11th AnnualOutage Management for Power PlantsMeasuring Key Outage Project Metrics to EnhanceOverall Reliability & Maintena...
Day One | Tuesday, July 31, 20127:30       Registration and Morning Coffee                                                ...
Day Two | Continued                                                                       Day Three | Thursday, August 2, ...
SILVER SPONSORS:                      Reliable Turbine Services is a full service repair company that offers proven compre...
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11th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants Final Agenda


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11th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants Final Agenda

  1. 1. 11th AnnualOutage Management for Power PlantsMeasuring Key Outage Project Metrics to EnhanceOverall Reliability & Maintenance PerformanceJuly 31-August 2, 2012Sheraton New Orleans Establishing and Achieving Outage Milestones Through Comprehensive Project and Work Management Processes.Day One Chairman:Richard BrandtRegional Outage ManagerOutage & Project ControlsAEP Featuring Case Studies From Leading Outage Management Experts: Richard Brandt Albert Vaught Howard WallDay Two & Three Chairman: Regional Outage Manager Maintenance Manager General ManagerRoger Schaver Outage & Project Controls Calpine Corporation, MHT GroupManager, Resource Management AEP Deer Park PlantPower Generation Chuck ThorntonWe Energies Jeff Moore Charles Major Pipe Support Manager Managing Supervisor Program Manager, Operational MHT Group Project Management Excellence & Human PerformanceAttending this Premier marcus evans Ameren Luminant Merrill JonesConference will Enable You to: Senior Director• Utilize We Energies methods for identifying leading indicators Dave Edmisson Mark Littlejohn of Business Development to improve overall outage reliability performance Plant Overhaul Management Maintenance Manager Day & Zimmermann• Understand how TVA sets and monitors priority outage work and Maintenance Support Manager TVA, Kingston Fossil Plant with a limited budget Xcel Energy, Comanche Ronnie Duncan• Identify how NV Energy achieves outage goals and milestones Generating Station Wes Havard Operations Manager through productive scheduling strategies Site Manager, Operational Reliable Turbine Services• Determine how Ameren utilizes project management strategies Roger Schaver Excellence & Human Performance to enhance outage execution Manager, Resource Management Luminant Kirk Samsel Power Generation VP, Product Sales & Development We Energies Steven Finch P-RO SolutionsWho Should Attend: Production Coordinatormarcus evans invites Electric Fossil Generation professionals Brent Woodside Salt River Project, Bert Rowewith responsibilities in: Maintenance Supervisor Coronado Generating Station Chief Operating Officer• Outage Management NV Energy, Harsco Infrastructure• Plant Management Reid Gardner Station Rich Brennan• Maintenance / Reliability President Ken Chevis• Planning / Scheduling / Coordination Tim Flanary Diamond Technical Services Director of Projects• Production Support Safety, Training Harsco Infrastructure• Engineering & Loss Control Coordinator Ian Perrin• Operations Westar Energy, Vice President, Fossil Plant Services• Safety Jeffrey Energy Center Structural Integrity AssociatesSilver Sponsors: Workshop Sponsor: Exhibitors: Media Partners:
  2. 2. Day One | Tuesday, July 31, 20127:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 2:30 Networking Break8:15 Chairmans Opening Address 3:00 Interactive Panel Discussion Recognizing and Reducing the Trend of Deferring Work Scope to Undertake Richard Brandt, Regional Outage Manager, Outage & Project Controls Emergent Work AEP • Using a probabilistic assessment of deferring work • Identifying a process that quantifies true risk of failure as a result of deferring work ACCOMPLISHING OUTAGE GOALS THROUGH LIMITED BUDGETS due to budget constraints • Ensuring there is sufficient scope control and milestone assurance • Making certain that project work is being done while adding modifications and late8:30 Case Study scope additionsOptimizing and Standardizing Outage Scope Control in a Changing Environment Dave Edmisson, Plant Overhaul Management and Maintenance Support• Reviewing the scope selection and validation process Manager, Xcel Energy, Comanche Generating Station• Assessing the scope control and outage review processes• Reacting to last minute scope additions and dollar infusion or reduction Jeff Moore, Managing Supervisor, Project Management, Ameren• Identifying overreaching outage objectives to consider and evaluate Steven Finch, Production Coordinator• Verifying outage preparedness, along with outage execution and completion predictability Salt River