3rd Annual Grid Evolution for Utilities Final Agenda


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3rd Annual Grid Evolution for Utilities Final Agenda

  1. 1. 3rd AnnualEnhancing the Continuous Development and Implementationof Smart GridsSeptember 30-October 1, 2010Sheraton Atlanta Hotel | Atlanta, GA Ensuring grid expansion and development by improving standardization, security, and business case concepts.Chariman Featuring Speakers from Leading Grid Evolution Experts Including:Victor MilliganChief Strategy and Marketing Officer Commissioner Stan Wise David EricksonMartin Dawes Analytics District 5 Director, Information Technology Georgia Public Service Commission Edison SmartConnect Southern California Edison J. Todd HallAttending this Premier marcusevans VP Consumer Services Tim MartinConference will Enable You to: Lincoln Electric System Chief Operating Officer • Listen to the Georgia Public Service Carroll Electric Membership Corporation Commissions perspectives regarding regulations Ed Carlsen Manager, Distribution Management Systems Frederic Kunzi and policy making for grid initiatives Georgia Power Chief Information Officer• Hear from Southern California Edison Lee County Electric Cooperative on the Edison SmartConnect program Keith Sturkie VP Information Technology• Understand the approach Georgia Power is taking Greg Obenchain Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc. Manager Distribution Operations & Standards to prepare their distribution systems for smart Edison Electric Institute grid implementation Gail Allen• Learn about Lincoln Electric Systems way Senior Manager Strategic Initiatives Larry Clark Kansas City Power & Light of educating consumers through their customer Principal Engineer- Power Delivery engagement model Paul Molitor Alabama Power (Southern Company) Director Smart Grid Randy Harlas National Electrical Manager Substation and RelayWho Should Attend: Manufacturers Association El Paso Electric Co.marcus evans invites CIOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Emilie Hudson Manager Intelligent Grid System Rita MixManagers from leading electric, gas and water utilities Senior Marketing Managerwith responsibilities or involvement in the following areas: Centerpoint Energy AT&T• Smart Grids/Smart Grid Implementation Sol Lancashire• AMI/AMI Deployment Telecommunications Architect• Information Technology BC Hydro• Distribution/Distribution Automation• Technology DevelopmentSilver Sponsors: Business Gold Silver Bronze Development Partner: Media Partners: Media Partners: Media Partner:
  2. 2. Day One | Thursday, September 30, 20108:00 Registration and Morning Coffee 2:15 Case Study Outlining the Benefits of Integrating Smart Meters and Understanding the Return8:45 Chairman’s Opening Address on Investments Victor Milligan • Discussing general benefits of smart meters, including loading information for meter Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer studies, outage management, and exact location of the problem in the meter Martin Dawes Analytics • Moving past initial justification theories and pilots and building business case for actual deployment of smart grid REVIEWING THE CURRENT STATUS OF SMART GRID • Determining what will be the real cost of integrating renewables regarding the overall value, as well as the cost of interconnection and loss of reduction INITIATIVES ACROSS THE INDUSTRY • Illustrating communication benefits including the enabling of two-way flow of power and information9:00 Case Study • Understanding the importance of funding for infrastructure updates concerningWorking With Regulatory Agencies and Commissioners to Understand automation / smart metersand Utilize Policies Tim Martin• Putting together and meeting regulations whether receiving capital money or federal funding Chief Operating Officer• Increasing interoperability across companies through jurisdictional and regulatory oversight Carroll Electric Membership Corporation• Realizing the importance of regulators participation in endorsing common standards• Educating commissioners so they can set policies and develop standards 3:00 Networking Break at the federal levelCommissioner Stan Wise IMPROVING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SUPPORTDistrict 5Georgia Public Service Commission THROUGH SMART GRID INTIATIVES9:45 Case Study 3:30 Case StudyEnabling Information Technology to Support the Smart Grid Transformation Taking a Unique Approach to AMI and Smart Meter Implementation Along With• Defining smart grid and its concepts the Customer Engagement Model• Identifying the drivers and service opportunities for utilities • Utilizing in-house IT skills for systems integration of new technology with• Looking at an integrated strategy and planning approach legacy applications• Discussing a framework for smart grid • Working collaboratively with software partners for performance and scale testing• Aiming for a process oriented and web centric utility • Changing the paradigm from one-way to two-way customer communication• Enabling the IT infrastructure for smart grid implementations with the utilityFrederic Kunzi • Providing customers near real-time visibility to their energy consumptionChief Information Officer • Giving customers the capability to managing their energy usage with online toolsLee County Electric Cooperative Dave Erickson Director, Information Technology, Edison SmartConnect10:30 Networking Break Southern California Edison11:00 Case Study 4:45 Case StudyIntegrating Devices and Applications in an Evolving Distribution Smart Grid Developing and Improving Customer Education and Engagement Programsfor Maximum Effectiveness to Increase Acceptance of Grid Initiatives• Identifying and utilizing key components and applications of the distribution system • Working with and handling any customer backlash upfront• Organizing the optimal integration of communication / information / control / • Educating customers on grid initiatives to create a positive approach management systems • Introducing demand response concepts and time of rate information• Understanding the new capabilities and challenges of smart grid devices and systems • Helping customers understand peak demand issues to better manage energy efficiently• Breaking down different stages of deployment and integration • Emphasizing the benefits of implementation of smart meters, including improved reliabilityEd Carlsen and increased optionsManager, Distribution Management Systems J. Todd HallGeorgia Power VP Consumer Services Lincoln Electric System11:45 Case StudyResponding to Industry Changes Regarding Smart Grid Development 5:30 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of Day One• Keeping EEI members informed and engaged in the NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Standards Process• Ensuring that members fully understand updated DOE and FCC regulations and policies• Determining standards for distribution and metering engineering during smart grid deployments• Working with Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs) to