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Film distribution powerpoint
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Film distribution powerpoint


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  • 1. By Sam Hercock
  • 2. What is a film distributer? An independent company, which secures the placement of a producers film. Eg: Waner Brothers, Film 4, Lionsgate. “Distribution” refers to the marketing and circulation of movies in theatres and for home viewing. Distribution is finding out the identify and deliver the largest possible audience for a film.
  • 3. Disadvantages of Film Distribution Other entertainment options often get in the way of this. Another barricade is the 500 or more titles released in UK cinemas every year.
  • 4. A Distributers Aims To convince the exhibitor eg: Showcase cinema to book the film in for a period of time. …In order to achieve this the distributor usually arranges industry screenings for exhibitors, and uses other marketing techniques.
  • 5. Once the goal is accomplished The distributor secures a written contract stating the amount of gross ticket sales to be paid…although on occasion some of the terms, such as the percentage of thegross to be paid by the exhibitor, may be varied with regard to a particularfilm.
  • 6. More about DistributionThe distributor must also ensure that enough film prints are struck to serviceall contracted exhibitors on the opening day.Shipping the film around the world (being replaced with digital distribution)Creation of posters, newspaper and magazine advertisements, TVcommercials, trailers and other types of advertisement.Physical delivery of the film to the theatre.
  • 7. Example of distribution Bullet Boy - low budget, independent film Following festival screenings at the end of 2004, the film quickly gathered a reputation as the first film to tackle the difficult subject of contemporary gang and gun crime in Britain’s inner cities. Verve pictures released Bullet Boy The film drew a young black audience and Verve pictures saw that the film could appeal to a wide audience. In order to broaden the theatrical release of the film, Verve applied successfully for funds from the UK Film Councils P and A Fund. The film was released on 8th April 2005, opening on 75 prints UK wide, in a combination of established independent cinemas and multiplexes concentrated in greater London and other major urban centres.
  • 8. Bullet BoyThe poster design aims to convey the look, feel and subject andtone of the filmThe advertising campaign was intended to appeal to diverseaudiencesThe campaign included advertising in all of the national dailynewspapers that allocate significant space to film reviews.
  • 9. The step by step distribution process Producer/Company acquires rights to film story or treatment Screenplay is developed by one or more writers Production finance and cast and crew are confirmed Principal photography takes place in studios and/or on agreed locations followed by some months of post production, editing and scoring Distributor develops relapse strategy considers release date and takes delivery of master print of the finished film. Distributer presents the film to exhibiters and negotiates bilateral agreements to have it shown in cinemas Distributors marketing campaign aims to create a ‘want to see’ buzz among the target audience and launches the film Film prints/disks Including the British board of Film Classification certificate are delivered to cinemas a few days before opening Films run extends any number of weeks subject to demand, which may be augmented by additional marketingFollowing It’s run in cinemas, the film is released in subsequent windows (Home entertainment, television) and quality becomes a catalogue title.