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Acrobat Related Products

  1. 1. Adobe® Acrobat® Software ® A Guide to Related Products and Services About This Guide Table of Contents Index ® Winter/Spring 1997 Adobe
  2. 2. About In this guide, you will find products and This Guide ® services grouped in categories for a variety of uses—from document management to consulting services to internet services. Today, many software manufacturers and Of special interest in this Winter/Spring businesses are recognizing the tremen- 1997 issue is a list of international third- dous value of Adobe Acrobat software. party vendors. This guide will help you They are rapidly developing products and explore all the available products and ser- services that support this innovative, plat- vices compatible with Acrobat software. form-independent, software-independent electronic document technology. Use the Acrobat navigation tools in the menu bar and pull-down menus to help you navigate through this guide’s many pages. Or explore the “links” embedded in this guide by using the red arrows or red symbols “ ¤ ” to go directly to the items that Table of Contents might interest you or to turn the page. To Index visit a company’s Web site, simply click on the URL. ® Adobe
  3. 3. 3 Contents Select one of the categories below to view Acrobat compatible products and services. ® ¤ Adobe Products ¤ Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services ¤ Application Software ¤ Government Information ¤ Books and Manuals in PDF ¤ Consulting ¤ Information Access ¤ Customized Plug-in ¤ Lotus Notes Integration Development ¤ On-Line Titles ¤ Developer Programs ¤ Plug-ins ¤ Document/Data Conversion ¤ Scanner Vendors & Services ¤ Document Management (Continued on the next page)
  4. 4. 4 Contents Select one of the categories below to view Acrobat compatible products and services. ® ¤ Training ¤ Adobe–Outside the U.S. ¤ User Group Programs ¤ Index ¤ Web Search Products ¤ Trademarks and Legal Lines ¤ Web Servers ¤ World Wide Web Browsers ¤ Acrobat Distributors– In the U.S. ¤ Acrobat Distributors– Outside the U.S. The product and service information in this catalog was supplied by the vendors. Adobe Systems Incorporated has not qualified or reviewed any claims the vendors have made about their products or services and is not responsible for their accuracy. This catalog does not represent a complete listing of all Acrobat products and services available. The information in this catalog is subject to change without notice.
  5. 5. 5 ¤ Adobe Products ® Adobe Acrobat 3.0 6 Adobe Acrobat 3.0 Ten-User Pak 7 Adobe Acrobat Capture 8 Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 Adobe FrameMaker 10 Adobe Illustrator 6.0 11 Adobe PageMaker 6.0 12 Adobe PageMill 2.0 13 Adobe Persuasion 4.0 14 Adobe PhotoDeluxe 15 Adobe SiteMill 16
  6. 6. Adobe® Adobe Products 6 Acrobat® 3.0 Adobe Acrobat 3.0 software is the fastest way to publish any document on your corporate intranet, the Web, or CD-ROM. Acrobat 3.0 gives you everything you need— ™ Acrobat Exchange, Acrobat Distiller® Acrobat Catalog, , and the new Acrobat Capture™ Plug-in—to create and distribute electronic documents that can be searched, hypertext linked, and even animated with QuickTime® movies. Acrobat 3.0 lets you view and browse Adobe Por- table Document Format (PDF) files seamlessly within the leading Web browsers and even fill in visually rich inter- active PDF forms. And with the Acrobat Capture Plug-in, Adobe Systems Incorporated you can instantly scan and convert any printed document 345 Park Avenue or TIFF image to PDF. San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA For more information about Acrobat Software, visit Adobe Systems Europe Limited the Adobe Web site at Adobe House, Mid New Cultins ® ® Edinburgh EH11 4DU Suggested retail price: $295 (Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX ®—some features not available on UNIX) Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  7. 7. Adobe® Adobe Products 7 Acrobat®- Ten Adobe Acrobat Ten User License Pak includes a ten-user User License Pak license for everything in the Acrobat 3.0 package. For more information about Acrobat Software, visit the Adobe Web site at Suggested retail price: $1,595 (Macintosh and Windows, and UNIX) Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins Edinburgh EH11 4DU Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  8. 8. Adobe® Adobe Products 8 Acrobat® Adobe Acrobat Capture software for Windows turns ev- Capture™ eryday paper documents into accurate Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files ready for distrib- uting on the World Wide Web, corporate intranets, CD-ROM, or e-mail. Acrobat Capture makes it fast and easy to scan and OCR any paper document—contracts, reports, technical manuals, news clippings, and corre- spondence. PDF files are fully searchable and maintain their original look, including fonts, images, and multi- column layouts. Acrobat Capture works with popular TWAIN and ISIS scanners, and runs on your desktop or Adobe Systems Incorporated over your network. Powerful reviewing features let you 345 Park Avenue edit documents, and in batch-processing mode, your sys- San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA tem can convert hundreds of pages unattended. Adobe Systems Europe Limited For more information about Acrobat Capture, visit Adobe House, Mid New Cultins Edinburgh EH11 4DU the Adobe Web site at Scotland, United Kingdom Suggested retail price: $895 Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  9. 9. Where to find Adobe Products 9 Adobe® Acrobat® Acrobat Reader is available on-line from the following Reader sources and is free and freely distributable. • Adobe maintains both an FTP site ( and a World Wide Web home page ( • CompuServe®–Both Macintosh and Windows versions can be downloaded from the Acrobat Showcase (GO ACROBAT). • America Online –In the Aldus® Forum (keyword Aldus), sm the Windows version of the Reader is in PC Utilities/ Notes/Drivers; the Macintosh version is in Mac Utilities/ Notes/Drivers. Adobe Systems Incorporated • The Adobe Technical Support BBS–Call 206-623-6984 345 Park Avenue using any standard communications software. San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins Edinburgh EH11 4DU Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  10. 10. Adobe® Adobe Products 1 0 FrameMaker® Adobe FrameMaker software gives you the power to pub- lish the most challenging documents. Now you can handle the entire publishing process, from word process- ing and page layout to printing and on-line distribution, with a single easy-to-use package. Productivity and book-building features let you quickly author and format even the largest documents. FrameMaker works the same on all computing platforms to maximize workgroup collaboration. It offers powerful options for publishing on CD-ROM, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and in HTML on the Adobe Systems Incorporated Web. FrameMaker is the ideal tool for long, com- 345 Park Avenue plex works such as books, manuals, and catalogs. Pub- San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA lishing has never been so efficient! Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins Edinburgh EH11 4DU Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  11. 11. Adobe® Adobe Products 11 Illustrator® 6.0 Adobe Illustrator 6.0 software for Macintosh, the industry’s leading illustration and page design tool, features an im- port/export capability that lets users open and edit single pages of PDF files. This capability, along with the program’s editing tools, provides the fastest way to edit PDF files. Now you can change text characters, adjust curves, add color or gradients, and then export the edited page back to the original PDF file while maintaining links, bookmarks, and annotations. With Adobe Illustrator, you can not only edit vector- based artwork, but you can also create new artwork to Adobe Systems Incorporated place into PDF files. In addition, PDF files that contain 345 Park Avenue photographs (raster or bitmapped images) are automati- San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA cally tagged with an Adobe Photoshop® program Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins identification when imported into Adobe Illustrator. This Edinburgh EH11 4DU lets you open Photoshop from within Adobe Illustrator Scotland, United Kingdom and use all Photoshop tools to manipulate the image. You Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. can then insert edited elements back into the original Yebisu Garden Place Tower PDF file. 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  12. 12. Adobe® Adobe Products 12 PageMaker® 6.5 Designed for all of your layout needs, Adobe PageMaker 6.5 is the best professional publishing software for printed and on-line pages. Expand your design possibilities with excep- tional new page layout features, including document-wide layers, automatic reformatting of publications, text and graphics frames, and other breakthrough capabilities. Take advantage of a newly redesigned interface that looks and feels even more like those in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software, with interactive tabbed palettes and new menus and keyboard shortcuts. You can even import Adobe Illustrator files directly in PageMaker. When you’re Adobe Systems Incorporated ready for Internet publishing, simply export pages to Adobe 345 Park Avenue Portable Document Format (PDF) or HTML format. San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA PageMaker 6.5 also delivers leading-edge color capa- Adobe Systems Europe Limited bilities, including a complete hi-fi color solution, and extra- Adobe House, Mid New Cultins ordinary compatibility with products from other vendors. Edinburgh EH11 4DU No other software makes it so easy to produce sophisticated Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. pages in any medium using Macintosh, Power Macintosh® , Yebisu Garden Place Tower Windows 95 compatible, and Windows NT® 4.0 worksta- 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku tion-compatible personal computers. Tokyo 150 Japan
