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  • 1. Year 11 revision day Higher Tier paper Reading – question 2 and 3Language and presentation focus
  • 2. Today, we’re only working with one text as wedon’t have time to deal with two.In the exam you will have two texts, one text forquestion 1 and 2, and the second text forquestion 3.Read the first text and answer question 1 and 2.Only then should you read text 2.Read text 2 and answer question 3.
  • 3. Reading for purpose, audience and tone Why was the text Who was it written for?: written?: • One particular person• To persuade • A group of people• To entertain Remember • Young people a text can• To inform have a • Parents• To advise primary and • The retired secondary• To explain purpose • Families• To describe• To argue
  • 4. Tone…Think tone…Powerful or weak What is theSarcastic or serious tone of theLight hearted or honest article you areHostile or friendly reading?Informative or argumentativeEmotive or factualControversial or reasonable Is the tone obvious or subtle? How is the tone achieved?
  • 5. Question 2 (about 22 minutes)Explore how the article (portrays/conveys)…something! refer to the presentation and contentin other words… discuss – the presentation/tone of the article – the content/language – the way the article has been presented• This will be a media text so you will want to discuss how images and headings also contribute to the tone and presentation of the article.However, DON’T just discuss presentational features! That is not what the examiner is looking for!
  • 6. Question 2s focus should revolve around the tone and purpose of the articleYou will be expected to write about:• The tone of the article conveyed through words and phrases• The tone of the article conveyed through the heading/subheadings• The tone of the article conveyed through the images and how each ties in with the purpose
  • 7. Typical questions that the examiner uses for question 2…• How does the article convey power of …..?• How does the article convey sympathy towards… ?• How does the article display the strong feelings of the writer? The question may direct you to discussing the presentation and content of the article.
  • 8. Read your text!Read the passage to the endFormed a view of what it is aboutConsidered some of the ways thewriter has tried to communicatehis/her point of viewPlan your response
  • 9. What is the How do you know?What words and phrases will you choose to respond to question 2,How does the article convey the writer’s viewpoint and ideas ?
  • 10. The purpose of this article is to argue the writer’s strong opinions about the threat of extinction of various species of animal. Clarkson has a rather argumentative and sarcastic tone revealed in language such as ‘Eco-mentalists’. This play on words displays his contempt for eco-friendly campaigners who would fight to save whole species such as the tiger.He uses images of the tiger to reflect his thoughts that these animals do not need any further help from humans as there are still plenty of tigers in the west to keep them from extinction. The images show the tiger as a strong, powerful creature in its natural habitat which supports Clarkson’s view that these animals are strong enough to survive without us.The heading uses a colloquial phrase which again displays Clarkson’s contempt of the conservationists argument and fight to stop poachers from killing off these creatures, ‘Stuff the tiger – long live extinction’ is very controversial and emotive and will engage all types of readers who will probably be angered by his attitude.
  • 11. Quick draw…Draw yourself a few images to help you remember to consider PURPOSE, AUDIENCE and TONE e.g. some emoticons to help you remember tone might include  or  friendly emotive 5 minutes only
  • 12. Question 3 (about 22 minutes)How does the writer convey…This question is based on the language used to convey something, thoughts/feelings/emotions etc.You must only focus on the language used.
  • 13. Question 3How does the article convey… – What words and phrases have been used to get across the messageThe question wants you to look for words and phrases that help convey the tone e.g. powerful, exciting, terrifying, sympathetic, emotive, moving, etc.The question wants you to look for words and phrases that help convey a particular meaning
  • 14. The text has used a sarcastic tone shown through …The purpose of the article is to shock the reader by…A controversial tone is conveyedThe purpose is to entertain conveyed through the humorous and light hearted language…
  • 15. Your turn…Question 3How does Clarkson convey his strong thoughts and feelings about the extinction of species?• Look for two/three phrases that show this article is…• argumentative• Controversial• Emotive
  • 16. The article is controversial because Clarkson states that the ‘only creatures that matter are those in our social group’. This will make a lot of people, especially conservationists, angry and they will want to argue back. Clarkson is deliberately using language to create a response from the reader to think about conservation and what they believe to be right.He uses phrases such as ‘Eco-mentalists’ and ‘there’s an awful lot of sentimentality around the concept of extinction’ which makes fun of people concerned with the environment and which will anger those who feel extinction of a whole species is a dreadful thing.