Project, Coronado Generating StationRichard Brandt, Regional Outage Manager, Outage & Project Controls, AEP 3:45 Interactive Case Study9:15 Case Study Developing a Comprehensive Outage Schedule to Minimize the DurationOptimizing Outage Planning Through Detailed Identification of Individual of the ProjectOutage Tasks • Using predictive maintenance to create a thorough outage plan• Determining individual outage task workscope and schedule • Planning milestones and having projects appropriately awarded and scheduled• Identifying individual outage task risks • Understanding available project scheduling and asset management work order• Assessing individual outage task resources, materials, tools and equipment tools to bring the scope of projects together• Reviewing individual outage task closeout and final reporting • Finding the best combination of software and strategies to adequately trackRonnie Duncan, Operations Manager, Reliable Turbine Services resources, dollars, and time Brent Woodside, Maintenance Supervisor, NV Energy, Reid Gardner Station10:00 Networking Break 4:30 Closing Remarks of the Chair and Drinks Reception10:30 Case StudySetting and Meeting Budget Expectations to Track Completion of Priority Work• Finalizing scopes to create sufficient outage budgets when many unknowns are still present• Creating a process to keep people on track with their assigned budgets• Prioritizing the work to ensure the appropriate tasks are completed to prevent failures and forced outagesMark Littlejohn, Maintenance Manager, TVA, Kingston Fossil Plant11:15 Case StudyReviewing Inspection and Condition Assessment from an Inspection Point of View• Philosophies to approaching an outage from pre-outage to post-outage• Prioritization of condition assessment for boilers and piping systems• Identifying boiler inspection best practicesRich Brennan, President, Diamond Technical Services Day Two | Wednesday, August 1, 2012Ian Perrin, Vice President, Fossil Plant Services, Structural Integrity Associates 8:30 Registration and Morning Coffee12:00 Luncheon 8:50 Chairmans Opening Address Roger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management, Power Generation PLANNING AND SCHEDULING OUTAGE PRIORITY WORK TO MINIMIZE SCOPE CREEP We Energies EVALUATING RESOURCE & SAFETY CHALLENGES1:00 Interactive Case Study TO MINIMIZE OUTAGE SETBACKSPlanning Outages in Advance to Guarantee Resources and Funding• Taking a proactive approach to plan large scale outage projects years in advance 9:00 Case Study• Creating a plan that coordinates needed resources to ensure their availability• Deciphering outage intervals and frequencies on a unit between major outages Constructing Multi-Faceted Safety Processes to Implement and Promote• Considering extending the time between outages for cost saving purposes Throughout the FacilitySteven Finch, Production Coordinator • Establishing departmental safety programs that tailor to specific sections involvedSalt River Project, Coronado Generating Station with the outage • Creating job specific safety assessments for each task that are driven to the asset1:45 Case Study • Analyzing possible safety hazards and diminishing the risks during the outage planning stageReal Time Management of Outages, Scope, and Finance • Handling safety regulations that are constantly changing and becoming• Determining how well an outage is executed through scope, budget, and schedule increasingly strict• Assessing the attributes of prep phase, contingencies, parts, and rehearsals • Focusing on boiler specific safety needs that regards hex chrome within coal ash (dry runs between control groups) Tim Flanary, Safety, Training & Loss Control Coordinator, Westar Energy,• Utilizing time control and knowing when to pass work up the chain of command Jeffrey Energy Center• Defining who owns the outage, and having the plant manager turn work over to the outage manager 9:45 Interactive Roundtable Discussion• Working on jobs during the time periods of shutting down and starting up Improving Overall Organizational Outage Execution to Finish Outages• Controlling costs by forecasting the amount of labor and materials (committed and non) in a Timely MannerKirk Samsel, VP, Product Sales & Development, P-RO Solutions • Executing outages quickly with a high turnover of key personnel • Utilizing the outage schedule and the best ways to coordinate the resources, time, and budgets involved • Implementing additional changes to the project to guarantee adequate resources PRODUCER INFO: and labor I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research Facilitator: and organization of the event, particularly the speakers for their support Albert Vaught, Maintenance Manager, Calpine Corporation, Deer Park Plant and commitment. Samantha Rice, samanthar@marcusevansch.com.