  13. 13. Adobe® Adobe Products 13 PageMill™ 2.0 Now you can create full-featured Web pages without hav- ing to know a thing about HTML or URLs. That’s because Adobe PageMill software makes building your Web pages a simple, drag-and-drop operation! Just type in text or import it directly from standard office applications. Do the same with images—PageMill automatically converts them to the appropriate format. Then, resize your images easily and align your text any way you want. What you see is truly what you get! PageMill also lets you quickly add easily editable frames and tables to your Web page. You can create image Adobe Systems Incorporated maps or linked hot spots. Include audio, video, animated 345 Park Avenue GIFs, and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA files. Create links by simply dragging a page icon from Adobe Systems Europe Limited one document and dropping it into another. There’s Adobe House, Mid New Cultins a spelling checker, a Find-and-Replace tool, and even a Edinburgh EH11 4DU powerful, yet easy-to-use, integrated source code editor. Scotland, United Kingdom Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150 Japan
  14. 14. Adobe® Adobe Products 1 4 Persuasion® 4.0 It’s never been easier to create and deliver stunning, graphically rich presentations for screen, print, and the Internet. Adobe Persuasion 4.0 software provides a com- plete presentation authoring environment, with robust Web authoring capabilities, drag and drop of URLs, a handy Layers palette, and Links and Font management dialog boxes. Seamless integration with other Adobe soft- ware lets you drag and drop graphics files from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in their original for- mats. Plus you can publish presentations on the Internet by exporting them as Adobe Portable Document Format Adobe Systems Incorporated (PDF) files. Extended integration with Adobe Acrobat 3.0 345 Park Avenue software also provides crisp anti-aliasing of text in PDF San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA files used for Web and on-screen presentations. With en- Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins hanced cross-platform support, transferring files between Edinburgh EH11 4DU Macintosh and Windows systems is even more seamless. Scotland, United Kingdom And only Persuasion gives you software for two plat- Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. forms—Macintosh/Power Macintosh and Windows 3.1/ Yebisu Garden Place Tower Windows 95—for the price of one. It’s the best buy in 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku professional presentation graphics software. Tokyo 150 Japan
  15. 15. Adobe® Adobe Products 15 PhotoDeluxe™ Easily modify and personalize your own photos. Adobe PhotoDeluxe software on CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows, including Power Macintosh and Windows 95, helps you customize your photos with amazing special effects and step-by-step simplicity. Now you and your family can put your photos to use in hundreds of ways. Adobe PhotoDeluxe software guides you through projects, explaining how to remove red eye, combine photos, add special effects, and more! Built-in templates let you add your photos to greeting cards, or create calendars deco- rated with friends, pets, and family members. When Adobe Systems Incorporated you’re ready to experiment on your own, you can access 345 Park Avenue the same easy-to-use tools and customize your photos San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA any way you’d like. And because Adobe PhotoDeluxe Adobe Systems Europe Limited Adobe House, Mid New Cultins complements word processing and desktop publishing Edinburgh EH11 4DU software, you can add your photos to newsletters, flyers, Scotland, United Kingdom and other printed materials. Adobe PhotoDeluxe comes Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. complete with more than 500 free photos, clip-art images, Yebisu Garden Place Tower and templates. Photos on the internet can be shared using 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku JPEG, GIF or Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) Tokyo 150 Japan options.
  16. 16. Adobe® Adobe Products 1 6 SiteMill™ 1.0 Now you can maintain and correct links for your entire Web site. Automatically. With Adobe SiteMill software, whenever you paste a link, rename a file, or move a file between fold- ers, the program automatically repairs links—including those to external sites—so they point to the correct loca- tion. In the program’s Site view, you can see all of your re- sources at a glance, making operations fast and efficient. You open pages and images, for example, simply by double- clicking. Name and move resources between folders without hassle; links are automatically updated. Create links—even to Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files—by drag- Adobe Systems Incorporated 345 Park Avenue ging and dropping icons into Page views. The Site view also San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA includes link pop-ups, which display all incoming and out- Adobe Systems Europe Limited going links among your pages, allowing you to see which Adobe House, Mid New Cultins pages point where. There’s even a visual warning for files Edinburgh EH11 4DU that have no links pointing to them. Scotland, United Kingdom In addition, Adobe SiteMill lets you create new links Adobe Systems Co., Ltd. Yebisu Garden Place Tower by opening a file or an image in the Page view. There, you 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku get all the functionality of Adobe PageMill software, includ- Tokyo 150 Japan ing true, WYSIWYG page editing and integrated image manipulation and image format conversion.
  17. 17. 17 ¤ Application Software ® Blue Print 18 PreVIEW 19
  18. 18. Blue Print™ Application Software 1 8 The software family for the database-supported supply of hyperlinks, bookmarks, search facilities and interactive ordering for Adobe Acrobat documents. Building Systems is offering a special database, which has been optimized for the generating of hyper- links, which can easily be adapted to the special needs of the user. The Plug-inUser can set up his own Digital-Catalog with all the functions for Online-Order and Warehouse- Databases. With Building Systems Plug-ins the Acrobat user is Building Systems able to: Define Edit-Text into the PDF. Create and define a Amsterdamer Strasse 230 special Search&Order-Function for hyperlinks. Generat- 50735 Koeln, Germany ing and fill a PDF-Order-Document. +02-21-971-4580 Article function with automatically discernibility +02-21-971-4589-9 fax of contents and automatically drawing up of references/ index/ signs and advertisement edit for High-End-PDF. The database as well as the Plug-ins can be adapted to special needs and circumstances. Further plug-ins are in preparation
  19. 19. PreVIEW® Application Software 1 9 PreVIEW is a high-performance application that lets users access, view, mark up, and analyze product design data. PreVIEW provides users with a single point of access for design graphics and documents, supporting a wide range of raster, vector, CGM, and 3D CAD data. PreVIEW is now integrated with embedded Adobe Acrobat software. Users can initiate a PreVIEW session and view multiple document types concurrently, create composite assembly views, and compare drawing revisions. Annota- tion capabilities, including support for lines, circles, arcs, Rosetta Technologies, Inc. text, pointers, multiple line fonts, ANSI drafting symbols, 15220 N.W. Greenbrier Pkwy. and template libraries allow users to create multiple Beaverton, OR 97006 transparent markups without modifying the original 503-690-2500 document. In addition, the PreVIEW measurement func- 503-531-0401 fax tion lets users extract exact distance and angular and radial measurements, in English or metric units, from intelligent vector data, and visual measurements from raster data. PreVIEW supports Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms.
