02 February 3, 2013, 1 Timothy 1-11, Spiritual Warfare


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02 February 3, 2013, 1 Timothy 1-11, Spiritual Warfare

  1. 1. The Truth of the Gospel 1 Timothy 1 Spiritual Warfare February 3, 2013FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI USA
  2. 2. Write your personaltestimony on the“My Name Is Written inthe Book of Life”page and return it to thechurch.
  3. 3. It can also be completedon the website: www.fbcj.org*Dr. Page has askedeveryone to write theirtestimony so a book willbe made for our new    
  4. 4. pastor to read when hearrives and becomeacquainted with each ofus through our Life Story.
  5. 5. JANUARY MEMORYVERSE: Psalm 40:1-2“I waited patiently for theLord, and He turned tome and heard my cry forhelp. 
  6. 6. He brought me up from adesolate pit,out of the muddy clay,and set my feet on a rock,making my steps secure.”  Psalm 40:1-2 HCSB
  7. 7. FEBRUARY VERSE “God, create a clean heartfor me and renew asteadfast spirit withinme.”  Psalm 51:10 HCSB
  8. 8. The MacArthur NewTestament Commentary,Copyright © Moody Pressand John MacArthur, Jr.,1983-2007.
  9. 9. 1 Timothy 1:1-11 HCSBGreeting1 “Paul, an apostle ofChrist Jesus by thecommand of God ourSavior and of Christ Jesusour hope:
  10. 10. 2 To Timothy, my trueson in the faith.Grace, mercy, and peacefrom God the Father andChrist Jesus our Lord.
  11. 11. False Doctrine3 As I urged you when Iwent to Macedonia, remain in Ephesus so thatyou may instruct certainpeople not to teachdifferent doctrine 
  12. 12. 4 or to pay attention tomyths and endlessgenealogies. Thesepromote emptyspeculations rather thanGod’s plan, whichoperates by faith.
  13. 13. 5 Now the goal of ourinstruction is:love that comes from apure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.
  14. 14. 6 Some have deviatedfrom these and turnedaside to fruitlessdiscussion. 7 They want to be teachersof the law, although theydon’t understand what
  15. 15. they are saying or whatthey are insisting on. 8 But we know that thelaw is good, provided oneuses it legitimately. 9 We know that the law isnot meant for a righteous
  16. 16. person, but for the lawlessand rebellious, for theungodly and sinful, forthe unholy and irreverent,for those who kill theirfathers and mothers, formurderers, 
  17. 17. 10 for the sexuallyimmoral andhomosexuals, forkidnappers, liars,perjurers, and forwhatever else is contraryto the sound teaching
  18. 18.  11 based on the gloriousGospel of the blessedGod, which was entrustedto me.” 1 Timothy 1:1-11 HCSB
  19. 19. Paul’s Testimony1 Timothy 1:12-1712 “I give thanks to ChristJesus our Lord Who hasstrengthened me, becauseHe considered me faithful,appointing me to theministry—
  20. 20. 13 one who was formerlya blasphemer, apersecutor, and anarrogant man. But Ireceived mercy because Iacted out of ignorance inunbelief.
  21. 21. 14 And the grace of ourLord overflowed, alongwith the faith and lovethat are in Christ Jesus.
  22. 22. 15 This saying istrustworthy anddeserving of fullacceptance: “Christ Jesuscame into the world tosave sinners”—and I amthe worst of them.
  23. 23. 16 But I received mercy forthis reason, so that in me,the worst of them, ChristJesus might demonstrateHis extraordinarypatience as an example tothose who would believe
  24. 24. in Him for eternal life. 17 Now to theKing eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, behonor and glory foreverand ever. Amen.” 1 Timothy 1:12-17
  25. 25. Fighting the Noble War1 Timothy 1:18-19a NASB“This command I entrustto you, Timothy, my son,in accordance with theprophecies previouslymade concerning you,
  26. 26. that by them you mayfight the good fight,keeping faith and a goodconscience,…” 1 Timothy 1:18-19a NASB
  27. 27. There is another side tothe Christian life,however, one that doesntoften find its way into ourbelief system.
