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10 page design document

  1. 1. RED RUNTitle PageRED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13Design by Sam Stratford & Lucy TaylorFor Internet Browser PlayRating: £3+Ship Date: TBC
  2. 2. RED RUNStory & GameplayThe story plays out as follows.“Red, Red… RED!” a squeaky voice yells up the stairs at you.“What mum? I am just getting my cloak!” I reply in retaliation. You see, mymother and I don’t always see eye to eye. Well you could say we don’t agreeever; I like hunting in the woods and trapping rodents. She prefers to dressme in silly frocks and drag me to stupid social events. We have always beenthis way. Since my father passed away I always swore that I would try andrepair my relationship with my mother, but well… she makes it ever sodifficult. “Well… what did you want? You seemed persistent enough toscream at me!”! “I wasn’t screaming at you Red, you just can’t be late for Grandma, sheisn’t very well at all and needs these cakes and berries to make her feelbetter. Can’t you just take your mind off the woods for once!” I knew thatarguing with her would only upset her, but the woods were my sacred place,somewhere that I felt content with myself somewhere I just felt free.(Decide whether to argue with mother or not)From here the player will decide how they wish to continue, if they want toargue with their Mother then there is a certain story path that they follow. Ifthey don’t argue with Mother, they can continue along with the story line thatthey are already in the flow of.The gameplay itself is very much a story, you read the passages that comeup on the screen, you then decide what to do. There are certain fixed optionsthat will appear and the selection that is made during this period, depicts howthe story is going to play out. The players’ decision will lead them along thestory e.g. if they decided to argue with Mother then they would get sent to apage that actually sends them back to the start. This would be a test page forthe player to see how the game functions and would put them back in thesame position, only allowing them to choose; “Don’t argue with Mother”.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  3. 3. RED RUNElevator Pitch & Game FlowThe elevator pitch;Classic story tale crosses paths into a system of interactive fiction gamecreators, and gets thrown into the hands of ‘you’ the players.The player will grow as the game goes on as the scenarios become moredifficult to deal with. They have a slightly more vital sense of consequence tothem, as the game pans out, the character Red is put in more danger. Thedecisions that she encounters involve her gaining companions and dealingwith situations by having particular items that the player has the opportunityto obtain throughout the process of the game. All of these situations arebased around the story itself. If Red does something relatable in the storythen it is tied to game by creating a scenarios around what has happened, tomake the story more interesting we have changed some of the aspects thatare involved.Red will come into contact with situations where the player must have pickedup something in the previous passage to continue along a safe journey in thegame. As the game progresses these objects will become more difficult toobtain and also become more of a problem if the player hasn’t got them at thecorrect in the game. At the earlier levels of the game these objects will beeasily just a click away from, an option to go back and pick up the object willbe available, however further on in the game this option will not be availableand if the player hasn’t picked up the object or has the in-correct item thenthere will be a penalty put in place for them to encounter.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  4. 4. RED RUNCharacter(s) & ControlsThe player controls, Red. The young sassy adventurer, whom you read aboutin the synopsis and various other situations. They make the game differentand special because it is them deciding what happens to a certain extent. Asthe game is guided to a certain degree and the player does the rest. Theplayer doesn’t have too many options and activities to complete as the gameis more about the story that is written in the text boxes. However it does alsorequire the player to have some imagination.The player only ever plays as Red, the game characters are only NPCs (non-player-characters) which means that Red can interactive with them as suchbut they can’t be accessed or played by the player. I can image that playingthe game as maybe the Wolf would very much change the aspect of thegame but it would make it much more of a challenge to recreate a story lineand basic character concept would entirely change the way that the storywould play out.The controls are simplified below but it is purely a concept of clicking on theoptions that appear in front of you as such. The player will read the passageand then select one of the options that are laid out below the text passagee.g.This is Twine programming page, it looks different online and is customized tohave an authentic Red effect on it, but the basic scenario is there.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  5. 5. RED RUNMain Gameplay Concepts & Platform Specific FeaturesThe player will experience a style of game that is quite different if they haven’tplayed anything where they have to make a lot of the decisions in the game.Not in the sense that they can re-create the story but they have all of thepower when it becomes harder within the game. As each level progressestheir experience will differ slightly as they have more control.The game offers a range of genre, itself programmed on Twine makes it avery indie game but it follows a fictional base. The game would be classedofficially as adventure, I would say because the player has to take Red alongthe storyline following her adventure to get to the end destination. The gameitself is broken down into various chapters and scenes. This seemed the mostlogical idea as it is essentially a story game.The game takes use of the features thatare made available through the use of acomputer. Audio files can be input intothe game and easily changed once theyare uploaded onto the audio file host site.Our game also uses the computers basiccapability to create and alter images, weupload them as .png or .jpeg and then putthem on the site to add to the visual effectof the game. Essentially these are themain form of graphics within the game.As we don’t have potential for box arteither, we have focused a lot of the effortsinto the character concepts and overallstyle of the gameplay.The game is kept to a small capacity size as it’s online and the uniquesimplicity that the platform adopts by being easily accessible via the internet,makes the game very easy to get out there. Having the game virtually 1 clickaway from the player if sent via an email or posted on another site.