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Addendum 7a - Instructional Software Standards

Addendum 7a - Instructional Software Standards






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    Addendum 7a - Instructional Software Standards Addendum 7a - Instructional Software Standards Document Transcript

    • ADDENDUM 7A INSTRUCTIONAL SOFTWARE The software titles listed here are packages known to be successful. The district will make every effort to provide technical support for these packages. However, the district CANNOT support all instructional software available on the market. Support decisions are made based on availability of trained technicians, network issues and time effectiveness for cost analysis. Questions concerning possible support should be directed to Data Processing and the PDC. DISTRICT-WIDE Newly approved for Windows XP Details/Restrictions/Explanations Date Approved A9CAD 11/8/2006 Addison Wesley Longman 7/6/2005 Addison Wesley Study Partner 8/30/2005 Adobe: Audition Creative Suite 3 Product Line Photo Deluxe 4.1 Advanced Placement Calculus AB Use workstation to install to server 11/16/2005 Adventure Workshop Preschool Requires CD to Run 2/12/2008 Arthur’s Discovery Treehouse Reader Rabbit’s Learning Adventures Dr. Seuss’ Explore Seussville Disney’s Tigger Activity Center Ainsworth Keyboard Trainer version 4.2 AlfaSmart “Get Utility” Tested for XP; no conflicts noted; unable to test with 8/30/2005 AlphaSmart AlfaSmart Manager Single User win ver. 2.0 No conflicts noted – unable to test with AlphaSmart 8/30/2005 Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory 2.0 Tested for XP only 8/30/2005 Alice in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – The Music Game Stand alone only 10/31/2005 CD-Rom Amazing Machines Special install instructions (rights); requires CD to run 1/3/2005 Amazon Trail Tested for XP only 11/24/2004 American History, Colonial America, The Tested for XP only 1/18/2008 Revolutionary War and Westward Expansion Art Adventure Tested for XP only 9/10/2007 Artists at Work Tested for XP only 9/10/2007 Audacity: Audio Editor and Recorder Approved for pilot at GBM only 02/02/2009 Balanced Literacy v1 Baudville Award Maker Tested for XP only 12/17/2004 Beethoven Lives Upstairs 10/17/2005 Big Bang 3/23/2006 Boardmaker v6 9/29/2008 Booklink Borders and Backgrounds Deluxe Edition 2000 5/18/2005 Brainiacs Tested for XP only 1/3/2005 Canon Digital Video Solution ; Image Mixer Approved for Teachers Only; Tested for XP 11/14/2008 CanoSCan LiDE 60 setup CD-ROM Not application software- not tested 8/30/2005 Cardiac Science AED’S; Rescue Link; MD Link All health techs are getting this and it is already out 4/19/2005 there. Apparently no issues with XP Career Futures Recommended: Install CD on server; follow 5/23/2005 directions for computer permissions; Florida not listed as data choice Cause and Effect Cinema (Judy Lynn Software) Tested for XP only 4/18/2006 Cause and Effect Factory #251 (Judy Lynn Tested for XP only; must create desk top icon 4/18/2006 Software) Cells: Science Collection Tested for XP; Error message received during exit of 1/3/2005 program-ignore Challenge of the Chilly Mammoth Tested for XP; Requires CD to run 1/3/2005 Chemistry 6th Edition – General Chemistry Requires internet access, quicktime, flash and allow 8/4/2006 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 1
    • ADDENDUM 7A Interactive 6.0 popups in IE Cinema II – Life Skills (Judy Lynn Software) Tested for XP only 4/18/2006 Clifford’s Musical Memory Games – CD-Rom Stand alone only 10/31/2005 Co:Writer 4000 Consumer Mathematics Tested for XP only 10/14/2004 Core Content Series by Don Johnson 12/14/2006 1. Adaptation and Change 2. Amazing Creatures 3. Ancient Egypt 4. Daily Life in Ancient Greece 5. Discovering Ancient Greece 6. Fighting Back Against Hitler 7. Fighting for Freedom 8. Mummies 9. Native Americans 10. Robot Explorers on Mars 11. The Awesome Power 12. The Holocaust 13. The Search for Life on Mars 14. Traveling Off the Map 15. Understanding Volcanoes and Earthquakes 16. William Shakespeare and His Times Crayola Stand Alone; just prints worksheets for science/social 11/18/2004 studies CutePDF Tested with Office 2003 suite 5/10/2007 Datalink No scanner to fully test; app. Runs OK 3/23/2006 DIBELS Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope Not tested with microscope (not supplied). 2/9/2007 Readme.txt gives numerous problems/solutions Discovering Endangered Wildlife Tested for XP only 11/24/2004 Disney’s Active Play: The Lion King II- Simba’s Pride Requires CD 2/12/2008 Disney’s Magic Artist Deluxe Must have CD to run; user must be admin to box to 5/30/2007 run Dover Electronic ClipArt – Art Nouveau Design & Must run from CD 9/28/07 Motifs Dr. Brain Thinking Games States Win 98 – Works fine with XP; must remove if 11/4/2004 causes problems with networked software Draft Builder v1.1 Dragon Naturally Speaking v7.3 Dragon Naturally Speaking v8 Requires 512 MB Ram 2/20/2006 Earobics Step 1 & 2 Tested for XP only 10/14/2004 Edmark Reading Program Level 1 & 2 EduBallot http://eduballot.votenet.com/ Sept. 2008 Emark Thinkin’ Things Collection 3 Runs entirely from CD 9/11/2006 Enabling Devices Software run from CD; requires Adobe Reader 8/30/2005 Ereader v2.01 Essentials of IP Caution: Requires Active X 8/4/2006 Everything Weather Requires 256 color & Quicktime 2.01 – No 4/7/2005 uninstaller; stand alone – tested for XP only ExamView Pro ExamView Test Generator v4.1 PrenticeHall Tested for XP-passed [NOTE: Must give “users” 8/26/2004 Teacher Express rights to write to Win folder]; load on workstation only Exploration of Physics Requires the “write” right to the windows folder 9/10/2004 Exploring Yellowstone V 1.0 Tested for XP only 11/24/2004 EyeQ – Infinite Mind Tested for stand-alone only 7/6/2005 FAA Test Prep Software – Glen Knowledge Not tested for network 7/6/2005 Transfer Systems FASTT Math by Scholastic – Math Fluency Tested for XP 5/19/2006 FATDEC (Florida Adult Technical Education 11/2/2007 Consortium) FCAT Test Maker – Network Version Caution: Do not use default title when printing tests. 1/27/2006 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 2
    • ADDENDUM 7A FDIC Money Smart Run from CD only 4/29/2008 Festival for Schools 3.1.0 Registration Program 8/30/2005 Field Trip to the Earth Stand-Alone, Tested for XP 4/7/2005 Field Trip to the Sea Stand-Alone, Tested for XP 1/26/2005 Field Trip to the Sky Stand-Alone, Tested for XP 4/7/2005 Finale 2005 notation software 8/30/2005 Finding Nemo: Underwater World of Fun game 11/17/2004 FinePix Recommend run system check in Read Me First 5/18/2005 whichever machine it is used on; installed several components but all works on XP Fitness Tracker Approved for XP 11/4/2004 Florida Edition Science Grade 2 – Science Up Close 10/26/2006 and Enrichment Activities Network CD Fly Fusion; Fly Fusion Pen & additional software Software approved; Hardware will be vendor 3/24/2008 supported Foldables Loads Quicktime if not available 8/4/2006 Fonts4 Teachers 9/19/2005 www.Fonts4Teachers.com XP Compliant 11/6/2008 Forms Maker and Filler Installs 3 components and searches out for 5/19/2005 automatic update Freddie Fish 5 – The Case of the Creature of Coral Requires CD to run 2/12/2008 Cave Froguts 6/31/2006 Garritan Personal Orchestra MIDI enhancement Load on PL with 1 GB RAM only 8/30/2005 GE Digital Camera Software A730; 7.0 megapixals Approved For Teachers Only; Tested for XP 11/14/08 GED 1120 3/20/2009 GED for the PC: Contemporary’s Basic Skills Tested for Win XP 10/20/2004 Interactive GED for the PC: Contemporary’s Intermediate Skills