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Apple Stock &iMac Sales Are Down
AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter
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Where Can You Buy                      ...
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Last Minute Update: MacWorld Paris:
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Mac Games and More Mac Games!
Here’s just a sample:
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Athens Area Macintosh Users Group


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Athens Area Macintosh Users Group

  1. 1. Athens Area AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Macintosh Users Group Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries Next AAMUG MacWorld New York 2000 Meeting: 7:00pm A Personal Revelation Wednesday by D.Lee Beard Sept. 20th Then there was the User in the Greetings fellow Mac users. I Group coordinators from Apple. AAC Computer Lab am back from New York City Not only were they rude and in- 101 Alden Library where I attended the 2000 considerate, they felt that anything MacWorld Expo and Convention. they did for you was a favor and Not only did I get to experi- that’s only if they decided to do MacWorld Report ence first hand the latest in Mac something for you in the first from User Group hardware and softwrare, but I also place. Don’t confuse this with Attendee got to experience the incredibily actual user group members from inflated Apple ego. Ladies and across the country who were quite Gentlemen, the Apple Ego is not friendly. The clear message I got Posters to be underestimated. So inflated from Apple was that they did not Buttons is the Apple ego that it could be need User Groups like ours. Software used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving In my opinion, MacWorld is Day parade (assuming it isn’t too not worth it. big to fit down the streets of Man- hattan. New iMacs, Mouse, Keyboard, iMovie, and G4 Apple cancelled half of the scheduled workshops that I had But here is what you haven’t heard paid to attend with no apology, no compensation -- just the option to By now, most of you have have started to lose their some of attend a different session that they heard the new Apple announce- their close vision. Maybe this will were also offering at the same ments: the G4 Cube, new iMacs, change when Steve Jobs hits age time. I also paid extra to attend a a new version of iMovie, new dual 50. seven-hour Preconference Session processor G4 Towers, and a new Second, most everyone has on “Macintosh Administration keyboard and mouse. been screaming for some type of Strategies” only to find out the That’s the good news. The bad removable storage on a morning of the conference that it news is that Apple has still not Macintosh. Anyone who has used was being cancelled. Not only did delivered what consumers have computers very much knows that I pay extra for this, but because I been asking for. if you care about what you create had to come early for this, I also First, most people I have on your computer, you want to paid extra in parking and lodging talked to, want an iMac with a 17” back it up from your hard drive fees (no pocket change in New monitor. This is particularly true continued on page 2 York City). among the over 50 age group who See “MacWorld”
  2. 2. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 2 are just graphic editing all day Macworld long. This makes the new G4 cube a compact and powerful excellent continued from page 1 choice for most of us power users who don’t usually upgrade our onto a removable disk of some computers with extra PCI cards sort. (since the G4 cube has no internal Sadly, no iMac models come upgradability except for 3 total standard with any sort of remov- RAM slots and an airport card able storage. Neither does the G4 slot). For me, I’ll stick with my Cube. What is Apple thinking? G4 tower. Are they trying to encourage people to NOT back up their files? Do they think that the things that Mac users create on their comput- ers are not worth backing up? ment like they did with the old People also want to burn their keyboard and hocky-puck mouse own musical or iMovie CDs. How (BTW, I am using one of those hard would it have been to put a new optical mouses right