12th Annual Outage Response & Restoration Management Final Agenda


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12th Annual Outage Response & Restoration Management Final Agenda

  1. 1. 12th AnnualOutage Response & Restoration ManagementStrengthening Mutual Assistance Coordination and StormPreparation Programs to Streamline Restoration Efforts “ Boosting CustomerOctober 23-25, 2012 Maximizing Outage Response Satisfaction ThroughThe Westin Atlanta Perimeter North | Atlanta, GA Activity by Leveraging Control Center Operations Various Communication and Integrating Distribution Management Systems Channels & Delivering Informative Into the OMS System. ETR Updates.Day One Chairman: ”John Kullmann, VP Sales / Marketing, Macrosoft, Inc. Featuring Case Studies From Leading Outage Restoration Experts:Day Two Chairman: Carlos D. Torres Jim Nowak John Hoffman Vice President, Emergency Restoration Vice PresidentCarlos D. Torres, Vice President, Emergency Management, Con Edison Emergency Management Planning Manager of Business DevelopmentDay Three Chairman: Con Edison AEP Reliability Management GroupEd Carlsen, Manager, Distribution Management Systems, Georgia Power Franky Batten Jim Conway General Manager, VP Customer Field Operations David Fredericks Carolinas East Northern Zone ComEd Vice President / General ManagerPre-Conference Workshops on October 23: Duke Energy Thirau LLCWorkshop A: Organizing a Comprehensive Storm Preparation Program Matthew Chagnon Dee Brown Communications Specialist Michael Marxto Allocate the Most Suitable Amount of Resources Director, Energy Delivery Public Service Managing Supervisor- DistributionWorkshop B: Coordinating Internally to Deliver the Appropriate Amount Operations Supportof ETR Information to Customers of New Hampshire Operating Support Alliant Energy Ameren Illinois Doug McCrackenAttending this Premier marcus evans Conference Bruce Martinez Project Director of Emergency Alan Bradshaw Director Networkwill Enable You to: Preparedness Manager- Eastern Regional Operations, Distribution• Hear how Alabama Power created a social media internal process Connecticut Light & Power Operating Center Florida Power & Light in their time of need during and after the 2011 tornadoes Dominion Les Boatright, CBCP, CEM Tina Gaines• Review what Alliant Energy did to recover from major customer Director of Engineering Keith Jordan Senior Manager, Emergency flooding and how Colorado Springs Utilities responded & Line Services Manager, Distribution Operations Preparedness Operations to the Waldo Canyon Fires The Empire District CPS Energy Kansas City Power & Light• Learn how Kansas City Power & Light and The Empire District Electric Company Andy Tiao Victor Banuelos, P.E. Electric Company coordinated their mutual assistance strategies Director, Emergency Management Ike Pigott Operations Performance, Support during the Joplin tornadoes Communications Strategist Managern, Skills Training Center Operations Services• Determine what strategies and tools Dominion is developing & Company Spokesman San Diego Gas & Electric Con Edison for mobile damage assessment Alabama Power• Utilize Georgia Powers tactics to implement various distribution Mathew Wells Ed Carlsen systems into the grid to systematically restore outages Operations Superintendent, Bob Charland Manager, Distribution Distribution Control Manager Emergency Preparedness Management Systems Colorado Springs Utilities ComEd Georgia PowerWho Should Attend:marcus evans invites VPs, Directors, and Managers from leading electric Jason Singer Tim Taylor Jason Taylor Director Utilities Practice Chief Client Success Officer Distribution Controllerutilities with responsibilities in: Macrosoft, Inc. Telogis Santee Cooper• Transmission & Distribution / • Disaster Recovery, Energy Delivery Business Continuity and / Brian Lindsay Eric J. Charette, P.E. Cliff Rikard• Distribution System / or Corporate Security Manager- Distribution GIS/ Data Senior Manager of Technical Manager, Carolinas West Management Center Sales Support Distribution Control Center Operations / Maintenance • Storm Center / Control Center Alabama Power Intergraph Corporation Duke Energy• Outage Management / • Incident Command Restoration / Response • Field Operations Malcolm McDonald John Sell Jim Orr• Emergency Preparedness / AMI Program Manager IDMS Product Marketing Manager Vice President- Technical Services Management / Planning Clevest Alstom Grid Asplundh Tree Expert Co.Silver Sponsors: Workshop Exhibitors: Business Association Media Partners: Sponsor: Development Partners: Partners:
