Defects Of Foreign Architectures In Afghanistan


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Defects Of Foreign Architectures In Afghanistan

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Defects Of Foreign Architectures In Afghanistan

  1. 1. Kardan University Uploaded By: Engr.Ahmad Sameer Defects Of Foreign Architecture In Afghanistan
  2. 2. • About architecture • Architecture in Afghanistan • Difference of Afghanistan architecture and foreign architecture • Defects of foreign architecture in Afghanistan • What should we do to stop evaluation of foreign architecture in Afghanistan? Outline
  3. 3. Architecture Architecture (taken from Latin word ) is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction. "Architecture" can mean: A general term to describe buildings and other physical structures. The art and science of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures. The style and method of design and construction of buildings and other physical structures.
  4. 4. Afghanistan contains striking architectural remnants of all ages, including Greek and Buddhist stupas (shrines or reliquaries) and monasteries, arches, monuments, intricate Islamic minaret (thetall, slender towers on mosques), temples and forts. Architecture of Afghanistan
  5. 5. Among the most famous sites are the great mosques of Herat and Mazar-e Sharif; the minaret of a mosque at Jam; the Great Buddha of Bamian; the "Towers of Victory" in Ghazni; and Emperor Babur's tomb and the great Bala Hissar fort in Kabul
  6. 6. Deference of Afghanistan architecture and foreign architecture
  7. 7. • In architecture some aspects such as climate, culture, requirements of people etc., are highly important to be consider. And every county’s architects plan their technical plans according to those aspects that’s why it’s not always suitable to use one country’s or regions technical plan in another one. • Unfortunately during the last decade usage of foreign architecture plan has increase in Afghanistan. Most people feel proud to build their homes according to foreign design (using foreign design has became a brand .) They cant understand its bad effect on homeland architecture and they don’t know about its defects that these design dose not suit our standards.
  8. 8. Evaluation of foreign architecture has many negative points such as: Cultural: we know that Afghanistan is an Islamic country and privacy is extremely important for afghan people, while in foreign countries it’s not important. Using foreign architecture, building big terraces and verandas are useless in Afghanistan because they can’t use it easily (women cant use it because they will be seen by neighbors and men cant use it because its rude to look at neighbors house.) Defect of foreign architecture in Afghanistan
  9. 9. Also in foreign structures privacy is not considered they use big glasses no boundaries big opening etc., which are not suitable in Afghanistan. There are some neighbor Islamic countries like Pakistan, Iran and Arabic countries whose culture some how resemble ours but there are some other problems like climate etc.
  10. 10. while the building structure first architect plan its technical design then the plan should be given to civil engineer to create its engineering design which is very important. Most of the people bring architecture plan from foreign countries without its engineering design and design it in Afghanistan, which is wrong because while planning a design many things should be considered such as earthquake site, soil strength, climate etc. Structure:
  11. 11. In Afghanistan some people imitate from some foreign design and spend lots of money on structures to make it beautiful, they use strange style, statues, verandas and colors which are not suitable to Afghanistan's standards and costs a lot. 
 Beauty can be created by making a useful structure not strange materials.
Also using foreign architecture defect our architecture and architects. Economy:
  12. 12. there are some neighborhood Islamic countries whose culture somehow resemble ours. But in this case there is climate problem, most of people bring their plans from Pakistan which are not suitable in this area because Pakistan has a warm weather. All buildings in Pakistan are designed according to its weather, while Afghanistan has not a warm weather and faces very cold winter. Warm region architects use thin walls and thin slabs, long over hangs to prevent the sunshine but in a cold weather country like Afghanistan its absolutely not suitable. In Afghanistan we should thick walls and slabs we should have thick roofs instead of flat roofs because in winter it has heavy snows and rains. Orientation of building should be design according to their region. Climate:
  13. 13. Understanding of architecture could be thought and be part of the curriculum of the high schools Professional schools and higher education institutes of architecture should be established in Afghanistan History of Afghan architecture and modern architecture should be thought in these institutes Awareness should be given to the ordinary people to prefer afghan architecture and build structures based on local design Its to their benefits to use afghan designs from point of view of economy, culture, esthetic, durability, climate, etc. What should to do (solution)?
  14. 14. Thank you! 