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Franchise India presentation

  1. 1. EBay 13+ InternetRetail Experience,Baazee.comCRICKET TalkativeTajonline PositiveBlack Label
  2. 2. Iksula is an End-to-End Internet Retail Solutions and Service Provider Internet Consulting Technology Marketing Content Fulfillment Merchandising Operations Production
  3. 3. 2007The Year Iksula was Founded
  4. 4. 200+Employees as of Dec-2012
  5. 5. 40+Man Years of eTail Expertise
  6. 6. 200+Ecommerce Websites powered by Iksula
  7. 7. 3Offices in Mumbai, New Jersey and Singapore
  8. 8.  Technology Usability  Engagement Content
  9. 9. Similar Productsfor comparisonTo remove fromcomparisonDifferences arehighlighted
  10. 10. Customize Jewellery
  11. 11. Auto Suggestion
  12. 12. Misspelling Correction
  13. 13. Faceted Search
  14. 14.  Does it really impact your business?
  15. 15. Sample 1 Sample 2
  16. 16. Sample 1 Sample 2 “Matter of Fact”  “Experiential” Presentation Presentation  Catalog Photography Basic photography  Detailed information 0.7% conversion rate  1.3% conversion rate Conversion Rate Everything remaining the same, we saw a doubling of conversion rate after we improved the product pages
  17. 17. Enhances the usability of your site Search – indexed content Browse by attributes Compare productsReduces your operational costs Lesser product returns as informed buying Reduces costs of marketing Structured data helps in fulfillment planningAnd also improves your productpage conversion rate Informed buying decisions
  18. 18. Should be quick & informative, the most importantProduct Titles pointsDescriptions Highlight the consumer benefits & romanticize the product Well shot photographs that showcase the finer productImages & Videos detailingKey Features Quick summary of the most important selling pointsAttributes & A very detailed list of all the product attributesSpecs Well chosen products which can complement orCross & Up Sells supplement
  19. 19. A great product title structureProduct Titles •“Brand Name / Collection” “What the product is” “Key Attribute/s”Descriptions ExamplesImages & Videos •Trademark Global Wood 3 in 1 Chess Backgammon TableKey Features •Globus Blue Sleeveless Ethnic Kurti with Embroidery and LaceAttributes & •Masai Patio Table Set (2+1) Teak FinishSpecs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  20. 20. Descriptions have to be engagingProduct Titles •.. has to highlight consumer benefits and not list out product features. Eg: this digital camera comes withDescriptions 8X zoom which allows you to get close to the action from far away •.. should have crisp language, be grammaticallyImages & Videos correct. No spelling mistakes •… should be interestingly written - the reader shouldKey Features want to read the entire description •.. should have a structureAttributes & •.. should be original. Mr.Panda hates copied contentSpecs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  21. 21. Product Titles A picture has to give a realistic feel of the product •.. high resolution photographs, which users can zoomDescriptions into, are always better •.. should be shot from multiple anglesImages & Videos •… offer close up to design details •… for star products, or very high volume products, get videos doneKey FeaturesAttributes & Good picture is a result ofSpecs •The type of photography – table top, catalog, editorialCross & Up Sells •Technology used to display pictures
  22. 22. Table Top Product Shots Shot on top of a table Prevalent for non-fashion products
  23. 23.  Focus is on the product  Background is usually one tone so that it doesn’t take away from the product  Makeup and poses are subdued  Common background used are White and Grey  Mostly, no props are used Apt for E-commerce due to low costs of production Example : Zara, Neiman-Marcus, Diesel, Globus, Armani Collezioni, Burberry, Levis
  24. 24.  The model is on location, in an environment, or living/interacting with a lifestyle Focus on styling, makeup and posture Wardrobe may have more of accessories. Usually follows a theme Model as well as background is very styled. Magazine like look and feel Example : Benetton, Versace Catalog shopping sites:
  25. 25. Product Visualization Product Personalization and• Image Resizing Configurator customization• Magnifying Glass Eg: Room designer Eg: Bunnies, Best• dHTML Zoom and Pan Buddies• Multi-Image Zoom and Pan• Inset Creation• Printed Work Previews Some really cool technologies out there• Image Overlays Liquid Pixels• 360° Spin Scene 7 (Adobe)• E-Catalog Rich FX (Channel Advisor Product
  26. 26. •Easily create an inset and zoom into a specific area of the image•
  27. 27. •Quickly change the call out style, text and position•
  28. 28. •Change color / design of elements within the photograph•
  29. 29. •User can personalize the product real time•
  30. 30. Should talk about the most important product featuresProduct Titles •.. should give more details about a feature, rather than just list it •.. should be a short list, suggested at a maximum of 4-5Descriptions •.. should precede the main descriptionImages & Videos Example (Product: Jabra Bluetooth Wave Black •3 layer Wind Noise ReductionKey Features •Multiuse - connects to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneouslyAttributes & •Behind-the-ear style for all day comfortSpecs •Up to 6 hrs talk time & 8 days standby time.Cross & Up Sells Sample websites,
  31. 31. Should be exhaustive and accurateProduct Titles •.. should list out all the attributes of the product •.. information should be standardized for easyDescriptions comprehension. Eg: gm vs. gram •.. structuring into sections makes for easyImages & Videos comprehension. Eg for mobile phones: General Information, Connectivity, OS, Multi-media, Dimensions • .. should be accurateKey FeaturesAttributes &Specs Sample websitesCross & Up Sells,
  32. 32.  Merchandiser selection drivenProduct Titles  Market basket analysis • An old offline retail technique which evaluates groups ofDescriptions products that are bought together  Collaborative filtering – pioneered by AmazonImages & Videos • Users who bought this also bought that • Wikipedia Defiinition “the method of making automatic predictions about the interests of a user by collecting tasteKey Features information from many users”  Discover tool – Amazon againAttributes & • Website recommendations based on your search history,Specs and aggregated data collected from other users • Recommendations not necessarily based on what you areCross & Up Sells searching for
  33. 33.  Product content enhances the usability of your site to increase conversions, and thereby revenues; while also reducing your costs
  34. 34. Sampling.
  35. 35. New innovative payment solutions.
  36. 36. Buying through mobile texting.
  37. 37. Retailing Experience.
  38. 38. Retailing Experience.
  39. 39. Efficient Selling.
  40. 40. Efficient Selling.
  41. 41. Efficient Selling.
  42. 42. Instant show and Tell.
  43. 43. Instant show and Tell.
  44. 44. Instant show and Tell.
  45. 45. Instant show and Tell.
  46. 46. Collaboration.
  47. 47. Collaboration.
  48. 48. THANK YOU!