  2. 2. Pre-Conference Workshops | Tuesday, October 23, 2012 Day One | Tuesday, October 23, 20128:00 Registration 1:00 Registration and Morning Coffee8:30 Interactive Workshop A 1:45 Chairmans Opening AddressOrganizing a Comprehensive Storm Preparation Program to Allocate the Most John Kullmann, VP Sales / Marketing, Macrosoft, Inc.Suitable Amount of ResourcesUtilizing a storm prep program is instrumental to outage response efficiency FOCUSING ON CUSTOMER NEEDSfor utilities. Having the best balance of resources in stock before a storm hits, while THROUGH EFFECTIVE OUTAGE COMMUNICATIONmonitoring from a budgetary perspective, is essential to streamline restoration activity.Having the best workforce on-hand and finding other outlets to assist during stormresponse is another facet to take into account during storm prep. This workshop will share 2:00 Case Studybest practices on how to fully prepare for a variety of storms and have the resources Creating a Social Media Business Process to Implement Throughoutin place to execute outage restoration cost effectively. the Company and Enhance Restoration CommunicationsBy attending this workshop you will be: • Communicating the social media strategy to relevant internal departments• Preparing for various weather events and disasters with storm stock plans that are involved with outage restoration to ensure they understand the purpose to ensure resources are available and process• Balancing how much inventory is needed vs. how much additional material is wanted • Breaking up the social media efforts regionally across the company so various on hand divisions can have their own pages• Appropriating the right amount of materials for a disaster without depleting • Informing stakeholders of the social media strategy to minimize the hesitancy the budget and ensure their buy-in• Planning for increased costs due to additional inventory Ike Pigott, Communications Strategist & Company Spokesman, Alabama Power• Determining the longer lead time for ordering steel structures prior 2:45 Case Study to the approaching storm season Reviewing the Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Intelligence• Identifying additional resources outside of traditional line technicians to assist • Identifying telematics initiatives are about the creation of intelligence with outage restoration efforts via the connection of mobile assets to the needs of the enterpriseJim Conway, VP Customer Field Operations, ComEd • Providing operational levers for measurable improvement • Assessing the levels of improvement and benchmarking these benefitsBob Charland, Manager Emergency Preparedness, ComEd Tim Taylor, Chief Client Success Officer, Telogis10:00 Networking Break Jim Orr, Vice President- Technical Services, Asplundh Tree Expert Co.10:30 Interactive Workshop BCoordinating Internally to Deliver the Appropriate Amount 3:30 Networking Breakof ETR Information to Customers 4:00 Case StudyOrganizing between various internal departments in regards to disseminating estimated Exploring Social Media Options for Outage Specific Purposes to Identifytime of restoration to customers is crucial to their business practices. Ensuring that the the Best Strategy for the Organizationcustomer service and distribution organizations are collaborating to provide the most timely • Selecting the appropriate social media channels and using them strategicallyinformation is key to these efforts. A common issue with this can be determining to what • Collaborating with the relevant internal departments to acquire strategiclevel the utility divulges the ETR’s and to what customer satisfaction the information messages to disseminate throughout the social media avenuesis reported. This workshop will expand on the number of components that fall under this • Developing a social media protocol for public information to utilize duringumbrella and lessons learned that come with it. large scale storm-related outagesBy attending this workshop you will be: • Using a no-comment blog to post localized information that needs to get out• Ensuring consistent communication to follow up with customers after instantly, but doesnt fit the mold of traditional news releases, and provides ETRs are published a platform for quick communication• Guaranteeing no one else publishes another ETR number after disseminating Matthew Chagnon, Communications Specialist, Public Service of New Hampshire that information• Utilizing a group crisis communications team and ensuring that all information 4:45 Case Study and processes are in sync Taking a Proactive Approach to Improve Outage Communications• Understanding the time frames that the utility is willing to provide a specific • Reviewing a project to analyze requirements to improve outage communications level of ETR and to what granularity • Enhancing the overall contact experience with customers• Providing further information daily and expanding from specific customers • Communicating in a proactive, timely and efficient manner to regional levels • Including updated and accurate information, systems, processes, and equipment• Keeping customers informed via the web from the control center by pushing Cliff Rikard, Manager, Carolinas West Distribution Control Center, Duke Energy more internal information out to the customer service group• Keeping emergency management personnel, state leaders and other customers 5:30 Closing Remarks of the Chair and Drinks Reception to Follow informed in a format that is usableKeith Jordan, Manager, Distribution Operations, CPS Energy12:00 End of Pre-Conference Workshops LET US BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU! marcus evans In-House Training – Tailored solutions to meet your companys specific needsSPONSORSHIP INFO Exceptional Trainers: Annual global course portfolio over 3000 events a year guaranteesDoes your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates would access to the worlds best trainers.benefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking Custom designed: Your team provides input into content and delivery through surveyand branding opportunities available by contacting: Garret Neader at 312-540-3000 and consultation with trainers to match your unique training needs.Ext. 6800 or garretn@marcusevansch.com. Confidentiality: Your team may talk openly about their experiences and organizational needs in a secure and confidential environment. Cost-effective: Maximize your budget by cutting out travel and lodging expenses while alsoPDH ACCREDITATION: maximizing employee productivity and saving time.marcus evans will provide PDH certificates to all attendees post event as well as a copy of Any Training, Anytime, Anywherethe agenda. All attendees are asked to check with their particular state licensing boards toensure that PDH will be recognized by that state. It will be the responsibility of each attendee For full information on open enrollment and in-house training please contactto confirm their credit hours based on the sessions attended on the provided agenda. Tatawan Plengsirivat at tatawanp@marcusevansch.com.
  3. 3. Day Two | Wednesday, October 24, 20127:15 Registration and Morning Coffee 12:30 Interactive Workshop Examining Non-Utility Resourcing and Various Options in the Industry7:45 Chairmans Opening Address National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is a national organization which helps Carlos D. Torres, Vice President, Emergency Management, Con Edison drive a consistently high standard across the electrical contracting industry. Member utility contractors along with the IBEW union halls provide a qualified national workforce, through PREPARING FOR STORMS AND RESPONSE LESSONS LEARNED 10 different chapters. This workforce can include linemen, electricians, and other electrical support resources.8:00 Case Study Reliability Management Group has successfully served its customers for over 26 years. RMGRising Above A Catastrophic Flood Event pioneered and refined a proven implementation and training methodology that has assisted• Determining first steps when a crisis exceeds all crisis planning in a number hundreds of our clients. RMGs Masters of Implementation Methodology © Process of locations across the territory Improvement, Project Management Training and skills utilization, and improvement in• Managing the effort to disconnect power before flooding hits, and managing Human Reliability are key to having a successful work management culture and reducing customer concerns about these actions costs and achieving sustainable results.• Identifying relationships with communities and customers that are critical By attending this workshop you will be: in managing a major emergency • Understanding the NECA organization and the IBEW workforces across the US• Evaluating options to manage local electrical codes, city inspectors and customer • Identifying the geographical limits to regional relations between utilities expectations in restoration efforts and contracting line companies• Keeping crews and employees safe in the most dangerous and unpredictable • Considering all workforce resources including line workers and many others of situations • Learning the value of timely discussions with contracting line companies• Communicating with customers who no longer have a phone, residence or place • Assessing project management skills and how they transfer over to communications, of business detailed documentation, and ability to track and capture costs from restoration effort• Creating reasonable customer and community expectations in a multi-week / • Defining a simple process that helps work effectively within electric utilities multi-location outage situation • Coordinating with contractors and utilities to define and simplify the logisticsDee Brown, Director, Energy Delivery Operations Support, Alliant Energy associated with storm emergency restoration • Working with contractors and utilities to define the parameters and guidelines that8:45 Case Study help simplify billing and restoration effortsDivide and Conquer – Managing Outage Restoration Efforts for Large Storm David Fredericks, Vice President / General ManagerEvents with a Seamless OMS, DMS and SCADA Thirau LLCTraditionally, many electric utilities have hindered their own outage restoration effortsdue to several factors: lack of technology, under-utilizing existing technology and overly John Hoffman, Vice President of Business Developmentrestrictive operating practices and procedures. Some utilities simply lack effective tools Reliability Management Group(OMS, DMS, SCADA) that would enable them to break up restoration efforts into smaller 2:00 Networking Breakmore manageable pieces. Some have adequate tools but have chosen not to deploy the toolsoutside of the traditional control room environment. For some, the lack of technology 2:15 Case Studyor under-utilizing existing technology has contributed to overly restrictive operating practices Spearheading Hurricane Storm Preparation Through Company-Wide Storm Drillsand procedures. • Planning and developing a comprehensive drillThis presentation