  28. 28. Our Lord Jesus Christ hascalled His followers to anabundant life of love,peace, joy, andcommunion with Him.
  29. 29. But the Christian life isalso a warfare, asbelievers enter a lifelongfight against the evilworld system, their ownsinful human flesh, andagainst Satan.
  30. 30. The contemporary churchseems to have missed thereality of spiritualwarfare.Many have heard only thegospel of easy believismand cheap grace.
  31. 31. Many have an inadequateconcept of the spiritualstruggle involved inloving the Lord JesusChrist.
  32. 32. Such people oftenmagnify the pettytemporal annoyances ofeveryday life until theyseem like trials of epicproportions!
  33. 33. Frankly, that is as absurdas a soldier in the midst ofa raging firefightcomplaining about thedirt on his uniform.
  34. 34. *Paul was very muchaware of the reality ofspiritual warfare.*Not only did he battle hisflesh (Rom 7:14-25), buthe also had to continuallyengage the world.
  35. 35. Paul was relentlesslyassaulted by Satan, as hismention of the"messenger of Satan" sentto beat him (2 Cor 12:7)indicates.
  36. 36. A Thorn in the Flesh2 Corinthians 12:7-107 “Because of thesurpassing greatness ofthe revelations, for thisreason, to keep me fromexalting myself, there was
  37. 37. given me a thorn in theflesh, a messenger ofSatan to torment me—tokeep me from exaltingmyself! 8 Concerning thisI implored the Lord threetimes that it might leave
  38. 38. me. 9 And He has said tome, “My grace issufficient for you, forpower is perfected inweakness.” Most gladly,therefore, I will ratherboast about my
  39. 39. weaknesses, so that thepower of Christ may dwellin me. 10 Therefore I amwell content withweaknesses, with insults,with distresses, withpersecutions,
  40. 40. with difficulties, forChrist’s sake; for when Iam weak, then I amstrong.”2 Corinthians 12:7-10NASB
  41. 41. *Satanic opposition alsokept Paul from visitingthe Thessalonians (1 Thess2:17-18).*Here, Paul calls onTimothy to fight the goodfight against Satan.
  42. 42. *Like all of us in theministry, Timothy wascalled to an unceasingspiritual warfare.*That fight demandsequipped, trained, anddevoted soldiers.
  43. 43. 2 Timothy 2:3-4 NASB3 “Suffer hardship with me,as a good soldier of ChristJesus. 4 No soldier in activeservice entangles himselfin the affairs of everydaylife, so that he
  44. 44. may please the One Whoenlisted him as a soldier.” 2 Timothy 2:3-4 NASB
  45. 45. *Paul wrote 1 Timothy tohelp Timothy gear up forhis current battles.*Paul had left Timothy inEphesus to oppose theenemies encroaching onthe Ephesian church.
  46. 46. False leaders in positionsof power and authoritywere teaching heresyabout the Person andwork of Jesus Christ(1 Timothy 1:4-7).
  47. 47. *These false teachers werealso living impure lives.*Timothy was set in theforefront of thebattle, and Paul wantedhim to acquit himselfwell.
  48. 48. *To understand the fullscope of Timothys battle,we need to step back andlook at the big picture.*Spiritual conflict is, at itshighest level, a warbetween God and Satan.
  49. 49. *It is fought also on theangelic level, betweenSatans wicked demonsand Gods holy angels.*On the human level, it isa battle between godlyand ungodly men.
  50. 50. *Originally, there was nosuch war.*The Bible knows of noeternal dualism betweengood and evil.
  51. 51. Genesis 1:31 records thatat the end of the sixth day,"God saw all that He hadmade, and behold, it wasvery good." Everything inGods creation submittedto His sovereign rule;
  52. 52. there was no conflict orrebellion.*There was no Satan, noadversary, no rebel, nodeceiver.*Then came a disastrousevent that ignited the war.
