forms and conjugations, all with a simple click aspects of Mexico come to life. Narrated in English or of the mouse. simple, informative Spanish. FLH41866 FLH32373 101 languages of the world. Transparent Language: Let's visit Spain. Queue, [1997]. Merrimack NH, [2000]. Note:. History, economy, geography, culture and other Note: Utilizes a three step approach in learning foreign aspects of Spain come to life. Narrated in English or simple, languages: learn, listen, and speak. Five thousand words per informative Spanish. language using interactive dialogs and conversation practice. FLH32379 FLH41923 El hijo de Asterix. EuroTalk Limited, [1996]. Uretsky, Arnie. Vocabulary companion en Espanol. Eugene Note: FOR MEDIA USE ONLY. Spoken words, text, OR: Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. pictures and recording capabilities make the comic strip Note: Comprehensive Spanish vocabulary program for adventures of Asterix, Obelix, and Brutus an engaging creating customized curricular packets that focus on the learning experience. shape, spelling, meaning, and usage of words. FLH32455 FLH43895 Learn French. London: EuroTalk, [1996]. Instant immersion language starter for kids. Redmond WA: Note: Designed for people who want to learn a language Topics Entertainment, [2000]. quickly. Includes: essential words and phrases for absolute Note: A practical method for learning to speak Spanish, beginners. French, Italian and German quickly. FLH32457 FLH45390 Learn French! London: EuroTalk, [1997]. Puente de idiomas del Oso Pintor : Painter Bear's language Note: Combines pictures, text, and sound to make an bridge. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive Software, [2001]. interactive flash card system that can be used to help in basic Note: A game in which children can learn the Spanish words language teaching. Learn words, play games, and record for English idioms or vice versa. words and sentences. FLM30658 FLH32995 Firsthand access: Korean. DynEd International, [1995]. Rosetta stone : Power pac. Harrisonburg, VA: Fairfield Note: Adapted from the textbook Firsthand Access. Includes Language Technologies, [1997]. sequenced listening-based activities using audio and Note: Twenty-two introductory chapters in Spanish, French, animated graphics to engage and motivate students. Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese from the 92- chapter Level I programs. FLW30379 Let's go interactive level 1. DynEd, [1996]. FLH33080 Note: Designed for children who are learning English for the Lyric language : Spanish. Carlsbad, CA: Penton Overseas, first time. Using themes and situations common to children Inc, [1995]. everywhere, providing the vocabulary and language Note: Family Circus characters help introduce Spanish as a structures needed for everyday communication. second language through bilingual songs, interactive games, voice recording and playback, and video. FLW30379 Let's go interactive level 2. DynEd, [1996]. FLH35262 Note: Designed for children who are learning English for the Children's classics : volume 1. Roanoke, VA: Gessler first time. Using themes and situations common to children Publishing, [1996]. everywhere, providing the vocabulary and language Note: Multilingual format in two modes: one where students structures needed for everyday communication. read the story and choose to record/replay their voices and one where students listen to native speakers. Contains the HEALTH AND PHYSICAL FITNESS stories: Peter Pan, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Pinocchio. HEB49593 Corbin, Charles B and Lindsey, Ruth. Fitness for life. 4th ed., FLH35266 updated. Champaign IL: Human Kinetics, [2002]. Qsteps 1 & 2. Roanoke, VA: Gessler Publishing, [1998]. Note: Complete health related fitness program. Includes Note: Build a vocabulary of 500 words through a variety of student text, teacher's package, video, 2 audio CDs, listening and speaking activities. Includes teacher's guide and PowerPoint CD-ROM presentation, and activity cards. flashcards. Spanish edition. HEH29400 FLH35272 Drug abuse prevention/health & guidance software. Hop and Skippy's language island. Roanoke, VA: Gessler Substance Abuse Education, Inc, [1996]. Publishing, [1996]. Note: 15 minute demonstration of software programs dealing Note: Educational language teaching tool with activities to with conflict resolution, drug abuse prevention, sex teach numbers, sentence structure, speech patterns and more. education, AIDS education, teenage pregnancy, child safety, Spanish edition. communication essentials, and divorce. FLH36661 HEH29567 WordAce! Talking translation dictionary : English to/from Key gourmet. SoftKey, [1996]. Spanish. Hollis, NH: Transparent Language, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 4 August 2005
  • 5. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Contains over 7500 recipes from the world's premiere HEH37587 chefs. Add your own recipes. Instantly print a shopping list Fitness. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1999]. for any recipe. Check out the nutritional analysis of a food Note: Learn the role that exercise plays in fitness and what item, recipe or menu. exercise does for your body. HEH31477 HEH38020 Addiction and its processes. American Institute for Learning, Fitness station 2.0. Boca Raton FL: EZ Fit. [1996]. Note: Computer fitness program. Choose to begin a three- Note: Interactive, multimedia program that explores the lives week complete body-stretching program, or go directly to of three teens and their struggles with addiction. exercises that affect specific areas of the body. HEH33083 HEH38538 Casualty kid on the road to first aid. Carlsbad, CA: Penton Basement bums : adventurers in life skills. Nashville TN: Overseas. Little Planet Learning, [1998]. Note: Students learn safety lessons as they explore Hazard Note: Four students of diverse backgrounds meet to help each City with animated super-hero Captain DRABC. Includes other cope with real-world issues. Students watch a encyclopedia of first aid procedures, comprehensive multimedia episode, then answer questions, and develop reference section, medial illustrations, and potentially life- ways to solve real-life problems. saving information for almost every hazardous situation imaginable. HEH43146 Health Sleuths. Seattle WA: VideoDiscovery, [2001]. HEH33791 Note: Health-related mysteries that combine health science Pyramid challenge. Amherst, NY: DINE Systems, [1997]. concepts with a variety of problem solving techniques. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. MAY NOT BE USED Media Center has Slimpee that deals with nutrition and IN THE CLASSROOM. Based on USDA guidelines, the dieting. program analyzes the user's daily food intake and compares it in a graphical and entertaining way to USDA Food Guide HEH45394 Pyramid. The user can select a food by clicking a mouse, Executive diet helper. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive and a full color picture of the selected food will appear on the Software, [1997]. screen. A "Pyramid score" allows users to evaluate how well Note: Provides detailed nutritional and diet analysis for they're doing nutritionally by quantifying daily food choices various foods and food groups. for adherence to food group and serving recommendations from the Food Guide Pyramid. HEH45395 Menu planner. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive Software, HEH33793 [1997]. DINE healthy. Amherst, NY: DINE Systems, [1996]. Note: Creates daily menu plans for any calorie level and Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. MAY NOT BE USED specific dietary-fat levels. Menu plans are tailor to suit your IN THE CLASSROOM. Your personal trainer for nutrition taste and special needs and conditions. and fitness. Teaches a new way to eat, how to get fit, lose weight, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. HEH45396 Weight loss planner. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive HEH35466 Software, [1997]. Interactive herbal with Dr. Terry Willard. Calgary, Alberta, Note: Recommends a daily calorie level based on your Canada: Follgard Group. physiological profile. Determines your ideal weight, and Note: Gives you a broad understanding of various herbal projects time for recommended weight loss. Enables you to practices and how they influence modern medicine. The develop specific exercise programs. Tabulates calories database contains a comprehensive list of common ailments burned and weight loss attributable to exercise. and herbal remedies, and an encyclopedia of common herbs. Learn how to identify, gather, store and prepare herbs, and HEH49582 study their influence on your body. Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research. Fitnessgram test kit. Champaign IL: Human Kinetics. HEH35486 Note: Tool for helping young people assess their fitness and HIV/AIDS : What do you know? Peoria, IL: Dynamic activity levels, identify ways to improve fitness and health, Graphics, [1998]. and learn to enjoy regular physical activity. Note: Teaching tool containing multimedia visuals, audio, movies and personal interviews. HEH49756 From mad to worse. Weaverville CA: Boulden Publishing, HEH35848 [1999]. Coolien challenge. Beachwood, OH: EDR Enterprises, Note: Teaches how to manage anger. [1998]. Note: This multimedia teaching tool is an interactive, realistic HEH9729 and exciting new way for students to learn how to resolve Bruckheim, Dr. Allan. Family doctor. CMC, [1992]. their conflicts in constructive ways. Note: Easy to understand advice to nearly 2,000 of the most commonly asked health questions. Illustrated human anatomy HEH36177 lets you explore the body systems, structures, and functions Interactive nights out 2. Potomac, MD: World Institute of from head to toe. Comprehensive data on prescription drugs. Leadership and Learning (WILL), [1998]. Note: Virtual-experience CD-ROM that helps teens make HEM32230 smart choices about alcohol and other drugs. Say "No" to smoking & alcohol. NetGuider, Inc, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 5 August 2005
  • 6. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Provides Internet-based learning exercises on drug Note: Create and print puzzles, build vocabulary, create education. Includes workbook portfolios containing quizzes, dictionaries, import spelling lists, and print work sheets. FOR puzzles, essays and research questions. PREVIEW ONLY, MAY NOT BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM. LANGUAGE ARTS LAH19481 LAH25929 Moving gives me a stomach ache. Discis Books, [1993]. Tackle English. Nordic Software, [1995]. Note: Help children read and learn. Optional Spanish audio Note: Learn grammar (capitalization, punctuation, parts of background. Story of a family in the process of moving. Told speech, matching, silly sentences) and guide your team to from the point of view of a little boy who has been told to put victory. FOR PREVIEW ONLY, MAY NOT BE USED IN everything he wants to take with him in one box. He can't THE CLASSROOM. figure out how to get his pals and his favorite tree in there! LAH27596 LAH19487 UltraWriter. Willowdale, Ontario: Bytes of Learning, [1994]. Aesop's fables. Discis. Note: Writing skills development program. Includes easy-to- Note: All of his fables on compact disc. Includes suggested use word processor. A separate lessons window provides activities in the guide book. writing instructions on any topic from grammar to writing styles. LAH20699 Interactive storytime : volume 1. InterActive. LAH27816 Note: Vol.1 - Goldilocks& the Three Bears, Little Red Hollywood. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1995]. Hen,& Boy & the Donkey; Vol.2 - Boy Who Cried Wolf, Note: Writing and creativity tool for creating live shows with Milkmaid & Her Pail,& Belling the Cat ; Vol.3 - Tortoise & animated talking characters. Select sets, cast and personalize the Hare, City Mouse & Country Mouse, and Lion & the characters, write dialogue, set stage direction, add music, Mouse. sound effects, and more. Animated characters perform your script. LAH20699 Interactive storytime vol. III. Spring Valley, NY: InterActive LAH27851 Publishing Corporation, [1994]. Hollywood High. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, Note: Vol.3 - Tortoise & the Hare, City Mouse & Country [1996]. Mouse, and Lion & the Mouse. Note: Write, direct and produce the stories of your life. LAH21073 LAH27870 Rapunzel. Boraventures, [1994]. Postcards. North Billerica, MA: Curriculum Associates, Note: Interactive reading experience combining technology [1996]. and animation to retell the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale. Note: Writing program that teaches the skills needed to tackle planning and drafting. Takes students on a trip around the LAH21758 world touring Mexico, Ghana, Japan, and Turkey. Take notes Storybook weaver deluxe CD. MECC : Learning Company. on observations in a Travel Log: and write postcards. Note: Draw from fantasy, folklore, and modern-day life to write and illustrate stories and storybooks. LAH28135 Writer's solution : sampler. Irving, TX: Prentice Hall LAH23676 Interactive, [1997]. Amazing writing machine. Novato, CA: Broderbund : Note: Print and technology program in writing instruction. Learning Company, [1996]. The program is designed to: allow students to learn at their Note: Word processing program that allows children to own pace, motivate student writing through multimedia express their ideas through writing in five forms: story, letter, presentation. journal, essay, and poem. Also allow children to illustrate their written work. Students may start from scratch or start LAH28970 with a pre-written Spin. Spell It Deluxe. Davidson, [1996]. Note: Five activities in which students learn spelling rules, LAH23936 practice spelling words, work crossword puzzles, edit Berenstain, Stan and Jan. Berenstain Bears get in a fight. misspellings, fill in missing letters and identify correct Broderbund, [1995]. spelling. Note: Story on CD-ROM. Includes classroom activities: cross-curricular thematic unit and bibliography on bears. LAH29114 Comes with "The Pain and the Great One" by Judy Blume. Grammar rock. Creative Wonders : Learning Company, English and Spanish. [1995]. Note: Build language skills. Helps kids gain confidence in LAH24001 writing and speaking, understand sentence structure, build Little Monster at School. Broderbund : Learning Company, vocabulary, and learn to use the parts of speech. [1994]. Note: Includes classroom activities about friendship and LAH29146 starting school, the print edition of "Little Monster at Legends of Oz : one hundred years of OZ. Multicom, [1993]. School", and the book "Everybody Needs a Rock" by Byrd Note: Join the characters in the magic Land of Oz for new Baylor. Can be read and heard in English or Spanish. adventures. Includes the complete story of L. Frank Baum's classic. LAH25927 Word foundry. Nordic. LAH29180 Rainbow. Curriculum Associates, [1996]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 6 August 2005
  • 7. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Multimedia CD-ROM containing the stories: A world of hats, The house I live in, and Walk in my shoes. LAH31056 SuperSonic phonics. Curriculum Associates, [1997]. LAH29555 Note: Activities designed to increase phonic awareness for Editor in chief: level A1. Pacific Grove CA: Critical beginning and remedial readers. Intended to be part of an Thinking Books & Software, [1997]. integrated language arts program that includes systematic Note: Uses thinking, not drill and practice, to sharpen work in oral language and reading comprehension. student's language mechanics for superior writing. LAH31950 LAH29829 Ultimate word attack. Davidson, [1997]. How do you spell adventure? Sanctuary Woods, [1996]. Note: Improve vocabulary through an array of puzzles and Note: Uses 17 different question types to focus on spelling, arcade-style activities. Includes audio CD that allows vocabulary, and reading comprehension. students to build vocabulary and master pronunciation away from the computer. LAH29905 Major league reading. Sanctuary Woods, [1997]. LAH32048 Note: Multi-player capability. Four levels of difficulty. Accelerated reader : demo. Advantage Learning Systems, Sports Illustrated articles that kids field reading, spelling, and [1997]. vocabulary questions. How well they answer determines how Note: Information and CD-ROM explaining the well their team does in a photorealistic baseball game. computerized reading management system. LAH2991 LAH32168 Mayer, Mercer. Just grandma and me: deluxe edition. Tomorrow's promise: Language Arts with personal compass. Novato, CA: Broderbund : Learning Company, [1997]. Jostens Learning, [1997]. Note: An interactive ocean adventure. Can be read and heard Note: Leads students from initial explorations with language in: French, Spanish, German, and English. into new concepts and skills, including structured and higher- level writing activities. Interactive content uses graphics and LAH29958 animation. Offers comprehensive coverage for five major Reading SEARCH : in search of lost folktales. Great Wave national standardized tests: CAT, CTBS, ITBS, MAT, and Software, [1996]. SAT. Note: Explore ancient cultures and find folktales while learning Reading Comprehension. LAH32433 Carmen Sandiego word detective. Novato, CA: Broderbund : LAH3007 Learning Company, [1997]. Great literature. Bureau of Development, Inc, [1992]. Note: Master essential language skills with Carmen Note: Full text of 1896 literary classics with illustrations, Sandiego. Includes skill-building activities in areas such as: CD-quality voice-overs and music performance. parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, using words in context, spelling rules, word definitions, and dictionary LAH30270 skills. Ultimate writing & creativity center. Learning Company, [1996]. LAH32452 Note: Complete word processing and creativity program that Goldilocks and the three bears & other stories. EuroTalk, makes writing exciting and helps students learn to write. [1995]. Note: Bring stories and songs to life on your computer. Play LAH30400 games and quizzes and even record your own voice while Carroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland. DynEd. you learn English. Friendly help dragon speaks over sixteen Note: Language development titles uses stories from great different languages. literature to develop vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, basic grammar, and critical thinking skills. LAH32452 Little Red Riding Hood & other stories. EuroTalk, [1995]. LAH30400 Note: Bring stories and songs to life on your computer. Play Verne, Jules. Round the world in eighty days. DynEd, games and quizzes and even record your own voice while [1995]. you learn English. Friendly help dragon speaks over sixteen Note: Language development titles uses stories from great different languages. literature to develop vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, basic grammar, and critical thinking skills. LAH32456 Learn American English! EuroTalk, [1997]. LAH30705 Note: Combines pictures, text, and sound to make an American Girls premiere. Learning Company, [1997]. interactive flash card system that can be used to help in basic Note: Create and produce your own plays starring the language teaching. Learn words, play games, and record American Girls. words and sentences. LAH31029 LAH32506 Buchter, Carol. Diascriptive reading II. Educational Anne of Green Gables (La Maison aux pignons verts) Activities, [1996]. Renaissance Interactive Studios, [1997]. Note: Diagnostic-prescriptive-tutorial reading program. Note: Detailed version of the story of Anne Shirley and her Automatic management system that records each student's adventures in Prince Edward Island. Features live video progress and remediation or advances the student without characters, 3-D backgrounds and an original musical score. teacher intervention. The teacher can obtain individual scores Officially authorized by the Heirs of L.M. Montgomery. Text or a summary of scores. is narrated in English and French. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 7 August 2005
  • 8. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Reading comprehension game in which players assist LAH32539 robots in recapturing a space station by identifying the main Interactive English. Brighter Paths, [1997]. ideas of short passages. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Interactive tutor for mastering English language. Ideal instruction tool for LAH35204 Special Needs students and for ESL students. Reading for critical thinking. Level A. Big Springs, TX: Gamco Education Materials, [1998]. LAH32556 Note: Sharpens your students' critical thinking skills and Aesop in ASL: four fables told in American Sign Language. develops their ability to make inferences by progressing Austin, TX: Texas School for the Deaf, [1996]. through a variety of reading comprehension activities, Note: PREVIEW USE ONLY. Features four Aesop fables including vocabulary in context, making inferences, (Tortoise and the Hare, Milkmaid and Her Pail, Fox and the reasoning, and summarizing. Grapes, and Lion and the Mouse) in American Sign Language. At the end of each story are five activities that LAH35210 enable the user to improve his/her skills in using pronouns, Annie's city adventures. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Educational sequencing, reading comprehension, synonyms (English and Software, [1997]. ASL) and vocabulary. Note: Twelve stories encourage developing readers to interact with literature. Students write about the story using a LAH32671 built-in word processor with writing prompts, create their Secret writer's society. Panasonic Interactive Media, [1998]. own multimedia slide presentation, illustrate their own Note: Cool way to learn fundamental writing skills. Choose stories, practice oral language skills, and other from various writing missions that encourage creativity and comprehension activities including matching and cloze. learning. LAH35210 LAH33006 Dino the star keeper. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Educational World's best poetry on CD (2nd edition) Great Neck, NY: Software, [1997]. Roth Publishing, [1996]. Note: Twelve stories encourage developing readers to Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Anthology of world interact with literature. Students write about the story using a poetry, from antiquity through the 20th century. Contains built-in word processor with writing prompts, create their full-text poetry and criticism. own multimedia slide presentation, illustrate their own stories, practice oral language skills, and other LAH33340 comprehension activities including matching and cloze. Storybook Maker deluxe. San Diego, CA: Jostens Home Learning, [1995]. LAH35216 Note: Children can write, record, and publish their own Paragraph power. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Education stories. Materials, [1998]. Note: Improve student's ability to write effective paragraphs. LAH33848 Students can select from a topic menu, develop an idea, and Reading blaster vocabulary. Torrance, CA: Knowledge write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. Adventure, [1998]. Note: Build a larger vocabulary with over 100 word lists and LAH35220 three levels of difficulty. Create customized word lists, Responsive writing. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Education printable flash cards and word puzzles. Includes a speech Materials, [1998]. engine that reads words aloud to teach correct Note: Improve students' ability to write effective paragraphs. pronunciations. The program leads students step by step through the writing process while they learn to write effectively in response to LAH33873 material they read. Spelling blaster. Torrance, CA: Knowledge Adventure, [1998]. LAH35226 Note: Designed to help elementary school children improve ESL renegades Spanish. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Education their spelling skills. Teacher editions includes 2 copies of the Materials, [1998]. CD-ROM. Note: Critical concepts presents comprehensive reading and writing skills with a straightforward, targeted approach. LAH33876 Grammar for the real world. Torrance, CA: Knowledge LAH35280 Adventure, [1998]. Phonics voyage : the easy way to teach reading skills. Note: Perfect writing and grammar skills in a fun, real world Pembroke, NC: Arrow Educational Products, [1999]. setting as you take on a variety of creative assignments at a Note: Phonics and whole language approach to reading. Hollywood studio. Teacher edition includes 2 CD-ROMs. Teaches all 44 phonic sounds and 26 letters. Students will be able to decode most words as they read. LAH35063 The character of poetry. Stephenville, NF Canada: INNOVA LAH35429 Multimedia, [1996]. The Time, life, and works of Thoreau. Chicago, IL: Note: An exploration of image, tone and mood. Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Gain an understanding LAH35188 of his views on the complexity of man, the virtue of Captain Zog's main idea. Level A. Big Spring, TX: Gamco simplicity, the importance of ecology and the nature of Educational Materials, [1996]. knowledge. LAH35438 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 8 August 2005
  • 9. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Science fiction and fantasy. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; parentheses. Cartoon characters explain all about end marks ZANE Publishing, [1996]. and commas, quotation marks, apostrophes, colons, Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Study the ways in semicolons and more. Users play variety of games, anagrams which writers have speculated about worlds beyond Earth. and puzzles relating to the subject of punctuation. Examine the evolution of science fiction and the excursions that it takes into imaginary worlds to explore current social, LAH35991 political, ethical and aesthetic issues. Reading blaster : ages 4-6. Torrance, CA: Knowledge Adventure, [1999]. LAH35440 Note: Five levels of reading content help youngster develop How to read and understand poetry. Chicago, IL: essential phonics and basic reading skills. Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Poetry readings and LAH35991 comments from poets along with visual presentations to Reading blaster : ages 6-8. Torrance, CA: Knowledge explain techniques and portray ideas. Adventure, [1999]. Note: Takes the user on an exciting reading adventure on LAH35441 Planet Islandia where Blasterpals explore the islands and Shakespeare's London. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane navigate through various reading challenges. Publishing, [1996]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Presents the London LAH35991 that Shakespeare knew and provides a revealing portrait of Reading blaster : ages 6-9. Torrance, CA: Knowledge life during Shakespeare's era. Adventure, [1999]. Note: Build students' vocabulary and reading comprehension LAH35452 skills through interactive lessons that focus on word The history of American literature. Chicago, IL: structure, meanings, and relationships. Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Describes the LAH35991 movement toward realism, regionalism, and naturalism. Reading blaster : ages 5-7. Torrance, CA: Knowledge Includes feature presentation, quizzes, glossary, Adventure, [1999]. encyclopedia, dictionary, and word search. Note: Develop your students’ basic reading skills through activities that strengthen phonics learning, build language LAH35456 mechanics skills, and introduce more than 1500 vocabulary The history of English literature. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; words. Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Explores the poetry, LAH35991 themes, and ideals of 20th-century literature. Reading blaster ages 9-12. Torrance, CA: Knowledge Adventure, [1997]. LAH35730 Note: Kids learn advanced reading comprehension and Improving writing II. Fairfield, CT: Queue, [1999]. grammar as they travel through galaxies on the Blaster ship. Note: Guides students through skill-specific activities and Teaches 20 essential skills including: sentence structure, provides them with structure and practice files to support parts of speech, grammar, analogies, definitions, synonyms their writing. Topics include: writing process, writer's basic and antonyms, finding the main idea, reading for detail, tools, writing descriptively, expository writing, and drawing conclusions, logical reasoning, making inferences, newswriting. using context clues, sequencing and ordering. LAH35733 LAH36005 Reporting on Shakespeare. Fairfield, CT: Queue, [1998]. Humanities Software. Writing with literature. Pleasantville, Note: Guides lead you through the process of writing papers NY: Sunburst Communications, [1997]. about Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Note: Popular books and classic stories launch imaginations Juliet, and A Midsummer night's dream. and inspire thinking and writing. Students explore timeless themes and express their views in persuasive paragraphs LAH35781 character sketches, news reports, poetry, and more. Skills for writers. version 1.1. Portland, OR: Pierian Spring Software, [1998]. LAH36090 Note: Contains activities to develop writing skills. Activities Spelling spree. Somerville, MA: Houghton Mifflin include practice at finding and correcting usage, punctuation, Interactive, [1998]. and spelling errors; writing poetry; and a word matching Note: All the neighborhood pets and friends can now talk game based on Mah Jongg. and are teaching each other how to spell. Why not go on a spelling spree with them? LAH35791 Writing for readers. Portland, OR: Pierian Spring Software, LAH36146 [1998]. Advanced software. Phonics alive! 2. Cary, IL: Forest Note: Contains hands-on activities to develop creative Technologies, [1998]. writing skills. Activities Note: Teaches the alphabet, phonics, spelling and more help students learn the elements of a story, how to generate through drills. and develop story ideas, and how to write dialogue. LAH36202 LAH35809 Reading galaxy reading comprehension. Novato, CA: Punctuation marks. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, [1996]. Broderbund Software : Learning Company, [1996]. Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. The user learns the correct usage and placement of dashes, hyphens, and Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 9 August 2005
  • 10. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: You are the next contestant on "The Alien Tales' Game LAH38899 Show." Outsmart panelists and defend the honor of Earthling Vocabulary development. Hilton Head SC: Optimum authors. Resource, [199u]. Note: Illustrates synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, LAH36650 homophones, multiple meanings and context clues, allowing Super solvers spellbound! Fremont, CA: Learning Company, students to apply experience and context to generate [1996]. meanings for unfamiliar words and to more accurately define Note: A computer adventure game designed to develop known words. spelling skills. LAH38901 LAH37325 Spelling rules. Hilton Head SC: Optimum Resource, [199u]. Stories in season. Regina, SK, Canada: Tyndal Stone Media, Note: Designed to help students improve spelling accuracy [1996]. and master the fundamentals. Note: In six difference languages (Cree, Dakota, Dene, English, French, Saulteaux). Designed to enhance language LAH38983 arts instruction for beginning readers, and to provide a Chomsky, Carol and Schwartz, Judah L. M-ss-ng l-nks : a glimpse into the culture and lifestyles of Canada's First game of letters and language. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Nation. Communications, [1999]. Note: Students practice reading, writing, and spelling skills LAH38786 by filling in blanks in quotations. Every child a reader. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2000]. Note: Contains 50 original stories that sequentially introduce LAH39198 a controlled first grade vocabulary. Voyage to fair. Pembroke, NC: Arrow Educational Products, [2000]. LAH38851 Note: Teaches basic readers to become more proficient Ribbit collection. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst : Little Planet readers in a short time. Learn about types of sentences, Publishing, [1996]. punctuation, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, prefixes, Note: Volume 1 and 2 presents four folktales that reinforce suffixes, root words, syllabication, comprehension and other the following themes: resisting peer pressure, thinking decoding skills. Read stories in English or Spanish. independently, and making good decisions. Volume 3 engages students in reading skill builder activities. Volume 4 LAH39199 allows children to retell and write the story in their own Reading with phonics is fun. Pembroke, NC: Arrow words, and electronically publish their own books. Educational Products, [1999]. Note: Helps teach the ABCs, short vowel sounds, long vowel LAH38851 sounds, beginning sounds, ending sounds, beginning clusters, The Dugout collection. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst : Little ending clusters, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, 400 Planet Publishing, [2000]. basic sight words, word attack skills, and other reading skills. Note: Combines video, computer software, and print materials into a set of exciting multimedia tools designed to LAH39215 help young children acquire literacy skills. Includes the StartWrite. North Salt Lake UT: Idea Maker, [1999]. following books: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass The Note: Easy-to-use tool for teaching handwriting. Includes black lion", Ellen Ochoa Astronaut, Rules of the game, manuscript and cursive. Maria's story, and Wilma Rudolph. LAH39935 LAH38856 Pair-it books CD-ROM : exploring fiction and nonfiction Glowbird collection. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst : Little emergent stage 1. Austin TX: Steck-Vaughn, [2000]. Planet Publishing,[1996]. Note: Develops beginning reading, writing, and research Note: Presents three folktales that reinforce the following skills with multimedia enhancement for primary level reading themes: respect for others; appreciating differences, programs. appreciating small things, a search for "special places", appreciating the environment. After viewing the stories, LAH39952 children can retell and write the story in their own words, and English resource center. Sunnyvale CA: Super Tutor electronically publish their own books. Company, [1999]. Note: Learn to research and write term papers, strengthen LAH38873 spelling skills, practice vocabulary for standardized tests, Mask world. Eugene, OR: Visions Technology in Education, improve pronunciation, learn the foundations of grammar and [1999]. style. Note: Contains the ingredients needed to perform twenty-four tales and myths from all over the world. Each story comes LAH41447 complete with characters, props, and a script - everything Hombs, Barbara. Writing process workshop : computer word children need to stage their own performances. processor prompted guides for literature. Freeport NY: Educational Activities, [1999]. LAH38888 Note: Teaches writing skills and develops proficiency in Folktales : six interactive learning CD-ROMs. Toronto word processing. Uses a language experience approach to Canada: Harmony Interactive : Discis Knowledge Research, motivate students to write about their own experiences. [1995]. Note: Timeless tales, combining the ancient art of storytelling LAH41776 with vivid illustrations, lively music, enchanting narration, Pryor, Bonnie and Williams, Karen Lynn. Stories & more : and hundreds of audio surprises. Time and place. Redmond WA: Edmark, [2000]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 10 August 2005
