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Powerpoint prepared for upper management to teach and explain the benefits of Linked In in a business.

Powerpoint prepared for upper management to teach and explain the benefits of Linked In in a business.



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  • Find past and present colleagues and classmates quickly Discover inside connections when you’re looking for a job or new business opportunity A network full of industry experts willing to share advice
  • …but it can also be used by corporations. As you can see, there are millions of people around the world using linkedIn. Businesses can embrace this pool and tailor their own linkedin pages to recruit those people who are looking to network professionally.“People are busy and if they can look at your LinkedIn profile and determine that you are credible and that you represent yourself and your organization well, that saves the person a lot of time in doing their due diligence.  The reverse is also true.  You can do market research, monitor the competition, and find viable business rapidly.”
  • “LinkedIn provides statistics about the various participants in its network. Looking at the demographics, you can see that these are professional people who
  • Marketers benefit from the enhanced targeting capabilities made possible with one of nine pre-defined InCrowds. You can also target certain THINGS to certain audiences
  • “if you scroll down further, you can see Former EmployeesNew HiresRecent Promotions
  • LinkedIn actually pulls all of this information together based on the information provided by LinkedIn users.
  • “The corporate profiles draw on data culled from and supplied by its 20 million users, who list their employer, title, work history and other personal details in their profile. Members also use the site to connect with their colleagues, friends and other associates, which LinkedIn also tracks. LinkedIn is one of a slew of social networking sites, from Facebook to MySpace, that have emerged in recent years. It has sought to distinguish itself as a place for professionals to connect with each other, network and find new jobs and leads. It said it hopes the corporate profiles will help its users gain more insight into their industry and potential employers, more so than traditional company profiles.”
  • Identifying the right people Receiving introductions or referrals to prospects Receiving referrals to other departments at current customersDiscovering the relationships between customers, prospects and other contacts Discovering the relationships between your colleagues from the same and other departments and prospects Discovering information about prospects and customers which makes the conversations online and offline easierMaintaining relationship with current customers Visibility for you as a sales person and your organisation and personal brandingMake yourself be perceived as an expert Word of mouth publicity Getting recommendations which are visible to customers and prospects Finding the right groups and organizations to be member of, both online and offlinePicking up trends in the marketplace Getting notifications when someone changes jobs Getting notifications when your customers link with sales reps from a company which offers the same products or services than yours
  • Linkedin as an ad platform/retail-oriented without seeming like an adA fun and engaging series of poll questions created high-levels of participation among membersUnique poll questions spoke to members’ professional and personal interests as it relates to the cars they driveCreative showcased Mazda’s smart, innovative, bold and progressive style for its new MAZDA6 design StrategyIncrease awareness of the new MAZDA6 design among an influential and savvy audience Engage with decision-making professionals through a thought-provoking series of questionsInteractive results platform encouraged members to collaborate ResultsLinkedIn drove highly users to the MAZDA6 site and delivered some of the highest KPI ratings of all lifestyle sites on the plan
  • An Integrated marketing program provided incentive to members to update both their professional wardrobe and their professional profileMembers entered a sweestakes to win a wardrobe makeover just by updating their LinkedIn profileOnce they updated their profile, members were also rewarded with a special Banana Republic discountStrategyEncourage a member's aspirational desire to develop and improve their professional imageBuild awareness with high reach mediaDrive online purchase with a special offer developed for LinekdIn membersResultsTwo million LinkedIn members updated their profileOver 75,000 entered the sweepstakes8,000 members subscribed to Banana Republics marketing mailing list
  • 1: according to Gartner Inc, a research and advisory firm.

Linked In Presentation Linked In Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Relationships Matter.
  • Today’s Agenda
    Corporate Use
    Case Studies
    Additional Info
  • LinkedIn | What is it?
    • Free business-oriented social networking site
    • Professional networking
    June 2010 – 70 million+ users in 200+ countries
    Dec. 2002 - Founded
    May 2003 - Launched
  • LinkedIn | what does it do for you?
  • Corporate Use | Worldwide Talent Pool
  • Corporate Use | LinkedIn User Demographics
  • Corporate Use |Targeting & 9 pre-defined InCrowds
    Small & Medium Business Professionals
    Professionals working in companies with between 50 and 500 employees.
    Over 3.7M
    Business Decision Makers
    Directors and above at any size company.
    Over 7.0M
    Financial Service Professionals
    Finance professionals or those who work in the financial services industry.
    Over 7.5M
    Sales Professionals
    Professionals whose job function is sales.
    Over 2.8M
    Marketing Professionals
    Marketing professionals or those who work in the marketing and advertising industry.
    Over 3.5M
    Startup Professionals
    Professionals working at companies with 1-50 employees
    Over 3.2M
    Corporate Executives
    Directors and above at companies with more than 500 employees.
    Over 2M
    IT Professionals
    Professionals whose job function is IT or engineering.
    Over 5.5M
    Career Changers
    Professionals who have changed positions or employers in the last 60 days.
    Over 970k
  • Corporate Use | Finding Companies
  • Corporate Use | Corporate Profiles
    • Basic Company Information
    • Name
    • Description
    • Number of Employees
    • Industry
    • Logos
    • Locations
    • Feed for Company Blog
    • Job Listings
    • Current Employee links
    • Former Employees
    • New Hires
    • Recent Promotions
  • Corporate Use | Facebook’s profile
  • Corporate Use | Facebook’s profile cont’d
  • Corporate Use | Corporate Profile Tools
    • LinkedIn Analysis
    • Company’s median age, top schools, and other companies they are well-connected to
    • Custom Company Profiles
    • Add more features: videos about company and positions, interactive polls
    • LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Corporate Use| Benefits for Sales People and Business Owners
    Competitive Moves
    Word-of-Mouth Publicity
    Job changes
  • Corporate Use | Impression Management
    Your company’s image is only as good as your employees’ participation
    Quality of employee profiles
    Employees’ interconnectedness
    Cross-platform promotion: 3 websites
  • Case Study | U.S. Cellular
    Overwhelmed with applications
    Quality of candidates not meeting needs
    Used LinkedIn Recruiter
    Applicant search more focused
    Saving $1 million+ this year alone
  • Case Study | Philips
    “A major part of our business is healthcare technology and the more we looked at building a platform to engage with professionals in this industry, the more we realised this community already existing on LinkedIn.”
    ~ Philips’ Global Director of OnlineHans Notenboom
    • Results
    • “Innovations in Health” Group
    • 14,135 members
  • Case Study | Mazda
    • A fun and engaging series of poll questions created high-levels of participation among members
    • Results
    • Drove users to MAZDA6 site
    • Delivered some of the highest KPI ratings of all lifestyle sites on the plan
  • Case Study | Banana Republic
    Integrated marketing program provided incentive to members to update both their professional wardrobe and their professional profile
    2 million LinkedIn members updated their profile
    75,000+ entered sweepstakes
    8,000 members subscribed to Banana Republics marketing mailing list
  • Additional information
    2014: social networking will replace e-mail as the primary form of communication for 20% of business users
    80% of companies are using social media as their primary tool to find employees….. of the 80% … 95% are using LinkedIn
    Nypex puts the implied value of LinkedIn at $1.25 billion
  • Questions?