How to Put a Timer on Your Marketing Toolkit [Infographic]


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Eight seconds. Like it or not, you get eight seconds to convince your audience to stay on this page. No matter your message or communication channel you need to seize the attention of your information-overloaded, click-obsessed audience in the first few seconds or you’re wasting your time. Follow this infographic to learn how to set a timer on your marketing toolkit and meet your audience's fast-paced demands

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How to Put a Timer on Your Marketing Toolkit [Infographic]

  1. 1. 4 Reasons to Put a Timer in Your Marketing Toolkit Online or in-person, your information-overloaded, click- obsessed audience will decide to stay or bail in the first few moments. Here’s what you need to know. 17% OF WEBSITE VISITS LAST SPEED UP YOUR SITE Reduce page size to shorten load- time. SHORT TEXT WINS READERS VISITS LAST SECONDS 1 of 5 visitors leaves a webpage within 4 seconds, with average visit lasting less than 1 minute. ATTENTION SPAN IN 2012 8 SECONDS X VISITORS WON’T WAIT 1 in 3 abandon’s a slow- loading site within 5 seconds – 4 seconds on retail sites. X A page with 111 words gets nearly twice the readership of one with 500 words. 1 Use bullets and shapes and colors to flag key points. ! Grab quick attention by using headlines, subheadlines and short copy blocks. Make the call- to-action compelling, clear, quick and easy. Video Needs to Grab in 10 Seconds X VIEWER ABANDONMENT 1 of 5 viewers leave in the first 10 seconds. XX X 3 of 10 leave in 30 seconds. XX XXX X 4 of 10 remain for 2 minutes. Load fast: Slow loading video loses viewers within 2 seconds, with 6% more loss with each second delay. Keep lead-in branding to 5 seconds. Kill slow-moving visuals. Front-load content: Average watch-time is 2.7 minutes. In Person Think 7 3 Your Customer’s Attention Span is Shrinking Sources: Statistic Brain, Aberdeen Group, Visible Measures, University of Massachusetts ,Social Media Today, Buddy Media ATTENTION SPAN IN 2000 12 SECONDS TODAY’S ATTENTION SPANS IS 8 SECONDS 4 SECONDS 20% OF VIDEO VIEWS LAST 10 SECONDS MOST- ENGAGING POSTS HAVE 1-80 WORDS Average Webpage View Takes < 60 seconds 1 2 ✔ On Social Media Be Brief and Graphic 4 7 At an average of 7 minutes they begin to lose interest. People take 7 seconds to decide if they’re interested or bored. 7 Don’t waste time getting situated, thanking, introducing. Don’t go longer than 7 minutes before reseizing interest with a break,Q&A, story or other chapter change. Barbara FIndlay Schenck, for Infographic Template: HubSpot 80 characters win higher engagement than longer posts across all networks BTW, the statement above took 77 characters. Make one point – fast. Ask questions, request responses, take polls. Use photos – the most shared post form, followed by links, status updates and videos. ? Tuesday, October 1, 13