Tested for Win XP Geometer’s Sketchpad Tested for XP only 12/18/2008 GeoSafari Use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or , & Quicktime 4.0 or ; 11/24/2004 Tested for XP GeoSafari Science Tested for XP only 11/24/2004 Glencoe Geometry Vocabulary Puzzlemaker 9/9/2004 Glencoe High School History textbook software Tested for stand alone stations using XP; not for 8/30/2005 network use Glencoe TeacherWorks Math Software (6-12) Load on each computer not network; Teacher Works 8/10/2004 requires adobe reader 5.0 & reboot on install. Glencoe: The American Vision – Teacher Software 8/30/2005 for text • Succeeding on FCAT • Vocab Puzzle Maker • Teacher Works • Test Maker • Am. History PSD Library • Skill Builder • Book Link Go Solve Actual software not tested/provided; specs & 9/20/2007 hardware requirements look fine Go Temp! w/probe 1/17/2007 Google Earth Tested with IE 6 & 7; used 512 & 1GB RAM; for 5/2/2007 best results, recommend 1GB RAM. Software can be downloaded from District Download Page. http://www.santarosa.k12.fl.us/pdc/downloads/ Google Sketch-up Tested for XP only 9/19/2008 Grade Builder: Algebra I Test for XP only; requires CD to run 11/9/2007 Graphical Analysis Do not load on computers with SuccessMaker 5/18/2005 Greeting Card Magic 5/18/2005 Gus Goes to Cybertown XP approved; QuickTime required 11/3/2004 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 3
    • ADDENDUM 7A Harcourt Series All Software Approved Harcourt Reading Series 3/6/2008 Storytown Splash into Phonics Comprehension Expedition HM Clas Prep w/HM Testing v 6.1 Tested for XP only 1/9/2007 Holt Science Spectrum; One Step Planner: Exam Tested for Win XP only 9/7/2004 View Pro: Test Generator Houghton Mifflin Lesson Planner Tested and approved 9/19/2005 Houghton Mifflin: New Math Textbook Series XP recommended, but will work on WIN 98; Stand 10/13/2004 EMath Book alone only Lesson Planner Math Tracks Ways to Access 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Iespell No conflicts found; tested with XP & IE7 3/14/2008 InDesign Inkscape 11/14/2007 Interactions – Anatomy Series 8 CD’s; Tested for XP, Installs to HD; Requires 1/9/2006 Active X; **Caution should be taken when used** Interactive Chalkboard – Biology Loads ppt viewer 97 8/4/2006 Interwrite Schoolpad Tested for XP only 2/5/2007 Intro to Cause and Effect #115 Version 1.1 (Judy Requires CD; tested for XP only Lynn Software) Introduction to the Human Body 6th Edition Requires Active X; Runs from CD 1/9/2006 Instructor’s Resource Computerized Test Bank Iresponse Units not user friendly; data not reliable; no network 5/23/2007 issures detected Jazzware: Free music sequencing software from Tested for XP only 8/15/2007 Jazzware.com Jump Start Typing Tested for XP only; Requires CD to run 9/29/2008 Kaplan Early Learning Co. Tested for XP only; Approved but not supported 6/24/08 “Hands on Learning” Site Licence Keepntrack.com ; http://www.keepntrack.com/ ****Program will be piloted at PHS, KMS, BRE for 7/13/2007 visitor and volunteer sign-in only. *** Key Skills – Phonics Mastery K-1 and Gr. 2-3 Tested for Network use 12/20/2007 Keyboard Controller Series (M-Audio) Tested on XP only; No problems noted 6/1/2007 Live Lite 5 (M-Audio) Kid’s Zoo Requires manual install & rights; requires CD to run 1/3/2005 Kidspiration v1 Kidspiration vs 5/21/2009 Knowledge Quest – Science Essentials Tested for XP only 5/28/2007 Kurzweil 3000 Learn Station for use in conjunction Tested for XP only 3/18/2008 with LANGUAGE! Reading Curriculum Lab Manager 8/4/2006 LAME MP3 Encoder Approved for pilot at GBM only 02/02/2009 LATS Cause and Effect Software 9001-988 Tested for XP only 12/12/2006 Leap Desk Workstation Assessment Reports 2/12/2008 Installer LeapTrack Assessment Limited testing 10/4/2005 Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office 