now and CD-R or CD -RW in iMacs or the they are wonderful). But for now, new G4 cube instead of a DVD/ we will have to add to the price CD-ROM drive? Couldn’t the and attractiveness of an Apple iMac Special Edition come with computer the cost of an external at least the option of a CD-R storage device. drive? Sure the G4 is cute but once you start cluttering it with exter- As you probably know, I have For Sale: nal peripherals, it suddenly be- much to report from new Apple Mac Plus Capture a piece of comes one of the most ugly look- hardware and software to computer history and ing computers. All these extra AppleScript tips and third party purchase this Mac Plus cables lying around seems bonuses. I’ve also got a few extra comptuer. The cost is counterintuitive to their idea of freebies to give away at the next only $5. Original keyboard removing ugly cables by making AAMUG meeting so come early. and mouse as well as external their new monitors capable of con- hard drive are available for necting with one wire to the the New Hardware sale as well. Call 797-1317 computer for electricity as well as Apple announced a new G4 to find out more. the video signal. They got rid of computer that, at 8” by 8”, is about one wire while forcing users to the size of a facial tissue box but Mac SE/Classic/Classic connect several more with exter- with the power of a V6 engine. I II Computers Still very nal devices instead of neatly say V6 because the new top two functional computers. placed internal options. models of the G4 tower are the V8 Low cost! Call 797- I can only hope that this is engines with their new dual pro- 1317 to find out more. something that they will fix at cessors. This is more power than some future MacWorld announce- most anyone will need unless they
  3. 3. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 3 Apple Stock &iMac Sales Are Down Despite Third Qtr. Profits sold in the third quarter than they The response on Wallstreet By D.Lee Beard had expected. has been less than enthusiastic In a press announcement on Since reporting on profits, with shares of Apple stock July 18th, Apple Computer Inc. Apple made announcements at dropping more than 10 points in reported $163 million in profits the MacWorld Conference and the first two weeks following for its third quarter. This is up Expo in New York City of four these announcements. from last year’s third quarter new iMacs, and new G4 comput- Since then, Apple Stock has profits of $114 million. ers. This was expected to im- rebounded, along with the Apple also reported prove the financial outlook of NASDAQ, to Pre-MacWorld disappoointing iMac sales with Apple but investors were not prices. about 50,000 fewer iMacs being convinced. Give Your Computer a Desktop and Icon Makover Icons (the pictures that go with Are you tired of each file) can be very useful and looking at the fun. same old plain For instance, I have used a desktop pattern mailbox icon for my folder that that your computer contains the letters that I have came with? typed. I use a file cabinet icon for you want to copy and choose If so, you can make changes my folder that contains important “copy” from the Edit menu. by using the Appearance control records like university quarterly Close that window, find the panel. Just click on the “Themes” reports. I use a musical note icon folder that you want to change, or “Desktop” tabs to make for my mp3 files. Get Info for it. This time, click on changes. You can insert any pic- Since I am a very visual per- it’s icon and choose “Paste” from ture that your Mac can read into a son, these icons help me to find the Edit menu. Taa Daa, you have desktop background picture. what I am looking for on my com- just changed the icon of a folder. You can also change the puter with just a glance. background pat- Icons can be found all over the tern that sur- web, but the best place to go is at rounds your pic- They have ture (or instead thousands of icons grouped by dif- of a picture). ferent categories. You can do this Icons can be changed using the by using the “Get Info” command. Find the same Appear- icon you want to use and click on ance Control that file just once then go to the Panel that you “File” menu and choose “Get used to change Info.” Then click on that icon that your desktop picture.