  20. 20. 20 ¤ Books and Manuals ® Acrobat Quick Tour for Mac and Windows 21 Interactivity by Design 22 Internet Publishing with Acrobat 23 Portable Document Format Reference Manual 24 Production Essentials 25 Web Publishing with Adobe Acrobat & PDF 26
  21. 21. Acrobat® Quick Books and Manuals 21 Tour for Mac® In the three-ring circus of electronic publishing, Adobe and Windows® Acrobat turns cartwheels around the competition. Discover how Acrobat software’s high-flying features let you glide over the barriers between platforms and create materials that soar! Learn how to: • Set yourself up to read PDF • Transform limited formats to a format with unlimited possibilites • Create portable and compound documents • Sample a cross-section of Acrobat presentations Hayden Books By Barrie Sosinsky and Elisabeth Parker. Published by 201 West 103rd Street Ventana Press and available at your nearest bookseller. Indianapolis, IN 46290 Suggested retail price: $14 U.S. To order direct, contact ISBN: N-1-56604-255-0 Ventana Press P.O. Box 2468 Chapel Hill, NC 27515 919-942-0220 919-942-1140 fax
  22. 22. Interactivity Books and Manuals 2 2 by Design This easy-to-follow book is for designers, managers, teachers, and students who plan and design interactive products on all computing platforms. Subtitled “Creating and Communicating with New Media,” Interactivity by Design focuses on real-world scenarios. In everyday language, the authors present the process of interface design as the sum of clearly defined parts—tasks and decisions lead to interfaces that work. By concentrating on the unique challenge of design- ing for the computer screen, the authors give communi- cators—with or without experience in new media— Macmillan a foundation for designing interactive products. By Ray Computer Publishing Kristof and Amy Satran. Published by Adobe Press. 201 West 103rd Street Published and distributed to the trade by Hayden Books, Indianapolis, IN 46290 a division of Macmillan Computer Publishing. To order direct call: $40 U.S., $54.95 CAN, £30.95 Net UK 800-428-5331 ISBN: 1-56830-221-5
  23. 23. Internet Books and Manuals 2 3 Publishing At last, a reference book on Adobe Acrobat for internet with Acrobat® publishers. Adobe Acrobat’s internet capabilities have opened a whole new world for internet publishing by al- lowing a choice of file formats for certain kinds of content. With Acrobat 3.0 and it’s native file format, PDF, internet publishers now have a range of options available for their publishing program. From in-line PDF’s, to book-length files, to the amazing PDF-saavy Web brows- ers, Acrobat 3.0 is unique in it’s ability to work alongside of HTML to provide value to any Internet project. Internet Publishing with Acrobat is your key to this world. Macmillan $40 U.S., $25 CAN, £16.50 Net U.K. Computer Publishing ISBN: 1-56830-300-9 201 West 103rd Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 To order direct call: 800-428-5331
  24. 24. Portable Document Books and Manuals 24 Format Reference Written and reviewed by the engineering staff of Adobe Manual Systems, this reference book offers comprehensive cover- age of the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) by describing the syntax and structure of a PDF file, the ob- jects used in PDF files, and the PDF page-description operators. The book also offers optimization techniques for reducing the size of PDF files, improving the speed at which they are drawn, and improving the appearance of the page. By Tim Bienz and Richard Cohn. Published by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, and available at your nearest computer bookseller. Addison-Wesley Supplemental technical notes are available Publishing Company on the Adobe World Wide Web home page: One Jacob Way Reading, MA 01887 devtechnotes.html 617-944-3700 Suggested retail price: $24.95 U.S., $31.95 CAN ISBN: 0-201-62628-4, 214 pages
  25. 25. Production Books and Manuals 2 5 Essentials Production Essentials explores the complex world of the digital production process with all the clarity and preci- sion readers expect from the Professional Studio Techniques series from Adobe Press. In the tradition of award-winning Design Essentials and Imaging Essentials, Production Essentials covers electronic produc- tion for graphic designers and production artists who use the tools in Adobe’s software applications. More than 20 industry experts have contributed their expertise, including artists, photographers, profes- sional consultants, engineers, and digital prepress Macmillan Computer specialists who work with digital files. Additionally, each Publishing topic has been tested by Adobe’s technical staff and used 201 West 103rd Street with the most recent versions of Adobe’s applications Indianapolis, IN 46290 and advanced technologies, including Adobe Illustrator, To order direct, call: Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Acrobat. 800-428-5331 Published and distributed by Hayden Books, a division of Macmillan Computer Publishing. Suggested retail price: $40 U.S., $54.95 CAN
  26. 26. Web Publishing Books and Manuals 2 6 with Adobe® Web Publishing with Acrobat and PDF is a complete guide Acrobat® and PDF to designing, creating, optimizing, and publishing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents on your Web server. Ideal for both the beginner and experi-enced PDF publishers, this is the first Acrobat book to put the PDF production process into the context of a Web publish- ing enterprise. The book provides thorough surveys of third-party tools that support PDF, such as desktop pub- lishing, indexing, and encryption programs. It also covers how to publish those same PDF documents on CD-ROM, Lotus Notes® or your corporate intranet. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Web Publishing with Adobe Acrobat and PDF comes 605-3rd Avenue with a CD-ROM featuring an interactive PDF version of New York, NY 10158-0012 the book, with Weblinks to the coolest applications of PDF 212-850-6000 on the Web. It is available at professional and computer booksellers nationwide. Suggested retail price: $39.95 U.S./$55.95 CAN
  27. 27. 27 ¤ Consulting ® Adobe Systems Consulting Service 28 BVA MYFRA 29 DocuMedia Technology 30 Infodata Systems, Inc. 31 Mapsoft Computer Services Limited 32 The Portable Document Factory 33 Prechsl 34 PrePress-Consulting 35 Visitronics 36
  28. 28. Adobe® Systems Consulting 28 Consulting Adobe has formed a consulting service group to help Services companies integrate Adobe Acrobat software into their network, document management, publishing, or other electronic systems. The group provides engineering sup- ® port for companies that need technical expertise on Acrobat software and the Adobe PostScript® language. The service is offered to North American customers on Adobe an hourly or retainer basis. Interested developers should contact their local Adobe Acrobat account representative, or call 408-536-6271. Adobe Systems, Inc. Consulting Service
  29. 29. BVA MYFRA Consulting 2 9 BVA MYFRA which specializes in the Image and Infor- mation Management field, has dedicated the main part of its activity to the knowledge and development of the Adobe Acrobat Technology. BVA MYFRA customizes Acrobat to provide clients customized CD-ROM productions, migration to docu- ment image and information management systems and integration with existing applications including, Lotus Notes, MS® -Mail and Microsoft® Office. BV MFRA creates completely and integrates Acrobat with the Web, using more than 40 plug-ins and 20 external software modules BVA MYFRA to: convert TIFF to PDF files, import/export hypertext 83 Avenue Aristide Briand links automatically, use Acrobat in full screen mode with 92120 Montrouge France multimedia objects attached, share bookmarks from PDF +33-14-657-0310 files and structure and provide easy access to catalogs. +33-14-657-0424 fax BVAMYFRA has provided Acrobat software inte- gration for many international companies.
