What magic agora is?


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www.magicagora.com , International magic school, cardestry, coins, effects, magic, learng online magic from best spanish teachers

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What magic agora is?

  1. 1. Welcome to Values teachers methodology campus team
  2. 2. Your place to learn magic Magic Agora is a school, not a video streaming website. In reality, its concept is closer to a college program. • Teachers guide students through their subjects. • There are forums, and videoconference rooms where students and teachers can meet and communicate. • Everything is done in a teaching-like environment. It’s almost like being in classroom.
  3. 3. A place with different content We design the contents of each class so that they are rich in multimedia contents. 1. We prepare our scripts with teachers who are world famous magicians. We help them to create instructions that are clear and concise. 2. We also record content with up to three cameras. 3. We combine everything into a logical sequence so that it is pleasing to both the mind and the eye. 4. Everything is done with a well structured teaching method with clear learning objectives.
  4. 4. Iñaki ZabalettaDani Da Ortiz Nacho Diago Woody Aragón Roberto Giobbi A place with the best teachers Miguel Ángel Gea Jorge Blass …+ Miguel GómezMartin Kaplan
  5. 5. THE WAY WE TEACH IS DIFFERENT Learning methodology
  6. 6. How we’ll change learning Before Magic ÁgoraBooksMeetingsDVD Selflearning Social learning Learning goals The best teachers Online communication tools Content quality. Multimedia Social learning
  7. 7. A different methodology Not everything is learned in the same way, at the same pace. Some offerings last longer than others because each course is adapted to its own special needs. Short lessons lasting one or two weeks Workshops, fr om one to two months Long programs 1 to 2 hour digital meetings An effect A technique Like an introductory course in any given field Short lectures
  8. 8. A different methodology Online guided learning system where expert magicians are teachers, with tools like: • Videoconferencing solutions • Forums • Digital file storage • Internal E-mail System Everything needed to ensure communication between teachers and students.
  9. 9. OUR CAMPUS AND OUR TEAM What makes our magic
  10. 10. A outstanding campus We have created a campus that matches the needs of magicians. With specific applications that help the student to learn and practice
  11. 11. An outstanding team Educators, magicians, it engineers, writers, sound and image technicians, cameramen, translators
  12. 12. www.magicagora.com info@magicagora.com 2012