  4. 4. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 4 Where Can You Buy Six Reasons to buy a PC ... Macintosh Computers? •You want to get the latest in computer viruses. •You like really cheap computers Here are just some of the closest options: much the same way you like really cheap furniture, cars, etc.... Connecting Point •You like being a lamb and following Location: W. Union St. in Athens the herd. Note: Small inventory of in stock items but •You want to help Bill Gates stay the excellent local source for repairs. richest man in America. •Beige is your favorite color Sears •Clicking the “Start” button to Shut Location: Lancaster and Parkersburg down your computer actually makes Note: Do not deal with G4s or flat panel sense to you. displays or Airport equipment. The Mircrosoft Court Case: Circuit City Location: Parkersburg The Latest: Note: Just recently began selling Apples but it According to some unreliable sources, looks promising. Microsoft is to be broken up into two companies: Software and Defense Attorneys. t Comp USA Location: Columbus Note: Good selection of all Apple equipment QUIZ MicroCenter What does the “2000” in Windows 2000 Location: Columbus stand for? Note: Good selection of in stock items, excel- a: The number of pages of installation lent sales staff and they do repairs. instructions b: Megahertz needed for it to run The Apple Store Location: c: Number of people who actually pay Note: Will give educators and students a to upgrade discount but a horrible return policy! d: Number of bugs in the system e: All of the Above MacMall f: a, b, and c Location: Note: A good way to avoid sales tax since they bugs in the system is actually much greater. are not located in Ohio (this could save you over have thought it was “e” but the actual number of $60/$1000 order). Answer: The correct answer is “f”. You might
  5. 5. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 5 The long awaited Macintosh OS X Beta ver- sion will be unlleashed September 13. To find out more about how to get your copy, be sure to attend the AAMUG Meeting on Septem- ber 20th in the Academic Advancement Center’s Computer Lab in 101 Alden Library. Application to join the Athens Area Macintosh Users Group Are you an AAMUG Membership dues $15 Make check payable to students $10 member yet?? AAMUG Student membership P.O. Box 541 New member Athens, OH 45701 BENEFITS! Renewal membership •Sharing of Mac tips and problemsolving name techniques with fellow Mac users. home address •Obtain discounted O.U. Campus Mail address (if applicable) hardware and software from the User Group Store. email address (if applicable) •One year subscription to the web address (if applicable) AAMUG Newsletter. home telephone work telephone Please return this form to the address listed above or present it to an AAMUG Officer at the next AAMUG meeting.
  6. 6. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 6 Last Minute Update: MacWorld Paris: New iBooks, Mac OS X Beta On this past Wednesday, Sep- for use with TVs. A DVD is now tember 13th, Steve Jobs an- an option on the iBook as well. nounced new updates to iBooks. Tangerine is dead and “Key Lime” The hard drives are now 10GB in is the new color along with a re- size and the processors are upped vised blue called “Indigo.” version and is not intended for the to 466Mhz. They also now have OS X Beta was also released non-techie. The full version is a firewire port and a video out port but keep in mind it is only a ‘beta” expected out in January. CHECK OUT THIS AND OTHER MOVIE PREVIEWS AT: Did you miss Steve Jobs’ Keynote Address from the Macworld Expo in New York City? You can still check it out online via Quicktime Streaming Video at: Note: if you need to update to quicktime 4.1, come to the next AAMUG meeting where free Quicktime 4.1 disks will be given away to members.
  7. 7. AAMUG September 2000 Newsletter Page 7 Mac Games and More Mac Games! Here’s just a sample: Age of Empires Alpha Centauri Asteroids Baldur's Gate Caesar 3 Civilization Call to Power Descent III Deus Ex Diablo II FA18 Korea Falcon 4.0 Hoyle Casino Madden 2000 Myst Masterpiece Edition Myth: The Total Codex Quake III StarCraft StarCraft Expansion Set: Brood War The Sims Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Total Annihilation Unreal Tournament WarCraft II Battle Chest WarCraft II Edition You Don't Know Jack 2001
  8. 8. AAMUG Officers Dick Dean The Athens Area Macintosh Users Group (AAMUG) is an independent user group & Athens Area Macintosh Users Group has not been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by Apple Computer, Inc. Shareware Co-Librarian P.O Box 541 Athens, Ohio 45701 David Fox Meetings Coordinator AaMUG (Athens Area Macintosh Users Group) is a community organization open to anyone who wants to learn and Tim Smith share information about how to make use of Shareware Co-Librarian the powerful features of their Macintosh computer. AaMUG disseminates D.Lee Beard information on Apple Macintosh computers, Newsletter Editor software, and related products and issues. The group meets on the third Wednesday of each month Dick Piccard Webpage Master Next AAMUG Meeting 7:00pm September 20th Meetings are held in the Academic Advancement Center’s Computer Lab in 101 Alden Library. Anyone and Everyone is Welcome!