Salesforce MVP™ On-boarding Packet


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Important information to get up and running as a Salesforce MVP including program information, key contacts, tips to get started, as well as important documents to sign and return.

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Salesforce MVP™ On-boarding Packet

  1. 1. Salesforce MVP™ Program
  2. 2. Program History & Overview The Salesforce MVP Program was created by Erica Kuhl in December of 2011 to recognize the exceptional individuals in our community that were demonstrating leadership, expertise, responsiveness, and advocacy. MVPs terms are for one year and they are nominated by the community and chosen three times a year by a selection committee comprised of current MVPs and Salesforce employees. The six characteristics of an outstanding MVP candidate include: Accessibility – Participating in the community at least 9 days per month, either on or through social channels (i.e. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) Expertise – Having a strong understanding of the product and the needs of the community Responsiveness – Responding regularly to questions and contributing to the knowledge of the community Leadership – Representing the spirit of the Salesforce community and bringing the voice of the customer back to Salesforce Advocacy – Being a brand advocate for the product and jumping in to defend and educate when necessary Personable – Our MVPs must be friendly and approachable with a constant serving attitude to all members of our community Here’s a little more about the program: - There are currently 113 Salesforce MVPs ▪ 17 are MVPs ▪ Here’s a complete list of Salesforce MVPs - Main Contacts ▪ Matt Brown, Advocacy Program Manager o Molly Masterson, Advocacy Program Coordinator ▪ April Nassi, Community Manager - Important Documents, Forms, and Resources ▪ NDA (PDF) ▪ Terms & Conditions ▪ Guidelines & Expectations ▪ How To Be A Successful MVP
  3. 3. - Rewards for being a Salesforce MVP ▪ Highlighted achievements on our blog and at Salesforce events ▪ An accolade for their resume and elevated status in the community ▪ Invitations to speaking opportunities and other events ▪ Access to Salesforce executives at exclusive MVP networking events ▪ Special briefings with members of our product and marketing teams ▪ MVP networking events with Salesforce executives ▪ MVP Summit ▪ A Salesforce rickshaw laptop bag which is unique to Salesforce MVPs ▪ Pre-Dreamforce Event (fieldtrip) ▪ MVP Premier Success Plan ▪ MVP Certification Discount ▪ Free pass at Dreamforce ▪ Private Chatter Group Welcome! We are extremely excited to formally invite you to become a member of the Salesforce MVP program! This is an exciting time for the company and we are proud to have you on our team. Your ongoing contribution to our social channels, product expertise, leadership within the community, accessibility and dedication to success will help us continue to be the leader in our industry. While you will receive many unique perks and benefits as being a Salesforce MVP, you will also have a new set of responsibilities. Members of the MVP Program not only represent themselves, but are entrusted to be the voice of Salesforce. Salesforce places a great emphasis on the trust we give our MVPs. For that reason, we take our selection process seriously and only choose individuals that represent some of technology's best and brightest people, enthused about engaging with Salesforce in new developments and who reflect the important Salesforce core values. We have established a document we will expect all our MVP’s to contribute to highlighting your community accomplishments and activities throughout the year. Another responsibility and requirement as an MVP is participating in one of four MVP Teams. Our MVP’s are assigned to a team in order to both encourage your contribution and participation in the MVP Program but also to help evolve the MVP Program as we continue to grow. The four teams are:
  4. 4. MVP Engagement Team - This team is focused on continuing the high level of engagement across relevant community and social channels while helping identifying new engagement channels. MVP Mentorship Team - This team is focused on growing the MVP program by leveraging the existing MVP relationships to recruit new members, while maintaining the high caliber and standard of the program. MVP Care Team - This team is focused on supporting and assisting existing MVP members, provide structure and guidance for new MVPs, and to maintain a high retention rate for the MVP Program. MVP Strategy Team - This team will work with Salesforce teams in creating, executing, and fulfilling the overall strategy for the MVP program including roadmap, events, growth, engagement, and more. This document is intended to serve as an overview of the program, clearly define our expectations and guidelines of your participation in the Salesforce MVP program. Please thoroughly read the Salesforce MVP Program Terms of Use that can be found here. Social Media Guidelines Be Honest and Transparent. As a member of the Salesforce MVP Program you are not only representing yourself, but also a voice representing Salesforce. With that in mind, when engaging on social channels, we encourage you to disclose that you are affiliated with the Salesforce MVP Program for example: “I am a Salesforce MVP. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: Salesforce, Force,, Chatter, and others are trademarks of, inc. and are used here with permission.” Always respect your audience. This is an obvious one. Do not use ethnic slurs, personal insults, or obscenity in your community participation. No personal attacks, and do not disparage other customers, partners, prospects or our employees. Do not share company or financial secrets and avoid engaging in discussion of rumors or speculation about As a member of the Salesforce MVP Program, Salesforce entrusts you with information before it hits the public. Be respectful of this trust and with this information and understand that you are bound by our Non-Disclosure Policy. You cannot discuss ANY material that is not already in the public domain.