  • 11. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Combines 3 children's books (The house on Maple Note: Ten different activities, filled with randomly generated Street, Roxaboxen, and Galimoto) with activities to immerse words, providing opportunities to apply language skills in a students in literature experiences and strengthen their reading purposeful context. and comprehension skills. LAH42395 My reading coach. Tucson AZ: MindPlay, [2000]. LAH41779 Note: Self-paced, individualized reading program. Phonics- Delaney, A and Lobel, Arnold. Stories & more : Animal based program that combines interactive video and audio. friends. Redmond WA: Edmark, [2000]. Diagnostically assesses and teaches strategies to encode and Note: Combines 3 children's books (The gunnyworld, The decode simple and multi-syllable words. trek, and Owl at home) with activities to immerse students in literature experiences and strengthen their reading and LAH43654 comprehension skills. The writing lesson : a handwriting practice program. San Ramon CA: Mountcastle Company, [2001]. LAH41880 Note: Never-ending supply of perfect writing exercises. Kidspiration. Inspiration Software, [2000]. Offers three different writing styles: primary, script, and Note: Uses visual learning to help young readers and writers cursive. as they learn to develop and organize their ideas. LAH43996 LAH41880 Reading explorers : a guided reading experience. St. Louis: Kidspiration 2. Portland OR: Inspiration Software, [2004]. Gamco (Siboney Learning Group), [2000]. Note: Uses visual learning to help young readers and writers Note: Sharpens students' critical thinking skills and develops as they learn to develop and organize their ideas. their ability to make inferences by progressing through a variety of reading comprehension activities, including LAH41882 vocabulary in context, making inferences, reasoning, and White, E. B and Blume, Judy. Children's literature summarizing. companions : volume I. Newton, MA ;; Chicago IL: International Educations ; ; distributed by SVE & Churchill LAH44001 Media, [1998]. Chu, Godwin. The Tuskegee Airmen. Volo IL: Don Note: Assists students in learning to think and write about Johnston, [2000]. literature. Note: The story of the Tuskagee Airmen - a group of 25 black pilots - who fought for peace in the world and for equal LAH41882 rights at home in the U.S. Armstron, William Howard and Rodgers, Mary. Children's literature companions : volume III. Newton MA ;; Chicago LAH44005 IL: International Educations ; ; distributed by SVE & Sewell, Anna and Venable, Noe. Black beauty. Volo IL: Don Churchill Media, [1998]. Johnston, [2000]. Note: Assists students in learning to think and write about Note: A horse in nineteenth-century England recounts his literature. experiences with both good and bad masters. LAH41882 LAH44009 Gardiner, John Reynolds and Greene, Bette. Children's Stemach, Jerry. The secret of Old Mexico. Volo IL: Don literature companions : volume II. Newton MA ;; Chicago Johnston, [1999]. IL: International Educations ; ; distributed by SVE & Note: There is an important secret that has been hidden in Churchill Media, [1998]. Mexico for more than 1000 years. Four friends want to find Note: Assists students in learning to think and write about out about this secret. But other people want to know about literature. the secret because it might be worth a lot of money. LAH41916 LAH44022 Pingel, Ralf and Pietracci, E. Snow White and the Seven Story quest. Regina SK Canada: Tyndal Stone, [2000]. Hansels : the fairy tale game. London: Tivola Electronic Note: By exploring, listening and recording their own stories Publishing, [1999]. children advance through the quest. While learning to tell Note: A fantasy game in which the players choose what will their own stories, children play an integral role in helping happen to the characters Snow White, Little Red Hood and Little Gopher attain his goal. Designed to enlighten children more. on the culture and storytelling traditions of First Nations people. LAH42047 Writing & vocabulary : essential review. Gardena CA: LAH44024 Encore Software, [2001]. Between the lines : understanding the media through a series Note: Reinforce classroom lessons in writing and vocabulary. of creative projects. Regina SK Canada: Tyndal Stone, [2000]. LAH42274 Note: As the Producer, Editor and Director, students are Write way. Ingenuity Works, [2000]. given the freedom to create their own media projects. Note: Sharpen basic language skills. Activities include: Program reveals the nature of mass media, its techniques and antonyms, connecting words, labels, past tense, rhymes, impact on society. spelling, possessives, synonyms, vocabulary, and word order. LAH44403 LAH42276 Pronunciation power : 8 to 1 English dictionary : Word way. Ingenuity Works, [2000]. Beginner/Intermediate. Edmonton Canada: English Computerized Learning Inc, [2000]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 11 August 2005
  • 12. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Dictionary that aids in improving reading disappeared from their vocabulary. Along the way you will comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling discover new and interesting places while expanding your ability. own vocabulary. LAH44429 LAH45704 Pronunciation power : Beginner/intermediate. Edmonton Phonics super star reading system. Santa Ana CA: Help Me 2 Canada: English. Computerized Learning, Blackstone Learn Company,[2002]. Multimedia Corporation, [2000]. Note: Comprehensive language arts curriculum for PreK Note: An interactive program designed for beginner to through Grade 5. intermediate English learners, containing interactive lessons and exercises, educational phonics games, karaoke style LAH46101 sentences, record and playback, translation in 12 languages. Sunburst Technology (Firm). Emergent reader. Pleasantville Includes a copy of "8 in 1 English dictionary." NY: Sunburst, [2000]. Note: Twenty stories designed to teach students to read LAH44429 simple stories and to develop their concept of story, word, Pronunciation power : Intermediate/Advanced. Edmonton sight word vocabulary, and left-to-right reading skills. Canada: English Computerized Learning, Blackstone Multimedia Corporation, [2000]. LAH46162/4 Note: An interactive program designed for intermediate to English express deluxe. Davidson & Associates ; distributed advanced English learners, containing interactive lessons and by Sunburst/Knowledge Adventure, [2000 1997]. exercises, educational phonics games, karaoke style Note: An interactive multimedia language curriculum that sentences, record and playback, translation in 12 languages. provides immersion in the English language. Helps beginning to intermediate ESL students to speak, listen, read, and write LAH44440 English fluently and confidently. Maurer, Jay. Focus on grammar. New York: Addison-Wesley Longman and Exceller Software, [1996, 1997, 1998]. LAH47189 Note: Interactive multimedia program for learners of English. Heartsoft Software (Firm). The Heartsoft literacy skill set. Provides grammar practice for foreign speakers through Broken Arrow OK: Heartsoft, [2002]. reading, listening, and writing activities. Note: Covers beginning reading, keyboarding, consonant skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary, English, parts of LAH44665 speech, spelling, synonyms, homonyms, antonyms and more. North American idioms. [Victoria, B.C.] ;; Cincinnati OH: English Language Centre, University of Victoria ;; LAH47691 Encomium Publications [distributor], [2001]. Lexia reading software : demo CD. Lincoln MA: Lexia Note: Intermediate level English language learners will be Learning Systems, [2002]. able to practice using idioms in common real-life situations Note: Demonstrations on computer programs designed to to improve their understanding of specific idioms in various help students of all ages acquire and improve reading skills. contexts. LAH47818 LAH44946 Spelling made easy. Global Software Publishing, [2000]. Clicker animations. Bellevue WA: Crick Software, [2000- Note: Game show format that will help students become 2002]. familiar with spelling rules, exceptions to the rules and Note: Supports Clicker 4 with moving pictures. Includes 100 patterns. animations, plus over 500 animated grids based around six themes. System requirements: Clicker 4. LAH47818 Punctuation made easy. Global Software Publishing, [2000]. LAH44946 Note: Students develop strategies for using punctuation Clicker grids for learning. Bellevue WA: Crick Software, effectively to clarify the meaning of their writing. [2002]. Note: Hundreds of ready-made grids (words, pictures and LAH47818 sounds) on a host of different topics and themes. Materials Grammar made easy. Global Software Publishing, [2000]. are ready-to-use, but can be edited. System requirements: Note: Introduces parts of speech and sentence structure in Clicker 4. innovative and captivating lessons. LAH45011 LAH4783 Howlett, Bruce and Howlett, Kathryn. Sound reading : a Orchard for your state : Language arts : 7-9. St. Louis MO: comprehensive, speech-based reading program. Ithaca NY: Orchard Software, [2002]. Sound Reading Solutions, [2000]. Note: Language arts bundle includes 13 skill trees that teach Note: Designed to meet the needs of emergent and struggling and assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, provide readers. Activities are based upon the latest neurological step-by-step instruction, and reinforce key skills in a research on reading and the brain. Activities encourage motivating learning environment. Includes documentation students to explore the structure of spoken and written showing how the skills align with Illinois standards. language. LAH47841 LAH45389 Orchard for your state : Language arts : 4-6. St. Louis MO: Quadrinarian word find : the search for meaning. Columbus Orchard Software, [2002]. OH: Ohio Distinctive Software, [2000]. Note: Language arts 10-12 bundle includes 12 skill trees that Note: Come visit the beautiful planet of Quadrinaria, and teach and assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, explore the wonders of the planet while you help your provide step-by-step instruction, and reinforce key skills in a friends, the Quadrinarians, find the precious words that have Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 12 August 2005
  • 13. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) motivating learning environment. Includes documentation LAH49056 showing how the skills align with Illinois standards. Draft:Builder. Volo IL: Don Johnston, [2002]. Note: Leads students through the three key steps in creating a LAH47859 first draft: organizing ideas, taking notes, and writing the Orchard for your state : Language arts : K-3. St. Louis MO: draft. Orchard Software, [2002]. Note: Language arts K-3 bundle includes 24 skill trees that LAH49123 teach and assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, Planet wobble : Set A. Bellevue WA: Crick Software, [2003]. provide step-by-step instruction, and reinforce key skills in a Note: Materials for early readers. Animated talking books motivating learning environment. Includes documentation and related on-screen activities offer engaging resources for showing how the skills align with Illinois standards. early reading ad writing skills. LAH47874 LAH49123 Orchard for your state : Language arts : 10-12. St. Louis MO: Planet wobble : Set B. Bellevue WA: Crick Software, [2003]. Orchard Software, [2002]. Note: Materials for early readers. Animated talking books Note: Language arts 10-12 bundle includes 12 skill trees that and related on-screen activities offer engaging resources for teach and assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, early reading ad writing skills. provide step-by-step instruction, and reinforce key skills in a motivating learning environment. Includes documentation LAH49519 showing how the skills align with Illinois standards. Perfect copy : classroom demo. Wisconsin Rapids WI: Renaissance Learning. LAH48819 Note: Software that helps teachers improve students' Uretsky, Arnie. U.S. history comic book maker. Eugene OR: grammar, punctuation, and usage skills through in-context Visions Technology in Education, [2002]. editing. Note: Simple-to-use multimedia writing tool. Create animated stories that talk, or print out the comic books and LAH4977 act out the stories using stick puppets. Kid works deluxe. Davidson, [1995]. Note: Students write and illustrate their own stories, poems, LAH48819 journals, and more. Creations are read back in a variety of Fairy tale comic book maker. Eugene OR: Visions fun voices or in students own voice. Technology in Education, [2001]. Note: Simple-to-use multimedia writing tool. Create LAH49986 animated stories that talk, or print out the comic books and Exploring kidspiration version 2. Portland OR: Inspiration act out the stories using stick puppets. Software, [2004]. Note: Interactive training CD contains step-by-step tutorial, LAH48819 classroom examples, and visual learning methods. Uretsky, Arnie. Super hero comic book maker. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2001]. LAH5009 Note: Simple-to-use multimedia writing tool. Create Inspiration for Palm OS. Portland OR: Inspiration Software animated stories that talk, or print out the comic books and Inc, [2004]. act out the stories using stick puppets. Note: Provides handheld power to develop ideas and organize thinking. Requires Palm desktop 4.0 or higher LAH48819 installed on computer. Science comic book maker : habitats & lifecycles. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2002]. LAH50599 Note: Simple-to-use multimedia writing tool. Create Great Source diagnostic tests : reading. Great Source animated stories that talk, or print out the comic books and Education Group, [2004]. act out the stories using stick puppets. Note: Standards-based CD-ROM test program designed to assess students' reading proficiency and prescribe targeted LAH48843 instruction from "Reader's Handbook" (LAB44607), Phonics companion interactive. Eugene OR: Visions "Daybooks of Critical Reading and Writing" (LAB33862), Technology in Education, [2002]. "Reading & Writing Sourcebooks", and "Vocabulary for Note: Create your posters, activity sheets and games with Achievement". Phonics Companion and do on-screen instruction with Phonics Companion Interactive. LAH50844 Super texttwist and Super whatword? Dallas TX: Game LAH48843 House ; distributed by MacPlay, [2003]. Uretsky, Arnie. Phonics companion. Eugene OR: Visions Note: Super texttwist - think of as many words as you can Technology in Education, [2000]. with the letters you have to beat the clock. Use all your letters Note: Complete phonics package that allows you to create the to make a word and you'll move to the next round. Super materials you need to teach phonics. Includes activities for whatword? - connect letters to make the Whatwords. introducing skills and practice exercises for improving reading and writing. LAH5255 Harcourt writing express. Harcourt. LAH48851 Note: Combines motivating, interactive writing lessons with Uretsky, Arnie. Writer's companion. Eugene OR: Visions engaging "hot spots" containing fun activities designed to Technology in Education, [2003]. teach the strategies and writing forms that good writers use. Note: Takes students through the entire writing process from Includes a built in scope and sequence. brainstorming to publishing. LAH52662 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 13 August 2005
  • 14. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) SuperSpell grammar. East Dorest VT: Tool Factory. Note: Includes: Multimedia Audubon's Birds, Multimedia Note: Join the Hooper family at the beach and accumulate Audubon's Mammals, Shakespeare, and Sherlock Holmes. points while completing structured grammar activities. Topics covered include: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, LAH9883 adverbs, verbs, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, Language explorer. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1997]. punctuation, phrases, clauses, sentence structure, and Note: Builds vocabulary using fun sounds and color grammar usage. animation. Includes word sets for English, French, German and Spanish with more than 500 animated picture tiles in 42 LAH52971 topics. Explorers. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2002]. Note: Learn about explorers throughout the ages. Contains LAH9972 three levels of difficulty. Lets students research information Mann, Ron. Poetry in motion. New York, NY: Voyager, independently, write about it, and then print out their work. [1994]. Requires Clicker 4. Note: Film of twenty-four poets performing their work accompanied by the printed text. LAH52971 Animals of hot lands. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2004]. LAH9978 Note: Learn about animals that live in hot places, like Project Gutenberg. Walnut Creek CA: Walnut Creek crocodiles in their swamps, or tigers in the grasslands.. CDROM, [1994]. Contains three levels of difficulty. Lets students research Note: Electronic texts of the Project Gutenberg archives for information independently, write about it, and then print out 1991,1992, and 1993. Includes such works as: Complete their work. Requires Clicker 4. Works of Shakespeare, John Milton's Paradise Lost, CIA World Factbook, and NAFTA Documents. LAH52971 Animals of cold lands. Redmond WA: Crick Software, LAI9787 [2004]. Creative writer. Microsoft. Note: Learn about animals that live in the Arctic and Note: Publish illustrated stories and projects such as Antarctic. Includes the polar bear, emperor penguin, and newsletters, cards, reports, and more. Includes clip art, story killer whale. Contains three levels of difficulty. Lets students starters, spelling checker and thesaurus, wacky sounds, and research information independently, write about it, and then special letter effects. print out their work. Requires Clicker 4. LAM19469 LAH52971 Long hard day on the ranch. Discis. Life cycles. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2004]. Note: Allows children to read and listen to the hero's letter Note: Learn about the life cycles of eight living things. and to see his solutions to the imaginary crises that arise Includes plants, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and mammals. while he visits his uncle's farm. Contains three levels of difficulty. Lets students research information independently, write about it, and then print out LAM19475 their work. Requires Clicker 4. Tale of Benjamin Bunny. Discis. Note: Benjamin Bunny is Peter Rabbit's cousin. He and LAH52971 Peter set out together to Mr. McGregor's garden to retrieve Ancient Egyptians. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2004]. Peter's clothes - now being worn by Mr. McGregor's Note: Learn about Egyptian mummies, pharaohs, food, and scarecrow! writing. Contains three levels of difficulty. Lets students research information independently, write about it, and then LAM19493 print out their work. Requires Clicker 4. Thomas' snowsuit. Discis. Note: Getting Thomas into his snowsuit was an impossible LAH52971 task for his mother, teacher, and his principal. But Thomas Dinosaurs. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2002]. quickly jumped into his snowsuit as soon as a friend invited Note: Learn about dinosaurs. Contains three levels of him to come out and play. difficulty. Lets students research information independently, write about it, and then print out their work. Requires Clicker LAM19499 4. Heather hits her first home run. Discis. Note: Heather is a little girl who just started playing Tee-ball. LAH53636 She goes through many different emotions as she stands at Balanced literacy : demo CD. Petaluma CA: IntelliTools, the plate, but learns that persistence and courage pay off as [2001]. she finally hits the winning run for her team. Note: Provides a balanced approach to early literacy instruction for beginning readers. Integrates guided reading, LAM19505 supported writing, and word study or phonics activities. Cinderella. Discis, [1993]. Note: Help children read and learn. Each phrase is LAH9708 highlighted as the book reads along. Bailey's book house. Edmark. Note: Builds early reading concepts. Students learn letters, LAM19511 acquire new vocabulary and compose stories as they make Mud puddle. Discis. rhymes, direct plots and publish their own storybooks and Note: Shows children that we can all encounter situations we greeting cards. can't seem to control. The story also suggests that if we try hard enough we can usually find solutions to the problems LAH9747 that we face! Classic Collection+. CMC ReSearch, [1990]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 14 August 2005
  • 15. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) LAM19517 Easybook writing workshop. Immigration. Pleasantville, NY: O'Huigin, Sean. Scary poems for rotten kids. Buffalo NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Discis Knowledge Research, [1994]. Note: Use with EasyBook Deluxe. Interdisciplinary writing Note: Children today live with many of the same fears we all activities encourage students to explore the rich heritage of had as children. But there are new scary things children must our country and what it means to be an American. Allow also face, such as acid rain and its effect on our environment. students to publish their own illustrated books about their family heritage. LAM19529 Paper bag princess. Discis Books, [1993]. LAM31874 Note: A 20th Century fairy tale. It reflects current values Write:OutLoud. version 3.0. Don Johnston, [1999]. such as equality between men and women. In the story, the Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Talking word processor. princess demonstrates the ability to solve problems and make Speaks words, sentences, paragraphs, and talking spell rational decisions. checker. LAM20038 LAM31878 Somebody catch my homework. Discis, [1994]. Camp Frog Hollow. Don Johnston, [1996]. Note: Encourages kids to play with words, rhythms and Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Word interactions that rhymes while learning the art form of poetry. build vocabulary. LAM22468 LAM31886 Imagination express - Destination: Oceans. Edmark, [1995]. Workshop. AheadMedia, [1997]. Note: The mystery and wonder of the sea come alive as Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Children learn cause and students create animated books and movies set in an actual effect, choice-making and timing as they enjoy discovery, marine sanctuary. Students learn about ocean habitats, the story telling, arcade-style games. Use mouse, keyboard, role of oceans in ecosystems and human impact on ocean switch, or touch screen. environments. LAM32236 LAM22468 Mark Twain and the art of the novel. NetGuider, Inc, [1998]. Imagination express: destination: rain forest. Edmark, [1995]. Note: Integrate the World Wide Web into your lesson plans. Note: Students interact with exotic animals and plants, Student workbook portfolios contain quizzes and exercises interesting characters and beautiful backgrounds as they that make student assessment easy. create electronic stories using lush sights and sounds of the Rain forest. LAM32451 Using the Internet to find the information you need. LAM22468 NetGuider, LLC, [1998]. Imagination express: Destination: pyramids. Edmark. Note: Learn about the mysteries of Ancient Egypt. Create LAM32559 electronic books featuring pyramids, hieroglyphs, pharaohs, Rosie's walk. Austin, TX: Texas School for the Deaf, [1996]. and life on the Nile. Note: PREVIEW USE ONLY. Based on book by Pat Hutchins. In each page of the story the text is signed and LAM25969 there are 7 to 10 enrichment vocabulary words on each page. Imagination express: Destination: Time Trip, USA. Edmark. After the story, there are games providing practice in Note: Students travel through time to explore a fictional New connecting the words with the signs and pictures. England town. Create animated stories using backgrounds and stickers that reflect the evolution of architecture, LAM34364 inventions, fashion and entertainment. Month-by-month with Kid Works Deluxe. Torrance, CA: Knowledge Adventure, [1998]. LAM2690 Note: Monthly cross-curricular theme-based projects that Tale of Peter Rabbit. Discis. focus on math, science, reading, vocabulary, development, Note: Find out what happens when Peter Rabbit visits Mr. social studies, and writing. Requires Kid Works Deluxe. McGregor's garden!. LAM35283 LAM29307 Corporate climber. Colorado Springs, CO: Jay Klein Macbeth. Voyager, [1994]. Productions, [1997]. Note: Includes textual annotations, extensive scholarly tools Note: DEMO VERSION. Multimedia tool for perfecting and video clips from performances. critical English skills. Users enter Semantycon as closely supervised, probationary employees; and with Trainee LAM30418 manuals firmly in hand, they journey through the company's Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. English Language ten corporate divisions, each responsible for a specific Courseware, [1995]. English skill area. Note: Language development titles uses stories from great literature to develop vocabulary, reading and listening LAM35795 comprehension, basic grammar, and critical thinking skills. That strange Mr. Poe. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise Co, [1997]. LAM30647 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Traces the life and Easy book deluxe. Sunburst Communications, [1997]. work of Edgar Allan Poe, and provides a close-up look at the Note: Book publishing program that allows students to write, important people and events of the time in which Poe wrote. illustrate, and print their work in book form. LAM35797 LAM30647 Uncle Mark. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 15 August 2005
  • 16. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Traces the life and Note: Computerized version of the Milton Bradley board work of Mark Twain and presents a close- up look at the game including official player's dictionary, five levels of skill important people and events of the time in which he play, sound effects, ability to play over a LAN or the illustrated timelines, quizzes, activities, and a glossary. Internet, and artificial intelligence that responds to every move. LAM35811 Parts of speech. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, [1995]. LAM38989 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Defines and explains Tenth planet explores literacy : Word building: word parts. the rules of usage for all the major parts of speech. Students Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [1999]. and children will learn about nouns and pronouns, adjectives Note: Student develop their ability to decode and spell and adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and much more. multisyllabic, or "big" words. LAM36049 LAM38997 Elementary writing skills. Sunburst Communications, [1997]. Tenth planet explores literacy. Word building : Consonant Note: Contains thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and blends and digraphs. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst listening activities to help students discover their creative Communications, [1999]. writing ability. Note: Students become more aware of and adept at reading and writing words containing consonant blends and digraphs. LAM36059 Steps to better writing. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst LAM39228 Communications, [1997]. Roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, Note: Writing process comes alive as students write essays, [2000]. reports, and poems. Students learn the techniques - Note: Students improve their understanding of word prewriting, drafting, organizing, revising, and editing. meanings by dissecting words into roots, prefixes, and suffixes. LAM36063 Writing with picture books. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst LAM39261 Communications, [1997]. Humanities Software. Kid's media magic. Pleasantville, NY: Note: Uses well-known picture books to introduce chants, Sunburst Communications, [1999]. pattern sentences, and literature to encourage the writing of Note: Children's word processor featuring a rebus anticipator, stories, plays and journal entries. unique multimedia authoring and publishing opportunities, movies (includes QuickTime software), a paint program, clip LAM36071 art, and speech. Essential writing. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1997]. LAM44946 Note: Student compositions focus on expository, descriptive, Clicker 4. Bellevue WA: Crick Software, [2000]. narrative, and persuasive writing. Additional content includes Note: Writing and creativity tool designed to motivate and job skills, interviews, filling out forms, and more. support children as they learn to read and write. Use Clicker to create: instant vocabulary wordlists, sentence building LAM36792 lessons, student-created talking books, web pages and Humanities Software. Write on plus. Responding to great multimedia presentations, support for existing print based literature. spelling and reading programs, story starters and writing Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1997]. frames, science lab reports, thematic projects, student Note: Unique settings and characters, intriguing plots, and portfolios, and more. universal themes enlarge your students' view of the world. Lessons focus on literal and figurative language, comparison, LAM5009 contrast, interpretation, conflict and resolution. Inspiration : K-12 education edition. Portland, OR: Inspiration Software, [1999]. LAM3727 Note: Visual idea development tool for developing ideas and Scholastic reading counts! : software sampler. New York: plans. Fully integrates an easy-to-use Diagram view and a Scholastic Inc, [1999]. powerful Outline view. Note: Reading motivation and management software. Interactive quizzes for over 13,000 popular books. LAM5009 Helfgott, Donald and Westhaver, Mona. Inspiration. Portland LAM37315 OR: Inspiration Software Inc, [2002]. Writing trek : language adventures/ Vol.1. Pleasantville, NY: Note: A visual learning tool to organize thinking, prioritize Sunburst Communications, [1999]. ideas, and make concept maps, webs and other graphical Note: Contains 12 structured projects in a wide range of organizers in order to create clear, concise writing. writing genres, from poetry to research, journalism, stories, and more. LAM9540 Brown, Marc. Arthur's teacher troubles. Broderbund : LAM37585 Learning Company. Reader's quest I. Humanities Software/Sunburst, [1999]. Note: Includes classroom activities, book and audiotape Note: Multimedia workshops with reading instruction, "Arthur's Birthday". On top of having the Mr. Ratburn for his practice, and strategies. Fiction and non-fiction content teacher, Arthur must represent his class in the school-wide prepares students for grade-level reading assessments. spellathon. English and Spanish. LAM38886 LAM9884 Scrabble : CD-ROM crossword game. Beverly MA: Hasbro Ugly duckling. Morgan. Interactive, [1997]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 16 August 2005
  • 17. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Highly animated and musical fashion. Discover the mobile icons that can be arranged into box plots, cross excitement of reading as well as finding over 500 animations tabulations, histograms, scatter plots, and Venn diagrams. and sounds including musical fences, marching army ants, and flying bats. MAH24597 Math munchers deluxe CD. MECC : Learning Company, LAM9900 [1995]. Monarch notes. Bureau Development, [1992]. Note: Develop speed and accuracy in basic math skills as Note: Marguerite and Aime Maeght Foundation art they race a Muncher around a 3-D grid to gobble numbers, collection. View each piece of art, read about the artist and expressions, and geometric shapes while they dodge pesky learn what motivated the creation. Features the works of such Troggles. as: Chagall, Miro, Matisse, Adami, Gonzalez, and Ubac. MAH26559 LAM9924 Operation Neptune. Learning Company. Tortoise and the hare. Broderbund : Learning Company. Note: Pre-Algebra math and problem solving with whole Note: School edition includes Classroom Activities and numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages. Aesop's Fables Coloring Book. Race between the slow-and- Enhance math skills with real-life word problems. Strengthen steady tortoise and the hurry-up hare includes dozens of thinking skills. hilarious sight gags and surprises. MAH26927 Mighty math number heroes. Redmond, WA: Edmark, MATH [1996]. MAH19930 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Promotes TesselMania! deluxe. MECC : Learning Company, [1995]. investigation, experimentation, and the power of thinking. Note: Students explore transformational geometry while Students explore fractions, 2D geometry, chance and creating interlocking, puzzle-like designs called probability, shape and number patterns, addition, subtraction, "tessellations." Students can turn their works of art into multiplication, division, and decimals. puzzles, projects, and gifts. MAH27809 MAH20596 Snootz math trek. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, Hot dog stand: the works. Sunburst Communications, [1996]. [1996]. Note: Challenge students to successfully manage their own Note: Explore math thinking. Team up with Flarn and Foozle small business. Students practice critical math, problem- from Planet Snoot and discover solutions to a range of math solving, and communication skills. thinking problems. Introduces kids to sequencing, map reading, cause and effect, spatial visualization, geometric MAH21640 shapes and more. Ventura, Fred. Hands-on math. Grover Beach CA: Ventura Educational Software, [2001]. MAH27855 Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Software program that Math heads. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1996]. helps students in grades K-8 build fundamental math Note: Perform mental calculations. All while using the on- concepts using exploratory activities with computer- screen remote control to surf game show, infomercials, music simulated math manipulatives. videos, dance shows, and more. MAH21745 MAH2792 Troggle trouble math CD. MECC, [1994]. Math shop deluxe. New York, NY: Scholastic, [1998]. Note: Teaches basic math facts and operations using a game Note: Develop practical skills by solving problems in the format. eight wacky shops in Arcade Alley. Earn money for every correct answer, then use that money to play any of the four MAH22472 games in the Math Shop Arcade. Math workshop. Broderbund : Learning Company, [1994]. Note: Choose from fun games and activities while learning MAH28115 important math skills like problem solving, basic operations, Mighty math calculating crew. Redmond, WA: Edmark, computation, fractions, pattern recognition, estimation, [1996]. spatial thinking, and logical reasoning. Note: PREVIEW USE ONLY. Students learn about multiplication and division of whole numbers and decimals, MAH22518 number line concepts, 2D and 3D shapes and their properties NumberMaze challenge. Great Wave Software, [1996]. and money transactions. Note: Combines the fun of solving mazes with the challenge of solving math problems. MAH28268 Visual planner. Edunetics Interactive, [1996]. MAH24038 Note: Graphing and organizing tools. Bring order to thinking Tabletop Jr. Cambridge MA: TERC : Sunburst, [1995]. in math problem solving or to planning for writing Note: Provides a creative setting in which to take on puzzles assignments. Create web and Venn diagrams, comparison and projects in grouping, sorting, and classifying, logical charts, cycle graphs, and more. reasoning, pattern making, measuring, collecting and organizing information, and graphing and interpreting data. MAH28977 Mega Math Blaster. Davidson, [1996]. MAH24038 Note: Arcade adventure that builds essential math skills in Tabletop. Cambridge MA: TERC : Sunburst, [1995]. addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, Note: Works with existing databases or with databases decimals, number patterns, percents, estimation, and problem students create themselves. Data is visually represented by solving. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 17 August 2005