ensure that members have input into the standards created to implement the smart gridGreg ObenchainManager Distribution & Operations StandardsEdison Electric Institute12:30 Luncheon1:30 Case StudyRethinking Revenue Assurance and Analytics• Applying a robust discovery capability so that you can gain atomic-level visibility to data and related issues across all systems that underpin the meter-to-cash process• Analyzing the full meter-to-cash process, including customer management processes, to fully detect and enable resolution of data and logic issues that impact performance and customer satisfaction• Automating analytics and controls – using rigorous analytic capabilities to dramatically reduce revenue leakage now, as you transition to early smart grid operationsVictor MilliganChief Strategy and Marketing OfficerMartin Dawes Analytics TESTIMONIALS "It has been a long time since I have been to a conference that has been as complete and packed with content and actual experience on a topic."PRODUCER INFO Fortis BCI would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organizationof the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment Samantha Rice, "Good opportunity to learn, network and communicate in one place."samanthar@marcusevansch.com. Southern California Edison
  3. 3. Day Two | Friday, October 1, 20108:30 Registration and Morning Coffee 2:15 Case Study Determining Where to Expand and Update The Grid Telemetry to Ensure Effective8:50 Chairmans Opening Address Grid Use Victor Milligan • Understanding whether to work with the existing system and simply add upgraded Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer devices or to replace the actual infrastructure Martin Dawes Analytics • Recommending telemetry requirements to modernize the grid from the primary distribution substation to the meter9:00 Case Study • Preparing for the next generation operating system to achieve expected grid effective-Changing Customer Behavior to Utilize Energy Intelligently and Efficiently ness• Advising customers to preserve energy and use it wisely Larry Clark• Giving the customer more options regarding home energy management Principal Engineer- Power Delivery• Emphasizing best practices of energy usage for home appliances Alabama Power (A Southern Company)• Motivating customers enough to change their behaviorsGail Allen 3:00 Interactive Panel DiscussionSenior Manager Strategic Initiatives Understanding the Purpose for Data and How to Analyze the Information ReceivedKansas City Power & Light to Improve System Quality • Deciding how the company is going to report data back from homes and understanding9:45 Case Study options, whether by power line carrier, phone line, ext.Implementing Demand Response Concepts into Grid System to Manage • Deciphering who owns the data, meeting NERC requirements concerning securityEnergy Efficiently with data in an open network• Deciding whether utilities are allowed to control large loads of power at homes • Indicating the use of the data received by analyzing power outage issues, quality issues or commercial industrial buildings and system corrections• Balancing generation against instantaneous demands • Recognizing data privacy issues, including the increased access to generated data• Recognizing the issue of peak demand and time of rate concepts Facilitator:• Meeting power demands despite a lack of energy storage Victor MilliganRandy Harlas Chief Strategy and Marketing OfficerManager Substation & Relay Martin Dawes AnalyticsEl Paso Electric Co. Panelists:10:30 Networking Break Keith Sturkie VP Information Technology Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc. IMPROVING AND SECURING COMMUNICATION NETWORKS Ed Carlsen Manager, Distribution Management Systems11:00 Case Study Georgia PowerUtilizing Wireless Technology Within the Smart Grid Deployment Process• Making the decision on what types of technology will be used during the deployment 4:00 Closing Remarks of the Chair and End of 3rd Annual Grid Evolution for Utilities• Identifying the expected and unexpected benefits of integrating the technology• Looking at predictions for future technology implementations with smart gridsRita MixSenior Marketing ManagerAT&T11:45 Case StudyModernizing Communication Platforms to Improve Customer Contactand Network Security• Discussing VIST standards, IEEE protocols, and substation operations• Developing better communication between distribution substations and the consumer by putting in communication links through censoring to offer better outage management, reliability and visibility• Improving the two-way communication between customer and utility• Increasing speed and latency within the communication infrastructure• Choosing between private and public networks for communication platformsSol LancashireTelecommunications ArchitectBC Hydro12:30 Luncheon WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND REVIEWING STANDARDIZATION AND ENHANCEMENT This years 3rd edition of our annual smart grid event will move forward from the basic smart CONCEPTS OF GRID EVOLUTION grid conference concepts and look to the future. We will bring together the pioneers in smart grid technology to discuss opportunities and forward-thinking concepts like standardizing1:30 Case Study existing technology, educating customers to gain support and acceptance, buildingStandardizing Technology to Create Interchangeability and Compatibility and justification of business case and grid expenses, and much more.With Products for Grid Implementation• Emphasizing flexibility and openness with vendors and reducing the level of competitiveness• Enforcing open protocol to ensure vendors are creating software that can apply LET US BRING THE TRAINING TO YOU! to the "plug and play" standard• Finding the right technology to meet needs and match circumstances within company marcus evans In-House Training – Tailored solutions to meet your companys specific needsPaul MolitorDirector Smart Grid Exceptional Trainers: Annual global course portfolio over 3000 events a year guaranteesNational Electrical Manufacturers Association access to the worlds best trainers. Custom designed: Your team provides input into content and delivery through survey and consultation with trainers to match your unique training needs. Confidentiality: Your team may talk openly about their experiences and organizational needs in a secure and confidential environment. Cost-effective: Maximize your budget by cutting out travel and lodging expenses while also SPONSORSHIP INFO maximizing employee productivity and saving time. Does your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegates would Any Training, Anytime, Anywhere benefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting, networking and branding opportunities available by contacting: Nick Comerford 312 894 6330 For full information on open enrollment and in-house training please contact Gurneet Sagger nickc@marcusevansch.com. at gurneets@marcusevansch.com
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