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Seva Cafe - Business Model

Seva Cafe - Business Model



Aim of the projects is to understand the current business system, service design and the user touch points, and to design a new business model for the organisation.

Aim of the projects is to understand the current business system, service design and the user touch points, and to design a new business model for the organisation.



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    Seva Cafe - Business Model Seva Cafe - Business Model Presentation Transcript

    • Seva Café is an unusual experiment We were intrigued by the whole new idea of sharing with love and its functioning without any expectation. The very first question that came in our mind was how exactly the Café works and how has it able to sustain itself from the past 6 years?WHYSEVA CAFÉ
    • OBJECTIVES To understand the concept of Seva Café and the ideologies that it promotes To understand the functioning of the Café To interact and understand the mindset of the people involved To study the systems and environment, andHOWABOUT IT find opportunity areas for improvement, if any. To find areas where we can ideate to enhanceDID WE GO results for the Cafés vision and mission.
    • METHODOLOGYDURATIONProject Duration: 7 Feb 2012 – 24 Feb 2012Research duration: 7 Feb 2012 – 19 Feb 2012 PRIMARY RESEARCH METHODS · Observation ResearchSECONDARY RESEARCH · Focused Interviews · Informal Interviews- Through the Café website · Customer survey and feedback- Through blogs and write-ups about the Café All these methodologies have been conducted- Other websites of related projects by taking up the role of the following:- Reading material/ brochures/ Information boards in Seva Café and other related 1. External observers projects 2. Guests of the Café- Other online links about related topics 3. Volunteers
    • Shopper’s Plaza, 4th FloorOpp Municipal MarketC.G. Road, Ahmedabad7pm - 10pmThursday - Sunday
    • CIRCLE OF GIVING GIFT ECONOMY It begins with a single gift: first given, then received, multiplied, and given again, in a growing chain of kindness and care. Your meal is paid for in full by previous guests and you pay for the ones to come. ACT OF SELFLESSNESS DETERMINATION OF VALUECORECONCEPTS PAY IT FORWARD
    • The Spirit of volunteerism Vasudeva Kutumbakam ( Global Family) Atithi Devo Bhava ( Guest is God) Gift Economy ( selfless and heartfelt offerings) Circle of Giving (supporting the experiment and creating a sustainable movement by contributing-what-PRINCIPLES you-wish)OF SEVA CAFÉ
    • Café located on the 4th floor terrace - main entrance is using a lift Only one vertical board indicating the Cafés presence on the outside, no other signage Façade of the Café after entering is ornateRESEARCH Place was mid-sized café, attached to a Gramshree storeAS EXTERNAL OBSERVERS
    • ENVIRONMENT POSITIVES Warm and welcoming - very homely feel. The open kitchen gives a surety of hygiene A good place to sit, interact with new people, or even read No hierarchical reporting structure for the volunteers Display area for new artists, or to communicate Café ideologies NEGATIVES There is still a feeling of being a customer, and not the guestRESEARCH The outdoor seating is only favourable for winter months The menu for the day is not clearly visible – tea and coffee missingINSIGHTS Library is inaccessible due to location in cafe
    • SYSTEMS POSITIVES The internal kitchen systems are very well designed Well delegated work NEGATIVESRESEARCH Inefficient kitchen to floor order management systemINSIGHTS The order noting format is not uniform
    • COMMUNICATION POSITIVES Being communicated to all levels of the society through different media – not commercial New coordinators are more tech-friendly – all types of media are being used. NEGATIVES The communication strategy is not very aggressive or directional The ideas being communicated keep varying No brand image creationRESEARCH The communication is too lengthy – not easy to recall The ideas are not communicated clearly – causes confusionINSIGHTS and awkwardness in guests while paying
    • IMPROVE THE SYSTEMS To make this easier for newer volunteers to understand and be a part. To make all the tasks more efficient and faster To utilize resources more efficientlyDECIDED AREASTO WORK ON FOR THE CUSTOMER Elevate the experience further – make is more enjoyableUser Experience Make it less awkward for the customer - to decide the amount to be paid.Internal servicesystems TO SPREAD THE IDEA Introduce methods of communication to larger areas Spread the awareness of the conceptConcept Involve more people to volunteerCommunicationOPPORTUNITY AREAS
    • VISION To promote the right idea of pay-it- forward by simplifying the concept of gift-economy to others through peer-to- peer community. To establish smart and cost effective ways of communication. To remove the feeling of awkwardness from the mindset of the guests.STRATEGY To maintain an image of a space having the sense of being at home by working on andDEVELOPMENT improving the systems and services.
    • LONG TERM GOALSDuration: next 5 - 10 yearsTo spread the idea of Gift Economy and the Circleof Giving to people as far and wide as possible, andto ensure that the feeling of selfless giving andhumble service develops in their hearts without anypre-conditioning and judgements.MEASURABLE FACTORSSeva Café, Ahmedabad sustains in the same location,and continues to welcome people with the samevalue systemThe model gets replicated and is run with the samevalues all around the country, as well as other partsof the world.