  30. 30. DocuMedia Consulting 3 0 Technology, Inc. DocuMedia Technology, Inc. is an Adobe Premium Value Added Reseller specializing in integrating of Adobe Acrobat technology with document management and intranet environments. DocuMedia has worked with the world’s premier semiconductor manufacturers to put documents from the UNIX, Windows and Macintosh plat- forms into Acrobat for internal and external use. DocuMedia provides Acrobat services at any step, including product sales, requirements, installation, train- ing support, conversion, and delivery. In addition, DocuMedia creates templates, docu- DocuMedia Technology ments, and training materials using other Adobe 1616 E. Indian School Road products such as FrameMaker or PageMaker software to Suite 115 provides seamless conversions to HTML and Acrobat for- Phoenix, AZ 85016 mats. 602-265-0650 DocuMedia uses Acrobat Capture to repurpose and 602-265-0755 fax reformat legacy documents for on-line viewing and inte- gration with databases to provide fielded queries and retrieval.
  31. 31. Infodata Consulting 3 1 Systems, Inc. Infodata Systems, Inc., provides systems engineering, consulting, and integration services for document-based solutions. Infodata solutions are based on distributed client-server architectures, open systems concepts, and industry standards. Infodata implements Adobe Acrobat products in flexible, scalable systems that suit a customer’s work- flow. Using hyperlinks, Infodata integrates Acrobat software as the viewing technology for full-text–search databases. Current projects include developing Adobe PDF Text Filter support for Fulcrum’s SearchServer product. Infodata Systems, Inc. Infodata delivers electronic document solutions, 3206 Tower Oaks Blvd. and our services range from requirements definitions Suite 300 to system design, development, implementation, deploy- Rockville, MD 20852 ment, and training support. Infodata has unparalleled 301-816-0500 experience in and knowledge of the industry and can 301-816-0504 fax both predict market direction and leverage new technology.
  32. 32. Mapsoft Consulting 32 Computer Mapsoft provides the total solution to organizations using Services Limited Adobe Acrobat, who wish to customize the Acrobat envi- ronment to better suit their needs. We can provide everything from advice to software development. Mapsoft are specialists in developing plug-ins for Acrobat and PageMaker and can provide connectivity and integration between Acrobat and other applications running on the Windows or Machintosh platforms. Mapsoft was involved with the development of the Create Adobe PDF plug-in for PageMaker 6.0, and have successfully completed several other Acrobat develop- Mapsoft Computer ment projects. Services Limited We will be happy to discuss any project require- 30 Meyrick Drive ments you may have. Wash Common Newbury Berks RG14 6SX UK +44 1635 43855 +44 1635 550097 fax 100114,
  33. 33. The Portable Consulting 3 3 Document The Portable Document Factory is a one stop shop for Factory any project which requires Adobe Acrobat or the Portable Document Format. Whether you have existing files which were originally created for traditional output or are interested in designing specifically for a digital environ- ment, The Portable Document Factory can help. Our services range from general consulting to the conversion or redesign of documents for distribution in PDF. Please contact us for specific information concerning conversion fees, formats, and delivery options. The Portable Document Factory 415-960-6397 408-293-9891 fax
  34. 34. Prechsl Consulting 34 The publishing systems engineering firm of Walter Prechsl assists publishers and the publishing industry in the pro- duction of electronic documents. With a background in the traditional typographic arts and knowledge of the primary activities of software development for prepress systems, Prechsl as a publishing consulting firm, designs Acrobat documents on Macintosh, Windows, DOS, and UNIX plat- forms. Additionally, Prechsl offers custom font conversions for use with Acrobat. Prechels provides services for: Prechsl • PostScript Development and Consulting Publishing-Systems • Internet Publishing Consulting Engineering • Adobe Plug-in Development Kappeläcker 10 • Image Processing Consulting D-74182 Obersulm Germany +49-71 30-38 10 +49-71 30-39 10 fax
  35. 35. PrePress™ Consulting 3 5 Consulting PrePress Consulting of Switzerland supports users in building electronic publishing solutions with Adobe Acrobat technology. Some examples of actual projects include: • Electronic archives for newspapers, magazines, and marketing material • CD-ROM with legacy documents • Digital distribution of advertising • Electronic approval for printed brochures • Information system for a museum (based on the printed catalog) Stephan Jaeggi • Publishing PDF documents on the Internet Bottmingerstrasse 92 PrePress-Consulting is also developing methods CH-4102 Binningen/Basel to automate the creation of PDF documents and PDF Switzerland enhancements (links and bookmarks). +41-61-422-0442 Stephan Jaeggi regularly teaches Acrobat seminars +41-61-422-0447 fax in Germany and Switzerland and offers in-house training for Acrobat users.
  36. 36. Visitronics Consulting 3 6 Visitronics assists prospective users in organizing their documents, defining access rights, converting documents to PDF, setting up documents for on-screen readability, making documents available on the network, implement- ing hyperlink systems, and preparing documents for storage. Visitronics can propose fully integrated Adobe Acrobat solutions that include all manner of hardware. Additionally, Visitronics offers all services needed for transforming documents into electronic files: scanning, file conversion, hyperlinking, indexing, and so on. Visitronics n.v. Also adept in building electronic catalogs, Visitronics Nieuwlandlaan 30A can create manuals starting from drawings, price lists, B3200 Aarschot Belgium CAD/CAM systems, or existing paper catalogs. We handle +32-01-656-0611 all types of still-image and video compression, which +32-01-656-5965 fax allows the combination of text and data with high-quality pictures. Using Adobe Acrobat, Visitronics helps produce practical, attractive, and efficient catalogs quickly and with a user-friendly interface.
