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    Sp11 scabies ov Sp11 scabies ov Presentation Transcript

    • Scabies The Malicious MIte!
    • What are Scabies??
      • Scabies or also known as Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and  are female microscopic mites that  burrow into the carriers skin to feed and repopulate
    • Crusted Scabies
      • There is two forms of scabies, one where 10-15 scabies are present and crusted scabies where parts of the skin are dried and crusted housing thousands of scabies mites.
    • How is it spread?    
      • Both forms of scabies are spread through direct physical contact with a carrier, prolonged contact is more susceptible to spread so sexual contact is a good way to catch scabies.Scabies can also live on cloth materials for up to 3 days so sharing these items can spread it.
    • Symptoms
        • Intense itching
        • Pimple-like rash
        • Blisters
        • Scaly skin
        • Raised white lines on skin from scabies burrow
    • Symptoms
    • If left Untreated
      • If left untreated, regular scabies will eventually form into crusted scabies because the mites have repopulated.If the carrier breaks the skin when scratching , bacterial infection is a possibility.
    • Treatments
        • Treatments for scabies include topical creams and oral medications known as scabicides
        •   Creams are applied to the whole body
        • Following instructions should have someone scabies free in about 2-4 weeks.
    • Some Treatments from MedicineNet.com
        • Permethrin-FDA Approved
        • Lvermectrin-Not FDA Approved
        • Crotamiton- FDA Approved
        • Wash all sheets and immediate clothing with hot water.
        • Consult sexual partners and family members and get them checked out.
    • A Mighty Problem    
        • Scabies can often be mistaken for mosquito bites or rashes so it can often be left alone until it is severe.
        • More often the perceived rash is treated with itch creams and although it stops the itching it does nothing to kill the mites.
        • It is wise to go to a doctor who can diagnose the condition and see what can be done.