Technology in Massachusetts K-12

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A look at Hopkinton Public Schools' Technology department.

A look at Hopkinton Public Schools' Technology department.

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  • 2. Hopkinton Public School District  Approximately 3,400 students from Pre-K to Grade 12  5 Schools   3 Elementary Schools   1 Middle School   1 High School  $33 Million FY12 School District Budget  Hopkinton High School was rated 95th in Newsweek’s “Best High Schools in America” in 2011
  • 3. HPS Technology Department- Personnel  1 Technology Director  1 Data Administrator  3 Full-time Technology Integration Specialists   High School Level   Middle School Level   Elementary Level (covers all three elementary schools)  3 Full-time & 1 Part-time Technician   High School Level   Middle School Level   Upper Elementary (Covers 2 out of the 3 elementary schools)   Lower Elementary (Part-time, covers the 3rd elementary school)
  • 4. HPS Technology Department- Hardware Resources  Wi-fi network covering all schools and district offices  All teachers have personal laptops provided by the district   High School and Middle School teachers have MacBooks   Elementary School teachers have Dell D600 laptops  Each school has multiple laptop carts for in-classroom use with Dell D600s or MacBooks  Most classrooms at the elementary/middle school levels have SmartBoards or other interactive whiteboard devices  All High School classrooms have projectors, and some have document camera capabilities
  • 5. HPS Technology Department- Hardware Resources  Each classroom district-wide has at least 2 student work stations  Each school has multiple computer labs, and each has a library equipped with multiple computers as well   High School has 3 Mac-filled computer labs including 1 Foreign Language lab  Audio/Visual resources include projector/ presentation carts, digital signage, and a full auditorium set up at the Middle School
  • 6. HPS Technology Department- Software Resources  Entire district is on Google Apps for Education   All 8th Grade and High School students, as well as all teachers have Google Accounts to take advantage of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites and other Google Apps resources  Moodle is available to all teachers and is heavily used at the High School level  District-wide subscriptions to BrainPop, Discovery United Streaming, and several virtual textbooks  Wi-fi access allows for use of numerous Web 2.0 tools in class  Student information and assessment data is maintained on iPass
  • 7. Recent Initiatives atHopkinton High School
  • 8. Web Site Transition  Switched from a Dreamweaver based Web site to a site hosted by Schoolwires  New web site includes individual teacher web pages for each teacher  Significantly improved user experience on both the front and back ends  Incorporated Web 2.0 tools like photo slideshows, video embedding, form and survey submissions etc.  Introduced a more streamlined, and simplified site structure
  • 9. Side-By-Side ComparisonOld Site New Site
  • 10. 1-1 Laptop Initiative  Preparations are underway to implement a 1-1 program in the High School in Fall 2012  Each Freshman would lease a MacBook for $250 per year  By 2015 all High School students will have a laptop  Teachers will be asked to modify their curriculum to take full advantage of each student having a laptop  Network infrastructure will be upgraded, and an extra part time staff member will be added to the High School to help support the additional needs  Currently, parents are being surveyed to explore the interest level, and uncover possible concerns
  • 11. 1-1 Laptop Initiative  The laptop initiative will bring Hopkinton into a small group of Massachusetts school districts with 1-1 programs  Students will be better prepared for college and the working world as a result of the advanced exposure to technology  Software will be used to conduct benchmark assessments on the laptops to increase assessment efficiency across the school  The program is coupled with a Freshman Technology Seminar to prepare the students to use the laptops in an academic setting
  • 12. Freshman Technology Seminar  A seminar class for freshmen that consists of six classes  Explores the various aspects of technology at Hopkinton High School   What students will need to know to be successful in their classes   How to take advantage of what technology is available  There is a digital literacy component that focuses on plagiarism, information literacy, and effectively conducting research online
  • 13. iPad Pilot  Journalism class was given an iPad for each student  Students met 2 days in class and completed online work for the other 3 days  The iPads are used to record interviews, take notes, and take pictures for the articles  Students can also access the online Moodle course through the iPad
  • 14. The Future of Hopkinton PublicSchools’ Technology Department
  • 15. Key Strategic Goals  Increase “customer” satisfaction rate  Successfully implement a 1-1 laptop initiative by FY 2015  Upgrade all network infrastructure wireless N  Virtualize servers  Increase technology adoption rate by teachers  Develop technology mentorship programs in each school to increase professional development
  • 16. Key Challenges  Increasing the synergy of technological innovation and curriculum development  Ensuring that the advances we are making in technology are benefitting student achievement   Find a way to assess the effects of technology on student achievement  Improve the image of the technology department throughout the school district  Overcome staffing challenges and high turnover rates to provide more consistent and more efficient service