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Social PR Secrets by Lisa Buyer


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  • 1. Social #PR Secrets How to GO Direct and use social media and SEO to get publicity @LisaBuyer Social #PR Evangelist and #Yoga Girl The Buyer Group
  • 2. • Author of Social #PR Secrets • Publicist, Columnist, Social #PR Evangelist • Social #PR Chat Editor • CEO of The Buyer Group, • a Social #PR agency • Search Engine Watch Columnist • Clients include B2B, B2C, Public, and Private • companies across a spectrum of industries. • Frequent industry speaker and writer for various publications including ClickZ, SocialPRChat, and • University of Florida (Go Gators!) graduate with a degree in Public Relations & Business Administration About Me
  • 3. Agenda • Social PR yesterday, today, the future • Opportunity • Inspiration • Platforms • Best practices for creating a company online newsroom • KPIs and Analytics
  • 4. How To Understand Social PR yesterday, today, the future
  • 5. Yesterday’s Press Release – Took weeks or months for approval – Designed for the journalist only – Was mailed, (yes mailed) – Emailed = straight to junk email
  • 6. Yesterday’s Press Release – Search engines were for geeks – Usually ended up in the trash or delete button – Hardly ever made it to the end user – Measured by clippings!
  • 7. Today’s Press Release • Can happen in 140 characters or less from anyone! • Is social • Is optimized • Is visual • Is mobile
  • 8. Today’s Social PR • Is 24/7 without boundaries or limits • More Social PR power and control than ever to push the news out and pull the world in • Using a mix of online PR and social media strategies
  • 9. Today’s Press Release • Is measurable
  • 10. Today’s PR • Who are we writing for? – The journalist – Direct to audience – Search engines – Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instag ram and Google +
  • 11. Today’s Social Press Release • What does it look like? – Optimized with keywords or #hashtags – Less is more – words, links – Images and video – PR Tweets in 120 characters or less – Facebook Posts 90 characters or less – LinkedIn status updates – 3 versions – paid, blog and newsroom version
  • 12. Today’s Online Press Release • What does it do? – Gets good search results (think editorial) – Gets Tweeted and even better: RT – Gets Liked on Facebook – Gets Pinned and +1 – Gets online media attention – Delivers qualified traffic to a website – Delivers qualified traffic to a blog
  • 13. Today’s Online Press Release
  • 14. How To Optimize, publicize, socialize and visualize your brand's news
  • 15. The Opportunity
  • 16. The media is search and social savvy
  • 17. National Survey Finds: The Majority of Journalists Now Depend on Social Media for Story Ideas and Sources
  • 18. 89% of reporters/editors turn to blogs for story research
  • 19. 65% of journalists use social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn for story sources
  • 20. The majority of journalists use microblogging services such as Twitter
  • 21. 100% of journalists use Google as a tool when working on stories Google is the top search engine for online research with all responding journalists using this tool. Wikipedia is second
  • 22. Customers are search and social savvy
  • 23. YOU must be search and social savvy
  • 24. Optimized Press releases Blogs Video Images Posts Tweets Pins +1
  • 25. Publicized Distribution Social Media Newsroom Muck rack HARO PitchEngine -
  • 26. Socialized Company news travels in Tweets Posts Status Pins Images Blogs +1 Instagram #hashtags
  • 27. Visualized Visual Social Marketing = Visual Social Media -
  • 28. The evolution of the pitch, press release and promotion. It’s time for change
  • 29. Social PR How the brand is now the publisher!
  • 30. Why? • Pitched more than ever • Require different resources & info • Expected to produce more with less • Short form valued over long form Journalists, bloggers and influencers are:
  • 31. PR in Not a Process Social PR is • Going real time • Reporting direct from the brand • Going mobile with your story • Facebook post, tweet, pin or a pitch • Creating brand evangelists • Telling your story direct from your brand’s media
  • 32. PR pros and agencies are no longer press release generators
  • 33. Today’s Brand is the Publisher • Story telling • Reporting newsroom style • Look at your brand’s social networks as individual publications • Write like a reporter • Become the industry source of news, not just the talking about your brand
  • 34. HOW TO Examples
  • 35. Facebook Make it your news even when it is not. Article appeared last week in the WSJ and included a mention of the Camera+ App.
  • 36. Facebook •Added her own editorial comment to the WSJ article •Made it her own brand’s news •578 Likes •79 Shares •83 Comments
  • 37. LinkedIn Share your news with your network and customize comment to your LinkedIn Groups.
  • 38. LinkedIn Share your news with your network and customize comment to your LinkedIn Groups.
  • 39. Pinterest Create themed boards reflecting categories in your business.
  • 40. Pinterest Create themed boards reflecting categories in your business.
  • 41. YouTube Create a playlist on YouTube to archive all media coverage
  • 42. YouTube Create a playlist on YouTube to archive all media coverage
  • 43. Google+ Images are everything – Be visual when you tell your story!
  • 44. Newsrooms Write a press release or blog post and pull out 15-20 Tweets that link back to the press release
  • 45. How To Incorporate the best practices for creating a company online newsroom
  • 46. The Company Newsroom
  • 47. The Company Online Newsroom A centralized news headquarters for all of your brand’s digital content, including news stories, photos, videos, financial and other organizational information.
  • 48. Almost 100%percent Surveyed expect organizations small and large to: • Have an online newsroom as part of the website available to the media. • Provide access to news releases within their online newsroom. • Find PR or media contact information readily available within an online newsroom. • Offer the ability to search news archives within an online newsroom
  • 49. Typical Newsroom • Press Releases • Media Coverage • Company Fact sheet • Images • Company Bios • White papers • Awards
  • 50. Today’s Online Newsroom • Created for – Media, – Customers, – Prospects – Search engines – Optimized – Social media friendly
  • 51. • Report your company news like a reporter, optimize like an SEO • Use social media to tell your story, report news, drive traffic back to blog/website • If you are not in the news, make yourself part of the news – highjack a story or #hashtag. • Collaborate and practice time saving Social PR efficiencies that focus on what works best • Evaluate your online newsroom, make it part of your Social #PR content strategy • Don’t be afraid to #Fail! Try #new things Key Takeaways
  • 52. • Timing – do more on weekend and after hours • Use social media to tell your story, report news, Be real, show personality, use emoticons lightly • Visual wins – make your news pin-worthy • Mobile matters – make sure your news is mobile friendly • Go for the ASK, call to actions in your news and blog posts • Measure! • Do what matters! Cut out the clutter. Key Takeaways
  • 53. Today’s PROptimized Publicized Socialized
  • 54. Questions?
  • 55. Social #PR Secrets Presented by: Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer