Pole Dancing


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Pole Dancing

  1. 1. Pole Dancing Created by Samantha Angel Soc 235 Gender Roles in Society Erica Dixon 8/18/2010
  2. 2. Where Did it Begin? China Chinese pole dance in Cirque Du Soleil India Rope dances Somalia Veil dancing The first recorded strip tease
  3. 3. Timeline of Pole Dancing 70 AD The Seven Veils dance 1883 Oscar Wilde film that introduces the dance 1920's Woman dance on tent poles for money during the depression 1950's Burlesqe begins and becomes more accepted 1980's Pole and Lap dancing gets big in Canada and US 1990's Every day women start learning pole dancing for fitness 2006 Pole fitness takes off
  4. 4. Pole dancing example this is my friend Angela at an armature contest. She won with this routine.
  5. 5. Methods Made a survey asked 15 questions after I picked the most relevent ones and used thoes as my data. Posted survey on Facebook, Myspace, as well as my email. Allowed anyone to take it I ended up with mostly middle aged men and women that are middle to lower middle class. Also most were some type of Christian or Agnostic I used Survey Monkey to make my survey
  6. 6. Subjects My subjects were Men and women ages 15-45 middle to lower middle class mostly Christian or Agnostic
  7. 7. Results I found that more women have a moral or social problem with pole dancing then men Also I found that more men would allow their mother/daughter/sister to pole dance then women. Women seemed to think its not just fitness, I found this to be odd The last question I asked was "Would you support a local college or community center if they offered pole dancing classes?" With no variables controlling the data the main answer was only at a community center because colleges were for learning and held in a higher standard
  8. 8. Conclusion I was right about women having a larger problem with pole dancing then men. I feel this is because women in society are not allowed to express their sexuality openly like men are. From a young age we are taught not to be "easy or slutty" Women are taught we are to be pretty and attractive but not to all men just to the "right" kind of me With pole dancing being attributed to stripping it makes sense that women feel that it would attract the "wrong" kind of male. I would change how I got my subjects to make it more diverse. Doing my paper and study helped change the stigma around pole dancing. Has become a male and female sport that works together not on separate leagues. It is an androgynous sport It builds great confidence.
  9. 9. Data Would you allow your mother/sister/daughter to pole dance? Yes No Men(11) 11 1 Women(29) 5 24 Do you feel pole dancing is a moral or social problem? Have a Problem Don't Have a Problem Men(11) 3 8 Women(29) 20 9
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