2.0 Only for individual workstations – Not networking 8/20/2007 Lego Mindstorm for Schools Unable to test with Robot, none provided. Software tested for XP only; LEXIA EUTI reading tutoring program; Educational Tested for XP only 3/26/2008 Learning Systems, INC Life/Earth Concepts and Challenges Run from CD, Tested with XP 1/26/2005 Lobby Guard 1/18/2008 Logger Pro v3.3 Do not use with Ti Connect: Be aware of known 5/18/2005 issues Look and Listen # 141 (Judy Lynn Software) Tested for XP only; requires CD to run 4/18/2006 Magenta Office 4.1 Forms Designer Approved for XP machines 4/22/2005 Mapmaker’s Toolkit Deluxe Tested for XP only 9/19/2008 Match Ware Screen Corder 4 Tested for XP only 4/18/2005 Math Flash 1.0 10/26/2006 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 4
    • ADDENDUM 7A Mathematica 5.1 – Wolfram Research Not tested for network use – Stand alone only 7/6/2005 Mathpad v1.04 Mathpad Plus v1.01 MathType Not tested for network – Stand alone only 7/6/2005 Maurice Ashley Teaches Chess Fully network & XP compatible 8/10/2004 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing v.5 11/24/2004 McDougal Bridges to Literature (Reading Coach Tested for XP only 9/20/2007 Software) McDougal Math Series 1, 2, 3 McGraw Hill Economics Software 8/30/2005 Merit Software: Developing Critical Thinking Skills XP environment only; starts slowly over the network 8/12/2004 Microsoft Expression Web 5/6/2008 Microsoft Flight Simulations/Microsoft Fury Individual Computer Only; Flight Simulator requires 9/20/2006 CD Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, Tested for compatibility with Office 2003 2/21/2007 and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats Can be downloaded from this address: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx? FamilyId=941B3470-3AE9-4AEE-8F43- C6BB74CD1466&displaylang=en Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in: Microsoft Save as 5/6/2008 PDF or XPS http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ details.aspx?FamilyId=4D951911-3E7E-4AE6- B059-A2E79ED87041&displaylang=en Microsoft Office Professional 2007 5/6/2008 Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 Works with Microsoft Office 2007 4/16/2007 Mimeo digital meeting assistant 10/16/2007 Music Ace Level 1&2 Rights must be given to .. ALL 10/17/2005 USERSDocumentsHarmonicVision Unable to test version 2 – invalid Registration Code My Community: Look, Listen, and Speak Software Tested for XP only 10/18/2007 My Reading Coach Tested @ HMS during 06-07. On XP workstations 9/20/2007 Mystery of Tool Town Special install instructions (rights); requires CD to run 1/3/2005 NEO 2 Wireless feature not tested; tested for XP only 3/11/2008 NetSupport School Oceans Below Requires CD to run, tested for XP only 1/26/2005 Odell Down Under Stand-Alone, not networked, tested for XP 1/26/2005 Omniform v5.1 On Your Own – Coast to Coast Tested for XP only 2/21/2008 One-stop Planner w/ Test generator v3.6 Oregon Trail Tested for XP only 11/24/2004 Palm Desktop, Chipura PocketMirror, HotSync Approved for Administrative Use Only PCS Sign Language Symbols Use only with BoardMaker versions less than 5.x 10/12/2005 PH Presentation Pro Tested for XP only 1/9/2007 PH Teacher Express Tested for XP only 1/9/2007 Phonics Companion Possible conflict with CCC v4.X 8/26/2005 Photo Editor Advanced Installs several components; runs automatic update 5/19/2005 Photo Story Requires Window Advantage, Win Media Player 10 3/8/2007 or ↑, & MS Direct X 9.0 Physics 2000 Not tested for network; use on XP workstations 8/30/2005 Physics Quizzes May have to create icons 9/9/2004 Picture This School Routine and Rules Must run from CD 11/16/2004 Picasa.google.com XP Compliant 11/6/2008 Picture This v3 Pinball Panic This is a game 11/17/2004 Pizza Math Tested for XP 8/30/2005 Plants Tested for XP; Error message received during exit of 1/3/2005 program-ignore Podcasting: Approved for pilot at GBM only 02/02/2009 1. Audacity: Audio Editor and Recorder 2. LAME MP3 Encoder Pong: The Next Level States Win 95/98 – but may cause problems with 11/4/2004 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 5
