Q2 and q3 info and ideas foundation


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Q2 and q3 info and ideas foundation

  1. 1. Year 11 revision day Foundation Tier paper Reading – question 2a and 2bPresentational features and Language focus
  2. 2. Question 2aHow do headings and pictures contribute to the (dramatic impact) of the article? refer to the presentational featuresin other words… discuss – the way headings help in the presentation of the article – the way the pictures contribute to the meaning – how both of these reflect what the text is about
  3. 3. The examiner wants you to know the reasons for using presentational features in media textsMake a list of the typical presentational features likely to be used in a media text…Headings However, you MUST paySubheadingsImages attention to what you’reBullet points being asked to comment on.Text boxesBold font READ THE QUESTIONLarge font CAREFULLY!Colouretc
  4. 4. Headings and subheadingsHeadings and subheadings are used to… Why do writers use headings and subheadings?• They guide the reader through the text What do they ‘add’ to the text?• They help link sections of text• They sum up what the article is about or the views of the writer• They highlight important points made by the writer
  5. 5. Images (pictures and captions) Why do writers useThe images are used to… images? What do they ‘add’ to the text?• They often show the tone of the text (emotive, powerful, sympathetic)• They link to the text’s content• They are often varied and carefully chosen for the purpose and effect
  6. 6. Your turn…• Look at the article and write two paragraphs detailing the impact (the reason why they are used) of the:• headings and subheadings• Images (pictures) Share your ideas
  7. 7. Question 2bThe question will have bullet points to help you respond.You must follow the advice of the bullet points!e.g.How does the newspaper article convey the power of the incident and its effects? In your answer you should write about – information used in the article – Some of the words and phrases used in the articleDo NOT write about headings or pictures in your answer.
  8. 8. Question 2bHow does the article convey… – What words and phrases have been used to get across the messageThe question wants you to look for words and phrases that help convey the tone e.g. powerful, exciting, terrifying, sympathetic, emotive, moving, etc.The question wants you to look for words and phrases that help convey a particular meaning
  9. 9. Typical questions that the examiner uses for question 2b…• How does the article convey power of ….. and its effects?• How does the article convey sympathy towards… and its effects?• How does the article display the strong feelings of the writer?
  10. 10. Reading for purpose, audience and tone Why was the text Who was it written for?: written?: • One particular person• To persuade • A group of people• To entertain Remember • Young people a text can• To inform have a • Parents• To advise primary and • The retired secondary• To explain purpose • Families• To describe• To argue
  11. 11. Tone…Think tone…Powerful or weak What is theSarcastic or serious tone of theLight hearted or honest article you areHostile or friendly reading?Informative or argumentativeEmotive or factualControversial or reasonable Is the tone obvious or subtle? How is the tone achieved?
  12. 12. Quick draw…Draw yourself a few images to help you remember to consider PURPOSE, AUDIENCE and TONE e.g. some emoticons to help you remember tone might include  or  friendly emotive 5 minutes only
  13. 13. Look for words and phrases that willshow you understand the purpose and tone• The purpose of the article is to….• The tone is…. How do you know? What words and phrases will you choose to respond to question 2b, How does the article convey…?
  14. 14. Your turn…Question 2bHow does the article convey the writers strong feelings and the effects?• Look for two phrases that show this article is…• argumentative• Controversial• Emotive
  15. 15. The article is controversial because Clarkson states that the ‘only creatures that matter are those in our social group’. This will make a lot of people, especially conservationists, angry and they will want to argue back. Clarkson is deliberately using language to create a response from the reader to think about conservation and what they believe to be right.He uses phrases such as ‘Eco-mentalists’ and ‘there’s an awful lot of sentimentality around the concept of extinction’ which makes fun of people concerned with the environment and which will anger those who feel extinction of a whole species is a dreadful thing.