  53. 53. Ezekiel describes it:Ezekiel 28:11-19“Again the word of theLord came to me saying,"Son of man, take up alamentation over the kingof Tyre, and say to him,
  54. 54. Thus says the Lord God,"You had the seal ofperfection, full of wisdomand perfect in beauty. Youwere in Eden, the gardenof God; every preciousstone was your covering:
  55. 55. The ruby, the topaz, andthe diamond; the beryl,the onyx, and the jasper;the lapis lazuli, theturquoise, and theemerald; and the gold, theworkmanship of your
  56. 56. settings and sockets, wasin you. On the day thatyou were created theywere prepared. You werethe anointed cherub whocovers, and I placed youthere. You were on the
  57. 57. holy mountain of God;you walked in the midstof the stones of fire. Youwere blameless in yourways from the day youwere created, untilunrighteousness was
  58. 58. found in you. By theabundance of your tradeyou were internally filledwith violence, and yousinned; therefore I havecast you as profane fromthe mountain of God. And
  59. 59. I have destroyed you, Ocovering cherub, from themidst of the stones of fire.Your heart was lifted upbecause of your beauty;you corrupted yourwisdom by reason of your
  60. 60. splendor. I cast you to theground; I put you beforekings, that they may seeyou. By the multitude ofyour iniquities, in theunrighteousness of yourtrade, you profaned your
  61. 61. sanctuaries. Therefore Ihave brought fire from themidst of you; it hasconsumed you, and I haveturned you to ashes on theearth in the eyes of allwho see you.
  62. 62. All who know you amongthe peoples are appalledat you; you have becometerrified, and you will beno more."" Ezekiel 28:11-19
  63. 63. Verses 11-19 describeLucifer.
  64. 64. Before his fall, whichobviously took place afterthe creation of the Gardenof Eden, Satan was the"anointed cherub whocovers" (v. 14).
  65. 65. *He was the highestranking angelic being,concerned particularlywith the glory of God.*He was "on the holymountain of God," and"walked in the midst of
  66. 66. the stones of fire."*That speaks of hisdwelling in the immediatepresence of God.*How such a being,blameless since hiscreation, existing in a
  67. 67. perfectly holyenvironment, could sinremains a mystery.*That he did sin is a fact,however.*All Ezekiel says of him isthat "unrighteousness was
  68. 68. found in you" (v. 15).*He was then cast fromhis station among the holyones in Gods presence (v.16), although he is stillallowed access to thatpresence (Job 1:6; Rev 12).
  69. 69. It was then that hebecame Satan, theadversary; Apollyon, thedestroyer; Devil, theslanderer.
  70. 70. Ezekiel describes Lucifersmotivation in verse 17:"Your heart was lifted upbecause of your beauty;you corrupted yourwisdom by reason of yoursplendor."
  71. 71. Satan somehow becameenamored with his beautyand splendor, and hisresponse was the sin ofpride, which led torebellion.
  72. 72. Isaiah 14:12-14 confirmsthat it was indeed pridethat caused Satansdownfall:“How you have fallenfrom heaven, O star of themorning, son of the dawn!
  73. 73. You have been cut downto the earth, you whohave weakened thenations! But you said inyour heart, "I will ascendto heaven; I will raise mythrone above the stars of
  74. 74. God, and I will sit on themount of assembly in therecesses of the north.I will ascend above theheights of the clouds;I will make myself like theMost High." Isa 14:12-14
  75. 75. As Ezekiel describedSatan as the greater powerbehind the ruler of Tyre,so Isaiah shows him to bethe power behind the kingof Babylon.
  76. 76. He calls him "star of themorning,"emphasizing the glorySatan possessed before hisfall ( Rev 22:16 where asimilar phrase is used todescribe Christ).
  77. 77. Isaiahs exclamation "Howyou have fallen fromheaven" is reminiscent ofour Lords words in Luke10:18, "I was watchingSatan fall from heavenlike lightning."
