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Evaluation question 6 (technologies) finished power point to be put on slide share
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Evaluation question 6 (technologies) finished power point to be put on slide share


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  • 1. Use of cameras..Before embarking on this project, we did a preliminary task and for me this wasprobably the first time I used a camera to actually follow someone moving instead ofblowing out birthday candles. However I do use stills cameras a lot, this proved to becompletely different. Yet with more practice I think the footage became better and bywatching it back several times in editing I was made more conscious of the framingand composition of each shot.Throughout our time filming we used the same hand held SD5 cannon video recorder.And as a group we equally split up filming different scenes.
  • 2. LightingObviously when filming this is something you must take into consideration and oftennatural or indoors light isn’t enough and you can end up with some crackly footage ifthere is an ill source of light.We decided that extra lighting equipment wouldn’t be required in our film as wewanted to achieve a sense of eeriness with diminishing light at duskYet we did experience some problems when we filmed our original sketch for ourproduction company this was indoors and the footage just didn’t have the light itrequired so it was not as sharp as we had hoped.Yet we did alter the lighting in editing our footage by changing the saturation andapplying different filter whereby the levels of primary sources were increased anddecreased when needed. We also applied self made gradient filters which achievedthe gloomy effect.
  • 3. MicrophonesObviously when filming in open spaces such as the woods there is plenty of atmosphericnoise, and as much as these diegetic sounds contribute we needed the assistance ofmicrophones to amplify certain sound effects and the dialogueWhen filming we used two types of microphone, a handheld with a windscreen fur coverwhich we used when recording inside to minimize background noise and a boom polewhen we were shooting the main footage which we positioned over the characters to pickup their dialogue. However trying to operate the boom pole and the camera together didtake some cooperation and team work.
  • 4. Use of softwarePrevious to editing our film opening the only editing software I had used before wasiMovie and GarageBand on my MacBook. So as the main editor I had to learn as weprogressed. We edited our opening minutes to our film using Adobe Premiere Elements,which is a great tool with many editing features. Editing was essential in creating thedesired effect for our film. So we applied several effects to most of the footage whichreally enhanced it, these included imported self made filters and alterations tosaturation and colour balance.When it came to composing the music I worked very closely with Amy Andrews who’sjob was to compose the music. However I did assist her as I had a general idea already ofhow GarageBand software works. I edited some from home which I learnt to exportusing iTunes in the required format.Using Premiere also taught me about software and file compatibility, and key alterationsto file size.
  • 5. In ConclusionGenerally the use of all these different technologies combined has greatlyenhanced our film and am glad that I have had the experience of using all of thesetools, which has been a great learning curve, and will be applicable on every levelwhen planning and producing something like this again. By gaining this knowledgeon how to operate such technologies I think it has helped us enormously inplanning and producing our opening minutes of Duefall.Obviously with technology there has been times when we experienced difficultiesbut these were soon overcome when explained and demonstrated to us.