  5. 5. Policing the Community The MVPs play a large role in keeping the community a safe and welcoming place. We trust the MVPs with using your best judgment in escalating issues of concern that arise in the community including but not limited to: - Blatant solicitations - Inappropriate comments - Offensive behavior - Off topic responses In the case that one of these issues arises, please contact Matt Brown. Brand Ambassadors MVPs are Salesforce’s biggest brand ambassadors and with acceptance into this program comes a greater responsibility in the community. What MVPs say in the public domain does have more weight than a “regular” community member. Being a Salesforce MVP means being a role model for how would want the community to behave. It is a privilege and a responsibility. All MVPs are expected to use our marks appropriately including the logos and the program logos. For a list of all trademarks and general usage guidelines, click here. All bloggers are also expected to clearly indicate that they are a Salesforce MVP in their bio if they are writing about anything related to See example above. Speaking Engagements We encourage MVPs to notify the Advocacy Program Manager, Matt Brown with the details of all speaking engagements (outside of User Group meetings and Dreamforce presentations) so we are aware of the breadth of the engagements as well as to help promote the events. Feedback Reporting Since MVPs are so visible and active in the community, we encourage them to report back key things they are seeing in the social channels. Additionally all Salesforce MVPs are extended the privilege to participate in a private Chatter group where they are encouraged to provide their valuable insights on product and program feedback.
  6. 6. Salesforce MVP Nominations MVPs play an active role in the selection of the future classes. MVPs are therefore encouraged to both nominate potential MVPs as well as provide feedback on the proposed nominees. The Salesforce MVP program strives to have a collaborative environment, and your participation in shaping the environment is key. Program Removal Behaving in a way that is inconsistent with these guideline may result in removal from the program. Should you be withdrawn from the program you will be required to remove references to being a Salesforce MVP in all forums including social media, Linkedin, blogs etc. This action does not bar your ability to be nominated and/or inducted into the Salesforce MVP Program in the future. By your signature below, you represent you have read and understand this document and agree to abide by the expectations and guidelines set forth herein: READ AND ACKNOWLEDGED: By: Date: Name: Title: These Expectations and Guidelines were last updated on May 1, 2014.
  7. 7. Getting Started So you’ve now read a bit more about the MVP Program and learned about how the program got started, how the nomination process works, and what to expect. Now’s the time to jump into the community, brand yourself a Salesforce MVP, and become a great brand ambassador! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help get you started! 1. Brand yourself a Salesforce MVP on your social profiles (i.e. twitter, Facebook, etc.) - You are now on the short list of revered Salesforce MVP’s. Let the community know about this accomplishment by putting in your profiles! Also use this logo when appropriate: 2. Read the “How To Be A Successful MVP” blog post - This blog was written by one of our very own MVPs, Geraldine Grey! This is a great read and provides many tips and pointers on how to be successful in this role. 3. Observe, Listen, and Learn - While Geraldine’s blog post is great, there’s no better way to learn how to become a great MVP than by watching other great MVPs. Observe their engagement strategy, “listen” to the language they use in their posts/comments, and learn their creative tricks! 4. Get involved in your MVP Team! - Team involvement and participation is a tenant of being an MVP. We want you to feel you can speak to your fellow MVP’s as trusted peers within an environment that encourages your participation. We also want to see all our MVP’s using their talents and expertise to help grow this program. We will initially assign you to one of the four teams noted above. If you feel you are better suited to contribute in either one more team or desire to be moved to another team let your Advocacy Program Manager, Matt Brown know. 5. Chatter Away - You will be added to a private group to collaborate with your fellow MVPs. Take a moment and introduce yourself to the group, let them know your background and a few fun facts about yourself! This groups is also your outlet to network and gain best practices from
  8. 8. some of the best in class of the Salesforce Community. This is a trusted environment where you can speak your mind and ask questions of the group. 6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! - Just because you are now an official expert, it doesn’t mean that you sometimes won’t need a little assistance yourself. Here is a short list of people to reach out to in case something comes up: ● Matt Brown - Advocacy Program Manager - o Molly Masterson, Advocacy Program Coordinator – ● April Nassi - Community Manager - 7. Have fun! - At Salesforce we believe in working hard but we also understand the importance of having fun. Get to know your fellow MVPs and show the community your light, fun side. Last but not least, get ready for some killer events, awesome new relationships, and a great all- around experience!