will discuss the evolution of outage restoration efforts at Alabama Power • Practicing cross functional exercises across the companyCompany and how technology has driven this process. You will also hear about the history • Executing the drill during a week long event culminating with the day of the Dry Runof OMS applications at Alabama Power and their DOE-funded Gridwise project to achieve • Deploying process changes from lessons learneda fully-integrated system comprised of OMS, DMS and SCADA. Bruce Martinez, Director Network Operations, DistributionJohn Sell, IDMS Product Marketing Manager, Alstom Grid Florida Power & LightBrian Lindsay, Manager- Distribution GIS/ Data Management Center, Alabama Power 3:00 Case Study Reviewing Macrosofts 2012 Storm Damage Assessment Survey Results9:30 Networking Break Although damage assessment is consistently identified as one of the most critical aspects of the emergency restoration process, many utilities struggle to capture accurate and timely10:00 Case Study assessment data. Learn what the survey discovered regarding the use of technology, trends,Dissecting Utility Lessons Learned from the Waldo Canyon Fire challenges, and best practices related to the damage assessment process during large scale• Identifying the events that took place in the days leading up to the fire restoration events.• Developing a strategy for the various infrastructures that were at risk, depending Jason Singer, Director Utilities Practice on the direction of the fire Macrosoft, Inc.• Understanding what needed to be done to defend the different infrastructures• Lining up the labor and resources from multiple companies that assisted with 3:45 Networking Break the restoration efforts, along with those involved with the water and gas 4:00 Case Study components of the utilityMathew Wells, Operations Superintendent, Distribution Control Implementing an Emergency Preparedness Program Upgrade and RestoringColorado Springs Utilities Regulatory Confidence • Integrating lessons learned and strategies to move forward after a large outage event • Utilizing the improved processes to mitigate future restoration challenges ASSESSING EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND MUTUAL • Gaining the trust and confidence of the regulator ASSISTANCE BEST PRACTICES Doug McCracken, Project Director of Emergency Preparedness Connecticut Light & Power10:45 Joint Case Study 4:45 Joint Case StudyReviewing Lessons Learned from Con Edisons Recent Labor Dispute from an Reviewing Mutual Assistance Lessons Learned from the Joplin, Missouri TornadoesEmergency Management Perspective • Having an emergency response plan with activation levels in place based• Deciding what to plan for on the severity and impact of the disaster or storm• Realizing everything is harder without two-thirds of the utilitys workforce… • Finding the closest neighboring utilities to ensure they arrive before• Determining if mutual assistance will work the restoration is complete• Understanding how to find a supplemental workforce that will cross a picket line • Managing the labor force when restoration is in a concentrated area• Examining strategies used by the Union • Being careful about requesting the accurate amount of resources to stay under budget• Identifying the increased importance of communication with customers, Les Boatright, CBCP, CEM, Senior Manager, Emergency Preparedness Operations regulators and stakeholders Kansas City Power & LightCarlos D. Torres, Vice President, Emergency Management, Con Edison Tina Gaines, Director of Engineering & Line ServicesAndy Tiao, Director, Emergency Management Operations Services, Con Edison The Empire District Electric Company11:30 Luncheon 5:30 Closing Remarks of the Chair and Drinks Reception to Follow
  4. 4. Day Three | Thursday, October 25, 20127:15 Registration and Morning Coffee 2:00 Networking Break7:45 Chairmans Opening Address 2:30 Interactive Panel Discussion Ed Carlsen, Manager, Distribution Management Systems, Georgia Power Promoting Overall Infrastructure Reliability Throughout Control Center Operations • Identifying how various utilities build their infrastructure and how that compares8:00 Case Study with their outage qualityDissecting the Emergency Response Plan From Beginning to End • Automating various applications to support the storm centersto Implement Program Improvements • Determining if customers see less outages based upon the robustness• Taking a holistic look at the outage restoration program and process, along with capacity of the grid infrastructure how best practices are documented and benchmarked • Defining best practices that improve reliability and in turn manage the outage minutes• Analyzing all the areas and groups that become involved throughout Jason Taylor, Distribution Controller, Santee Cooper the entire process• Identifying where the process can be improved and what technology can be built in Franky Batten, General Manager, Carolinas East Northern Zone, Duke Energy• Converting into ICS structure to ensure NIMS compliance and determining operations in storm restoration Mathew Wells, Operations Superintendent- Distribution Control• Laying out a road map of strategies to meet the improvement goals