  • 18. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) algebra, and geometry to the real world through workplace MAH29120 applications. School house rock: math rock. Creative Wonders Electronic Arts, [1996]. MAH31982 Note: Musical math journey. Includes over 20 skills such as: Gearing up. Core Communications, [1997]. computation, geometry, place values, set identification. Note: Tune up your math muscles to help your team win the Wheels of the West and the Concourse de Concrete bike MAH29120 races. Applies basic principles of prealgebra, algebra, and Math rock. Creative Wonders : Learning Company, [1996]. geometry to the real world through workplace applications. Note: Builds essential elementary math skills. Solve equations in the pool hall, take on the Schoolhouse Magician MAH31982 in a race to solve multiplication problems, create geometrical Cyber snacks. Waco TX: Cord Communications, [1997]. shapes on the skating rink, or navigate the stars to practice Note: Enter the world of entrepreneurship. With the market sequences and patterns. research and product data supplied, become the most profitable snack vendor at a Cyber Bowl concert. Applies MAH29213 basic principles of prealgebra, algebra, and geometry to he Tenth Planet explores math : geometry. Tenth Planet, [1996]. real world through workplace applications. Note: Geometry investigations. Media Center has "Combining shapes" - through the familiar themes of MAH31993 hopscotch and flags, explore the ways of combining shapes Arithmetic review 1.0. IEP, [1997]. to make new shapes - and "Creating patterns from shapes" - Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Develops competency exploring American Indian baskets and Japanese fish prints, in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. children learn the properties of radiating and tiling patterns and apply pattern structures to areas such as language. MAH32395 Larson's leapfrog math. Meridian Creative Group, [1997]. MAH29413 Note: Interactive program with problems for supplemental Mystery math island. Lawrence Productions, [1995]. use. Develops math reasoning skills, concept comprehension, Note: Solve math equations and story problems. Develop and how math applies to daily life. skills in: geometry, measurement, data, patterns, problem- solving, number sense and operations. MAH32907 PrimeTime math Stakeout! Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, MAH29849 [1997]. Major league math. Sanctuary Woods, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. PrimeTime math Note: Team up with pro clubs. Contains real stats. More than presents challenging math problems across several 4,000 math questions covering 22 concepts such as basic curriculum strands. In Stakeout! detectives are investigating a computation, percentages and measurements. rash of burglaries at local comic book stores. This title covers calculating mean values, working with percentages, using MAH30351 statistics to establish patterns, and understanding data in Mighty math : Astro algebra. Edmark, [1997]. tables, bar graphs, and frequency charts. Note: Teaches algebra concepts and problem-solving skills. MAH33163 MAH30556 MathProbe (version 1.2) Halifax. N.S. Canada: MathView. Waterloo, ON, Canada: Waterloo Maple, [1997]. MathResources, [199u]. Note: Allows interactive exploration of math expressions and Note: 120 interactive tools that help reinforce the graphs. Real math notation allows easy manipulation of communication aspect of mathematics. Designed for algebraic expressions, interactive 2D and 3D graphing for exploration, experimentation and creation. visualizing concepts. MAH33181 MAH31222 Math trek 4, 5, 6. Nepean, Ontario: NECTAR Foundation. Factory deluxe. Sunburst, [1998]. Note: Comprehensive curriculum-based program which Note: Visual thinking and problem-solving challenges. covers the mathematics knowledge and skills generally taught in grades 4, 5, and 6 (number sense and numeration; MAH31643 patterning and algebra; geometry and spatial sense; data Gold medal math. EdVenture Software, [1997]. management and probability; and measurement. Note: Educational software program which reinforces math skills. Through 3-D animated Olympic events that are MAH33342 presented by humorous sports announcers, kids learn various Shapes & figures. San Diego, CA: Hartley Courseware : math applications and concepts. Jostens Learning Corporation, [1995]. Note: Over 20 lessons including: geometry, measurement, MAH31965 problem solving, and estimating strategies. Math for the real world. Davidson, [1997]. Note: Over 4,000 word problems covering real-world math MAH33497 topics. Students master the math skills of: logic, fractions, Math advantage : deluxe edition. Fremont, CA: Aces decimals, percents, time, money, charts and graphs, patterns, Research, [1998]. weight, measurement, and volume. Note: Personal tutoring program covering pre-algebra, algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, MAH31982 calculus, statistics. Pooling around. Core Communications, [1997]. Note: Use your math skills to plan, schedule, and build a pool MAH34260 before time runs out. Applies basic principles of prealgebra, Dollarville. Ocoee, FL: Waypoint Software, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 18 August 2005
  • 19. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Play along with western town characters as you Math blaster ages 9-12. Torrance, CA: Knowledge practice money skills. Adventure, [1998]. Note: Master 15 essential math skills including addition, MAH35196 subtraction, multiplication, and division with two and three Number sense. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Educational operands, finding answers within a range, using place value Software, [1999]. hints to build equations, and understanding relationships Note: Helps students to understand critical concepts stressed between fractions, decimals, and percents, making whole in today's math curriculum and in the NCTM standards. units using fractions, decimals, and percents, applying logic Tutorials make use of graphics to introduce and teach to solve equations. Includes ten levels of difficulty and concepts within a real world context. spreadsheet program. MAH35200 MAH35966 Algebra. Big Spring, TX: Gamco Educational Software, Cherlin, Deborah. Math blaster : ages 5-7. Torrance CA: [1999]. Knowledge Adventure, [1999]. Note: Students work through a comprehensive selection of Note: Six activities and five levels of math help students interactive tutorials and problem solving opportunities. learn early math skills, including whole numbers, number patterns and telling time. MAH35425 Mathville VIP. Seattle, WA: Ingenuity, [1997]. MAH35966 Note: Reinforce and extend the following skills: decimals, Math blaster : cross terrain challenge. Torrance CA: fractions and percents; estimation; multi step problems; Knowledge Adventure, [2001]. graphs and data; area and perimeter; pattern recognition; Note: Fast-paced games merge non-stop fun with learning measuring angles; time, length and weight; slides, flips, and that stimulates kids at every turn. turns; two-and three - dimensional figures; ratio and rate; probability. MAH35966 Math blaster : pre-algebra. Torrance CA: Knowledge MAH35427 Adventure, [2000]. Mathville waterway. Seattle, WA: Ingenuity, [1997]. Note: Provides a transition between elementary math and Note: Virtual water world that overflows with twelve math high school algebra with activities that focus on decimals, activities. integers, and rational numbers. MAH35429 MAH35966 Mathville speedway. Seattle, WA: Ingenuity, [1998]. Math blaster : ages 6-8. Torrance CA: Knowledge Note: Builds on the following math skills: division; fractions; Adventure, [1999]. number facts; multiplication; patterns in graphs and tables; Note: Master 15 essential math skills including addition, geometry; and more. subtraction, multiplication, and division. MAH35721 MAH35973 The math majors. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1997]. Math Blaster algebra. Knowledge Adventure, [1997]. Note: Designed to drill elementary level math skills within a Note: 25 essential skills of Algebra 1 including integers, baseball game that can be played against the computer's robot factoring, polynomial operations, algebraic functions, team or against a friend. graphing linear and parabolic equations, systems of equations, equations and inequalities, quadratic equations and MAH35722 word problems. Coin critters. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1997]. Note: Coin critters teaches children what coins are all about. MAH36041 Representing fractions. Half Moon Bay, CA : Torrance, CA: MAH35966 Tenth Planet Explorations : Sunburst Communications, Math blaster : ages 7-9. Torrance, CA: Knowledge [1998]. Adventure, [2000]. Note: Student develop their understanding of fractions as Note: Master essential math skills. parts and whole through visual and symbolic representations. To represent fractions visually, they use geometric regions MAH35966 such as squares and circle, distance or length, and sets of Math blaster : ages 4-6. Torrance, CA: Knowledge objects. Adventure, [1999]. Note: Master 12 essential math skills including quantities, MAH36102 addition, subtraction, recognition of shapes and colors, Super solvers Outnumbered! Fremont, CA: Learning identify sets, numbers, complete patterns, counting to 20, Company, [1996]. concepts of greater than and less than, understanding number Note: Designed to build math and problem-solving skills for sentences, and estimations. children. Users try to keep a mad scientist from taking over the Shady Glen TV station. MAH35966 Math blaster : ages 9-12. Torrance, CA: Knowledge MAH36197 Adventure, [1999]. Carmen Sandiego math detective. Novato, CA: Broderbund Note: Mathematics program with ten levels of math skills, Software : Learning Company, [1998]. over 50,000 different problems, and 3 levels of math game Note: Carmen is shrinking famous landmarks. The user is play. invited to apply 4th-,5th-, and 6th-grade mathematics and geometry skills to thwart her. Includes 3 levels of difficulty. MAH35966 MAH36199 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 19 August 2005
  • 20. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Reader Rabbit's math ages 6-9. Cambridge, MA: Learning Note: Deepens understanding of shapes and their properties Company, [1998]. through concrete experiences in making patterns with shapes. Note: Sam the Lion and Reader Rabbit are shipwrecked on a mysterious, hilarious island! Help your friends repair their MAH39232 ship, give pirates the slip, and compete in a wacky boat race. Tenth planet explores math : Geometry. Combining shapes. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1998]. MAH36219 Note: Deepens understanding of shapes and their properties Larson, Ron and Silbey, Robyn. Larson's middle school math through concrete experiences in combining shapes. Students an interactive approach. Erie, PA: Meridian Creative Group, discover how shapes in the real world combine to create new [1998]. shapes, and how combinations of shapes can be used to solve Note: Multimedia middle school math curriculum. problems. MAH36228 MAH39554 Larson's leapfrog math. Erie, PA: Meridian Creative Group, Arithmefonts. San Francisco CA : Eugene OR: Mountain [1997]. Lake Software : Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. Note: Multimedia elementary school math curriculum. Note: The easy way to type fractions, clocks, coins and more. MAH36532 MAH40588 Math companion. Springfield, OR: Visions Technology in Math power. Centron Software, [1999]. Education, [1996 : 1999]. Note: Instantly create math tests and word problems. Topics Note: A publishing tool for creating math activity sheets and include addition subtraction, multiplication, division, customized tests. fractions, estimating, money, time, patterns and measurement. MAH37255 Electronic money. Sterling, IL: C.W. Publications, [1998]. MAH41145 Note: Explore the world of electronic money - credit cards, Awesome animated monster maker math & monster ATM cards, Debit cards, Smart cards, and E-cash. workshop. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2000]. Note: Students develop money and strategic thinking skills MAH37991guide with this game that has them tinker about making monsters. Prickel, Donald. Math map trip. Freeport, NY: Educational Activities, Inc, [1995]. MAH41444 Note: Covers mathematical concepts of calendar, time, Edson, Ann and Schwartz, Allan A. Math for everyday weight, height, linear and liquid measurement, temperature, living. Freeport NY: Educational Activities, [1997]. fractions, area and perimeter, mileage, charts, graphs, and Note: Designed to allow the user an opportunity to learn the comparisons. Presented through the vehicle of "taking a trip necessary mathematical skills involved in real-life everyday around the U.S.". activities. MAH38735 MAH43487 Lee, Kevin and Lee, Kevin D. KaleidoMania! : interactive Lee, Kevin D. Tessellation exploration. Watertown MA: symmetry. Emeryville CA: Key Curriculum Press, [1999]. Tom Snyder ; developed by Sandpiper Software, [2001]. Note: Tool for creating symmetric designs and exploring the Note: Transformational geometry concepts are reinforced as mathematics of symmetry. students create 2-dimensional tessellations, then watch them slide, turn, flip, and glide on the screen. MAH38979 Carstems. Darem. Ice cream truck. Pleasantville NY: MAH43491 Sunburst Communications, [2000]. Graph master. Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, Note: Students get behind the wheel of their own ice cream [2001]. truck and experience first hand, real-world application of Note: Students learn to graph and analyze data to solve mathematics as they learn the relationships between costs, problems. pricing, and profits. MAH43956 MAH38985 Behrns, Howard. Arithmetic skills assessment test. Baldwin Tenth planet explores math. Geometry : Shapes within NY: Educational Activities. shapes. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, Note: This tool provides a quick assessment of students' math [1998]. strengths and weaknesses. Note: Working with themes of origami and quilts, children cut and rearrange shapes to create new shapes while MAH43965 advancing their understanding of geometric properties and Dylan, Jason A. Algebra made painless : signed numbers. spatial relationships. Baldwin NY: Educational Activities Inc. Note: Interactive program that guides students to the mastery MAH38989 of signed numbers. Tenth planet explores math. Geometry : Mirror symmetry. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. MAH43974 Note: Students explore lines of symmetry within a single Math concepts in motion. St. Louis MO: GAMCO (Siboney geometric shape and in an arrangement of many objects. Corporation), [1999]. Note: Students explore key math concepts through highly MAH39001 engaging, interactive, and focused tutorials that combine fun Tenth planet explores math. Geometry : Creating patterns with challenging real-world activities and assessment from shapes. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, options. [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 20 August 2005
  • 21. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) MAH43987 Math concepts one...two...three! St. Louis MO: GAMCO MAH47694 (Siboney Corporation), [1999]. Orchard for your state : Math 4-6. St. Louis MO: Orchard Note: Developmentally appropriate activities that guide and Software, [2002]. assess student understanding and mastery of key math Note: Math 4-6 bundle includes 16 skill trees that include a concepts. mix of computational and conceptual programs. MAH44013 MAH47694 Multiplication/Division : electronic flash cards. Grand Haven Orchard for your state : Math 7-9. St. Louis MO: Orchard MI: School Zone, [2000]. Software, [2002]. Note: Transforms flash cards into exciting interactive Note: Math 7-9 bundle includes 12 skill trees that teach and learning games that can be played independently or with a assess skills stressed in the NCTM standards, provide step- partner. by-step instruction, and reinforce key skills in a motivating learning environment. Includes documentation showing how MAH44913 the skills align with Illinois standards. Time, money & fractions. Grand Haven MI: School Zone, [2001]. MAH47822 Note: Electronic workbook that incorporates critical math Orchard for your state : Math K-3. St. Louis MO: Orchard skills with Software, [2002]. interactive activities and fun games. Note: Math K-3 bundle includes 15 skill trees that include a mix of computational and conceptual programs. MAH46095 Sunburst Technology (Firm). The hidden treasure of Al-Jabr. MAH47891 Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2001]. Orchard for your state : High school math exit skills. St. Note: Engaging in an adventure intrigue, students are Louis MO: Orchard Software, [2002]. motivated to practice and learn by applying concepts to Note: Programs help students master high school math problem-solving situations set in ancient Persia - the objectives: Covers: probability and statistics, operations, birthplace of modern mathematics. problem solving, and algebraic, geometric, measurement, and number concepts. MAH46097 Sunburst Technology (Firm). Concert tour entrepreneur. MAH48467 Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2001]. Ventura, Fred. Probability toolkit. Grover Beach CA: Note: Music management business simulation. Students Ventura Educational Software. select or create a band to manage, schedule concerts, Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Seven different authorize merchandise, and make critical marketing decisions simulated probability experiments with a graph center help to keep their groups profitable and popular. students understand and define data. MAH46099 MAH48468 Sunburst Technology (Firm). My mathematical life. Tabs+ 3D modeling. Devon, United Kingdom ; Toronto, Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2002]. Canada: Aspex Software ; distributed by Knowledge Tree Note: Player is responsible for helping make life decisions Inc, [2000]. from college graduation until retirement. Includes renting or Note: Easy to use 3D modeling software. Enables you to buying a house, car purchase and selecting insurance plans. build models from a set of shapes that are sized, placed and oriented with the mouse following on screen prompts in an MAH46108 edit window. Sunburst Technology Corporation. Algebra stars. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2001]. MAH49038 Note: Students build their understanding of algebra by Mia just in time! Montréal Canada: Kutoka Interactive, constructing, categorizing, and solving equations, and [2001]. classifying polynomial expressions using algebra tiles. Note: Help Mia, the mouse, go back in time to prevent the burning of a house. Learn math skills through activities. MAH46112 Math essentials : addition and subtraction. Pleasantville NY: MAH49060 Sunburst, [2002]. Pre-algebra world : number sense. Chevy Chase MD: Note: Students practice the fundamentals of addition and Cognitive Technologies Corporation, [1997]. subtraction that support a step-by-step approach to problem Note: Teaches fractions, estimation and rounding, prime solving. numbers, factoring, scientific notation, place value, number systems, patterns (Pascal's Triangle) and more. MAH46116 Sunburst Technology Corporation. 10 tricky tiles. MAH49062 Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2001]. The trigonometry explorer. Chevy Chase MD: Cognitive Note: Activities designed to teach and reinforce basic Technologies Corporation, [1998]. arithmetic skills. Note: Provides an overview of trigonometry fundamentals and helps students make connections from abstract concepts MAH47047 to the world around them. Ventura, Fred and Ventura, Marne. GraphPower. Grover Beach CA: Ventura Educational Systems, [1998]. MAH49064 Note: A tool for understanding and analyzing data through Algebra world. Chevy Chase MD: Cognitive Technologies graphs. Creates pictographs, line and bar graphs, circle, bar Corporation, [1998]. and whisker graphs. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 21 August 2005
  • 22. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Interactive concept-building lessons on equations, investigate the names of properties of common geometric ratios, percents, variables, expressions, proportions, shapes, compare measurements, examine symmetries, and geometry, and negative numbers. discover relationships. MAH49961 MAM29116 The ultimate worksheet creator. St. Louis MO: Milliken Counting on Frank: a math adventure game. Creative Publishing Co, [1997]. Wonders, [1994]. Note: Create your own math worksheets. Note: Encourages students to practice applying basic math concepts to real world experiences in an interactive MAH50149 environment. Meets NCTM standards. Carpenter, Thomas P and Romberg, Thomas A. Powerful practices in mathematics & science. Madison WI: National MAM30161 Center for Improving Student Learning and Achievement in Fraction attraction. Sunburst Communications, [1996]. Mathematics and Science, [2004]. Note: Build fundamental concepts of fractions including: Note: Research-based CD-ROMS and a monograph that ordering, equivalence, location of fractions on a number line, show the ways that the practices of modeling, generalization, multiple representations, and relative size. and justification strengthen students' learning and understanding of complex math and science ideas. MAM33057 Data explorer. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, MAH50863 [1997]. Sports math : fractions made easy. Dorling Note: Perform simple graphing tasks and long-term data Kindersley/Global Software Pub, [2003]. analysis projects Features11 different types of graphs Note: Demo disk. Collection of games designed to let (including line plot, circle graph, histogram, stem & leaf plot, students practice their math skills. box plot, scatter plot, line graph, and table) and loads of customizing features. MAH50863 Sports math : percentages made easy. Dorling MAM33065 Kindersley/Global Software Pub, [2003]. Graphers. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, Note: Demo disk. Collection of games designed to let [1997]. students practice their math skills. Note: Graphers is a data graphing tool. Pictorial data may be represented in tables or with pictographs, bargraphs, circle MAH50863 graphs, loops, grid plots, or line graphs. Sports math : decimals made easy. Dorling Kindersley/Global Software Pub, [2003]. MAM35192 Note: Demo disk. Collection of games designed to let Perimeter, area, and volume paws and pyramids. Big Spring, students practice their math skills. TX: Gamco Educational Software, [1998]. Note: All the cats in Catopia have turned blue. The Queen MAH9709 has scattered pieces of the antidote formula throughout the Millie's math house - case and CD-ROM. Edmark, [1994]. pyramid. Your goal is to gather and reassemble the pieces. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Explores early math But, the Queen will let you keep a piece only if you correctly concepts. Offers six activities that build essential early math solve a perimeter, area, volume, or surface area problem. skills, including sequencing, number concept, patterning, counting, and recognizing shapes and sizes. MAM35389 GigaMath playground. San Ramon, CA: Decision MAH9773 Development Corp, [1996]. Cruncher 2.0. Knowledge Adventure, [1998]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Fun and challenging Note: Spreadsheet that's fun and easy to use. It computes, it with multi-level word problems, the program includes a step- graphs, it talks, it teaches math. Real-world projects are by-step tutorial for solving word problems and practice areas included to illustrate exactly how you can use math and for four math operations (addition, subtraction, spreadsheets in everyday life. multiplication, and division). Play the Concentration, Tic Tac Toe and Football games to reinforce your problem-solving MAM21069 skills. An authoring system enables you to create your own Seiler, Bonnie A. How the West was 1 + 3 x 4. Pleasantville word problems, and more. NY: Sunburst Communications, [1996]. Note: A math strategy game in which students are introduced MAM3603 to the order of operations and the importance of using Grouping and place value. Half Moon Bay, CA : Torrance, parentheses as they expand their problem-solving strategies. CA: Tenth Planet Explorations : Sunburst Communications, [1998]. MAM21640 Note: Student develop their understanding of our number Stearns, Peggy Healy. Graph club 2.0. Tom Snyder, [2003]. system through a series of grouping experiences. Learn that Note: Gather, sort, and classify information; construct graphs putting objects into groups of equal size can help them count and analyze data; talk and write about their graphs; and use a large number of objects. graphs to solve problems and make decisions. Cooperative learning and cross curricular. FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. MAM36127 Prime time math Lost! Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1999]. MAM23704 Note: Lost!, a young girl takes a wrong turn in the woods, Kosic, James and Sunburst Communications. Shape up! and a search team jumps into action to find her. This title Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. covers decimals, geometry, and map skills...Students rank Note: Provides students with sets of two-dimensional and decimals and percents, multiply two- digit decimals, and three-dimensional shapes and tools that allow the students to measure angles and distances using a protractor. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 22 August 2005
  • 23. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) the meaning of fractions and equivalence to create ways to MAM36132 add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions in real-world Fizz & Martina's math adventure Blue Falls Elementary. situations. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1998]. Note: Fizz and Martina must find out who broke the school's MAM9971 cherished statue of Pinky McGee. Covers multiplication Nanny, Margo. CountDown. Voyager, [1992]. facts, story problems, and computational estimation. Note: Nine real-life objects and three challenging, interactive games make math fun. Enables children to play with math MAM36137 concepts that are often difficult to understand when presented Fizz & Martina's math adventure lights, camera, fractions! as abstract ideas and numbers. Learn to count in French, Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1998]. German, Italian, and Spanish. Note: While Fizz and Martina's new cable-TV detective show becomes more popular, they face more treachery from Mr. MAW53639 Minimood and Trump. Math course : demo. Austin TX: Core Learning. Note: Each self-paced Course develops fundamental math MAM37952 skills, reasoning powers and math confidence. Each Course MindTwister math. Redmond WA: Edmark, [1999]. contains a Textbook and Workbook of Exercises and Note: Review of third grade math and problem-solving skills Activities and an instructional Help Guide for teachers. in a multi-player game show format. MULTIMEDIA MAM38977 MMH21701 Carstems. Darem and Houghton Mifflin Interactive. Math Kid's studio. Mountain View Ca: Storm Software, [1994]. arena. Pleasantville NY: Houghton Mifflin Note: Produce, direct, and star in your own personalized Interactive/Sunburst, [1999]. stories using your own photos, the Treasure Chest library of Note: Twenty math challenges include exercises in visual exciting photographs and illustrations, paint tools, text, sound skills, numbers, money, operations, and geometry. Activities recording, and special effects. help students apply math concepts to practical situations. MMH23640 MAM38977 Wayzata world factbook. Wayzata Technology, [1994]. Carstems. Darem. Math arena advanced. Pleasantville NY: Note: Features current CIA and State Department Sunburst, [2002]. information, maps, sounds, photographs, flags and statistics Note: Using handcrafted presentations and rousing music from around the world. students work to build pre-algebra skills. MMH23640 MAM39005 Quick Art designer 1. Grand Rapids MI: Wayzata Tenth planet explores math. Number : Combining and Technology, [1995]. breaking apart numbers. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Note: Illustrations in a variety of contemporary styles. Use in Communications, [1998]. newsletters, brochures, catalogs, reports, cards, advertising, Note: Student develop their understanding of number by etc. combining numbers to form a larger group and breaking numbers into smaller groups. MMH23640 Font pro 3: designer type. Wayzata Technology, [1994]. MAM39009 Note: Collection type styles available to graphic designers Tenth planet explores math. Number : Fraction operations. and artists. All fonts are in both TrueType and TypeOne Post Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Script formations and contain complete character sets, Note: Student develop their understanding of fraction including international characters. operations by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions as they complete archeological tasks. Through MMH23640 experiences with diagrams, geometric regions, and length SpaceTime and art : pictures of the universe. Wayzata models, students are introduced to the meaning of fraction Technology, [1992]. operations as they solve problems. Note: Adventure into space with actual NASA Voyager views, space fantasy paintings, databases of astronomy MAM39225 organizations and educational institutions and illustrated Number sense & problem solving. Pleasantville NY: reference stacks on art and cosmological concepts. Sunburst Communications, [1997]. Note: Students will build number and operations skills. MMH23640 MusicScapes professional. Wayzata Technology, [1995]. MAM39251 Note: Royalty-free music for all your multimedia needs. Creating patterns from shapes. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1998]. MMH23640 Note: Students strengthen their understanding of patterns by Internet Surfer : getting started. Wayzata Technology, exploring the properties of radiating and tiling patterns. [1995]. Note: Internet software tools providing instant access. MAM39360 Contains programs such as: NCSA Mosaic/World Wide Tenth planet explores math : Number. Equivalent fractions. Web, Anarchie/FTP, Turbo Gopher, and NCSA Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Telenet/Telnet. Note: Students develop their understanding of equivalent fractions through experiences with concrete objects, MMH23640 geometric regions, distance or length models, and sets of Who killed Sam Rupert? Wayzata Technology, [1993]. objects. Students can eventually use their understanding of Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 23 August 2005
  • 24. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Interactive mystery. See key suspect interrogations, information and news. Need Internet access to use this zoom in and investigate the crime scene in detail, and work program. in your own virtual forensic lab. MMH31981 MMH23640 MovieWorks deluxe. Pleasanton CA: Interactive Solutions, Adventure pack : parts 1 and 2. Grand Rapids MI: Wayzata [2003]. Technology, [1992 1995]. Note: Multimedia product that includes an Note: Collection of ten full-length CD-ROM. authoring/presentation tool, video editor, animation editor, sound editor and paint/photo program. MMH23660 Guinness Encyclopedia. Grand Rapids MN: Wayzata MMH32394 Technology, [1995]. Meridian Creative Group demonstration version. Meridian Note: Extensive explanations of facts, arranged thematically Creative Group, [1997]. and in context. Includes articles, illustrations, animations, Note: Demo disk of print, software, and multimedia products. photographs, movies, and audio. MMH33473 MMH23664 IntelliTools web activity exchange sampler & training Explorer pack pt. 1. Grand Rapids MI: Wayzata Technology, materials. Novato, CA: IntelliTools, [1998]. [1994]. Note: Collection of materials designed to assist teachers in Note: Includes Beyond the Wall of Stars (adventures game using IntelliTools products. Contents: sampling of activities that sharpens your strategizing skills as you make the submitted to the IntelliTools Activity Exchange on the World decisions that determine planet Celadon's fate.), CD FilmFest Wide Web, Tutorials for Creativity Tools products, and (A look at early comedy featuring "The Dentist" starring activities, slideshows and other Software for use in trainings. W.C. Fields, "The Tramp" and "Twenty Minutes of Love" starring Charlie Chaplin, and The Keystone Cops in "Love, MMH33872 Speed and Thrills."). The best of the best in educational software. Technology & Learning, [1998]. MMH26698 Note: "Extraordinary programs from Technology & DK Multimedia. Eyewitness Photo Gallery : Volume 2, learning's 1998-99 Software Award Winners." Issued with: Birds. New York, NY: DK Multimedia, [1996]. Technology & learning, November/December 1998. Note: 100 images from DK archives for use at home or school. MMH33880 Tomorrow's promise (demo disc) Jostens Learning MMH26698 Corporation. Eyewitness photo gallery : Volume 4, Children. New York, Note: Tomorrow's promise provides in-depth curriculum NY: DK Multimedia, [1996]. instruction for a single grade level in Reading, Language Note: 100 images used by DK Publishing. Arts, Mathematics, Spelling and Science (Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics). MMH26702 Artbeats webtools for Macintosh/Windows. [S.I.] ; Myrtle MMH34343 Creek OR: Stat Media ; Artbeats Software, [1995]. Gamco CD-ROM sampler. Gamco, [2001]. Note: Thousands of design elements for Web Pages. Note: Demo of Gamco software programs including a full working version of Word problem square off level B. MMH28383 75 background and objects for Web and print design. Seattle MMH38902 WA: PhotoDisc, [1996]. Sampler : Middleware software. Hilton Head SC: Optimum Note: Searchable high resolution photographic images Resource, [199u]. selected from Background series, Object series, and Volumes Note: Demonstration of Vocabulary development -- collection. For Web and print design. Punctuation rules -- Spelling rules -- Reading comprehension series -- Truck builder -- Car builder -- Typing workshop -- MMH29865 Math word problem series. Great Wave software demo CD. Great Wave, [1996]. Note: Demo of: NumberMaze Challenge, NumberMaze, MMH38902 Reading SEARCH, World Discovery Deluxe, World Sampler : Stickybear Software. Hilton Head SC: Optimum Discovery, KidsTime Deluxe, ReadingMaze, KidsMath and Resource, [199u]. Decimal & Fraction maze. Note: Demonstration of Kindergarten activities -- Early learning -- Reading fun park -- Reading room -- Spelling -- MMH31144 Reading comprehension -- Science fair: light -- Math splash Interactive demo disc. DynEd, [1997]. -- Math Town -- Word problems -- Typing. Note: Multimedia tour that will familiarize you with DynEd's approach to language teaching. Fully interactive demos of all MMH39957 products. Study skills for successful learning. Sunnyvale CA: Super Tutor Company, [1999]. MMH31476 Note: Uses hilarious animations, diagnostic quizzes, colorful Educast. Davidson: Knowledge Adventure, [1998]. graphics, printable scheduling, note-taking forms, games and Note: Delivers education news, cross-curricular lesson plans, much more to help you master the study skills you need to professional information, and more - directly to your succeed. computer screen. Automatically launches when your computer is idle, replacing traditional screen savers with MMH39971 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 24 August 2005