  78. 78. *Satans pride is revealedin the five statements inverses 13 and 14 thatbegin, "I will."*He was not content withbeing the highest-rankingcreated being, dwelling
  79. 79. constantly in Godspresence.*He became jealous ofGod, and sought equalitywith Him.
  80. 80. *That sin, a projection ofhis pride, was the sameone he soon tempted Eveto commit (Genesis 3:5).*When Satan, in his pride,tried to "ascend above theheights of the clouds," and
  81. 81. make himself "like theMost High," the long warwith God began.
  82. 82. Satan was not alone in hisrebellion. Revelation 12:3-4 reveals that hosts ofother angels joined him:“And another signappeared in heaven: andbehold, a great red dragon
  83. 83. having seven heads andten horns, and on hisheads were sevendiadems. And his tailswept away a third of thestars of heaven, and threwthem to the earth.”
  84. 84. And the dragon stoodbefore the woman whowas about to give birth, sothat when she gave birthhe might devour herchild.” Revelation 12:3-4
  85. 85. *The dragon is none otherthan Satan, and the starsof heaven symbolize theangels (Job 38:7).*When Satan fell, he tookone third of the angelswith him.
  86. 86. *These fallen angels, ordemons, aid Satan in hiswarfare against God.*While some God haspermanently bound (Jude6), and others He hastemporarily bound until
  87. 87. the Tribulation (Rev 9:3),the others move throughthe world to do Satansbidding and their ownevil.
  88. 88. *The specific target ofSatan and his demonichosts is Christ and Hisredemptive work andfinal glory.*In Rev 12:5, we read ofthe woman, symbolizing
  89. 89. Israel, giving birth to theMessiah, Who was to rulethe nations with a rod ofiron.*In verse 4, we see Satanattempting to destroy thechild.
  90. 90. *Throughout history, thathas been the special focusof his attack.*In Gen 6, we learn of hisattempt to produce a raceof half-breed demon-menthat would be
  91. 91. unredeemable.*He often tried to corruptIsrael with sin or mixedmarriages so there wouldbe no possibility of agodly seed.
  92. 92. He even tried toaccomplish the genocideof the Jews, but God usedMordecai and Esther tosave them.
  93. 93. *He tried to kill Jesusthrough Herods slaughterof the infants, and byhaving Him thrown off acliff at Nazareth (Luke 4).*He tried to get Christ tofall for his temptations.
  94. 94. Finally, he had Himcrucified, only to have hisown head crushed and hispower forever shatteredby Christs resurrection.
  95. 95. Satan and his angels, inbattling God and Hispurposes, also wage waragainst Gods elect angels,led by Michael.
  96. 96. *That warfare has a past(Jude 9; Dan 9:1), present,and future (Rev 12:7)aspect.*Although hidden fromour view, their battle is noless real (cf. Dan 10:12-13).
  97. 97. *Satan also attacks thepeople of God.*In Rev 12:17, we read ofhis future attack on Israelin the Tribulation.
  98. 98. *Right now he attacks thechurch, both personally,and through fallen angelsand evil men (Eph 6:12).*Satan also has interest inindividual believers; evenhis attacks on them are
  99. 99. ultimately attacks on Godand attempts to thwartHis plans.*How we fare in thebattle, then, reflects onGod.
  100. 100. *If we are defeated, Satanhas in that sense beeneffective.
  101. 101. *When we are victorious,his attack against God isbeaten off.
  102. 102. In light of that, Paul urgedTimothy to "sufferhardship with me, as agood soldier of ChristJesus"(2 Tim 2:3).
  103. 103. *If we would bevictorious, we mustunderstand how Satanattacks the church today.*Then, like Paul, we willnot be "ignorant of hisschemes" (2 Cor 2:11).
  104. 104. First, Satan attacks thechurch by blinding theminds of unbelievers tothe Gospel (2 Cor 4:3-4),thereby keeping themaway from the truth andthe church.
