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  • Thanks for educating me the types of rings, styles, components of ring, and the settings of rings. This is an interesting and informative presentation!
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  1. 1. Rings
  2. 2. Gold ringsYellow gold White gold Rose gold Yellow ,white and rose gold
  3. 3. Platinum rings
  4. 4. Titanium rings
  5. 5. Silver rings
  6. 6. Tungsten carbide rings
  7. 7. Stainless steel rings
  8. 8. Types of rings
  9. 9. Wedding rings“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love andfaithfulness. As I place it on your finger, Icommit my heart and soul to you. I ask you towear this ring as a reminder of the vows wehave spoken today, our wedding day.” The wedding rings embody the continuous flow of love, a circle that symbolizes eternity where there is no beginning and no end. More importantly, an engagement ring is given to the lady before the wedding ring. the wedding ring should compliment the engagement ring, rather than take attention away from it. This means that a lady must choose a wedding ring The ring with the 3 smaller diamonds is the that will flatter their engagement ring’s design wedding ring the other is the engagement ring
  10. 10. Engagement rings An engagement ring is a ring that shows the person wearing it is engaged to be married. an engagement ring is traditionally worn only by the women and most often have big diamonds and other gemstones set in them. Compared to the wedding band it is the more bold ring.This is a wedding band set, theengagement ring is the ring with the largestdiamond.
  11. 11. Promise ringA promise ring symbolizes a promise orcommitment between two people. Promiserings can be given for any type of promisemade not only promises of engagement ormarriage. Nowadays many young people wearpromise rings to symbolise and promise thatthey will stay pure until marriage.
  12. 12. Eternity ring It is believed that the concept of the eternity ring was developed more than 2000 years. The idea of the band is to have a continuous circle of precious metal that can never be broken, a symbol of everlasting love and the strengths it endures. They can be given as a anniversary gift, for the birth of a child or just a gift to show deep feelings to a precious
  13. 13. Signet ringSignet rings are worn by both men andwomen. They are usually made of gold or silverand they are often incised with the family coat-of-arms. Some rings are etched with theowners initials and others bear fraternal lodgeemblems or school symbols.
  14. 14. Styles of rings
  15. 15. Knife edge band
  16. 16. Triangular, square & round shank Round shank Triangular shank Square shank
  17. 17. Half round band
  18. 18. Flat band
  19. 19. Oval signet
  20. 20. Solitaire ringSolitaire rings are rings with only one stone setin them.
  21. 21. Box ring
  22. 22. Beveled ring
  23. 23. Components of a ring
  24. 24. Shoulder Double shoulderSingle shoulder
  25. 25. Setting in rings
  26. 26. Engraved rings
  27. 27. Gallery in rings
  28. 28. Settings
  29. 29. ClusterWith the clustersetting, severalsmaller stonesare groupedtogether, oftensurrounding alarger centrestone, to givethe illusion ofone large stone
  30. 30. Solitaire A solitaire ring is one featuring a single stone set into a metal band. In the case of engagement rings, the stone is often, but not always, a diamond.
  31. 31. SwissThe stones areembedded intothe band of a flushsetting, giving thering acontemporary feel.Flush-set stonesare protectedsince they are levelwith the band.
  32. 32. Channel In a channel setting, the stones are set into a groove in the band of the ring. Channel set stones have no metal separating them, which adds to their radiance.
  33. 33. TubeThis is a typeof settingwhere thestone is setinside a tube.
  34. 34. Pave Pavé settings are made up of lots of small gemstones, often diamonds, set closely together. The gems are separated and held in place by little beads of the setting metal. The result is what looks like a continuous surface of diamonds or other gems.
  35. 35. TensionSince the stoneappears to floatbetween themetal holding itin place, atension settingshows off thestone toperfection. Theserings can’t beeasily resized.
  36. 36. Claw The most common and popular type of setting, with either 4 or 6 claws. The high position of the diamond allows maximum exposure to the light from top to bottom. This type of setting can be used for all kinds of faceted stones.
  37. 37. BezelA bezel-setstone iscompletelysurrounded bymetal and is,therefore,very secure.An alternativeis a half-bezelwhere onlytwo sides ofthe stone aresurrounded
  38. 38. Bar In this setting, the stones are set between bars. The diamonds are nested in grooves and overlapped by metal using a special hammering tool. This type of setting is used for gems with a hardness of 9 and up.
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