  • 25. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) KnowledgeWorks : demo. St. Louis MO: Milliken Publishing Multimedia generator. San Pedro CA: Canela Software, Company. [1996-2001]. Note: Demo CD-ROM of math and reading programs. Note: Tool for creating math workshops and tests. MMH40414 MMH46230 Month by month for HyperStudio. Torrence CA: Knowledge MediaBlender. San Diego CA: Tech4Learning, [2001]. Adventure, [1999]. Note: Multimedia authoring tool designed to let you present Note: Lesson plans for theme-based projects that students your ideas in a clear and concise manner. You can access complete using HyperStudio and the monthly graphics MediaBlender from any computer with Internet access, host stacks. the software on your own servers, and load a stand-alone application on your computer for use without an Internet MMH41963 connection. Patterson, Jeff. PowerPoint project resource kit. Bloomington IL: FTC Publishing Group, [2000]. MMH47172 Note: Thousands of pictures, sounds, videos, and animations Videoblender. San Diego CA: Tech4Learning, [2002]. for students to use in their multimedia projects. Note: Gives you the tools you need to combine pictures, videos, sounds, and text to create original digital movies. MMH42285 Abrams, Arnie. PDQ guide to digital photography 2.0. MMH48849 Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2003]. Abrams, Arnie. The web kit : how to build great web sites for Note: Overview of digital photography and digital imaging. students and teachers. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Presented in an "e -book" format, the entire workshop is on Education, [2001]. CD-ROM with random access to any of the material provided Note: Guides students, teachers, and administrators step-by- by hyperlinks, plus direct links to Web sites and updates via step through the process - from understanding Web site the Web. The tutorial teaches Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which is a technology and design to maintenance and adding bells and simpler version of Adobe's Photoshop program. Includes whistles. digital photography projects that both teachers and students can use, including making calendars, class photo albums, and MMH48865 photo collages. Boehm, Diann Floyd. Build a web site in one day with Netscape® Composer. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in MMH42287 Education, [2002]. Reeves, Perry and Rice, Mark. Developing multimedia for Note: Step-by-step instructions in how to create a simple, the new millennium. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in interactive Web site. Education, [2001]. Note: Helps teachers and students create multimedia projects MMH49966 at all grade levels and for any subject area. Photo puzzle builder. Evanston IL: APTE Inc, [2004]. Note: Jazz up your word puzzles with photos using the built- MMH44020 in photo library or your own photos. Presenters university. InFocus Corp. MMH9920 MMH44021 American Heritage talking dictionary. Cambridge MA: Photo parade. Natick MA: Callisto Corp, [2001]. SoftKey (Learning Company), [1994]. Note: Turn your digital photos into a dazzling slideshow. Note: Contains full definitions, parts of speech, proper usage, Display your photos and themes as your screen saver. homographs, word origins and idioms. Pronounces words for Decorate your desktop by turning your favorite photo and you. caption into wallpaper. MMK41970 MMH44444 Wagner, David. ImageBlender. San Diego CA: Webster's Spanish/English dictionary. Cincinnati OH: Tech4Learning, [2000]. Exceller Software, [1997]. Note: Easy to use image editor. Note: Contains more than 60,000 entries. Provides a fast way to look up translation of any word from English to Spanish MMM20722 and Spanish to English. Photoshop version 7.0. San Jose Ca: Adobe, [2002]. Note: OFFICE USE ONLY. MMH45092 Digital photo activity kit : Internet Coach. Evanston IL: MMM22638 APTE, Inc, [2002]. Corel stock photo library. Corel. Note: Build literacy and computing skills. Seven activity Note: 20,000 royalty free photographs. centers with over 50 templates make it easy to integrate photos into book reports, journals, newsletters, and more. MMM23640 Tony Quinn's virtual universe. Wayzata Technology, [1994]. MMH45110 Note: Full-screen digitally created illustrations, animations, Photo parade at school. Bloomington IL: FTC Publishing, and simulations. [2001]. Note: Turn your digital photos into a dazzling slideshow. MMM23640 Includes 35 project themes, 2 CDs (one for home use and one Windsurfing: portfolio series volume 1. Wayzata for classroom use), and a teacher's manual with online and Technology, [1994]. offline digital picture lesson plans. Note: Royalty-free images of windsurfers riding the water. MMH45789 MMW44900 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 25 August 2005
  • 26. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) The new Oxford picture dictionary CD-ROM : monolingual. New York ; Cincinnati OH: Oxford University Press ; MUH37258 distributed by Encomium Publications, [1997]. Music ace 2 : takes beginners to the next level! Evanston, IL: Note: Multimedia picture dictionary that contains more than Harmonic Vision, [1999]. 2400 words - in pictures as well as in spoken and written Note: Lessons on staff and keyboard relationship, pitch form. Includes memory games and crossword puzzles. identification and note reading, listening skills, scales, and notation. Also includes games and composition. MUSIC MUH20793 MUH41500 Beethoven, Ludwig van. Beethoven's 5th : a music lovers Essentials of music theory : demo. Van Nuys CA: Alfred multimedia guide. Spring Valley NY: InterActive, [1994]. Publishing, [1999]. Note: Multimedia symphony. Explore the symphony in detail Note: Features exercises that reinforce basic music concepts, with commentary. See and hear each instrument being musical examples, ear training, scored reviews, audio and played. Includes three games to test your musical expertise. visual glossary of terms. MUH25389 MUH42309 Subotnick, Morton. Making music. Voyager, [1995]. Pianomouse meets the great composers : volume 1 an Note: The first real composing space for kids. Children create introduction to the lives and music of the great composers. their own music from the very start. San Marino CA:, [2000]. Note: Introduction to the lives and music of eight composers MUH27830 from Baroque, Classical and Romantic Periods. Juiliard music adventure. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1995]. MUH42310 Note: Develops an understanding of rhythm, melody, and Music theory fundamentals : preparatory level. San Marino orchestration as students solve musical puzzles and create CA:, [2000]. their own compositions. Note: Provides a basic foundation for the beginning music student. Each theory lesson is followed by an interactive MUH31157 game that tests your knowledge. Lebesch, Bonnie. Stella and the Star-Tones. Seattle WA: Bohem Interactive, [1997]. MUH49034 Note: Players create a personal concert with visual and Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker : the music game. Amherst MA: musical elements working in harmony. Text-free design. Music Games International, [2003]. Note: A wicked witch cast an evil spell on a young prince MUH35222 and turned him into a wooden doll - the Nutcracker. To The art of listening. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane rescue him, you must win all the games in the music game Publishing, [1996]. collection. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Explores a wide variety of music and sounds while showing how music can MUH53006 communicate thoughts and emotions. Students can access Music lessons II : chords and harmony. Northfield MN: explanations and examples of melody, harmony, timbre, and MiBAC Music Software, [2000-2004]. rhythm. Note: Learn to name, write, play, and hear chords. MUH35444 MUH53009 Appreciating the orchestra. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane MiBAC jazz. Northfield MN: MiBAC Music Software, Publishing, [1997]. [1989-2003]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Presents musical Note: Designed as an aid for learning jazz improvisation. information using a spirited performance of Britain’s Young Creates songs with forms, chord progressions, tempos, keys Person's Guide to the Orchestra, colorful visual presentations, and styles to match the user's musical needs. and detailed narration. Learn about the instruments and basic structure of the orchestra, and explore diverse musical styles MUM27830 and eras. Theatrix Interactive - Sampler. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1995]. MUH35445 Note: Interactive demos of Bumptz science, Snootz math Great composers their lives and music. Chicago, IL: trek, Hollywood, and Juiliard music adventure. Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Traces the lives and PRIMARY CURRICULUM music of these great composers from their first musical PRH18685 training to their greatest achievements, highlights well- My silly CD of opposites. Discis Knowledge Research, chosen musical selections, chronicles events that influenced [1994]. their music, and explains special characteristics that identify Note: Help children read and learn. Provides examples of their work. Bunny and Hippo engaged in a number of different activities that are the opposite of one another. MUH37258 Music ace. Evanston, IL: Harmonic Vision, [1996]. PRH1869 Note: Designed to provide an introduction to music My silly CD of ABC's. Discis, [1994]. fundamentals for beginning music students. Lessons include Note: Animals engaged in silly activities and word-play help the relationship between written pitch and the piano children begin to identify and sound out letters, and develop keyboard, pitch identification and note reading, listening an understanding of phonics. skills, scales, and notation. Also includes games and composition. PRH18697 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 26 August 2005
  • 27. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) My silly CD of counting. Discis, [1994]. solving, listening, memorization, association, and language Note: Animal characters encourage children to count and skills. compare quantities and sizes, while learning about rhyming words and having fun with language. PRH2632 James discovers math. Broderbund : Learning Company, PRH18703 [1995]. My silly CD of colors. Buffalo, NY: Discis Knowledge Note: Includes a wide range of math skills including: addition Research, [1994]. and subtraction, computation, measurement, number Note: Bright illustrations of animals, food and fun help recognition, geometry, patterning and estimation. children develop an awareness of color while building reading skills. PRH26563 Reader Rabbit's Interactive reading journey. Fremont CA: PRH21019 Learning Company, [1994]. Ocean escape. CCC. Note: Multimedia reading lessons featuring speech, Note: Original song, features five learning environments - animations, and sound effects. Includes over 100 skill- think, listen, read, look, and do it - designed to accelerate the building lessons focusing on phonics, letter and letter-pattern development of a child's reading skills. recognition, and sight-word vocabulary. PRH21021 PRH26563 Little turtle. Computer Curriculum Corporation, [1994]. Reader Rabbit's interactive reading journey 2. Learning Note: Young readers are swept into the enchanting world or Company, [1996]. reading with this poem about a little girl and her adventure Note: Children click, read, and listen to 15 sequenced with a snapping turtle. Reading Lands in search of Sam the Lion's imagination. Includes multilevel activities that incorporate phonics, word PRH22187 recognition, and comprehension. Kid phonics 2. Davidson, [1996]. Note: Teaches reading through sound and song. Learn to read PRH26923 by sounding out over 200 words, differentiating among letter Stanger, Donna. Stanley's sticker stories. Redmond WA: sounds, finding words that rhyme, determining when words Edmark, [1996]. sound the same, and spelling correctly. Note: Create animated storybooks as you play with Stanley, Millie, Bailey and their friends. PRH22397 Community exploration. San Diego, CA: Conter Software, PRH26925 [1994]. Mighty math carnival countdown. Redmond, WA: Edmark, Note: Learn English while discovering American lifestyles. [1996]. Build vocabulary and learn detailed information about a Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Grasp number concepts typical community. and build early math skills. Focuses on one- and two- digit addition and subtraction, 2D geometry, patterns, number PRH23742 symbols, logic, attributes and early multiplication and Stradiwackius : the counting concert. T/Maker. division. Note: Interactive storybook with numbers, music, games, languages, painting and more. PRH27598 Alphabet Express. Grand Haven, MI: School Zone PRH25062 Publishing, [1996]. Trudy's time & place house. Edmark, [1995]. Note: Letter scenes (find objects that begin with the letter at Note: Trudy and her friends invite students to explore time the top of the screen), Dot-to-Dots, Hidden Letters, Firehouse and geography. Build time-telling skills, develop mapping Game (match letter sound to picture), Coloring pages, and direction skills, and travel the world learning about Theater (films in which the alphabet has the starring role), continents, oceans and landmarks. Mazes, Alphabet song. PRH26015 PRH27843 Ozzie's travels : destination Mexico. Tulsa OK: Digital Build-a-book with Roberto. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Impact, [1995]. Interactive, [1996]. Note: Animated interactive adventure through Mexico. Note: Create over 100 stories while exploring choices and Games, activities, animations, stories, and music help kids their outcomes. View stories as animated shows or printed gain an understanding of the customs, people, and traditions out as read-along books or coloring books. of Mexico. PRH27873 PRH26019 Let's make a word! Redwood City, CA: Creative Wonders, Ozzie's world. Tulsa OK: Digital Impact, [1995]. [1995]. Note: Join Ozzie S. Otter and learn about natural science and Note: Explore words in Guy Smiley's game show "Let's make the care and nurturing of Mother Nature. Includes games, a word." Includes 24 difference activity combinations. puzzles, coloring book, and scientific activities. PRH28352 PRH26022 Phonics mart : games for beginning readers. [Arlington VA]: Ozzie's travels : destination Japan. Tulsa OK: Digital Impact, Edunetics Interactive, [1997]. [1995]. Note: Interactive games offering practice and reinforcement Note: Animated interactive adventure through Japan. in phonics skills - long and short vowels, blends, consonant, Includes games and playtime projects that develop problem vowel digraphs, and diphthongs. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 27 August 2005
  • 28. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) PRH28531 develops letter writing skills, and demonstrates words in Beginning to read. Brighter Child Interactive, [1995]. context. Note: Part of Jim Henson Interactive Muppet series. Brings the Muppet characters to life in a series of animated lessons. PRH29343 Teach children beginning reading skills such as: sound Get ready for school, Charlie Brown. Virgin Sound and patterns, sorting & ordering, thinking skills. Vision : Grolier, [1995]. Note: Learn new words, read comics, practice spelling, play PRH28533 games the Peanuts kids, create sentences and stories, and Reading & phonics. Brighter Child Interactive, [1996]. more. Note: Part of Jim Henson's Muppet series. Learn to read with Kermit and the whole Muppet gang. Includes: beginning PRH29404 sounds, phonics, letters, and same & different. Potter, Beatrix. Adventures of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny. Mindscape, [1996]. PRH28916 Note: Teach word recognition, vocabulary, and reading. Attainment's software demo. Attainment Software, [2002]. Includes teacher's guide, plan of activities, blackline masters, Note: Demonstration versions of the following titles: First and background information on the author and illustrator. money, Making change, Spending money, Personal success, Show me math, Show me spelling, Looking for words, PRH29622 Wordwise, and GoTalk overlay software. Worldtour. Headbone Interactive, [1996]. Note: Travel and discover cultures from around the world. PRH29067 Chicka chicka boom boom. Davidson, [1996]. PRH29625 Note: Music, animation, and video have been added to the Infinity city. Headbone Interactive, [1996]. "rhyming alphabet book". Note: Games that sharp math skills. PRH29111 PRH29908 Madeline thinking games. Creative Wonders, [1996]. Phonics adventure with Sing-Along Sam. Panasonic Note: Build skills in critical thinking and reasoning, develop Interactive Media Company, [1996]. creative and musical talents, learn French and Spanish words, Note: Blends key development skills with colorful interactive and more. entertainment. Teaches basic reading skills through song. PRH29156 PRH29934 Gus goes to the Kooky Carnival in search of Rant. Modern Alphabet adventure with Digby & Lydia. Panasonic Media Ventures. Interactive Media, [1996]. Note: Help Gus and the CyberBuds search for their hidden Note: Teaches young children to recognize the letters of the friend. Explore the zany environments that are packed with alphabet, in both upper and lowercase through storytelling wacky click animations, lots of learning activities, and super and song. fun games. PRH29936 PRH29157 Reading adventure with Kenny Kite. Panasonic Interactive Gus goes to Cyberopolis. Modern Media Ventures, [1994]. Media Company, [1996]. Note: Learn the secrets and explore the magic of Cyberopolis Note: 9 reading adventures challenge young learners to with Gus! Kids will enjoy exploration in six interactive navigate through stories and solve problems by reading and environments filled with music, engaging games and learning spelling out words. activities. PRH29938 PRH29158 Multiplication tour with Mike & Spike. Panasonic Interactive Gus goes to Cyberstone Park. Modern Media Ventures, Media Company, [1996]. [1995]. Note: Travel through 11 countries while solving 12 Note: Learn tips about the great outdoors. progressively challenging lessons: step counting, multiplication facts and story problems. PRH29159 Gus goes to Cybertown. Modern Media, [1993]. PRH29980 Note: Search for CyberBuds with Gus. Takes children Tomorrow's promise: spelling. Jostens Learning/Hartley. through five interactive playgrounds with puzzles and lessons Note: Interactive instruction for early spelling proficiency. on counting, spelling, letters, and shapes. PRH30042 PRH29334 Mathville kidway. VR Didatech, [1997]. Dandy dinosaurs. Multicom, [1993]. Note: Visit the virtual math midway filled with eight games Note: Interactive adventures of Max the Dragon. Offers providing practice in sorting, counting, and measurement. games and easy-to-make video projects. PRH30097 PRH29341 Water! colors. Science for kids, [1996]. Snoopy's campfire stories. Virgin Sound and Vision : Grolier, Note: Create your own colorful underwater art gallery. [1996]. Note: Join Snoopy and the gang for an adventure full of PRH30099 wonderful stories and outdoor activities. First you read and Jimmy saves the day. Science for Kids, [1996]. play with the Peanuts' characters, then Snoopy helps you Note: Original story involving a klutzy llama and her rescuer write letters all about it. Builds reading comprehension, Jimmy who turns into simple machine shapes and functions to save her. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 28 August 2005
  • 29. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Kindergarten activities that students select based on PRH30562 their own learning style preferences. Curriculum skills Taylor, Gage. Gage Taylor's bears at work. Palladium include: phonics and word-building, initial sound blends, Interactive, [1996]. listening skills, equations construction, volume and mixtures, Note: Fun filled jobs come to life in an interactive storybook. flowers, plants and gardens, music and musical styles, Also contains four activity centers - coloring, collage, music, strategic thinking skills. and sound and links to Bears Online. PRH31962 PRH30575 JumpStart advanced 1st grade. Torrance CA: Knowledge Jolly Post Office. DK Multimedia, [1997]. Adventure, [2002]. Note: Based on Janet and Allan Ahlberg. You've been left in Note: Students develop first grade skills as they grab a charge of the Jolly Post Office. Letters need sorting, parcels gadget-covered scooter and prepare for the races. Curriculum need weighing and stamping, broken packages need skills include: match letters to phonetic sounds, word mending. matching onsets and rimes, basic parts of speech, sequence numbers, count, and skip count, measurement skills, basic PRH30929 fractions, early science concepts, and critical thinking skills. Test success reading & math. School Zone InterActive. Note: Test questions provide skill practice in reading and PRH31962 math. JumpStart advanced preschool. Torrance CA: Knowledge Adventure, [2002]. PRH30931 Note: Pre-school students develop pre-reading and early math Gregorich, Barbara. Start to read: level 1. School Zone skills as they care for baby animals in an adopt-a-pet Publishing Company, [1997]. program. Note: Promotes early reading success. Includes two stories: Beep, Beep and I want a pet with colorful illustrations and PRH31962 animations. Create your own stories using background JumpStart advanced 2nd grade. Knowledge Adventure, scenes, picture stamps, drawing tools, and word stamps. [2002]. Note: Students master the skills and concepts of second grade PRH30931 as they travel the world on secret agent missions. Curriculum Gregorich, Barbara. Start to read! level 2. School Zone skills include: number relationships and representations, Publishing Company, [1997]. basic operations, consonant blends and digraphs, Note: Promotes early reading success. Includes two stories: capitalization and punctuation, contractions and compound "The Big Race" and "Nicole digs a hole" with colorful words, vowels and word structure, money and time, and illustrations and animations. Create your own stories using fraction concepts. background scenes, picture stamps, drawing tools, and word stamps. PRH32410 Seuss, Dr. The Cat in the hat. Novato, CA: Broderbund : PRH30937 Learning Company, [1997]. Big activity CD-ROM. School Zone, [1996]. Note: Tommy and Sally's rainy afternoon gets quite a boost Note: Includes letter matching, hidden words, dot-to-dots, when the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat and turns the drawing programs, coloring books, and more. Media Center house upside down. has grades K and 1. PRH32469 PRH30937 Jolly Postman's party. DK Multimedia, [1997]. Big activity CD-ROM: phonics. School Zone Publishing Note: Based on Janet and Allan Ahlberg's books. Company, [1996]. Note: Includes letter matching, hidden words, dot-to-dots, PRH32535 drawing programs, coloring books, and more. Rolf's word journey. Brighter Paths, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Interactive letter and PRH30946 word recognition program for early learning and special Learning center: phonics. School Zone Publishing Company, needs children. [1996]. Note: Combines workbooks, flash cards, and CD-ROM. PRH32992 Match pictures to letter sounds, connect the dots, watch a Usborne's first thousand words. New York, NY: Scholastic, movie, or draw and paint pictures. [1997]. Note: "English and Spanish" Based on the Usborne book, the PRH31206 Usborne first thousand words by Heather Amery. Usborne's Thinkin' science. Edmark, [1997]. animated "First thousand words" is the fun-to-use Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Five environments vocabulary-building tool that introduces pre-and beginning introduce students to the scientific methods and concepts readers to 1000 common words in English and in Spanish. needed to understand basic earth, life and physical science. PRH33017 PRH31925 Putt-Putt travels through time. Woodinville, WA: Science blaster Jr. Davidson, [1997]. Humongous Entertainment, [1997]. Note: Overall introduction to science, covering topics such as Note: Mr. Firebird's time machine has gone haywire. Grab weather, animal classification, sequencing, and magnetism. your compass. Putt-Putt needs your child's help. PRH31962 PRH33017 JumpStart advanced kindergarten. Torrance CA: Knowledge Big thinkers. Kindergarten. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Adventure, [2002]. Entertainment, [1997]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 29 August 2005
  • 30. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Ben and Becky Brightly, the twins of learning and Moon. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, laughter, create ways for your child to master the lessons [1997]. essential to success in first grade. Note: Putt-Putt joins the parade: A game in which the player and Putt-Putt face many adventures on the way to the PRH33017 Cartown Pet Parade. Helps to develop problem solving and Freddi Fish and the case of the missing kelp seeds. critical thinking skills. Fatty Bear's birthday surprise: With Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1996]. Kayla's birthday only hours away, Fatty Bear and the other Note: In this undersea adventure, kids build problem-solving toys are planning a surprise party. But a pesky puppy keeps and critical-thinking skills, with over 40 locations to discover taking things they need, and a game of lawn bowling is hard and 200 secret click points. to resist. Putt-Putt goes to the moon: Putt-Putt is blasted to the moon in a freak accident at the Fireworks Factory. He PRH33017 meets Rover, a lunar terrain vehicle left behind by astronauts. Pajama Sam in "no need to hide when it's dark outside". They must work together to rebuild the rocket and Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1996]. accomplish a few good deeds for the Moon People before Note: Fed up with his fear of the dark, Sam transforms they meet the Man in the Moon and are homeward bound. himself into Pajama Sam and resolves to confront the darkness. Kids direct this interactive adventure, using PRH33017 teamwork and creative problem solving, to find that maybe Smelly mystery starring Mercer Mayer's little monster the darkness is not as bad as it seems. private eye. New York, NY: GT Interactive Software, [1997]. PRH33017 Note: A mystery adventure game. It all started the night of a Mercer Mayer's just me and my mom. GT Interactive sleepover at Yally's house. The next morning, Yally's mom is Software. terribly upset to discover that some of the smells in her Note: Little critter and his mother take a trip to the city and kitchen have been switched. It's up to Little Monster Private explore the department stores and museums. Interactive Eye and his trusty assistant, Detective Kerploppus, to get to storybook combining animation and sound. the bottom of their stinkiest case so far, and they invite you to join the investigation. PRH33017 Putt-Putt saves the zoo. Woodinville, WA: Humongous PRH33017 Entertainment, [1996]. Blue's ABC time activities. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Note: Help Putt-Putt find the baby animals in time to open Entertainment, [1999]. the zoo. Note: Explores the world of letters, sounds, and words with multi-level learning games. PRH33017 Freddi Fish 3 the case of the stolen conch shell. Woodinville, PRH33017 WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1998]. Blue's 123 time activities. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Note: Kids build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills Entertainment, [1999]. in this undersea adventure, in which Freddi Fish and Luther Note: Children strengthen pre-math and problem-solving try to find the stolen great conch shell. skills with Blue and her friends at the Backyard Fair. PRH33017 PRH33017 Big thinkers. 1st grade. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Freddi Fish 4 : the case of the hogfish rustlers of Briny Entertainment, [1997]. Gulch. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, Note: Ben and Becky Brightly, the twins of learning and [1999]. laughter, create ways for your child to master the lessons Note: Kids build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills essential to success in first grade. in this undersea adventure, in which Freddi Fish and Luther try to rescue cousin Calico's prize winning hogfish from PRH33017 some rustlers in Briny Gulch. SPY fox in "dry cereal". Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1997]. PRH33017 Note: Challenges students to develop their problem-solving Putt-Putt enters the race. Woodinville, WA: Humongous skills while they help SPY Fox foil a dastardly scheme to Entertainment, [1998]. cow-nap all the world's milk makers. Note: Putt-Putt has been invited to race in the Cartown 500! Before he can race, however, Putt-Putt needs to find the PRH33017 items on Redline Rick's racing roster. Freddi Fish 2 the case of the haunted schoolhouse. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1996]. PRH33017 Note: In this undersea adventure, kids build problem-solving Backyard soccer. Woodinville, WA: Humongous and critical-thinking skills, with over 40 locations to discover Entertainment, [1998]. and 200 secret click points. Note: Challenge your students to form a neighborhood soccer team and work their way from the playground to the PRH33017 Backyard soccer League World Championships. Backyard baseball. Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1997]. PRH33017 Note: Computer baseball simulation for kids. Mayer, Mercer. Just me and my grandpa. New York: GT Interactive Software, [1998]. PRH33017 Note: Little Critter is down on the farm, doing what he does Humongous classics collection : Putt-Putt joins the parade; best -- having fun, causing mischief and exploring the world. Early Bear's Birthday Surprise, and Putt-Putt Goes to the PRH33017 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 30 August 2005
  • 31. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Blue's treasure hunt : a learning adventure. Woodinville, Note: A group of progressive activities designed to teach WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1999]. phonics skills to children. Note: Join the treasure hunt to help Steve solve new Blue's Clues and collect a series of treasure scrools hidden by PRH35064 Treasure Bug. Swim into social studies. Stephenville, NF Canada: INNOVA Multimedia, [1997]. PRH33017 Note: While exploring an environment full of creative Blue's birthday adventure. Woodinville, WA: Humongous lessons, children will be enchanted by animated sea creatures Entertainment, [1998]. that deliver interesting facts about the world in which they Note: Children practice essential early learning skills and live. enhance their creative abilities while they help Steve and friends prepare for Blue's special birthday party. PRH35064 Surf into science. Stephenville, NF Canada: INNOVA PRH33017 Multimedia, [1998]. Pajama Sam 2 : thunder and lightning aren't so frightening. Note: While exploring an environment full of creative Woodinville, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1998]. lessons, children will be enchanted by animated sea creatures Note: Join Pajama Sam as he visits a storm factory in the sky that deliver interesting facts about the world in which they and learns about thunder and how to overcome his fear of live. thunderstorms. PRH35064 PRH33047 Leap into language. Stephenville, NF Canada: INNOVA Learning to read on the promenade - kindergarten. Multimedia, [1997]. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Note: While exploring an environment full of creative Note: Offers children new ways to learn the fundamentals of lessons, children will be enchanted by animated sea creatures reading. Teaches early readers basic skills through a series of that deliver interesting facts about the world in which they engaging games and activities with the help of five animated live. characters. PRH35360 PRH33061 The new Katie's farm. Galesburg, MI: Lawrence Productions, Numbers undercover. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst [1996]. Communications, [1998]. Note: Children learn fun animal facts, imaginative play, Note: Provides a blend of mystery and mathematics for problem- solving, cause and effect and beginning reading primary grade students. Numbers undercover has an skills. assortment of features that may be used in either Practice or Solve Mystery modes, and at different difficulty levels. PRH35431 Activities introduce students to math and problem-solving 3D froggy phonics. Seattle, WA: Ingenuity, [1998]. skills such as measurement, time, money, and number Note: Introduces children to the sounds each letter makes, patterns. and to early spelling and reading skills. PRH33084 PRH35555 There are tyrannosaurs trying on pants in my bedroom. San Hop-skip jump-a-roo zoo. Seattle, WA: DiAMAR Diego, CA: Hartley : Josten Learning, [1995]. Interactive, [1997]. Note: Students explore the concepts of real and imaginary as Note: Activity centers that teach kids about animals. they read factual information and fictional stories about Designed to help improve their vocabulary, deductive dinosaurs. Information about dinosaurs, other prehistoric reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. creatures, and fossils is integrated with language arts, science, and mathematics. Students will employ reading, PRH35556 thinking, and writing skills and learn about contractions A color clown comes to town. Seattle, WA: DiAMAR through the components of Story Time, Story Reader, Story Interactive, [1997]. Thinker, Story Writer, Sounds Fun and Word Play, and Note: Based on the book of the same name published by The Rhyme Reader. Child's World, Inc. While exploring the different rooms of the castle, the Color Clown and Laura teach color names, PRH33507 shades of color, how to mix colors, and color matching. Let's go read! an island adventure. Redmond, WA: Edmark, [1998]. PRH35557 Note: Build reading and thinking skills through active Dragon in a wagon. Seattle, WA: DiAMAR Interactive, exploration. [1997]. Note: An activity center that teaches kids about PRH33969 transportation, including path building puzzles, a Travel the world with Timmy. Redmond, WA: Edmark, transportation quiz show, a vehicle construction module and [1998]. more. Note: With Timmy as a guide, your child will visit Japan, Argentina and Kenya to discover how other people live, PRH35723 speak and play. Hear and speak their languages. Learn Dinosaur kids : prehistoric games for the computer age. numbers, challenge yourself in games and stretch your Lincoln, ME: Nordic Software, [1997]. creativity with crafts. Note: Teaches early education skills with games such as tic- tac- toe, solitaire and pick-up-sticks. PRH34367 Leap into phonics. Omaha, NE: BrightStart, [1997]. PRH35779 ImaginAction. Bellevue, WA: Rose Interactive, [?]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 31 August 2005