  105. 105. He accomplishes thatthrough ignorance, falsereligion, pride, lust, andthe wickedness thatresults from his controlover the world system.
  106. 106. Second, Satan attempts todevastate those who arealready believers tocripple them and destroythe credibility of theirwitness.
  107. 107. Jesus warned Peter,"Simon, Simon, behold,Satan has demandedpermission to sift you likewheat" (Luke 22:31).Satan wanted to destroyPeters faith, to shake him
  108. 108. and make what wasgenuine in him blowaway in the wind.
  109. 109. If he had succeeded, Peterwould have been uselessto God.
  110. 110. *Peter remembered ourLords warning, and in1 Peter 5:8 exhorted us to"be of sober spirit, be onthe alert. Your adversary,the devil, prowls aboutlike a roaring lion, seeking
  111. 111. someone to devour."*Satan attacks believers,trying to destroy theirfaith and trust in God,thereby rendering themineffective for the battle.
  112. 112. *Third, Satan attacks thechurch by attackingmarriage and the family.*Paul commandedhusbands and wives notto deprive each other ofsexual relations so Satan
  113. 113. would have noopportunity to temptthem (1 Cor 7:5).*Strong marriages andfamilies are a prerequisiteto a healthy church andwitness.
  114. 114. *By attacking thoseinstitutions, Satanweakens the church.*The recent upsurge indivorce and other familyproblems amongChristians indicates he is
  115. 115. having success in that area.Fourth, Satan attacks thechurch through herleaders. Paul tells Timothyin 1 Tim 3 that leadersmust be well qualified fortheir positions.
  116. 116. *Otherwise, they may "fallinto reproach and thesnare of the devil" (1 Tim3:7).*There is no one in thechurch Satan would ratherdestroy than leaders.
  117. 117. *This, too, is an area whereSatan has had muchsuccess in recent years.*Leader after leader hasbeen devastated by Satansattacks, whether throughsexual sin, pride,
  118. 118. materialism, orauthoritarianism.*The results for the churchare tragic.*When the shepherds aredestroyed, the flock willscatter.
  119. 119. *Finally, Satan attacks thechurch through falsereligious systems.*Liberal Christianity, thecults, world religions, andhumanism are a constantmenace.
  120. 120. The leaders of thosemovements, like their evilmaster, can transformthemselves into angels oflight (2 Cor 11:14-15).
  121. 121. *The things taught in thename of Biblical truth aresometimes frightening.*The church faces aconstant barrage of error,all of it ultimatelyspawned by Satan —
  122. 122. "doctrines of demons"(1 Tim 4:1).*How can the churchdefend itself against suchassaults of the wickedone?
  123. 123. Paul gives the answer in 2Corinthians 10:4-5:“For the weapons of ourwarfare are not of theflesh, but divinelypowerful for thedestruction of fortresses.
  124. 124. We are destroyingspeculations and everylofty thing raised upagainst the knowledge ofGod, and we are takingevery thought captive tothe obedience of Christ.”
  125. 125. Ephesians 6:13-18 lays outthe necessary armor:“Therefore, take up the fullarmor of God, that youmay be able to resist in theevil day, and having doneeverything, to stand
  126. 126. firm. Stand firm therefore,having girded your loinswith truth, and havingput on the breastplate ofrighteousness, and havingshod your feet with thepreparation of the Gospel
  127. 127. of peace; in addition to all,taking up the shield offaith with which you willbe able to extinguish allthe flaming missiles of theevil one. And take thehelmet of salvation, and
  128. 128. the sword of the Spirit,which is the word of God.With all prayer andpetition pray at all timesin the Spirit, and with thisin view, be on the alertwith all perseverance and
  129. 129. petition for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:13-18
  130. 130. Our weapons for fightingthe spiritual battle areGods Word and prayer"at all times." Apart fromthat, all our intellect,ability, skill, andingenuity are useless.