Colorado Springs UtilitiesMichael Marx, Managing Supervisor- Distribution Operating Support, Ameren Illinois 3:15 Case Study8:45 Case Study Enhancing the Outage Response Capabilities by Effectively ManagingEstablishing a More Structured System to Utilize Utility Assistance Outside the Abundance of Distribution Management Systemsof Local RMAGs • Leveraging the abundance of technologies available to implement within• Determining the most effective interaction between regional mutual assistance groups the overall grid to enhance outage restoration• Communicating to local, regional and then out of state mutual assistance groups • Discovering available remote control technologies to integrate on the distribution system• Reaching out to other regions during large scale events and perfecting that process • Determining how AMI to OMS integration can impact business processes• Competing for remaining resources in other mutual assistance groups • Ensuring effective communication of detected outages by the AMI system• Reviewing the option of reaching out to contractors rather than going to other RMAGs between the utility and the customerJim Nowak, Emergency Restoration Planning Manager, AEP • Finding the right technology mix and implementing the most economically feasible tools9:30 Networking Break • Reviewing how the various applications effect day to day operations along with emergency events10:00 Case Study Ed Carlsen, Manager, Distribution Management Systems, Georgia PowerStaging Mutual Assistance Events Strategically to Maximize Restoration Efficiency• Working on internal programs to track mutual assistance and resources 4:00 Case Study• Discovering the best strategies to coordinate the logistical aspects when managing Analyzing the Switch Control Authority Between the Field Operators large mutual assistance activity and the Control Centers During a Large Outage Event• Reviewing the staging sites, camps, tents, trailers and any other logistical aspects • Exploring how companies control switching and tagging authority during• Using hotel providers and mobile cafeterias storm restoration• Finding capabilities of these solution providers and the cost effectiveness of what • Implementing new switch control strategies specifically during outage they can provide restoration efforts• Determining the innovative solutions that are available in terms of virtual mutual • Pre-defining a level of decentralization during a storm event aid and contracting call centers • Allocating major switching authority to the main control center and lower level• Working with contract call centers and putting contingency resources on standby switching to the field operators for storm seasons • Easing the workload of the control center by relinquishing the authority of workVictor Banuelos, P.E., Operations Performance Support Manager, Skills Training Center orders to field operationsSan Diego Gas & Electric Franky Batten, General Manager, Carolinas East Northern Zone, Duke Energy 4:45 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of the Conference OVERCOMING CHALLENGES WITH DISTRIBUTION, FIELD & CONTROL CENTER OPERATIONS DURING OUTAGE RESTORATION ACTIVITY10:45 Case Study WHY YOU MUST ATTEND:Identifying Technology Tools for Field Operations and Reporting During OutageRestorations Utility preparations for outage response and restoration are ongoing and constantlySafely, quickly and efficiently restoring service is a big job, and the complexities increase a challenge. Throughout the year, outages cause disruption to the delivery of powerwith the scale and impact of the event. Technology can make a critical difference in and ultimately cost money through lost revenue and damage. Much of this preparationhelping utilities to manage outages more effectively and shorten restoration time. Using is focused on weather damage that may occur from a variety of natural events and disasters.outage event management software, the overall coordination of field operations can be Outages can also be caused by accidental damage, but at the end of the day, the prioritysimplified while creating a repository of verified data for FEMA submission and restoration is to restore power to customers as quickly as possible.performance analysis.Malcolm McDonald, AMI Program Manager, Clevest This event will focus on storm preparation and mutual assistance coordination issues that utilities are continually facing. It will keep utilities up to date with the various technologies11:30 Luncheon and best practices to implement within their outage management efforts. Enhancing control center and field operations and technologies to maximize damage assessment efforts12:30 Case Study is another key area that will be addressed. The marcus evans 12th Annual Outage Response and Restoration Conference will offer information and strategiesInvestigating the Capabilities of Mobile Handheld Devices for Damage Assessment for utilities to enhance their customer communication, resource management, distribution• Changing the way we think about damage assessment applications, and mutual assistance efforts.