  • 32. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Wild and wacky triangles, squares and circles that all PRH36193 come together to shape thinking ability. Rey, H. A. (Hans Augusto). Curious George learns phonics for kindergarten-1st grade. Somerville, MA: Houghton PRH36086 Mifflin Interactive, [1997]. Brown, Marc Tolon. Arthur's computer adventure. Novato, Note: Follow Curious George as he goes to the circus and CA: Broderbund : Learning Company, [1998]. learn to how to segment words into sounds, identify Note: Learn critical reading, math and logic skills while alliteratives, substitute sounds to make new words, identify playing along with Arthur and D.W. consonant and vowel sounds, and identify rhyming words. PRH36095 PRH36788 Advanced software. Phonics alive. West Dundee, IL: Forest Read, write & type! : learning system. San Rafael CA: Technologies, [1998]. Talking Fingers, [2000]. Note: Teaches the alphabet, phonics, spelling and more Note: Phonics-to-fluency learning system for hands-on through drills. reading and spelling. Links reading, writing, spelling and keyboarding. PRH36098 Earobics : auditory development & phonics program. Step 1. PRH37085 Cambridge, MA: Cognitive Concepts, [1999]. ABCircus! Montreal Canada: MI (Micro-Intel), [1997]. Note: Interactive program teaches auditory processing and Note: Helps children learn to read and count. phonemic awareness skills for speech and language development. Children learn by playing games that are based PRH37088 on the theories and principles of speech acoustics, speech Plumo at the zoo. Montreal Canada: MI (Micro-Intel), perception, speech and language development, and literacy [1997]. learning. The format allows for a child to work Note: Visit the zoo animals and develop cognitive skills such independently, and features automatic goal and progress as observation, discrimination, counting, logic, and more. report writing which meet professional accountability requirements. PRH37089 Plumo on the farm. Montreal Canada: MI (Micro-Intel), PRH36101 [1999]. Softkey International. Deluxe! Reader Rabbit 3. Cambridge, Note: Visit the farm and develop cognitive skills such as MA: Learning Company, [1996 1994]. observation, discrimination, counting, logic, and more. Note: Reader Rabbit gets a job at a newspaper. The user helps Reader Rabbit write news stories. Teaches reading PRH37851 skills, sentence structure, and parts of speech. DeMattia, Ellyn. Babe and friends animated early reader. Calabasas, CA: Sound Source Interactive, [1998]. PRH36103 Note: Join Babe and his city friends start a Helping Hands Interactive math journey. Fremont, CA: Learning Co, [1996]. Club to feed the hungry animals of Metropolis. Through use Note: Uses interactive story problems and hands- on of a storybook, kids learn and practice the alphabet, phonics, activities with multiple levels of difficulty to develop spelling, rhyming, and step-by-step planning. problem - solving skills and in-depth comprehension of math concepts in an integrated approach to learning math that PRH37851 supports the standards and recommendations of the National An American Tail movie book. Calabasas, CA: Sound Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Source Interactive, [1998]. Note: A virtual storybook with activities where students PRH36104 practice their reading and language skills by reading along Reader Rabbit's reading development library 4. Fremont, CA: with the narrator and/or taking part in interactive activities. Learning Company, [1996]. Note: Teaches children to read by presenting familiar stories, PRH37851 King Midas and The ugly duckling, from three points of Babe and friends : animated preschool adventure. Calabasas, view; the classic version, and two versions told from story CA: Sound Source Interactive, [1998]. character's points of view. Children are encouraged to Note: Babe and his new-found city friends plan to put on a participate in suggested activities. circus to raise money for local organizations. But first they have fun helping out Metropolis residents in exchange for PRH36104 ticket sales. Kids learn about goals and community service Reader Rabbit's reading development library level 3. while enjoying seven captivating activities based on the pre- Fremont, CA: Learning Co, [1996]. school fundamentals: letter recognition, counting from 1-10, Note: Teaches children to read by presenting familiar stories, color and shape recognition, and more. The Goose that laid the golden egg and The Princess and the pea, from three points of view; the classic version, and two PRH37851 versions told from story character's points of view. Children Casper activity center. Calabasas, CA: Sound Source are encouraged to participate in suggested activities. Interactive, [1998]. Note: Games, puzzles and activities build problem-solving PRH36191 and creativity skills. Early learning center CD. Pound Ridge, NY: Multi Dimensional Communications : New Media Schoolhouse, PRH37851 [1994]. Casper : animated early reader. Calabasas, CA: Sound Source Note: Five programs in one including: Using money & Interactive, [1998]. making change, Talking clock, Pink Pete's ABC's, Note: Contains a series of seven activities that focus on Vocabulary builders and Talking U.S.A. map. spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 32 August 2005
  • 33. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) PRH37851 PRH39263 The land before time activity center. Calabasas, CA: Sound Thinking out loud. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1996]. Source Interactive, [1997]. Note: A multimedia language arts program to develop spoken Note: Children romp through the Great Valley in nine language skills in pre-emergent readers. activities including puzzles, mazes, memory tests, and story making. PRH39948 Oscar the balloonist and the secrets of the forest. New York: PRH37851 Trivola Electronic Publishing, [1998]. The land before time math adventure. Calabasas, CA: Sound Note: Join Oscar on a voyage of discovery deep in the forest. Source Interactive, [1998]. Find out how animals differ from humans, and learn about Note: Students are sent on five different "space missions" the habits, homes, and favorite foods. Use the seasons that can be completed only by using their math skills. balloon to change the season and see what effect this has on the animals' lives. PRH37851 The land before time : kindergarten adventure. Calabasas, PRH39950 CA: Sound Source Interactive, [1998]. Oscar the balloonist dives into the lake. New York: Trivola Note: While being entertained by Littlefoot, students build Electronic Publishing, [199?]. and reinforce basic skills including following directions, Note: Join Oscar on a voyage of to discover the animals of counting, social skills, and visual recognition. the lake. The animals will tell you how they live throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter. PRH37851 Lost in space learning adventure. Calabasas, CA: Sound PRH40572 Source Interactive, [1998]. Reading mansion. Grand Rapids MI: Great Wave Software, Note: Offers a fun and entertaining way for students to learn [1998]. geology, chemistry, and astronomy. Note: Scavenger hunt that help children develop reading skills such as phonics, word skills, sentence mastery, PRH37851 following directions. Lost in space math adventure. Calabasas, CA: Sound Source Interactive, [1998]. PRH41439 Note: Students are sent on five different "space missions" Tootle : interactive storybook. Gardena CA: Encore that can be completed only by using their math skills. Education, [2000]. Note: Read along as Tootle engages your child in activities PRH38646 such as letter matching, mystery shapes, object matching, and Smiletown. Osaka Japan: Gakugei Company Ltd, [1999]. coloring fun. Note: Content-rich English course. Learn the letters, learn spelling and grammar, learn vocabulary and conversation PRH41782 practice. Use as an ESL tool for children who speak Japanese Themeweavers : animals. Redmond WA: Edmark, [2000]. or Chinese. Note: Activity kit for the study of animals. Contains dozens of activities that engage students' thinking skills and cover PRH38653 multiple subject areas. Star Wars : Yoda's challenge activity center. San Rafael CA: Lucas Learning Ltd, [1999]. PRH41782 Note: Six missions that transport you to Naboo and Tatooine Themeweavers : nature. Redmond WA: Edmark, [2000]. in Star Wars episode I. This educational game helps to build Note: Activity kit for the study of nature. Contains dozens of and sharpen basic skills through the use of math, reading and activities that engage students' thinking skills and cover musical activities. Yoda's challenge offers a variety of multiple subject areas. positive feedback for young Jedi. PRH42184 PRH38655 Math : grade 1. Grand Haven MI: School Zone Interactive, Star Wars : Jar Jar's journey adventure book. San Rafael CA: [2001]. Lucas Learning Ltd, [1999]. Note: Based on the School Zone workbook series, this Note: Action-packed adventure book for ages 4 and up. program incorporates critical math skills with interactive Listen along as your favorite Star Wars characters read aloud activities and fun games. Proven curriculum, audio guidance, from 14 animated story pages! Each story page has hidden and clear examples help children master numbers, place surprises that come to life with the click of the mouse. Listen value, addition, subtraction and other skills. to amusing songs from the singing dictionary. Jar Jar's Journey also features 6 fun-filled games with multiple levels PRH42186 of complexity. Challenge skills in memory and matching or Reading readiness : grade K-1. Grand Haven MI: School create masterpieces in the coloring center. Zone Interactive, [2001]. Note: Based on the famous School Zone workbook series. PRH39242 Basic concepts that help children learn to read quickly and Introduction to patterns. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1998]. with good comprehension. Note: Introduction to the world of patterns using sound, movement, color and natural objects. PRH42211 Edmark reading program : level 1. Redmond WA: Edmark : PRH39246 Riverdeep Interactive Learning, [2001]. Spatial relationships. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1998]. Note: Software version of Edmark's Reading Program. A Note: Students explore location by identifying the position of beginning reading and language development program based objects and creating paths between places. upon a sequenced, highly repetitive sight-word approach. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 33 August 2005
  • 34. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) PRH43432 Big Bug alphabet book. Milliken InterActive. The Coralville kids : an odyssey in the sea. Ft. Collins CO: Note: Teaches children to identify and distinguish between Odyssey Tales, [1999]. the letters of the alphabet. Note: Combines an original story in animation with multiple levels of story related learning activities. Includes activity PRH9962 printouts to track student's progress. Tales of the Wild Zeep. Westwind Media. Note: Collection of original short stories. Colorful PRH44911 illustration, a whimsical sound track, and full narration help Mywork. Stevenson WA: CD Garden, [1999]. beginning readers build skills and vocabulary. Note: Assortment of developmentally appropriate open ended activities designed to encourage children to explore, create PRM20166 and learn by making choices. Word tales. Time Warner Interactive Group, [1993]. Note: Introduces children to reading by teaching initial letter PRH45702 sounds. PokeyToes corner. Ipswich MA: EBSCO Pub, [2001]. Note: Multimedia program for teaching K-3 literacy skills. PRM23809 Activities include listening, reading, phonics, story Aladdin activity center. Disney. sequencing, vocabulary, and comprehension. Note: Follow the Genie as he guides you through Aladdin. Enter the Cave of Wonders, the Royal Palace, or the Agrabah PRH45719 Marketplace. Take your choice of fun-filled games, puzzles, Ani's rocket ride. Evanston IL: APTE Inc, [2000-2001]. and art activities. Note: Encourages creativity in science, art, and dramatic play. English/Spanish version. PRM30172 Reading who? reading you. Sunburst Communications, PRH46124 [1996]. Knowledge Adventure, Inc. JumpStart languages. Torrance Note: Teach beginning reading skills. Basic phonics CA: Knowledge Adventure Inc, [2001]. instruction has been built into engaging games and puzzles. Note: Join Frankie the Dog at the JumpStart World Festival and discover 4 language pavilions filled with the sounds of PRM30253 French, Japanese, Spanish, and English. Includes vocabulary First phonics. Sunburst Communications, [1997]. for everyday objects; cultural stories, customs, and Note: Targets the phonics skill - the ability to sound out the characters; conversational phrases; colors, numbers, and first letter of a word. time; and music and lyrics. Provides 3 learning levels. PRM31059 PRH46128 Preschool Mother Goose - User guide & CD-ROM. Piranha Knowledge Adventure, Inc. JumpStart phonics. Torrance Interactive Publishing, [1997]. CA: Knowledge Adventure Inc, [1999]. Note: Interactive learning extravaganza. Mother Goose Note: Explore the phonics camp, playing games to earn merit rhymes come to life in this school readiness program. badges, and present a special performance. Teaches: colors, counting, ABC's, reading, music, seek & match, languages and vocabulary. PRH49300 Reader Rabbit's toddler. Cambridge MA: Learning Company, PRM31853 [1998]. Circletime tales deluxe. Don Johnston, [1997]. Note: Reader Rabbit and Mat the Mouse introduce counting, Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Interactive nursery colors, shapes, and the alphabet using interactive songs, rhymes that teach beginning word recognition skills: stories and easy to play games. opposites, directionality, counting, and beginning literacy concepts. PRH49515 Fisher-Price (Firm). Little people discovery airport. East PRM31868 Aurora, NY ; Fresno, CA: Fisher - Price ; Knowledge On a green bus. Don Johnston, [1997]. Adventure, [2002]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Simple and short Note: Explore an airport full of fun and wonder. Builds animated stories that children can complete. counting skills and number recognition. Encourages critical thinking. Teaches shapes and colors. Promotes art and PRM31969 creativity. Ready for school: kindergarten. Davidson, [1996]. Note: Teaches kids the skills they need to get a head start on PRH49517 kindergarten. JumpStart Spanish. Glendale CA: Knowledge Adventure, [2003]. PRM33017 Note: Children can learn Spanish fundamentals, such as basic Humongous entertainment educational sales kit. Redmond, words and phrases. WA: Humongous Entertainment. Note: Contains pricing and product information for PRH53631 Humongous Entertainment products. Ready readers activity box : demo CD. Dorling Kindersley ; distributed by Global Software Publishing, [2005]. PRM33017 Note: Fun activities and games designed to teach first and Mercer Mayer's just me and my dad. New York, NY: GT second graders reading basics based on teacher-controlled Interactive Software, [1996]. guidance. Includes accountability reports. Note: Little Critter and his dad go on a camping trip adventure. Combines animation, video, and sound for an PRH9896 interactive storybook. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 34 August 2005
  • 35. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) PRM33017 PRM36030 Mayer, Mercer. Humongous Entertainment : demo CD- Memory fun! Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, ROM. Bothell, WA: Humongous Entertainment, [1999]. [1998]. Note: Sample of software products. Note: A fun-filled room packed with matching activities that make cleaning the attic a breeze! Children develop memory, PRM33036 counting, time, money, and other skills as they match objects Zap! around town. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst according to a set of rules. Communications, [1998]. Note: Shelby's activity helps children with map reading and PRM36032 direction skills. Letter sounds. Half Moon Bay, CA : Torrance, CA: Tenth Planet Explorations : PRM33059 Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Funny monsters for tea. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Note: Student develop their understanding of letters and Communications, [1997]. sounds as the building blocks of English words. Note: Activities include: Telling time (seconds, minutes, and hours); Alphabet soup (word building skills); Up the Stairs PRM36045 (counting and basic math concepts); My silly poem, Musical Vowels : short and long. Half Moon Bay, CA : Torrance, monsters, and Monsters in a box (writing poetry, musical CA: Tenth Planet Explorations ; Sunburst Communications, composition, and painting). [1999]. Note: Student further their understanding of the structure of PRM33073 English words by exploring the role of vowels in words. Sequencing fun! Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. PRM38784 Note: Build memory skills and enhance sequencing abilities. Hadar, AmuGruppen. Tiger's tale. Winooski VT: Laureate Learning Systems, [1998]. PRM33507 Note: Language production is stimulated by encouraging Let's go read! 2 : an ocean adventure. Redmond, WA: students to "talk" for a tiger who has lost his voice. Edmark, [1998]. Note: Explore reading concepts while engaged in adventure. PRM39173 Learn to identify and use beginning and ending blends, Ray, H. A. Curious George pre-K ABCs. Somerville MA : consonant digraphs, long vowel sounds, second sounds of Pleasantville NY: Houghton Mifflin Interactive : Sunburst, letters, and the silent "e" rule. [1997]. Note: Activities and games to help your child discover letters PRM33774 and their sounds. Based on H.A. Rey's Curious George Millie & Bailey preschool. Redmond, WA: Edmark, [1997]. books. Note: Edmark has selected and updated the best activities for preschoolers from Millie's Math House and Bailey's Book PRM39182 House. Children will learn the fundamentals of math and Ray, H. A. Curious George preschool learning games. reading, including; numbers, quantities, geometric shapes, Somerville MA ; Pleasantville NY: Houghton Mifflin sizes, problem solving, letter names and sounds, and rhyming Interactive : Sunburst Communications, [1997 ]. words. Note: Join H.A. Rey's Curious George at play and build recognition of color, shape, and size, listening skills, pattern PRM33777 recognition & matching, same & different recognition, Millie & Bailey kindergarten. Redmond, WA: Edmark, rhyming and alliteration, and mouse skills. [1997]. Note: Edmark has selected and updated the best activities for PRM39185 kindergartners from Millie's Math House, Bailey's Book Creepy cave : phonics initial consonants. Vernon Hills IL : House, and Sammy's Science House. In ten locations, Pleasantville NY: Learning Resources : Sunburst children will find magic in reading, math and science. Communications, [2000]. Note: Help students develop letter recognition and phonemic PRM35236 awareness skills matching words with the same initial Thinkin' things FrippleTown. Redmond, WA: Edmark, consonant letter in a Creepy Cave. [1998]. Note: Explore FrippleTown neighborhood and develop PRM39188 critical thinking skills. Young learners will follow directions, Max's attic : phonics long & short vowels. Vernon Hills IL : determine rule formation, learn to work backwards, explore Pleasantville NY: Learning Resources : Sunburst relationships, and discover multiple ways to solve a problem. Communications, [2000]. Note: Students build vowel recognition skills. Helps students PRM35384 differentiate among single vowel sounds. Junior GigaMath playground. San Ramon, CA: Decision Development Corp, [1996]. PRM39191 Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Fun and challenging Python path : phonics word families. Vernon Hills IL : with multi-level word problems, the program includes a step- Pleasantville NY: Learning Resources : Sunburst by-step tutorial for solving word problems and practice areas Communications, [2000]. for four math operations (addition, subtraction, Note: Students improve word-building skills by playing three multiplication, and division). Play the Concentration, Tic Tac strategy games that involve linking one-or-two letter Toe and Tug-of-war games to reinforce your problem-solving consonant beginnings to basic word endings. skills. An authoring system enables you to create your own word problems, and more. PRM39194 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 35 August 2005
  • 36. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Sunken treasure adventure : phonics beginning blends. How to catch a wild asparagus-snatching snagglysnort. Vernon Hills IL : Pleasantville NY: Learning Resources : DiAMAR, [1996]. Sunburst Communications, [2000]. Note: Colonel Picklewart provides students (in and outside Note: Focus on beginning blends, sounds, and concepts with the computer) with activities and instruction for cooking, three games that invite students to use two-letter consonant nature and science activities, writing exercises, puzzles, and blends as they build words. more. PRM39237 PSH32438 Number meanings and counting. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, Thinkin' things : Sky Island mysteries. Redmond, WA: [1998]. Edmark, [1998]. Note: Students develop their understanding of number Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. It's time for the Sky meanings and uses while solving a variety of problems. Island Galactic Festival. The Sky Islanders are ready to celebrate, but a crew of mischievous villains is threatening to PRM39263 ruin the fun. Can you find and stop the culprits? Designed to Knock knock. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [1999]. develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills. Note: A multimedia language arts program to develop spoken language skills in pre-emergent readers. PSH35979 Jump start adventures 6th grade. Torrance, CA: Knowledge PRW22187 Adventure Inc, [1998]. Kid phonics. Torrance, CA: Davidson, [1994]. Note: Help adventurous teens Zack and Jess save the planet Note: Teaches reading through sound and song. Learn to read from crazy computer mayhem. Play games and solve puzzles by sounding out over 200 words, differentiating among letter to outsmart the computer while learning math, history, sounds, finding words that rhyme, determining when words language arts, science and more. sound the same, and spelling correctly. PSH36088 PRW29082 I spy. New York: Scholastic, [1997]. Money town. Davidson. Note: Develop essential skills in vocabulary building, Note: Inspired by book "The Kid's Money Book." Teaches spelling, reading, visual memory and problem solving. basic money math, coin recognition, how to make change, how to save and spend wisely, simple money management, PSH36092 and fun money facts and history. Super solvers mission think. Fremont, CA: Learning Company, [1997]. PROBLEM SOLVING Note: Builds skills fundamental to success in math, science, PSH17612 and everyday life. Computer adventure game designed to Heartsoft Software (Firm). The Heartsoft bestsellers : ESL develop thinking and problem solving skills. Users try to win version. Broken Arrow OK: Heartsoft. back the Shady Glen Game Factory from Morty Maxwell the Note: Provides educators with the tools to improve their ESL Master of Mischief. students' basic skills while developing communication skills in English. Pre-emergent level has text and audio primarily PSH36175 in Spanish. Emergent level has text and audio evenly Ventura, Fred. Puzzle logic. Grover Beach, CA: Ventura distributed between Spanish and English. Productive level Educational System, [1998]. has text and audio primarily in English. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Collection of puzzles designed to help students with math, logic and problem PSH25391 solving. Strategy challenges collection 2 : in the wild. Edmark, [1996]. PSH36195 Note: Learn powerful and essential strategic thinking and Clue finders 3rd grade adventures. Cambridge, MA: Learning problem-solving skills. Includes the games: Jungle Chess, Company, [1997]. Surakarta and Tablut. Note: The ClueFinders have stumbled onto a mystery. Jungle animals are disappearing. And now the famous scientist Dr. PSH29619 Pythagoras has vanished. Is an ancient monster responsible Elroy hits the pavement. Headbone Interactive, [1996]. for this? Use your 3rd math, English, science, and geography Note: Think your way out of trouble - help Elroy solve this skills to solve the mystery. puzzling canine caper. PSH39176 PSH30083 Rocky & Bullwinkle's know-it-all quiz master : Grades 3 and Great Search. Science for Kids, [1996]. 4. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [2000]. Note: Challenging brain-teasers. Matching games, fill-in-the- Note: Contains over 1400 questions from 19 quiz categories blanks, shapes & sounds activities, crossword puzzles and including geography, science, history, and moosecellaneous more. in a quiz show format. PSH30558 PSH4353 Wishbone and the amazing Odyssey. Palladium Interactive, Jump start adventures 5th grade. Torrance CA: Knowledge [1996]. Adventure, [1997]. Note: Wishbone is stuck in Ancient Greece and can't get Note: Engaging mystery includes brain-twisting, curriculum- home without you. The only way out is to follow the path of building games that develop logical thinking and problem- Odysseus, the hero from Homer's classic tale the Odyssey. solving skills. PSH32156 PSH43531 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 36 August 2005
  • 37. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Jump start adventures 3rd grade. Torrance CA: Knowledge Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Offers a unique Adventure, [1996]. assortment of tools and toys for the mind. Develops higher- Note: Users help Botley the Robot save history from Polly level thinking skills. Spark's mischievous deeds by recovering 25 time-meddling robots before they damage history forever. PSW30766 Chess mates. Irvine, CA: Interplay Production. PSH43531 Note: DEMO PROGRAM. Learn all the moves and strategies Jump start adventures 4th grade. Torrance CA: Knowledge of chess while developing logic and problem solving skills. Adventure, [1999]. Note: Cross-curricular problem-solving activities build SCIENCE thinking skills. SCH18672 Butterflies. Discis. PSH45390 Note: See how the metamorphosis from caterpillar to Twins' challenge : El reto de las mellizos. Columbus OH: butterfly occurs. Ohio Distinctive Software, [2001]. Note: Meet the twins and test your wits through 100 different SCH18674 levels of mind-boggling fun. Will exercise your mental What air can do. Discis. abilities by challenging you with everything from memory Note: Helps children understand the value of air and how matching to math. living things obtain air. PSH47190 SCH18676 Heartsoft Software (Firm). The Heartsoft demo CD. Broken Birds and how they grow. Washington, DC: National Arrow OK: Heartsoft, [2002]. Geographic Society. Note: Contains demo versions of Internet safari (secure Note: Investigates the lives of birds and explains how they children's browser for grades K-5), Thinkology (critical grow and develop. Teaches basic reading concepts; improves thinking skills software for grades K-3), and Heartsoft reading comprehension and language skills; reinforces bestsellers (basic skills software for grades K-6). vocabulary and grammar skills in English and Spanish. PSH49752A1 SCH18678 Get me out of here! Pacific Grove CA: Critical Thinking Tree through the seasons. National Geographic Society. Company, [1996]. Note: Picture book of the life of an apple tree through the Note: Combines motivating reading and writing activities year. Describes the growth and changes of the apple tree with high-level thinking skills that help enhance students' from season to season. academic performance across the curriculum. SCH19181 PSH49754 Africa. Newport Beach CA ; [Torrance CA]: SWeDE Corp; Harnadek, Anita E. Mind benders : A1/A2. Pacific Grove Distributed by Davidson. CA: Critical Thinking Books & Software, [1998]. Note: Discover African animals, plants, and regions of the Note: Allows students to practice their deductive reasoning, Congo Rainforest, the African Savanna, the Sahara Desert logic, reading comprehension, and organizational skills. and the Island of Madagascar. PSH9710 SCH20160 Thinkin' things collection 3. Edmark. Earthcare. Wayzata. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Improve deductive and Note: Interactive program using animated characters to inductive reasoning, synthesis and analysis, while building improve reading skills. Covers the topics of: air, animals, problem-solving skills.. Make trades with brokers from dirt, and water. around the world, program a half-time show and solve the Case of the Empty Fripple House. SCH20163 How things grow. InterActive. PSM21321 Note: Introduction to understanding living and growing Morgan's trivia machine. Morgan. things. Note: Choose from 6 difficulty levels and 3 activities to learn science, geography, and essential facts about the world. SCH20653 Sammy's science house. Edmark. PSM25391 Note: Five activities to introduce students to science. Learn Strategy games of the world. Edmark, [1996]. about plants, animals, seasons and weather, and explore Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Learn to build and apply important scientific processes. FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. strategies with 3 classic games (Mancala, Nine Men's Morris and Go-Moku). SCH21276 Hawking, Stephen W. Brief history of time. Scientific PSM39176 American, [1994]. Rocky & Bullwinkle's know-it-all quiz master : Grades 5 and Note: Based on the book. Interactive adventure integrates 6. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [2000]. graphics, movies, and animations with the complete text. Note: Contains over 1400 questions from 19 quiz categories including geography, science, history, and moosecellaneous SCH21606 in a quiz show format. Smithsonian Institution dinosaur museum. Phoenix AZ: Software Marketing Corporation, [1994]. PSM9710 Note: Presented in cooperation with the Smithsonian Thinkin things: collection 2. Edmark, [1994]. Institution. Travel back to prehistoric times as you tour the Dinosaur Museum. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 37 August 2005
  • 38. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Interactive game. Students take a journey through SCH21609 Yellowstone National Park exploring ecology, biology, Adventures with Oslo : tools and gadgets. Science for Kids, geology, geography, and history. [1994]. Note: Five engaging games, stories, and puzzles to learn SCH27823 about simple machines. Bumptz science carnival. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1995]. SCH21609 Note: Builds scientific thinking skills as students observe, Adventures with OSLO world of water. Science for Kids, investigate, experiment, form hypotheses, and draw [1995]. conclusions. Note: Learn basic science concepts about water. Includes: intriguing games, stories, sounds, music, art, puzzles, and SCH27847 more. Big Science Comics. Emeryville, CA: Theatrix Interactive, [1996]. SCH21785 Note: Explore physical science, build problem-solving skills, Seasons Washington DC: National Geographic Society: and create your own machines. Develop critical thinking Discis, [1994]. skills through scientific experimentation. Note: Learn about the many changes that affect plants, animals, and people during each of the four seasons. English SCH27864 and Spanish. Macaulay, David. The new way things work. New York, NY: Dorling Kindersley, [1998]. SCH21808 Note: Find out how everyday machines work and discover Exploring the solar system and beyond. National Geographic, who invented them. Learn about the latest technology. [1994]. Note: Takes children on a journey to the moon, the sun, and SCH28289 the planets, and shows how scientists use telescopes and Message in a fossil. Edunetics Interactive, [1996]. spacecraft to learn about objects in the solar system and Note: Interactive simulation in which the player assumes the beyond. role of a paleontologist on a dig site in search of evidence about the past. SCH2211 Science navigator. New York: McGraw-Hill, [1995]. SCH28375 Note: Contains all the new McGraw-Hill Concise Animals in our world. Edunetics, [1996]. Encyclopedia of Science, all terms from Dictionary of Note: Students explore the database to create multimedia Scientific and Technical Terms, and biographical dictionary presentations on animals people raise for a specific purpose. of the world's top scientists and engineers. SCH28948 SCH22400 Gunzi, Christiane. Amphibians & reptiles. ICE. Kids & the environment. Tom Snyder, [1997]. Note: Integrated CD-ROM and book. Learn about different Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Engages students in a habitats and the importance of their preservation. Includes realistic environmental dilemma where they discuss long- hundreds of reptile and amphibian species. term and short-term solutions, make choices, and experience the consequences. SCH28950 McGavin, Dr. George C. Insects. ICE, [1996]. SCH23729 Note: Integrated CD-ROM and book. Learn about different Mission control : more adventures on the Planet Oglo. habitats and the importance of their preservation. Includes Cambridge, MA: Terrapin Software, [1998]. hundreds of insect species. Note: An environmental adventure game that explores rain forests while teaching math concepts and introducing SCH28952 computer programming using the LOGO language. Royston, Angela. Birds. ICE, [1996]. Note: Integrated CD-ROM and book. Learn about different SCH24445 habitats and the importance of their preservation. Includes Eyewitness encyclopedia of science 2.0. DK Multimedia, hundreds of bird species. [1997]. Note: Explore the scientific world of: mathematics, physics, SCH29108 chemistry, life sciences, and Earth and Universe. Exploration station. Creative Wonders, [1997]. Note: Science games that build thinking skills. Topics SCH24846 include: sound, light, electricity, solar system, human body, Eyewitness encyclopedia of nature 2.0. DK Multimedia. earth science, simple machines, weather, plants and animals. Note: Multimedia reference guide to the natural world. SCH29151 SCH25387 Exploring America's national parks - case, doc, CD-ROM. A World alive. New York, NY: Voyager, [1990]. Multicom, [1995]. Note: Wildlife adventure. Explores life on earth and Note: Adventure to hundreds of America's parks with a click underscores our responsibility to protect the planet's of your mouse. diversity. SCH29206 SCH25813 Science rock. Creative Wonder : Learning Company, [1997]. Explore Yellowstone CD. Minneapolis MN: MECC, [1996]. Note: Students help Interplanet Janet collect pieces of her rocket ship that has crashed on planet Earth. Janet challenges students to eight activities, exploring over 20 science topics, Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 38 August 2005
