Salesforce1 World Tour London: Engaging customers and consumers using the world's most innovative platform

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Consumer Products companies are taking advantage of new digital channels to engage with their customers and consumers like never before. Hear how leading companies are using the Salesforce Platform …

Consumer Products companies are taking advantage of new digital channels to engage with their customers and consumers like never before. Hear how leading companies are using the Salesforce Platform and ExactTarget Marketing Cloud to change the way that they are building commercial and brand relationships.

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  • 1. Engaging CPG Customers and Consumers using the World's Most Innovative Platform Justin Wilson - Sinem Dorter - Coca-Cola Enterprises Sanjay Singh - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care & LifeScan Aldrin Fernandes - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care & LifeScan
  • 2. Web Store Community EmailSocialMobileProduct Events Connected Employees Connected Customers Connected Partners Connected Consumers Companies Create 1:1 Experiences with Consumers and Customers In the Internet of Customers
  • 3. Transformation of the Customer Journey Sinem Dorter Director, IT Strategic Initiatives
  • 4. Coca-Cola Enterprises Company Overview Coca-Cola Enterprises is the leading Western European marketer, distributor and producer of non-alcoholic beverages. It is one of the world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottlers. ▶  17 manufacturing sites ▶  13,000 employees ▶  $8.1 billion revenue ▶  40+ Brands ▶  12 Billion bottles and cans per year ▶  170 million consumers
  • 5. What we do Produce Sell, Service & Merchandise Direct & Indirect Delivery
  • 6. Relationship with The Coca-Cola Company Production/Distribution Marketplace Execution Community and Customer Marketing Franchise Leadership Brand Development & Innovation Consumer Marketing Long-term, sustainable, profitable growth
  • 7. Coca-Cola Enterprise’s Digital Strategy Drive growth of our brands, products and services with our customers, consumers and employees Drive growth of our brands, products and services with our customers, consumers and employees Next Generation Productivities Commercialization Opportunities Drive GROWTH FundCreate Engage Grow engagement with all business constituents Attracting consumers to our customers, products, and brands
  • 8. Transforming the Customer Journey Customer/Equipment Onboarding Customer Relationship Management Customer Engagement Online Selling Engagement 2.0 Campaign Management … … Call Centers Technical Services
  • 9. 360 Connect (CRM) Program Overview Review & Planning •  Performance Review •  Longer-term Planning •  360 Customer View •  Short-term planning •  This week’s account & contact details •  Account look-of-success scores •  Account & visit next call objectives •  Surveys & measurements •  Equipment audit •  Photo Recognition in field Pre-visit In the outlet/store@Home/Office Pre-visit Check In-Store Execution
  • 10. Achievements and Key Learnings Cross-country collaboration Look-of-success calculation Automatic next call objectives Mobile Enablement 30-minute time saving per day Key Learnings •  Engage Business early •  Develop reports before, not after Go-Live •  Focus on the UI/UX as much as the functionality Next Steps •  Integrate indirect order taking •  Integrate case management •  Mobilize customer onboarding process
  • 11. Customer Engagement Program Overview PRO avec vous is a leading practice within Coca-Cola Enterprises: 1 2 3 4 Subscription Setup of levers Earning points Burning points Product range Menu Merchandising Confirmation of levers CCE equipments, services… Online store Customer welcome pack for PRO avec vous members Regular emails & news to maintain interest… Declaration of actions: Sales Rep/call center/ proofs sent by outlets
  • 12. Achievements and Key Learnings 1-3-3 (POC-Pilot-Prod) Cross-functional collaboration User experience Mobile Enablement 15K+ members in one year Key Learnings •  Engage your customer and sales force sooner than later •  Mobile is the key to success •  Invest in UI/UX for engagement Next Steps •  Simplify onboarding process •  Integrate engagement and online selling •  Continue to invest in mobile
  • 13. The Digital Sights Sanjay Singh – Sr. IT Director EMEA - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care & LifeScan Aldrin Fernandes - Head of Digital EMEA - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care & LifeScan
  • 14. All about Johnson & Johnson and Vision Care “Caring for the world, one person at a time…inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson.” Global Life Sciences Company • The world’s sixth-largest consumer health company • The world’s largest and most diverse medical devices and diagnostics company • The world’s fifth-largest biologics company • And the world’s eighth-largest pharmaceuticals company More than 275 operating companies in more than 60 countries employing approximately 128,700 people. Sales (2013): $71BN About Vision Care: Makers of ACUVUE contact lenses. Sales (2013): $ 2.9 3BN
  • 15. SFE eDetailing Integrated Analytics Dx Ordering Salesforce Building the circuit board … SAP   Compliance   Wire   GoogleMap   Locator   “When  I  think  back  to  that  mee/ng  at   the  beginning  of  March  in  Heathrow  –   We’ve  come  such  a  long  way.”    VP  of  Marke+ng And the Results! System Stability 94%  100% User Adoption Rate: (Ave Logins Per Week) 6.78  25 (4x increase!) Weekly Admin Time: 12.4hr  9.2hr (33% reduction!) Mobility SFDC Mobile SdK LensPal™ MobileCredit & Collections 60% reduction in proof of concept and build time DRUPAL (Content Management + Presentation Layer) MyAccount MyPractice My Resources MyAccount for KA My Events My Learning Campaigns My Orders Acuminder MyFirst30 eCRM ECP Locator Digital My Account Login: 33 sec  3 sec Homepage Load Time: 15 sec  <2 sec Time to create a Statement: 12mins  1 min Customer Slow Pay Gap: 21d  9d And all for $35k! MyFirst30 Campaigns Mobile Digital
  • 16. Digitaly Powered Consumer Journey How digital is used in the Vision Correction journey Eye Health Awareness Brand Consideration Trial Advocacy Reach Activate Convert Engage Search /Social/ Mobile Content Campaigns Tools
  • 17. Driving Free Trials – to Fits – to Category Growth How Salesforce is used in the Vision Correction journey
  • 18. How Salesforce drives category retention and customer loyalty Retaining Trial Fits – My First 30 days
  • 19. Aldrin Fernandes LinkedIn: Sanjay Singh