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Stop Pitching, Start Solving - Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want by @TimWackel for @datadotcom
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Stop Pitching, Start Solving - Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want by @TimWackel for @datadotcom


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You probably have a number of questions that you like to ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these: …

You probably have a number of questions that you like to ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these:
* “What are your goals?
* “Do you have a budget?”
* “Who is involved in the decision making process?”
* “What keeps you up at night?”

While these questions may seem interesting to you, your customer probably finds them to be mind numbing. They don’t stimulate new thinking and ultimately you sound like every other rep that has walked through the door. Typically these conversations end with the prospect saying “Why don’t you leave some brochures for me to review and I’ll get back to you?”

This program teaches professional sales representative how to craft questions that ignite emotions, discover motivations and get customers to act.

Stop Pitching, Start Solving helps sales professionals learn how to:
* Recognize and control the urge to pitch prematurely
* Ask thought provoking (not mind numbing!) questions
* Use open questions to close more business
* Ask the “hard” questions in an “easy” way
* Develop your own library of over 50 high impact questions
* Why most reps have a “hopeium” habit and how to avoid it
* Kick your “hopeium” habit and make it easier for prospects to tell you the truth

Presented by Tim Wackel, with over 20 years of successful sales leadership. Some of his clients include organizations like Allstate, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Philips Medical Systems, Wells Fargo and other professional and trade associations.

Published in: Business

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  • 2. Why?
  • 3. 99% don’t set good objectives 95% talk too much 86% ask ineffective questions 82% don’t differentiate 62% don’t earn the
  • 4. Keys to success…•! Learn new information•! Confirm existing knowledge (BFOs!)•! Desire, design, discipline
  • 5. DisclaimerThe world doesn’t pay you for what you know,it pays you for what you do!
  • 6. Principle #1 Prescription beforediagnosis is malpractice
  • 7. “I want to talk about myself, my company and my products.”
  • 8. “Even though you get piles ofunsolicited email every day, I wanted to call and see if you read the stuff that I sent you.”
  • 9. “I’m eager to tell you everything I know about my great products and we probably won’t evendiscuss what you’re really interested in. There’s a good chance I’ll talk for a long time so get ready to be bored out of your mind!”
  • 10. Why?!!We understand our “stuff ”!!Countless hours of “sales” training!!Haven’t prepared for anything else
  • 11. What Happens?!!Prospect doesn’t engage!!Generic positioning!!Premature focus on the obvious!!!Missed opportunity =(
  • 12. Principle #2 Ask smart questions,they think you’re smart.Ask dumb questions?
  • 13. “If I can save you some money would you be interestedin moving forward?”
  • 14. Obstacles? Look uncertain Not enough time Asking isn’t selling LACK OF TRAINING!
  • 15. What’s 1 thought provokingquestion everyone in your organization should be asking today?
  • 16. “I sell _______ and there arelots of options out there. How in the world does someone in a position like you choose?”
  • 17. “There are always risksand uncertainties with projects like this… why not just leave things as they are?”
  • 18. “Some clients have a toughtime calculating a reasonablenumber for a project like this. Tell me a little bit about how you guys came up with your budget.”
  • 19. “At the end of the day, what’s going to be the biggest difference between the 1 repthat will win your business and the 3 others that don’t?”
  • 20. Sales TipBe curious!
  • 21. Tell me about your companyDescribe your role here.How is your group/department/company organized?What are the biggest business challenges that you are facing?What changes have occurred that are motivating you?How are you currently handling these challenges?How does this stack up against other challenges?What do you like about what you are doing now?What don’t you like about what you are doing now?What would you alter in your current process?Where are you in solving these issues?What do you hope to achieve by implementing a solution.
  • 22. How are others in your industry solving these issues?What happens if you do nothing?Tell me about the results that you are expecting to achieve.Tell me about other projects you’ve implemented.Why did you contact us?What part of these projects do you personally enjoy tackling?What part of these projects do you dread?What makes a product or vendor a good technical fit?How do you plan on measuring these?Tell me about how familiar you are with my company.How do you think we can solve the problem?What would prevent us from doing business together?
  • 23. Describe what the ‘perfect’ solution looks like.What role would we play in the decision making process?Tell me about the criteria you will use in evaluation.What are the critical factors that you are looking for?What would it take for us to earn your business?Describe some of your best existing vendor relationships.What did the vendor do in order to make it a great relationship?What types of factors would influence your purchasing decision?What does the purchasing process look like?Who else is involved in the decision?Who has the most influence and why?Describe where this falls on your priority list.
  • 24. Tell me about the other stakeholders.Who has the final authority to make this happen?Whose priority is it to solve these issues?Who benefits the most from a successful implementation?What companies do you believe can deliver on this project?Tell me about other ideas that you believe are viable solutions.What are you hearing from other people in the industry?Who do you perceive to be the market leader?Have you had any experience with my organization?Who appears to be the right fit knowing what you know today?Walk me through the time frame for this project.Describe the steps necessary to ensure a successful deployment.
  • 25. Want a copy of my favorite questions?
  • 26. Sales Tip Assumption is themother of all mistakes!
  • 27. Barney?
  • 28. Meaning?Priority DiscountSolution ValueProposal PresentationUrgent CriticalBudget Approved
  • 29. Set the Tone!“We do business with a lot ofcompanies and we are proud ofour work, but that doesn’t meanwe are right for you…
  • 30. At the end of the day, I need tolearn more about your situationbefore we can determine if this isa good fit…
  • 31. Before I launch into how great ourexisting customers think we are,would it be OK if I asked you afew important questions?”
  • 32. Principle #3Kick the hopeium habit!
  • 33. Would you likeme to go aheadand put togethera proposal?
  • 34. Would you like me to go ahead andput together a proposal?I sense that putting together aproposal is still premature. What areyour thoughts?
  • 35. Are we still on track to get theagreement signed this month?It looks like we’re not going to get asigned agreement this month. Canyou help me understand what Ishould have done differently?
  • 36. Is this a good time to talk?Is this a bad time to talk?
  • 37. Hopieum habit… Look for positive responses Are biased by what you “hope” to hear Make it difficult to share bad news Create more work for you!
  • 38. Wrap up…If you were serious about having the best sales career possible, what would you start doing differently tomorrow?
  • 39. Free sales tools!!! Tim directly at
  • 40. Want to hear about upcoming webinars?Be sure you sign up on!Find more Thought Leadership content and past webinars/recordings on The Corner!,9!/0!),61:$&! ! !;9)%)92%72: !! ! !<9)%)92%72:!