  • 39. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) including the solar system, the human body, electricity, World walker: Destination: Australia. Soleil, [1996]. sound, and weather. Note: Interactive explorations of the world's languages (Spanish, French, English) and ecosystems (Australian SCH29210 animals, habitats). GeoSafari animals. Educational Insights, [1996]. Note: 15 games that bring animals to life. Includes: animal SCH29852 hall of fame, shark, animals sound off, GeoSafari dog show, Zurk's Rainforest lab. Soleil, [1994]. animal tracks, skulls, name that bird call, reptiles, micro Note: Five activities motivate children to sharpen reading, mysteries, horse round-up, endangered animals, animal art writing, and critical thinking skills while learning life science gallery, whale watch, animal eye-D, and weird world of and math. animals. SCH30016 SCH29284 Women in science. Tom Snyder Productions, [1997]. Amazing animals. DK Multimedia, [1997]. Note: Discovery the stories of eight diverse women scientists Note: Provides introduction to the wonders of the animal and their exciting work through personal photos, interactive kingdom. experiments, multimedia field trips and more than three hours of audio and video clips. SCH29332 Journey to the planets. Multicom : Wayzata Technology, SCH30084 [1996]. Machine Expo. Science for Kids, [1996]. Note: Exploration of the wonders of our solar system. Note: Explore a variety of objects employing simple Features animated fly-through of planets and moons, machines concepts. hundreds of photographs, and an authoritative guide so you can travel even further than the astronauts have gone. SCH30085 Mystery of tooltown. Science for Kids, [1996]. SCH29339 Note: Adventure game requiring knowledge of simple One small square: seashore. Virgin Sound and Vision, machine concepts to aid in solving age-old mysteries of [1996]. Tooltown and the Valley of the Machines. Note: Explore the many wonders that exist in a seashore ecosystem. Play games; perform experiments, chronicle and SCH30086 print out your discoveries in an interactive journal. Water wonder. Science for kids, [1996]. Note: Unique 3-D board game where up to four players can SCH29345 match wits and strategies. Your playing piece is water - ice, One small square: backyard. Virgin Sound and Vision, liquid, or steam - and your objective is to successfully [1995]. navigate your way to the clouds while avoiding all manner of Note: Shows you how to take a closer look at the Earth. Meet water-living creatures lurking in your path. a dazzling cast of creatures. Watch them interact with one another as well as with a supporting cast of plants, soil, SCH30094 rocks, and weather - their ecosystem. CELL search. Science for kids, [1996]. Note: Challenges you to create a plant, animal, or protist cell SCH29421 with the indescribable gadget that you find in your Eyewitness virtual reality Earth quest. DK Multimedia, Grandma's attic. [1997]. Note: Explore the formation and evolution of our planet SCH30095 through 3D graphics and interactive exhibits. Water planet. Science for Kids, [1996]. Note: Explore the earth and its exciting world of the water SCH2977 cycle with Winston, the water molecule, and his pals. Operation frog. New York: Scholastic, [1998]. Note: Turns your classroom computer into an on-screen SCH30115 laboratory. Students become biologists exploring frog Bill Nye the science guy. Pacific Interactive. anatomy and lab techniques by dissecting a frog on the Note: Real science you'll never forget. Perform fantastic computer screen. experiments beside Bill - take the pulse of an earthquake, revive a pile of prehistoric bones, boil water with nothing SCH29852 but air. Soleil interactive demos. Soleil. Note: Working versions of: World Walker: Destination: SCH30138 Australia; Zurk's rainforest lab; Zurk's learning safari, and Focus on environment. EME Corporation, [1996]. Zurk's Alaskan trek. Note: Includes: Air pollution program which places the student in the role of an environmental planner whose job it SCH29852 is to control air pollution, Hothouse planet program which Zurk's Alaskan Trek. Soleil, [1995]. enables students to study the Greenhouse Effect, Our ozone Note: Explore cultures, ecosystems, and languages of Alaska. crisis which enables students to gain insight into the Experience the life of a scientist, movie maker or writer. importance of stratospheric ozone, and water pollution which reviews Earth's temperature and pressure relative to water SCH29852 and provides water pollution experiments. Zurk's learning safari. Soleil, [1995]. Note: Develop critical early life science, reading and math SCH3020 skills in the Wild of Africa. Interactive physics (version 3.0) Knowledge Revolution. Note: Demo disk. The standard in physics modeling and SCH29852 simulation solution. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 39 August 2005
  • 40. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Students are active problem solvers using video SCH3020 resources to analyze data, hypothesize, and draw conclusions. Interactive physics 2000 : demo CD. San Mateo CA: MSC Features: types of ecosystems, competition and predation, Software, [2000]. biomes, food chains and food webs, nature's cycles and Note: Demo disk. The standard in physics modeling and ecological succession. simulation solution. SCH31041 SCH30277 Focus on genetics. EME Corporation, [1997]. Science in your ear. MECC, [1996]. Note: Includes the following sections: introductory genetics, Note: Explore sound and hearing. Students use the computer, kangasaurus -transmission genetics, karyotypes and genetic microphone, headphones, and speakers to experiment with disorders, and natural selection. different sounds and record the results of their experiments. SCH31143 SCH30280 Ballad of Bobby Ray. Scholastic, [1997]. Big science ideas : systems. MECC, [1996]. Note: Designed to be used with Scholastic Science Place Note: As students explore a bathroom, a pond, or an Human Development unit (SCB18104). underground system, they are also exploring the unifying theme of systems and interactions. SCH31208 Ventura, Dr. Fred. Clip-art for science teachers. Ventura, SCH30311 [1996]. Hawking, Stephen. Life in the Universe. Carpinteria: Note: MEDIA CENTER USE ONLY. Curriculum-based MetaTools, [1997]. clip-art images designed especially for science teachers. Note: Interactive adventure that explores "Life in the Universe." Includes: origin of life, Einstein's theory or SCH31233 relativity, black holes, big bang, speed of light, formation of Winds of change. NASA , California Institute of Technology. earth, continental shift, Hubble Space telescope, Doppler Note: Curriculum resource for thematic, interdisciplinary effect, DNA, and others. instruction and self-investigation of Global Climate Earth Science activities. Provides information about NASA's SCH30313 Scatterometer, a specialized microwave radar that will Genius of Edison. Cambridge MA: Compton's NewMedia, measure the speed and direction of winds over the global [1996]. ocean surface to help predict weather patterns and climate Note: Explores the life, inventions and times of Thomas systems. Edison using 3D animation, historic film footage, narrated passages, original photographs, period music, hyperlinks, and SCH31234 more. Welcome to the Planets. NASA, [1995]. Note: Contains 190 images acquired over 20 years of NASA SCH30565 planetary exploration. Includes images of all planets, comets, Stewart, Patrick. Nine worlds : an online-enhanced voyage asteroids, meteorites and lunar samples. through the solar system. Palladium Interactive, [1996]. Note: Online enhanced voyage through the solar system. SCH31235 Individual planet explorations, full-motion video, over 500 Heart in space. Moffett Field CA: NASA, Ames Research photographs, original space animations, astronomer Center, [1996]. interviews, and more. Note: Examines how microgravity affects the cardiovascular system. Covers basic anatomy and functions of the human SCH30898 heart. Presents research findings about how scientists are My amazing human body. DK Multimedia, [1997]. dealing with human physiology in space. Note: Introduction to the human body. Enables children to explore the body from the inside out through a variety of SCH31437 compelling games and activities. Digital frog. Digital Frog International, [1995]. Note: Allows the student to explore the frog through three SCH30924 linked modules: dissection, anatomy, and ecology. Goodman, Harvey D. Thinking like a scientist : process skills and critical thinking. Freeport NY: Educational Activities, SCH31441 [1996]. Digital field trip to the rainforest. Digital Frog International, Note: Presents challenging laboratory simulations that [1997]. augment, supplement, and can even substitute for traditional Note: Virtual field trip to the Blue Creek Rainforest Reserve classroom experiences. in Belize Central America, where you can walk in the jungle, climb the trees, SCH30966 explore a cave and wonder at the biodiversity. Learn about Living lab: plants edition. MindPlay, [1997]. rainforest plants and animals, their interdependencies and the Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Teaches students to threat to their survival. conduct their own "virtual" experiments in plant biology. Students learn about the biological makeup and processes of SCH31447 plants and then apply this knowledge using the scientific Digital field trip to the wetlands. Digital Frog International, method. [1996]. Note: Virtual field trip focuses on a bog in Ontario. SCH31026 Goodman, Harvey. Biology concepts: ecology. Educational SCH31465 Activities, Inc, [1997]. RealSky CD. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, [1996]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 40 August 2005
  • 41. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: The entire sky survey on your desktop. Includes InventorLabs : transportation. Somerville, MA: Houghton images from the National Geographic Society-Palomar Mifflin, [1997]. Observatory Sky and images from the 1.2 meter UK Schmidt Note: Meet the Wright brothers, and help them build their Survey at Siding Springs Observatory, operated by the Royal flying machine. Visit the turn-of-the-century workshop of Observatory of Edinburge and the Anglo-Australian Gottlieb Daimler, and explore his ground-breaking 1901 Observatory. Mercedes automobile. Tour George Stephenson's cottage, where you'll reinvent the world's first locomotive. SCH31947 Incredible machine (version 3.0) Sierra, [1995]. SCH32875 Note: Invention game. Construct cause and effect Atom viewer. Oxon, UK: New Media, [1997]. contraptions with working pulleys, levers, conveyor belts, Note: Demonstration tool designed to help teachers get motors, balloons, and more. across the electronic structure of atoms and the corresponding patterns in the periodic table. SCH31979 Multimedia bugs. Inroads Interactive, [1996]. SCH32877 Note: Interactive guide to insects. Catalogs over 600 insects. Elements, compounds & mixtures. Oxon, UK: New Media, Includes photographs, video and informative articles. [1997]. Note: Series of slides in a multimedia slideshow. Each slide SCH32246 covers a specific concept. Office of Land Management and Education. Biodiversity of Illinois. Springfield, IL: Illinois Department of Natural SCH32878 Resources, Office of Land Management and Education, Electrochemistry. Oxon, UK: New Media, [1997]. [2000]. Note: Designed to help students understand some of the most Note: Searchable CD-ROM has color photographs, life difficult concepts in secondary school science. history information, range maps, classifications, status and habitats as well as sounds and tracks of selected species for SCH32879 409 types of organisms that inhabit Illinois woodland States of matter. Oxon, UK: New Media, [1997]. habitats. Note: Designed to introduce students to the way scientists explain the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. SCH32246 Biodiversity of Illinois : volume 3: prairie & edge habitats. SCH32905 Springfield, IL: Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Dr. Jane Goodall animals & environments. Watertown, MA: Office of Land Management and Education, [2001]. Tom Snyder, [1997]. Note: Provides information about 505 Illinois prairie and Note: Teaches awareness and respect for the environment, edge organisms and their habitats, as well as sections on each other, and non-human animals. biodiversity, scientific names and resources and references. SCH32909 SCH32465 Science Court. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1997]. Worlds of what. Rigby New Media, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. A humorous courtroom Note: Visit the Worlds of Bouncy, Bendy, Squishy, and drama provides the vehicle for teaching fundamental Hard. At each stop, children are asked to identify the concepts in elementary and middle school. Media Center has: properties of various objects, transporting the ones that don't Inertia, Soil, Sound, Seasons, Gravity, Work & simple belong to their appropriate "world". machines, Electric current, Statistics, Water cycle, Fossils, Living things, and Particles in motion. SCH32467 Animals alike. Rigby New Media, [1997]. SCH33158 Note: Use multimedia information to sort animals into Thinkin' Science ZAP! Redmond, WA: Edmark, [1998]. whimsical clubs, and carry out interactive clubhouse projects. Note: Lightning has just struck the famous Ampere Theatre Includes reference materials on animals. and the concert control system is on the fritz. Electrons are leaking from open circuits. The light and sound equipment SCH32507 needs repair. But the show must go on! Students go Caring for planet earth : volume 1. Center for Environmental backstage to learn all they can about light, sound and Study, [1997]. electricity so the stars of the show can fix the equipment. Note: Interactive adventure game about the Great Lakes ecosystem. The situation: at the end of the 21st century, the SCH33502 Great Lakes face ecological devastation from pollution and On the brink : Endangered species & habitats of North misuse. Your mission: travel to the end of the 20th century to America. Markham, ON, Canada: Bytes of Learning, [1998]. study the region's ecosystem before it's too late. Note: Combines pictures, movies, sounds and music with your own voice to create multimedia presentations with ease. SCH32867 Includes 56 endangered species and habitats, over 700 InventorLabs : technology. Somerville, MD 02143: pictures, movies, sounds, and music tracks, a built-in sound Houghton Mifflin, [1997]. studio for recording and mixing, plus Internet capability. Note: Recreate famous inventions. Conduct electrifying experiments in Thomas Edison's turn-of-the-century lab. SCH33502 Reinvent the telephone with Alexander Graham Bell, and Living deserts & rainforests. Ontario : Canada: Bytes of hear the clang of pistons and the hiss of steam as you enter Learning, [1998]. James Watt's 18th century workshop. Note: Combines pictures, movies, sounds and music with your own voice to create exciting multimedia presentations SCH32867 about wildlife and adaptation in two different biomes. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 41 August 2005
  • 42. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) SCH33790 animals. Includes interactive activities with puzzles and TOPEX/Poseidon informational CD-ROM : perspectives on quizzes. an ocean planet. Pasadena, CA: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, [1995]. SCH35407 Note: Data from NASA's TOPEX/Poseidon satellite, which Bean there grown that. Cardiff, CA: Curious Company, measures the topography of the world's oceans every 10 days. [1998]. Describes the mission and its first three years of science Note: The botany lab in a box. An entire Laboratory of real results. and virtual equipment for growing plants. SCH34044 SCH35448 Roscoe's totally cycled world. Pittsburgh, PA: Steel Biomes. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, Recycling Institute. [1996]. Note: Interactive CD aimed at teaching middle school Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Introduces the concept students about waste reduction, resource conservation and of biome and outlines the defining features of each type. multi-material recycling. Interactive missions in social Features audiovisual presentations with text linked to a studies, science, math and language arts offer a complete 24-volume student encyclopedia, a 150,000 word comprehensive overview of the cycles. dictionary, and a glossary of important terms. Interactive questions and explanations. SCH34411 Visit to an ocean planet. Pasadena, CA: TOPEX/Poseidon SCH35450 project, [1998]. Plants. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav : Zane Publishing, [1996]. Note: Reveals the importance of our oceans to global climate Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Explore plants and their and life. Explore the Gulf of Mexico with satellite data, natural environments with the help of Mother Nature and a investigate the 1997-1998 El Nino, discover "what's up" with rather large and intelligent bee. Topics include plants, plant Earth-orbiting satellites, and learn about the research food, flowers, and. activities of real life oceanographers. SCH35451 SCH35062 The Oceans. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane Publishing, Rocks and minerals. Stephenville, NF Canada: INNOVA [1996]. Multimedia, [1998]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Topics include: the Note: Introduces the world of rocks and minerals. relationship between the oceans and the land, and tides and ocean currents, the water cycle and its effects on temperature, SCH35082 rainfall, and ocean currents, and landforms of the sea floor. Planetary missions. Tempe, AZ: Piranha Interactive Publishing, [1998]. SCH35487 Note: Command the Explorer, a 21st-century spacecraft Body connections : body system overview. Peoria, IL: destined for the nine planets of our Solar System. The Dynamic Graphics, [1998]. mission is research-- gathering knowledge of atmospheres, Note: Interactive tour of the human body. Explains the geology, volcanoes and craters. As you speed through space, workings of the Digestive, Circulatory, Respiratory, you can navigate orbits, drop probes, witness geological Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Immune, Endocrine, events and print maps. This scientifically accurate program Integumentary, Urinary, and Reproductive systems. delivers a wealth of information. With Internet connections, you can directly access Internet sources on planetary science. SCH35734 The world of nature. Fairfield, CT: Queue, Inc. and Joshua SCH35297 Morris, [1996]. Darwin. San Francisco, CA: Lightbinders, Inc, [1997]. Note: Discover nine different biomes and each of their Note: Includes complete texts and illustrations from Charles unique features-including plants, animals, and land forms, Darwin's works. Contains a timeline of events in Darwin's with pictures, maps, movies, and detailed descriptions. life, a biographical dictionary, and a bibliography of 1,500 primary and secondary sources. SCH35737 Rocks and volcanoes. Fairfield, CT: Queue, Inc, [1996]. SCH35300 Note: Offers a multimedia introduction to earth science using Learning about animals. Pound Ridge, NY: Orange Cherry live- action video, pictures, narration, and text, this CD New Media, Multi Dimensional Communications, [1996]. explores volcanoes, mountains, and oceans as it explains the Note: Youngsters enjoy seeing how variations in animal formation of rocks. bodies and behavior enable them to adapt to various habitats and climates. SCH35741 Prehistoric animals : a history of life on earth. San Diego, SCH35355 CA: REMedia, [1998]. Our world : learn about biomes around the world. Lewisville, Note: This program charts the evolution of animal life, from NC: Kaplan Companies, [1997]. the strange fossils found in the Ediacaran Hills of Australia to Note: Learn all about the various biomes around the world, the amazingly well preserved saber-tooth cats and mastodons including environment, plant biology, photosynthesis, along of the La Brea Tarpits. with such concepts as pH, and acid rain. SCH35743 SCH35406 Animals in danger. San Diego, CA: REMedia, [1999]. Curious creatures : bats, owls, snakes, spiders, wolves. North Note: Introduction to animals and habitats in danger around Billerica, MA: Curriculum Associates, Inc, [1998]. the world. Features animations, narrations, photographs, Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Allows students to interviews with experts, chapter quizzes, project work for examine 5 books relating to 5 different insects, birds and schools, full index, location maps, information on where to Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 42 August 2005
  • 43. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) see animals in parks and zoos, and a database of endangered Note: Science activities and demonstration that introduce the species in the USA. basic principles of chemistry, air pressure, density, energy, and waves. SCH35746 Life in the desert. San Diego, CA: REMedia, [1998]. SCH36190 Note: Shows the animals, plants, and peoples in the deserts of Dynamic rainforest. Collingwood, Vic., Australia: CSIRO the world as they struggle for survival. Publishing : The Learning Team, [1997]. Note: Interactive exploration of Australia's tropical rainforest SCH35749 in Queensland using games, puzzles, sounds, video El Nino CD-ROM. San Diego, CA: REMedia, [1998]. documentaries, and photographs. Note: Find out how El Niûo's develop, what effects they have and how we measure them. Includes enough background SCH36196 information on weather, climate, and the atmosphere to make Insects little creatures in a big world. Collingwood, Australia sense of every aspect of the exciting El Niûo phenomenon. : Armonk, NY: CSIRO Publishing : The Learning Team, [1997]. SCH35772 Note: A multimedia exploration of the insect world. Includes Butterflies and moths. Chicago, IL: SVE & Churchill Media, recordings of sound-producing insects, mini-documentary [1998]. videos, high magnification electron microscope photographs, Note: Students explore their surroundings and observe information on the life cycles of insects, their ecological and butterflies and moths. economic significance, and identifying and collecting insects, as well as games and quizzes. SCH35774 Earthworms. Chicago, IL: SVE & Churchill Media, [1998]. SCH36201 Note: Students explore their surroundings and observe Byron Press Multimedia. The universe The planets. New earthworms. York, NY: Simon & Schuster Interactive, [1995 1997]. Note: "The universe" takes you on a tour of the universe from SCH35784 the very smallest object to the very largest. Use a cutting Earth systems. Portland, OR: Pierian Spring Software, edge cosmoscope to explore sub-atomic particles. Experience [1998]. the greatest discoveries in the exploration of outer and inner Note: Students explore the concepts of geography through space and interview the leading minds working in the field modules that meet the varying needs of each individual today. "The planets" contains a complete desktop student. planetarium, a planet-building simulation game, facts on all the planets, and an in-depth tour of the solar system. SCH35787l BioLab invertebrate. version 2.1. Portland, OR: Pierian SCH36568 Spring Software, [1998]. A world of learning the complete National Geographic : Note: Simulates actual dissections of invertebrate organisms curriculum supplement. Washington, DC : Novato, CA: on your computer screen. National Geographic Interactive ; distributed by Mindscape, [1998]. SCH36081 Note: Lesson plans, worksheets, transparencies, and a world KTEH Interactive. Careers in the physical sciences. Seattle, map for use when integrating Complete National Geographic WA: Videodiscovery Inc, [1997]. into classroom curriculum. Note: Students select from 7 physical science careers to see a general overview of each career, then choose to watch video SCH36652 interviews with scientists on the job, to find out basic Super solvers gizmos & gadgets! Fremont, CA: Learning information such as working conditions and employment Company, [1996]. prospects, or to learn how to prepare for a job in the field that Note: Racing game using interactive science puzzles to teach interests them. concepts of force magnetism, electricity, gears, balance, energy sources, and simple machines. SCH36081 KTEH Interactive. Careers in the earth sciences. Seattle, WA: SCH37086 Videodiscovery Inc, [1997]. Phenomenal world of physics. Montreal Canada: MI (Micro- Note: Students select from 7 earth science careers to see a Intel), [1999]. general overview of each career, then choose to watch video Note: Learn about some of the principles of physics and the interviews with scientists on the job, to find out basic scientists who discovered them. information such as working conditions and employment prospects, or to learn how to prepare for a job in the field that SCH37268 interests them. Exploring aeronautics. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, [1998?]. SCH36182 Note: Introduction to aeronautics. Covers the fundamentals Complete guide to the undersea world. San Francisco, CA: of flight, contains an historical timeline, examines different Sumeria, [1998]. types of aircraft and teaches students to use the tools of Note: Selective guide to the world's best scuba diving and aeronautics used by researchers to test aircraft designs. snorkeling destinations. Includes photographs, movies, maps, and text. SCH37321 Finding the balance : ecology & environmental issues on a SCH36189 global scale. Regina, SK, Canada: Tyndal Stone Media. Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory. Whelmers. Note: In-depth, hands-on look at environmental issues. Armonk, NY: The Learning Team, [1997]. Features the Seychelles Islands. Divided into 3 parts, - How Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 43 August 2005
  • 44. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) the earth works, The Seychelles Environment, and Dealing with the issues. SCH38877 Micro-Intel. Music is physics. Montreal Canada: Micro-Intel, SCH37344 [1999]. Tsiaras, Alexander. BodyVoyage. Cary, NC: SouthPeak Note: Discover the physical basis of music. Includes Interactive, [1997]. illustrations, movies, interactive activities and musical Note: Contains over 2000 cross sections of the head, torso, extracts. pelvis, leg, and full body. Includes 3-D portraits. SCH38879 SCH37423 The phenomenal world of physics. Montreal Canada: Micro- Howard, Nancy. Photosynthesis. New York: Cogito Learning Intel, [1999]. Media, [1997]. Note: Explore the principles of physics and the scientists who Note: Introduces students to photosynthesis. discovered them. Each topic links scientific concepts to their practical application. SCH37426 Volpe, Stella. Nutrition : energy intake and energy output. SCH38880 New York: Cogito Learning Media, [1998]. Just a chemical reaction. Montreal Canada: Micro-Intel, Note: Explore the factors involved in gaining or losing [1999]. weight. Examine factors related to what we eat, how much Note: Take the mystery out of chemistry. Explore the major we eat, and what kinds of foods we eat. Predict scientific events in the development of chemistry from antiquity and effects and variable effects. alchemy to the atomic age. SCH37589 SCH38898 Solar system. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1999]. Stickybear's science fair light. Hilton Head SC: Optimum Note: Learn about the different planets in our solar system Resource, [199u]. and what they are like. Note: Students can explore, experiment with, and understand light and its properties. The program presents experiments, SCH38022 both structured and free-form, which allow users to work Science by design : demo. Seattle WA: Seeds Software, with prisms, lenses, color mixing, optical illusions and more. [1999]. Note: Includes lessons for engaging hands-on science for the SCH39939 following topics: Introduction to airplane design -- The Weather, climate, and you. Austin TX: Steck-Vaughn, Bungee egg challenge -- Searching for solutions -- Global [1999]. warming. Note: Explore weather, climate, and their effects on life. SCH38651 SCH40465 Droidworks. San Rafael CA: Lucas Learning Ltd, [1999]. Garbage : the inside story. Montreal Canada: Micro-Intel, Note: Create droids to outsmart the evil Empire. Puzzles test [2000]. understanding of scientific principles: energy, force and Note: See how materials like glass, paper, and plastic are motion, simple machines, light and magnetism. made, and how these and organic wastes can be reused. SCH38654 SCH40568 Star wars Pit Droid. San Rafael CA: Lucas Learning Ltd, Prairie explorer. Grand Rapids MI: Great Wave Software, [1999]. [2000]. Note: 300 puzzles that will drive you nuts. Note: Explore the North American prairies of 200 years ago. Travel through grasslands and waterways that can be viewed SCH38722 in four seasons, both day and night. Star wars, episode I : the Gungan frontier. San Rafael CA: Lucas Learning, [1999]. SCH40583 Note: You are called before the Gungan High Council to ScienceWorks rocks! & minerals. Winston-Salem NC: create a new world filled with fantastic creatures from across ScienceWorks, Inc, [1998]. the galaxy, and must learn how these alien animals and plants Note: Study each of the 27 rocks and 53 minerals. Includes interact in order to have an ecologically sound environment photographs and graphics, music, audio and animation. so that the new Gungan city can thrive. SCH40584 SCH38875 Discover the elements : the interactive periodic table of the Biomes and natural cycles. Montreal Canada: Micro-Intel, chemical elements. [1996]. Winston-Salem NC: MCI Telecommunications Corp. : Note: Explore our living planet. Learn about the flux of distributed by ScienceWorks Inc, [1996]. energy, water cycles, climate types, and characteristics of Note: The periodic table of the chemical elements in biomes around the world. multimedia format. SCH38876 SCH40585 The archaeological detective. Montreal Canada: Micro-Intel, CatWorks : a technological dissection on CD-ROM. [1997]. Winston-Salem NC: ScienceWorks, [1999]. Note: Utilizing an actual archaeological site, the user is Note: Perform accurate, electronic dissections of the common supplied with key information and instruments to start a house cat. detailed investigation into the life and society of 17th century Montréal. Includes mystery game with video sequences, SCH40586 photos, glossary, narrative sequences, and notebook. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 44 August 2005
  • 45. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) DissectionWorks : a technological dissection. Winston-Salem ScienceWorks products showcase. Winston-Salem NC: NC: ScienceWorks, Inc, [1998]. ScienceWorks, [2001]. Note: Interactive computer simulation of frog dissection. Note: Contains demonstration of the following ScienceWorks titles: Catworks, Dissectionworks, Slideworks, Rocks & SCH41479 minerals, Discover the elements, and Skyworks. Nature : virtual Serengeti. Danbury CT: Grolier Interactive; Thirteen WNET; Black Hammer Production, [1999]. SCH45372 Note: Safari by foot, truck, boat, airplane or hot air balloon Stearns, Peggy Healy. Rainforest designer. Watertown MA: through the Serengeti Plain. Explore 48 East Africa Tom Snyder Productions, [2000]. environments. View 150 animal videos or create your own. Note: Design, print, and build 3-D rainforest habitats Includes field guide on 59 animal species, behaviors and dioramas or wall-size posters. habitats. SCH45374 SCH43119 Tom Snyder Productions. Science seekers : Endangered The human genome project : exploring our molecular selves. species. Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, [2000]. Bethesda MD: National Human Genome Research Institute, Note: Students work to discover what's threatening a [2001]. dwindling population of sea otters. Biologists describe their Note: Provides high school students and the interested public experiences working with endangered populations, and with information on the Human Genome Project. It includes students research the ecosystem to reveal the culprit. a timeline, a quick search feature, and learning activities. The video is in English and Spanish. SCH45376 Tom Snyder Productions. Science seekers : Safe water. SCH43434 Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, [2000]. Exploring with a microscope. Rochester NY: Neo Sci. Note: Students study what's the source of pollution in the Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Provides students with new well. Topics covered include: aquifers and the water the ability to use a virtual microscope and perform a variety table, permeability and porosity of rock, groundwater flow of lab simulations on the computer. rate and direction. SCH43435 SCH45378 Cell structure and function. Rochester NY: Neo Sci, [2001]. Tom Snyder Productions. Science seekers : Hidden in rocks. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Explore cells with Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, [2000]. animated tutorials, interactive labs and a challenging Note: Students learn about land formations and rock types assessment package. plus basic Earth processes like plate tectonics and erosion while searching for the best fossil-hunting site. SCH43436 Blood and the circulatory system. Rochester NY: Neo Sci, SCH46069 [2000]. Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about life science : The Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Conduct blood typing senses. New York: Sunburst, [2001]. and analysis in a "virtual lab". Note: Students enter Professor Labcoat's laboratory to access nine lessons about the five senses. Includes a quiz at the end SCH43873 of each lesson; a built-in journal each student can use to take Landbeck, Barbara. Physicus : save the world with science. notes; a jukebox with songs designed to reinforce learning; London: Tivola, [2000]. and three related on-screen activities. Note: Use your knowledge of physics and logic to start the Earth rotating again after a meteorite interrupts it. SCH46071 Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about life science : SCH43967 Dinosaurs. New York: Sunburst, [2002]. Life science series. St. Louis MO: Educational Activities Note: Introduces students to the prehistoric world of the (Siboney Learning Group). dinosaur. Discover the habitat, size, diet, and prey of the Note: Series includes video demonstrations, simulations, and dinosaur. Learn about fossils and the ways paleontologists spoken glossary for life science concepts. use clues to understand dinosaurs. SCH44014 SCH46073 MoluCAD. East Dorset VT: New River Kinematics Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about life science : (distributed by Tool Factory, Inc.), [2001]. Animals. New York: Sunburst, [2002]. Note: Full-featured molecular modeling and visualization Note: Students investigate animal habitats on land and in the tool. Students can generate molecular models, view them sea. Learn about animal classification, adaptation to climate, from any perspective, create reaction animations, and save all various habitats, domestication, and baby animals. their data to a disc. SCH46078 SCH44934 Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about physical science : SlideWorks : beginner slides. Winston-Salem NC: Matter, measurement and mixtures. Pleasantville NY: ScienceWorks, [1999]. Sunburst, [2001]. Note: Enables students to simulate dragging slides to a Note: Students enter Professor Labcoat's laboratory to access microscope and adjusting the focus, lighting, and objective nine lessons about matter, measurement, and mixtures, with a power to view more than 45 common slides. Teaches about quiz the end of each lesson. Includes a built-in journal each the parts of a microscope and includes activities and quizzes. student can use to take notes; a jukebox with songs designed to reinforce learning; and three related on-screen activities. SCH44935 SCH46081 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 45 August 2005