  3. 3. Day Two | Continued Day Three | Thursday, August 2, 201210:30 Networking Break 8:15 Registration and Morning Coffee11:00 Interactive Workshop 8:35 Chairmans Opening AddressInnovative Solutions for Industrial Inspection – Maintenance – Repair (IMR) Roger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management, Power GenerationBy attending this workshop you will be discussing: We Energies• Work Site Access Methods – Rope Access defined• Inspection (NDT) – Maintenance via Rope Access 8:45 Joint Case Study• Introduction to Pipe Support Audits Enhancing Outage Performance Through Human Performance• Maintenance – Adjustments, Repair and Replacement via Rope Access Improvement – Reducing Errors, Costs and Injury• Pipe Support Documentation – Record Keeping • Learning from errors and near misses- Dont shoot yourself in the foot...twiceHoward Wall, General Manager, MHT Group • Engaging outage workers and management to create a safer and more reliableChuck Thornton, Pipe Support Manager, MHT Group outage culture • Reducing the number and impact of errors in the plant by 40% in the first year12:30 Luncheon • Ensuring that supervision and workers are aware of the common identified human errors to properly prevent them Charles Major, Program Manager, Operational Excellence & Human Performance MONITORING RELIABILITY PERFORMANCE TO ENSURE OUTAGE SUCCESS Luminant Wes Havard, Site Manager, Operational Excellence & Human Performance1:30 Case Study LuminantImproving Maintenance and Reliability Operations by IdentifyingLeading Indicators 10:15 Networking Break• Identifying key performance measures for maintenance to reduce costs• Improving cost and reliability efficiency to streamline outage procedures• Pinpointing leading indicators rather than lagging ones to measure maintenance ASSESSING CONTRACTOR AND WORKFORCE CONCERNS THAT AFFECT OUTAGES successes and failures• Balancing giving ownership to the plants and having corporate as the overseers 10:45 Case Study of the plants Scorecard Contracting With Fee At Risk: How to Manage YourRoger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management, Power Generation, We Energies Maintenance Contractor • Reviewing basic requirements for score card contracting2:15 Case Study • Implementing an Outage Readiness ProcessOptimized Engineered Scaffolding Design for Equipment Removal & Replacement • Selecting the correct indicators• Access for removal & replacement of the steel shell assembly on twin exterior • Managing the indicators and not the contractor exhaust stacks Merrill Jones, Senior Director of Business Development, Day & Zimmermann• Access for removal & replacement of the upper nose arch tube assembly inside a boiler• Access for removal & replacement of the superheat pendants inside a boiler 11:30 Interactive Roundtable Discussion• Access for removal & replacement of the lower slopes inside a boiler Acquiring Skilled Workforce and Creating Training Programs for New PersonnelBert Rowe, Chief Operating Officer, Harsco Infrastructure • Bringing in assistant positions and training to recruit skilled workforce • Determining how to train the new workforce when experience can not be taughtKen Chevis, Director of Projects, Harsco Infrastructure • Utilizing shadow training for new workers with experienced workers in the plant • Reviewing options in terms of directly hiring union craftsmen and using3:00 Case Study a contracting companyImplementing Project Management Processes Within the Outage Facilitator:Management Procedures Roger Schaver, Manager, Resource Management, Power Generation, We Energies• Reviewing the similarities between projects and outages• Putting together a plan that utilizes the project management aspect as well 12:15 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of Conference as outage management• Identifying the new process for managers to be more effectively prepared• Putting more accountability on the project managers as well as the outage managerJeff Moore, Managing Supervisor, Project Management, Ameren3:45 Closing Remarks of the Chair and Drinks Reception LET US BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU! marcus evans In-House Training – Tailored solutions to meet your companys specific needs Exceptional Trainers: Annual global course portfolio over 3000 events a year guarantees access to the worlds best trainers. Custom designed: Your team provides input into content and delivery through survey and consultation with trainers to match your unique training needs. Confidentiality: Your team may talk openly about their experiences and organizational needs in a secure and confidential environment. Cost-effective: Maximize your budget by cutting out travel and lodging expenses while also SPONSORSHIP INFO maximizing employee productivity and saving time. Does your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates would Any Training, Anytime, Anywhere benefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking and branding opportunities available by contacting: Darrin Grove For full information on open enrollment and in-house training go to www.marcusevanspt-us.com at 312 894 6345 or darring@marcusevansch.com. or contact Anthony Knox at anthonyk@marcusevansch.com.