  37. 37. 37 ¤ Customized Plug-in Development ® Dimensions Graphics, Ltd. 38 Software Partners, Inc. 39
  38. 38. Dimensions Customized Plug-in Development 3 8 Graphics Ltd. Acrobat Exchange Plug-ins designed for entering data to and retrieving data from PDFs and for searching on cus- tom Document information fields. Database aware Plug-ins which can update a data- base from information held in a collection of PDFs Dimension raphics and/or vice versa. These Plug-ins are particularly useful to corporate customers who need to integrate Acrobat with an existing Document Management System or customers who wish to implement a cost effective DMS from scratch with all the benefits of PDF as a generic file format. Dimensions Graphics Ltd. Back Drive Lillingstone Dayrell Buckingham MK18 5AL England +01-28-086-0624 +01-28-086-0624 fax
  39. 39. Software Customized Plug-in Development 3 9 Partners Software Partners is the leading developer of Adobe Acrobat software products and services. The company de- velops custom solutions for organizations needing specialized Acrobat features or integration of Acrobat software into a systems solution. Our market-leading clients span all areas of indus- try and government. Software Partners has developed custom plug-ins for content extraction, annotation, docu- ment navigation, access security, document management, file synchronization, specialized printing, and document publishing. The company has even developed custom Software Partners, Inc. Acrobat projects for Adobe. With it’s extensive back- 1953 Landings Drive ground, Software Partners is ideally suited to help you Mountain View, CA 94043 design and implement Acrobat solutions for your work- 415-428-01650 place. 415-428-0163 fax
  40. 40. 40 ¤ Developer Programs ® Developer Programs for Adobe Acrobat 41
  41. 41. Developer Developer Programs 4 1 Programs for Adobe’s developer program for Acrobat gives application Adobe Acrobat development partners the necessary tools to build prod- ucts that take advantage of Acrobat’s broad feature set. In addition, the developer program offers developers the Adobe Developers Association know-how to effectively promote their Acrobat-related products to users. To assist developers in supporting Acrobat software, Adobe offers the Acrobat Software Development Kit Adobe Systems Incorporated (SDK). The kit includes a set of ApplicationProgrammer’s 345 Park Avenue Interfaces (APIs), Acrobat software, technical documents, San Jose, CA 95110 and examples. The SDK also includes the Adobe Acrobat 415-961-4111 ADA Hotline Viewer Plug-in Specification and sample code. 415-967-9231 Fax 408-986-6587 Fax Request Line Guidelines regarding Acrobat integration with third-party products and content details of the Acrobat SDKs are available through the Adobe Developers supportservice/devrelatione Association. Adobe Systems Europe B.V. Europlaza, Hoogoorddreef 54A 1101 BE Amsterdam Z.O. The Netherlands +31-20-6511-355 ADA Hotline +31-20-6511-313 Fax
  42. 42. 42 ¤ Document/Data Conversion ® AFP2PDF 43 Corridor AFPDS to PDF 44 Corridor Present-Master 45 Corridor Xerox to Adobe PDF 46 DocuMedia Technology, Inc. 47 Glyphica Solutions 48 Meta2PDF 49 Prepare 50 Transverter Pro 51 WESCO 52
  43. 43. AFP2PDF Document/Data Conversion 4 3 Do you want to take advantage of Adobe Acrobat in your office? Is your enterprise strategy generally to print to PSF-managed AFP™ devices? Do you want to marry the technologies? Now you can! Capitalize on your invest- ment in both technologies with AFP2PDF! AFP2PDF runs on workstations running several flavors of UNIX, OS/2, ® ® Windows, and MS-DOS, or even your mainframe run- ™ ning VM or MVS. AFD2PDF translates the files you were sending through PSF to your AFP printer (line mode, conditioned line mode, mixed mode and full AFP) into Adobe PDF. AFP2PDF has no run-time library require- ments and translates most MODCA objects. It even GenText, Inc. handles ACIL-generated encapsulated AFP. 9400 N. Central Expwy. AFP2PDF accepts AFCCU AFP supporting both ex- Suite 1640 LB 147 ternal and embedded AFP objects, such as Page Dallas, TX 75231-5045 Segments, IOCA (FS 10 support including MMR com- 214-691-0300 pression), Overlays, and Mixed-modes line data. For font 214-691-0789 fax management, GenText translates fonts to raster using itsfont technology. Or, for more efficient handling, use one of the company’s font correlation tables to map your AFP fonts to standard or custom fonts. GenText even handles color!
  44. 44. Corridor™ Document/Data Conversion 4 4 AFPDS to PDF Corridor products deliver documents formatted in PDF to high-speed IPDS printers by converting PDF docu- ments into IBM® AFPDS format. The output meets “light test” compatibility. Now you can print large volume PDF files on ap- propriate high-speed printers, instead of on low-speed desktop printers. This is especially useful for documents originally in AFPDS format and converted to PDF for portability reasons, such as long-term archiving or elec- tronic distribution. Without a method of printing in large volumes on an as-needed basis, the business reasons for The Xenos Group Inc. converting to PDF may be overshadowed by technical 95 Mural Street, Suite 201 considerations. Richmond Hill, Ontario Corridor products are available on MVS, VM, L4B 3G2 Canada RS/6000™AIX® Windows/NT, Sun™ Solaris® and HP-UX. , 905-709-1020 Corridor AFPDS to PDF is one of the Xenos Group’s stra- 905-709-1023 fax tegic solutions, letting enterprises print or view documents anywhere, anytime.
  45. 45. Corridor Document/Data Conversion 4 5 Present-Master™ Present-Master delivers host-based reports to the desktop in PDF. Reports formatted in line mode, IBM AFPDS, Xerox® DJDE, or Metacode® are transparently supported. Present-Master transforms the reports into PDF for easy viewing and/or printing at the desktop. Adobe Acrobat Reader is automatically invoked at the desktop, providing WYSIWYG viewing (using Microsoft Windows) for AFP and Metacode reports. Present-Master is easy to use. The end user selects the report(s) from a list of host jobs. The transformation and the transportation of the reports from the mainframe The Xenos Group Inc. to the desktop are automatic, and Present-Master invokes 95 Mural Street, Suite 201 a required transformation and performs it without Richmond Hill, Ontario specific instructions from the user. L4B 3G2 Canada Present-Master reduces printing and distribution 905-709-1020 costs and provides easy access to information, increases 905-709-1023 fax user efficiency, and improves customer service. It is one of the Xenos Group’s strategic solutions, enabling enter- prises to print or view data anywhere, anytime.
  46. 46. Corridor Xerox® Document/Data Conversion 4 6 to Adobe PDF Corridor products deliver Xerox documents (formatted in Metacode, line mode data conditioned with DJDEs and XES), to alternative media and platforms. The appli- cation converts Xerox documents into PDF files for total portability across hardware, distance, and time. The out- put meets “light test” compatibility. The original Xerox documents, after conversion to PDF, can be distributed to network and desktop printers, to CD-ROM, to COLD, to a desktop screen for WYSIWYG viewing, and to Internet browsers. This means that Xerox documents, such as customer statements, can now The Xenos Group be delivered electronically without loss of information or 95 Mural Street, Suite 201 formatting. Your customers can access their customer Richmond Hill, Ontario statements on the Internet, and your customer service L4B 3G2 Canada representatives can access information using either the 905-709-1020 Internet or an intranet. In any case, the customer state- 905-709-1023 fax ment has the same look and feel as the original. Corridor products are available on MVS, VM, RS/6000 AIX, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and HP-UX. Corridor Xerox to PDF is one of the Xenos Group’s strategic solutions, letting enterprises print or view documents anywhere, anytime.
  47. 47. DocuMedia Document/Data Conversion 4 7 Technology, Inc. DocuMedia Technology, Inc. is an Adobe Premium Value Added Reseller with extensive experience in converting high volumes of paper, as well as electronic files produced on UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh platforms into Adobe Portable Document Format files for delivery on CD-ROM or the Internet. DocuMedia has worked extensively with semiconductor, financial service, pharmaceutical, and in- surance companies. DocuMedia can totally outsource a conversion, or perform an initial conversion and train the client staff to maintain the documents. DocuMedia has high-speed DocuMedia Technology, Inc. scanners that bring paper documents back to life by us- 1616 E. Indian School Road ing Acrobat Capture for imaging, OCR, or a combination Suite 115 of the two. Phoenix, AZ 85016 602-265-0650 602-265-0755 fax
  48. 48. Glyphica Document/Data Conversion 4 8 Solutions Glyphica Solutions specializes in document conversion services and systems; Acrobat is the technology corner- stone of our offerings. We sell and implement all Acrobat products and scanning hardware in law firms, municipal governments, boitech and hi-tech firms, and research or- ganizations. In addition, we integrate Acrobat with database applications when customers require fielded data and complex queries. Conversion Services–Glyphica Solutions converts documents using Capture and provides customers with fully indexed PDF files on CD or tape. We have several quality options available including 100% accurate repli- Glyphica Solutions cas. Customers get fully searchable documents that also 4207 Pomona Avenue retain their visual integrity in a single file. Palo Alto, CA 94306 Document Management Systems–Because imple- 415 493-0620 menting Acrobat technologies often represents a major change in business processes, Glyphica Solutions helps clients quickly and effectively incorporate the technology into native processes and methods. In addition to software/hardware sales, the com- pany provides custom applications and integration work.
