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  • 1. EBay 13+ InternetRetail Experience,Baazee.comCRICKET TalkativeTajonline PositiveBlack Label
  • 2. Iksula is an End-to-End Internet Retail Solutions and Service Provider Internet Consulting Technology Marketing Content Fulfillment Merchandising Operations Production
  • 3. 2007The Year Iksula was Founded
  • 4. 200+Employees as of Dec-2012
  • 5. 40+Man Years of eTail Expertise
  • 6. 200+Ecommerce Websites powered by Iksula
  • 7. 3Offices in Mumbai, New Jersey and Singapore
  • 8.  Technology Usability  Engagement Content
  • 9. Similar Productsfor comparisonTo remove fromcomparisonDifferences arehighlighted
  • 10. Customize Jewellery
  • 11. Auto Suggestion
  • 12. Misspelling Correction
  • 13. Faceted Search
  • 14.  Does it really impact your business?
  • 15. Sample 1 Sample 2
  • 16. Sample 1 Sample 2 “Matter of Fact”  “Experiential” Presentation Presentation  Catalog Photography Basic photography  Detailed information 0.7% conversion rate  1.3% conversion rate Conversion Rate Everything remaining the same, we saw a doubling of conversion rate after we improved the product pages
  • 17. Enhances the usability of your site Search – indexed content Browse by attributes Compare productsReduces your operational costs Lesser product returns as informed buying Reduces costs of marketing Structured data helps in fulfillment planningAnd also improves your productpage conversion rate Informed buying decisions
  • 18. Should be quick & informative, the most importantProduct Titles pointsDescriptions Highlight the consumer benefits & romanticize the product Well shot photographs that showcase the finer productImages & Videos detailingKey Features Quick summary of the most important selling pointsAttributes & A very detailed list of all the product attributesSpecs Well chosen products which can complement orCross & Up Sells supplement
  • 19. A great product title structureProduct Titles •“Brand Name / Collection” “What the product is” “Key Attribute/s”Descriptions ExamplesImages & Videos •Trademark Global Wood 3 in 1 Chess Backgammon TableKey Features •Globus Blue Sleeveless Ethnic Kurti with Embroidery and LaceAttributes & •Masai Patio Table Set (2+1) Teak FinishSpecs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  • 20. Descriptions have to be engagingProduct Titles •.. has to highlight consumer benefits and not list out product features. Eg: this digital camera comes withDescriptions 8X zoom which allows you to get close to the action from far away •.. should have crisp language, be grammaticallyImages & Videos correct. No spelling mistakes •… should be interestingly written - the reader shouldKey Features want to read the entire description •.. should have a structureAttributes & •.. should be original. Mr.Panda hates copied contentSpecs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  • 21. Product Titles A picture has to give a realistic feel of the product •.. high resolution photographs, which users can zoomDescriptions into, are always better •.. should be shot from multiple anglesImages & Videos •… offer close up to design details •… for star products, or very high volume products, get videos doneKey FeaturesAttributes & Good picture is a result ofSpecs •The type of photography – table top, catalog, editorialCross & Up Sells •Technology used to display pictures
  • 22. Table Top Product Shots Shot on top of a table Prevalent for non-fashion products
  • 23.  Focus is on the product  Background is usually one tone so that it doesn’t take away from the product  Makeup and poses are subdued  Common background used are White and Grey  Mostly, no props are used Apt for E-commerce due to low costs of production Example : Zara, Neiman-Marcus, Diesel, Globus, Armani Collezioni, Burberry, Levis
  • 24.  The model is on location, in an environment, or living/interacting with a lifestyle Focus on styling, makeup and posture Wardrobe may have more of accessories. Usually follows a theme Model as well as background is very styled. Magazine like look and feel Example : Benetton, Versace Catalog shopping sites:
  • 25. Product Visualization Product Personalization and• Image Resizing Configurator customization• Magnifying Glass Eg: Room designer Eg: Bunnies, Best• dHTML Zoom and Pan Buddies• Multi-Image Zoom and Pan• Inset Creation• Printed Work Previews Some really cool technologies out there• Image Overlays Liquid Pixels• 360° Spin Scene 7 (Adobe)• E-Catalog Rich FX (Channel Advisor Product
  • 26. •Easily create an inset and zoom into a specific area of the image•
  • 27. •Quickly change the call out style, text and position•
  • 28. •Change color / design of elements within the photograph•
  • 29. •User can personalize the product real time•
  • 30. Should talk about the most important product featuresProduct Titles •.. should give more details about a feature, rather than just list it •.. should be a short list, suggested at a maximum of 4-5Descriptions •.. should precede the main descriptionImages & Videos Example (Product: Jabra Bluetooth Wave Black •3 layer Wind Noise ReductionKey Features •Multiuse - connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneouslyAttributes & •Behind-the-ear style for all day comfortSpecs •Up to 6 hrs talk time & 8 days standby time.Cross & Up Sells Sample websites,
  • 31. Should be exhaustive and accurateProduct Titles •.. should list out all the attributes of the product •.. information should be standardized for easyDescriptions comprehension. Eg: gm vs. gram •.. structuring into sections makes for easyImages & Videos comprehension. Eg for mobile phones: General Information, Connectivity, OS, Multi-media, Dimensions • .. should be accurateKey FeaturesAttributes &Specs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  • 32.  Merchandiser selection drivenProduct Titles  Market basket analysis • An old offline retail technique which evaluates groups ofDescriptions products that are bought together  Collaborative filtering – pioneered by AmazonImages & Videos • Users who bought this also bought that • Wikipedia Defiinition “the method of making automatic predictions about the interests of a user by collecting tasteKey Features information from many users”  Discover tool – Amazon againAttributes & • Website recommendations based on your search history,Specs and aggregated data collected from other users • Recommendations not necessarily based on what you areCross & Up Sells searching for
  • 33.  Product content enhances the usability of your site to increase conversions, and thereby revenues; while also reducing your costs
  • 34. Sampling.
  • 35. New innovative payment solutions.
  • 36. Buying through mobile texting.
  • 37. Retailing Experience.
  • 38. Retailing Experience.
  • 39. Efficient Selling.
  • 40. Efficient Selling.
  • 41. Efficient Selling.
  • 42. Instant show and Tell.
  • 43. Instant show and Tell.
  • 44. Instant show and Tell.
  • 45. Instant show and Tell.
  • 46. Collaboration.
  • 47. Collaboration.
  • 48. THANK YOU!