Salesforce Success Community: User Group Partner Participation and Leadership Guidelines Policy


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Guidelines Policy for Partners wishing to participate or lead a Salesforce User Group

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Salesforce Success Community: User Group Partner Participation and Leadership Guidelines Policy

  1. 1. Salesforce User Group Partners Participation and Policy The User Group Program connects customers with the goal of networking, sharing ideas, and gaining tips to be more successful using Saleforce’s products/platforms. Each User Group is run primarily by a customer volunteer or occasionally, if pre-approved by salesforce, a Partner volunteer (the “User Group Leader”)with acting as a liaison to enable the User Group Leader to have the resources necessary to run a successful User Group. This document is intended to serve as a definition of our expectations and guidelines of participation and/or leadership in the User Group program, and to encourage appropriate behavior within the program. Partners can play a key role in enriching the User Group experience by partnering with the User Group leader to ensure that each group is successful and rewarding to all User Group participants. values our Partners highly and knows that a stretegic way for them to increase awarness about their products is through the valuable medium of the User Group Program. We also know that Partners have great expertise in many areas of the platform. We support and encourage Partners sharing this knowledge in meaningful ways with the User Group helping the community grow in its understanding and awareness. Knowing the Partners play such a key role in the life of the User Group Program here are engagement guidelines: Partners wishing to present and participate in the User Group Program do so at the invitation of the User Group Leader. places great emphasis on the trust we give our User Group Leaders and our Partners encouraging the building of a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both. We hold both Partners and User Group Leaders accountable to be courteous, professional and gracious towards one another. Partners are occasionally given the opportunity to lead a User Group, at the sole discretion of A Partner leader is expected to meet all the same guidelines as a customer User Group Leader. USER GROUP MEETING PARTICIPATION BY PARTNERS It is at the sole discretion of the User Group Leader to approve or decline a Partner’s request to speak at their User Group meeting. Partners may not pressures or harass User Group Leaders to be allowed to present and any inappropriate behavior, as determined by the User Group Leader, may be escalated to the Advocacy Program Manager, Matt Brown where appropriate action may be taken. The first infraction will result in an initial warning and if behavior continues the Partner may be banned from the User Group Program.
  2. 2. With that said, does encourage Partners to approach User Group Leaders when they believe their products/service is of value to the group. More often than not, the User Group Leader has a specific agenda in mind that they wish to deliver at any given User Group event. This can be an opportunity for Partners to inform the User Group Leader of products and or expertise that can help enrich that agenda. Partners should only be represented at User Group events in their locality or at the specific request of the User Group Leader. If you have regional offices a representative from that locality may approach the local User Group Leader to present. There should be an approximate ratio of 60% Customer and 40% Partner/ staff in attendance at User Group events. These are “User” Group events meant primarily for our Customers. USER GROUP CONTENT GUIDELINES Content is key in managing and running an affective User Group. All content should provide benefit to the customer audience. The guidelines strongly advocated by the User Group Program team, is a ratio of 40% Partner provided content and 60% customer generated/ staff presentations. Examples of customer focused content includes training around products and functionality and release readiness. Partner provided content should only be included if that content is deemed beneficial to the customer audience. The program does not condone Partners using the meeting as a platform to pitch or sell products or services. Partner content should be topical or specifically geared to solve a business requirement or meet a business need of our customers. SPONSORSHIP EXPECTATIONS sees the value of Partner sponsorship of User Group events and does encourage Partners to offer a form of sponsorship, where appropriate. This is mainly condoned where the Partner has been given an opportunity to present. Sponsorship may be monetary, swag, purchased food and beverages or whatever has been agreed upon between the Partner and User Group Leader. User Group Leaders are sanctioned by to ask for the Partner to offer monetary compensation in exchange for a speaking spot on the agenda. The monetary sponsorship is for the express purpose of covering costs incurred by the User Group Leader in connection with the User Group meeting. These costs may include, but are not limited to, location costs, food and beverage. At no time can the User Group Leader pocket these costs for personal benefit and any suspicion by a Partner that the User Group Leader is not proving honorable with the sponsorship it is the responsibility of the Partner to inform the Advocacy Program Manager so action may be taken. It is also perfectly acceptable for Partners to request a copy of the invoice for the costs incurred by the User Group meeting of the said User Group leader. Partners should know that User Group Leader have all signed a User Group Leader Expectation and Policy document that outlines the appropriate behavior for becoming a User Group Leader. For details on the User Group Leader Expectations and Policy click here.
  3. 3. In exchange for the opportunity for a Partner to sponsor a User Group event the Partner can expect to receive a spot on the User Group event agenda. It is policy that User Group Leaders do not give out attendee/member lists to Partners unless each attendee or members has give their expressed permission. To manage the sponsorship and any subsequent exchange of money’s appropriately it is advisable for the Partner to expense the meeting location, food and beverage or whatever has been agreed upon between the Partner and User Group Leader personally. This policy protects both the Partner and User Group leader from any misunderstanding or impropriety. PARTNERS LEADING USER GROUPS Again understands and appreciates the huge value and expertise of our Partners and what they are able to offer our customers at the User Group events. We do however expect an even greater level of understanding and decorum when an individual from a Partner company is involved in leading a User Group. Here are the guidelines and policy put forward by All Partner leaders must abide by the above guidelines and policy regarding other Partners participation in a User Group event, of the User Group content guidelines and of Sponsorship expectations. In addition, individual Partner User Group Leaders should seek to establish a co- leadership with a customer, and not other Partners. The leaders should value and approve of the support offered by local or industry staff. All branding of User Group events are to use the expressed branding offered by the User Group Program Team and and co-branding is not deemed acceptable. All tools and resources for managing, running and promoting the User Group events are offered by the User Group Program Team. No other tools, Partner branded promotions, etc are to be used in the managing, running and promoting of these events. Behaving in a way that is inconsistent with the guidelines contained in this document may result in the following: A request to cease attending User Group meetings or if leading a User Group, a request to stand down from leadership. By signature below, you represent you have read and understand this document and agree to abide by the expectations and guidelines set forth herein: READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED: By: Date: Name: Title:
  4. 4. This User Group Partner Participation and Policy document was last updated on 7/23/2014.