    • SHORT TERM GOALSDuration: next 3 months – 1 yearThe short term plans are a medium to achieve the ultimate long term visionfor Seva Café.To enhance the environment, communication and systems of the currentmodel – to ensure the correct ideologies are spread to a larger group ofpeople, and is able to convince them with it.To encourage more believers to work forward with the concept, and makeit an even bigger experiment in terms of the number of people it touchesTo ensure that more guests are made believers and involved further in thefamilyAnd invite the nascent group of people who have not yet experienced orunderstood this model to understand, experience and share the Caféideologies further.
    • MEASURABLE FACTORSThe Café functions for more number of days in the week; i.e.eventually the Café remains open on all 7 days of the weekinstead of the current system of just 4 days.The number of hours of Café function increasesMore volunteers get involved with the CaféColleges and other institutions take up the responsibility ofcommunicating the concept, and sustaining the Café for certaindays in the week
    • THE IDEOLOELEMENTSOF THE BUSINESS MODEL Share the Ideologies - Spread AR E GI the experiment of Seva Café to a SH ES larger mass by sharing the correctVALUE ideas through various media.PROPOSITION Sustain the Café for a longer run – so that the idea can survive and penetrate as far and wideBUSINESSSYSTEM DESIGN
    • Believers People who are already associated with the Seva Café, and believe & understand the value system of theELEMENTSOF THE BUSINESS MODEL café: · Coordinators B EL · Volunteers T EN IEV · Back-end support – like vendors NASC ERS GuestsPARTICIPANTS All those who are associated with the Café as guests or customers. Nascent people People unaware of the idea and who havent experienced it Potential guests and the becoming the believers of this concept.
    • UNICATIO COMM NELEMENTSOF THE BUSINESS MODEL These will include all those areas which we intend to use in order to achieve the vision of our project. They are not direct forms of media, but instead are routes which can be taken depending on the requirementMEDIA of the situation. These include: a) Systems b) Environment c) Communication
    • Introducing Low cost/ Self Sustained Concepts Since the café is based completely onELEMENTSOF THE BUSINESS MODEL gift economy, it is very important to UC IN G SE LF SUSTAINE DC O introduce only those new resources D NC RO which are self sustainable in nature. EP INT TS For example introducing concept NT E NASC based on the Pay-it-Forward ideologyRESOURCES – so they can support the investment cost by the revenue generated. Existing Resources There are a lot of existing resources of the Café, as well as a lot existing services/ experiences they offer to the guests. These can be modified, or just enhanced to improve the user experience and involvement.
    • The model is not linear in nature, instead it is formed by concentric placement of all factors – with the Value forming the core, and resources forming the outermost circle.KEY FEATURES The speciality of the model is that if the effort is put in the outward direction, the results will automatically be generated inwards – i.e. more factors will move towards the core of the model. All the concentric circles are independent in their movement – each sector of any circle can be aligned with any sector of another circle, to form a new path to a solution. Because of property (3), this model can be used to provide a large number of permutations and combinations of the solution.
    • AIM: TO SHARE THE IDEOLOGIESHOW TO USE PARTICIPANTS: BELIEVERSTHE BUSINESS MODEL MEDIUM: COMMUNICATION RESOURCE: INTRODUCING A LOW COST CONCEPT COST/ SELF SUST OW AIN U CIN GL ED CO CONCEPT I ROD C OMMU NICATION N CE T IN PT “MAIN SEVA CAFÉ KA SEVAK HUN” S HE IDEOLO Posters communicating the same ET AR GI in shops of people already supplying to SH ES sevaMOVING OUTWARDS CONCEPT II Believers start ‘Seva supporters’ in their colleges to take responsibility of spreading the message and inspiring more believers
    • AIM: TO USE THE EXISTING RESOURCES TO SHARE THEMOVING INWARDS IDEOLOGIES MEDIUM: ENVIRONMENT PARTICIPANTS: GUESTS S EPT NC CO MUNICATION COM CONCEPT I D NE AI ST F SU GRATITUDE CARDS ING LO COST/ SEL FÉ CA E SUSTAIN TH SHARE THE ID The existing concept of sending out postcards to W somebody who you want to remember and thank is an activity encouraging the café ideologies E OL DUC OG I ES RO Using this existing idea, we could involve children to INT make it more dynamic and fun A simple Seva Café rubber stamp could be created to brand each post card before sending out to highlight the idea propogators
    • SWOT ANALYSIS The business model can be taken in the same format byOF THE BUSINESS MODEL any other believer who wants to coordinate the existing Café or take up a new branch in any other place. The model is such that it would increase uniformly. If one factor is increasing, it would ensure that other factors associated with the model would also grow along with it and vice versa. The model will ensure that the experiment grows both inwards and outwards. The model would ensure that similar factors work in sync in order to spread the right idea in a right way. The model can provide a large number of permutations and combinations to arrive at a solution for any given situation.STRENGTHS No competition in this kind of a concept model