• Assessing damage using handheld portable computers• Reviewing real-time integration with GIS and OMSAlan Bradshaw, Manager- Eastern Regional Operating Center, Dominion PRODUCER INFO:1:15 Case StudyLeveraging AMI Data to Enhance the Outage Management Processes I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organization• Addressing low percentage outage reporting with automated last gasp notification of the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment.• Leveraging AMI meter messages to supplement customer calls for accurate outage Samantha Rice, samanthar@marcusevansch.com device prediction• Using automated outage verification on customer issues beyond the meter to reduce site visits• Ensuring nested outages are corrected before leaving an outage through automated DISCLAIMER: restoration verification This agenda may be subject to change for reasons outside of our control. Marcus Evans, Inc.• Reviewing actual benefits recognized from AMI/OMS integration at three utility case studies reserves the right to replace, substitute, or remove any speaker in the event of an emergencyEric J. Charette, P.E., Senior Manager of Technical Sales Support or any unforeseen situation in which a confirmed speaker is unable to attend the event.Intergraph Corporation Marcus Evans, Inc. will make every effort possible to substitute a speaker in this circumstance with an equally qualified professional for the confirmed presentation. However, Marcus Evans, Inc. does not guarantee the possibility of replacement.
  5. 5. SILVER SPONSORS: Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure. Alstoms Grid sector provides utilities and industry with the mission critical software systems and equipment needed to manage the flow of electricity in transmission and distribution grids, ensure grid stability and to protect and control substations. Telogis, the platform for location intelligence, is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers’ businesses through the intelligent integration of location technology, information and services. Telogis improves storm and emergency response times for utilities by connecting seamlessly with back office systems, including outage management software, and providing the most comprehensive telematics system in the industry. Macrosofts Resources on Demand is the only commercially available storm center automation solution in the marketplace. Intuitive and user-friendly, RoD is a multi-user system that manages resource requests and allocations, tracks personnel movements, and supports lodging and logistics during restoration events. Information on RoD can be found at: http://www.resources-ondemand.com. Clevest Solutions provides software for mobile workforce automation and smart grid deployment/post-deployment operations exclusively for utility companies. Clevests Mobile Field Force platform powers a product suite that includes mobile workforce management, AVL, meter reading solutions and a patent-pending configuration tool, as well as the only complete solution for smart grid deployment/post-deployment activities. www.clevest.com Intergraph enables utilities around the world to geospatially manage, operate, and secure network infrastructure and data – making complex data graphically visible. Through our outage and distribution management solution, customers have reduced service restoration times by as much as 33 percent and have seen the system pay for itself in less than three years.WORKSHOP SPONSOR: Thirau LLC is a leading electrical construction services contractor in New England. Thiraus core services consist of overhead, underground, transmission, substation, storm emergency response and post storm restoration. Thirau LLC, a division of CVTech, has the resources, manpower, equipment, and managerial capacity to provide large scale services locally or nationally.Reliability Management Group (RMG) works with our clients in successfully implementing process and business solutions to improve reliability and reduce costs. For over 25 years, RMG has been providing consulting andtraining services to assist our clients in capturing their business objectives and results. RMG pioneered and refined a proven implementation and training methodology that has assisted hundreds of our clients. RMG’sMasters of Implementation Methodology © effectively integrates and optimizes your work processes, metrics, tools, technology and work management culture to achieve sustainable improvements in costs and reliability.EXHIBITORS: Since 1998, Gatekeeper Systems, based in Pasadena, CA has offered NaviGate, an advanced database-driven map-oriented Data Virtualization suite for utility information integration and distribution. NaviGate improves operational efficiencies by making corporate information much more accessible to unlimited personnel such that daily business decisions can be made faster and based on the right information whenever and wherever they need to be made. Earth Networks Utility Solutions: Weather Intelligence for Smart Grid, Outage Management, Transmission and Power Generation As the provider of advanced weather data for nearly 20 years, Earth Networks (formerly AWS) operates the worlds largest weather observation and lightning detection networks and is building what will become the largest greenhouse gas monitoring network. Earth Networks provides highly