  49. 49. Meta2PDF Document/Data Conversion 49 If your site is a Metacode shop but you also need to share on-line documents in a PC environment, you can capitalize on your investment with Meta2PDF. Meta2PDF runs on your mainframe, workstation, or PC to convert Xerox Metacode into PDF—used by Adobe Acrobat products. PDF and Acrobat allow you to share complete documents electronically, including layouts, typefaces, illustrations, photographs, and color. Meta2PDF does not need a special box or addi- tional hardware. GenText created it to meet customers’ requests for a more versatile display environment for GenText, Inc. their host-generated documents. 9400 N. Central Expwy. Meta2PDF accepts Xerox Metacode and line data Suite 1640 LB 147 conditioned with DJDEs. It supports both external and Dallas, TX 75231-5045 embedded objects, such as IMGs and FRMs. Fonts are 214-691-0300 supported by using a correlation table that maps the 214-691-0789 fax Xerox fonts to PostScript language fonts. The correlation table can be tailored to handle your customized fonts. We’ll even handle color!
  50. 50. Prepare® Document/Data Conversion 50 Prepare is a data conversion tool that supports a wide range of standard graphics and data-exchange formats. Standard data in TIFF, MIL-R, C4, Sun Raster, HP-GL, CGM, IGES, DXF,™ and Adobe PostScript language formats can now be converted to PDF files. File processing sup- ports multipage documents, and there are no restrictions on raster image size or resolution. Prepare supports auto- matic file type detection, batch processing, drawing merge and assembly, and vector-to-raster conversion. Available in Windows and UNIX versions. Rosetta Technologies, Inc. 15220 N.W. Greenbrier Pkwy. Beaverton, OR 97006 503-690-2500 503-531-0401 fax
  51. 51. Transverter Pro™ Document/Data Conversion 5 1 Transverter Pro 3.0 delivers an extensive bundle of PDF and PostScript language solutions for commercial and desktop publishers, printers, and graphic designers. Transverter Pro rasterizes complete (or user- specified portions of) PDF and PostScript language files to TIFF format, allowing for custom page sizes, CMYK output for color separations, and differing horizontal and vertical resolutions for high-quality fax output. Files can be anti-aliased for legibility and compressed for storage efficiency. Used with appropriate drawing software, Transverter Pro converts PDF, PS, and EPS files into TechPool Software editable paths, text, and bitmaps. It also saves PDF files 1463 Warrensville Center Road as EPS graphics for use in page-layout programs. Cleveland, OH 44121-2676 Transverter Pro offers graphics users increased 800-925-6998 flexibility and control over their PDF and PostScript 216-291-1922 language files. A batch conversion feature converts an 216-382-1915 fax unlimited number of files quickly and accurately. Available for Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Windows, and Windows NT. Other output formats include PICT, TIFF (for Macintosh) and WMF, EMF, DCX, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, and TARGA (for Windows).
  52. 52. WESCO Document/Data Conversion 52 West Coast Information Systems (WESCO) is the premier document conversion service company, transforming your documents into digital images for on-line use. WESCO performs conversion of your source media, whether paper, roll film, or microfiche, into TIFF files, for use with Adobe Acrobat Capture. Through proprietary high-volume, high-quality conversion expertise, WESCO can produce electronic im- ages in PDF Image +Text, PDF:ACD, and other electronic PDF formats, for use with the Adobe Acrobat Products suite. Since 1986, WESCO has performed conversions for WESCO both private industry and the government sector, in mar- 1600 South Main Street kets spanning finance, utilities, legal, manufacturing, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 medical and pharmaceutical, insurance, transportation, 510-930-7700 petrochemical, and aerospace. 510-930-9316 fax
  53. 53. 53 ¤ Document Management ® Andersen Consulting 54 AnyImage 55 DataFlow 56 docISO 57 DocPRO 58 DocuMedia Document Management System 59 Documentum 60 EDGE 61 Latitude 62 Livelink Intranet 63 Saros Document Manager 64 Topic Enterprise 65 ViewFlow 66 VueFinder 67
  54. 54. Andersen Document Management 54 Consulting Andersen Consulting LLP is a $4.22 billion, global man- agement and technology consulting firm which helps businesses face the challenges of managing the growing volumes of increasingly complex information and knowl- edge capital. Applying a thorough knowledge and experience with leading document management vendors and prod- ucts, Andersen Consulting provides objective evaluations of the best products to support their clients business strategies. As a component of its integrated document management solutions, Andersen Consulting uses Adobe Andersen Consulting Acrobat and other leading edge software products. As in- Media Technologies Group fluential technology partners we actively participate in 3773 Willow Road standards dialogues such as the Document Management Northbrook, IL 60062-6212 Alliance (DMA). Clients are also extended additional 847-714-5948 value through Andersen Consultings hardware and soft- 847-714-5804 fax ware reseller agreements.
  55. 55. AnyImage™ Document Management 55 The AnyImage product line from Alliant Techsystems lets users electronically capture, store, retrieve, and view vol- umes of technical documentation. Through user-developed rules, the AnyImage InfoLinker product can automatically build hyperlinks and bookmarks for documents in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). AnyImage InfoLinker uses Adobe Acrobat technology to convert large amounts of information into PDF, automatically apply hyperlinks, and deliver PDF files with Acrobat software. Organizations that typically generate large amounts of information can have a paperless, more manageable, Alliant Techsystems cost-efficient method in which to view, navigate, and dis- Defense Electronics tribute documents. Systems, Inc. 13133 34th Street North Clearwater, FL 34622 813-572-1900 813-572-2169 fax
  56. 56. DataFlow™ Document Management 56 DataFlow is a workflow management system that handles all types of data, from text, graphics, and image files, to ads and complete pages. DataFlow tracks database elements and events, and provides customizable, compre- hensive reports. The database provides instant access to all data through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. DataFlow’s high-speed storage and retrieval of jobs and job elements results in shorter turnaround times, more efficient workflow, and reduced labor costs. DataFlow uses the Acrobat Distiller to create PDFs for electronic Cascade Systems Inc. proofing. 300 Brickstone Square Andover, MA 01810-1435 508-749-7000 508-749-7199 fax Cascade Systems Ltd. 16 Maitland Road Needham Market Suffolk IP6 85E +44-01-44-972-2900 +44-01-44-972-2960 fax
  57. 57. docISO Document Management 57 docISO is a Windows-based document management system that helps to organize, manage, and distribute a company’s knowledge base by creating an on-line library of cross-referenced ISO/QS 9000 quality manuals, forms, and related documents. By providing up-to-date docu- mentation to all members of a quality team, docISO increases productivity for companies striving to meet or maintain ISO/QS 9000 and ISO 14000 compliance. docISO provides an easy-to-use format for organiz- ing documents, integrating OLE-compatible applications, and attaching files such as multimedia clips, blueprints, Interspan, Inc. and flowcharts. Adobe Acrobat enhances the users’ view- 1840 Oak Avenue ing capabilities of these documents without requiring Evanston, IL 60201 them to launch the native application. By reducing stacks 800-235-3434 of paper and multiple files, and by providing features 847-869-0686 such as multilevel access control, automatic revision noti- fication, and a powerful keyword search tool, docISO truly helps users get control of their documents.