    • ADDENDUM 7A video Direct 6 = do not install; system at 8.1 Prentice Hall Earth Science Interactive Student Will receive an error message when exiting the 11/10/2004 Tutorial V1.0 program in XP Prentice Hall Life Science 7th Grade 1/9/2007 Print Shop Deluxe Win 3. X version Application gives a general protection fault when 8/30/2005 closing. Use at your own risk. Printmaster 12 Tested for XP only 9/10/2007 PrintShop Ensemble III & Press Writer Approved for Win XP only 9/7/2004 Puzzle of the Missing Salmon Tested for XP; Requires CD to run 1/3/2005 QuizMaster-EQ 12/6/2006 Rainforest (Tom Snyder Productions) 10/8/2004 Raptor V-Soft Reviewed online @ MHS; Requires IE 6.0 & up only 4/28/2008 Reader Rabbit with Phonics Requires CD to run 2/12/2008 Reading Plus Online Program Tested for XP 1/31/2008 Reading for Meaning (Tom Snyder Productions) 10/8/2004 Renaissance Place Totally Internet Dependent 8/24/2006 Reptile Zoo Guide Requires CD to run; Requires Special Rights 1/3/2005 RJ Coopers CD Tested for XP only 8/30/2005 • The Board Making Tutorial • Board Maker with Speaking Dynamically Pro Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software Tested floating license w/ server on-site. Note: 4/26/2006 floating license is a per-user license. Roxio – Express Labeler 3.2 v.1 Photsmart 5280 – Tested for stand alone use only- 11/29/2007 Do Not Network Saxon Math Teacher Technology Package K-3 Tested for XP only 9/20/2007 Scholastic Interactive Phonics Readers Level A & B Can run in new versions of QuickTime 10/6/2005 Scholastic Keys for Microsoft Office v1.2 Scholastic Read XL Electronic Text Collection CD- Run using IE only - - do not change Active X controls 9/19/2005 Rom permanently. School Dex 8.8 Tested for stand alone only - Requires acrobat 12/20/2007 reader Science Court Series Runs from CD drive; do not install on hard drive. Do not run on networked computers running CCC version 4 Science Seekers: Endangered Species Run from CD; test with XP only Science Seekers: Safe Water Run from CD Scott Foresman Reading Series Tested for IE 6 & 7 – Requires robust machine 2/8/2008 Reading Street My Side Walks Sibelius 3 Student notation software Must have admin rights to register program; Must 8/30/2005 register program; Tested for XP. 11/14/2008 Sibelius Music Software Single user version only 2/10/2009 • Auralia • Groovy Music • Musition • Sibelius Compass • Sibelius Instruments • Sibelius Starclass Sierra – Morph ver. 2.5 Recommended for win 95/98; works on XP 11/11/2004 Movie maker software – Not user friendly Simon Sounds It Out (Stage 1 & Stage 2) 12/7/2006 Skillbuilder Interactive Workbook 2/15/2005 Smart Music Accompaniment Software 8/30/2005 SmartDraw v 7 Tested for XP only Solid Works: 3D CAD Software Piloted by middle schools for special project. Tested 5/30/2008 for XP only. Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD Platinum Edition Requires a robust computer with DVD RW 4/17/2007 Sound Reading Solutions Tested for XP only 10/14/2004 Speech Teach 9/8/2005 Spell (Spelling Performance Evaluation for 11/4/2005 Language and Literacy) Star Office v 7.0 Tested for XP only 12/17/2004 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 6