localized, advanced weather intelligence enabling utility companies to improve outage management and make smarter decisions for accurate near-term forecasting and long-term planning. General Dynamics C4 Systems develops and integrates secure communication and information systems and products. With approximately 8,900 employees worldwide, we specialize in command and control, communications networking, rugged computing, and information assurance and cyber defense. We provide affordable access to computing platforms built to address our customer’s specific response and restoration needs Emergency Disaster Services provides turn-key base camps, specializing in Food Services, Bunk Houses, Laundry Services, Showers, Command Centers, Clearspan Structures and Temporary Power. EDS is recognized for its agility and ability to quickly respond to a broad range of emergency situations, providing support and assistance for temporary communities during their time of need. Michels Power is distinguished by its commitment to provide safe, quality, full-service electric utility construction throughout the United States. We construct and maintain substations, distribution, and transmission infrastructure to 500kV. Michels Power provides these services in addition to emergency and storm response to utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and more. Sentient Energy’s Advanced Monitoring Platform (AMP) consists of MM2 line monitors, MM2-based distributed software applications and the AMPLE software suite. MM2s serve as the "Eyes and Ears of the Smart Grid", providing utilities with real-time insight into grid operations, events and faults which are crucial to supporting the Outage Management process. MM2s are equipped with high resolution current, temperature, and waveform capture capabilities and deliver the field measurements that enable AMPLE’s numerous advanced distribution applications.BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS: Metadigm Services delivers end-to-end smart grid services for electric, water and gas utilities. We provide real-world solutions for asset management and maintenance as well as smart meter deployment. Metadigm integrates the latest technology with best practices to tailor services for each customer in Mobile Computing, Image and Data Collection, Data Hosting with Online Reporting, Global Positioning System (GPS) Asset Mapping and Collection, Inventory Management and Wireless Communications. GE Digital Energy is a major solutions provider and thought leader for the global Smart Grid effort to modernize and optimize how we generate, move and consume energy. Our global team is inventing, improving and integrating communications, automation, and power delivery technologies to give the century-old electric infrastructure new capabilities and reliable, efficient performance unheard of just a generation ago.ASSOCIATION PARTNERS: The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) serves and represents the interests of the commercial and residential restoration and cleaning industries by promoting the highest ethical standards; providing education, professional qualification and certification opportunities; positively influencing regulations and governmental actions; and advancing the safety, image, efficiency, and competitiveness of industry members. RIA has 1,100 member firms representing 20,000 restoration professionals worldwide. Utilimetrics is the world’s premier utility technology association, bringing together the diverse stakeholders of electricity, gas and water distribution utilities to promote and share best practices for innovative metering, communications, utility automation and data management. Our members include utilities representing IOUs, municipals and cooperatives, as well as consultants, vendors and other professionals engaged in or considering utility automation.MEDIA PARTNERS: ContingencyToday.com covers all significant threats to the Critical National Infrastructure, including electronic attack and the sophisticated misuse of computer systems; physical attacks by terrorist organisations and other criminals; the effects of climate change; and other natural disasters, including pandemics, fire and flood. Register for FREE Subscription and Complimentary Newsletter. 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Each month in the OH&S print magazine and continually on www.ohsonline.com, the experienced editorial team brings you the latest information about industry developments. SNL redefines the energy information market by integrating news, data and analytics in real time on a Web-based platform. Industry-leading access to comprehensive financials, breaking news, proprietary regulatory research, market pricing and fundamentals of supply and demand set the standard for intelligence on the power, natural gas, coal and renewable markets, driving critical energy investment decisions. Marketwire is a social communications company that provides its clients with powerfully simple solutions: Global press release distribution, industry-leading social media monitoring and analytics, and a fully integrated marketing communications platform for content creation, optimization, distribution and measurement