  131. 131. As Martin Luther wrote inthe hymn "A MightyFortress is Our God,"‘Did we in our ownstrength confide,Our striving would belosing.’
  132. 132. We successfully fight thenoble war by living inobedience to Scripture.Then we can sing intriumph,‘And tho this world, withdevils filled
  133. 133. Should threaten to undous,We will not fear, for Godhath willed His truth totriumph through us:’
  134. 134. *If we would bevictorious, we mustunderstand how Satanattacks the church today.*Then, like Paul, we willnot be "ignorant of hisschemes" (2 Cor 2:11).
  135. 135. First, Satan attacks thechurch by blinding theminds of unbelievers tothe Gospel (2 Cor 4:3-4),thereby keeping themaway from the truth andthe church.
  136. 136. He accomplishes thatthrough ignorance, falsereligion, pride, lust, andthe wickedness thatresults from his controlover the world system.
  137. 137. *Timothy had a duty toGod in the church,something our self-indulgent culture knowslittle about.*We talk much of joy,freedom, success, and
  138. 138. peace, but little of duty.*Yet we are duty-bound toobey the Commander(2 Tim 2:4) and fulfill ourministries (2 Tim 4:5).*Those things are notoptional.
  139. 139. Our Lord stressed theimportance of duty inLuke 17:7-10:“But which of you, havinga slave plowing ortending sheep, will say tohim when he has come in
  140. 140. from the field, "Comeimmediately and sit downto eat"? But will he not sayto him, "Preparesomething for me to eat,and properly clotheyourself and serve me
  141. 141. until I have eaten anddrunk; and afterward youwill eat and drink"? Hedoes not thank the slavebecause he did the thingswhich were commanded,does he? So you too, when
  142. 142. you do all the thingswhich are commandedyou, say, "We areunworthy slaves; we havedone only that which weought to have done." Luke 17:7-10
  143. 143. *Paul understood clearlythe concept of duty.*Giving his testimonybefore King Agrippa hesaid, "I did not provedisobedient to theheavenly vision“ (Acts 26).
  144. 144. *To the Corinthians hewrote, "For if I preach theGospel, I have nothing toboast of, for I am undercompulsion; for woe is meif I do not preach theGospel. For if I do this
  145. 145. voluntarily, I have areward; but if against mywill, I have a stewardshipentrusted to me“. 1 Corinthians 9:16-17
  146. 146. Paul recognized that hewas under a divineobligation to use his giftsand fulfill his calling.
  147. 147. In Acts 20:24 he told theEphesian elders, "But I donot consider my life ofany account as dear tomyself, in order that Imay finish my course, andthe ministry which I
  148. 148. received from the LordJesus, to testify solemnlyof the Gospel of the graceof God." Acts 20:24
  149. 149. *Every servant of the Lordis duty-bound to carry outhis ministry.*Moses (Ex 4:10-16), Isaiah(Isa 6:8-11), Jeremiah (Jer20:9), Ezekiel (Ezek 2:7-8),and Jonah (Jonah 1:1-2)
  150. 150. all were given a charge tofulfill.*In 2 Tim 4:1-2 Paulcommanded Timothy topreach the Word "inseason and out of season."
  151. 151. In our society, with itsemphasis on criticmentality, entertainment,anti-authoritarianism andpsychological orientation,our message will often berejected.
  152. 152. That, however, does notexcuse us from our duty(Jer 7:27; Ezek 2:4-5; 3:7;33:30-32).
  153. 153. *Second, Timothy wasentrusted with acommission to fulfill.*Paratith¢mi (entrust)refers to committingsomething of value toanother.
  154. 154. *It is used, for example, tospeak of putting a depositin a bank.*Paul had given Timothya valuable deposit, Godstruth (2 Tim 2:2), whichwas the "treasure" he was
  155. 155. to guard diligently (6:20;2 Tim 1:14).*Paul himself had beenentrusted with thatdeposit (1:11), and thatsame deposit of truth hasbeen handed down
  156. 156. through the centuries tous.*We must preserve it andhand it down intact to thenext generation.