    • ADDENDUM 7A Star Office v 8.0 Tested with XP & MS 2003 &2007 10/8/2008 Start to Finish: Literacy Starters Requires CD to run; Needs Quicktime 7 Startwrite 8/26/2005 Stat Keeper for Basketball Tested for XP 12/6/2004 Stickybear Typing Tested for XP only; Requires CD to run 4/18/2008 Studio 4: All in one animation software Only for music teachers and music computers— 1/18/2008 software cannot be loaded on student/classroom/lab computers—conflicts Study Island online FCAT Prep Software Tested online with default setting during a time of 4/26/2007 high bandwidth usage; no problems noted Succeeding in the World of Work: Teacher Works 12/17/2007 Plus – Planner and Resource CD Succeeding on the FCAT in Science 8/4/2006 Survey of the Animal Kingdom Requires CD to run 1/3/2005 Talk It Type It 2 Tested for XP only 1/31/2008 TABE 3/20/2009 Talking Nouns I & II Talking verbs Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker – The Music Game CD- Stand alone only 10/31/2005 Rom Teach Me to Talk Tested for XP only Teach Me to Talk Tested for XP only 10/14/2004 Teach Town: Basics Recommend use on computer with 512 MB Ram 2/20/2006 Termite Torpedo 10/26/2006 TestGen-EQ 3.2 7/6/2005 Texthelp – Read & Write Gold Tested for XP only 8/30/2005 The Deciders; Take on Concepts Missions I, II, III Tested only for stand alone use 2/5/2006 The Dynamic Sun Manual Install; Can run from CD 1/3/2005 The Great Ocean Rescue (Tom Snyder Prod.) The Great Ocean Rescue (Tom Snyder Prod.) 10/8/2004 The Great Search Special install instructions (rights); requires CD to run 1/3/2005 The Great Solar System Rescue(Tom Snyder 10/8/2004 Prod.) The Learning Company Tested for XP only 11/30/2005 • Punctuation Made Easy • Grammar Made Easy • Spelling Made Easy • Adventure Workshop • Spongebob Square Pants Typing • Clue Finders- Incredible Toy Story Adventure The Water Planet Special install instructions (rights); requires CD to run Think Link Approved for trial at Chumuckla Elementary only 1/23/2009 Thinking Like a Scientist Requires CD to run; Requires Special Rights 1/3/2005 Thomson – Writer’s Resources, vs. 2.0 Tested for XP only; requires CD to run 10/9/2008 TI Connect for Windows Unable to test thoroughly, but looks like it should be 5/18/2005 OK TI Interactive Possible issues with XP SP2 5/18/2005 TI SmartView for the TI-73 Tested for XP only 12/12/2008 TI SmartView for the TI-84 & Inspire Tested for XP only 12/12/2008 Time Timer This is just an electronic stopwatch 11/11/2004 Touchtools with Desktop Touchmonitors Tested on SME, AR, OPAC, Internet, PowerPoint, 9/9/2005 MS paint – all programs worked well with monitor Tune-In to Reading v. 1.0 Tested for XP/IE7 1/31/2008 Type to Learn 3 Tested for XP only 9/20/2007 TyperShark Tested for XP only 9/16/2008 U. S. History eMaps Tested for XP only 9/19/2008 Videora iPod Converter Software only was tested on XP platform 2/19/2009 Virtual Business Simulation Tested for Win ver 2003 & XP 3/3/2009 Virtual Chem Lab: Prentice Hall Tested for Network use on Server 2003 4/8/2008 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 7
    • ADDENDUM 7A Virtual Labs – Biology 2004 Requires CD to run, must load quicktime 8/4/2006 Vocabulary Puzzle Maker Water Wonder/ Water Planet Special install instructions (rights); requires CD to run 1/3/2005 Wimba Restricted to Directors/Admin use only 3/19/09 Words & Concepts Worksheet Magic Plus; Teacher’s Tool Application was loaded on XP workstation-no 8/25/2005 problems installing-application performed well World Wind from NASA Requires direct X; May run slow and loose network 2/5/2007 connection to NASA Write: Out Loud v3.0.3 Writing with Symbols v2.5 XSI Academic Tested for individual workstations only 3/2/2009 Zoo Tycoon: Microsoft Stand alone; requires CD; works on XP 11/18/2004 Zoom Text 3/7/2004 Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 8
    • ADDENDUM 7A Operating Systems: MS Windows NT 4 Workstation (Currently being phased out) MS Windows 95/98/Me (Currently being phased out) MS Windows 2000 (Currently being phased out) Novell NetWare 4.1 (Currently being phased out) MS Windows NT Server MS Windows XP Professional MS Windows Server 2003 Internet Access: MS Internet Explorer v.4 – v.6 (v.4 & 5 being phased out) Security and Virus: Computer Associates eTrust Antivirus Technician Utilities supplied and approved of by Data Processing that prevent adware/spyware. Production: MS Office Standard 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 Microsoft products are the MS Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 standard for our district. MS Office Professional 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 MS Word MS Publisher MS Excel MS Access MS PowerPoint MS Works MS FrontPage Adobe PhotoShop v.5.5 through v.7 Jasc Paint Shop Pro v.4 through v.8 Baudville Award Maker Plus Broderbund Print Shop Sierra Print Artist Media: Follett Catalog and Circulation for Windows SunLink Grolier Online Encyclopedia and Resources Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Grade Book: *Excelsior Grade 2 (with Pinnacle) Misty City Grade Machine (obtain company support) Jay Kleins’ GradeBusters (obtain company support) Grade Quick (obtain company support) Data Transfer and Reporting: Pinnacle (Must have trained school-based support) Pinnacle – Email Server (Pilot at GBH only) (9/9/2005) Net Curriculum/Instructional STEPS Curriculum Alignment Tool Services: BEACON Teacher Resources Scholastic Net Web Development MS FrontPage HTML Calendar Maker Pro Integrated Curriculum Packages: Pearson Education SuccessMaker™ (incl. Enterprise edition) Josten’s Tomorrow’s Promise (must purchase vendor support) Knowledge Adventure’s Classworks Gold New Century (must purchase vendor support) Accelerated Reader READ 180 STAR Reading Assessment STAR Math STAR Math Assessment Scholastic Reading Counts IBM TLC Software packages (being phased out due to lack of Y2K compliance and lack of compatibility with district’s adopted operating systems) Boxer Math Series Writer’s Solution Student E-mail: Ipswitch Imail Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 9
    • ADDENDUM 7A ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Children’s Writing & Publishing (Learning MECC Software – Windows versions (District License) Company) Kidworks (Mobius) Playroom Math Rabbit Series (Knowledge Adventure) Reader Rabbit Series (Knowledge Adventure) The PlayRoom (Broderbund) Carmen SanDiego Series (Broderbund) Math Blaster (Knowledge Adventure) Magic School Bus series Scott Foresman Math Software for adopted series Bailey’s Book House (Edmark) Millies Math House (Edmark) Kid Keys (Knowledge Adventure) Jump Start Series (Knowledge Adventure) The TreeHouse, The PlayRoom The BackYard Reading Blaster Series (Knowledge Adventure) (Broderbund) OutNumbered (The Learning Company) Super Solvers (The Learning Company) Spell It (Davidson) Thinking Things (Edmark) Writer Rabbit (Knowledge Adventure) Bake & Taste (MindPlay) HeartSoft Series (HeartSoft) Ultimate Children’s Encyclopedia (Learning Company) Math Shop (Scholastic) Sammy’s Science House (Edmark) Stickybear Series (Optimum Resources) Spelling Blaster Series (Knowledge Adventure) Sierra School House (Sierra) SchoolHouse Rock Collection (The Learning Company/Creative Wonders) The First R (Miliken) Touchdown Math (Gamco) Wild West Math (Micrograms) Chuck Wagon Language (Micrograms) Mathesaurus (Micrograms) Faces & Places (Micrograms) Worksheet Magic (Teacher Support Software) Zaner Bloser Fonts (Zaner Bloser) Student Report Writer (FTC Publishing Group) Student Writing Center (The Learning Company) Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing (The Learning Inspiration (Inspiration Software) Company/Mindscape) MIDDLE SCHOOL Touch Typing Time Liner (Tom Snyder Productions) Carmen San Diego Series (Broderbund) SkillsBank/CornerStone (The Learning Company) Express Publisher (Microsoft) HyperStudio (Roger Wagner) Geography Search (Tom Snyder) Decisions, Decisions (Tom Snyder) Learning All About Cells & Biology (Queue) All the Right Type (Ingenuity Works) Field Trip to the Rainforest (Sunburst) Field Trip to the Earth (Sunburst) Hot Dog Stand The Works (Sunburst) Logical Journey of Zoombinis (Broderbund) Verbal Mastery Vocabulary Software (ELS) P.C. Globe (Broderbund) Curriculum Resource (Newsbank) P.C. US (Broderbund) Inspiration (Inspiration Software) Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 10