  4. 4. SILVER SPONSORS: Reliable Turbine Services is a full service repair company that offers proven comprehensive Repair Solutions for the Power Generation industry. Our Facilities in Missouri and Texas along with our 24 hour field services, enables us to provide a full spectrum of refurbishment and manufacturing capabilites for all types of rotating / stationary components. Harsco Infrastructure specializes in offering a complete range of access equipment and related turnkey services to the power industry including a complete range of system scaffolding (QES) and tube and clamp (Tubelox). Harsco Infrastructure has decades of experience servicing and managing scaffolding related maintenance contracts and alliances with some of the largest utilities in North America. P&RO Solutions provides refined professional services to industrial clients seeking significant sustainable performance and reliability improvement of their facilities. P&RO Solutions, as a partner, helps organizations deliver optimum performance from their assets and operations through: • Optimizing the Reliability Basis for plant equipment • Implementing Condition-Based Maintenance strategies • Work Management excellence • Organizational Alignment • Work process integration and optimization Day & Zimmermanns Engineering, Construction and Maintenance (ECM) group is one of the nations leading providers of total plant lifecycle solutions for the power, process and industrial markets. With more than 15,000 employees, a network of strategic locations, and a proud history of more than 100 years, Day & Zimmermann ECM delivers a comprehensive platform of engineering, construction, maintenance, fabrication and specialty services. We leverage our deep industry experience, innovative technology tools, rigorous safety culture, and expert project teams to deliver integrated solutions to our customers toughest challenges. Diamond Technical Services, Inc. (DTS) is an engineering consulting and technical services company focusing on utility, industrial, and manufacturing industries in providing premium unbiased inspection and condition assessment services. We specialize in Visual Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing and Examination (NDT), Certified Weld Inspection, Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC), Project Management staffing, as well as CAD drawing and drafting services.Structural Integrity Associates - an international leader in the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures – has provided engineering services to fossilplants for nearly 30 years. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach combines engineering analysis, NDE, materials evaluation, repair technologies, and data managementto attain the best solutions. Call 877-474-7693 ext. 671.WORKSHOP SPONSOR: Innovative Solutions for Industry – Offering the offshore, petrochemical and power industries inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services. MHT provides Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and industrial rope access services, corrosion under insulation inspection and insulation work, pipe support inspection / maintenance and pipe stress analysis.EXHIBITORS: At Rope Access Technology USA, we offer a wide variety of services using Rope Access techniques. Our technicians are able climbers, certified by SPRAT, and accomplished in their trades. This allows us to perform inspection tasks from simple UT measurements to complex surveys and maintenance work from small repairs to large projects. Intertek APTECH, a full-service consulting firm, specializes in Asset Integrity and Life Cycle Management in the energy industry. We provide services for Equipment and Plant Condition Assessment, Risk Analysis, Mechanical Integrity, Cause and Origin / Forensic, Reliability, Fitness for Service, Cost of Cycling, Pipeline Integrity, Renewable Energy, and Turnaround Optimization. WorleyParsons is a leading provider of professional services to the power industry. Through our Improve services, we integrate the best practices, processes, tools and experience to successfully plan, implement, and execute outages beginning in early design thru start-up. Success is driven by reducing risks and total installed costs to our customer’s expectations. O I C Outage is the premier company for excellence in alliance-based outage management and project team development in the power generation industry. With our unique best practice processes we have created high-performance outage teams across the country by combining our extensive experience with focus on successful implementation of alliance partnerships and proven outage life-cycle methods. At ITC, we are firmly established as a leading solution provider for STOs, through implementation of innovative software, processes and industry professionals. With ITC created software, you will expend less planning man hours on future outages adding to your bottom line. We have a comprehensive understanding of the technologies, the markets and the skills needed to drive your company forward. Complete boiler services – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on commercial and industrial boilers of all sizes and their related components. ASME Code welding in all alloys. Repairs or new fabrication to economizers, superheaters, pressure vessels, thermalfluid heaters, burner & control upgrades, refractory repairs, boiler rentals, and boiler parts sales.