  58. 58. DocPRO Document Management 5 8 DocPRO is a complete information system for the Windows environment, maintaining a database of docu- ments, computer records, and word processor files in dBase format. Scanned documents are held in compressed TIFF format with a Datapen option for OCR indexing. Computer records are stored as ASCII text with DocPRO extracting the index fields. All files originating from word processor sources are held as PDF files. DocPRO integrates with Adobe Acrobat to display PDF files, with routines for the indexing task. In addition to dBase, Scan Logic ® ® ™ DocPRO supports FoxPro, Paradox, and SQL, formats. Martyn House Shenstone Drive, Aldridge West Midlands WS9 8TP England +44-19-225-8158 +44-19-225-8322 fax
  59. 59. DocuMedia Document Management 5 9 Document Man- DocuMedia Technology, Inc. is a Adobe Premium Value agement System Added Reseller with extensive experience in the semicon- ductor, financial services, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries. DocuMedia has a custom document manage- ment system that allows businesses to check in, check out, and maintain their documents. The DocuMedia Document Management System is fully scalable and suitable for department or enterprise- wide deployment. The system runs on Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and Windows 95 and works with documents created in Adobe FrameMaker, Acrobat, and other popular Documedia Technology, Inc. word processing, publishing, and viewing applications. In 1616 E. Indian School Road addition, the DocuMedia Document Management System Suite 115 allows users to retrieve documents by fields from local area Phoenix, AZ 85016 networks, intranets, the Internet, or CD-ROM. 602-265-0650 602-265-0755 fax
  60. 60. Documentum® Document Management 6 0 Documentum, Inc., offers the Documentum Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS), a family of open, client-server software products designed to help create and reuse intellectual capital effectively across the enterprise. The Documentum Server™ operates as an applica- tion server and provides an object-oriented repository that stores and manages objects, ranging from text, images, and graphics to multimedia and workflow. Adobe Acrobat Distiller saves these objects as PDF files in the most appropriate storage system. Documentum, Inc. Documentum Workspace™ is available for Windows, 4683 Chabot Drive Macintosh, and UNIX/Motif platforms. Acrobat Exchange Pleasanton, CA 94588-2748 is tightly integrated with Documentum Workspace to 510-463-6800 present all the services of the Documentum Server in a 510-463-6850 fax highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Using Documentum Documentum, Inc. Workspace and Acrobat software, you can transparently 3 Furzeground Way access any distributed document or business database. Stockly Park, Uxbridge Middlesex UB11 1BY +44-181-867-3000 +44-181-867-3030 fax
  61. 61. EDGE™ Document Management 61 Archi-Tech’s Electronic Document Generation Engine (EDGE) eliminates the need for expensive printed copies or microfiche archiving of large volumes of internal oper- ating reports, customer statements, claims, policies, and more, by creating fully accessible, electronic PDF docu- ments that are identical to computer-generated printed documents. PDF pages are created from the same data stream that drives high-speed line printers or Computer Output Microfiche (COM) machines. Millions of pages of documents can be instantly accessed from any PC using Instant Access Retrieval Technology™—our docu- Archi-Tech Systems, Inc. ment front end that allows multiple users to conduct 2425 Pennington Road unlimited, multiple ad-hoc queries and searches across Trenton, NJ 08638 multiple user-defined indexed fields in order to retrieve 609-730-1285 the documents of interest instantly. 609-730-1182 fax EDGE benefits are compact, platform- and storage- independent PDF files. EDGE also eliminates the chances of your archiving software or hardware becoming obsolete. And with the Instant Access Retrieval Technology front end, you transform millions of pages of PDF files into a complete, no-maintenance, document-management solution.
  62. 62. Latitude™ Document Management 62 Latitude is the leading high-performance document retrieval system. It lets you retrieve precise, relevant infor- mation. This full-text database system indexes the widest variety of file formats (most files in word processors, spreadsheets, databases, and more), and gives you the latitude to view them. Latitude also takes advantage of native, indexed, structured documents in SGML. Latitude Viewer offers you sophisticated and refined browsing and navigating capabilities for the native SGML as well as for the proprietary and WYSIWYG file format (from PDF) and the graphics, both raster (bitmap, CCITT Open Text Corp. GIV, TIFF, etc.) and vector (CGM, CAD, etc.). We have inte- 180 Columbia St. W grated Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to allow you to include Suite 2110 PDF files in the Latitude full-text database. Latitude can Waterloo, Ontario easily follow the growth of your database—the number N2L 3L3 Canada of file formats, the number of databases, and the number 519-888-7111 of locations and concurrent users. 519-888-0677 fax
  63. 63. Livelink Document Management 6 3 Intranet™ Open Text Livelink Intranet is a comprehensive, inte- grated application suite that enables people to work collaboratively no matter where they are or what com- puter platforms they use. Livelink brings powerful document management, workflow, searching, and project collaboration to intranets delivered through a standard Web browser. Livelink Intranet is modular software. The full text index module, Livelink Search, is the most powerful text retrieval software available and the same software that powers the Open Text Index of the World Wide Web. Livelink Intranet enables an organization to provide Open Text Corp. “power search” capabilities for users who need to find in- 180 Columbia St. W formation in what may be huge collections of PDF, Suite 2110 HTML, SGML and/or word processing documents. Waterloo, Ontario With Livelink Intranet, a workgroup of any size can N2L 3L3 Canada use intranets to work together, taking advantage of full- 519-888-7111 scale document management (including support for 519-888-0677 fax compound, or “virtual,” documents and visual, drag-and drop workflow). Because Livelink Intranet is server-based software, no client software or licenses are required other than a standard Web browser. Livelink Intranet truly “puts the Web to work.”
  64. 64. Saros® Document Management 64 Document Saros Document Manager gives networked Windows Manager users an easy, intuitive way to access and organize docu- ments, whether they are stored across the hall or across the globe. Incorporating Adobe Acrobat software, the program integrates the tools used to communicate infor- mation with the methods used to manage and control it. Through a simple, customizable interface, users can auto- mate activities such as network-wide search, checkout, and launch; and printing and sending electronic mail. Saros Document Manager provides a complete, seamless solution for electronic document creation, management, Saros Corporation and exchange. It works with any Windows application 700 Plaza Center and all PC file formats. 10900 N.E. Eighth Street Bellevue, WA 98004 206-646-1066 206-462-0879 fax
  65. 65. Topic™ Document Management 65 Enterprise Information management is an ever-increasing challenge as the volume of information available within corporations grows. Verity’s information server, the Topic Enterprise Server, manages all textual content within an organization, providing integrated search, retrieval, and publishing access to corporate information. As part of a global architecture, the Topic Enterprise Server connects to the Verity Topic Client, providing a complete client-server information retrieval solution. The Topic Enterprise Server indexes information from any point in the network, so users can view and retrieve data, Verity, Inc. regardless of location, format, or platform. 894 Ross Drive Built for worldwide, real-time production environ- Sunnyvale, CA 94089 ments, the Topic Enterprise Server offers performance, 408-541-1500 scalability, and administrative ease. Real-time document 408-541-1600 fax indexing makes information available up to the minute— data is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Topic Enterprise Server has broad support for word-processing and office documents as well as graphics and Adobe PDF files.
