Ecommerce education by Samarjeet Singh, Iksula
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Ecommerce education by Samarjeet Singh, Iksula






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Ecommerce education by Samarjeet Singh, Iksula Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Omni-Channel Retail
  • 2. Shopping Does not Change it Mutates.
  • 3. Effects on Purchase Decision. Store 1 Store 2 Store 1 Store 1 Search Engines Store 2 Targeted Ads Store 1 Online Store 1 Online Website Website Purchase Decisions have got very informative but very complicated for retailers
  • 4. Whats Happening on Various New Age Retailing Channels.
  • 5. Future of Ecommerce :: QR Codes ::Sampling and Finding details about a product at a image and a click. Sampling.
  • 6. Future of Ecommerce :: Payments ::Ease and Payments at a Click of a Button. New innovative payment solutions.
  • 7. Future of Ecommerce :: SMS Buying::Buy using a text. Buying through mobile texting.
  • 8. Future of Ecommerce :: Augmented reality ::Buying as you think it in real world bywatching in real world through digital eyes. Retailing Experience.
  • 9. Future of Ecommerce :: Extra Convenience ::Using the digital platform to offer in-store experience. Efficient Selling.
  • 10. Future of Ecommerce :: Shopping At your Price ::Format Innovation. Efficient Selling.
  • 11. Future of Ecommerce :: Improving Suggestions ::How Service Retailing can use Digital …….. Efficient Selling.
  • 12. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying ::Buying with Approval, Kaisa Lag raha hain? Instant show and Tell.
  • 13. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying ::What do my friends like? Peer Acceptance isKey in Shopping Process. Isnt it …. Instant show and Tell.
  • 14. Future of Ecommerce :: Social Buying ::Buy with Approval of Friends and Family. Instant show and Tell.
  • 15. Future of Ecommerce :: Group Deals ::Pay as a Group for Gifts and more… Collaboration.
  • 16. Future of Ecommerce :: Made to Order::Buy by Designing yourself, does it remindyou of Carpenter Collaboration.
  • 17. Challenges / Questions Faced by Retailers whenthey think of Omni-Channel Retail How will we What is reserve How will we Online Inventory ? Integrate with Marketing ? How do we ship our ERP ? Individual Orders? How do we plan We don’t have a We have no idea Supply for our store Online Merchandising plus online ? about Online Plan ! Technologies ! How do we Manage Returns? Does it seem like a same story everywhere ?
  • 18. Proposition of Online Retail Convenience Hard To Find Price
  • 19. Convenience : The Consumer Proposition Selection Convenience Sit @ Home and Get it Books, Music, Movi es,…. Deep Research Value Proposition , Categories and Formats.
  • 20. Hard to Find: The Consumer Proposition. Cannot get it Anywhere Get it here Hard to Find C2C Commerce Antiques, Coins, Radio Controlled Toys …. Local became National with second hand goods Value Proposition , Categories and Formats.
  • 21. Price: The Consumer Proposition. Price Discovery Inventory Clearance Auction, Volume Discount Aggregation Price Electronics, C omputers, Value Proposition , Categories and Formats.
  • 22. Thank YouFeel free to contact us for further queries +919867020005
  • 23. Walmart. vs Amazon.Round 1. Market Performance.
  • 24. Walmart. vs Amazon.Round 2. Products & Prices. Food For thought If the cost of monthly shipment and cost of trips to retail shops equals Amazon would always be cheaper and occupy the pricing proposition completely
  • 25. Walmart. vs Amazon.Round 3. Brand Performance. Amazon by proving higher brand ranking and customer service has proven that this model can deliver to consumer expectations
  • 26. Walmart. vs Amazon.Round 4. Expansion & Innovation.
  • 27. Walmart. vs Amazon.Projected Revenue. Key Take Away •Amazon is projected to surpass Wal-Mart in sales revenues in the year 2024.
  • 28. Online Retail :: Online Retail in India :: Current Indian Online Retailers. ::429+ significant players now operating… Source : Iksula Consulting and many more….
  • 29. Ecommerce :: Introduction to Ecommerce ::The 3 C’s of Ecommerce Content Commerce Community The stuff thats working online.
  • 30. Ecommerce :: Introduction to Ecommerce ::Effects on the society. Get gyaan on numerous subjects. People follow you. Connect with all friends online. Search for jobs online. Pay your bills online. How internet helps at every stage in Maslow’s need hierarchy.