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Vo ip
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  • 1. VoiP
    Sam Brown
  • 2. VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the technology used to transmit voice conversations over an internal or external data network using IP packets (digital form); without loss in functionality, reliability or quality; and in compliance with the International Telecommunications Union specifications. The term is also used to refer to the hardware and software used to carry such calls over the network
    This has a broad amount of good uses in home use as well as business/Work life for example …
  • 3. Use in Professional life
    Conference calls by means of Skype and other software means company and client are able to work in close proximity whilst not being in the same building this is only made possible by means on VoIP.
    You can get better stats on phone usage, better monitor remote phone users' phone time etc.
  • 4. Personal
    Along with Phones VoIP can also be used on all 6th Generation games consoles to send voice messages party chat and online gaming
    This use has greatly increased the number of sales of videogames thanks to this feature, as it increases the life of a game and connects people from across the world
  • 5. How Do They Do It?
    You first speak into a receiver (microphone, phone) it that converts your voice into a digital signal that is sent across the internet to a server where it is converted back into the original sound all of which is done a extremely high speed
  • 6. COST
    a major advantage of VoIP is not having to pay per call or by the length or location of the call but a standard monthly charge, only when phoning regular phones that it costs but at a cut back cost
  • 7. Online Gaming
    Not only is VoIP available and useful with pc gaming but in recent years it has been incorporated with many of the latest games consoles resulting in the connectivity of millions of people from around the world and increased sales of Xbox live and all accessories.
  • 8. THANK YOU