  66. 66. ViewFlow™ Document Management 66 ViewFlow, an add-on module to Cascade’s DataFlow sys- tem, provides a dynamic screen display of a publication/ edition. The display contains up-to-the-minute status of pages and their related elements as deadlines approach. The high-quality page display is PDF generated with the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Distiller and the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which are integral parts of ViewFlow. Information about any missing or late page components is only a mouse-click away. Cascade Systems Inc. 300 Brickstone Square Andover, MA 01810-1435 508-749-7000 508-749-7199 fax Cascade Systems Ltd 16 Maitland Road Needham Market Suffolk IP6 85E +44-01-44-972-2900 +44-01-44-972-2960 fax
  67. 67. VueFinder™ Document Management 67 VARTEC’s VueFinder Enterprise Information Sharing software solution operates within client/server environ- ments. VueFinder’s standards-based, open architecture approach enables organization’s to protect their existing hardware and software investments. Information is cre- ated using existing applications and published at the VARTEC Inc , . client level to UNIX-based file servers. Published infor- mation is then accessible on PC/Windows, Macintosh and UNIX workstations for secure, authorized access within the department, within single or numerous workgroups, or throughout a global environment across WANs or LANs. VARTEC, Inc. VueFinder, in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat soft- 12835 East Arapahoe Road ware, allows file sharing regardless of the native file Tower 1, Suite 810 format in which it was created. VueFinder enables full- Englewood, CO 80112 text search capabilities and provides automatic 303-705-7700 versioning control. 303-705-7719 fax VARTEC’s “create once, use many times” informa- tion management capability maintains a secure environment for enterprise-wide knowledge, reduces IS costs, and improves user productivity and communica- tions.
  68. 68. 68 ¤ Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services ® Camino Electronic Publishing 69 Camino Icon Toolkit Installer 70 Canyon Interactive 71 CD-One B.V. 72 Computer Multimedia Productions Corp. 73 ConferenceMaster 74 D Soft CD-ROM Technology 75 Dataware Technologies 76 Docu-Net 77 Documedia Technology 78 Docu-Net, Inc. 79 Emerge 80 IVY Binder 81 Magnetic Press 82 MultiJac Electronic Catalog Production Service 83
  69. 69. 69 ¤ Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services ® Pragma 84 Quebecor 85 ROMifications Publishing Inc. 86 Stream International 87
  70. 70. Camino Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services 70 Electronic Camino Electronic Publishing provides two-week-turn- Publishing around Adobe Acrobat publishing to businesses and government agencies in Northern California. Camino accepts documents in any form, including printed paper, and delivers converted Acrobat documents on a multi- platform CD-ROM that includes free Acrobat Reader for DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms. Camino adds bookmarks and links to your documents and creates overview documents that link related documents. Camino also offers the Camino Librarian, an Acrobat Exchange helper application that customizes and simplifies Camino Electronic the Acrobat Exchange user interface. Your readers quickly Publishing locate information with the Browse window. 4010 Moorpark Ave. Using the Librarian Search window, your readers Suite 105 build complex search queries by selecting check boxes, San Jose, CA 95117 clicking radio buttons, and selecting list items. Even if 408-243-7756 you have already converted your documents to the Acrobat 408-243-7758 fax format, the Camino Librarian makes browsing and searching for information much easier for your readers.
  71. 71. Camino Icon Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services 7 1 Installer Toolkit Wouldn’t it be nice if your Windows users could open your PDF documents by clicking an icon? With the Camino Icon Installer, they can. The Camino Icon Installer creates a program group and places one or more document icons in that group. The program also checks to see if the user has the Acrobat Reader and offers to install the free Windows Reader if the user doesn’t have a viewer. You can also set up the icon installer to install the Movie plug-in and start the QuickTime installer if your documents include mov- ies. Included with the Camino Icon Installer CD-ROM is a Camino Electronic generic Readme file that lists system requirements, pro- Publishing vides installation instructions, and gives basic user 4010 Moorpark Ave. instructions. Suite 105 The Camino Icon Installer may be purchased as a San Jose, CA 95117 tool kit that you use to create installers for your docu- 408-243-7756 ments. Camino also creates icon installers as a service. 408-243-7758 fax
  72. 72. Canyon Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services 72 Interactive Canyon Interactive, formerly Multimedia Marketing, designs and produces easy-to-use, information-rich CD- ROMs for conferences, seminars, and trade shows with Adobe Acrobat software. Designed for business and pro- fessional users who need in-depth access to timely information, the CDs provide detailed reference material in a highly accessible format, including complete written transcripts, screen-oriented graphic design, extensive hypertext navigation, and in-depth indexing, as well as audio and video excerpts and direct interactive connec- tions to the World Wide Web. Canyon Interactive currently Canyon Interactive, LLC publishes the Virtual Conference™ product line of com- 31200 Via Colinas plete conferences on CD-ROM. Suite 203 Canyon Interactive can serve as a project consul- Westlake Village, CA 91362 tant, act as a contract developer for in-house projects, or 800-301-2341 provide a full-service development and marketing orga- 818-879-1151 nization for Windows and Macintosh environments. 818-879-0533 fax
  73. 73. CD-One B.V. Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services 7 3 CD-One specializes in CD-ROM productions and technol- ogy. Every month, CD-One produces more than 12 titles for their customers. Concepts, mastering, installers, and inter- faces are created at CD-One production facilities Many CD-One retail titles use the Acrobat Reader. For product catalogs on CD-ROM, CD-One uses Acrobat Exchange with C++. As a developer we have full control over Acrobat functionality. Banks, telecommunication, and insurance compa- nies publish large amounts of documents every month on CD-ROM with Adobe products. CD-One consultants advise CD-One B.V. clients about how to safely archive documents and how the Lammert Majoorlaan 56A monthly productions can be smoothly processed. Pro- 1401 RP BUSSEM grammers can integrate Adobe products seamlessly as +02-1-592-2441 part of a complete document publishing system for +02-1-591-4294 fax CD-ROM. As a component for printing-on-demand systems and computer output on CD-ROM, CD-One implements the Adobe Acrobat line including: Acrobat Catalog, Acrobat Capture and Acrobat Exchange.
  74. 74. Computer Multi- Electronic Publishing and CD-ROM Services 7 4 media Productions Computer Multimedia Productions Corporation provides Corporation services for the creation of multimedia products that incorporate Adobe Acrobat software. This new approach to reproducing and distributing information can increase the profitability of new or existing publications. Computer Multimedia Productions provides low start-up costs, easy transition from word-processed or desktop-published files, support of multiple computer platforms, and increased utility through the use of full- text search. Services include importing existing word- processed or desktop-published data; creating table of Computer Multimedia contents and full-text search indexes; embedding or link- Productions Corporation ing audio and video; installing software; packaging; 4707 140th Avenue North distribution; documentation; and cost/benefit analysis. Suite 203 Computer Multimedia Productions will also convert Clearwater, FL 34622 conference proceedings to electronic form using Adobe 813-531-7279 Acrobat, enabling you to provide your professional asso- 813-531-7498 fax ciation with valuable, easily accessed information.