How Not To Use Vinegar When You Clean


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How Not To Use Vinegar When You Clean

  1. 1. Much has been said about the awesome cleaning qualities of vinegar. People use it on a regular basis. However there are several surfaces with which you should avoid using vinegar. Follow through with the next slides to understand which surfaces shouldn't be treated with vinegar.
  2. 2. Vinegar Is Not A Substitute For Soap Most people don’t understand that vinegar can’t be used for every cleaning chore around the house. For example if you want to remove a greasy stain use regular soap or dishwashing detergent. Vinegar has acidic properties while grease can be removed with alkaline solvents.
  3. 3. Vinegar And Wax Due to it’s acidic qualities vinegar will dissolve and strip wax from a surface. In case you don’t want it to happen I recommend you use specialized wax cleaning solvent.
  4. 4. Marble Surfaces I’ll tell you only one word next time you think of cleaning your kitchen countertop with vinegar solution - CORROSION. This is what vinegar will do to a marble surface.
  5. 5. Smartphone, Laptop And LCD All surfaces with sensitive screens have a thin protective layer of oleophobic coating. The acid in vinegar will remove this layer leaving your phone or tablet unprotected.
  6. 6. Bleach The worst thing you can do is combining vinegar and bleach. The result will be chlorine gas which is poisonous.
  7. 7. Bug and Weed Killer Vinegar can be used as weed killer as well as insecticide. Refrain from applying it directly onto the plant. The acid will damage and even kill your plant.
  8. 8. Proteins And Vinegar Be careful when you clean stains with vinegar especially protein based like eggs. The acid will transform the protein molecules into a gluey matter which is extremely hard to remove.
  9. 9. In conclusion, no matter how eager you’ re to clean in an organic way sometimes it is better to use commercial cleaning detergents. For more useful cleaning tips visit: http: //
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