  • 46. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about life science : Encyclopedia of endangered wildlife. Global Software Plants. New York: Sunburst, [2002]. Publishing, [1998]. Note: Students explore the world of plants. From small seeds Note: Increases awareness of how and why animal and plant to tall trees, students learn about what plants are, what their species are disappearing today. parts are named, and what they need to grow. SCH48750 SCH46083 Uretsky, Arnie. Vocabulary companion science : high school. Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about earth science : Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2001]. weather. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2000]. Note: Comprehensive science vocabulary program for Note: Students investigate weather to learn about climate and creating customized curricular packets. the seasons, how animals adapt to weather changes, what clouds tell us about weather conditions, and how weather SCH49035 plays a part in our everyday lives. Mia2 : Romaine's new hat. Montréal Canada: Kutoka Interactive, [2002]. SCH46085 Note: Help Mia, the mouse, retrieve her mother's new hat Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about earth science : from the rat Romaine. Scientific concepts encountered astronomy. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2001]. include plants and their parts; animals, their habitats, eating Note: Students explore the night sky, discovery our sun, the habits, and how to classify them; clouds; the solar system; planets in our solar system, and Earth's moon. Students learn earth science; the human body and its systems; heat energy, about telescopes and other tools used by astronomers to properties of matter; fossils; electricity and magnetism. explore space. SCH49528 SCH46087 Illinois.; Dept. of Natural Resources.; Office of Land Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about life science : The Management and Education.; Sport Fish & Wildlife human body. New York: Sunburst, [2002]. Restoration.; Full Frames Productions. Illinois biodiversity. Note: Students learn about what's inside the bodies. They Springfield IL: Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, Office of study major systems and see how their heart, lungs, nerves, Land Management and Education, [2003]. skin, bones, muscles, and stomach work together. Students Note: Explore the great diversity of life in Illinois. All learn about the different body processes and ways to keep lessons and activities are correlated to the Illinois Learning healthy. Standards. SCH46093 SCH49529 Sunburst Technology (Firm). Learn about physical science : Illinois.; Office of Land Management and Education.; U.S. Simple machines. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst, [2000]. Fish and Wildlife Service. Wild mammals of Illinois. Note: Students enter Professor Labcoat's laboratory to access Springfield IL: Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, nine lessons about how simple machines work, with a quiz at Educational Services Section, [2003]. the end of each lesson; a built-in journal each student can use Note: Learn about mammal species that live in Illinois. All to take notes; a jukebox with songs designed to reinforce lessons are correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards. learning; and three related on-screen activities. SCH49530 SCH47169 Illinois.; Office of Land Management and Education.; U.S. NGS PictureShow : Earth's endangered environments. Fish and Wildlife Service. Kids for trees. Springfield IL: Washington: National Geographic, [2000]. Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, Educational Services Note: Discusses rain forest and wetland ecosystems and how Section, [2003]. they are threatened with destruction from deforestation, Note: Be a tree teacher. Hike along with an interpreter to pollution, and abuse. learn about common tree characteristics. Watch the Prairie Professor as he presents the many benefit of trees. All lessons SCH47169 are correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards. NGS PictureShow : Introduction to weather. Washington: National Geographic, [1998]. SCH49531 Note: Explains how weather affects people, how different Illinois.; Office of Land Management and Education.; U.S. elements interact to create weather, what causes severe Fish and Wildlife Service. Aquatic Illinois. Springfield IL: weather, and how scientists' instruments forecast weather. Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, Educational Services Section, [2003]. SCH47704 Note: Learn about Illinois aquatic habitats and their Orchard for your state : Science 4-10. St. Louis MO: Orchard inhabitants, use of water, aquatic history. All lessons are Software, [2002]. correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards. Note: Science bundle includes 18skill trees that use a multimedia approach to help students explore and learn key SCH49532 concepts in the science curriculum. Includes documentation Illinois.; Office of Land Management and Education.; U.S. showing how the skills align with Illinois standards. Fish and Wildlife Service. Illinois birds. Springfield IL: Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources, Educational Services SCH47820 Section, [2003]. Encyclopedia of our living oceans. Global Software Note: Offers lessons, background information, a video and an Publishing, [1999]. audio tape to help you teach students about bird. All lessons Note: Climb aboard a research ship and learn about dolphins, are correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards. turtles, plankton and other organisms that live in the sea. SCH49533 SCH47821 Illinois.; Dept of Natural Resources.; Division of Human Resources. Career opportunities in the Illinois Department of Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 46 August 2005
  • 47. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Natural Resources. Springfield IL: Illinois Dept. of Natural Note: Investigate the world's oceans, from sandy and rocky Resources, Educational Services Section, [2003]. shores, to tidepools and coral reefs, to the open sea and deep Note: Contains career descriptions, interviews, a video, video ocean abyss. Learn about why and how our oceans are in clips of people at work, photographs, and a self-assessment danger and what can be done to save them. quiz. SCM26347 SCH5033 Rainforest researchers. Tom Snyder, [1996]. Cell ebration - Ver. 2.0. Science for Kids. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Supplements curriculum Note: Introduction to cell biology for children. units on plant biology, rainforest, ecology, and biodiversity. Combines real-life stories about current tropical rainforest SCH52921 issues with collaborative problem-solving. Mosley, John. Starry night enthusiast. Toronto, ON: Space Holding Corp., distributed by Imaginova, [2003]. SCM27864 Note: See the sky from anywhere on Earth or life-off and The way things work 2.0 - Case and CD-ROM. New York, visit any solar system body or any location up to 200,000 NY: DK Multimedia, [1996]. light years away. View stars, deep-space objects like Note: Meet David Macaulay and watch as he explains the galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. inner workings of his favorite machines. Find out: How it works, why it works that way, and who invented it. Go online SCH9704 to and meet other young inventors. Micronesia ocean life. Sumeria. Note: Learn more about Micronesia by exploring the SCM29223 topographical, relief and political maps of the region. Children's atlas of world wildlife. Rand McNally, [1995]. Includes more than 150 species in territories ranging from Note: Printable information on wildlife habitats in regions Pohnpei to Belau. around the world. Video, audio, and/or slide shows, and text showcasting species from every region, categorized by SCH9705 location and species. Maps and games to enhance students' Curtis, Anthony R. Space: a visual history. San Francisco, understanding of animals and their habitats. CA: Sumeria, [1998]. Note: Multimedia almanac of American space missions. SCM29313 Includes such topics as space-based science experiments, life For all mankind. Voyager, [1989]. in zero gravity, mission histories, satellite development, and Note: Composite portrait from blastoff to splashdown of the future space stations. Apollo missions. SCH9947 SCM29513 Pettit, Roberta L. Forces & motion. Lewisville NC: Science JEDI: earth and space science. College Park MD: Joint for Kids. Education Initiative. Office of Technology Liaison. Note: Investigate different types of forces and ways that force Note: Earth and space sciences. can act on matter. Take a time shuttle to meet and work with scientists about the world of forces. SCM29816 Microbe Zoo - User guide and CD-ROM. Peregrine SCH9996 Publishers, [1997]. Farm animals. Buffalo, NY: Discis Knowledge Research, Note: Introduces the world of microorganisms. See these tiny [1994]. creatures and learn about their habits and native habitats. Note: Take a practical look at why and how people raise farm animals. Developed with National Geographic Society as SCM30098 part of Wonders of learning CD-ROM library. Amazing machines. Science for kids, [1996]. Note: Maze arcade game challenges your skills and your SCH9997 knowledge of simple machines. Spiders. Discis. Note: Shows how spiders can be interesting and beautiful SCM32489 rather than frightening creatures. Developed with National Tarbuck, Edward J. Wonders of rocks and minerals. Tasa Geographic Society. Graphic Arts, [1996]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Explore the world of SCH9998 geology. What are minerals and how are they different from Dinosaurs. Buffalo, NY: Discis Knowledge Research, rocks?, What are the three groups of rocks and the geological [1994]. processes involved in the formation of each? Learn how to Note: Part of National Geographic Wonders of Learning CD- identify rocks and minerals. ROM Library. Illustrations and sound effects help answer questions children have about dinosaurs. SCM32491 Tasa Graphic Arts sampler. Tasa Graphic Arts, [1998]. SCH9999 Note: Demo of: Theory of plate tectonics, Introduction of Whales. Discis. topographic maps, Explore the planets, Wonders of rocks and Note: Teaches how whales breathe under water, how they are minerals, Digital field trip to the rainforest, Digital field trip born and how they swim. Developed with National to the wetlands, Study of minerals, and Plate tectonics and Geographic Society. how the earth works. SCM20527 SCM33049 A field trip to the sea deluxe. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst The house is bugged! Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1999]. Communications, [1998]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 47 August 2005
  • 48. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Learn about insects by de-bugging the house. Test your including its plants, animals, and the people who inhabit skills as a Bug Buster by finding, capturing and taking action rainforest areas. to rid the house of unwanted bugs. SOCIAL SCIENCE SCM36017 SSH20018 A field trip to the earth. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Exploring ancient cities. Sumeria, [1994]. Communications, [1999]. Note: Explore the ancient cities of Crete, Petra, Pompeii, and Note: A journey into and around the planet Earth showing the Teotihuacan. processes that form and change it. Included are geology, natural disasters, planet Earth in relation to other planets, and SSH20644 historical changes in peoples' views about the planet. North American Indians. Minneapolis, MN: Quanta Press, [1994]. SCM36118 Note: Historical database encompassing lives and trying Science court explorations. Rockets. Watertown, MA: Tom times of North American Indians. Includes photos, Snyder Productions, [1999]. leadership, tribal heritage, religion, family life, customs, Note: A humorous courtroom drama provides the vehicle for wars, weaponry, art, reservations and resettlement. teaching fundamental concepts relating to rockets. Students build balloon rockets to discover that an action in one SSH21742 direction leads to an opposite reaction. Amazon trail CD. MECC : Learning Company, [1994]. Note: Interdisciplinary simulation. Students guide their SCM36118 canoes up the mysterious Amazon River on a mission to Science court explorations. Magnets. Watertown, MA: Tom deliver medicine to the Incas; en route, they discover the Snyder Productions, [1999]. people, places, and animals deep with the rainforest. Note: A humorous courtroom drama provides the vehicle for teaching fundamental concepts relating to magnets. Using a SSH21755 mix of materials, students find out how some metals can Yukon trail CD. MECC : Learning Company. become temporary magnets. Note: Historical simulation. Students use reading- comprehension and problem solving skills to relive the SCM38909 Klondike gold rush of 1897. Knight, Margy Burns. Virtual labs: electricity. Redmond WA: Edmark, [1999]. SSH21792 Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Allows users to study People behind the holidays. National Geographic. electricity in ways that might be impractical or hazardous in a Note: Contains true stories about Christopher Columbus, the real-world science lab. Learn about electric current, voltage, Pilgrims, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin resistance, and circuits. Luther King, Jr. SCM38912 SSH22160 Knight, Margy Burns. Virtual labs: light. Redmond WA: Oregon Trail II CD. Minneapolis, MN: MECC : Learning Edmark, [1999]. Company, [1995]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Combines ready-to-use Note: Educational simulation designed to develop planning, experiments and highly accurate simulations to allow users to decision-making, problem-solving, and writing skills and use lasers and an assortment of optical tools to investigate teach students about American history and geography as they concepts related to light. travel the Oregon, California, and Mormon trails as emigrants. SCM38930 Space academy GX-1. Redmond WA: Edmark, [2000]. SSH23588 Note: Students investigate the astronomical basis for seasons, Africa trail CD. MECC : Learning Company. phases of the moon, gravity, orbits, and more. Note: Transports students to Africa. Based on the historic 1992 expedition of bicyclist Dan Buettner. Requires students SCM39019 to choose teammates, buy supplies, and traverse deserts, Wilson, Edward Osbourne and Perlman, Dan L. Conserving savannas, and tropical rainforest. earth's biodiversity with E.O. Wilson. Washington DC: Island Press, [2000]. SSH23930 Note: Assists students in understanding the biological, social, Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? Jr. edition. political, and economic elements of conservation biology. Broderbund : Learning Company, [1995]. Features video clips, photographs, maps, interactive models, Note: Chase Carmen and her gang of V.I.L.E. henchmen essays, and case studies. through seven regions of the world, gaining an introduction to world geography. SCM5024 The view from earth. Warner, [1991]. SSH25070 Note: Shows the Sun, Moon and Earth aligned to form the The Learning Company. MayaQuest CD : the mystery trail. July 11, 1991, solar eclipse. In addition, the Eclipse Tracker MECC : Learning Company, [1997]. displays a map of the world to show the paths of past, present Note: Bike through ancient cities in Central America to and future solar eclipses. explore the mysteries, of the ancient Maya and their complex civilization. SCM9737 The rainforest. San Diego CA: REMedia, [1994]. SSH25322 Note: Learn about the wildlife and structure of tropical Decisions decisions : Immigration. Tom Snyder, [1997]. rainforests. Explore the tropical rainforests of the world, Note: Students role-play the President of the US. It's the future and the world is facing an energy crisis. Should the US Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 48 August 2005
  • 49. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) establish a space colony to look for new fuel deposits? Let Note: Sixty events in history that have been pivotal in your students decide. FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. shaping the world we know today. SSH26207 SSH28971 My first amazing world explorer. DK Multimedia. Gronowski, Marek. The silk road - case, CD-ROM and Note: Provides a fascinating introduction to maps, atlases, document. DNA Multimedia, [1995]. and our world. Note: In the 3rd century Merchants and Explorers traveled the same road as Emperors and Thieves. Follow them in the SSH26207 20th century, on a voyage into the heart of Asia. My first amazing world explorer 2.0. New York, NY: DK Multimedia, [1998]. SSH29124 Note: Introduces children to world geography and culture. America rock. Creative Wonders : Learning Company, [1996]. SSH26210 Note: Explore history, geography, government, culture, and House divided : Lincoln-Douglas debates. Grafica social studies. Multimedia, [1995]. Note: Lincoln-Douglas Debates. Hear voices that describe SSH29410 America on the brink of civil war. Speeches, music, art, and Nigel's world adventures : world geography. Lawrence environment show an America driven by change. Productions : Distributed by Davidson & Associates, [1991]. Note: Travel around the world exploring world cultures, SSH26335 famous landmarks, amazing animals in their natural habitats, Passage to Vietnam. Sausalito, CA: Against All Odds, recognize major geographical feature on maps, learn [1995]. continents and major bodies of water, locate more than 150 Note: Images of an intimate portrait of Vietnam. Includes countries on maps, develop direction and location skills. more than 400 photos, interactive passages covering Vietnam's history and culture, interactive map, and more. SSH29585 Kids culture. Pierian Spring Software, [1997]. SSH28028 Note: Travel around the world as you design, color, print, Vote America. Needham, MA: Virtual Entertainment, cut, and paste the historical, cultural, and arts and crafts [1995]. collection. Helps student visualize how various cultures Note: Your field guide to electing a President. Takes you lived, worked and socialized. Step into: Ancient Greece, step-by-step through the 1996 presidential election process as Singapore, Mali, Ancient China, the Incas, Medieval Europe, it happens. Update information regularly on the internet. and Polynesia. SSH28029 SSH30007 Our times. Redwood City, CA: Vicarious, [1996]. Stearns, Peggy Healy. Neighborhood map machine 2.0. Note: Multimedia encyclopedia of the 20th century. James Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, [2002]. Earl Jones leads you on an exploration of the 20th century - Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Easy-to-use mapping world affairs, science and technology, sports, cultural trends, tool for elementary grades. Enables students to create, and art. More than 52,000 articles, 2,500 images, charts, navigate, and print maps of their own neighborhoods or maps, graphs, video. imaginary places while learning about geography skills such as direction, distance and scale, grid coordinate, and symbols. SSH28030 Material world. StarPress Multimedia, [1994]. SSH30047 Note: Sixteen photojournalists captured the lives of thirty U.S.A. VR Didatech, [1996]. typical families from around the world on film and through Note: Learn about America's heritage and culture with video, interviews. slides, sound and text. Create your own Adventures. Share your Adventures on the Internet. SSH28262 Go west! The homesteader's challenge. Edunetics Interactive, SSH30096 [1996]. Maps and globes. Science for kids, [1996]. Note: Interactive simulation. Players assumes the role of a Note: Interactive content includes information on globes, homesteader and faces the challenges of life on the Kansas continents, oceans, hemispheres, the equator, prime meridian, prairie in the 1880's. latitude, longitude, road maps, legends, symbols, the compass rose, directions and scale miles. SSH28264 Map room. Edunetics Interactive, [1996]. SSH30572 Note: Customize maps or create your own maps from a CD sourcebook of American History. Western Standard database of over 150 maps and related factual information. Publishing Company, [1996]. Note: Library of early US history (Columbus through World SSH28946 War I). Contains original source documents and firsthand Wilkinson, Philip. Ideas that changed to world. ICE, [1996]. accounts, classic histories, paintings, photos, cartoons, Note: The greatest discoveries and inventions of human posters, and more. history. Where did they originate? How did they spread from one culture to another? How did they change during the SSH30904 process? Becoming a nation. SVE, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Chronicle the events that SSH28947 led to the emergence of the U.S. and recount the American Wilkinson, Philip. Events that changed the world. ICE, settlers' attempts to free themselves of British rule. [1995]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 49 August 2005
  • 50. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) SSH30904 earth. Practice map skills to introduce point of view, the use Staying one nation. SVE & Churchill Media, [1997]. of symbols, directions, and map grids. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Provides students with an overview of the antebellum period, the Civil War, and SSH32509 Reconstruction. People & places everywhere. Nystrom. Note: Students use the community to extend their SSH30904 understanding of social studies concepts and skills to include Expanding our nation. SVE & Churchill Media, [1997]. their country, their continent, the world, transportation and Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Chart the expansion of communication, urban and rural places, and earth-sun America and examine how its inhabitants increased the relationships. nation's societal and physical boundaries. SSH32509 SSH30904 Neighborhoods near & far. Chicago, IL: Nystrom, [1998]. Exploring and colonizing. SVE & Churchill Media, [1997]. Note: Students explore people and places in a neighborhood Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Examine the exploits of through activities that introduce simple maps and basic social noted adventurers; investigate the successive establishment studies topics - school, family, work and workers, needs and of settlements in Mexico, Canada, and along the Atlantic wants, and faraway places. coast; and study Native American culture and how it was affected by this colonization. SSH32566 Westward expansion. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source SSH30923 Media, [1995]. Lest we forget: a history of the holocaust. Logos Research Note: Discover frontier America with the explorers, Systems. missionaries, naturalists, cowboys, pioneers, and desperadoes Note: Use rare archival film footage, historical speeches, who opened the American West. Covers the period from the original music, and documentary photographs to provide a very beginning of exploration in the New World to the early historical and scholarly perspective to the Holocaust. 20th century. SSH32164 SSH32571 White House is our house. Autodesk, [1998]. Women in America. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Note: Get up close to art and objects collected for nearly 200 Media, [1996]. years. Learn what it's like to live and work in the White Note: Letters, speeches, photographs, works of art and House. articles chronicle the history of women in American from our colonial and revolutionary past into the 1990's. SSH32242 Brown versus Board of Education. Guidance Associates, SSH32577 [1996]. American Revolution. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Note: CD-ROM sampler. Topics covered include: Media, [1995]. segregation and integration, separate but equal', Thurgood Note: Major themes: language of colonial America, Stamp Marshall, the role of the NAACP, and the 14th amendment. Act Crisis, Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre, and other events leading to the Revolution, The Declaration of SSH32243 Independence, campaigns and battles of the American Congress: how a bill becomes a law. Guidance Associates, Revolution, and Native Americans, women, and soldiers [1996]. during the revolution. Note: Introduce students to the major steps that must be taken in the nation's lawmaking process. Topics include: bill SSH32582 introduction, congressional hearings, the committee system, Immigrant experience. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source filibusters, and the line item veto. Media, [1997]. Note: Stories of successive waves of immigrants from a SSH32325 personal perspective. Includes: stories of Native American Hotspots: inside look at the United Nations and global crises. migrations, European immigrants, the Asian migrations of Cambrix Publishing, Inc, [1997]. the 19th century, the incorporation of Hispanic peoples as the Note: Interactive journal of the United Nations and its role as United States expanded westward, the forced migration of a world peacemaker. African Americans by the slave trade and their 20th century exodus to northern cities. SSH32404 Where in time is Carmen SanDiego? Broderbund : Learning SSH33512 Company, [1997]. Time machine. Saratoga, CA: BonusPoint, [1998]. Note: Students travel through time from Ancient Egypt to the Note: Internet enrichment for World History. Includes 20th century and solve a variety of interesting historical activities and lesson plans for Ancient Egypt, Petra, Rome puzzles along the way. and Greece, Castles, the Silk Road and Japan, Machu Picchu, Leonardo, Columbus, and more. SSH32487 Totem poles. Ingenuity Works, [1997]. SSH35053 Note: Myths, magic and monumental art on the Pacific Field trap Internet coach. Evanston, IL: APTE, [1998]. Northwest Coast. Note: Teaches cultural history, immigration, ethnicity, map reading and more. Use interactive Web pages (no Web SSH32509 connection needed) to unravel the mysteries of an American Communities here & there. Nystrom. history museum. Packed with photos, biographies, animated Note: Explore whole communities and concepts such as history facts and multicultural information. Corresponds to goods and services and natural and cultural features on the national curriculum standards for Social Studies. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 50 August 2005
  • 51. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) GeoSafair geography. Carson, CA: Educational Insights, SSH35446 [1997]. The Civil War : two views. Chicago, IL: Clearvue/eav ; Zane Note: 15 games bring geography to life. Publishing, [1996]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Evaluate the political, SSH35770 economic, social, regional, and moral considerations that led Last days of apartheid. [S.I.] : Chicago: Meridian to the conflict. See the events of the war itself and its Communications [production company] ; SVE & Churchill aftermath. Media, [1996]. Note: Surveys the events leading up to apartheid in South SSH35460 Africa, life under apartheid, and the end of minority rule in Egypt 1156 B.C. : tomb of the Pharaoh. Paris, France: Cryo South Africa. Interactive Entertainment, [1998]. Note: 3D adventure game featuring the people, places and SSH36129 everyday life of Ancient Egypt. Reference section includes Other side. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1999]. illustrated and hyperlinked encyclopedia on Egypt at the Note: Links students from around the country in a simulation time of Ramses III. in which two nations try to coexist while maintaining a stable economy, military responsibility, and national security. SSH35467 Teams of students communicate by entering strategic moves Lost treasures of the world. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: and sending messages over the Internet, a local are network, Follgard, [1994]. or one computer. Note: Featuring Stan Grist. Multimedia presentation on treasure hunting. Includes thirty minutes of video, sixty SSH36140 narrated tales, over 1,000 photographs, 5,000 treasure cross- Constitution, The. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1999]. referenced to global mapping system, historical map Note: Students live in a fictional confederation that is collection, three treasure bibliographies, profiles of treasure plagued with many of the same problems America faced in hunters, and guide to locating treasures. the 1780's. They must draft a constitution that will alleviate these problems now and in the future. SSH35468 Canadian treasures. Seattle, WA: Ingenuity Works, [1998]. SSH36184 Note: Created in cooperation with the National Archives of Picture atlas of the world. Washington, DC: National Canada. Highlights the wealth of rare records and media Geographic Society, [1995]. housed in Canada's National Archives. Features five Note: Contains hundreds of interactive maps of every ocean, thematic threads: making a nation, discovery, portraits, local continent, and nation. Includes captioned photographs, video stories and nation's capital. and audio clips, essays, vital statistics and an interactive glossary. SSH35470 Adventure Canada. Richmond, British Columbia: Virtual SSH36207 Reality Systems (Ingenuity Works), [1996]. Story of America 1 : NGS Pictureshow. Washington, DC: Note: Uses video, slides, text, and graphics to take the user National Geographic Society, [1997]. on a tour of Canada and become familiar with its geography, Note: Enlivens basic concepts in social studies through economy, history, culture, ethnography, and natural multimedia presentations. environment. SSH36568 SSH35544 The complete National Geographic 109 years of National The Native American experience. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Geographic magazine on CD-ROM. Washington, DC: Source Media, [1998]. National Geographic Society, [1997 1998]. Note: Self-contained introductory course in the history and Note: Every article, map, and magazine cover since 1888. cultures of Native Americans, from pre-Columbus to the Contains more than 180,000 photos and illustrations. 100+ present day. years of advertisements. Includes access to online resource center. Search engine points to correct disk. SSH35549 The Vietnam Era. Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Media, SSH36969 [1999]. American history interactive maps CD-ROM & user's guide. Note: Collection of primary sources that traces the meeting of Holt, Rinehart and Winston. East and West, from the bloody French-Indochina War to the Note: Allows students to explore the people, places, and American entry into Vietnam, from Johnson's escalation of events that have helped shape our nation's history. Learn American forces to Nixon's decision to bomb Cambodia, historical content while exploring geography. from America's final withdrawal to the modern revival of American-Vietnamese relations. SSH36970 American history simulations CD-ROM & user's guide. Holt, SSH35739 Rinehart and Winston. Apple pie music: music of American history : history of Note: Activities that challenge students to experience the past American music. Fairfield, CT: Queue : Lintronics Software, by role-playing important decision-makers in history. [1993]. Note: Learn about American history by studying the music of SSH37087 each era. Over 400 complete compositions are features, Pirates! Pirates! Montreal Canada: MI (Micro-Intel), [1997]. representing almost 350 years of America's history through Note: Travel into the incredible world of Caribbean piracy its music. during the 16th and 17th centuries. You find yourself aboard a 3D pirate ship, searching from the hold to the poop deck for SSH35768 the scattered pieces of a treasure map. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 51 August 2005
