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Social Media ID for Integrated Media

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Social media

  1. 1. Sam’s Social Media ID
  2. 2. ID Mission• My ID mission is to convey a succinct and streamlined version of my personality, that focuses on traits relevant to the social media platforms I use. This aligns with my preference to use social media that reflects my interests, in order to remain an active and productive participant in those online communities. - Digital Mask
  3. 3. ID Character and Personality• My online ID reflects elements of my personality, but ultimately only offers a small microcosm of my true identity. Therefore, I only share traits and information relevant to the online platforms I use.• My identity also shifts depending on the platform I am using, whilst still attempting to capture the core ethos of my personality irrespective of the site I use.• My ID personality seems to subscribe to the type of online identity that uses an informal approach to representing itself. Therefore I offer a sort of parody of my own persona. For example: Fake profile pictures, information and interests. This still ties into my personality, but is perhaps a more cryptic or symbolic way of representing myself. I therefore believe that I am more of a passive user of social media, giving less away about myself, while observing and seeking information given by others.
  4. 4. ID Hub•• My ID hub follows the logic of the two contrasting identities that make up my social media use:
  5. 5. ID Hub• Professional Vs. Recreational
  6. 6. Analysing The Twitterverse- Past Blog Post ( Analyzing twitter profiles of various people it seems that twitter is often used as a platform in which to present an informal, humorous and relaxed version of your professional self. - The emergence of hash tags and the concept of microblogging ties into thisalso, as abbreviations and shorter posts allows for a more informal approachto communication.
  7. 7. Communities VS.
  8. 8. Communities• From a filmmaking perspective, video content sites like Vimeo foster the sort of community that ties into my ID mission.• Largely made up of independent filmmakers and video artists, Vimeo provides the perfect platform for promoting your own projects.• User-made content differentiates it between other video-sharing sites like Youtube, and with its benefits for filmmaking ties into my ID mission of creating an online presence that ties in with my interests.•
  9. 9. ID Content• Facebook: Used as an outlet for my personal life. Is the one platform I use that is most closely linked to the always on lifestyle. It has become a primary means of communication due to the sheer volume of people using it.• Link to Past Blog Post on Always On Life-style: (
  10. 10. ID ContentTwitter: