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Auto Industry – Smart Social Report 2012
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Auto Industry – Smart Social Report 2012


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The U.S. Automotive Market - Twitter Trends & Insights 2012

The U.S. Automotive Market - Twitter Trends & Insights 2012

Published in: Automotive

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  • 1. The U.S. Automotive Market Twitter Trends & Insights 2012 Salorix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Table of ContentsDefinitions! 3Executive Summary! 4Data Snapshot! 5Conversations Analysis! 6Audience Analysis! 7Share of Voice! 8 Top 3 Brand Buzz ! 9Category Level Analysis! 10 Small Cars! 12 Mid-Range Cars! 13 Up-Scale Cars! 14 Sporty Cars! 15Conclusions! 16Appendix! 18 US Car Classification! 18 . . . 2 . . . .
  • 3. DefinitionsTweet: A message posted via Twitter containing 140 characters or fewer.Tweeters: An account holder on Twitter who posts and reads Tweets.Engagement: All tweets posted in reply to another users message, tweets that are shared by ortweets in which a brand username was included are considered engagement tweets.Relative brand love: Positive share of voice of a particular brand to its market size. Thescore is computed as (Number of positive tweets/Number of cars sold)*1000NPS (Net Positive Score): Percentage of tweets having positive sentiment minuspercentage of tweets having negative sentiment for a particular brand. . . . 3 . . . .
  • 4. Executive SummaryThe US is the second largest automotive market in the world. After having been theworld’s largest market for over a century, the US lost its leadership position in 2010 toChina. Despite the slowdown, the US remains one of the most attractive and versatileauto markets, making it a marketer’s dream to understand the dynamics of this ever-changing market.With the turn of the new century, social media channels emerged as a tool for brandsand individuals to connect with a global audience and share opinion. Potentialconsumers spend an increasing amount of time on these social media channels suchas Facebook, Twitter, etc. Because of this increase of time, these networks arebecoming one of the most important mediums for brands to connect with their targetaudience. Apart from being a great engagement medium, social media can alsoprovide rich insights on consumer behavior, preferences and trends.This report intends to understand the US automotive market through the conversationsthat happen on Twitter. Twitter is the second largest social network / micro bloggingservice in the world with over 500 million users generating over 400 million ‘tweets’every day.Salorix’ platform enables analysis of huge volumes of such unstructured ‘big data’ todeliver actionable insights to the marketer.This reports attempts to answer the following questions for marketers: • When do customers talk most about automobiles? • What is the best time to engage with my target audience? • Who are the people talking about automobiles? • What do they talk about? • How do they perceive different automotive categories and brands? . . . 4 . . . .
  • 5. Data SnapshotData Source Twitter/GNIPData type Tweets and profile data of authors queried from twitter using Salorix’ Automotive vertical keywords listDate range 16th September 2012 to 15th October 2012No. of tweets 1,127,767No. of Authors 655,982 !US – All authors who have mentioned their location as a major city or state in the US andor mentioned their country as US/USAInternational – Locations outside of the USNo Location – No location information specifiedThe report analyzes US tweets. Hence the data used for further analysis is asfollows:No. of tweets 160,856 (14% of Overall Auto market tweets)No. of Authors 88,212 (13% of Overall Auto market authors) . . . 5 . . . .
  • 6. Conversations Analysis !Monday generates the highest volume of tweets related to auto, while Thursday and Fridaygenerate the least volumes.In spite of relatively lower volumes, Tuesday has the highest engagement* rate on auto relatedtweets. !Highest volume of tweets related to auto are generated at 12 noon and at 6 PMEngagement rates are significantly higher in the later part of the day (6-9 PM) . . . 6 . . . .
  • 7. Audience Analysis By  City: Top  10  ci)es  account  for   1/4th  of  tweeters.   New  York  City  has  the   largest  number  of   tweeters.   ! By  State: Top  10  states  account  for   40%  of  tweeters.   Texas,  California  &  NY  rank   1st,  2nd  and  3rd.   ! 80%  of  tweeters  have  less  than   1000  followers. Most  have  between  100  and   1000  followers’  base. ! . . . 7 . . . .
  • 8. Share of Voice Asian  and   European  cars   garner  over  40%  of   all  conversa)on   volumes. Significant  volume   of  conversa)ons   around  auto   maintenance,   events,  insurance,   and  sports. ! Honda  is  the  most   popular  brand  with   the  highest  share  of   voice,  9%. Hybrid/Electric  car   maker  has  a  higher   share  of  voice  than   market  share;  Shows   significant  interest   in  efficient/eco-­‐ friendly  op)ons. ! . . . 8 . . . .
  • 9. Top 3 Brand BuzzFord, Honda and Toyota saw the largest volume of brand specific conversations. !Toyota  saw  a  4X  increase  in  conversa)on  volumes  on  10th  Oct,  due  to  the  announcement  of  recall  of  over  7  MM  cars. . . . 9 . . . .
  • 10. Category Level Analysis ! Sports  cars  generate  the  highest  buzz  (more  than  1/3rd)  on  twi[er  in  spite  of  lower   volumes  of  cars  sold  Brand NPS across Categories Among  the   brands  that  have   cars  across  three   segments,  Ford   dominated  in   Small  and  Sporty   segment. Honda   dominated  in   Medium   segment. . . . 10 . . . .
  • 11. Relative Brand Love for brands with sales <100,000 cars in the last quarter Ferrari  has  the  highest   brand  love  among   brands  with  lower  sales   volume.   Popularity  of  Ferrari  in   F1  has  been  its   advantage.Relative Brand Love for brands with sales >100,000 cars in the last quarter Honda  has  the  highest   brand  love  among  the   brands  having  higher   sales. . . . 11 . . . .
  • 12. Small Cars Share  of  Voice  –  By  Topic Small  car  category   conversa)ons  are   dominated  by  Asian  and   European  car  makers,  in   line  with  their  dominance   in  market  share.   Honda  and  Toyota  are  the   most  popular  Asian  cars  by   conversa)on  volume. !NPS  by  Brand  vs.  Segment  avg Ford  generated  a  good   posi)ve  buzz  with  the   launch  of  its  new  small   car  –  Focus. Toyota’s  NPS  is  lower   than  the  segment   average  due  to  the   recent  recall. ! Toyota,  Honda  and  Kia   dominate  the  brand  men)ons   in  small  car  segment. Significant  references  to   Toyota’s  recall.   ! . . . 12 . . . .
  • 13. Mid-Range CarsShare  of  Voice  –  By  Topic Asian  cars  generate   almost  1/4th  of  all   buzz  in  this  segment. Significant  number  of   conversa)ons  around   Auto  dealerships  &   used  car  sales.NPS  by  Brand  vs.  Segment  avg ! Honda  is  the  dominant   brand  with  a  very  high   NPS  –  almost  1.6X   higher  than  the   segment  average Chrysler  and   Chevrolet‘s  NPS  is   affected  by  higher   conversa)ons  with   neutral  sen)ment. Significant  buzz  around   Honda’s  new  launch  –   2013  Accord. Lot  of  conversa)ons  about   ‘Cer)fied’  ‘Used-­‐Cars’. ! . . . 13 . . . .
  • 14. Up-Scale CarsShare  of  Voice  –  By  Topic Asian  cars  generate  the   highest  buzz  in  this   segment  too,  closely   followed  by  European  cars. In-­‐terms  of  brands,   European  car  makers  –   Mercedes,  BMW  and  Audi   generate  higher  buzz.   !NPS  by  Brand  vs.  Segment  avg Mercedes  leads  this   segment  with  a  very  high   NPS  followed  by  Lexus. BMW’s  NPS  is  lower  as  a   high  number  of  related   conversa)ons  have  neutral   sen)ment. ! Dominated  by  German   brands. Lincoln  and  Equinox  are   the  few  domes)cs  that   generated  sizable  buzz. ! . . . 14 . . . .
  • 15. Sporty CarsShare  of  Voice  –  By  Topic European  cars  dominate   Sports  car  segment  with   almost  1/3rd  of  the  share   of  voice. This  is  a  segment  where   Asian  cars  are  yet  to  make   an  impact. !NPS  by  Brand  vs.  Segment  avg Italian  brands   dominate  this   segment  with  very   high  NPS. Ford  has  a  good   posi)ve  buzz  for  its   sports  brand  -­‐   Mustang. ! Dominated  by   Italian  &  German   brands Mustang  is  the   only  significant   American  sports   car  brand. ! . . . 15 . . . .
  • 16. ConclusionsAsian brands generate significantly higher buzz in Twitter. This is in line with theirdominance of the auto market especially in small and medium car segmentsNegative news related to a brand can generate huge volumes of negative buzz inTwitter, e.g., Toyota product recall, etc.Product launches, contests and announcements generate a good buzz. Positiveproduct reviews by influencers positively affect the sentiment around a brand.Marketers need to be prepared to manage both positive and negative buzz around abrand. o Capitalize on positive messages to promote the brand and educate the customer about the brand. o Ensure the brand’s reputation is not adversely affected in times of negative news. . . . 16 . . . .
  • 17. About Salorix, Inc.Salorix is a smart social media management company that enables brands to identify, buildand manage strong consumer engagement through an integrated, highly scalable and realtime social amplification product suites.Salorix works with the world’s largest brands and agencies to simplify and scale socialmedia engagements. Salorix Social Marketing Platform is the industry’s firstcomprehensive platform designed for deriving real-time contextual engagement signalsfrom social conversations. Architected for processing billions of social signals per week,our platform is built on a commodity infrastructure for a grid computing scalability. Salorixis positioned at the intersection of three major industry trends: big data, social media andmarketing automation.Team Salorix has PhDs, Computer Scientists, Engineers, and Marketing execs withexperience in big data, machine learning, digital and social media from MIT, Stanford,Carnegie Mellon, University of Haifa (Israel) and IIT (India). The team has prior experienceat NASA, Yahoo!, AOL, Autonomy,, Publicis etc.Salorix was recently named with IBM as leading Big Data Marketing Platform provider inInteractive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) “2012 Social Media Ecosystem Report”.Salorix was founded in 2009 by digital media veterans and is a global companyheadquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York City and Bangalore, India. . . . 17 . . . .
  • 18. AppendixUS  Car  ClassificaConBrand Product Type Category 1 Category 2Chevrolet Aveo Normal Small BudgetHyundai Accent Normal Small BudgetKia Rio Normal Small BudgetPontiac G3 Wave Normal Small BudgetSmart ForTwo Normal Small BudgetToyota Yaris Normal Small BudgetChevrolet Cobalt Normal Small EconomyDodge Caliber Normal Small EconomyFord Focus Normal Small EconomyHonda Fit Normal Small EconomyHyundai Elantra Normal Small EconomyKia Soul Normal Small EconomyKia Spectra Normal Small EconomyMazda Mazda3 Normal Small EconomyMitsubishi Lancer Normal Small EconomyNissan Sentra Normal Small EconomyNissan Versa Normal Small EconomyPontiac G5 Normal Small EconomySaturn Astra Normal Small EconomyScion tC Normal Small EconomyScion xB Normal Small EconomyScion xD Normal Small EconomySuzuki Aerio Normal Small EconomySuzuki SX4 Normal Small EconomySuzuki Forenza Normal Small EconomySuzuki Reno Normal Small EconomyToyota Corolla Normal Small EconomyToyota Matrix Normal Small EconomyChevrolet HHR Normal Mid-Range LowerChevrolet Malibu Normal Mid-Range LowerChrysler PT Cruiser Normal Mid-Range LowerChrysler Sebring Normal Mid-Range LowerDodge Avenger Normal Mid-Range LowerFord Fusion Normal Mid-Range Lower . . . 18 . . . .
  • 19. Honda Civic Normal Mid-Range LowerHonda Insight Normal Mid-Range LowerHyundai Sonata Normal Mid-Range LowerKia Optima Normal Mid-Range LowerMercury Milan Normal Mid-Range LowerPontiac G6 Normal Mid-Range LowerPontiac Vibe Normal Mid-Range LowerSaturn Aura Normal Mid-Range LowerSubaru Impreza Normal Mid-Range LowerToyota Prius Normal Mid-Range LowerVolkswagen EOS Normal Mid-Range LowerVolkswagen GLI Normal Mid-Range LowerVolkswagen GTI Normal Mid-Range LowerVolkswagen New Beetle Normal Mid-Range LowerVolkswagen Rabbit Normal Mid-Range LowerChevrolet Impala Normal Mid-Range StandardHonda Accord Normal Mid-Range StandardHyundai XG350/Azera Normal Mid-Range StandardMazda Mazda6 Normal Mid-Range StandardMitsubishi Galant Normal Mid-Range StandardNissan Altima Normal Mid-Range StandardSubaru Forester Normal Mid-Range StandardSubaru Legacy Normal Mid-Range StandardToyota Camry Normal Mid-Range StandardToyota Venza Normal Mid-Range StandardVolkswagen Jetta Normal Mid-Range StandardAcura TSX Normal Mid-Range PremiumBuick LaCrosse Normal Mid-Range PremiumBuick Lucerne Normal Mid-Range PremiumChrysler 300 Normal Mid-Range PremiumDodge Charger Normal Mid-Range PremiumFord Crown Victoria Normal Mid-Range PremiumFord Taurus Normal Mid-Range PremiumKia Amanti Normal Mid-Range PremiumMercury Grand Marquis Normal Mid-Range PremiumMercury Sable Normal Mid-Range PremiumNissan Maxima Normal Mid-Range Premium . . . 19 . . . .
  • 20. Pontiac G8 Normal Mid-Range PremiumToyota Avalon Normal Mid-Range PremiumVolkswagen CC Normal Mid-Range PremiumVolkswagen Passat Normal Mid-Range PremiumVolvo 30 series Normal Mid-Range PremiumVolvo 40 series Normal Mid-Range PremiumAcura TL Normal Upscale Near luxuryAudi A4/S4 Normal Upscale Near luxuryAudi RS4 Normal Upscale Near luxuryBMW 1 series Normal Upscale Near luxuryBMW 3 series Normal Upscale Near luxuryCadillac CTS Normal Upscale Near luxuryHyundai Genesis Normal Upscale Near luxuryInfiniti G35 Normal Upscale Near luxuryLexus ES Normal Upscale Near luxuryLexus IS Normal Upscale Near luxuryLincoln MKZ Normal Upscale Near luxuryMercedes-Benz C class Normal Upscale Near luxurySaab ninethree Normal Upscale Near luxurySaab ninefive Normal Upscale Near luxuryVolvo 50 series Normal Upscale Near luxuryVolvo 60 series Normal Upscale Near luxuryVolvo 70 series Normal Upscale Near luxuryAcura RL Normal Upscale LuxuryAudi A5/S5 Normal Upscale LuxuryAudi A6/S6 Normal Upscale LuxuryBMW 5 Series Normal Upscale LuxuryCadillac DTS Normal Upscale LuxuryCadillac STS Normal Upscale LuxuryInfiniti M45 Normal Upscale LuxuryLexus GS Normal Upscale LuxuryLexus LS Normal Upscale LuxuryLincoln Town Car Normal Upscale LuxuryMercedes-Benz E class Normal Upscale LuxuryVolvo 80 series Normal Upscale LuxuryAudi A8/S8 Normal Upscale PremiumBMW 7 Series Normal Upscale Premium . . . 20 . . . .
  • 21. Jaguar XJ Normal Upscale PremiumMercedes-Benz CLS class Normal Upscale PremiumMercedes-Benz S class Normal Upscale PremiumBentley All models Normal Upscale UltraMaybach All models Normal Upscale UltraRolls-Royce All models Normal Upscale UltraAudi A3 Normal Sporty TouringChevrolet Camaro Normal Sporty TouringDodge Challenger Normal Sporty TouringFord Mustang Normal Sporty TouringHyundai Genesis coupe Normal Sporty TouringHyundai Tiburon Normal Sporty TouringMazda MX-5 Miata Normal Sporty TouringMazda RX-8 Normal Sporty TouringMini Cooper Normal Sporty TouringMini Cooper S Normal Sporty TouringMitsubishi Eclipse Normal Sporty TouringNissan 350Z Normal Sporty TouringPontiac Solstice Normal Sporty TouringSaturn Sky Normal Sporty TouringAudi TT coupe Normal Sporty PremiumBMW Z4 Normal Sporty PremiumChevrolet Corvette Normal Sporty PremiumDodge Viper Normal Sporty PremiumHonda S2000 Normal Sporty PremiumLotus All models Normal Sporty PremiumMercedes-Benz CLK class Normal Sporty PremiumMercedes-Benz SLK class Normal Sporty PremiumNissan GT-R Normal Sporty PremiumPorsche Boxster Normal Sporty PremiumPorsche Cayman Normal Sporty PremiumBMW 6 series Normal Sporty Upper premiumCadillac XLR Normal Sporty Upper premiumJaguar XK Normal Sporty Upper premiumLexus SC Normal Sporty Upper premiumMercedes-Benz CL class Normal Sporty Upper premiumMercedes-Benz SL class Normal Sporty Upper premium . . . 21 . . . .
  • 22. Porsche 911 Carrera Normal Sporty Upper premiumAston Martin All models Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryAudi R8 Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryFerrari All models Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryLamborghini All models Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryMaserati All models Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryMercedes-Benz SLR Normal Sporty Ultra luxuryHonda Fit - 2010 Hybrid Small NAHyundai Accent - 2010 Hybrid Small NAChevrolet Malibu Hybrid Mid-Range NAFord Fusion Hybrid Mid-Range NAHonda Civic Hybrid Mid-Range NAHonda Insight - 2010 Hybrid Mid-Range NAHyundai Sonata Hybrid Mid-Range NAMercury Milan Hybrid Mid-Range NANissan Altima Hybrid Mid-Range NASaturn Aura Hybrid Mid-Range NAToyota Camry Hybrid Mid-Range NAToyota Prius Hybrid Mid-Range NALexus GS Hybrid Upscale NALexus LS Hybrid Upscale NAMercedes-Benz S400 - 2010 Hybrid Upscale NA . . . 22 . . . .