  • 52. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Many places, friendly faces. Austin TX: Steck-Vaughn, SSH37343 [1998]. Virga, Vincent and History Channel. Library of Congress : Note: Designed to provide a rich learning environment in Eyes of the nation. Cary, NC: SouthPeak Interactive : The social studies and geography. Young users can explore the History Channel, [1998]. interplay between the people, culture, and physical Note: American history as illustrated by documents, geography of ten countries. photographs, and archival materials from the Library of Congress. Allows user to prepare customized visual SSH40417 presentations. Yourtown. Orlando FL: Steck-Vaughn, [1999]. Note: The role of Yourtown city manager gives students SSH37588 opportunities to observe the relationships among city President's day. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1999]. systems, solve real-world problems, set priorities, and Note: Learn why Washington and Lincoln were so important manage a budget. and how they affected U.S. history. SSH40419 SSH37590 The way we live : then and now. Orlando FL: Steck-Vaughn, Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1999]. [2000]. Note: Learn about Lincoln's life and how he held the nation Note: By searching a time period, students can get a snapshot together. of life in the United States including leisure activities, attire, work, home, and more. By searching a topic such as housing, SSH37591 students can observe how a particular element of life has Thanksgiving. Lincoln, NE: Nordic Software, [1999]. changed through the course of history. Note: Learn why we celebrate Thanksgiving and how it became an important holiday. SSH41147 ARGUS CD-ROM : demo CD. Washington DC: Association SSH38533 of American Geographers, [1999]. All about elections. Waterford CT: Thomas S. Klise, [1999]. Note: Contains one-third of the 191 multimedia units about Note: Helps students to understand the nature of elections. It U.S. geography, featuring thematic maps, animated explains who is eligible to vote, how candidates for office are explanations of the printed ARGUS activities, and chosen, and how elections are carried out. Teacher guide is photographs interactively keyed to topographic and reference included on the disc. maps. SSH38630 SSH42045 Marsh, Carole. Illinois facts & factivities! Peachtree, GA: U. S. history & government : essential review. Gardena CA: Gallopade Encore Software, [2001]. International, [1998]. Note: Reinforce classroom lessons in U. S. history and Note: Learn basic facts about Illinois' history, geography, government. industries and more through matching, multiple choice and other "factivities.” SSH42045 U. S. history & government : essential review. Gardena CA: SSH39226 Encore Software, [2001]. People of the world : The Americas resource CD. Markham Note: Reinforce classroom lessons in history and Ontario: Bytes of Learning, [2000]. government. Note: Contains hundreds of stills, live-action video and sound footage of different people, places and things of Americas in SSH42392 a simple browsable interface to be used with MP Express in Bodie, California : life in an 1880s mining town. Grass the production of multimedia presentations. Valley CA: McLean Media, [2000]. Note: Bodie is a preserved ghost town. Tour Bodie as it looks SSH39226 today. See how Bodie has changed over time. People of the world : Africa. Ontario : Canada: Bytes of Learning, [1999]. SSH45392 Note: Combines pictures, movies, sounds and music with Georunner. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive Software, your own voice to create exciting multimedia presentations [1998]. about people, places, and things in Africa. Note: A game of world exploration that provides a way to learn geography and facts about the continents, oceans, SSH39226 countries and geographic landmarks of the world. People of the world : Pacific Rim resource CD. Markham Ontario: Bytes of Learning, [2000]. SSH46048 Note: Contains hundreds of stills, live-action video and sound When evil struck America : a time capsule of 10 historic footage of different people, places and things of Pacific Rim days. Chicago: Chicago Tribune, [2002]. in a simple browsable interface to be used with MP Express Note: A time capsule of the historic 10-day period that draws in the production of multimedia presentations. from the articles, photographs and graphics of the Chicago Tribune, with narration from the journalists who witnessed SSH39927 history. Fun with maps : a map tool for beginners. Austin TX: Steck Vaughn, [2000]. SSH46126 Note: Interactive tool that offers young students a hands-on Knowledge Adventure, Inc. JumpStart explorers. Torrance environment in which they can explore map skills. CA: Knowledge Adventure Inc, [2001]. Note: Adventure game that teaches history and geography SSH39934 through five expeditions: exploring the Pyramids with King Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 52 August 2005
  • 53. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Tut, claiming the first steps at the North Pole, uncovering the Note: Helps students understand how economics can help lost civilization of the Incas, sailing to Asia with Marco Polo, them throughout their lives to be effective and informed and discovering the New World with the Pilgrims. citizens, consumers, savers, investors, producers, and employees. SSH48194 Lewis and Clark rediscovery. Moscow ID: Lewis and Clark SSH50606 Rediscovery Project ; University of Idaho, College of The Nobel Prize : 100 years of creativity and innovation. Education, [2001]. Smithsonian Institution Lemelson Center for Study of Note: Interactive learning experience based on the journals of Invention and Innovation, [2004]. Lewis and Clark expedition. Note: Explore the motivation and vision of Nobel laureates. Features include historical background on Alfred Nobel, SSH48825 interviews of laureates, classroom activities, game show The Middle Ages. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in hosted by "Albert Einstein," and searchable index of Education, [2000]. laureates. Note: Audio, clip art, documents, photographs, and video to use in multimedia presentations. Explore topics of the Middle SSH50857 Ages such as: culture, feudalism, the growth of centralized Veterans Day. Washington DC: Veterans Day National monarchies in Europe, and architectural designs of the Committee, [2004]. period. Note: Provides information and ideas for teaching about Veterans Day in elementary and secondary schools. SSH48825 Ancient Greece. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in SSH52566 Education, [2000]. America votes 2004. Atlanta, GA: Cable News Network, Note: Audio, clip art, documents, photographs, and video to [2003]. use in multimedia presentations. Learn about Greek culture, Note: Multimedia resources based upon the 2004 that religions, and politics. address topics such as primaries and caucuses, National Party Conventions, polls and debates, Electoral College and SSH48825 Inauguration. Early American history. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2000]. SSH53635 Note: Audio, clip art, documents, photographs, and video to True stories. Real learning. San Jose CA: Apple, [2004]. use in multimedia presentations. Students brainstorm and Note: Resources CD-ROM to help teachers plan how to use participate in group activities that cover the American documentary filmmaking in the classroom. Contains: Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Civil educator resources, interviews, how-to guides, student project War. examples, and more. SSH48831 SSH9653 World explorers : The age of exploration. Eugene OR: Clinton: Portrait of victory. Warner NewMedia, [1993]. Visions Technology in Education, [2000]. Note: Captures the candidate from the beginning through the Note: Students learn about the factors that gave rise to the era primaries and the scandals and to victory on Election Day of exploration. They can study artifacts and learn about 1992. interactions between native populations and the European explorers and settlers. SSH9734 History of the world : manual. Bureau of Development, SSH48831 [1992]. Colonial America. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Note: From prehistoric times to present day, all major events Education, [2000]. of world history are documented. Note: Students research and produce a Colonial women's magazine, construct a time line of events and major issues SSH9734 that created conflict between the colonies and England, and History of the world : case and CD-ROM. Bureau of more. Development, [1992]. Note: From prehistoric times to present day, all major events SSH48831 of world history are documented. The Civil War. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2000]. SSH9805 Note: Students learn about daily life, examine the roles and Small blue planet: the real picture world atlas (ver 2.0) Now contributions of women, reconstruction, the North and South What Software. following the war, and the war from the African-American Note: See the world on CD-ROM as only astronauts could perspective. do. Cruise and zoom the Earth's splendor as seen from the Space Shuttle and our Earth monitoring satellites. SSH49780 Crosscountry USA 2. Blaine WA: Ingenuity Works, [2003]. SSH9899 Note: Players embark on a mission to pick up and deliver Countries of the World. Bureau Development, Inc, [1991]. everything from apples to zinc in over 200 American cities. Note: Multimedia information on over 190 countries and Collect postcards and photos from all 50 states. territories. Full text of the U.S. Army Country Handbook series including images, maps, flags, and tables. SSH50050 Virtual economics : an interactive center for economic SSM20161 education. New York: National Council on Economic Washington times and insight on the news 1994 - update. Education, [1995]. Wayzata. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 53 August 2005
  • 54. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: 1994 Update. Includes issues from January 1991 What on earth. Ingenius. through June 1994. Note: Demo program. Daily multimedia news journal for kids. Delivers news via cable to school and home computers. SSM20661 Features six daily news stories in a complete multimedia CIA world factbook - Case, user's guide, and CD-ROM. format. Minneapolis, MN: Quanta Press, [1994]. Note: Contains data on 264 countries and territories SSM26562 worldwide. Includes: geography, disputes, environment, How would you survive? Grolier Interactive. population statistics, government, economy, industry, Note: Explore life in the worlds of the Egyptians, Vikings communications, infractures, the U.N., and maps. and Aztecs. SSM20667 SSM27865 USA war series: Korea. Quanta Press, [1994]. Castle Explorer - Case and CD-ROM. New York, NY: DK Note: Database complied from public and private information Multimedia, [1996]. and images. Includes: biographies, statistics, order of battle, Note: Medieval experience featuring the acclaimed missions, bibliography and glossaries. illustrations of Stephen Biesty and four superbly recreated 3D rooms. Provides a wealth of information about life in 14th SSM20667 century feudal Europe. Civil War - Case, document, and CD-ROM. Minneapolis, MN: Quanta Press, [1994]. SSM29249 Note: Includes biographies, statistics, chronology, equipment, Children's world atlas. Rand McNally, [1996]. campaigns, battles, foreign involvement, bibliography, Note: Informative and entertaining look at the world from the political figures, and photographs. Scottish Highlands to the Australian Outback to the Great Wall of China. Includes video clips of people, places, SSM20667 animals, and customs and maps. World War II - case and CD-ROM. Quanta Press, [1992]. Note: Part of USA war series. Photo archive of World War II SSM2979 with biographies, operations, battles, and chronologies. U.S. History on CD-ROM. Bureau of Electronic Development. SSM20672 Note: Contains categories of American People, American USA state factbook: 1994-1995. Quanta. Places, The Armed Forces, Exploring the American Note: Includes examinations of state geography, vital Continent, Flight, General Histories, Science and its Effect statistics (people), government/politics, economics, lines of on Society, US Government, and Wars and Conflicts. communication/transportation, and traditions. SSM30013 SSM21023 Cultural debates. Tom Snyder Productions, [1997]. Pilgrim quest II. San Ramon, CA: Decision Development Note: Generates cultural debates on appearance, ecotourism, Corporation, [1996]. education, land, medicine, and technology through video of Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. A simulation based on an Indonesian tribe. the Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth. The players confront situations and choices the Pilgrims faced and must make SSM32233 decisions that affect the well-being and survival of the FDR, the Great Depression and the New Deal. NetGuider, colony. Inc, [1998]. Note: Provides Web-based learning experiences. Student SSM21322 Workbook Portfolios contain a range of activities and Recess in Greece. Morgan. assignments to be completed off-line, as well as a place to Note: Get back to the 20th century by guiding Morgan store downloads of text and images for research, reference through episodes from Homer's The Iliad. Play educational and review. games with Olympian Gods to discover how Ancient Greeks influenced our modern world. SSM32244 Great Depression: from the Crash of '29 to the New Deal. SSM21705 Guidance Associates, [1996]. Annabel's dream of medieval England. Texas Caviar. Note: Present students with the political, historical, and social Note: Learning activities reinforce reading and writing skills, aspects of this event. Topics include: the October 1929 Stock explore medieval music and dance, and explain important Market Carah, FDR and the New Deal, the Dust Bowl and ideas and events that shaped medieval life. FOR PREVIEW the okies, and labor union organization during the 1930's. ONLY MAY NOT BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM. SSM32666 SSM22361 Make a map. Panasonic Interactive Media, [1997]. New York time capsule. Vicarious. Note: Create 3D maps that you can drive through. Learn Note: Multimedia yearbook of 1994. Contains New York's geography, map making, and basic orienteering. most compelling news stories of the year. SSM32893 SSM22521 American history inspirer : the Civil War. Watertown, MA: World discovery deluxe. Great Wave Software, [1996]. Tom Snyder, [1997]. Note: Fun, interactive global geography and history program Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Travel back in time - that tests your knowledge of geographic, political and plan routes across the country in search of political and historical people, places and events. economic characteristics, use maps that highlight developments leading up to the Civil War. SSM24816 Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 54 August 2005
  • 55. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) SSM32903 Rescue GEO 1 : U.S. Geography CD-ROM and board game. Africa inspirer. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1997]. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Co, [1997]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Students travel Note: GEO 1 is an imaginary geography computer that has throughout Africa collecting resources and visiting countries been invaded by a band of computer bugs and viruses. with specific geographic characteristics. Students interpret Players will learn hundreds of geography facts of the United maps, share key information, and plan strategies. States. Players use hundreds of interactive maps, graphs, diagrams, time lines, and photographs to repair the SSM32962 computer's data banks. You'll learn how to evaluate and Europe inspirer. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1997]. apply geographic information. All text in English and Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Students travel Spanish. throughout Europe collecting resources and visiting countries with specific geographic characteristics. Students interpret SSM36125 maps, share key information, and plan strategies. Stearns, Peggy Healy and Nolan, Sean. Community construction kit. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1998]. SSM33514 Note: Students design and build three dimensional models of World citizen. Saratoga, CA: BonusPoint, [1998]. buildings in four categories: Medieval, Native American, Note: Internet enrichment for current events and world Colonial American, and Contemporary American. They learn geography. Includes activities and lesson plans for Mexico, about communities, history, and geography while developing Hong Kong, Panama, Central America, Vietnam, Ghana, skills in math, language, science, and art. Ethiopia, India, Europe and more. SSM36135 SSM35005 Mapmaker's toolkit. Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder, [1998]. Road to ancient Egypt. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, Note: Contains an extensive library of over 450 current and [1996]. historical maps that students can edit, customize and publish. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Multimedia software that traces the history of ancient Egypt and provides a look at SSM36875 the important people and events of this civilization. Alternative assessment in the social sciences. Springfield, IL: Illinois State Board of Education, [1998]. SSM35083 Ancient origins. Tempe, AZ: Piranha Interactive Publishing, SSM36876 [1998]. Alternative assessment in geography. Springfield, IL: Illinois Note: Ancient Origins bring you face-to-face with the State Board of Education, [1998]. customs, conflicts and achievements of 44 lost civilizations. Choose a moment in time and discover who was living then SSM38904 and how. Or select any part of the world and trace the history Knight, Margy Burns. Talking walls. Redmond WA: of its development. Also, take a tour through eight ancient Edmark, [1999]. structures, photo-realistically rendered in full 3-D. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Introduces different cultures by exploring the stories behind some of the world's SSM35501 most fascinating walls and how these structures have GeoHistory maps : Europe to Eurasia. New York, NY: separated of united people. GeoHistory, Inc, [1998]. Note: Contains maps of Europe to Eurasia. Includes base SSV34372 maps, overlays, maps by era and by category, slide shows, Justice by the people. Dallas, TX: Foundation of the timelines, and information on leaders, wars, economic American Board of Trial Advocates, [1998]. history, cities, ethnic groups and more. Note: Explains the basis for and some of the history of the American system of trial by jury. Includes video and hybrid SSM35726 CD-ROM. Native Americans people of the desert. Raleigh, NC: Rainbow Educational Media, [1999]. SSV52542 Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Combines multimedia Explore! : fun with science. Houston TX: Lunar and and information to illustrate the world of the early Desert Planetary Institute, [2004]. Indians. Includes text, video, audio sequences, and paintings, Note: Video explorations, related hands-on activities, and graphics and photographs. supporting resources designed to engage youth in space and planetary science in a library setting or other learning SSM35801 environments. Road to ancient Rome. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, [1996]. SSW41460 Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Multimedia software Geography workshop : the fifty states of the U.S. Cary IL: that traces the history of ancient Rome and provides a look at Forest Technologies, [1998]. the important people and events of this civilization. Note: For each state, there is a built-in database that has information on state flags, titles, flowers, birds, songs, SSM35803 population, cities and more. Customize maps to show cities, Road to ancient Greece. Waterford, CT: Thomas S. Klise, major highways, and more. Includes graphics and clip art. [1996]. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Traces the history of SSW9805 ancient Greece civilization from its roots in the Minoan Small blue planet: the real picture world atlas. Now What cultures to its final fall at the hands of the Romans. Software. Note: Interactive exploration of a global geographic voyage. SSM36111 Includes: world relief maps, USA relief map, political map & almanac, and the chronosphere. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 55 August 2005
  • 56. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Teacher's toolbox deluxe. Lancaster, PA: AbleSoft, Inc, TEACHER TOOLS (MACINTOSH AND [1998]. WINDOWS) Note: Record grades, track attendance, create lesson plans, TUH20095 layout seating charts, organize your class schedules. Learner profile to go 3.0. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [2002]. TUH35135 Note: Gather information as it occurs using your Palm OS- E . Z grader (demo) Chagrin Falls, OH: E . Z Grader. compatible PDA. Allows a teacher to create lesson plans, Note: Creates professional seating charts, printout of input objectives, store observation notes, and create gradebook as a spreadsheet, customized printouts, and assessment reports. flexible grading structures. TUH20095 TUH36173 Learner profile 3.0. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Teacher's font series : Primary fonts I. Cary, IL: Forest Communications, [2002]. Technologies, [1996-97]. Note: Allows teachers to create lesson plans, input Note: Collection of TrueType fonts with built-in clip art. objectives, store observation notes, and create assessment reports. TUH36526 School font collection. San Francisco, CA : Eugene OR: TUH22116 Mountain Lake Software : Visions Technology in Education, Worksheet magic plus. Mac ver. 2.0.5. Kirkwood MO: [1999]. Teacher Support Software (Siboney Learning Group), Note: Essential fonts for teachers, parents & kids. Works [2000]. with any Postscript of True Type printer and compatible Note: Create 15 different types of puzzles, tests, and software. worksheets. TUH36530 TUH22404 Teacher resource companion. Eugene OR: Visions TimeLiner 5.0. Watertown MA: Tom Snyder Productions, Technology in Education, [1999]. [2001]. Note: Tool for creating activity sheets, tests, and complete Note: Helps students acquire a visual perspective of personal curricular packages. and historical events and allows them to create and print out time lines of historical, contemporary, and future events. TUH36530 Teacher resource companion : science : middle school. TUH26066 Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2000]. Crossword wizard. San Anselmo, CA: Cogix, [1996]. Note: Easy-to-use creativity and productivity tool for Note: Automatically creates true crossword puzzles fitting designing graphics worksheets, tests, and games. the construction criteria of professional puzzles published in newspapers and magazines. TUH38861 Arnie, Abrams. The portfolio builder for Power Point. TUH26070 Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. Wordsearch wizard. Cogix, [1995]. Note: Lets students combine text, graphic, sound, and video Note: Never-ending source of original word-search puzzles. to create multimedia representation of their efforts. Requires PowerPoint 98 for Macintosh or PowerPoint 97/2000 for TUH26660 Windows. Lotus notes. Lotus, [1996]. Note: E-mail, calendaring, group scheduling, Web access and TUH39224 information management client software package. Gradebook 2. Greeley CO: Excelsior Software, [1999]. Note: Combines traditional teacher gradebook functions with TUH2895 attendance, discipline, analysis tools and a complete report Grade machine (version 6.5) Misty City Software, [1997]. writing system. Note: Working demo. Gradebook software includes: unmatched grading power, greater flexibility, ease of use, TUH39313 ease of understanding, and cross-platform compatibility. Easy grade pro. Puyallup WA: Orbis Software, [1999]. Note: Designed to enable instructors to manage their student TUH29308 data with ease and effectiveness. Allows user to create an Teachers' workshop : (Taller de maestros) Cary IL: electronic gradebook that, like a paper gradebook, can store ScenoGrafica Software; distributed by Forest Technologies, student, assignment, score and attendance data on all classes [1998]. and subjects for a year. Also provides an abundance of tools Note: Allows teachers to create a variety of customized to save time, provides a wealth of information about students, worksheets for their students in the following categories: and allows user to generate professional electronic and paper cards, certificates, learning games, letters, numbers, stickers, reports to effectively communicate data with others. and words. TUH39391 TUH31333 Learn & live. Santa Rosa, CA: George Lucas Educational InteGrade Pro. National Computer Systems Education Foundation, [2000]. Software, [1997]. Note: Based on content from Learn & Live documentary film Note: Electronic gradebook software. Helps teachers track and companion resource book. student performance. TUH39559 TUH33479 Graphics companion deluxe. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 56 August 2005
  • 57. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) Note: Hundreds of math related graphics designed to help you create math activities. For use with Teacher Resource TUH43959 Companion (Teachers Helper Plus). Brown, Jerry F. Learning styles inventory. Kirkwood MO: Siboney Learning Group, [2001]. TUH40592 Note: Tool to first diagnose individual student learning Lesson power. Centron Software, [2000]. preferences and to then provide instruction that Note: Complete lesson planner and seating chart program. accommodates how students prefer to learn and to express themselves. Student tests can be taken in English or Spanish. TUH41464 KoolTools gradebook. Cary IL: Forest Technologies, [1999]. TUH44027c Note: Graphical interface that makes using and navigating Illinois learning standards. Springfield IL: Illinois Office of the gradebook easy. Educational Services. Note: Sample Benchmark Indicators that break down the TUH41917 benchmarks and assist in alignment of curricula, assessment, Worcester, Tammy. Teacher timesavers : volume 2. Eugene instruction and staff development. Sample Learning OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2000]. Activities to illustrate the types of learning activities students Note: Provides teachers with help organizing and planning might experience. Sample Student Work that includes sample daily activities for the school year. Includes flash cards, worksheets and/or completed assignments. greeting cards, back-to-school database, lesson plans, internet addresses, record keeper, task creator and rubric creator. TUH44481 IT! : the Incredible Tutor. Austin TX: Sleek Software, TUH41917 [2001]. Worcester, Tammy. Teacher timesavers : volume 1 with Note: ISAT reading and math preparation tools. rubric creator. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. TUH44820 Note: Provides teachers with help organizing and planning Certificate renewal LPDC training kit. [Springfield IL]: daily activities for the school year. Includes flash cards, Illinois State Board of Education, [2000]. greeting cards, back-to-school database, lesson plans, internet Note: A video and CD-ROM that assist districts and private addresses, record keeper, task creator and rubric creator. schools in establishing Local Professional Development Committees or LPDCs. The committees have the TUH41917 responsibility of approving teacher's professional Worcester, Tammy. Teacher timesavers deluxe with lesson development plans that lead to certificate renewal. plan creator. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education. Note: Provides teachers with help organizing and planning TUH44895 daily activities for the school year. Includes flash cards, McCaw, Rick. GamePak interactive : game templates for greeting cards, back-to-school database, lesson plans, internet PowerPoint. Bloomington IL: FTC Publishing, [2001]. addresses, and more. Note: Choose from 13 different game templates to create activities that will reinforce curriculum units. Requires TUH41921 PowerPoint. Research assistant for students & teachers. Eugene OR: Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. TUH45708 Note: Program helps students and teachers gather, organize Internet coach puzzle builder. Evanston IL: APTE Inc, and utilize information. The program can store text, images, [2000]. and video clips. Note: Easy program for creating word, sound, and graphic puzzles. TUH41929 Modern library and research skills : Library skills: TUH45786 discovering new worlds. Chicago: SVE & Churchill Media, Lesson plan generator. San Pedro CA: Canela Software, [2000]. [2001]. Note: Shows students how to use their library as an Note: Tool for creating lesson plans. information gathering resource. Examines the sections of the library and explains the Dewey Decimal and Library of TUH45786 Congress systems are used to organize these sections. Math generator. San Pedro CA: Canela Software, [1996- 2001]. TUH41934 Note: Tool for creating math workshops and tests. Winebrenner, Susan. Teaching gifted kids in the regular classroom. Revised, expanded ed. Minneapolis MN: Free TUH45786 Spirit, [2001]. Primary generator. San Pedro CA: Canela Software, [1996- Note: Includes all the reproducible forms from "Teaching 2001]. gifted kids in the regular classroom" plus additional forms in Note: Tool for creating math workshops and tests. several subject areas. TUH46067 TUH43137 FableVision. BrainCogs : the test-taking survival kit : your Education clip art. WI: Wisconsin Educational Media personal interactive coach for learning and studying. Association. Watertown MA: ILD/FableVision, [2001]. Note: Copyright free clip art for educators. Note: The personal interactive coach for learning and studying. Designed to tap into student learning styles to TUH43889 develop personalized strategies that will help students ENC tools. Argonne IL: Argonne National Lab. achieve before, during, and after a test. Note: Internet tools for setting up an ENC account. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 57 August 2005
  • 58. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) TUH47891 TUM35402 Orchard for your state Teacher's choice. St. Louis MO: Creating the active classroom. San Ramon, CA: Decision Orchard Software, [2002]. Development Corporation, [1998]. Note: Five tools for teachers skill trees. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Staff-development tool that introduces teachers to constructivist teaching strategies. TUH48861 Hands-on workshop emphasizes hands-on classroom Festive Fonts. San Francisco, CA : Eugene OR: Mountain activities, investigation, exploration and problem solving. Lake Software : Visions Technology in Education, [1999]. Note: Jazz up documents with fun fonts. TUM35404 Creating the technology classroom. San Ramon, CA: TUH48863 Decision Development Corporation, [1999]. Worcester, Tammy. Rubric creator & record keeper. Eugene Note: FOR PREVIEW. Staff-development tool that helps OR: Visions Technology in Education, [2002]. teachers skillfully implement technology in the classroom. Note: Create rubrics, print scoring sheets and checklists, and record and analyze data. TUM35776 Classroom publisher. Diamondhead, MS: STAZ Software, TUH52940 [1998]. ClozePro. Redmond WA: Crick Software, [2004]. Note: A desktop publishing program, Classroom Publisher, Note: Helps you create simple or complex cloze activities in creates blocks that can be used to hold text, graphics, shapes, which sentence completion or multiple-choice questions can icons, borders, calendars, etc. be an aid to learning. Type of paste some text into ClozePro. The text you remove is placed automatically in a 'grid'. Run TUM37317 the activity on a computer or print as a worksheet. Fitness reporter pro. Sacramento, CA: Fitness Reporter, [1999]. TUH53633 Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Accountability in IntelliKools overlay maker 3 : demo. Petaluma CA: physical education through technology. IntelliTools, [2005]. Note: Transform IntelliKeys into a customized KEYBOARDING/WORD PROCESSING communication device and keyboard tool. Create an overlay WPH2701 to personalize a keyboard for individual preferences, such as Ultrakey : the ultimate keyboarding tutor. North Tonawanda size or color of keys. Or program keys for specific NY: Bytes of Learning, [2000]. functionality such as shortcuts to applications. Note: Multimedia keyboarding instruction for all ages. TUM20095 WPH28969 Learner profile Newton/EMate (version 2.1) Sunburst, Typing tutor 10 : learn to type for today's Internet world. [1997]. Torrance CA: Davidson & Associates/Simon & Schuster, Note:. Tool for expanding assessment techniques. [1999]. Note: Introduces you to the keyboard and familiarizes you TUM30103 with the look and feel of e-mail and Internet web pages -- Curriculum materials directory. ASCD, [1996]. without actually having to go on-line. Note: Guide to noncommercial curriculum materials. Cumulative index 1992-1996. WPH30700 Slam dunk typing. Creative Wonders : Learning Company, TUM30103CD [1997]. Curriculum handbook on CD-ROM. ASCD, [1996]. Note: New approach to typing that combines the thrill of Note: Contains the complete text of the ASCD Curriculum basketball action with games guaranteed to build typing Handbook and excerpts from Educational Leadership and proficiency. ASCD newsletters, books, videotapes and audiotapes. WPH31928 TUM31119 Jump start typing. Knowledge Adventure, [1997]. Reform in Math & Science Education. Eisenhower National Note: Learn essential typing skills while competing in the Clearinghouse, [1997]. high-tech decathlon. Note: Collection of classroom stories from K-12 teachers, library media specialists, and administrators who are using WPH36523 technology or implementing reform in their own schools. The Type to learn jr.! : new keys for kids. Pleasantville, NY: personal accounts link directly to professional papers that Sunburst Communications, [2001]. discuss current issued in math and science education. Note: A follow-up program to Type to Learn Jr. The program reviews basics of posture, hand placement, and keyboard TUM31980 awareness for early keyboarders. HTML templateMaster. Charles River Media, [1997]. Note: Create your own Web pages in five minutes and learn HTML with on-screen templates, tutorials and clip art. WPH38900 Stickybear typing. Hilton Head SC: Optimum Resource, TUM32381 [199u]. Crossword magic. Mindscape : Learning Company, [1997]. Note: Program designed to teach children typing skills. Note: FOR PREVIEW USE ONLY. Turn your lesson words into entertaining puzzles. Vocabulary is automatically WPH43558 formatted and stored for play onscreen or for printouts. Discover:screen. Volo IL: Don Johnston, [2000]. Multilingual capability. Note: Talking on-screen keyboard. It works with a mouse or any mouse input device. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 58 August 2005
  • 59. COMPUTER SOFTWARE (MACINTOSH AND WINDOWS) WPH44925 Type to learn 3. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [2002]. Note: Teaches typing skills by combining a demonstration of the reach for each key with the actual typing of the student. WPH44925 Type to learn assessment. Pleasantville NY: Sunburst Communications, [2001]. Note: Evaluate your students' keyboarding progress with tests that correspond to the 22 Type to Learn lessons. WPH45398 Master Gecko's home row. Columbus OH: Ohio Distinctive Software, [2000]. Note: Explore the massive world of Master Gecko while developing your typing skill and increasing your speed. Uses a progressive set of fun and interesting typing challenges to help novice and expert typists master the keyboard. Incorporates a unique exploration game that helps typists learn the keyboard by encouraging users to look at the screen and not at their hands. WPH49786 All the right type three. Seattle WA: Ingenuity Works. Note: Covers all areas of typing instruction from beginner to advanced. Tracks student progress, marks materials, and generates class or individual reports. WPM20602 Type to learn. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst. Note: Multimedia version. Comprehensive keyboarding course that teaches students to type while reinforcing spelling, grammar, composition, and punctuation. Includes automatic goal adjustment and review, update progress charts and more. WPM29128 Kid Keys 2.0. Torrance CA: Knowledge Adventure, [1999]. Note: A talking dragon, giggling monsters, and a whole cast of other zany characters help children build keyboarding and early reading skills. WPM36015 Type for fun. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1998]. Note: Fast-paced keyboarding games that motivate students to improve speed, accuracy, and language mechanics skills. WPM36523 Type to learn jr. Pleasantville, NY: Sunburst Communications, [1999]. Note: Introduction to computer keyboarding skills for young children. Lake County Educational Services Media Center – - 847-223-3400 ext. 232 59 August 2005