    • SWOT ANALYSISOF THE BUSINESS MODEL As the experiment would grow with the model, the challenges would also grow. The model has been made by keeping a flat structure in mind. Since everyone is an equal participant in the model, the focus group will need to be defined every single time, while coming up with a solution. There are only two categories of Key Resources in the model viz self sustained concepts and existing resources. So this circle would not fit in properly for a new start up which does not have Existing Resources. The model does not cover the financial aspect – funding and revenuesWEAKNESSES
    • SWOT ANALYSISOF THE BUSINESS MODEL Can be replicated by other projects who work on a similar idea of love all and share all like Wisdom Craft. Can be used to grow the experiment. For example, there is an opportunity to grow the Café to 7 days a week from 4 days a week and likewise.OPPORTUNITIES
    • SWOT ANALYSISOF THE BUSINESS MODEL The experiment can be easily copied and can be misused, if it does not put across in a right manner. Changing systems can eventually make the experiment very structured. Centralized decision making can result in an organization reporting structure to be developed, which is a threat. Since the financial aspect is not covered, the sustainability of the model can be a threat. The enthusiasm of the current believers might go down, ifTHREATS the feeling of belongingness is not encouraged.
    • FINANCE CHALLENGESGenerating finance to bring about the changes OF THE BUSINESS MODELThe Café only generates a break-even revenue every monthFinances work only on the income generated from the guestsVOLUNTEERSTo ensure regular volunteer involvement: training and easy participationNumber of volunteers keeps changing which causes difficulty of allocation of jobsTo ensure that the belief of everyone who is a part of this experiment is maintained.CORE CONCEPTTo ensure the Value system (“Atithi Devo Bhava”) of the model is retainedTo ensure the Pay-It-Forward concept does not get commercialisedBUSINESS MODELOrganization structure must remain flat and informalTo have control system in place when the experiment grows in scaleThe systems must not become too structured – a feeling of home needs to be maintained.COMMUNICATIONThe communication should share the idea, and not sell the Café conceptCommunication should be 100% transparent
    • Engaging more number of volunteers with the guests Make the guests also feel like part of Seva family Making more volunteers communicate about the conceptIDEATING Improve floor to kitchen order management Introduce simple system to ensure easy communication of ordersSOLUTIONS Change the order noting format: Make it color coded REDESIGN Gratitude Cards Manav Sadhna Workshops with students Visiting kids SMILE - Through Service Spaces Information board Brochure/ Communication material Order formatIMPROVE THE SYSTEMS INTRODUCE Name tags – for volunteers, staff and coordinators Visiting cards – for long term associates Take away for guests T-shirts and caps for the volunteers
    • Involve the guests in various group activitiesIDEATING – Introduce short games – Encourage conversations about the conceptSOLUTIONS – Encourage young kids to draw/ paint Gratitude Cards – and send to family – Have a simpler/ interactive/fun method of service Remove the feeling of awkwardness in payment – Communicate the Pay it Forward concept betterENVIRONMENT – Change the concept of “Billing” to a new terminology – Give out simple souvenirs as a token of remembrance Make the guest remember and spread the entire experience – and not just the “Pay as you Wish” concept Organize regular events – Exhibitions – Encouraging designers, photographers, artists to put up their work on a regular basis – Workshops to paint interiors, or make small gifts for guests
    • Building the concept of - “Main Seva café ka sevak hun”IDEATING Sharing the idea through current vendors who support the café indirectlySOLUTIONS Communication material in Auto Rickshaws – Auto No Rickshawala Spread the IDEA Facebook/Blog Promote the idea through the Auto community – vi a Udai Bhai Adopt seva cafés for a day – by communities in different colleges Involve student volunteers to work on interiors on a regular basis Take forward existing services and programsBRANDING & Gratitude cards – hand paintedCOMMUNICATION Information handouts Bill as a souvenir Make a new video for seva café Proper signage to the entrance of the café Redesigning the website
    • Amdavad no Rickshawalo UDAY BHAI +91 77324 62734serving with love Shopper’s Plaza, 4th Floor Opp Municipal Market C.G. Road, Ahmedabad 7pm - 10pm serving with love Thursday - Sunday
    • Number of guests that come to the CaféEVALUATION This can be done by maintaining a guest record book, which can also be used to communicate& VALIDATION with the guests later, about Café events as well as Café ideologies. Regular volunteers Keep a check on the number of volunteer coming regularly to the Café for serving/ helping Reaction to the communication Online comments on blogs or posts Interaction and involvement of people on the facebook page Hits on the website, and related links Get feedback from guests to check whether they understand the concept of Pay-it-Forward