  5. 5. EXHIBITORS: Insulation Contracting for Power Plant Outages – The Irex Contracting Group is the parent of 11 specialty contracting companies that provide insulation and asbestos abatement contracting services operating throughout the United States and Canada. We provide mechanical insulation, sheet metal lagging, passive fire protection, energy audits and removal and abatement of asbestos professionally, competently and safely. Please contact James Baldwin at 707.331.3515 for additional information. Metso Power provides engineering, construction, and manufacturing services, as well as technology (CFB&BFB) products, along with automation, instru- mentation, and integrated solutions by delivering environmentally friendly combustion solutions to the power sector. Metso boilers use Fluid Bed technology, combining high–efficiency combustion of high–calorific value fuels with low emissions–even when burning various fuels simultaneously. Our Boiler Service comprises of rebuilds and repairs including, full spectrum of boiler outage services, boiler chemical cleaning, inspections, Start-up, Operationsand Maintenance Services, replacements in kind; made to order; spare parts. Boiler tubes including a wide range of stock tubing, non-standard tubes and special mill ordersfor larger quantities located within our local US manufacturing facilities. Pressure parts include: membrane wall panels, economizers, generating banks, tubular heat exchangers,superheaters, and loose tube bending. Full metal fabrication, engineered solutions, alignments bars, headers, air heater seals, machining and saw cutting, assembly, shearing,bending, welding, plating, and powder coatings. Tube shield styles to solve your tube wear problems fast, as well as significant spare parts inventory.MEDIA PARTNERS: Established in 1986 Electricity Today magazine continues to be the publication of choice for North America’s utility transmission and distribution sectors. Electricity Today, a CCAB audited publication, is published 9 times a year. It is distributed free of charge to electric utility personnel and electricalconsulting engineers across Canada and the United States. ASD Media is an online media company. We provide professionals in dedicated markets with news, intelligence, and interaction opportunities. Our roots are in the Aerospace & Defense markets. Nowadays we also serve markets like Energy & resources, Life Sciences, and Technology and Media. Our mission is still the same: providing professionals with key news on their market, quality market intelligence, and opportunities to meet people and to exchange information. 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Energy-Tech officially partners with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Power Division (ASME-PD) on editorial content, and also maintains an editorial alliance with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). POWER has been known as a magazine for many years but today it is so much more than that; its a trusted brand that includes publications, trade events & conferences, and electronic media. In all its formats, POWER provides the most important business operations and legal and regulatory news, as well as operations and maintenance information, for the power generation industry. Through POWER, industryprofessionals learn about best practices, safety issues, improved productivity, and more. POWER is the "go-to" resource with print, online, e-newsletters, videos, webinars,and conference offerings.WHY YOU MUST ATTEND:Outages continue to be a challenge for power plants across the industry. Outage and maintenance managers need to determine the best strategies to execute theiroutages the quickest and most cost efficient ways possible. This event will deliver solutions for the major issues outage managers face daily, including planningand scheduling challenges, working with limited budgets, and managing the scope of outage projects. Key to this year’s agenda will be identifying outage KPIsto achieve project milestones and ensure plant performance. The 11th Annual Outage Management for Power Plants conference will review human performance elementsto minimize errors during maintenance work, while expanding on key issues that are essential to outage success.TESTIMONIALS:"Great to be gathering with individuals facing the same challenges. Very helpful information that can be applied at my facility."NV Energy"I believe this conference can almost guarantee cost savings with the networking, presentations and vendor exposures."JEA