    • ADDENDUM 7A HIGH SCHOOL ACT – Math, Reading, Science, English (ACT) Oregon Trail II (The Learning Company) ACT Discover (ACT) Paint Shop Pro (Jasc Software) Aquarius Instructional (Life Management Skills) Peachtree Accounting V7.0 (Peachtree) AutoCad V11 & V13 (Autodesk) Photoshop 6 (Adobe) Automated Accounting 6.0 (Southwestern) Pilgrim Quest (Decision Development Corp.) Carmen SanDiego Series (Broderbund) Reference 95 (Microsoft) DDA Software for Nutrition SkillsBank 3 & 4 (Skills Bank Corp.) Inspiration (Inspiration Software) Stanford Testing (Stanford) Jostens Yeartech (Jostens) Superlink (Alchamedia) KeyBoarding Skillbuilder (Southwestern) The School Company – Life Management Skills Logic Quest TLTG Physical Science (TLTG) Microsoft Works Tutorial and Applications Yukon Trail (The Learning Company) (Southwestern) Numeric Keypad Operation (Southwestern) Other Software Considerations and Issues ♦ The guidelines for software purchases have been set forth in the Technology Policy and Procedures document. Schools should be aware of hardware requirements and instructional needs, and will obtain approval from the Professional Development Center/Data Processing prior to the purchase of any software. The district Network Software Analysts will support only software approved prior to purchase by the Director of Instructional Technology. Please refer to page 2 of Addendum 1 - Technology Policy and Procedures. ♦ Santa Rosa County District Schools resolved several years ago to support a single computer hardware/software platform, to provide feasible, reasonable, cost-effective repair and maintenance to the schools. The decision was made to provide this support to Personal Computers running the Microsoft Windows platform. Therefore, the district does not recommend or provide support for Macintosh software. ♦ The decision to begin the Pinnacle System must be done in consultation with Data Processing and the Professional Development Center. Schools that plan to implement Pinnacle MUST send at least one school-based person to be trained to support the software at the school level. In-house Network Software Analysts are available to support and train these individuals. ♦ Software and associated peripherals are sometimes purchased with good intent, but the technicians cannot make them work. In this case, schools will have to purchase vendor support or abandon the use of the item or software. Time and cost effectiveness of technical and software support for the district must be a consideration. ♦ As the district moves to new operating systems, it must be understood that some of the older software programs will not run on newer, more advanced systems. This is the nature of the industry and the district must make decisions based on advances in the available technology. Likewise, as new systems are developed and programs written specifically for them, often the older operating systems are incapable of handling the new software and eventually become obsolete. ♦ The Professional Development Center will attempt to offer training on the software products that remain on a majority of systems in the district. However, the PDC labs are not equipped with every software program and price, a priority consideration, may prohibit purchase of and training on a particular software application. Revised: May 20, 2010 Page 11