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  6. 6. RED RUNGame WorldThe essential gameplay takes place in a world that we created around Reds’life. Here are the areas that a player will encounter during the game.Red’s RoomOur sketch style drawings don’t show much of Red’s room but shedoesn’t spend much time in there any way. It is only really at thestart of the game where she is picking up her cloak and we join midconversation between her and her mother.Red’s GarageRed stores her bike, one of the items that you have to pick up toprogress further in the game. Most of the first chapter is basedbetween the house and the garage.Red’s KitchenThis is where the cakes & berries are kept, these are the key andmost important item in the game, if you don’t pick up these thegame won’t complete. If you follow the storyline you’ll know why.Outside Red’s HouseIn this section is a brief solo passage but it can alter the game,this is where Red gets her bike and places the basket onto it.Entrance to the woodsThis is where Red makes a key decision in the first chapter, shealso encounters her first possible friend/ enemy. The player is theone that has to make this decision.In the woodsThe woods is the most intricate place that the game currently hasto offer, it has a totally different vibe. The player will hopefully feelthe change has he/she enters it. Audio and imagery is workedslightly harder into the fabric of the passage here.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13Linear Navigation
  7. 7. RED RUNInterfaceThe player will navigate the game via the simple selection interface:The interface is very easy to use, it also basically tells you how to play andwhat to press in the first passage. The image to the right is a test sample andisn’t the RedRUN interface. It follows the same concept. It’s simple yetseems to be very effective.Each section of a chapter is designed to evoke different feelings in the player,our main aim was to use the music and imagery to try and convince theplayer that he is actually there.The music that we use throughout the game is all copyright free and obtainedvia sites that support of the use of young musicians and instrumentalists. Wehave these audio files play automatically when the player moves into adifferent passage or zone. Unfortunately these audio files can’t be played onthis document but I shall mention what we used; a door slam, a bike bell andbike pump sound, leaves crunching and footsteps walking on gravel, we alsoused a noise for one of the final scenes of a wind swoosh; imitating Redbeing knocked from her bike by a low hanging branch.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  8. 8. RED RUNMechanics & Power-UpsGameplay MechanicsRedRUN uses a simple ‘gather’ mechanic, as Twine is quite a basic programit doesn’t allow too much alteration around the Javascript set detail. Howeveryou can design it to pick-up certain words and items. From this set up youcan get Twine to remember what Red has already got and what she haspicked up. This feature is extremely useful for when you want to program thegame to only allow Red to progress when she has picked up a certain item,and using Twine’s basic features you can send her back to where it isobtainable if the player hasn’t picked it up.This feature is useful when trying to predict the players actions, obviouslydifferent people create different play styles. Some will play the game for funor to pass the time, getting through the story in an amount of time. Others willwant to cause as much damage to Red as possible as the game goes on, justto see what happens. These people try to test the game to it’s absolute limits.Others won’t just play the game but try and change the actual environmentthat is formed around it.Power-UpsRed can pick up certain items that will give her an additional option within thepassage, she can only use this once, and then she will have to find anotheritem that provides the effect.This item is the:Bike Bell- Providing an extra decision by ringing and calling out a pack of! helpful carrying monkeys.There haven’t yet been any other items decided on that create an effect suchto similarity to this.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  9. 9. RED RUNEnemies & BossesEnemiesThe player will have to face not an enemy as such but environmental issues,whereby they require a certain item to progress. e.g. Some rope, a rubberdingy, or a parachute. All of these items are things that Red encountersfurther on in the game. Unfortunately the sample first chapter doesn’t contain.Each of these items are unique because they each give Red anotheradvantage and option to choose from.BossesAgain at the end of each chapter we won’t have bosses but we will have a lifeor death situation. Making it a 50/50% chance for the player to progress withthe game. At the end of chapter 1, Red has the choice to either continuealong the pathway or risk going through a new entrance to the woods thatshe hasn’t seen before. The story will continue depending on the levels of riskthat the player is willing to take.RED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13
  10. 10. RED RUNCutscenes, Bonus Material & CompetitionsRED RUN RedPen Entertainment. 53 Northampton Place, Twinetree Grove, NE1 8PX. 07587157525 08/02/13