  157. 157. *Third, Timothy had aconfirmation to live up to.*Timothys calling hadbeen confirmed throughprophecies.*Prophets in the NewTestament era spoke the
  158. 158. revelation of Gods will tothe early church.*Prophecy is the gift ofproclaiming Gods Word.*In one sense, anyone whopreaches or teaches GodsWord is a prophet.
  159. 159. Unlike present-dayteachers and preachers,however, New Testamentprophets occasionallyreceived direct revelationfrom God.
  160. 160. While doctrine was theprovince of the apostles(Acts 2:42), prophets seemto be the instruments Godused to speak of practicalissues (cf. Acts 21:10-11).
  161. 161. *Proago (previouslymade) literally means"leading the way to."*It implies that a series ofprophecies had beenmade concerning Timothyin connection with him
  162. 162. having received hisspiritual gift (4:14).*The prophecies, then,were those thatspecifically andsupernaturally calledTimothy into the ministry.
  163. 163. Pauls command toTimothy was not his own,but was confirmed byGod through the ministryof some prophets.
  164. 164. *Pastors and elders are nolonger called to theministry in such adramatic fashion.*As we will see in 3:1, thecall to ministry rises frominside through desire,
  165. 165. rather than outside fromrevelation.*That desire is then to beconfirmed by the church.*The church, by observinga mans life and service,can confirm whether he
  166. 166. gives evidence of beingcalled by God to theministry.*That confirmation by thechurch should keep usgoing when the battle isfierce.
  167. 167. Having beencommissioned by Godthrough divine revelation,or, as now, by theconfirmation of Godspeople, a leader cant quit.
  168. 168. *The call of God in his lifeshould encourageTimothy and all otherpreachers to fight thegood fight.*Good is from kalos,meaning intrinsically
  169. 169. good — noble, excellent,or virtuous.*There is the duty to Godand the church of JesusChrist to motivate theembattled preacher —and the knowledge that it
  170. 170. is the noblest warfare inall the universe.What better thing to liveand die for than the greatwar between God andSatan — a war for thesouls of men and women
  171. 171. and the glory of God andour Savior the Lord JesusChrist?
  172. 172. THE RESPONSIBILITYWITHIN HIMSELF1 Timothy 1:19a“keeping faith and a goodconscience”*Paul links faith and agood conscience
  173. 173. repeatedly in this letter(cf. 1:5; 3:9).*The faith is a reference tothe Christian faith, theGospel, the Word of God.
  174. 174. *Keeping the faith meansholding fast to thatrevealed truth.*Timothys firstresponsibility to the Lordwas to remain loyal to theobjective body of revealed
  175. 175. Scripture.*Unlike those who turnedaway from the faith (1:6;6:10, 21), Timothy was toremain unwaveringlydevoted to the Word ofGod.
  176. 176. In fact, he was to guard it(6:20), nourish himself onit (4:6), and preach it (4:13;2 Tim 4:2).
  177. 177. 1 Timothy 1:19-2019 having faith and agood conscience, whichsome having rejected,concerning the faith havesuffered shipwreck,
  178. 178. 20 of whom areHymenaeus andAlexander, whom Idelivered to Satan thatthey may learn not toblaspheme. 1 Timothy 1:19-20
  179. 179. A good conscience is theresult of a pure life.Like Paul (cf. Acts 24:16),Timothy was to maintaina blameless conscience.
  180. 180. Conscience is a God-givendevice in every humanmind that reacts to thatpersons behavior. It eitheraccuses or excuses (Rom2:14-15).
  181. 181. It produces feelings ofwell-being, peace,contentment, and calmwhen behavior is good.
  182. 182. When behavior is evil, itactivates guilt, shame,remorse, fear, doubt,insecurity, and despair.
  183. 183. Its purpose is to warn theperson of the fact that he issinning. What a blessing tohave such a warningdevice. It is to the soulwhat pain is to the body.